"Good care efficient caring"
- Shirley Darnell
12/01/2021 23:19:20
"We wouldn’t go anywhere else!! "
- Catherine Benjamin
12/01/2021 00:57:38
"Great and quick service"
- Brad & Lori Killian
11/30/2021 17:41:39
"Nothing bad I like the fact that you are open seven days a week."
- Dave Serylo
11/24/2021 14:19:02
"We love Towne and Country staff very much. Staff is very patient, gentle, and warm with our dogs and cats. We love the care they give to our animals. "
- Victoria Hinojosa
11/23/2021 15:41:25
"Had a very good experience in office. The vet called the next day (on Sunday)with blood work results and explained them thoroughly. "
- Rebecca Grigg
11/21/2021 20:54:47
"I truly appreciated all the staff that worked Friday morning. They were kind & friendly and I appreciated it as it was a worry some day with our girl. "
- Kelli Kilduff
11/20/2021 22:43:59
"My first visit...my cat needed help and you were there...thank you so much...the staff was welcoming and helpful..the office was clean. I felt very comfortable..my cat is not nice so I explained yet no worries..thank you again, Shelley Trapp"
- Shelly Trapp
11/20/2021 21:59:37
"Friendly, knowledgeable staff"
- Thomas Baugh
11/20/2021 15:44:20
"I think all the people who work there are caring and do an excellent job."
- Donna Bishop
11/19/2021 20:06:31
"You have Wonderful staffs. All made us comfortable and proved you love Jozie. I just Love this place, Amazing view and walking place."
- Annette Trayner
11/17/2021 17:43:45
"We have been extremely pleased with the whole experience. We have been with T&C for over 10 years and have always received excellent care, compassion and clear explanation/instruction from the Vets and Techs, particularly Dr. Lubinski and Heather, TRUE ASSETS to your team. When anything serious has occurred, techs have been so very helpful with follow-up calls and questions - even the silly questions. Fees and costs are always fair and we feel like we are getting the best possible care for our pets. Ease of making appointments has always been excellent, and the emergency hours make us feel like we never have to worry. So Hurray! and Thank You!"
- Pat O'Leary
11/08/2021 19:37:50
"As always we received EXCELLENT care!! Dr. Kurt Gerster is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! He is so kind, caring, knowledgeable and dedicated! Kimber was our vet tech and she is AWESOME!! Both Dr. Gerster and Kimber were very gentle and took excellent care of Willie! Thank you so much for EXCELLENT care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Tina & Joe Reddick
11/06/2021 18:22:54
"I was impressed with the facility the manpower the choices the people there as for the results she still alive and breathing"
- Peggy Shane
11/04/2021 12:53:37
"Koda is an older dog that suffered a bout of vertigo and could not stand or walk. One of the staff was kind enough to carry her in from our car, check us out in the exam room after her exam, and then carry Koda back out to the car for us. So thankful! Happily the vertigo seems to have been temporary and Koda is back to moving around normally. "
- Eric Winn
11/03/2021 19:55:11
"Always great friendly personal service for my babies."
- Mike Root
11/03/2021 07:07:14
"I have been coming to town and country for a very long time bringing in my cats and my service dogs, Everybody there is so kind and truly seems to like being there and that's important. keep up the good work !!"
- Sandy Buescher
11/02/2021 22:36:45
"Everyone is friendly and seem to concerned about taking good care of my pets."
- Joan Suminski
10/23/2021 15:06:26
"My German Shepard gets a bit too excited to come and see the incredible team at the Highland Location. The Dr. always takes very good care of us and is attentive to the health and well being of my dog. "
- Steven Grostick
10/22/2021 20:26:33
"Told me all the information I was looking for in one visit!"
- Dennis Kurash
10/21/2021 16:50:30
"Really like the convenience of the Hartland office. The staff is friendly and show real care and compassion. Love T&C. "
- Sue Fleischman
10/20/2021 23:39:20
"We came in as a emergency appt because Blue had a double ear infection. We didn't wait long in the lobby, once in the room the asst vet came in to see us pretty quickly. She was very good and caring with Blue. She took a couple samples from the ears and explained every step along the way. We got our meds and Blue is on the mend. Great experience!"
