"From the front desk to the technicians and doctor- my visit was excellent. Very grateful to your help with my baby blue. You were all awesome, thank you "
- Danya Mandery
10/07/2016 11:26:18
"I was client of Caring Hands in Arlington for nearly six years before moving away from the area. Now that I'm back, I was so satisfied with the care we received, I'm returning (this time to Merrifield, which is closer to where I live) and am happy to be back. "
- Cherie Black
10/03/2016 17:38:50
- Rita Lockwood
09/28/2016 18:28:54
"I love the Merrfield office! Dr.Richards and her team are second to none. I drive all the way out from Arlington just to get the personalized attention from the Merrifield crew. Our dog actually loves going to the vet thanks to the caring staff at the Merrifield Caring Hands. Thank you for the kind, caring work you do!"
- Stephanie Chong
09/25/2016 21:29:11
"I am truly satisfied with the professionalism, courtesy and kindness we were received even when it was a walk in, All the staff, including the nurse and Doctor were amazing. We just moved to the Merrifield area and were looking for a veterinarian for Vladi so we are glad we found Caring Hands Animal Hospital. All the process was smooth and comfortable for Vladi, he is in good hands with you. Thank you very much. "
- Anna Rivera
09/25/2016 21:20:33
"Very impressed with the Merrifield facility, staff and Dr. Vanderhoof. And we met another Greyhound!"
- Grey Burkhart
09/20/2016 11:08:30
"I didn't realize it, but I came after the office was closed on Sunday to refill my dog's preventatives. I had to wait till my husband was able to drive me dUe to a recently broken wrist. The staff opened the door for me and sold me Reggie's medication. Saving me no end of anxiety and trouble. Way above and beyond. Thank you"
- Caroline Hiban
09/20/2016 10:58:50
"I love the staff at Caring Hands! They really do care for the animals and my puppy is always SO excited to see everyone there! It makes everything so much easier since my dog is so at ease - and even HAPPY - to be at the vet's office :) "
- Abby Caldwell
09/20/2016 10:38:01
"Great friendly staff. Love it here!!"
- Lori Nachman
09/05/2016 10:24:27
"Dr Richards is the best!"
- Sherry Mountjoy
09/03/2016 15:01:24
" Our experience and relationship with this hospital and the staff and doctors is beyond words. We know several veterinarians and clinics in the DMV but Caring Hands is our go to hospital. We cannot say enough good things about them. They have the medical expertise, customer service, long-term prognosis advice, recovery tips, and affordable. "
- Becky Robinson
08/31/2016 19:59:45
"I could not be happier with your staff and service. I refer people to you on a regular basis! I am especially pleased with Dr. Richards as she takes excellent care of my two dogs! "
- Lauren Perea
08/31/2016 07:02:28
"Thanks Caring Hands for taking great care of my pet! I really appreciate your reminders - without then I would certainly forget important healthcare items!! "
- Lilly Parker
08/25/2016 15:01:54
"Very, very nice, helpful staff: I had a great vet and technicians who provided superb clinical care as well as helpful take-home information. Staff are very gentle with my fearful cats. "
- Leslie Blizard
08/19/2016 10:49:09
"I took my cat Albert in for his vaccinations & shots and was very happy with the care given to him. I was also happy with the through explanation of any questions I had about the processes, procedure and diagnosis. "
- Eric Fletcher
08/15/2016 08:41:52
"We love taking both of our dogs to Caring Hands-Merrifield. The staff is always friendly and receptive, and the quality of care is second to none."
- Michael Clayton
08/10/2016 16:53:24
"I always have good experiences at Caring Hands."
- Melissa Massey
08/09/2016 21:35:26
"The doctors and assistants have all been very kind. Even the front desk staff are friendly. The office is exceptionally clean and nicely decorated. They are flexible and accomodating with appointment times. I wish I could say the same about my people doctors."
- Hillary Peterson
08/07/2016 07:06:51
"On a scale of 1-10, we would give Caring Hands a 20, at least!! We have complete trust in the medical care and treatment and ongoing support and expertise that everyone at Caring Hands has shown to us. Having been pet parents for most of our child and adult lives, we can say unequivocally that we have never met a more talented, kind and trustworthy doctor as Dr. Richards, for which we are grateful. We consistently recommend Caring Hands to everyone in our circle of friends, family and colleagues. "
- Sarah Lhymn
08/04/2016 21:55:54
"Excellent service and care. Always impressed. "
- Catherine McGill
08/04/2016 10:45:33
"Dr. Richards is the best! I had Tatiana and Jacob assisting me as well! Awesome practice!"
