"I've been going to the clinic for 20 years with numerous pets and have always had a great experience. Dr. Golbeck and his staff are caring, compassionate, knowledgable, and professional! They feel like family now and I am very comfortable with their care and do not hesitate to recommend the clinic! Thank you!!!"
- Karen Nordmann
12/09/2018 01:48:43
"The doctor and staff are very friendly and welcoming. They went out of their way to help my girl"
- Tammy Legault
12/01/2018 23:18:34
"Very personable staff. Loved the follow up phone call!"
- Simone Gratton
12/01/2018 18:13:03
"Very caring..."
- Lenna Lerner
11/30/2018 17:56:48
"Friendly and caring staff"
- Chris Flodberg
11/29/2018 03:38:13
"Staff are willing to work with the pet owners to find solutions."
- Jason Frankish
11/28/2018 16:31:18
"No matter what my dog has been to this vet clinic for in the past, she is ALWAYS excited to go back. The staff are all just so sweet to her - she laps up love (and cookies) - making her clearly incapable of associating any unpleasantness with a trip to the vet. "
- Kyrielea Beggs
11/27/2018 02:47:51
"The staff were friendly, well mannered and if they couldn't give you an answer they would ask someone else there. Our two were treated very well by the staff."
- Terry + Gerald York
11/25/2018 22:05:00
"Staff are caring and knowledgeable. "
- Vici Kortbeek
11/21/2018 04:44:47
"I feel very comfortable at the clinic. Everyone is awesome."
- Kate Poehlmann
11/21/2018 03:59:04
"The staff!"
- Jacqueline Rade
11/21/2018 02:56:47
"Staff incredible! New female vet is a great addition. My dog is well taken care of by your clinic. "
- Brent Hooey
11/02/2018 02:44:26
"Caring knowledgeable people...willing to do what it takes for our pet. Detail explainations,"
- John & Suzanne Murison
10/29/2018 03:12:13
"Efficent and very attentive to the needs of my dog."
- Sarah Wilson
10/27/2018 03:33:16
"The care and attention from every team member is above and beyond. We are very grateful to have such excellent care for our Fur baby. Thank you!"
- Cheryl Mix
10/25/2018 16:53:28
"Staff always answer the phone and we never get put on hold. The follow up calls are much appreciated."
- Pat Macdonald
10/18/2018 23:15:25
"The care and handling that took place with my difficult cat was top notch. I felt very confident with the two pros who took care of Salish and her temper. 10/10!"
- Matt Youens
10/18/2018 22:46:48
"Personable staff, informative and engaging."
- Barbara Jones
10/17/2018 04:32:48
"I enjoy going there 4 times a yr, it's always quick, easy, friendly and even my Kitty Lacy doesn't mind going there; she's always such a good girl and loves the cuddles she gets there. "
- Therese Murray
10/14/2018 16:12:47
"Everyone is very friendly and professional. Peanut was well treated which I totally appreciated and thankful for."
- Karen Vitarelli
10/13/2018 14:01:39
"Attention to details within Clinc and in the care of my dog Oscar."
- Mike & Heather Mortimer
10/12/2018 21:36:54
"Everyone there was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They took their time with both Ranger and me and they seemed to really like their jobs!"
- Shannon MacLeod
10/12/2018 13:05:10
"Not just in it for the money - felt like the Vets really cared about our cat and her needs vs just how how much money they could get out of us. "
- Corey Bird
10/02/2018 17:22:40
"Years of experience in senior vet; good recommendations by word of mouth; lab and diagnosis equipment on site. "
- Sherry Wilson McEwen
09/29/2018 16:26:41
"Dr. Golbeck and all the staff are great with the animals. My dog loves his visits because of all the attention he gets, and Dr. Golbeck gives him lots of cuddles during the exam. I’ve always had all my questions answered and fully trust the expertise."
