"You have a Wonderful Team in your office and the Doctor was WONDERFUL!"
- Lorretta Hawe
01/15/2019 13:19:49
"I'm glad to be able to get vet care from a Fear-Free Certified Clinic. Congratulation on going through the certification process."
- Roni Campbell
01/11/2019 14:04:01
"Love bringing my dog Keely here! We feel important and well cared for with the time spent on us, and the communication and flexibility shown to us."
- Julie Morrow
01/05/2019 16:52:04
"Love that you have Sunday hours! It saved us a trip to the emergency vet and the added cost that is always associated with those visits. My puppy couldn't keep her infected eye open so being able to come in for an appointment less than 30 minutes after I called was WONDERFUL! We've made more than our share of vet visits over the past 12 months and have only had positive experiences at Caring Hands."
- Jane Cubbon
12/27/2018 16:39:31
"Keep up the great work!"
- Jill Vlasic
12/20/2018 22:40:49
"Keep doing a great job"
- Teresa Young
12/17/2018 23:47:36
"I have never had a negative experience with any of the doctors at your office. The front desk staff and the associates who help the vets are always kind, personable, and accommodating. What a great practice!!"
- Pamela Dubetsky
12/02/2018 22:02:23
"I love caring Hands, the desk people are very professional and respectful. Caring Hands always calls the following day to see how your pet is doing."
- St. Benedicts Monastery
11/30/2018 15:35:35
"Thank you for working Grace in for an appointment on short notice."
- Marianne Pieper
11/29/2018 15:29:30
"Keep up your excellent services. Don't change a thing. "
- Frank Shaw
11/29/2018 12:58:02
"Wouldn’t go anywhere else except Bristow Caring Hands Hospital."
- Christina Townes
11/28/2018 15:43:28
"The convenient location and cleanliness of the facility is important to me. Caring Hands does an excellent job. There is also a follow up call each time Kona is seen. That is a very nice touch to check up on the pet and make sure there aren’t any issues. We joke that Kona receives better and more personalized care than we do! Thank you for your care and concern for our pet."
- Bridget Battaglini
11/27/2018 09:25:46
"Friendly and helpful staff and knowledgeable doctors. We always have a pleasant experience!"
- Kristin Search
11/27/2018 05:32:23
"All of the staff are wonderful and caring!"
- Kathy Stevens
11/27/2018 00:14:59
"The staff has always been wonderful and caring towards our pets. We love Caring Hands"
- Samantha Smith
11/26/2018 20:49:18
"I appreciate all the care and attention given to me and to TinkerBell. "
- Helen Baxter
11/26/2018 17:09:30
"I can't say enough how much I love Caring Hands Bristow."
- Karen Ellis
11/26/2018 16:24:36
"So happy to have animal hospital that provides exceptional care for our pets Happy holiday season for all staff! Thank you"
- Irina Nemirovsky
11/21/2018 11:27:38
"I’ve been taking our dogs and cats to caring hands for 14 years and wouldn’t change. Everyone is great! "
- Chris Holley
11/21/2018 05:02:43
"We’ve only had wonderful experiences at Caring Hands. My dog had such severe anxiety about going to our last vet that I was required to muzzle him. He runs into Caring Hands with a smile and loves all of the attention that he gets. "
- Allison Eberly
11/12/2018 22:24:19
"Staff is very helpful and friendly "
- Heather Bellusci
11/12/2018 20:30:35
"Love you guys. Keep up the great work. Everyone is a shining star. "
- Melanie McCarley
11/06/2018 00:16:31
"Thank you for understand that she is our baby and I am praying the results are good but if they aren’t then I k ow you guys will do what’s best for her!!!"
- Patricia Strawser
11/05/2018 17:53:10
"Extremely helpful and professional staff!"
- Laura Harris
11/02/2018 14:59:04
"We have been very happy with the service provided since we got the puppies. We also put our oldest dog down recently and the staff could not have been any better. the young tech was so kind during this difficult time and even shared her ice cream with our baby as he was passing. broke my heart but made me feel so good at the same time."
- Gina Hoffman
10/31/2018 11:17:58
"Everyone we dealt with during our first visit was great ... friendly and professional."
- Emma Teeple
10/29/2018 18:31:45
"Love my vet and the staff at Caring Hands."
- Venetia Johnson
10/25/2018 22:17:23
"Our experience was wonderful "
- Afrah Sudi
10/23/2018 14:20:12
"Y’all are so good to us! From the love and devotion you gave to Georgie when she was bitten by a snake earlier this year to the patience to have with Gaskell whenever she’s grumpy and barking loudly at everyone else. There’s nowhere else I would take our fur babies where I would have as much trust in the whole staff, and I can’t thank y’all enough!"
