"You were kind and enthusiastic and as always, friendly and welcoming. "
- Mary & Matt Putra
04/09/2020 16:12:46
"Very satisfied with the service and care that Savannah has received...we have been long time clients and will continue to be so. Thank you - the process for parking lot input works well."
- Peggy / John Galleher
04/09/2020 15:27:48
"Love this office. Took great care of our Mona and gave me over the phone advise on Duke our puppy"
- Lisa Noskowiak
04/09/2020 14:09:45
"We appreciate all your honest and help. Giving us options on how to keep our little ones well."
- Laura/Paula Slack
04/09/2020 14:09:04
"Keep up the good work thanks "
- Susan Pizzuti
04/08/2020 19:17:13
"Just needed flea medication, but was done over the phone. The tech than brought it to our car. She had a mask & gloves and was so sweet. I know it's alot more work for staff with the pandemic, but everyone was very nice & efficient."
- Clarissa Schulz
04/08/2020 18:21:43
"My husband and I drive from Fenton because we love you guys so much. You treat my fur children with respect and love. Its important that they love their doctor as well and none of my 4 have ever had the shakes or cries when there at your office. Great job Towne and Country "
- Kari/Jason Juracek
04/01/2020 12:59:21
"Due to lockdown, I thought you all did a great job!!"
- Jack Ringwood
04/01/2020 03:09:46
"Great care for our pets"
- Brad & Lori Killian
03/31/2020 14:24:36
"We think you are doing a great job with our German Shepherd Lexie."
- Jane Jones
03/30/2020 19:57:54
"great job!"
- Jean Dendel
03/30/2020 12:20:49
"Great staff and service the best around "
- Jerry VanBuskirk
03/28/2020 23:53:50
"Loved the procedures that are in place during this pandemic"
- Sheryl Moylan
03/27/2020 15:46:19
"Curbside service was great, and the communication by phone worked out really well. I almost wish I could do that all the time!"
- Michael/Stacy Carroll
03/26/2020 22:04:53
"I only have good things to say about Towne and Country. My dog is over a hundred pounds and I am unable to bring him in myself without help. His ears got infected and the Dr. let me swab his ears and bring the swabs in so they could treat him with the right meds. The tech came to my car and explained everything. It was a short wait for the ear test to come back. The doctor, the tech, everyone was so kind and helpful, and I was grateful to not have to struggle to bring him in. I won't go to another Vet, I have been going to Towne and Country for about 20+ years with Drs. Gerster, and Dr. Lubinski. Love them! "
- Mary Bell
03/25/2020 16:15:37
"Considering the circumstances, the appointment was still handled with care and I left informed. "
- Michael & Brenna Wheeler
03/25/2020 10:15:22
"We’ve been coming to T&C for the last 25 years and I really appreciated the new approach to this virus situation. Actually the appointment took less time than usual. Keep up the great job! Stay safe and healthy!"
- Daniel/Donna Larou
03/24/2020 18:48:29
"We had a pet emergency and you got us in almost immediately when everywhere else could not get us in for hours. We are genuinely thankful for that. "
- Ashley Smith
03/24/2020 15:08:11
"I was very happy to see the efforts made to still see my dogs for their vaccinations during this time. I was please to see the safety precautions taken to keep everyone safe during the visit. "
- Duane/ Linda Linder
03/23/2020 19:10:03
"I have not had a bad experience at Town and Country, and I have been going therefor over 15 years."
- Debra Williams
03/22/2020 23:00:42
"Great doctors and appointment availability "
- Lisa McPherson
03/21/2020 15:35:06
"Great case, compassionate personnel."
- Carolyn Robinson
03/16/2020 18:02:04
"Murphy loves coming into Towne and Country Animal Hospital! It is such a warm and welcoming environment."