- Colleen Curtis
10/19/2021 16:19:00
"This was Opal and Ruby's first check-up in two years and I was apprehensive about how they would do. Dr. Perkins did so well as he examined them and gave them vaccines, being gentle, yet firm with them. And he is always kind and takes his time to listen to our concerns and questions. (He had seen our first cat many times in years past.) Towne and Country has always been a great place to bring my cats, beginning with our experience at the former Country Cat Hospital. "
- Kathleen Rouser
10/18/2021 21:04:56
"We love your staff. The facilities are pretty and my dogs are always treated with care and respect. "
- Kari/Jason Juracek
10/15/2021 18:25:11
"they were very informative and patient with us. "
- Michelle Wilson
10/15/2021 14:18:19
"10/9/21 the staff was friendly, helpful and took great care of Riley for his emergency. 10/11/21 the staff was friendly & helpful and Dr. Gerster was excellent, as always, doing Riley’s surgery. Our pets are always treated very well at your clinic. "
- Mary Huff
10/15/2021 13:55:50
"Everyone was thorough....both the tech and the vet were very loving to my dog."
- Kathie Evans
10/14/2021 00:30:50
"We love Dr. Hage! She was wonderful with Cooper and was patient in answering our questions. She's cheerful and a great ambassador for Towne & Country. "
- Linda Eaves
10/13/2021 22:23:50
"Having an urgent care vet facility which charges reasonable fees is a real blessing. Our visit was also very fast and efficient. Hope to find a similar facility back home in Pennsylvania!"
- Kevin Booth
10/06/2021 01:38:04
"Prompt informative and willing to answer questions "
- Shirley Darnell
10/02/2021 17:19:54
"Friendly welcome. Short wait. Kind vet staff."
- Marybeth Jackson
09/29/2021 18:34:03
"Staff was attentive the minute I walked in the door! "
- Robert Bartholomew
09/28/2021 21:48:12
"No complaints. Good with my pets as always. Very friendly"
- Jarod Seltenright
09/25/2021 19:11:27
"All good! "
- Scott Toth
09/25/2021 16:14:00
"I’ve been dealing with your staff for over 26 yrs. that should pretty well express our gratitude for the professionals at Town & Country Animal Hospital. Continue to care for my fur babies as if they where yours being in these lasts yrs. you have cared for 6 of my dogs."
- Tim Messer
09/24/2021 17:59:09
"Really nice people work here."
- Rebecca & Ronald Dozier
09/23/2021 17:00:23
"So far so good. Eostre really liked the staff"
- Nathan Letts
09/20/2021 19:15:19
"As usual, I was very pleased with our most recent visit. This was Aubrey's (and Velvet's) annual appointment, for vaccinations and heartworm test, and I had ample opportunity to discuss all my current observations on his health. It's very important to feel that all concerns, when they arise, are addressed -- I've always found this to be the case with Towne & Country. "
- Elizabeth Reese
09/20/2021 06:27:25
"Everybody is nice as well as knowledgeable. Very professional and comfortable atmosphere. "
- Mike/ George Sikorski
09/20/2021 03:58:26
"My last two visits were to the lining. Wonderful care for my dog, as always."
- Georgia Kasko
09/15/2021 16:37:29
"Thanks for always being so gentle and helpful with my dogs. Whenever something is wrong with my pups I can count on you all to help resolve it. Thank you!"
- Anna Chum
09/09/2021 19:42:09
"Everything was great, everyone listen to our problem and a solution was given! "
- Megan Boland
09/09/2021 16:13:36
"Great care very informative and knowledgeable "
- Diana Goss
09/07/2021 18:12:50
"The doctor was compassionate and very nice. Scooby liked her and so did I."
- Allison Restauri
09/03/2021 18:19:21
"I have ALWAYS had a pleasant experience at Towne and Country. I feel like my pets are being well cared for, and the staff is friendly and caring. Thank you for all that you do!!!"
- Andrew Mazur
09/03/2021 16:11:19
"Love this office. During covid I took Nala to another vet because I did both dogs shots at once. Went to town and country for bordatella. You are always very prompt and accommodating "
- Tricia Bell
09/01/2021 21:17:25
"I think you're doing well given the pandemic and other factors beyond your control."