- Donna Lynn Bernero
08/02/2016 15:10:28
"I've only had excellent experiences with all the staff and Dr. Richards. I'm so happy I found Caring Hands!"
- Chynna Wendell
08/01/2016 21:52:57
"Everyone is so friendly, the facilities are spotlessly clean, and the prices are reasonable. Thank you! "
- Lauren Knight
07/29/2016 20:14:03
"Yogi and Parri love Dr. Richards."
- Jennifer Kadnar
07/27/2016 04:13:17
"What can you say about perfection in every way."
- Rita Lockwood
07/23/2016 10:33:09
"The vet tech/assistant was very professional and good with our pets. We live about 30 min+ away, but specifically come to Merrifield because of the excellent quality of care from Dr. Richards. In addition to being creative and knowledgeable about atypical medical issues, she goes above and beyond to answer our questions, provide information, and return our calls promptly. We feel that the team at Merrifield genuinely cares about the wellbeing of our animals. "
- Theo Chang
07/21/2016 14:21:01
"I love Caring hands Hospital! I drive from Laurel Md. to Caring Hands because of the care given to Latte by Dr. Richards' and staff at Caring Hands! I trust his health with Caring Hands. The hospital is always, clean (no smells!, staff great and Dr. Richards' is AWESOME! I wish you guys were 24 hours so no one else would have to be involved with Latte! They just do not hold up to the standards that Caring Hands has spoiled us with! -Ivy McLeod"
- Ivy McLeod
07/18/2016 08:03:17
"We were so impressed with the level of customer service and care at Caring Hands as part of the Helping Homeless Felines, that we transferred pet care providers from Montrose Animal Hospital to Caring Hands Merrifield. From the after-care phone calls to check on our pets and the generosity towards rescued animals to their heart-felt, handwritten condolence note when we had to euthanize our very sick little rescued kitten Shumee, each Vet and Vet Tech is a blessing! We LOVE Caring Hands Animal Hospital Staff and will recommend widely to our numerous neighbor list serves. The Cameron Family"
- Monica Cameron
07/17/2016 12:17:23
"Being a new patient, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I was able to get a same appointment. Even more the waiting area was beautiful (even though we didn't wait at all!) the staff was so nice and helpful. Especially since I had my hands quite full with a dog on a leash and an independent toddler in tow lol. The Vet had a great bedside manner and really listened to my concerns and all our needs were met. We were dreading the bill but most shockingly awesome of all was that it was so reasonable and way under our nervous expectations. We will definitely be returning with both of our dogs for the foreseeable future. Thanks guys for an amazing first impression. "
- Deserae Obermeier
07/13/2016 14:08:26
"I never had a pet emergency with any of my animals until now. They were fantastic and even got Sadie an immediate appointment with a specialist. I would've had no idea how to do it myself. A+ :)"
- Shannon Malinish
07/01/2016 16:23:21
"This experience was painless. Everyone was welcoming and patient with my son's many questions."
- Tianja Grant
06/29/2016 11:22:29
"We're big fans of CHAH and feel that all the staff are part of Shelby's extended family. Thanks for all your efforts."
- Perry Letson
06/23/2016 18:53:09
"It's always a pleasure to take my cat to the " Caring Hands" vet. It's not only VERY clean but everyone is very welcoming and always smiling. The staff at the front desk is very professional and the vets and assistants are amazing. You will not be disappointed if you go there and your pet will receive the best care you can hope for. I highly recommend Caring Hands!!! Maria."
- Maria Almira
06/22/2016 08:55:44
"Great visit as usual. We love the team and the way they care for our little guys."
- Genevieve Decker
06/21/2016 13:07:21
"Everything was wonderful - best experience I have ever had at a vet! The front desk staff were wonderful, the vet tech was wonderful, and the dr was wonderful! My cat even liked it...she has never been so calm at an appointment before! "
- Christine Mazur
06/20/2016 15:19:15
"Dr. Richards and the staff at CHAH Merrifield consistently provide diligent, expert, and kind care to our cats. Their dedication and love of animals shows during each visit and we value having such a trusted provider nearby to care for our pets. ~Ben (Ares & Star) Carter"
- Ben Carter
06/20/2016 15:09:33
"We appreciate the care and love in the process of examining our kitties. We also appreciate the knowledge and the efforts for prevention. Thank you."
