"Awesome staff, kind & caring. Made a treatment plan, that totally worked. So thrilled Dr Carrie knew what to do. Romeo is his old self again. Highly recommended."
- Barb Price
01/24/2021 00:03:04
"We had an excellent first visit, and I was very impressed!!! I love how willing everyone was to educate about anything I had a question about, both my dog and I felt very comfortable with everyone we met. I didn't leave wondering if I was making the right decisions about Gordy's care or not. The love that everyone we met has for animals is apparent, and I felt like my needs as my dog's human were met, too. The office itself is very neat, beautifully decorated and made for a very calm environment. What a dedicated, compassionate group of people! This was above and beyond what I expected, and I am so happy that I was referred to Healing Paws Animal Hospital. Definitely an answered prayer. "
- Kristen Geiger
01/17/2021 20:18:48
"Everyone was so friendly and helpful, I loved it 😊"
- Amy Eberly
01/09/2021 22:44:39
"We couldn't ask for better care. We just can't wait for the pandemic to leave the party and meet everyone in person...their whole smiling face :)."
- Julie Stubbins
01/08/2021 22:45:11
"My daughter and husband took our new 8 week puppy for his first well visit amd said they had an exceptional visit the receptionist and vet were patient kind loving and tender . They were so impressed the facility was lovely and clean . "
- Ronit Shames
01/07/2021 00:42:57
"Your office has a calming environment, which allowed our puppy and myself to feel very comfortable. The techniques used to distract her from being evaluated were genius! I believe our Ruby girl will view your office as a positive place. Thanks for all the time and efforts you put into providing such excellent care! "
- Melissa Dardis
09/18/2020 01:54:57
"Dr. Carrie was so kind and gentle with my cat. I loved the way she handled him. He hates going to the vet but he was better with her than I've ever seen him. She came up with a plan for treatment and let it up to me how to proceed with it. I was very impressed with her. It was a very difficult visit for me and I felt well treated by Dr. Carrie and her staff."
- Pat Tuszl
08/27/2020 00:32:43
"Excellent experience all around! Staff are warm, welcoming and knowledgeable. Dr Vigeant treated my pup as though he were hers- spent ample time, thorough explanations and keeps you involved in care plan. Even the layout and decor were warm and welcoming- feels more like home than an animal hospital. "
- Andra Green
08/26/2020 18:36:04
"Thank you for scheduling my dog so she could be check out the next day. You were an answer to my prayer! You have a beautiful facility and the staff and Dr. are exceptional!! I can’t thank you enough for the tender love and care you showed to my sweet girl Ellie."
- Heather McElroy
08/13/2020 20:13:44