" The reason I come to caring Hands is Dr Murphy it's that simple!"
- Connie Hill
04/21/2017 13:14:39
"The fact that the doctor and her assistant we're not afraid of my dog but could see that he was excited, happy, and gave him some space and reassurance that everything was okay. He even wanted to go back into the back room to see them when it was time to leave! Great service and my dog loved it. "
- Filipe Henrique
04/20/2017 11:38:05
"Always a great experience, even when my dog is running wild."
- Alina Burton
04/13/2017 12:29:57
"I am pleased with the service my puppy receives when she is there"
- Edsmibel Paredes
04/13/2017 12:25:39
"Extremely pleasant, gentle, helpful, understanding, and all things GOOD!"
- Jack Groholski
04/12/2017 13:18:29
"Love the personal touch. Sully Judy "
- Jan Judy
04/10/2017 16:05:51
"I love coming here! The staff is very friendly and professional and gentle with Benji. They take very good care of him and always take the time to really listen to any concerns I have."
- Melissa Francis
04/09/2017 12:33:15
"We had such a great experience! Could not have been better! "
- Amanda Padgett
04/09/2017 12:24:36
"Everything is great!"
- Bobbie Fischer
04/09/2017 11:46:16
"Dr. Boyd is the reason we keep coming back, she's the greatest!!!"
- Jeanette Kaid
04/05/2017 18:24:33
"The techs that gave our dog Chef the booster shot were very friendly and put our dog at ease (he's very friendly and a great judge of character... :) ) Thanks!"
- Karen Trumbull
04/01/2017 12:38:31
"Friendly service that I always come back to. "
- Abby Ennis
03/30/2017 21:31:48
"In addition to the care that our pet s receive when we bring them in, my wife and I are especially appreciative of the follow-up, one, two, three phone calls in the days after a visit, seeing how our cat(s) is doing. THAT is full care, and we thank you all for it!"
- Bennett Wethered
03/30/2017 12:02:57
"I appreciate the small things I've witnessed such as the staff taking note of other animals in the lobby and purposely going the opposite direction to reduce the amount of interaction with other animals. The staff at the front desk is helpful and pleasant. It's easy to check in and check out. I appreciate that the lobby is big enough that we're not all sitting on top of one another and the facility is incredibly clean considering animals are going in and out all day long."
- Dawn Champ
03/29/2017 12:27:57
"Will be bringing our other dog to you. We are so blessed to have found you all"
- Betty Hess
03/27/2017 22:31:50
"I had come in for about 6 weeks almost every night or every other night for bandage changes and check ups. Dr. Abraham was the primary vet and she was amazing through the entire process. Dr. Boyd and Dr. Thompson were also amazing. All but one of the vet techs that were helping were great. Kylie, Savannah and there was one other that I can't remember her name -- these three were amazing on every visit that I came in and they helped. They all were so caring and truly seemed to care about what was going on and how things were going. The only tech that I had less than a great experience with was Kimberly. The two times that she helped, she just didn't have the same caring and great attitude that the other techs did while helping me. I would strongly recommend Caring Hands to anyone that asked for a Vet reference! I really appreciate all the help provided through the surgery and recovery of Missy! "
- Courtney Hill
03/21/2017 11:45:50
"When you need to put your pet to sleep, the experience is very spiritual. They are so kind and treat you and your pet so gently. They give you the time you need to say good bye. They also give you options if you choose to cremate your pet. I wouldn't go anywhere's else."
- Christina Townes
03/15/2017 13:14:44
"The entire staff is always friendly. They explain things so you can understand them as to what's going on and what will be done. They are always good with my pets whether my own or one of my Rescue fosters."
- RESCUE American Maltese Associat
03/11/2017 07:14:56
"We love the doctors and staff at Caring Hands Bristow!"
- Holly Park-Messerschmidt
03/10/2017 23:39:24
"Just keep providing the excellent level of care you always provide. We love CHAH!"