- Reed Phythyon
06/16/2016 13:29:52
"Thank you so very much for always taking good care of my baby (Boomer)! I truly cannot express what it means to me that you care so much for the animals you treat. Mary Church"
- Mary Church
06/15/2016 11:50:13
"I recently "moved" from another practice and am very pleased with Caring Hands. The admin staff; vet techs and doctors make the visits and follow up pleasant and successful. Interacting with Jacob; Bengali and Dr. Richards prior to and at my first visit confirmed I had made the right choice. "
- Cyndi Hyder
06/09/2016 13:44:41
"Love that this is not a place were I ever had to wait because it's been over booked and the staff and Drs take there time with each patient! Your place is always willing to fit us in even in an emergency! Even all of our pets over the years love to see their vets! Thank your staff for always being pleasant and caring ! I always recommend my vet to everyone I meet! Thanks Christy Compton "
- Christy Compton
06/07/2016 11:50:46
"I'm very pleased with the quality of care and with all interactions I've had with staff. I appreciate the post-visit check up call and I love having access to all the records via the VitusVet application"
- Marjorie Cole
06/05/2016 08:01:34
"We love Dr. Richards. She is always attentive and caring of both our cat and dog. We have had numerous issues with both animals and she has always provided us with all the options, pricing, and compassion that we needed to get through them."
- Heather Jacoby
06/01/2016 09:07:33
"Staffs were prompted and friendly. A doctor was very knowledgeable and explained to all my concerns in details. Highly recommend this place for your pet owners. "
- Geon Yun
05/29/2016 15:03:02
"I was very impressed with all the staff."
- David Johnson
05/27/2016 19:29:35
"I am very grateful to have found Dr. Richards! She is incredible! I appreciate her commitment to her patients and their owners."
- Melissa Maykowskyj
05/27/2016 12:53:03
"Dr Murphy and all the staff were incredibly gentle with my newly-adopted adult cat. Everyone was professional and the office was gleaming! I also appreciated the options for treatment to pursue, rather than the one expensive route. I'll definitely be going back!"
- Binnet Shumburo
05/26/2016 14:51:08
"I recommend CH Merrifield to others all the time. Dr. Richards and BB were wonderful when I was there earlier this week. Very patient with me and my dogs. I love the fact that they get down on the floor for the exam, blood work and shots, taking care to make it as stress-free for the dogs as possible."
- Melissa Bishop
05/25/2016 22:05:50
"Dr. Richards and the staff are great per usual!"
- Jason Margaritis
05/23/2016 15:08:07
"I've been very happy with the care Sammy and Sandy receive at Caring Hands. "
- Beth Lazur
05/19/2016 22:04:53
"I appreciate that all the staff that I have encountered conducts themselves not only with professionalism, but also a sense of care and understanding of how important out pets are to us. "
- Ilene Muravnik
05/17/2016 12:49:52
"Shelby always feels welcome and safe there. "
- Andrew Stone
05/13/2016 10:25:44
"The staff at caring hands is absolutely amazing. Everyone from the front desk, to the techs to the vets - I will always recommend them to any of my dog friends. "
- Parmjeet Kaur
05/13/2016 09:38:14
"Dr. Baxter and Dr. Richards at the Merrifield location are always helpful and wonderful. They take care of my fury babies and make me feel comfortable and relieved after I leave each appointment. They are the reason why we love Caring Hands"
- Stephanie Aranda
05/12/2016 07:18:37
"Dr. Carole Richards is the only Vet that I trust to take care of my animal family members, and I've tried several all over Virginia and Maryland. She stays up-to-date on all of their special needs and requirements. I have complete confidence in her. The support staff are excellent-- very articulate, polite and friendly. I refer all of my friends and family to Caring Hands, and always will. THANK YOU for providing outstanding animal care."
- Melody Mobley
05/06/2016 21:43:22
"CHAH-Merrifield, Dr. Richards, and all the Staff, have been so outstanding in their over-all medical expertise, client/customer service, and genuine interest in not only how my cat Buddy was feeling, but just as much concern for how I was feeling. The best endorsement I can provide for just how good this Animal Hospital is, is to wish they were also a People Hospital, because I'd like to have them caring for my health as well. If you have any kind of pet, or you know anyone with a pet, please give them some great advise... Take your pets to Dr. Richards at CHAH-Merrifield. It will be the best thing you can do for them, and for yourself. Sincerely, Fred Russo."
- Frederick Russo
05/05/2016 21:11:53
"Great care for our shy, German Shepard mix 1-year old girl. Everyone took their time with her and made the experience less stressful. Care was excellent, and we appreciated follow up call the next day. We normally go to the Van Dorn location but are happy to know we can go to Merrifield too. Thanks."