- Jeff Brown
10/17/2018 19:57:35
"We've only been clients of Caring Hands for about 6 months but we've been through it all so far! We've had a seriously ill cat, a puppy with a serious auto-immune disorder and a second cat that had to be euthanized unexpectedly. Through all of these experiences and working with four different vets on staff, we've received nothing but quality, compassionate care for our fur kids. The entire staff was especially good when we had to make the decision to euthanize of sweet little girl. Although it was after hours, there was no rush, no pressure on us to say our goodbyes faster, all of the staff was focused on making sure that we had the time that we needed to say goodbye. Such a different experience from a few months earlier when we lost a dog and one that that caused us to leave our previous vet. Can't say enough good things about Caring Hands. We have a happy, healthy puppy and senior cat who doesn't know he was at death's door just a few months ago thanks to their skilled and caring hands."
- Jane Cubbon
10/16/2018 14:45:18
"Very clean and professional environment"
- Felecia Hathorn-Foust
10/03/2018 14:29:31
"I have been very pleased with Oaklys visits"
- Denise Eschle
10/01/2018 18:55:18
"We like Caring Hands . They are really good with pets and Dr. Thompson is very knowledgeable person."
- Nouri Faili
09/30/2018 03:05:26
"Everyone was gentle and caring. "
- Lisa Hiatt
09/29/2018 16:16:21
"CHAH always makes me feel like my pets are important. "
- Brenda Powers
09/28/2018 16:52:53
"Love your nurse staff and receptionists!!"
- Giselle Kilby
09/24/2018 18:12:23
"Glad my new mom brain made the mistake to book here vs our normal vet it turned it to be a blessing in disguise and we found a vet that’s actually open on sundays!"
- Michael Bui
09/23/2018 09:48:42
"I was extremely pleased with everyone I came into contact with during Piglet’s visit. Everyone was very friendly and they made me feel that Piglet was loved by all!"
- Leslie Dorsey
09/19/2018 15:09:34
"We love this place. Thank you for being so nice to our baby"
- Barbara Barrick
09/19/2018 10:02:13
"Caring Hands Bristow is the best animal hospital in the Northern Virginia area. If you care about your animals, you will not go anywhere else, unless a specialist is necessary, which the Doctors at Caring Hands will let you know if that is necessary. They go out of their way to give your pets the absolutely best care possible. I wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Barbara Helton
09/16/2018 16:56:18
"We have been going to caring hands for several years now and everyone we have dealt with has been wonderful. They really understand how much our dogs and cat mean to us."
- Jamie Scrivener
09/15/2018 12:57:53
" Caring hands has always been very accommodating and friendly no matter what animal I had in there and what I needed done. They’re open seven days a week and I can always get my animal in quickly or an emergency. They are very caring and professional and I recommend them regularly "
- Vicki Rizzo
09/14/2018 19:54:07
"I love this animal hospital! It’s the best one! I have a puppy and the prices are good and my dog actually likes going the the vet! Thank you guys so much for making it such a great experience!"
- Eyber Cruz
09/10/2018 22:03:25
"The office staff and doctors are very informative and reliable. My Millie felt at ease."
- Selena Lansdowne
09/06/2018 22:50:56
"All of you make me and my pets Lexi, Duke and Frank feel well cared for and special. My babies are my world. Thank you so much!!!! "
- Tonya Reynolds
09/05/2018 19:36:41
"Caring Hands always provided the best care possible for Cole and Zeke. Thank you."
- Molly Schoenauer
09/01/2018 13:38:16
"I thought the service was amazing. They offered to carry a small kennel to the car for me, clean it out after my pet went to the bathroom in it, and was just friendly and professional beyond words! But what was more amazing is the follow-up phone call I got the next day to check on the status of my pet. The caring and concern really impressed me."
- Darnell Patton
08/30/2018 00:39:26
"We appreciate you! Bristow Caring Hands has always taken such care of our dog. Thank you so much! "
- Lauren Harvey (was Olson)
08/29/2018 14:59:38
"Appreciate the doctor personally calling with results and recommendations. "
- Melanie Michalak
08/28/2018 20:56:15
"Great friendly clean place that made you feel good about having your animals cared for there- felt the "caring hands"!"
