"Both the vet and the vet tech were very patient and respectful of my anxious pup. They were calm the entire visit, which helped me feel more relaxed. The atmosphere was amazingly peaceful and it didn't smell like a typical vet office. I am glad I was referred to Healing Paws. I will continue to go back!"
- Lauren Stoner
03/17/2020 12:04:21
"Great experience!!!! I wish I would have seen your sign about your practice sooner, but is never too late! Everyone is kind, compassionate, friendly, and most important very knowledgeable! Many thanks to Dr Carrie, Natasha, Emily, and Kayla....sorry, if I’ve missed anybody, because all of you guys are great!! 😘😘"
- Simona Roeder
03/04/2020 18:23:56
"I honestly don't have any thing bad to say The vet was very caring and did not rush us in any way She did something unique and offered them peanut butter during the exam to distract them.. That was an awesome idea My little shihtzu and teacup chihuahua completely fell for it!!! Blood work.. What bloodwork?? 🤣❤ The technicians were just as great Caring and listening to us about anything and everything We were told costs and fees up front and they asked us what worked best for us!!! I LOVE that at the end of our exam we dont have to go back to the front desk for any reason!! We just use a door that leads straight out to the parking lot I had been at the same vet practice since 1995 and I am loyal as a customer if I feel the practice is loyal to us.. Believe me I have had 2 excellent appointments and im hooked.. This practice is honestly a wonderful place and it feels like home not like a sterile alcohol smelling emergency room... "
- Sherry Lupold
02/28/2020 23:20:39