"Friendly staff"
- Laura Leerssen
03/25/2020 15:39:26
"Due to current corona virus, tech came to my car, took my dog in to be examined and returned him to my car,"
- Phil Lucas
03/21/2020 02:04:12
"Since your waiting room is currently the parking lot, we were going to say "N/A" to the waiting room question, but that wasn't an option. We appreciate all of your efforts to keep everyone safe from the virus. Thanks, Bob Smith, Jude Groves and Maui"
03/21/2020 01:32:00
"Kudos to Dr. Carson and the entire staff for your Herculean efforts during this Covid-19 crisis. Good jobs, all."
- Pat Baldridge
03/20/2020 01:06:31
"I always get treated very well by your staff!"
03/19/2020 19:09:16
"Enjoy working with Dr. Carson and Staff. They are very attentive to our family needs."
- Suzi Dack
03/18/2020 19:06:47
"Glad my dogs and I are part of the family."
- Beverly Jensen
03/04/2020 23:24:02
"Everyone makes my pets a priorty. They are even good with my naughty bulldog. They take their time and make sure they are giving my babies the best care."
- Tanya Cienfuegas-Baca
03/01/2020 19:54:15
"Could not be happier with the level of care my cats receive here - we always feel welcome!"
- Stefanie Sparks
03/01/2020 18:12:43
"You gals are the GREATEST!"
- Lynn Emmert
02/27/2020 22:32:53
"Overall positive experience!"
- Cheryl Gilchrist
02/23/2020 14:29:21
"Always a great experience here!"
02/22/2020 21:21:11
"Vets always take care of my dogs, Tank & Foppa."
02/22/2020 15:46:33
"We really appreciate the care you give to Maui, and she loves coming to see you all."
02/19/2020 22:43:46
"Love the staff here, always friendly and helpful !"
- Jack Blair
02/18/2020 21:47:14
"Everyone at The Vets is personable, knowledgeable and professional."
- Dana Sampson
02/18/2020 14:59:53
"The entire staff is wonderful friendly professionals."
02/17/2020 20:27:56
"The staff has been friendly and helpful each time we have visited!"
- Jason Wilkomm
02/16/2020 05:04:41
"I appreciate the loving care that my two elderly cats always receive from Dr. Carson and her staff"
02/13/2020 17:27:47
"Are very pleased with the Vet services provided to us. "
- Ron Doyon
02/12/2020 21:51:10
"Been going to the Vets for years. They do a great job."
- Phil D'Hondt
02/05/2020 16:54:53
"Everyone at this office is kind, courteous and so helpful. They take wonderful care of my 3 dogs !! Love them !!❤❤❤"
- Jack Blair
01/18/2020 22:34:05
"Always great for the excellent care my girls get here!!"
01/16/2020 21:24:45
"The Vets is a special place for pet care. The staff arevery loving of our dog, Barkley. He has been very healthy and well cared for medically for 9 1/2 years. We are very happy with the Vets! The Hatch family"
01/15/2020 21:19:26
"everything was explained thoroughly. i was very happy with the care Chloe received."
- Jennifer Monroe
01/13/2020 22:37:45
"I love The Vets, they treat my dog like family and are always willing to answer my many questions. They call back promptly and fill my dogs meds promptly as well. "
- Claire Damon
01/07/2020 21:17:03
"Penny has gotten great care!"
- Vickie Ackerman
01/07/2020 16:06:16
"I love the personal care from Dr Carson and her team. It is always excellent. "
01/03/2020 04:26:15
"You guys are Great.THANK YOU"
- Kevin Smith
01/02/2020 22:50:35
"The Vets is the BEST! Happy New Years!"
- Lynn Emmert
12/28/2019 23:03:46
"Staff is always friendly, professional and caring."
- Eric Calderone
12/23/2019 14:14:50
"Love you guys. "
- Scott Zerzanek
12/21/2019 17:45:04
"We have had numerous vets over the years, but Dr. Carson is the most personal and competent vet we have had. I feel like she truly cares about me and my pooch- is not rushed and she feels like a good friend. "
- Polly Tingey
12/20/2019 20:58:46
"Good place full of compassionate people. Haves been a customer for years."
- Phil D'Hondt
12/05/2019 21:54:58
"I have been very pleased with Pete’s care. I have nothing but good things to say about Dr Carson and her staff. "
12/05/2019 17:36:14
"We have always had a great experience at Vets. The staff is always accommodating. Dr Carson is the best. I always recommend Dr Carson as being our veterinarian and how pleased we are with her and her staff. "
11/22/2019 14:20:35
"I really appreciate Dr Carson’s personal attention and taking time to speak directly to me rather than leaving it for the tech. "
11/20/2019 23:26:46
"The care and facilities at the Vet’s Animal hospital is very good. Our dog has always been treated with kindness and respect! He is 9 1/2 years old. He has had his needs taken care of promptly and he is a very healthy dog🐶 We would recommend this business highly."