- George Davinich
09/01/2021 17:45:25
"So thankful for your office, I have always had excellent service and care for my dogs. I am sad/frustrated that the emergency hours have changed and that it is no longer 24 hours. "
- Darrin Wagner
08/30/2021 09:54:44
"I don’t have any complaints at all. All the staff treat and love Bella like their own. I’ve never had a dog who is happy to see their vet staff even when sick. I can’t thank you all enough for providing the amazing car you do. I don’t know what I’d do without all of you. "
- Felicia Formosa
08/28/2021 12:52:27
"Excellent service by entire staff, from check-in to checkout. Made me feel my dog is important to them as he is to me"
- Donna Koenig
08/27/2021 16:37:53
"always had a good experience everytime "
- Maryann Eastwood
10/01/2020 16:40:04
"Pandi and I really appreciate you!"
- Bobbi Garrapy
09/30/2020 19:20:02
"appreciated curbside. Made it easier for me with my medical issue. Also, all my questions were answered."
- Anna Hagopian
09/29/2020 14:30:50
"I just picked up a prescription but it was quick and easy."
- Kathie Evans
09/24/2020 20:22:03
"Everyone was very helpful, getting Tiger into his box and taking him to the car for me. "
- Pat Rogers
09/18/2020 21:14:41
"Always satisfied with the care our precious Boston Terrier receives!"
- Bonnie & Michael Olszewski
09/18/2020 21:07:42
"Good service from techs and Maggie vet always takes time to talk to me and answer all my questions "
- Jerry VanBuskirk
09/16/2020 22:07:20
"I was very impressed with the Dr. I thought it all went wonderful. "
- Deirdre- Michael Lowry
09/15/2020 14:45:26
"I've brought my pets to T&C for 20 years. I trust them to do the right thing for my pets. "
- Cindy Janssen
09/14/2020 06:40:17
"Efficient, warm and courteous"
- Jennine McCray
09/13/2020 20:29:55
"Dr was great. Convenient in and out. "
- Russell Knudsen
09/13/2020 17:09:19
"Dr Perkins is the best"
- Daniel Bargy
09/13/2020 15:04:54
"Your doing excellent zeke was very happy after so im happy "
- Robert Alick
09/11/2020 22:05:24
"You truly care about my dogs and your staff is great with the people too. Situations can arise that are really tough but I know my babies have reliable and safe place should they need it. 🥰"
- Jill Sullins
09/11/2020 19:40:34
"We have used Towne & Country in Brighton ever since we moved to Fenton 20 years ago. We have always been very satisfied with the care our dogs have received. Our visit yesterday was to your Hartland facility. We are very happy that you have opened this branch. It is so much closer to our home. The people I dealt with yesterday were very professional and pleasant. Even though the results of our dog, Zoe's, exam was not encouraging and we know we only have a matter of days left with her, we were very pleased with the care and concern we received from Dr. Kristine Gerster. "
- Linda Eaves
09/10/2020 22:16:49
"You guys are doing great! Alissa at the front desk is awesome! She is always so nice and friendly and helpful! Dr. Kurt Gerster is our doctor and he is absolutely amazing!!!! He is the most kind, caring, dedicated doctor in the world!! Thank you for always taking excellent care of us!!!"
- Tina & Joe Reddick
08/31/2020 23:31:35
"Every question was answered. Very happy. "
- Joanne Hoeft
08/31/2020 03:14:17
"Excellent care - good information, friendly and well meaning staff"
- Thomas Baugh
08/30/2020 19:16:09
"We have been bringing our dogs to T & C for 20 years. The care has always been exceptional. "
- Peggy / John Galleher
08/29/2020 18:52:37
"You are all great as always and extremely friendly. "
- Linda Webb
08/29/2020 17:42:54
"Your team is awesome I have no complaint great job."
- Dave Serylo
08/27/2020 22:15:48
"Everything is going well. Bridget is entering the last phase of her life and Town and Country has helped with meds to ease her pain. "
- George Davinich
08/26/2020 18:57:11
"I loved the technician that took care of Colt. She did a great job "
- Cynthia Raby
08/25/2020 23:00:34
"Town and Country have always taken really good care of our two cats when we've brought them in. They also always give us different options for any medication, such as flea and tick, and give the pros and cons of each so we can really make an informed decision. While my cats may not like it, we absolutely love taking our pets here! "
- Zachary/Erin Malott/Zaluzec
08/25/2020 14:33:44
"You always take great care of us!"