- Caroline Lyle
09/23/2018 19:19:55
"Everyone is so interactive and beyond nice. Helping to make my pet feel comfortable with attention and pets. "
- Alexandra Watt
09/21/2018 21:53:38
"The vets are very personable and work with you to help your pet live a happy and healthy life. "
- Zachary Daignault
09/13/2018 16:05:30
"I love the kindness that my dog's receive at Westmount Animal Clinic. They are the best!"
- Lisa Kingsley
09/12/2018 14:53:10
"I just moved to Calgary two weeks ago and was very concerned when my little dog became sick. The staff at Westmouny could NOT have been more welcoming and friendly. It was a pleasant surprise!"
- Marion Smale
09/11/2018 22:38:42
"Amazing amazing staff!! Had such a great first experience and would recommend this clinic to anyone."
- Josee LeBlanc
09/09/2018 16:31:52
"We go to this clinic because it is convenient. It has a neighbourhood feel."
- Sara Davies
09/08/2018 14:46:40
"We have always been impress with Dr Goldbeck's practicality and understanding."
- Bonnie Sorge
09/07/2018 14:35:04
"Very caring attentive team. "
- Belinda Lamb
09/07/2018 13:54:05
"All employees were very kind and eager to meet Cooper! Brought his nerves down considerably when both the Vet and assistants were as such"
- Macrae Riedlinger
09/07/2018 13:29:55
"The clinic is close and we are able to walk here. We enjoy the tech’s nurses and vet(s) very much. They always make our pet feel special. "
- Sage Kuderewko
09/07/2018 02:44:52
"Great location, warm and kind service, constant follow-up and reminders."
- Hector Flores
09/06/2018 23:34:22
"The amazing staff and Dr Bill "
- Walter Johnson
08/18/2018 15:42:43
"It's quite spacious, lots of facilities on view, lots of waiting room. Receptionist very friendly and able. Many people who seemed to know what they are doing."
- Kenneth A Patton
08/18/2018 06:42:45
"Patient and understanding, especially with new pet parents. "
- Natalie Vargas
08/17/2018 21:22:00
"Check In the day after appointment "
- Brandie Magee
08/17/2018 19:01:53
"The staff is amazing!"
- Jacqueline Rade
08/15/2018 05:03:33
"I cannot compare Lucy's experience to any other clinic. I can only go with my impressions and the level of comfort Lucy has at Westmount Animal Clinic and its staff, which is clearly she is VERY COMFORTABLE. The exams and procedures have been thorough, professional and comforting. I appreciate that titre tests were completed so I know that Lucy is protected, without unnecessary additional vaccines in her body."
- Fonda Browning
08/03/2018 23:31:42
"The staff remember the people and the pets and treat them with the welcome you'd give a friend."
- Bev Jaremko
07/25/2018 21:17:59
"We found Dr. Golbeck to be really good to deal with and found he explained everything without rushing the appointment. The staff were all very friendly and helpful and you could tell they really cared about Phoebe's care. If the clinic moved to Victoria we would definitely change vet's!"
- Teresa Hamilton
07/25/2018 21:03:23
"All the staff is very kind , knowledgeable & you can tell the love what they do"
- Julie Siegle
07/25/2018 18:42:38
"I like Dr. Golbeck, he is a very sensible man. "
- Judith Alexander
07/18/2018 16:40:40
"Your clinic doesn't have an 'institutionalized' feeling...staff all seem genuinely happy to be at work and to meet the pets."
- Loralee Fox
07/15/2018 19:43:59
"Each person took a lot of time with me and Jazz dealing with a very minor emergency. They put us both at ease - although referred to Jazz as a drama queen! I totally appreciated the care and attention we both received."
- Jill Benson
07/13/2018 21:33:13
"Staff knowledgeable and friendly "
- Zena Zalasky
07/13/2018 18:02:03
"We've been coming to Dr. Golbeck for over 30 years - he is a down-to-earth vet who clearly loves animals, knows his stuff inside and out, and conveys all the information that you need to make decisions. He takes his time with you and your pet, and you never feel rushed. Also, all of his staff is truly amazing."
