"My family made the switch to Caring Hands around 2 years ago when we were having issues with our current vet. This change was the best thing we have ever done for our pets. I love everyone there, from the ladies up front to the techs and doctors. I have yet to meet someone who was anything less than pleasant and truly caring toward my family and our pets. Even when I brought in a stray that was in really bad shape hoping to save him, the staff was gentle and kind and treated him with the same level of kindness and respect as any family pet we had had for 10+ years. I will never go anywhere else. "
- Amber Forry
05/19/2020 02:57:25
"Really appreciate and value you guys!!!!"
- Joan Morison
05/02/2020 17:31:39
"Everything was handled with such caring hands and so welcoming."
- Kim Fant
05/02/2020 17:08:57
"You guys are amazing at how you provide your services. Always taking the time to answer questions (in person or on-line). All the staff is outstanding..."
- Georgiana Rati
05/02/2020 16:39:15
"Caring Hands have been are doctors for many years. There care and compassion for our four legged family members have second to none. Right now even during these difficult times they have found ways to help out everyone. From the staff all the way up to the doctors the name, “Caring Hands” says it all. My only suggestion would be, Don’t Change Anything "
- Barbara Holler
05/02/2020 02:00:13
"We have been coming to Caring hands for several years now and we love Dr. Boyd and the others that have helped our pets through good times and bad. We definitely would recommend them."
- Jamie Scrivener
04/28/2020 18:44:36
"Don’t remember specific names but everyone I spoke to was very kind and caring towards my pet and my person questions/concerns. The wait time was less than I expected but the overall service was great. Will be bringing my pet in again for any needs (:"
- Catherine Moscoso
04/21/2020 21:21:59
"Everyone that I have ever interacted with at Caring Hands has been friendly yet professional. I appreciate all the care they have given to my dogs over the years."
- Joanie Brown
04/21/2020 20:20:24
"I really appreciate how caring hands is handling covid 19. Very safe. Very professional. Excellent service"
- Mattie Watson
04/18/2020 19:10:32
"Was referred to you and you all exceeded our expectations on our first visit with our new puppy. Thank you!"
- Kate Belasik
04/18/2020 14:26:56
"Thanks Dr Murphy, Dr. Dean and all of you at Caring Hands for everything you do. Throughout the years you have always been there for our dogs and we are so appreciative. "
- Lisa McDonnell
04/17/2020 20:24:53
"Thanks to the gal who made several trips to my van because my phone wasn't working. Your staff truly lives up to your name Caring Hands"
- Debbie Mulach
04/17/2020 18:04:45
"In these difficult times I appreciate and am very confident in the care my dog receives. Love Dr. J Zurkus and her staff."
- Constance Wilson
04/15/2020 20:38:17
"I think the staff at Caring Hands (Bristow) is AMAZING. They are kind, respectful, and gentle with pets. One thing that impressed me when I first went there was the follow-up call the next day to check up on my pet. That spoke volumes to me,"
- Darnell Patton
04/14/2020 18:42:29
"This is a rough time with the coronavirus, the staff at Caring hands have went out of their way to care for our pets and keep us all safe. Thank you "
- Suzanne Franco
04/13/2020 11:31:01
"Was very glad you could see my kitty within a couple hours of calling for an appointment. Even with the different procedures for the visit due to COVID-19 everything was thorough and quick."
- Waneta Mutch
04/12/2020 00:04:02
"Love this clinic!"
- Carol Keener
04/11/2020 23:31:46
"Most attentive and thoughtful vets I've ever worked with! I'm so glad we have Caring Hands to take care of our animals."
- Katie Pardon
04/11/2020 15:43:14
"Thank you for 15 years of excellent care for our pets!"
- Amy Acker
04/10/2020 21:29:23
"This vet clinic was great and very careful in following COVID-19 safety guidelines. The vet was understanding with my budget and I appreciated that. "
- Toni Schultz
04/10/2020 15:56:56
"This was my first time there and i will continue to take my German shepherd to your hospital"
- Lee Williams
04/09/2020 15:04:26
"Thank you for getting Bailey healthy!"