- Ken Casey
03/10/2017 12:04:08
"Everyone was professional and obviously truly care about animals and their health."
- John Naylor
03/09/2017 12:08:01
"Best vets ever! I know my furry baby cats will always be in the best hands. Everyone is so kind and gentle. Always smiling and there to answer my questions and makes sure I'm aware of expenses so I'm not surprised. Best part is how I always get a call the day after to check on my cat(s). I have no desire to go anywhere else. Thank you to all staff for doing what you do and being the best that you are. I have no doubt that my furry children are always in the best hands! God bless you all!"
- Larissa Shiflett
03/08/2017 18:26:12
"Since 2007 the Caring Hands Animal Hospital in Bristow has been the veterinarian office for my family. The facility is well maintained and the staff very experienced to care for my pets. Whether it was former residents Dr. Tennant or Dr. Henderson, to current residents Dr. Abraham and Dr. Boyd, the staff is the primary reason for my patronage to this facility."
- Anthony Garcia
03/06/2017 18:27:50
"It took quite some time to find a vet that I liked. Caring hands staff is helpful and the Dr's are wonderful.. "
- Rosemarie Sheerin
03/06/2017 15:10:50
"Your staff continues to set the standard. "
- Rodney Smith
03/06/2017 09:18:55
"Everyone is so friendly!"
- Andrea Offner
03/04/2017 13:18:38
"I'm extremely satisfied with the care that my dogs get at Caring Hands. Everyone from the front desk staff to the techs to the doctors you can tell they all care about my dogs and you can also tell that everyone appears to love their job which makes a huge difference. I have absolutely no problem referring people to Caring Hands and know that they will not be disappointed. Thank you for the all that you do."
- Mark Somma
03/04/2017 10:23:41
"Best vet ever! Clean. No smell. Friendly. "
- Laura Colomb
03/04/2017 10:15:44
"What a great Doctor. Very friendly and caring ... hard to find in the vet field. Very nice staff. "
- Debby Lykins
03/04/2017 01:13:01
"Every single person does an amazing job; I have confidence in everyone in the staff to take great care of our furry family members. So much so we don't even have a preference to which vet we use!"
- Shannon Neal
03/03/2017 19:22:59
"Doctors Boyd and Abraham have been extremely supportive and informative during my ongoing sagas with my fur babies Ringo and Izzy. I cannot thank them or the rest of the staff at Caring Hands for taking such good care of us. "
- Nicole Scroggins
01/03/2017 14:45:57
"I love this clinic and have been very happy so far! "
- Britt Bell
11/28/2016 16:52:19
"Very personal service."
- Catherine Clemen
11/22/2016 05:15:35
"Truly makes the 'going to the vet' experience easy for both the patient and owner! One of a kind vet that treats our fur babies like their fur babies."
- Katie Weden
11/17/2016 17:50:47
"Caring hands hospital doctors and staff have been there wh never I had emergencies with my pets. I will always be thankful to you."
- Christina Townes
11/14/2016 17:09:03
"So glad I found you guys. I know that every time I bring my cats in that they will be well taken care of as if they were your own. Thank you to the whole staff for an outstanding job and for Caring!"
- Larissa Shiflett
11/10/2016 12:04:32
"I do feel that my beloved pets are in very capable and kind hands. We are very greatful!"
- William McAllister
11/10/2016 11:50:53
"All staff is exceptional. Never had a bad experience with this AH, and have recommended them to many friends."
- Ashley Woodman
11/10/2016 10:30:51
"The vets and staff were very compassionate during a difficult time They took my other dog back to collect a urine sample, while I said goodbye to my sweet Daisy "
- Madison Ross
11/08/2016 14:13:53
"Everyone very nice. Very concerned about Tiggers health. Was very pleased that they called and checked on him. Thank you're "
- Joan Fitzpatrick
11/07/2016 16:32:38
"After being at work all day the last thing I want to do is sit at the vet, but the wait time is never long. I'm always in and out without feeling like I'm being rushed. "
- Amanda Rasmussen
11/03/2016 06:22:11
"Since I first brought my long-haired dachshund in for what turned out to be a blocked intestine, I have used Caring Hands exclusively for both of my boys, Rudy & Fritz. Thank you."