- Jennifer Carter
08/23/2018 16:18:48
"Love everyone at Caring Hands! Very friendly, knowledgeable, and you can tell they truly care. During stressful situations they help put you at ease. "
- Erika Howells
08/21/2018 02:29:47
"The intake staff that helped schedule the appointment was very helpful as well. They called us when they had a cancellation after she advised we would be added to a waiting list! Sometimes at other places, it feels like the waiting list doesn’t ever get followed up on, but this one was and it was so helpful for us! "
- Melanie Dawn Ali
08/20/2018 21:36:37
"Everyone is always every helpful and kind.:-)"
- Jennifer Spring
08/15/2018 21:20:09
"The staff is always very friendly. "
- Melissa Gilman
08/07/2018 00:54:39
"The standard of care and compassion at Caring Hands Animal Hospital of Bristow goes beyond anything I would have ever imagined. I am so grateful to have come across such caring staff, a special thanks to Dr. Karen Murphy and Dr. Jennifer Zurkus. They go above and beyond in finding the treatment that is appropriate. Circumstances with my pets diagnoses have been difficult, but they don't give up. Thank you!!"
- Diana Imlay
07/28/2018 23:52:47
"The staff was kind and answered my questions. They called me after my dog’s procedure and followed up to see how he was doing the next day. Thank you for putting my mind at ease."
- Tammy West
07/28/2018 11:59:56
"We love Caring Hands Animal Hospital. They always take such good care of our cat, Smokey. "
- Brandi Zimmer
07/26/2018 16:11:34
"Just wish we would have found Caring Hands a few years earlier. They are a blessing to us dog lovers. Thank you all for your professionalism."
- Cheryl Grimm
07/20/2018 18:15:44
"Keep up the great customer service "
- Robert Bailey
07/20/2018 15:52:13
"The staff is always very friendly at Caring Hands. Although my cat does not like to visit the vet, I feel comfortable and know that he is in good hands and will get the best treatment."
- Dana Lin Sherwood
07/20/2018 15:44:38
"We are very happy with your services, doctors and staff! We recommend you guys all the time!!"
- Giselle Kilby
07/03/2018 14:09:50
"You guys do great work and seem to really enjoy your work."
- Austin Andrade
06/28/2018 14:22:33
"I went in for an emergency appointment, and was able to be fit in early. The staff and Dr. were amazing. They treated my dog and me with care and concern. I wish an emergency appointment wasn't so much more expensive, but was thankful to hear the treatment options from both an extreme approach and a conservative one. "
- Carrie Hogan
06/23/2018 13:48:31
"I was very pleased with the kindness and caring of the staff. Everything was explained very clearly. I would highly recommend your staff to friends and family. "
- Patrica O'Donnell
06/23/2018 01:33:45
"Caring Hands is so much better than my last vet. "
- Shelby Holleman
06/22/2018 15:49:54
"I felt very welcome and @ home. Everyone was very warm and welcoming. I look forward to my future visits @ Caring Hands."
- Karen Newton
06/21/2018 15:46:42
"Very happy with Caring Hands Animal Hospital!"
- Lucinda Burch
06/15/2018 13:46:04
"Always kind attentive care. Thanks."
- Tammy Davis
06/14/2018 11:59:56
"I was really concerned about how my baby Victoria would be without us. But the pictures and updates eased me. And once I came to pick her up I feel like your staff made her part of your Family too."
- Bobbie Davis
06/13/2018 23:43:52
"You've always made us feel welcome, and our boys JESSE and BENTLEY well attended."
- Dan Smolen
06/13/2018 17:30:04
"We have always been satisfied with the care extended to our dog by the entire staff. This was my first visit under Dr. Gnowles and We must say she is very professional. We was most impressed with her thorough and extensive written report on Journey's health. It is no surprise that the office was buzzing with patients."
- Tammy Chu
06/11/2018 14:57:01
"Very nice people and concerns of my dogs wellness was overwhelming. I truly appreciate the care and kindness they showed to my pup and understanding her anxiety. I was so relieved after the visit, as the Veterinarian was understanding and explained completely everything she was going to do for my dog. I truly appreciated her attention to details."
- Stephen Connelly
06/11/2018 11:01:57
"We pass quite a few veterinary practices to get to CH and it is worth the drive. Thank you all! "
- Laura Lydic
06/10/2018 04:05:51
"Your compassionate staff has been a God send during this time with our Josie. I couldn’t of asked for more. "
- Taylor Sharp
06/09/2018 16:33:54
"We love CHAH! It used to be a 10 minute drive and now it is 25 minutes, but it is so worth it!"
- Patricia Stubler
06/09/2018 16:26:49
"It’s always a pleasure. We are frequent fliers here and it is always a pleasant experience. Dexter, our husky, absolutely loves the staff!"
- Shannon Neal
05/27/2018 11:54:08
"I’m a long-time client with many pets. The staff and Dr Murphy are so helpful and accommodating, even come to my house when needed. I’d be lost without them. "
- Melanie McCarley
05/23/2018 12:53:09
"I appreciate the warm, caring service my dog received. Keep up the good work."
