"The best place to bring my vets. They are the most warm and welcoming vets I’ve ever been to. They remember every person and every pet and treat your pets like family. They love my fur babies like I do, I would never go anywhere else."
- Katie Godon
01/11/2019 13:40:11
"I really appreciate the fact that when I am at a veterinarian appointment that I don't feel rushed. My questions are always answered thoroughly and follow-up is initiated to ensure that our pet is comfortable and healing according to schedule. Thanks for the dynamic team - from receptionist, to assistants to vets. "
- Christopher Alkenbrack
11/29/2018 01:19:25
"Our pets have always been treated kindly at the Hospital. I wouldn't think of taking them to any other place."
- Doug Hill
11/28/2018 13:28:32
"I appreciate the friendly staff and how they have helped us find suitable options for our beloved pet. They are a wonderful group of people at the Annapolis Animal Hospital."
- Mary Schofield
11/26/2018 22:55:38
"Everybody is very friendly and make me feel they are doing what is best for my fur baby! Also great they try to make it financially affordable with suggestions and really appreciate that!"
- Jessica Enslow
11/02/2018 17:36:30
"As usual, the service provided by Annapolis Animal Hospital was great during out last visit. Dr. Rachel Robinson was so informative and helpful with all the questions I had in regards to my pup. She was so friendly and caring as well! I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone with an animal."
- Kaeligh Hancock
10/25/2018 14:55:59
"Great visit. No waiting and a friendly atmosphere. Very professional and thorough. My dog was given his shots, and was unaware of the fact. "
- Terry Butler
09/26/2018 13:10:53
"All the staff at the clinic are friendly and helpful. They really treat my cat with kindness and are very gentle with him. The vet lets you know your options and doesn't try to push you into something you don't want."
- Susan Langthorne
09/25/2018 20:15:16
"The quality of service, professional care and clean vet clinic are why I trust care of my precious little dog to the Annapolis Animal Hospital. Fees for services rendered are reasonable and they are the staff and physicians are always very thorough. Thank you."
- Janet Hopkins
08/23/2018 17:35:05
"The staff and Dr Power were extremely helpful and easy to talk to. They answered all my queries. A friendly and efficient organization."
- Judith Poole
08/23/2018 00:17:55
"We have used this location in the past and has had excellent care for dogs,now that we have a new puppy we could not see going any other place.thanks for being there when we need you.Great job every one."
- Walter Margeson
08/10/2018 00:22:07
"Always a welcoming environment. Staff make u feel at home and treats our fur babies like their own. We have been coming to this place for years and would never think to go anywhere else. :). "
- Grace Hamilton
07/24/2018 10:20:59
"Great customer service both by phone and in person. Staff was efficient and knowledgeable about services and products offered. Other veterinarian facilities were not able to make a diagnosis to heal our pup. This facility did effectively. She is a healthy two year old now. I would not trust anyone else with our pet children. "
- Debbie Mailman
07/23/2018 19:58:03
"All staff were respectful to us as well as our cat. This is an especially good clinic for owners and pets who are nervous about veterinary care or have special need for gentle compassionate care. Also very competent with cats. 5/5"
- Connie Murphy
07/20/2018 18:13:21
"Well, I have been in with various pets throughout the last few weeks, each for a variety of reasons and every time my pets and I are treated with graciousness and respect. The staff: front desk, clinic techs, to veterinarians are knowledgeable, compassionate and personable. I have always been well treated and appreciate their service to pet owners."
- Ann Leith
07/14/2018 22:06:43
"We love this place! Today we met the lovely new vet and she's as wonderful as the others who have provided excellent care for my Max for the past year and a half and now our new bulldog pup Gimli! Excellent care and all the staff are warm and friendly. "
- Shannon Helm
06/16/2018 01:37:23
"I called to get flea and tick medication. Staff was very helpful in giving me the information I needed so that I could chose the right product for Stryker. He is a rescue and we have only had him for a year now and he has a few skin issues. Choosing the right product was important and your staff is always so well informed and helpful. Thank you always!!"
- Rhonda Redden
05/08/2018 11:36:09
"Dr Brown provides all the options and then recommends treatments based upon what is best for my horse. All the staff are friendly and professional and care about you and your pets. Highly recommend them !"