- Judy & George Giachino
07/03/2018 23:38:23
"Good location; great staff"
- Dustin Miller
07/03/2018 16:12:10
"A good vet clinic and my dog was well looked after by everyone."
- Greg Martin
07/02/2018 23:35:37
"Very warm and friendly staff who were genuinely interested in addressing our situation. "
- Norah Cowie
06/28/2018 22:47:49
"All the staff is very friendly and knowledgable. We've been coming to the clinic for over twenty years, and Dr. Golbeck is always very helpful, supportive, and attentive with his pet patients."
- Moorea Gray
06/28/2018 20:17:04
"The special attention the staff and doctors pay to you and your pets needs. The check up calls are also amazing as they care about the updated status of your pet. The price is fair and everyone is very nice."
- Rachael Kiglics
06/28/2018 20:12:20
"I really appreciate how kind the staff are and their genuine caring nature. It's clear that everyone in the office loves animals and wants to make their lives the best they can be. I also appreciate Dr. Golbeck's pragmatic nature when it comes to choosing next steps. His knowledge and advice are invaluable."
- Seija Kromm
06/28/2018 18:20:06
"I like the unique feel of it, very welcoming. "
- Jen Fullerton
06/24/2018 12:05:10
"First time at a vet but it was a very easy experience, people were friendly. :)"
- Erin Fahey
06/21/2018 16:48:17
"I brought my kitten in for his first visit and I knew the second met the team that I made the right choice! All staff were extremely welcoming. I had many questions as a first time cat owner and when I left felt very comfortable having all questions answered and knowing I’m in good hands if anything was to come up! Thank you so much! "
- Carlie Montpetit
06/21/2018 15:11:18
"Wonderful staff and care"
- Sherry Trentini
06/14/2018 14:47:31
"Easy parking. Friendly staff."
- Ann Dyer
06/13/2018 21:27:11
"Friendly staff, always willing to help."
- Natasha Levesque
06/05/2018 02:06:56
"very friendly , knowledgeable and I can see that your clinic really cares about animals I can completely trust the clinic with Chico thank you "
- Rose Graham
06/04/2018 18:13:47
"Extremely friendly staff "
- Lauren Macquarrie
06/03/2018 13:46:15
"All though we find it quite expensive, the facility, the staff and the doctor all seem to be more then superb."
- Dalene Whitehead
05/30/2018 04:09:18
"Professional and friendly. "
- Ian Nesbit
05/29/2018 03:09:58
"Very quick results from blood tests "
- Angela Pilkington-Jones
05/28/2018 17:20:38
"Super personable staff, always ready to answer questions, quick service, gentle and loving with the animals. "
- Emily Varga
05/25/2018 15:07:22
"Professional, friendly and efficient"
- Lora Schmidt
05/18/2018 14:35:25
"I'm a big fan of the clinic. Dr Golbeck has already provided the most intelligent and accurate care. All staff are wonderful. Only down side, is we moved to the SW part of the city and it's a drive. "
- Erin Aycock
05/18/2018 12:16:48
"Great location and friendly staff"
- Catherine Bebb
05/16/2018 02:17:02
"The clinic has always been there for us."
- Bonnie Sorge
05/15/2018 22:39:35
"Friendly welcoming atmosphere Everyone cares Very professional "
- Julie Billo
05/14/2018 03:09:49
"We've been long time patients and the sataff isvery friendly and sweet with our boys."
- Pamela Walker
05/13/2018 20:32:41
"Small community feel"
- Justine Carlin
05/13/2018 16:41:28
"Personalized service and a stress free environment for my dog. He's always super excited when we visit your clinic. "
- Heather Macdonald
05/12/2018 17:04:49
"Small, family-run business. Very friendly and helpful staff "
- Khiha Macfarlane
05/11/2018 14:27:35
"Knowledgeable, caring staff."
- Helen Webster
05/11/2018 14:19:43
"Nice and understanding staff. Super helpful with insurance papers. Professional doctor with balance between facts and feeling."