- Kenneth Lauziere
10/26/2016 14:13:57
"I'm just extremely satisfied with your services"
- Shelby Holleman
10/25/2016 12:32:17
"I've got an 8 month old German Shepherd who still isn't happy with getting her nails trimmed... Not only were you able to accomplish this task, you made it look easy! "
- Kenner Fortner
10/22/2016 16:10:23
"Everyone at Caring Hands is so kind and professional. They always seem eager to see my pets even at the end of a long day. "
- Lila Lindholm
10/22/2016 13:34:49
"Dr. Murphy went out of her way to provide services for our sick dog and she showed genuine concern. She also provided excellent service, suggestions, and advice. Thank you very much!!!"
- John Heidenreich
10/20/2016 13:50:40
"I am extremely pleased with Bristow Caring Hands Animal Hospital"
- Roxanne McKelleget
10/12/2016 19:21:53
"Your staff are all very nice to work with. They explain the test very well. "
- Chrystal Ours
10/11/2016 08:58:22
"We have been going to Caring Hands Hospital for eight years. We trust all the staff and know they always provide the best service when ever we need you.... Thank You!"
- Frank Shaw
10/06/2016 08:54:37
" Great staff, service & location for us. Our dog, "Pickles" loves all of you & all you love & take great care of her too, thanks!"
- Marianne Herzog
10/04/2016 13:26:45
"Everyone has been great and very accommodating"
- Jennifer Spring
10/03/2016 15:59:44
"I love this hospital and Dr. Murphy! "
- Amanda Scholl
09/30/2016 10:12:02
"I have recommended you to friends - Trish Glassey brought Apostrophe (her cat) to you. She now has an adorable Corgi. If Dexter hasn't seen you, I am sure he will."
- Lynn Long
09/28/2016 17:31:44
"Keep up the great care!"
- Maureen Fitzpatrick
09/26/2016 17:33:20
"The staff never misses an opportunity to be amazing. :-) Everyone is just fabulous!!!"
- Lisa Baugh
09/24/2016 17:12:58
"I love that the doctor's assistant greeted Dawson by name! She must have looked at his picture to know who he was. That was really impressive. The doctor and assistant gave us a lot of their time and answered all of our questions and concerns. We made the move from Banfield to Caring Hands and I'm SO glad we did it!!"
- Peggy (Margaret) Landrum
09/22/2016 13:55:21
"Excellent staff and I love Dr Murphy❤️"
- Bridget Mossor
09/21/2016 16:15:17
"Dr. Murphy and Staff have been totally awesome. Dr. Murphy is by far one of the finest Veterinarians I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with. I worked with, trained, and supervised hundreds of police dogs and dog handlers in 23 years of military service who routinely utilized veterinarian services. In all of my experiences, Doctor Murphy is definitely at the top of the list. Her knowledge, devotion to her patients and professionalism are truly remarkable. The Dunn family, including Benny and Neo thank Dr. Murphy very much for her continuous, tireless efforts in keeping our extended family Happy, Healthy, and comfortable as they age into their senior years."
- Donald Dunn
09/20/2016 22:05:00
"Dr Murphy is outstanding. She really cares and is super smart. Best staff anywhere. We drive past 5 other vets to come here. "
- Katherine Rogers
09/20/2016 14:57:15
"Dr. Boyd is awesome! I would love to find a doctor that gives me the same compassionate care."
- Sandy Hammersley
09/18/2016 05:45:22
"As a first time customer, I was very impressed by the facility and the service. The doctor was very friendly, knowledgeable and had a great bedside manner with my little dog. Yes...she loves everyone, but had had an awful couple of weeks, so a doctor was not her favorite person...LOL. I was also very grateful for the realistic and economical approach to my dog's problems. I love her dearly, but we are on a fixed income and there is not a lot of wiggle room for expensive procedures unless they are a very last resort."