- Katherine VanAntwerp
03/16/2020 17:26:37
"Love the new Hartland office! Front desk, vet tech, and veterinarians were all friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. We were focused on, not rushed. Great visit. "
- Karen Bartholomew
03/13/2020 19:28:24
"I love Town and Country. They have always taken good care of us."
- Tracey Cisman
03/12/2020 22:26:16
"We consulted with Dr Labinski today. She is knowledgeable and relatable. Willing to discuss issues, questions and concerns regarding my dogs. Thanks Dr Labinski!"
- Diane Barrett
03/05/2020 18:23:44
"Great job! Friendly, caring, educational. "
- Cynthia Fink
03/04/2020 17:08:46
"I liked that I was able to bring my sick dog in on a Sunday night."
- Cherilyn Popovits
03/03/2020 18:14:28
"Wonderful doctors and loving staff."
- Susan Ruhnow
03/03/2020 15:33:55
"Wonderful! I always have a positive experience which is why I haven’t changed vets even though I now live in Milford."
- Nathalia Calderon
03/01/2020 15:05:05
"Very friendly and the visits were both quick. "
- Darrin Wagner
02/29/2020 21:42:38
"You all are so caring .everytime we bring Ruby it has been excellent care Staff is awsome & very friendly I would change nothing Best place I ever took ouer Puppy Thank you very much Mrs Margarete Webster"
- David Webster
02/28/2020 18:06:23
"Comet comes once a week for an allergy shot and I think it’s so great that the staff makes it a fun experience for him. So he isn’t afraid to come in. "
- Mary Ann Essenmacher
02/26/2020 21:07:45
"You guy's are the BEST!!! Thank you sooooo much for always being there for our family!!! We really do Appreciate you!!! Sincerely, The Boswell-Avellino Family"
- Trish Avellino
02/25/2020 00:12:45
"Your staff is exceptional and one of the reasons why we've been coming here for 26 yrs."
- Tim Messer
02/20/2020 01:42:45
"You all are always so friendly! Calvin LOVES walking through your doors and knows he’s going to get all the pets (even after 5 shots he was happy!!!)"
- Emily Hofsess
02/17/2020 23:58:43
"Always professional and takes very good care of our dog."
- Cheryl & Peter Robertson
02/13/2020 21:56:46
"I've been going here for about 7 years with my 3 babies. Love the new location 😍. Closer to home. Always feel I get GREAT CARE and FAIR PRICING. Won't go anywhere else."
- Mike Root
02/13/2020 15:26:12
"Great service. Lovely, clean facility with caring staff "
- Thomas Baugh
02/13/2020 13:47:18
"Dr. Perkins is very kind and provides excellent care for my cat, Emma."
- Susan St. Peter
02/12/2020 21:26:07
"Fast, friendly "
- Marybeth Jackson
02/11/2020 19:08:01
"I am soooooo glad Hartland is open - Love our Dog Doc. She was awesome and you could tell she really cared. "
- Kimberly Wilczewski
02/11/2020 13:02:01
"Dr Gerster went above and beyond trying to find a way to help my dog for a better quality for life yet mindful of my expenses and set me up the good Rx to help me afford medicine options for my dog. I am very grateful for her! "
- Rhonda McConville
02/10/2020 22:31:17
"Absolutely no problems. Timely and Friendly. Art"
- Art & Karen Bucki
02/05/2020 20:31:47
"Christine working at front desk was so kind and helpful when I called asking if I needed to make an appointment to get monthly preventatives. When I showed up to pick them up, they were already waiting for me at the front desk."
- Sarah Kujawa
02/05/2020 19:10:00
"As always, we were greeted with a smile by Sarah and only waited a few minutes for Joanna to bring us into the exam room. She was her pleasant self, took the information we needed to provide and explained everything. Dr. Sharbowski was in to see us and took the time necessary to examine Beckett and provide information about his Adequan injections. Always a professional and friendly staff."
- Susan Wyatt
02/05/2020 16:12:56
"Great people!"