- Marcus & Jodi Egeborn
05/11/2018 02:40:28
"Everybody knows us and comes out to greet us, everyone is incredibly friendly and patient with Ziggy even when he's not listening. It's one of his favourite places to go, which says a lot after all that he's experienced there. Thank you for everything you do, it's an amazing clinic"
- Kelly Wright
05/10/2018 02:10:37
"This clinic makes you feel.like family. And understand your pet is family❤"
- Tracy Ann Wolfe
05/06/2018 18:09:41
"The tech staff were wonderful. Very caring and patient. Thank you :)"
- Maya + George Parker
05/05/2018 15:39:54
"Efficient and thorough. I had two labradors in for their annual reviews and they responded well to the examination. Pleased that blood analysis is being done before doing immunization in case they already have immunity. I buy their food from here and always polite and responsive. I like that open early on Saturdays. Sarah Wilson "
- Sarah Wilson
04/30/2018 15:16:07
"In the two years we've had our cat, we've dealt with nothing but warmth and professionalism from all staff at Westmount Animal Clinic. We've always felt confident that our girl is in good hands with Dr. Golbeck. "
- Janine Chan
04/30/2018 15:02:03
"The receptionist was friendly, interested and caring. So were the other members of the staff. Even the person who left a voice message the next day came across as caring on concerned. Very appreciated."
- Sara Davies
04/30/2018 14:27:05
"The care and patience all the staff give my pup is beautiful. They go out of their way to make the visit as stress free as possible."
- Suzanne McCarthy
04/27/2018 22:45:35
"Both my pet and myself feel comfortable and confident in the care received and information provided. The staff are always friendly and welcoming."
- Pat Fogg
04/26/2018 17:31:33
"Everybody was so kind and friendly. They truly cared about me and my cat. "
- Rebecca Fontaine
04/26/2018 15:49:16
"All staff were exceptionally caring and professional with the service provided. "
- Matt Hudson
04/26/2018 02:56:58
"Everyone is so helpful ,friendly and knowledgeable. My dog loves going there."
- Madeline Hardy
04/24/2018 08:30:45
"It’s very intimate and comfortable. Everyone is very pleasant."
- Meaghan Boyd
04/21/2018 04:33:36
"Staff treat my dogs well, and have treated me well over the years. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of staff/clinic. For example, several years ago I had to put one of dogs down - I received a wonderful, touching and thoughtful card signed by all at the clinic. I still have it."
- Christine Davidson
04/19/2018 17:52:49
"Knowledgeable, caring and honest.Staff enjoy what they do. Follow through is excellent"
- Flora Altieri
04/19/2018 00:26:19
"Amazing staff! Everyone is like family here. So well informed with the latest medical information and always so willing to share that knowledge. "
- Amy & Ryan Pushor
04/18/2018 19:18:13
"I liked the staff and it was a positive environment - to be honest it was the first visit and as you know relationships take time to build and look forward to more positive experiences. "
- Andy Macrae
04/17/2018 19:42:18
"Very knowledgeable and friendly"
- Janet & Danny Brown
04/17/2018 19:29:47
"We never wait, always right into a room and within minutes Queen Lacy is being Doctored, and that's just for Her twice yearly check-up. I love the reminders for check-ups, 1/2 price Wednesdays for mani/pedi's and everybody there loves The Queen as much as I do. The only emergency we had was in my mind only and it was treated as an over-protective Mom and visit to say "Hey, how's it goin?" Everything is special but I've only been to one Vet and that's yous guys."
- Therese Murray
04/15/2018 15:31:50
"Everyone who works there is extremely friendly and helpful. Super knowledgeable people who genuinely care about the well being of the animals."
- Nikki Sheppy
04/15/2018 04:45:33
"My dog is treated with all the love and importance by the staff as you give to her yourself. Maggie loves to go there whether its a joyful visit for treats or its a "get better" visit when she is sick. There is no hesitation to make room for her in an emergency case."
- Dixie Duce
04/13/2018 16:28:33
"Small but well served"
- Brandon Lo
04/11/2018 21:18:32