"Vet Tech was very nice, she seemed knowledgeable on certain questions I had. The Vet was very thorough in asking me questions and answering some technical/behavioral questions too."
- James Martin
02/19/2022 19:50:42
"Amazing!! I love it here! "
- Megan Bratton
01/28/2022 17:27:07
"I was very happy with my experience at Healing Paws with my buddy Dash. Everyone was very friendly, knowledgeable, and did a fabulous job keeping Dash calm during his exam. I look forward to more positive encounters in the future. Nothing negative to report. You all were wonderful!"
- Mary Kilby
01/22/2022 23:29:13
"Excellent experience! I came for a second opinion regarding a chronic condition, and felt like we were heard. I appreciated all of the information we were given, as well as the thorough investigation of how we may be able to fix the underlying issue causing the problem."
- Andrea Barbour
01/16/2022 19:57:17
"Great first visit! I appreciated that neither person rushed through the visit and they both worked with my dog to make sure he was comfortable and not afraid. We've moved a lot and been to a handful of vets and this visit was one of the best all around. "
- Lisa Marchio
12/02/2021 00:33:58
"We had an excellent first visit, and I was very impressed!!! I love how willing everyone was to educate about anything I had a question about, both my dog and I felt very comfortable with everyone we met. I didn't leave wondering if I was making the right decisions about Gordy's care or not. The love that everyone we met has for animals is apparent, and I felt like my needs as my dog's human were met, too. The office itself is very neat, beautifully decorated and made for a very calm environment. What a dedicated, compassionate group of people! This was above and beyond what I expected, and I am so happy that I was referred to Healing Paws Animal Hospital. Definitely an answered prayer. "
- Kristen Geiger
01/17/2021 20:18:48
"Everyone was so friendly and helpful, I loved it 😊"
- Amy Eberly
01/09/2021 22:44:39
"Dr. Jordan was awesome! I came for a second option and although it wasn't the best news about our dog, I felt that staff really cared as if Bandit was their own! I am going to be switching Vets and come to Healing Paws. I love how everyone is so nice! Thank you all for the great experience!"
- Art Quinn
12/09/2020 23:56:35
"I was extremely pleased with everyone. Being new to the area I was so nervous about seeing a new vet. God sent us to Healthy Paws and we could be more happy with the kindness, respect and time given to us to help my Miranda feel better."
- Pamela Biondo
11/10/2020 00:52:41
"This is by far the BEST vet experience I’ve had. I never knew about “fear free” but from here on out will only take my babies to a fear free certified clinic. I’m so sad I won’t be able to use you guys regularly since we are moving but your service is incredible. Keep doing what you’re doing! I’ll be sure to bring Murphy in for check ups when we are home so you can see him! "
- Jenna Barton
10/01/2020 16:05:28