- Wanda Lake
04/26/2018 11:40:06
"Staff are friendly and helpful. Feel like our pets are most important in the minds of Doctors, Technicians and support staff. "
- Candace Bird
04/18/2018 21:35:37
"Very friendly staff and you can tell they care for peoples pets."
- Gary DeEll
04/17/2018 19:23:42
"I cannot say enough good things about the Annapolis Animal Hospital! Although we live quite a piece away, it is totally worth the drive to give our animals the quality of care they receive there. The staff are exceptionally pleasant, compassionate and conscientious. Our animals receive a thorough check-up each and every time they visit. Absolutely outstanding facility!"
- Heather Simpson
04/17/2018 16:24:51
"Wonderful staff, who are all GREAT at their individual positions. VERY up-to-date on animal care. Have been going to this clinic for nearly 25 years, for all our varied animals... large and small. Have often recommended these caring people to friends and family."
- Marie Graham
04/12/2018 23:33:44
"Most vet offices I’ve been to the staff have not been friendly but your staff was amazing. Pablo and I felt very welcomed"
- Candy O'Brien
03/29/2018 09:29:38
"Always a great experience.vey compassionate and friendly staff would definitely recommend to everyone "
- Troy Atwell
03/08/2018 11:07:17
"Friendly staff! Polite and professional. Very nice facilities with a clean and quiet atmosphere. Prompt service. Malo enjoys his visits!"
- Grenville Jones
03/02/2018 23:03:41
"The staff & atmosphere at Anapolis Animal hospital were great! It was my first time bringing my pup in and I was very satisfied with the service and friendliness they provided. I will definitely be coming back in for all my animals needs 😊"
- Kaeligh Hancock
02/24/2018 13:38:37
"We were recognized when we arrived. Keji’s appointment started prior to the scheduled time as we were early. Dr. Power was fully briefed by the technician when she met with us. Dr. Power was thorough, provided us options, and answered all our questions to our satisfaction. And, if course, ALL the staff were attentive and friendly to Keji, which she enjoyed immensely!"
- Claire Gardam
02/15/2018 20:33:16
"Prompt, friendly, professional service"
- Darlene Dill
02/12/2018 20:11:20
"The staff is always pleasant and helpful."
- Wendy Harris
02/04/2018 16:56:31
"Kai's first visit went very well. The staff and the doctor were friendly and attentive. We look forward to our next."
- Helen Allan
01/30/2018 13:33:24
"I feel there is deep care for our animals. I feel they are fair when suggesting things for your animals. They know what they are talking about. They are a kind a caring staff. "
- Jennifer Collishaw
01/29/2018 20:29:08
"Great service from very compassionate knowledgeable professionals every time we visit. I highly recommend the Annapolis Animal Hospital."
- Lisa Price
11/03/2017 11:14:48
"I was very satisfied as soon as I walked in I was greeted and didn't have to wait very long to be seen, I found they did a great job with my cat also :) and I would recommend this vet to anyone "
- Marie Brewster
10/25/2017 11:49:35
"I am always confident when we go for our annual check up that my dogs are thoroughly examined and anything I need to know about current animal health and safety is brought to our attention. We respect our vets expertize and are always given options for treatments should our dogs need it. We also appreciate the respect our vet shows us."
- David Ells
08/18/2017 09:52:07
"I have a highly excitable rescue dog who requires very calming handling for examinations and procedures. The staff at AAH were excellent with him."
- Heather Brown
08/12/2017 20:52:40
"I was waited on quickly and efficiently by very friendly staff. Enjoyable experience! "
- Mike Rogers
08/10/2017 00:24:39
"AAH provides excellent service. They are always there to help us when we run into a health issue with our horses, and they are willing to share their ideas and knowledge with us to facilitate the best care for our animals. I know that both Mike and Angela take pride in their work and truly care about the welfare of our horses. Thank you AAH."
- Lisa Mitchell
08/05/2017 16:04:05
"We received an immediate appointment for a problem. our dog was not being friendly to another dog so the staff put us in a room right away. The vet was thorough as usual and very informative. The staff endured I knew what I had to do with medication, etc. A truly satisfactory experience. "
- Judith Poole
08/05/2017 00:16:06
"Dr. McGowen and Dr. Brown both came out for my appointment and I was extremely pleased with the Service they provided. I truely appreciated how they thoroughly explained everything to me and involved me in all aspects of the care."