- Steve Krawcke
02/01/2020 00:34:22
"I got in and out for Lulu's rabies shot - it was great!"
- Laurie Zielinski
01/31/2020 18:19:14
"We always receive EXCELLENT care!!!! Dr. Greater is the most kind, caring, knowledgeable, dedicated doctor that ever walked the earth!!! Joanna is absolutely wonderful!!!! Kathy at the front desk is super!! We love the doctors and staff!!! Very caring and dedicated!!! Thank you for always taking great care of us!!!!! "
- Tina & Joe Reddick
01/26/2020 13:07:31
"I am pleased with the level of care and the knowledge of Peanut's health care providers. Everyone treats Peanut very well. I feel confident that he is receiving very good care every time we come in. Peanut is 14 years old, so he is quite a senior patient. "
- Gloria Pappalardo
01/25/2020 22:07:57
"Went in for bloodwork, and were seen in a timely manner, as they always do. The Dr. and staff, are always so kind to our pet. Makes me comfortable because they address all my questions, and don’t feel rushed in and out. 👍"
- Debra Williams
01/25/2020 15:04:21
"Thank you for your caring."
- Dave Vance
01/23/2020 19:43:41
"Your doctors are friendly and caring towards both our dogs. Listening to our concerns and coming up with treatment plans that work is much appreciated. We know we can always count on great service."
- Stephanie Shinkle
01/23/2020 14:54:59
"I just stopped in to pick up Aubrey and Velvet's monthly preventatives in my most recent visit. The receptionist answered a few questions for me and was most helpful, as always. "
- Elizabeth Reese
01/22/2020 03:43:41
"I love the new Hartland Office !! So convenient for us !! "
- Don Bowman
01/20/2020 17:34:44
"Keep & help my cats stay healthy. Good follow-up & notifications of vaccines, etc.. Lots of appointment days & times available. Have senior discount to help us afford care. Emergency care available"
- Suzanne Enciso
01/17/2020 19:45:37
"We boarded all three of our dogs. We were very pleased with their stay. Our dogs came home happy healthy and nice smelling.The staff was more than happy to give me a report when I called on how they were doing. Also I felt at ease knowing that the staff knew them and they were in good hands should a medical emergency arise."
- Anna Hagopian
01/16/2020 12:10:13
"everyone was so pleasant and caring!!"
- Deanna Skicki
01/14/2020 02:02:00
"Veterinarian was great and address all rubys problems!"
- Robert & Karen Shoemaker
01/13/2020 23:11:47
"I didn't have to wait only a few minutes before I was called. Both the tech and the vet were very helpful and went out of their way to make sure that I got the information that I required."
- Debbie Blackbourn
01/13/2020 21:13:57
"Excellent staff! Every one is helpful and friendly. "
- Lynne and Scott Armstrong
01/10/2020 00:14:54
"We had an excellent visit at Towne & Country, as always!"
- John Wehrly
01/07/2020 20:47:14
"Town & Country is great. Took care of my cat’s small surgery, & kept me well informed before & after. And, my cat is doing great!"
- Laura Schrader
01/05/2020 15:33:02
"I am very satisfied with the care my pets get here. I believe the techs and the Vets understand the connection I have with my pets and are conscious about the cost associated with taking care of them as well."
- Shannon Wehner
01/03/2020 09:48:44
"No complaints. I never have to wait long, and the staff is very caring and educated. Thank you"
- Jared Seltenright
01/02/2020 22:16:58
"Careful examination and willing to answer all my questions"
- Amanda & Deloris Kisiel
12/30/2019 03:06:56
"We have no complaints. We love the staff at Town and Country. They have always been kind and have taken great care of our cats. Thanks for all you do."
- Dianne Archer
12/29/2019 20:46:40
"Really great experience. Good explanation and discussion regarding surgery for Phoenix. "
- Shari & Charles Kirby
12/17/2019 19:01:51
"Always excellent care and service We’ve been coming here since the 90’s!"