- Lynne and Scott Armstrong
08/21/2020 01:33:50
"Prompt on time visit, Dr Perkins, always compassionate and professional."
- Debra Williams
08/20/2020 16:13:32
"Very satisfied with the care given to all of our dogs."
- Karen Meaney
08/14/2020 17:14:59
"Years ago my dog's life was saved because you took him in right away when the vet I was going to at the time would not see him until 4 days later.thank you so much.your the best!"
- Jean Dendel
08/13/2020 20:39:22
"Everyone is friendly and do their best for your family (pets). "
- Rashelle Jewett
08/13/2020 17:27:01
"Everyone at the office are so pleasant. The vet was phenomena, she got right down on the floor with Mabes. Mabes is very obese and she recommended we switch her food. She wasn't judgmental about her poor eating habits that we inflict on her. I just love you guys!"
- Catherine Dixon
08/13/2020 15:47:33
"Very clean facility and caring staff "
- Kassie Kretzschmar
08/13/2020 15:27:10
"I think you are doing very well. It took a while, but we discussed all of my dogs' needs and made choices for the most appropriate blood work. Very patient with us trying to collect a urine specimen from my little old lady. Thanks for all your help."
- Diane Wydick
08/05/2020 23:50:55
"You guys are always great. We been bringing our 3-4 kids to you for eight years. Great People-Great Service-Fair Pricing"
- Mike Root
08/04/2020 20:09:22
"I feel very well taken care of and that my dog is getting the best care possible."
- John/Diane Schandevel
08/02/2020 17:46:33
"I was nervous taking my dog in to be neutered. After meeting the tech, I was put at ease. I was called shortly after his surgery and was told how it went and what to expect when I got him home. The discharge papers were very useful in remembering what medications were needed and when."
- Becky Nelson
07/30/2020 17:43:42
"The visit and care was great. "
- Jeannine Osgood
07/29/2020 18:56:32
"When our previous vet couldn’t help us with an emergency operation (to repair the one they did) Towne & Country was there. Even though they were short staffed that weekend they made it work and were wonderful. "
07/27/2020 15:13:30
"We always have an excellent experience with the services you provide."
- Dianne Archer
07/26/2020 16:04:20
"I appreciate that during this pandemic you are still appreciating the concern pet owners have for their pets. "
- Dorothy Martinez
07/24/2020 17:08:10
"I was very impressed by my visit in the midst of the virus!"
- Judy Nesler
07/23/2020 20:12:45
"Doctor and technician were very attentive and listened to my concerns. I have older dogs and the care they showed both of them was very much appreciated. All the doctors don’t dismiss my “feelings “ on my geriatric pups and that is one reason I continue to go there. "
- Anna Hagopian
07/23/2020 16:33:04
"I had no problems getting an appointment. Was seen very quickly and our 2 cats were checked out in a very through manner. Everyone was very helpful and did there job. Overall from start to finish I was very pleased on how everything went "
- Lisa Tomczyk
07/22/2020 20:31:20
"All my experiences at your facility has always been great. "
- Doreen Thiels
07/22/2020 15:27:17
"wonderful I am so happy with everyone there and my dog and myself feel like we are visiting friens when we are there ‼️😊"
- Sandy Buescher
07/21/2020 23:53:13
"All was good at my visit. Thank you!"
- Kathie Evans
07/15/2020 22:24:53
"I was very pleased with our visit. Staff is very friendly "
- Bobbi Garrapy
07/14/2020 17:30:16
"You took time to answer my questions and were kind in helping to care for my high anxiety dog. I’m grateful."
- Kathy Garchow
07/12/2020 19:20:50
"The staff was professional and I really liked the vet. "
- Lisa & Brian Hagan
07/10/2020 21:32:08
"Always pleased with the care my pup receives at Towne and Country. Everyone from the doctors, vet techs and staff make us feel welcome. "
- Georgia Kasko
07/10/2020 18:39:34
"Excellent veterinarian. Very glad you could fit us in for a regular visit same-day when someone cancelled so we could avoid the emergency fee. "
- Elizabeth Lewan
07/10/2020 18:27:44