- Ashley Potter
08/01/2017 19:58:34
"The staff is pleasant , polite and caring. They are sensitive to the attachment you have to your pet/ family member. Care Was quick to initiate and results from testing were received promptly. "
- Kathy Babcooke
08/01/2017 17:53:43
"Max the Mop Eater LOVES going to Annapolis Vets. He hates to have his nails clipped (most recent appointment) but they are quick and efficient and got it done. They also saved his life after he ate a mop (for real). We're very grateful to them and my Max is always stoopid-excited when we get there 😊"
- Shannon Helm
07/25/2017 18:01:39
"They are so helpful. They are so kind to my dogs"
- Roberta Matheson
07/21/2017 03:18:57
"You friendly and efficient staff make for a pleasant experience, every time"
- Anna Campbell
07/17/2017 09:52:03
"Adequate time was given to answer all of our questions and concerns. The veterinarian spoke clearly and explained in clear, easy-to-understand language. "
- Christopher Alkenbrack
06/16/2017 12:31:53
"We were able to book in with short notice and the vet was patient with my very nervous and excited Rango. Test results and meds within 45 min. Wish our health care for human was this good."
- Brian Boyachek
06/07/2017 18:51:14
"Usually when I arrive a technician is close by to greet me and take me & pets to the examination room; I rarely have to sit down and wait. Health and welfare of my pets is paramount and treatments etc are discussed thoroughly and a mutual decision is made when necessary. Vets listen to me and include me in any decisions made which is very important to me as they recognize that I have some knowledge of my breed, breeding of my dogs, etc. I usually learn something new at every appointment which I appreciate. "
- Belle Darris
06/04/2017 07:53:06
"Reception ladies always pleasant and helpful. Really appreciate the concern of all the staff with our pet needs. "
- Jamie Kitchen
06/02/2017 12:07:09
"When our puppy over ate you took such great care of him. Some vets may have taken advantage of us and kept him over night whether it was needed or not. Of course you did advise us that this may be a possibility, but in the end you were honest and didn't try to take advantage of us when we were so vulnerable and did what was necessary without gouging our wallet. We will be forever grateful to you and your staff for taking such great care of our puppy and us during our crisis."
- Brian Kelly
05/18/2017 09:47:05
"My dogs gets the best care possible. The doctors are so nice and take the time to listen to me. They deserve a lot of credit for all they do. Thanks"
- Roberta Matheson
05/09/2017 20:34:43
"Dr. Power was very thorough and listened to all my concerns about my cat. I never feel rushed or like any question is stupid. She has suggested many different options to try and help my beloved cat."
- Carolyn Mallory
05/04/2017 18:36:12
"I appreciate the professional attitude of the staff at Annapolis Animal Hospital, and that they balance professionalism with a genuine care for animals. In our family, animals are family too!"
- Cathy Reid
05/03/2017 10:26:53
"Very caring. Try their very best for your pet and are caring of their clients. Would highly recommend them for both large and small animals. "
- Barbie Lewis
04/26/2017 18:07:13
"I was greeted with smiles and hellos and looked after promptly and courteously. Great ladies in reception!"
- Mike Rogers
04/23/2017 17:36:19
"Annapolis Animal hospital has always demonstrated professionalism, care, and understanding when it comes to treating my pets. We feel like they are a part of our extended family and truly meet our necessary pets needs."
- David Ells
04/21/2017 14:42:50
"Annapolis Valley Animal Hospital - a warm and welcoming place to bring your pet. "
- Geoff Farrell
04/20/2017 19:07:28
"The person who answered my phone call answered all of my questions. She even made sure that the item I decided to buy was set aside for me."
- Elizabeth Peverill
04/20/2017 16:45:29
"I always find everyone so professional and friendly. They always make sure that medication that my dog has to have is available or they will get it as soon as they can. "
- Jane Abbott
04/20/2017 14:07:36
"The front desk ladies are so helpful and informative! We really enjoy our visits every time we are in! Thanks "
- Kenny Mansfield
03/28/2017 19:20:22
"Over the years and with a variety of pets, we have received the best care anyone could expect to get. When we have had to say good-bye to a much loved furry family member, not only was our pet handled with care and kindness...we were as well. When we have a health issue with a pet, I always leave feeling like I have been given all the info possible which gives me a better understanding of what we are dealing with. We are so happy with this clinic and will always trust our pets care to you with no worries about the quality of care they will receive. Thank you all so much!!"
