"Dr. Carson and staff are wonderful to work with on every visit. Dr. Carson helped two of our three dogs immediately to be healthier after another vet practice was not helpful. Everyone at this office is always friendly and helpful. We always know that the staff will support us and answer questions. Thank you for the excellent care for our three dogs and us!"
- Rose Craigo
10/06/2022 14:41:20
"I phoned ahead for OraVet and Heartworm meds for Spanky. Both were in stock and ready for me when I came in to pick them up. Thank you."
10/02/2022 23:34:09
"Oh my gosh...every time I take my grandpup Brewski in.....he is almost 100 lbs...not yet Doctor!! We are ALOT... they are awesome every time! Kind, sweet, just a fun experience!! HEART HEART HEART!!!"
- Cameron Mills
09/28/2022 23:51:54
"Good care at a reasonable price. Several people we know have already changed vet service to 'Vets Animal Hospital' and are very happy with pet care. Not a fancy office or any of the "foo-foo" some vets have but there's quality care and great availability."
- Ray Richardson
09/28/2022 18:33:24
"Bubbles had a great experience for a timid cat. "
- Robin Noehl
09/17/2022 17:55:38
"It’s a long drive for us, but it’s well worth the trip. Dr. Carlson has given Foxy and our 2 cats excellent care. Also, the staff has always been friendly and helpful. Diane & Dave "
- Diane Willauer
09/15/2022 21:35:44
"Love Dr. Leisa Carson and the entire staff ! Very professional but also they treat you like family !!❤️"
- Jack Blair
09/15/2022 19:58:40
"The Vets' staff is always right on the ball...Dr. Carson is wise, very knowledgeable and patient."
09/13/2022 21:03:36
"I think there should be more arm wrestling & truthfully there’s not a better staff with Dr.Carson always talking me through everything my dogs need & the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful always with a smile!!"
09/10/2022 02:27:50
"All of the personnel are very competent and personable."
- Dana Sampson
09/08/2022 22:08:36
"I enjoyed talking with your vet tech and the vet, makes me feel very comfortable being there. "
- Cheryl Snider
09/07/2022 18:39:18
"Our visit with you was informative, friendly and caring. Thank you! Joanie and Lily."
- Joanie Randall
08/26/2022 18:49:42
"Very good care"
- Gregory Campbell
08/19/2022 18:33:20
"You always take such good care of our babies!"
08/15/2022 01:37:59
"Love you gals!"
- Carol Boyce
08/13/2022 16:12:28
"Staff is always very helpful and are great at following up! Thanks!!"
- Sue Lampe
08/12/2022 18:23:14
"Very knowledgeable! And quick to react!! Thanks!! Layla is much better!!!!!"
- Glenna McLean
08/05/2022 23:50:32
"No worries about the fees. There was a bac up doctor and it doesn't matter to me how much it cost. "
- Robin Noehl
08/02/2022 22:40:33
"Thank you for supporting us and our boys!"
- Rose Craigo
07/29/2022 20:26:37
"Very pleased with your services with all are pets!"
- Diane Willauer
07/28/2022 14:40:11
"We always have a good experience at VETS The staff is knowledgeable and has always been helpful each and every time we call. "
07/25/2022 17:16:00
"I was extremely pleased that once again, Jack was taken care of in a very professional, thorough, expedient way by the entire staff of The Vets. "
07/18/2022 02:34:56
"Great customer service!"
- Colleen Stephens
07/02/2022 17:29:55
"Y’all’er great!!!!"
- Lexi Knight
06/23/2022 20:49:43
"The staff and doctor were very kind and explained all the services my best friend needed."
06/21/2022 17:14:22
"I was very happy with the way they talked with us and the way they handled Penney!! Thank you 😊 "
06/20/2022 17:05:32
"I appreciate how much you do for our dogs!"
06/16/2022 18:03:05
"We would be glad to recommend your services but in the case of Barkley ,an aging dog, we would caution them that costs can become prohibitive when on a fixed income. We would appreciate suggestions as to how to keep him well on a budget🐶💕🙁 The Hatches "
06/12/2022 23:51:41
"THANKS TO DR CARSON AND HER STAFF our sweet Maggie is still with us. She was very sick one morning so we took her immediately to The Vets. They did a lot of tests, then called to tell us she needed a cat scan right away at Royal Vista. After the cat scan the surgeon came out to say Maggie needed immediate surgery. She had an abscess on her liver that ruptured into her gut. Due to fast action by The Vets and telling us what Maggie needed she would not be with us today. She is doing fine, thanks to the Vets quick action."
- Alene Starkey
06/12/2022 23:47:29
"We love the small practice vibe. I feel like the doctor and the staff know us and our pets. We’ve been clients for almost 20 years now. "
06/10/2022 14:27:53
"Dr. Carson and her staff are kind and welcoming. They listen with great attention to concerns while partnering with me to give the best care for our three dogs. Sharing knowledge and caring for owners and pets!"