11/19/2019 23:38:04
"We have had wonderful care for Jack and have referred The Vets to several people. We always speak highly of the practice. Extremely happy with everything. "
- Jayna Heimark
11/17/2019 19:31:15
"Always a great experience !"
11/16/2019 01:08:03
"Great Vet with great services. Couldn’t ask for more."
- Ron Doyon
11/10/2019 17:30:36
"Everyone there is so personable and competent."
- Dana Sampson
11/06/2019 22:37:47
"Love love love!! "
11/04/2019 16:39:12
"Very friendly and courteous."
11/02/2019 19:14:41
"We have been bringing our beloved dogs to Dr Carson for many years. She and her staff give us excellent help and our sweet animals exceptional medical care. Thank you Dr. Carson and your team! Alene Starkey"
- Alene Starkey
10/24/2019 17:22:02
"Dr. Carson goes above and beyond to provide great care for the animals. "
- Shaun Gloude
10/24/2019 14:15:36
"When my pup had a sudden injury that needed taken care of, they were very prompt in examining him and helping me understand the exact issue. He is healing beautiy and it's all thanks to Dr. Carson, Dr. Barker, and all of the wonderful techs/assistants that took care of my baby!"
10/20/2019 15:10:29
"Love this place, EVERYONE is extremely kind and helpful ! "
- Jack Blair
10/13/2019 00:11:08
"You guys are great--Gus and Ansel get the best care. And, I am always well informed on everything."
- Suzanne Royce
10/10/2019 23:09:41
"Always great customer service "
- Dawn Gerber
09/10/2019 14:10:34
"You always take time to listen and make our pets feel special and help us to understand the treatment needed. You all are a great team."
09/07/2019 21:32:31
"I was so pleased that everything went like clockwork and Lucy was able to get her urine specimen and BPs done without stress or White Coat Syndrome. Thanks for working with us."
08/30/2019 20:51:26
" Barkley started on a new food and I think he seems "
08/27/2019 00:59:39
"Called to renew a prescription on 8/18, received a call the next day it was ready to pick up. It was ready when I arrived. Very efficient."
08/23/2019 12:40:32
"Staff is always friendly. If they don't know an answer to my question they always find one:)"
08/21/2019 12:53:51
"I needed Mr. Butter special food - satiety. You had it and held a sack for me to pick on a hot afternoon."
08/20/2019 19:45:24
"I always have a good experience at The Vets. You can tell that that Dr. Carson and the staff truly care about you pet. "
08/19/2019 16:28:28
"We've never once had a bad experience here! My pup is very rambunctious and excited. The ladies are simply wonderful and professional."
- Cameron Mills
08/17/2019 20:06:50
"HarleyD would be very unhappy if I took him somewhere else! You all have taken great care of him (and me) over the past 14 1/2 years. "
08/13/2019 19:34:27
"Always great service and advice "
- Dawn Gerber
08/12/2019 14:04:52
"Really great experience - very knowledgable and helpful."
- Lee Wermerskirchen
07/29/2019 17:37:54
"The staff bends over backwards to help me out!"
07/25/2019 21:15:04
"My appointment was on time, the yearly check-up for my dog was thorough like always, Dr Carson and her veterinary assistant very friendly and compassionate and i will come back like always:)"
- Pia Goulding
07/25/2019 20:48:47
"I have no complaints it was GOOD "
07/24/2019 20:28:59
"You all do great with our pets different personalities and issues such as Elliott’s tendency to let loose so to speak. 😳"
- Denise Taylor
07/20/2019 15:33:25
"Barkley ‘s teeth look great and we were glad to also find out that his urinary crystals were gone due to a previous change in dog food suggestions at his yearly physical. He is doing much better now🐶!"
07/19/2019 21:08:59
" We have been coming to you for 20 years to take care of our furry friends. Thank you for all the care and love you have shown to Maggie/Chester. You will be missed. "
07/19/2019 02:27:02
"You have always taken good care of my dogs. I wouldn't put them in any other vets hands. Sometimes I get a little fustrated when it takes so long to get a call back, but I understand you get busy and have so many patients, but I see my dogs as my children and am sure you understand how that goes. But I wouldn't trade you for any other vet. So you rate a 10 in my book, and Daisy and Keisha both adore. Thanks for being there or them. Joanie"
07/19/2019 01:38:11
"I appreciate you being so patient with Rudy! He has some anxiety when we bring him into your office. The last visit the tech came out to the car so we could get his blood pressure. "
07/18/2019 21:26:12
"The Docs are very loving with my pet. It makes him feel a little less anxious."
- (Juanita) Ann Wood
07/17/2019 21:23:16
"Very quick service and friendly personnel. "
- Sharon Corcoran
07/14/2019 11:32:10
"The vet techs are always and helpful and kind :)"
07/13/2019 02:03:14
"The staff are great to work with, especially Ashley.. SUPER helpful."