- Linda Moore
09/14/2016 22:00:38
"We are dr murphy's clients for a very long time I trust her with decisions taken I will not take my fig to Snyder other vet dr Murphy is great! excellent doctor and a fine person i will highly recommend caring hands to family and friends "
- Cecilia Garcia
09/13/2016 09:27:03
"Have referred several people who are new to the area to CHAH, love you guys! Staff is extremely friendly and willing to help even if you don't have a scheduled appointment/emergency which is what I had."
- Laura O'Neill
09/08/2016 16:44:34
"Great service as usual. My Goldens Love coming for there treats"
- Jeff Wallace
09/07/2016 12:38:27
"The staff is always friendly and helpful. The doctors always take their time and answer any questions or concerns."
- Peggy Van Tassel
09/04/2016 19:05:27
"Staff and Dr were excellent!!!"
- Camisha Champ
09/04/2016 10:39:42
"I am highly satisfied with the care that Izzy received. Everyone was wonderful and they all took excellent care of her. Thank you all so much"
- Rhonda Knisley
09/04/2016 06:40:12
"I have brought all my pets to caring hands for the last few years. They are excellent and very kind."
- Jamie Scrivener
09/03/2016 16:09:54
"I really appreciate the followup calls."
- Dorothy "Connie" Young
09/02/2016 21:31:24
"Wonderful, caring service. "
- Shannon Duckworth
08/31/2016 20:46:46
"You have a very caring staff and team of vets, which is why we are long-term customers."
- Mary Bates
08/31/2016 06:48:41
"We here at Promises Animal Rescue, receive the best care for our dogs that we highly recommend your practice to our adopters."
- Promises Animal Rescue
08/30/2016 21:38:24
"Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The cleanliness of the premise is outstanding as is the atmosphere from the moment you enter it makes you feel that your pet and you are in careing hands. Very professional and great vets🐶"
- Norma Thoma
08/27/2016 11:23:09
"We have a new puppy and have had to make several visits in just one week. We appreciate the extra attention to get this little guy checked out a few times and to resolve his issues! "
- Tony Nguyen
08/27/2016 07:32:38
"We love caring hands. "
- Sharon Farr
08/26/2016 09:23:49
"I have always referred everyone I know even my own customers to Bristow Caring Hands. Everyone here has been amazing with our baby & during my cancer treatments with all the headache that came along. Only because of the doctors & staff my baby Ray Ray is not in pain & she is actually happier & healthier looking!! Thank you to everyone there!! Also for always bringing us straight back to a room when we come to keep her anxiety down since she is afraid of small dogs & cats, that is a huge help!! "
- John Welch
08/25/2016 10:48:56
"Great experience on the day of the appointment and with the follow-up calls to check on our dog, Bailey, the day after she received three shots. We also received two separte calls from the doctor we saw to pass along test results. Much appreciated!"
- Debbie Mullinax
08/25/2016 09:49:21
"A staff that demonstrates true love of animals and knowledge of their health needs."
- Carol Kniceley
08/25/2016 09:37:48
"My cats, Ollie & Remy and myself love the staff at CHAH. The name of the business itself says it all. We do miss Dr. Tennent a lot but at the same time glad a friendly face, caring heart and steady hands in Miss Sue is still there. Kay Kent"
- Kay Kent
08/17/2016 15:22:44
"I am very happy with the service you provide. It is so apparent that everyone cares so much about each and every pet and owner. I have recommended your practice to several people. Thank you for taking such good care if Polly and Cali."
