"You guys are always the best "
- Odalys Hayes
12/30/2019 00:54:37
"very good"
- Abel Fernandez
12/29/2019 16:39:09
"Very friendly and helpful staff. Great job! "
- Melissa Cash
12/28/2019 01:32:30
"you guys are amazing and I am extremely happy with the services I receive with you ! "
- Johanna Britton
12/27/2019 20:46:35
"I will never forget how patient, compassionate and caring everyone was with me when I had to put my yorkie down. The card was a beautiful gesture. Thank you for going above and beyond. "
- Alejandra Tamayo
12/27/2019 05:58:49
"Excellent staff, I’m very satisfied how my puppies were treated"
- Ernesto Perez
12/27/2019 00:48:02
"Aussie always lets me come in for Cliffords Addison’s shot without fail and I am profoundly grateful."
- Margaret Haber
12/26/2019 00:03:09
"Everyone was very nice, and we were in and out within a reasonable time! "
- Yelennis Pares
12/25/2019 17:43:50
"We were there just to purchase food 🥘 as always she is very pleasant "
- Todd Frederick
12/24/2019 20:14:23
"Great service... amazing stuff. Doctor Rodriguez is a wonderful vet."
- Maricarmen Rosario
12/23/2019 20:19:00
"Always great service every time I visit!"
- Robert Acosta
12/23/2019 14:51:23
"We sing the praises of Dr Machado AND his staff to all our friends you are the best as far as Stu and I are concerned .Would not take our animals any where else. "
- Stuart Lloyd
12/23/2019 04:19:22
"I think the office should be cleaner"
- Roger Escorcia
12/22/2019 21:40:11
"My experience is been wonderful. Every time I go dr. Machado is been very good with all my dogs. "
- Adriana Orozco
12/22/2019 21:27:55
"We love you guys. Thank you for taking such good care of my babies !"
- Megan Chen
12/22/2019 21:12:44
"All the Drs are amazing! I’m biased towards Dr Machado because I’ve known him the longest and he’s cared for all my babies. I love his demeanor, very calm and assuring, and all his knowledge. The other two doctors are awesome as well. Very nice attitudes, knowledgeable and friendly."
- Cecilia Santos
12/22/2019 05:16:22
"Only good .... can’t think of anything bad !"
- Mary Anne Koenig
12/22/2019 03:34:17
"very good service and careful attention Thanks "
- Rafael Torren
12/21/2019 20:28:04
"Ginger and I love Dr. Machado and his staff. They are all very friendly and helpful. Ginger has been seen there since she was a baby and I'm very confident and comfortable that she is getting the best care possible. I highly recommend him as a vet. He's very caring and loving to the animals always. "
- Jennifer & Raquel Ruiz
12/20/2019 15:54:46
"Best care from a trustful veterinarian. No complaints of any kind. Dr. Machados love for animals shows."
- Antonio & Jacqueline Molero
12/19/2019 20:30:59
"The service and staff were great"
- John Alexander
12/19/2019 19:30:03
"Outstanding care for my dogs. And thanks to everyone there. Your the best "
- Timothy Douglas
12/19/2019 17:19:46
"Love this place "
- Marlon Brandon
12/19/2019 15:23:28
"You guys are great "
- Gabriella Di Zio
12/19/2019 15:15:18
"great business"
- Sue Sterling
12/19/2019 00:30:30
"Treatment is very caring "
- Marta Garcia
12/18/2019 17:59:09
"Love and trust Dr Machado and the Aussie staff! "
- Lillian Llamas
12/17/2019 21:05:31
"I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!!"
- Holly Arvidsson
12/17/2019 17:08:45
"It's really excellent the way you did to me, I was very happy, my son made an appointment and somebody called me that i am ready , when i went there i went to room 1 and no waiting time, they did it and I left happy.. Thanks."
- Mario Rizzetto
12/16/2019 20:00:00
"I don’t have anything bad to say. I like how you guys go out of your way to take care of each and every patient you see "
- Melissa Reeves
12/16/2019 19:33:41
"I love all the staff super friendly and helpful. "
- Cruz Madrigal
12/16/2019 18:26:16
"Dr. Machado and the entire staff are awesome! They always take excellent care of “Peaches” and me!!! They have been my animal hospital for Peaches’ entire life. She is now 14 years old. Aussie is the only place I trust with my little dog. Many thanks for your expertise and love you give to my Peaches♥️"
- Diane Johnson
12/16/2019 18:05:16
"My appointment was at 12 and I was headed home at 12:35. The care you have always given my pets is excellent. The price for the visit along with the meds are very reasonable. "
- Eddie Navarro
12/16/2019 17:53:23
"Everyone is friendly towards pets and owners alike. The whole staff seems very knowledgeable. The nicest part though is that I’ve never been pushed to do a procedure or use medication that wasn’t necessary. The dollar is not their first priority, your pet is!"