- Brian Burke
04/09/2020 12:54:07
"I absolutely love this place."
- Marie Voisey
03/31/2020 21:17:21
"My dog, Marley and I were visiting from PA and my boyfriend Marvin Carcamo recommended Caring Hands Animal Hospital. As a visiting patient/client I was very pleased with the service provided. Thank you!"
- Christy Leigh
03/30/2020 14:35:46
"Thank you for remaining available during this current difficult time."
- Mary Bates
03/29/2020 22:34:22
"Very pleased"
- Ronald Crigger
03/28/2020 23:57:13
"Thank you for taking such special precautions during these trying times. "
- Marsha McClellan
03/28/2020 13:57:13
"With the epidemic happening, I half expected to not be able to be seen! I appreciate the staff that is working so that our furry friends and companions are being looked after! You had gone above and beyond! I am impressed! "
- Carlos Flores-Garay
03/22/2020 21:11:47
"Always great care and attention. I think your new policy with this virus is great. Better than the doctor offices! I have been cancelling appointments there, don't want to sit in a waiting room with sick people."
- Lucinda Burch
03/20/2020 19:32:19
"Your staff makes every visit enjoyable. Top notch care and compassion "
- Tammy Ashley
03/20/2020 00:02:56
"Dr Dean is an amazing doctor. "
- Mercedes Nieves
03/16/2020 20:33:26
"Everyone was great in dealing with the boys"
- James Stanley
03/13/2020 13:18:20
"Best. Vet. EVER!! Everybody’s great. We will continue to use caring hands."
- Betty Premo
03/12/2020 23:06:08
"Thank you for taking wonderful care of our puppy baby! Friendly staff, VT and Dr. Dean DVM."
- Selena Laguna
03/09/2020 22:22:28
"The nurses and doctors took good care of my little girl!"
- Alaisha Alexander
03/05/2020 18:59:51
"Very impressed with the service I received. All my questions were answered and I felt that my cat, Mia, received excellent care. Shortest wait in the waiting room I’ve ever experienced. Thought I’d be paying more, so pleasantly surprised at the amount I paid. All around, a great experience on 3/1/20!!"
- Cindy Napper
03/03/2020 02:51:57
"It can be difficult to manage the growing needs of a senior dog but the staff at CHAH is so understanding and helpful. My family is very grateful and appreciative!"
- MaryAnn Rackowski
02/29/2020 19:49:20
"I think you are all awesome. "
- Jamie Scrivener
02/28/2020 18:28:56
"Dr.Grant Richards was wonderful! "
- Sharon Faulkner
02/24/2020 22:29:35
"I like taking my animals here, very friendly and great service."
- Emily Thomson
02/18/2020 17:44:38
"From the time that I entered Caring Hands everyone was so nice and greeted us! In my opinion this sets the tone for the rest of your visit, so I was very pleased. Dr. Dean and her assistant were very kind and gentle with my little Sasha which also made my heart very happy. Dr. Dean was very knowledgable and made me feel like we were the most important in the office. "
- Serita Epperson
02/18/2020 10:34:56
"Very impress with the staff and the service. Keep up the good work "
- Pamela Murphy
02/17/2020 20:48:02
"After spending years at Companion in Gainesville, you are a breath of fresh air. Lambert is very loved and very well taken care of. Thank you for being such great providers of excellence service!"
- Elizabeth Bush
02/11/2020 14:57:35
"The staff at CHAH is always so loving and give great care."
- Jessica Loayza
02/11/2020 13:30:37
"Follow up phone calls really go a long way. Thank you so much!"
- Anne Harrison
02/10/2020 22:25:09
"The staff and doctors are very friendly and patient. All of my questions are always answered! Everyone is amazing and I greatly appreciate all that you do!!"
- Alexandra Delaroderie
02/10/2020 22:22:52
"It is always great to see the smiling faces, care, concern and total dedication from Dr Murphy and James."
- K Marilyn Bicksler
02/05/2020 16:23:45
"Thanks for also being flexible and open appointments for quick visits. We appreciate your office."