- Donna Chronister
08/17/2016 09:26:25
"We always feel special when we come to Caring Hands. Everyone knows Sasha and our family. I believe they genuinely care about us and our fur baby. It is very much appreciated! Thank you! Ruth Ann Palmer"
- Charles Palmer
08/17/2016 09:13:07
"Dr Abraham is the best! She always makes us feel comfortable and helps any issue our pups have. "
- Sarah Freeman
08/17/2016 09:12:32
"As always your staff has taken excellent care of our little Cooper. Thank you to the entire staff @ CHAH"
- Julie Niswonger
08/15/2016 16:13:37
"My dog has severe separation anxiety, so it was nice that I was able to go back with him when he had his anal glands expressed to help keep him calm. Most places I've been don't allow that."
- Marie Pham
08/15/2016 14:12:05
"Think you guys are great!!!"
- Deborah Nash
08/15/2016 09:42:21
"We love Dr. Welebir!!! And our kitties Leo and Scarlett do too! So grateful for all she has done for our fur babies. "
- Colleen Ball
08/12/2016 20:36:30
"Dr. Abraham is great! We asked for her this time because she is the one who recommended surgery for our Rottie and it only made sens to have her for the follow up. we were very pleased with her recommendation and the follow up went well. We were very pleased by her excitement to see that our guy was doing so well. We continue to come to Caring Hands even though there are several other vet offices closer to us in Manassas. We love how we are treated and the dogs love how they are treated. Continue to do great work!!!"
- Rodney Smith
08/09/2016 16:12:28
"We have always been pleased with the vets, techs and care our dogs have received. One of the things that brought us to you was the caring, kind way you put down a pet. I was with my daughter when she had to put down one of her basset hounds. It was so impressive. the kind and caring way Maggie was treated and the attention given to my daughter was wonderful. It is such a horrible time for both pet and parent that I found the way Maggie and Michelle were treated made me feel I could trust and depend on Caring hands. "
- Jeanne Ruffin
08/09/2016 10:10:57
"Dr. Welebir and her staff treat our kitties like family! A big thank you to her and the wonderful staff!! "
- Mary Moulthrop
08/08/2016 09:57:19
"I have never seen a more caring staff of doctors and assistants when we had to put our dog down. They have a beautiful room and they give you all the time you need to be with your pet. We didn't feel rushed and we knew we were with the right people and in the right place. Ourselves and our dog were very well taken care of. "
- Mary Anstice
08/07/2016 07:46:25
"Great staff! Great doctors! Great environment!"
- Theresa Powell
08/05/2016 09:50:30
"Always friendly and accommodating, the Dr called twice to check on our Pup who received emergent care at another facility as it was an after hours need. That's a caring Dr! "
- Michael Anderson
08/05/2016 03:02:07
"Dr. Boyd and the staff are amazing! The time that they spend with their patients shows how much they really do care and enjoy their job. I just took my dog in for her well check visit and shots, wonderful visit, no concerns and I was really surprised to receive a follow up phone call, not only that evening but the next day as well just to check to make sure everything was ok and to see if I had any questions. They are just wonderful! Thank you Caring Hands!!!"
- Sonya Howard
08/04/2016 11:27:36
"We have been bringing our boys to Caring Hands (Bristow) for years and have always felt that we have received excellent care."
- Phyllis Alston
08/04/2016 09:16:10
"Thank you Dr. Abraham and the staff for your friendly, caring, and excellent service. "
- Jason Choi
07/31/2016 20:02:20
"Excellent as always!"
- Marsha McClellan
07/31/2016 16:59:53
"Great staff, always take good care of our cats and understanding that they come in a bit grumpy from the car ride"
- Trish Biggio
07/31/2016 16:36:29
"Everyone, from desk personnel to techs to doctors, are so very nice and caring."
- Melanie Michalak
07/30/2016 18:28:31
"Dr Boyd and her vet tech were very personable and compassionate. When I go to Caring Hands I feel like they love my dogs as much as we do. "
- Kathy Stanley
07/30/2016 17:50:47
"I love Caring Hands. When we moved to the area finding a good vet was really a priority. I couldn't ask for better care for my big fur baby! "
- Amy Swan
07/29/2016 06:34:37