- Charlotte Rafuse
02/11/2017 13:31:51
"A friendly and inviting clinic with knowledgeable staff"
- Sharon MacDonald
12/10/2016 16:49:20
"Everyone at the hospital is great. I feel Ridley gets excellent care. If I call in with a question, my call is always returned in a short amount of time. The new facility is wonderful. Cleanliness is important to me and the facility is immaculate!"
- Debbie Barclay
11/14/2016 14:32:41
"I was very pleased with everyone at your clinic . It is a very warm and comfortable inviroment , couldn't ask for any better treatment! Thanks so much ! Everyone is so down to earth, compassionate, ! "
- Lorelei Lafrance
11/11/2016 12:41:28
"This is the best vet clinic I have been to. I feel looked after and I feel that my pets are truly cared for."
- Carolyn Mallory
10/10/2016 14:32:19
"Have been a client for more than 25 years... I've always received the best possible care for both our dogs and my horse. Very compassionate and caring vets."
- Donna Browne
09/28/2016 16:15:25
"Dr Brown was prompt and very calm. Her knowledge and explanations of the situation and medical care was beyond my expectations! Thank you! "
- Ann Forsyth
09/25/2016 06:58:42
"Thank you for the care and medical that our dogs have recieved all through the years again thank you all."
- Mary Bentley
09/21/2016 17:41:56
"The Staff are excellent."
- Carolee Morine
09/20/2016 12:15:32
"The veterinarian was very helpful, patient and understanding. Filled us in on everything that was going to happen and gave us all the information needed as well as advise on what would be a good decision for my pet. I am very thankful for the kind service provided. "
- Caitlin Hudson
09/10/2016 14:53:06
"Love how clean everything is and is very open and nicely laid out for those who have inquisitive puppies. Always very friendly!"
- Caitlin Langille
08/19/2016 10:05:48
"Appreciate all the assistance you have given us over the years with all the various animals we have had in our home. Thank you."
- Beth Turner
08/09/2016 19:28:16
"I bring both my cat and my dog here and they have both received wonderful care. The facility is beautiful and impeccably maintained and the staff are all friendly and helpful. I have had nothing but great experiences here. "
- Rebecca Burrows
07/14/2016 14:17:14
"We appreciate the care and consideration given to all our animals under your care. Great people, great service - thank you!"
- Julie Glaser
07/11/2016 07:20:13
"Awesome staff. Thanks for taking such great care of our animals, past and current."
- Dan Bartie
07/08/2016 15:52:25
"Have always received very professional and courteous service."
- Gerry Vavasour
06/25/2016 02:06:39
"I wasn't satisfied with the customer service at my previous vet so switched to here. I was so impressed how they thought of everything. Leashes at the front door, in case you forgot yours and water bowls available on top of the water cooler. The vet had made suggstions regarding my dog that I wasn't made aware of from my previous vet. The time spent with me and my dog was amazing. All my questions and concerns were answered and we are both looking forward to returning for our annual check ups. I highly recommend this veterinary hospital. You're treated as family and not just a number."
- Brian Kelly
06/22/2016 08:38:46
"I have been a client for many years and truly trust that my dog gets the best care. Thanks to you all "
- Mary VanDet
02/23/2016 17:25:36
"I do not ever have an issue with the staff. Love Dana and all the staff. Very pleasant, love to laugh and they provide excellent customer service. When call and ask a Dana or her other collegues to call back they do in a timely fashion. Samantha was excellent with Stewie when he was came and bleeding from the bowel. Each of you take great care with him and that means a lot to me and him. Dana, please give your staff a pat on the back from Stewie."
- Pam Sansom
02/22/2016 16:41:41
"I was pleased with the friendly staff and will continue to use your services in the future"
- Tammy Pinch
02/19/2016 16:05:44
"We are eternally grateful for the dedicated care you continue to provide for our elderly dog. I also appreciate that I am able to work with you in collaboration as I have a medical background. You literally have saved Madde's life on at least three occasions, and thanks to you all, she is feeling better than she has felt for over a year. "
- Suzanne George
02/16/2016 16:26:26
"You guys are awesome. Thank you. "
- Neil Anderson
02/11/2016 11:14:29
"The staff have always been extremely helpful."