- Karen Meaney
12/16/2019 18:16:34
"Daisy had an ear infection. T+C was able to see her the same day I called. We were in and out. Everyone was polite and thoughtful. The exam room was clean. Daisy has been going there for 9+ years. This is my third dog who has been taken care of. It seems a little pricy but everything is these days. Yes I’ll be coming forever!"
- Ruth/Andrew Weber
12/12/2019 20:26:09
"We always receive great service...we have been very happy for many dogs and many years."
- Peggy / John Galleher
12/08/2019 23:20:41
"Everyone is very friendly. The answer all of my questions with patients."
- Colleen Rourke
12/08/2019 13:01:28
"Doctor spent more time doing a physical exam of my dog. I liked this, felt he was very attentive. "
- Julie McGahey
12/07/2019 21:20:23
"Both of my dogs have been patients for years. Friendly and caring staff!"
- Allison Jendry
12/07/2019 17:44:01
"Everyone at Town and Country have done an excellent job treating Sammy."
- Charles Wilson
12/04/2019 00:46:44
"All the staff is ALWAYS helpful, professional, and compassionate."
- Patricia Bohn
11/25/2019 03:05:05
"The check in and check out process is done in a timely manner. People seem concerned about the pets and their care. "
- Cathy Apple
11/24/2019 23:35:17
"Helpful staff. Gave price comparisons for yearly shot vsmonthly for heart worm &a flea &a tick. Answered all questions and brought up points I hadn't thought to ask, but grateful she did."
- Richard Rumpz
11/18/2019 02:24:58
"I noticed improvement with the reception area...employees were more attentive upon entering. The reception area is always clean and relaxing. Dr Gerster is very empathetic and patiently answers my concerns with details I’m able to relate to and understand."
- Marian Deland
11/14/2019 19:37:12
"You are the best vet I have had in 35 years of loving cats. I pass up 3 vets to come to you. "
- Pat Rogers
11/14/2019 16:21:27
"Keep up the good work. Short wait, friendly staff and knowledgeable doctors."
- Bonnie & Andrew Kussmaul
11/05/2019 02:19:06
"Great. We love the whole team."
- Charlotte Wilsher
11/03/2019 19:21:26
"Taking proper care of a pet is a big responsibility, especially when they are young! Though I am an experienced pet "parent," I realize that I occasionally need to consult the experts. When I became somewhat concerned about the changing appearance of Velvet's incision site, some days after her spaying surgery, I made an appointment. Dr. Perkins and the team were extremely thorough, checking for a raised temperature and determining if any infection was present, as well as explaining to me the potential causes of the minor swelling that appeared. Velvet got a clean bill of health, but was placed on antibiotics as a precaution. I was actually given the option of going with antibiotics or merely cleaning the site once daily, but I took my standard approach of asking what the doctor would do in such an instance. I feel that Towne and Country can be trusted to provide sound advice, as well as expert care, so I always take that advice! Caution seems always to be a guiding principle with the staff. The appearance of Velvet's incision has improved -- she was probably a little more active than she should have been following surgery (it's difficult to keep a Jack Russell still!). Again, Towne and Country comes to the rescue!"
- Elizabeth Reese
11/03/2019 01:26:49
"As always our visit was excellent!! Dr Gerster is the most kind, caring, knowledgeable, dedicated, amazing doctor that ever walked the earth! He has been our doctor for over twenty years!! He truly cares. He is a wonderful doctor. He is so thorough and knowledgeable!! "
- Tina & Joe Reddick
11/02/2019 18:58:23
"We see Dr.Sharbowski for our rabbit & find she's very thorough, caring + tenacious about deciding what's the best for him. We are very pleased & feel quite comfortable w her."
- Ana&Andy Roach/Furioso
10/30/2019 11:01:57
"I always feel we get GREAT SERVICE from GREAT PEOPLE at FAIR PRICES."