- Eileen Serafin-Jonson
05/05/2016 16:40:20
"My nurse and doctor gave me useful information about training and caring for my cat besides the usual medical advice. Very helpful!"
- Elizabeth Damp
04/30/2016 18:08:25
"I have been using Caring Hands since 2009 and have been extremely pleased. The veterinarians are very thorough and thoughtful in their treatment plans. They are also very friendly and interested in making the human "patients" feel comfortable with making medical decisions for their animals. I feel like my dogs are in excellent hands with Caring Hands. "
- Margaret Cain
04/24/2016 06:04:02
"Excellent service from the Vet and the front desk staff. Very pleased with the care. Simply outstanding."
- Maria Shelton
04/23/2016 13:49:52
"I feel very fortunate to have found Caring Hands."
- Michele Parra
04/18/2016 08:20:29
"We love the Merrifield location - the team is amazing!"
- Rebecca Black
04/16/2016 16:39:51
"I arrived at the hospital in bad shape, my cat vomited in our way there, I had to stop in the middle of the way and arrived 10 minutes late with a whining cat all covered in vomit. This was our first visit to the vet. Immediately, Bernice (sorry if I misspelled your name) put me at ease and told me not too worry, that it was normal for pets to get sick. Then Jen took as to one of the rooms and helped me with getting the cat cleaned and the travel case. And the rest of the visit was like magic, Dr. Roberts checked my cat thoroughly and explained to me everything about cats (I am a first time owner) and asked me several times if I had questions to make sure I understood all the information she provided. I have no words to describe the experience, it was awesome. I left the clinic with my cat and we were so happy that I thought, on my way back home, how fortunate I was to have found Caring Hands for my pet. Thank you for everything and I will see you in 6 months when it is time to pick up the prescription again. Maria."
- Maria Gomez
04/16/2016 12:08:38
"We have been extremely pleased with the level of care for our girls (Ginger and Jersey) since starting with Caring Hands. We also appreciate the follow up calls the day or two after each visit you all set the bar for others to follow. Thank you for all that you do. David Dell"
- David Dell
04/14/2016 13:18:03
"We have seen several different drs here and like everyone. The reception area is always so clean and doesn't smell like other vets we've been to. The persons at the reception desk are always so polite and nice to talk with. We are very pleased with our service and the prices."
- Dawn Wolf
04/04/2016 16:20:59
"The staff was great and we were very happy with our experience/visit. We also really liked that different options were presented and discussed, but not in a way that felt like services/tests were being pushed on us just to run up the bill. "
- Danielle Kutch
04/03/2016 21:17:54
"Thank you for truly caring for our animals. And, understanding our medical options as well as carefully translating results. "
- AlleyCatAllies
04/03/2016 17:59:58
"I can not say enough about Dr. Erin Baxter, who is my dog's Veterinarian. My sweet and beautiful Aimee, is very sick and will have to let her go soon, with the deepest pain in my heart and soul. Dr. Baxter has gone above and beyond any expectation as Aimee's Doctor, not only she is very professional, but also, sensitive and caring for both Aimee and myself. I will most definitely trust my next dog friend to her without a doubt. Thank you Dr. Baxter for everything you do for our loved ones! Sara E. Soto & Aimee ❤️🐕🙏"
- Sara Soto
04/03/2016 09:47:23
"We love Dr. Richards. She takes excellent care of our cat and dog and your next day follow up is perfect! Thank you!"
- Heather Jacoby
04/01/2016 09:05:54
"I love Dr.Baxter she is very thorough and compassionate. She understands how much my dog means to me. He is just not a pet he is family. The staff is also great alway courteous and willing to help. "
- Deborah Ratliff
03/31/2016 14:05:51
"Dr. Richards has done an excellent job of taking care of my cat. "
- Yadira Castellanos
03/27/2016 14:21:40
"I love Dr. Richards and the staff...she has been caring for Asta since he was a pup...I have recommended Dr . Richards to my friend and he took his St. Bernard there and was very happy...truly a wonderful trusting animal care center."
- Laura Barbiere
03/26/2016 17:47:10
"The doctor and staff are friendly. The location is good."
- William Sung
03/24/2016 16:23:57
"We are grateful for the service our pet snuggles received...You helped save her life! The staff has such grate customer service & very attentive to our needs!!! grateful for your service our pet "
- Roy Hilliard
03/21/2016 22:20:50
"The care that my dogs receive from you is excellent and I love all of your staff! We are very loyal customers!"