- Linda Atwell
05/10/2018 14:54:53
"We brought a newborn kitten that was having breathing difficulty in to the office as an urgent care patient (so without an appointment). Dr. Dean and her team were quick to see little Pax and began treating him right away. We were obviously upset and they were extremely compassionate. We did end up losing him, but they did absolutely everything that could be done and made him comfortable. They made us a memory plaque out of plaster or clay with Pax's paw prints and hearts. It was such a sweet thing to do! My daughter has it hanging on her wall in her room to remember Pax. We love Caring Hands and will be patients of Dr. Deans for as long as we have 4 legged family!"
- Karen Tobin
05/09/2018 02:21:16
"The vet and the vet tech were excellent. My dog liked them both and they related well to her. The vet took the time to explain what she was doing and what tests were going to be done. Definitely a good visit."
- Jeanne Ruffin
05/05/2018 22:39:47
"We thought our almost 16 year old dog was going to have to be put to sleep. After many helpful tests she just had an infection which we are treating and she is doing much better. The doctor took the time to get to the bottom of the problem and we are very happy to have our lovely old dog with us for awhile longer."
- Jamie Scrivener
05/05/2018 12:09:03
"We really appreciated the call the day after appt to check on dogs after their vaccinations. "
- Kim Paradisi
05/02/2018 00:40:21
"Always receive excellent service! I've referred multiple friends and family members!"
- Samantha Lopez
05/01/2018 00:39:44
"My step mother works at a Caring Hands, although it is not the Bristow location where I take my animals. The Bristow caring hands is amazing. I love the staff and the environment. I wouldn't take my animals anywhere else. They are so flexible and understanding and treat your pets as there own. "
- Kelsey Rafe
04/27/2018 16:45:41
"Great staff everything is great."
- Lena Judy
04/25/2018 23:18:57
"We were very worried about our kitty Bandit but immediately felt that he was going to be well-taken care of at Caring Hands. Both the assistant and the doctor addressed all of our concerns and did so much to ensure that our little guy would be feeling better. "
- Kimberly Milne-Knotts
04/25/2018 18:17:45
"Love, love, love Caring Hands in Bristow!"
- Katherine Gotthardt
04/22/2018 04:15:28
"Dr. Boyd, is best Vet for my fur babies."
- Michelle Wickes
04/19/2018 21:01:50
- Tina Victoria Favara-Mullins
04/19/2018 19:27:01
"Thought for sure April was gonna get a dental cleaning. But, Dr. Murphy looked at her teeth and said we could hold off. I was in complete shock...I didn't know vets still existed that cared more about what was right for the pet vs. how much money they could drain from a client's wallet. Incredible. Thanks Dr. Murphy. I found your honesty and treating our April with the same standard as your own pet refreshing and welcomed in this Era of the almighty dollar."
- Christina Riblett
04/19/2018 15:27:31
"The service at Caring Hands is excellent. I always feel that my Golden Retriever is well taken care of and attended to. Would recommend Caring Hands to anyone who values their pets health."
- Laura Harris
04/17/2018 14:48:44
"I can honestly say that all of our pets that we have brought their Caring Hands has been the best experience I’ve ever had. I’ve never met a staff that cares more than you. Thank you for taking such good care of all of our animals."
- Kelly Atkinson
04/14/2018 03:07:34
"I like that staff is friendly and answer all your questions. They are very helpful!"
- Linda Battista
04/12/2018 11:01:48
"I really appreciated how much time the technician and vet spent in our appointment. They answered all my questions and really took the time to give a detailed exam."
- Amy Swan
04/09/2018 10:40:53
" The staff is always very friendly and quickly get you into the rooms for your appointment. The techs always ask the right questions and quickly help you get going for your appointment. All the doctors there have always been very friendly and try to help in every way they can. "
- Vicki Rizzo
04/08/2018 18:58:15
"I was impressed that the surgeon consulted other specialists for the sort of tooth extraction my cat needed to have done. That made me feel that she was doing everything she could to bring Emmy through the procedure safely which was very important to me!"
- Barbara Albers
04/03/2018 18:14:05
"Very happy with the transfer of my pets to this hospital. "
- Sherry Mountjoy
04/03/2018 15:09:45
"Delaney was our tech and was awesome with our dog!"
- Megin Mcrae
04/03/2018 11:52:08
"Dr. Zurkus and the technician were wonderful. Also the ladies at the front desk were very kind."
- Waneta Mutch
04/01/2018 13:51:50
"Everyone is friendly and helpful."
- RESCUE American Maltese Associat
03/29/2018 23:51:42