- Suzi Dack
07/10/2019 14:40:12
"Great job!"
07/06/2019 17:25:03
"Everyone there is compassionate, competent and very friendly."
- Dana Sampson
07/05/2019 23:02:37
"I am very satisfied with the care my dog has gotten from dr Carson and the staff"
07/05/2019 12:48:43
"Great to have such flexibility getting in for an appointment being a new patient and then to have to reschedule second appointment on short notice. Easy access location and staff seemed friendly and eager for their job. Only mild downside was desk location to door entrance. Difficult to have animal when others trying to enter due to proximity. "
- Mary Misgen
07/05/2019 02:11:35
"The vet tech took a lot of time to make friends with my dog before the appointment even began. He is a very nervous dog and she made him feel a little less afraid. I don’t like being seen in the small rooms off the waiting room. My dog can hear everything that is going on and it makes him more nervous have 2 doors to pay attention to. "
- Kim Offerman
07/05/2019 02:07:18
- Mary Getz
07/05/2019 00:58:03
"Thank you for working so hard to help Koda feel the best he can in his elderly years. You've been there for him (and us) since we moved to Windsor almost 5 years ago. Keep doing what you're doing, great job."
- Sherry Alloway
07/05/2019 00:15:37
"Great visit. We were allowed in with Tucker during his laser which came him calmer. Technician was great with him and did her job well. Always get great care at the vets "
07/04/2019 23:47:42
"Dr Carson and her staff have taken wonderful care of our Maggie and before Maggie our sweet Lab Holly! They really care about our pets....and us!"
- Alene Starkey
07/02/2019 21:24:38
"Friendly. Timely. Loves the animals!"
07/02/2019 16:45:44
"A friendly greeting at the door, respectful of our pet.. Dr Carson will get down on the floor with my dogs"
- Phil Lucas
07/02/2019 16:02:05
"Awesome and caring service, especially for my elderly kitty."
06/26/2019 22:22:49
"Every time we bring Macy and Madison in Dr Carson and Sarah are great. Very thorough and loving to our girls!"
06/24/2019 15:41:02
"Our experience with you was exceptional. In a situation like we have it was more important than I realized to get our little 'Charlie" formally known as 'Rambo' in to be seen and treated. You were all so kind and concerned about his care and we could not have asked for any better service. He certainly appears much better than 2 days ago."
- Kat Calato
06/23/2019 20:23:45
"Your care of Tanner is always great. "
06/20/2019 20:12:26
"Dr. Carson and Ashley were great - they took special time out of the day to look at our chicken who has a limp - not a big deal with a chicken, unless its a 4-H show chicken! We are following doctors orders and he seems to be getting better and my daughter feels better that a doctor looked him over. Thank you!!"
06/20/2019 12:42:06
"Our animal family members have come to you for a long time. The nurse line has been really helpful in the past - thanks for having that available! When we feel our pet needs to be seen, you always make every effort to schedule our visits ASAP and when we arrive, you always greet us and our pets with cheer. "
06/15/2019 14:15:11
"We called in for our dogs food. Excellent response to our needs on phone. Said they would hold our puppies food and they did. We went to pick it up and it was there. We are very happy with how we and our puppy are treated at VETS"
06/13/2019 18:30:03
"Amazing friendly, knowledgeable staff. I LOVE Dr. Carson - honest and caring for both our cats and dogs. I really appreciate the thoroughness that both she and her staff provide. "
- TAMI Moser
06/13/2019 17:35:03
"Always so much love and care when Brewski visits. He's a handful for sure but Dr. Carson and her lovely team always make it work and make my pup comfortable! Even when he's not using his manners!"
- Cameron Mills
06/13/2019 17:17:51
"Doing a great job and showing me all the options that we can do to take care of my cat with severe allergies."
- Linaka Francis
06/08/2019 20:08:05
- Gloria Packard
06/08/2019 16:24:16
"Great staff! Everyone is so glad to see Hawkeye each time he comes in. The care and compassion that Dr Carson and everyone provides is what brings us back year after year."
06/07/2019 18:42:23
"You're doing well!"
06/04/2019 22:04:28
"We are so happy that our pets are now friends of The Vets! Everyone is friendly and attentive. I appreciate the communication, both before and after appointments. You provide a lot of special touches that make patients and their owners feel welcome (like putting the names of the pets who will be seen that day on the list on the counter). Marley is doing so well after his surgery. I appreciate that you took the time to look at him and make sure that the surgery would be successful. Sometimes the wait after being checked in is a bit long. Understandable since I suppose a lot of furry friends are visiting each day."
- Valerie Scheffer
06/04/2019 00:36:56
"Always takes the time does not rush you. The staff and Dr are kind and considerate. They are so kind to your furry baby. "
- Brenda Rozokat
06/04/2019 00:18:21
"Always the most excellent care"
- Celeste Jump
06/01/2019 21:31:03