- Kim DeChristopher
01/29/2020 13:08:02
"This is a wonderful facility, thank you for being here in Bristow!"
- Jan Hawkins
01/28/2020 20:26:12
"I remain thankful that the office is open seven days a week"
- Mary Jo Sheridan
01/28/2020 11:04:53
"Keep up everything you all are doing! We love Caring Hands and the staff! "
- Mathew Wright
01/26/2020 13:13:37
"We greatly appreciated you see our dog Brie on such very short notice. The compassion for Brie br the doctor and the technician was excellent"
- Keith Gessner
01/24/2020 19:17:52
"Very welcoming!! Thanks for taking such good care of our new family member, Harley."
- Kerri Ann Horn
01/23/2020 16:28:19
"Always impressed with the front desk people"
- Ronald Crigger
01/22/2020 20:01:28
"Always excellent service"
- Michelle Cook
01/18/2020 16:01:57
"Most all my visits to Caring Hands have been a positive experience. Whether it is the doctor, the vet tech or the receptionists, they always explain everything and are very cordial."
- Waneta Mutch
01/18/2020 00:52:41
"The whole team is wonderful!! :)"
- Nicolle Wilmot
01/17/2020 20:40:50
"the tech who helped with Dixie was extremely good with her. Gentle with her."
- Jeanne Ruffin
01/17/2020 19:43:11
"Always feel welcome! My pets are addressed by name and given attention like they are the staff members personal pets !"
- Lisa Fistner
01/16/2020 23:25:46
"Always excellent care always!"
- Kelly Atkinson
01/15/2020 20:37:05
"greatly appreciated call day after visit from staff regarding status of pet"
- Kevin Davison
01/03/2020 03:17:31
"We were visiting the area and our Maltipoo got injured. We were referred by a neighbor of our son. You fit us in, treated us as if we were clients. You called back to follow up. In was very impressed. If we lived in the area you would absolutely be our choice for a vet for our Sadie. The receptionist was great working to fit us in. The tech we had was very caring and Dr. Gemmi was through and gentle. Thank you, Sharon Piant "
- Sharon Piant
01/02/2020 22:59:28
"Always a pleasure working with your staff!"
- Diana Feldman
12/28/2019 13:09:42
"Thank you for taking good care of our baby!"
- Jeff Wilson
12/28/2019 00:40:40
"Very professional and yet personable. My Zeus can be testy so to speak but they make him feel at ease when we are there and that says a lot "
- Marie Mills
12/17/2019 16:23:52
"Dr. Zurkus provided continuing outstanding care for our older dog. She's very friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Our dog is in great hands! "
- Karen Trumbull
12/16/2019 21:35:29
"You have a great team!"
- David Morris
12/16/2019 18:10:28
"I've been coming here for years with my cat and have always appreciated how professional and caring everyone is. Now we have a dog here, too, and the service is the same!"
- Amanda McCulla
12/14/2019 14:35:39
"Great vet, always very thorough and answers all my questions and concerns."
- Dana Lin Sherwood
12/03/2019 21:41:59
"Just to reiterate my previous statement - I brought one of my 3 dogs to Caring Hands Bristow on a friend recommendation after an unpleasant visit to another local vet. My dog was seriously injured and Dr. Zurkus and her staff took amazing care of him. It has been a great experience so far - lovely folks working the front desk and I have been treated with nothing but kindness. The communication and knowledge are top notch. Thank you for taking such good care of my dog!"
- Kelly Harris
12/02/2019 17:53:51
"We always have a great experience at Caring Hands "
- Karen Ellis
12/01/2019 21:36:44
"Staff was very accommodating to our need of more medication to last until we received the refill that was in route. "
- Thomas Sheppard
12/01/2019 19:16:39
"You guys do a a great job of taking care of Seven - keep up the good work! "
- Tasha Karmo
11/23/2019 15:15:38
"All I can say is the visit was excellent and of course u have a new client thank u again"
- Don Simmons
11/23/2019 00:47:11
"Everytime we have to bring Molly in, everyone has been exceptional. "
- Marsha McClellan
11/22/2019 12:14:31
"Best vet care ever. Everyone there is simply amazing and kind."