- Mike Root
10/28/2019 21:00:46
"Always a great experience!!"
- Kati Willemse
10/24/2019 14:48:20
"Dora loves going to the vet's, she loves to see all the tech's and we have never had any issues. We have tried to take her else where to just get her nails cut but she screams and won't let them touch her. Please keep up the great work. Thanks for the love and caring you give Dora."
- Shawn & Jannie Terry
10/22/2019 20:53:44
"the experience is always a nice one, the lobby and rooms are always clean, and the techs and docs are always friendly. my pets are happy and well taken care off whenever they are there "
- Andy Fulton
10/22/2019 14:35:46
"We love Towne & Country. We tried 2 other vets when we moved up here 20 years ago, and then we found Town & Country! And we've stayed ever since. You've taken care of 3 of our dogs and we've all been satisfied."
- Linda Eaves
10/17/2019 22:21:57
"I was greeted and Katie was weighed and in minutes they came and got her since all she needed was a bordetella shot and brought her right back and I checked out and went home. It was the fastest appointment I have had anywhere and appreciated it greatly."
- Candace Wood
10/17/2019 00:18:24
"Loved all of the staff. They were very accommodating and let me stay in my car till they were ready! My appointment time was earlier which was great since I arrived early. I even like the cute signs on the walls in the examination rooms "
- Tricia Bell
10/16/2019 20:39:00
"I love both Dr. Gersters’"
- Kathy Gibbs
10/14/2019 14:30:04
"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE OUR VETERINARIAN! The vet tech was great with our little girl."
- Jeff DeLong
10/14/2019 12:38:18
"The care my pet receives at Town & Country Animal Hospital is 2nd to none. The Dr’s are kind & always take the time to listen, no matter how many questions I ask. :). For a 1st time dog owner that means so much! Our 2 year old English Bull Terrier had a rough 1st year, Town & Country saved his life & took excellent care of him through his surgeries. We will always be so thankful for that & the wonderful continued preventative care he receives with each visit."
- Debbie Zwolinski
10/13/2019 17:27:08
"We were able to get in after hours right away and you took great care of our Buster "
- Jackie Rabold
10/12/2019 22:36:59
"I was seen very shortly after I arrived. The staff are all very friendly and kind. The doctor listened to my concerns and provided answers and suggested changes that will benefit my dog and me. I appreciate that!"
- Gloria Pappalardo
10/12/2019 21:24:34
"As always, everyone at Towne & Country takes very good care of Beckett. Sarah is always happy to see us and always takes the time to greet us. Kelly is just amazing and always is pleasant, caring and thoughtful. Melissa does a super job at everything and this visit, she snuggled with Beckett during his x-rays, keeping him calm. "
- Susan Wyatt
10/10/2019 20:15:09
"We have a pretty long history with Towne and Country. Rufus, our dog, has had a number of problems over the years and we have turned to Doctors Mr. and Mrs. Gerster for their reliable services. Recently our beagle had become inexplicably uncomfortable and obviously in some sort of pain. We scheduled our appointment with T.C.A.H. hoping to possibly see one of the Gersters, but they weren't available. Instead, we were given to Doctor Lubinski, whom I've never seen before. She was everything that was needed to address our concerns and give comfort to both Rufus and ourselves. Thank you Dr. Lubinski. Her diagnosis was prompt and accurate. Within a couple of hours, after Rufus was given prescribed medication, he was back to his regular Beagle behavior. I feel like we have found a true professional in Dr. Lubinski. I hope she stays with T.C.A.H. as I'm sure we'll be back again and I know the Gersters are always extremely busy. Dr. Lubinski did a great service for Rufus and Jeanne and me. Thank you again."
- Jeanne/Laughlan Campbell
10/05/2019 23:17:11
"The Gerster family is the best!!! "
- Heather and Adam New
10/05/2019 21:47:59