- Sandra Dequesada
12/16/2019 17:51:06
"I really love going to your office with any promlem may have with either my my two dogs "
- Yan Munoz
12/16/2019 17:32:39
"Everyone there is always Awesome and part of our family."
- James Finlay
12/16/2019 17:31:53
"I have never had a problem getting my pets in. They are very professional and caring people"
- Nieves Winters
12/12/2019 20:53:57
" Everyone is very friendly- "
- Maria Sosa
12/12/2019 18:26:38
"You are doing a great job "
- Magalys Rios
12/12/2019 17:13:19
"I am very pleased with my resent visit, as well as all prior visits. The staff is very professional and friendly."
- Ray Bettencourt
12/11/2019 21:04:11
"I love that Dr. Machado is caring and honest as always does his best for the animals. "
- Leah White
12/10/2019 23:17:02
"Dr. Machado and staff are here for you and your pet/fur baby they are always accommodating and help with preventative medical care, Dr. Machado is very caring for your fur baby's needs "
- Warren Zorzi
12/10/2019 22:31:16
"All great very happy with service"
- Dawn Marie Shelburne
12/10/2019 20:33:55
"I have been going there for 25 years and love the Doctors and staff!!"
- Elsie Keenan
12/10/2019 18:08:22
"The whole staff has always been very good to me and Dr Machado is the best! You can tell when a person does their job because they love it compared to it’s just for money! Dr Machado really loves animals and cares for their well being! I think of his office like the Noah’s Ark! "
- Donna Remesar
12/10/2019 13:40:24
"Your service are excellent"
- Eneida Vale
12/09/2019 15:31:23
"Staff are caring and amazing!!"
- Vincent Martin
12/09/2019 15:07:31
"From the front staff to the back staff you guys are amazing !!!! Dr Rodriguez was excellent "
- Teresa Munguia
12/08/2019 23:26:48
"I had a great experience. The staff was attentive and explained everything. The visit was quick and not too expensive. "
- Jennifer Brown
12/07/2019 20:43:32
"All I have is positive remarks! Both Max and I feel that every time we need to visit, whether it’s a well check up or an health issue, we get the best care ever. "
- Martha Ferrer
10/10/2019 22:02:29
"You can't get it any better. Dr. Machado and staff really care about our babies. I wouldn't trade you for a million bucks!!"
- Alice Rudd
10/10/2019 21:10:13
"So far our experience with Aussie Animal Clinic has been satisfactory and met our expectations."
- Amber Morse
10/10/2019 20:01:45
"Reasonable wait considering I didn’t have an appointment... as always dr. Machado and staff as nice and courteous as always and although I don’t live close to the clinic I always decide to go to them..."
- Maria Dalmau
10/10/2019 12:17:32
"You guys are the best ALWAYS "
- Odalys Hayes
10/10/2019 00:46:15
"We love the care Nellie and Sprite get from Dr. Machado. Could not ask for any better! Also, Nelson is terrific too!"
- Sally Russell
10/10/2019 00:11:34
"The staff and doctors are all awesome. "
- Laura Dunlap
10/09/2019 23:37:31
"I love Aussie. They help me with any issues my 5 rescue pups might have. They are friendly and professional."
- Stacy Wilkerson
10/09/2019 23:36:24
"There is excellent service and the staff is very friendly!"
- Ingrid Rodriguez
10/09/2019 20:48:40
"You guys are doing a excellent job. Love the whole staff"
- Earl Spratling
10/09/2019 19:47:29
"All visits here are excellent experiences. Keep doing what you're doing."
- Jason Lopez
10/09/2019 19:35:46
"I think everyone has been professional, knowledgeable and very caring not just with Mitzi but with my other cats,too"
- Lori Dale
10/09/2019 19:35:26
"Very good service, everyone is very nice. "
- Brian Fernandez
10/09/2019 19:30:20
"First experience with Aussie and everything was perfect!"
- Hermelo Miranda
10/09/2019 19:29:51
"the doctors are amazing, office staff super nice."
- Analucia Reyes
10/09/2019 19:22:38
"The staff are most helpful...really they are!!!!!!"
- Vincent Martin
10/09/2019 19:22:32
"Dr. Machado is so patient and caring both with the pets and their parents :) Everyone is super helpful and the staff shows a lot of love to my pets which is the most important thing for me. "
- Andreina Espana
10/09/2019 19:22:03
"Wonderful as always! The experience is always pleasant."
- Robert Artiles
10/09/2019 19:18:34
"I have been taking Cooper to your clinic since day 1, well he was 3 months, but day 1 with me! The doctors are ALL exceptional in their treatment of the animals and their humans, always displaying understanding and compassion. The staff is helpful and professional."
- Mercedes Rodriguez
10/09/2019 19:16:59
"The best pets clinic at Miami South Florida"
- Keila Melo
10/09/2019 19:11:32
"Everything went very well staff helped my wife out with any and all questions! Very professional and genuinely cared about our pet "
- David Atkinson
10/09/2019 19:11:00