- Adam Bigbee
11/20/2019 15:23:03
"Been coming to you for many years and my pets & I have been satisfied."
- Carrol Buzard
11/18/2019 23:35:00
"I love Caring Hands. We have been given excellent care."
- Cindy Shiflet
11/16/2019 02:29:01
"Dr. McDonald is a one of a kind vet. The care she provides her patients is more than I’ve ever had with any other. She cares for her patients like they are her very own"
- Nicole Seal
11/16/2019 00:34:36
"I love Caring Hands! The docs, techs, assistants, and front desk folks are all great & take great care of my fur babies!"
- Sue Leferson
11/13/2019 20:56:22
"Excellent care by the vet and associates."
- Patrick Peck
11/08/2019 13:31:24
"Front desk staff, doctors and Techs are always pleasant and professional!"
- Paula Macerollo
11/05/2019 22:26:44
"As always you have a wonderful way of doing the most simplest jester in making the appointment more soothing. Your welcome sign, techs. that are very sweet all the Drs. there are wonderful. I myself think it is so cool when they come into the room and sit on the floor with scooter. The staff up front taking care of everyone as we come in with our pets. .OUTSTANDING !"
- Camille Buck
11/05/2019 19:50:02
"This was our second visit with our rescued Newfoundland, Lottie, and we are well-pleased with how the staff and Dr. Richards treats us He answers all of our questions (and we always have a lot of them) and gives pertinent advice. We also truly appreciate the notification we receive as a follow-up to Lottie's fecal occult test, even if it's negative. That's excellent patient care."
- Sandra Lyle
11/03/2019 22:20:00
"We have been coming to Caring Hands for many years, and we appreciate all that you have done for our family."
- Toni Heitzmann
11/03/2019 18:37:13
"From the intial greeting to check out, everything , everytime is exceptional"
- Doug Green
11/02/2019 00:03:45
"I've only been in VA for 1 yr. I had 2 elderly dogs that have since past. One I had in several hospitals and both to several different vets for various reasons. I was very disappointed with the most if the care, mostly the follow up they received. Caring Hands is opposite to those practices. I truly appreciate the care and compassion my new dogs have received at your practice. Thank you."
- Maxine McCarthy
10/24/2019 14:52:16
"We walked in without an appointment an hour before closing time and we were able to be seen. We really appreciated the staff’s willingness to fit us in on short notice. "
- Laura Sirstins
10/21/2019 02:44:26
"I always feel the my dog receives the best care at Caring Hands."
- Lisa Langley
10/17/2019 18:40:03
"The receptionists, the doctors, and the techs are super friendly and nice. They do a great job taking care of our pets."
- Jeanne Hampel
10/11/2019 06:11:48
"Everyone always makes sure we understand our options and what is best for Katie our dog!"
- Jo Francescon
10/07/2019 17:15:57
"I truly love Caring Hands! Caring Hands has been our vet for over 17 years and I have sent multiple people to them as well. We are treated like family!!"
- Christian South
10/07/2019 16:05:46
"We pass many veterinarians on our way to Caring Hands and it is worth the drive. "
- Laura Lydic
10/06/2019 18:35:15
"We have been very happy with caring hands for years. We will continue taking our THEODORE there."
- Wanda Lopes
10/04/2019 17:10:49
"I was very confident that my pet would receive excellent care and she did."
- Jean McDaniel
10/03/2019 18:34:58
"All the desk staff were great and personable. The vet was really caring and informative."
- Sherri Lennox
09/29/2019 03:09:17
"Its always been a great experience."
- Kelly Atkinson
09/28/2019 05:34:36
"Keep up the good work! "
- Tasha Karmo
09/27/2019 07:31:24
"We wouldn’t have you change a thing!!!"
- Nicole (Daughter) Jelescheff
09/27/2019 05:19:11
"We very much appreciated the constant updates and photos when our dog was in for her surgery. Everyone we dealt with was friendly and helpful."
- Patricia Moss
09/22/2019 22:12:28