- Bob Whattam
02/03/2016 15:46:10
"I am always treated with respect and compassion . i know the service is for our furbabies but our treatment is important also . Thank you for EVERYTHING !"
- Evelean Hatt
01/23/2016 14:58:36
"We have always received excellent care from Dr. McGown and Angela ! The service is not only excellent, but prompt and very much appreciated by your clients. Wishing you a wonder 2016! mcGow"
- Sheila Harvey
01/09/2016 14:20:58
"Dana went far and beyond caring for Jaxon, she gave him a new lease on life by consulting with the ortho Dr. in the city. The staff care, its more then just a job you can sense it. Many thanks from Louise, Jaxon, Buzz (cat) and myself. You guys are great, keep up the good work."
- Barry Schaffner
01/08/2016 19:01:18
"I used to attend another vet clinic in Kentville. After I went to AAH to seek another opinion, it didn't take me long to choose them as my new clinic. I had 2 dogs (one passed away earlier in 2015), and they always receive excellent care. I feel my concerns are being addressed and I appreciate the get staff working here - those at the front desk, and those helping with my dogs. Thank you!"
- Darcie Singer
01/05/2016 11:43:11
"Everyone always gives great care to Stewie when he is there. The receptionist are all very happy and helpful. You have the team and I appreciate each and everyone of you. Merry Christmas from me and the little Brat (Stewie)"
- Pam Sansom
12/24/2015 13:47:15
"I value this clinic and it's staff so very much. All are in invaluable part of my life and the life of my pets. Of special importance is Dr. Dana Power. Her knowledge and compassion are unique."
- Jane Fitzrandolph
12/23/2015 15:48:34
"My pets and I have been a Patient/Client of the office for more than a decade and we have always been treated with respect, compassion, and given professional medical advice and treatment. I will continue to speak highly of the quality of care my pets and I receive. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak on your behalf. Anne Crowell"
- Anne Crowell
12/19/2015 11:55:51
"You guys are great. Very good at what you do. It's refreshing. Thanks "
- Neil Anderson
11/02/2015 17:35:43
"The staff at the Annapolis Hospital have always been extremely wonderful! All of our fur babies (both present and passed) have received excellent experienced loving care. They go out of their way to keep us informed of issues and are quick to offer any alternative procedures. We have NEVER had an unpleasant experience and recommend them to everyone. Great job!"
- Brian Hendershot
10/29/2015 05:52:22
"Your compassion is well beyond normal. We have appreciated your help and concern with each of our dogs passing. "
- John Foote
10/28/2015 15:39:14
"As usual , when we brought Cy to your facility he couldn't have been given any better care than he was . Nobody likes to have to take their pet to the hospital , but if we have to we know we can take him to Annapolis Animal Hospital and the care will be top-notch . A big thank you to Stephanie for the care Cy was given this week-end !"
- Bruce Smith
10/27/2015 12:15:21
"You have helped us many times over the years especially when we have had to make difficult decisions. We truly thank you for your compassion."
- John Foote
08/30/2015 10:38:25
"I just stopped in to get some information on flea and deworming products. Your receptionist was vey helpful and knowledgeable. I will be bringing my cat in very soon. "
- Carol Steeves
08/27/2015 17:13:51
"Great staff =great service and that goes out to the support staff. Never treat you like a stranger."
- Jane Robb
08/27/2015 14:14:01
"Thank you for all you have done for us. The care our pets have received has always been excellent. All the staff have always been very kind and compassionate. "
- Beth Turner
08/26/2015 18:10:59
"The vet technician and vet were very friendly and helpful. They make it a great experience for my dogs and I enjoy taking them to you. I'm very happy with the level of service we are always given. I would definitely recommend this vet to everyone. Thanks for the great service!"
- Elisha Harper
08/26/2015 16:22:30
"I have been going here for 20+ years I think and I'm completely happy every experience I've had here!"
- Michelle Beaton
08/25/2015 12:36:36
"One never feels that you are rushed when you have an appointment. Always very thorough in the exam. Always take time to answer your questions or concerns you might have."
- Bruce Smith
08/22/2015 14:00:20
"We keep bringing our pets to Annapolis because of the excellent treatment to us and our pets"
- Judith Poole
08/09/2015 10:04:41