- Rose Craigo
05/29/2022 02:38:45
"Love The Vets, we have been clients since 2007. "
- Lynn Emmert
05/28/2022 23:15:04
"We appreciated both the referral to a "dog psychologist" for a new, odd behavioral pattern we just noticed in our 13-year-old Golden Retriever; as well as the staff member's help in carrying a heavy dog food bag out to our car. You folks always go above and beyond, and we appreciate it!"
05/21/2022 17:55:17
"My most trusted Veterinary Clinic. I have been going there for decades. The entire lives of 2 dogs, and would go nowhere else. Dr Carson is always open and has the best interest of the pet and it's owner in mind "
05/18/2022 00:26:48
"Vets an excellent clinic."
- John Carlton
05/08/2022 21:55:16
"Love the enter action with Dr. Carlson, feel good with all her recommendations. "
- Diane Willauer
05/05/2022 02:25:09
"The staff works incredibly hard, especially Doctor Carson. I know the veterinary field is incredibly hard and a difficult environment in so many ways. I appreciate you all"
- Andreas Reimann
04/30/2022 20:04:41
"Dr. Carson is very pleasant and extremely knowledgeable."
- Cindy Schiller
04/28/2022 20:23:40
"This was just a meds pickup, but it was fast, complete and the staff was very friendly, as always."
04/21/2022 17:42:05
"Dr Carson and staff Ashley Lexie and all others have been so kind to all our pets though the years. Thank you for all you do."
- Dagny Matthies
04/21/2022 17:25:10
"My dog was suffering from a skin irritation. They worked us in on the same day and took their time with her. I appreciate their kindness and care."
- Gina Jones
04/17/2022 16:57:08
"The treatment and exam was thoroughly explained. "
- Nancy Pike
04/02/2022 21:05:20
"Happy Customer"
- Scott Zerzanek
04/01/2022 02:45:23
"It’s helpful that you are following Zorro’s weight loss. "
- Cathy Conn
03/25/2022 01:22:54
"Great customer service, especially at the front desk."
- Colleen Stephens
03/19/2022 19:48:34
"Dr Leisa and all the staff are great! Couldn't be better."
- Lindsay Moll
03/16/2022 23:52:25
"Everyone is always so kind. Thank you "
- Tanya Dowd
03/16/2022 13:14:52
"You all always take such great care of our pets!"
03/10/2022 20:11:09
"Everyone is very nice"
- Sherri Johnston
03/09/2022 19:18:23
"Always great service and explanation of costs and treatments. "
- Chad Cavallaro
03/08/2022 23:32:05
"Everyone is great. Very knowledgeable and caring staff. I just referred our neighbor that has a little shitzu. Thank you all!"
- Cerissa Harding
03/08/2022 22:40:01
"I’m a new client so I don’t have a huge amount of experience w this clinic. However, they have been very responsive to questions I’ve had w my pup’s health "
- Connie Rakiecki
01/06/2022 19:04:37
"I've been taking my dogs to The Vets for close to 20 years. I trust their knowledge and will continue taking my dogs to them."
12/31/2021 14:08:13
"This was a second opinion and it solved our dog's issues. So glad we found them!!"
- Robin Briggs
12/31/2021 03:26:53
"Dr Carson is such a skilled, caring, and fantastic vet ! She always does a great job providing care for my fur kids ! Staff is awesome , too . Ashley and Sarah do a wonderful job ! Thank you for everything you do !"
12/18/2021 23:14:53
"All staff members provided excellent service to both me and my pet. I would highly recommend Leisa and her amazing staff to anyone needing veterinary services."
- Ginny Barrett
12/06/2021 20:00:13
"Your service is great as is."
- James Valentine
12/05/2021 18:53:26
"We will be clients as long as Barkley lives! You have taken great care of him over the years. He is doing well and yet he is aging. Thanks for all the great care over the years 🐶😀👍🏻❤️ Bill and Lynn H"
11/27/2021 03:06:33
"We always feel confident in Dr. Carlsons recommendations and assessment of Foxys problems; she is always right on! Thanks"
- Diane Willauer
11/26/2021 02:36:36
"It was a great experience "
- Judy McLean
11/20/2021 01:15:11
"Very pleased "
- Bob Feller
11/17/2021 22:57:19
"I've been going to "The Vets " for decades and would not consider going any place else."
11/12/2021 02:42:23
"The personalized service is very appreciated! "
- Tanya Cienfuegas-Baca
11/03/2021 17:38:50
"We appreciate you taking such good care of Olaf! Thank you."
- Paula Curtis
10/31/2021 15:32:25
"Just great service!"
- Colleen Stephens
10/30/2021 00:02:19
"Superb and friendly service as always.you always take care of me and my fur babies. Love you guys"
10/28/2021 16:12:32
"I am very pleased with the care our sweet kitty received from Dr. Carlson and her assistants. They were thoughtful and kind, and my anxious cat was treated with patience and professionalism. "
- Ruth Goodman
10/26/2021 16:43:08
"I just picked up cat food. The kind receptionist (Vanessa?) opened my water bottle for me. She used hand sanitizer first! She could easily have said no and I would have understood. But she was very kind! "
10/20/2021 23:48:09
"Everyone is great "
- Bob Feller
10/17/2021 17:38:30
"I am so happy I found you all. You All do a great job for Shiloh "
- Kevin Smith
10/17/2021 00:21:46
"Veterinary care is expensive so our expectations are high. We receive wonderful care from Dr. Carson and the staff and appreciate it. "
10/13/2021 22:00:21
"Coppernickel was happy, so I am happy."
- Sara Lower
09/24/2021 21:22:00
"I've taken my dogs to the Vets Animal Hospital for about 15 years and will continue to do so. They take great care of my dogs!"
09/17/2021 17:12:13
"My visit was a quick nail trim for our guinea pig. It was brief and did not call for any in-depth conversation. But it was great, and very appreciated."
09/14/2021 22:27:30
"Thank you for taking our puppy in as a new patient when she was sick. We love the care she gets there, and everyone is helpful, kind, and knowledgeable! "
- Amy Tamez
09/10/2021 00:24:25
"Have always loved you guys. "
- Suzanne Royce
08/28/2021 22:58:38
"Dr. Carson and the staff at The Vets are always kind and professional. "
- Cindy Schiller
08/20/2021 22:55:34
"excellent concern for Nikki, felt confident she was receiving quality care... "
- Bill Gerlach
08/15/2021 23:18:36
"We’ve been bringing our pets here for almost 20 years and appreciate the care our pets receive. Dr. Carson is very skilled. "
08/13/2021 19:53:52
"Always there for our elderly kitty."
07/29/2021 21:15:39
"I was very pleased with our visit."
07/06/2021 04:01:10
"This visit was just to pick up dog feed and medications, but it was swift, accurate and the staff member was very pleasant. -- RMS "
07/04/2021 16:46:14
- Kim Offerman
06/29/2021 22:11:04
"Always extremely happy with the care we receive at The Vets Animal Hospital!"
- Baily Miskimins
06/28/2021 18:55:54
"I LOVE HOW YOU GUYS TOOK CARE OF MY DOG SHILOH!! Dr Carson is the best ever for Us. Kevin Smith"
- Kevin Smith
06/12/2021 22:24:44
"Very caring & kind to Penny. Took the time to answer my questions & give me information."
- Nancy James
06/12/2021 03:44:01
"I like how you make a quote for prices and don’t jack up the price after the animal has been taken care of and you DON’T do anything without out asking me first."
- Nancy Pike
06/05/2021 17:18:27
"I am so glad that you were able to navigate thru the pandemic. With the limited space available to you, your protocol and procedures were stressing the proper priorities. I agree with and have always appreciated your family oriented approach to my dogs healthcare thru the years."
05/30/2021 11:21:13
"This is a wonderful vet hospital, I just wish vet services, food, and fees were lower. Really good people who care a lot!"
05/29/2021 22:35:00
"Everyone is always cheerful and helpful, and if they don't know something, they consult with the doctor or research it until they do."
- Katherine Stoudt
05/29/2021 19:29:07
"We needed urinary treats for our dog.?? We sent an email in the evening and the next morning we received an email saying that the treats were available for pickup. We and our dog,Barkley, were very pleased!🐶😀"
05/29/2021 17:13:53
"So glad I switched to your clinic!! I love you guys!"
- Carole Porter
05/22/2021 16:13:53
"This is a place that really cares about animals and their humans."
- Shari Stroup
05/19/2021 22:47:36
"Thank you Dr. Carson and the entire staff at The Vets."
- Cindy Schiller
05/19/2021 20:42:23
"Dr. Carson and her staff are WONDERFUL! We took our Lab to her and when she went to doggy heaven we took our new puppy to her, who is now almost 8 years old. EXCELLENT CARE, KIND TO OWNERS."
- Alene Starkey
05/19/2021 20:12:23
"You are awesome!"
- Andrea Larson
05/19/2021 16:52:27
"Just a great clinic"
- John Carlton
04/17/2021 15:33:04
"Great clinic"
04/11/2021 18:03:04
- Vinny Diniz
04/05/2021 03:34:56
"So happy that I switched to your practice!!!"
- Carole Porter
04/03/2021 16:33:10