- Lauren Perea
03/17/2016 06:08:34
"Reminder call before appointment was great. Dr. and caretaker were both very caring, informative, and genuinely fun to listen to. The facility and design of the clinic is beautiful - really sets the tone. The all around service, from the first time we called, the feedback to less than satisfied comments on Yelp, the mobile app - this all makes things easier for the customer to know they are in good, caring hands. The type of vet that is willing to go above and beyond what most places are willing to do. It's the small details that make the difference! We will be back!"
- Cristian Manoatl
03/14/2016 22:35:55
"Dr. Murphy is the absolute best! Thank you!"
- Robyn Stewart
03/14/2016 16:10:35
"Total experience was excellent - from the front desk to the vet techs to the vet herself. Excellent. "
- Sally Rosholt
03/13/2016 13:09:27
"Dr. Richards has been the best vet we have ever had for our 16 yr old cat. We first started using her after we moved and our cat was experiencing health problems. She took the time to explain everything to me and suggest a health plan that works best for our cat according to his temperament. "
- Erika Toman
03/07/2016 10:24:09
"We love (and Maya) our Caring Hands friends in Merrifield! All the staff, reception and doctors, show how much they love their jobs by always taking the time to answer all our questions and show kindness to our pet. Our pet also loves going to see her "friends" at Caring Hands! We have referred people to Caring Hands and will continue to do so."
- Mark Westerfield
03/06/2016 08:27:53
"According To My CAT, CHAH-M Is Absolutely - GREAT!"
- Frederick Russo
03/06/2016 03:14:08
"We love everything about Caring Hands! The staff is absolutely AMAZING!!!! Any opportunity we have we share our experiences, which have been many :), and highly recommend you to everyone we can. Thank you!"
- Peggy Pinkard
03/01/2016 14:11:21
"Great visit. Love all the special attention given"
- Danya Mandery
02/23/2016 15:12:43
"My dog, Sadie, has been a patient for the last 10 years and I have been incredibly pleased with the care she has received. I have worked with a number of vets at Caring Hands and they all extended a high level of care and follow through with Sadie. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a vet to use Caring Hands."
- Margaret Cain
02/22/2016 12:08:38
"I always enjoy bringing my dogs, Kayla and Ginger, there. Everyone is so courteous and the service is top notch, with excellent follow-up for each visit. Charlie Hinson PS My dogs loving coming there also-except when there are shots involved..."
- Diane Hinson
02/16/2016 14:02:37
"Dr. Richards and the veterinary technicians are consistently wonderful, and this visit was no different. Thanks for building the practice we count on to deliver expert care with a human touch."
- Ben Carter
02/15/2016 16:21:52
"I love Caring Hands Merrifield so much, I decided not to switch practices when moving from Falls Church to Reston. I'm sure my cats would prefer a shorter car ride ;)"
- Debra Duffin
02/15/2016 13:12:25
"You folks are great! Thanks!"
- Russell Reopell
02/11/2016 13:10:35
"Dr Richards is very knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. She has found a way to put my anxious little girl at ease and I appreciate that more than anything. So happy she was recommended to us. "
- Vivian Fletcher
02/11/2016 11:50:27
"Shelby loves coming to the vet, and it's always a smooth and painless process. We couldn't be happier with the care she has received and with the excellent customer service provided. Keep up the great work! Brett and Emily"
- Brett Ballou
02/10/2016 11:34:33
"The entire staff is always wonderful and the Vets are terrific with my puppy."
- Zach Wilson
02/03/2016 14:44:21
"Very nice staff. Everyone was very professional and helpful. "
- Kathleen Wainio
02/02/2016 18:34:14
"I've told them individually, but I wanted to thank Dr. Baxter, Jacob, and the rest of the staff for their support and caring when I learned the bad news about my cat's cancer. It was an excellent sign of how much they clearly care for their patients, and I truly appreciated it."
- Mimi Epstein
02/01/2016 17:59:09
"Excellent staff and facilities. Always welcoming and helpful! The office is clean and doesn't smell like animals. Prices for services are competitive and maybe a little higher but for what you get it's totally worth it. "
- Nazanin Codd
01/31/2016 14:58:59
"We love Dr. Richards. "
- Heather Jacoby
01/30/2016 14:43:26
"I Love the way they Care about my Princess Aimee, NOT only during the visit, but also, on the following days, calling to make sure she is doing well or if I have any further questions or concerns. They are just the best Care that I can hope for my best friend, my dog Aimee! Thank you, Sara and Aimee Soto"
- Sara Soto
01/29/2016 17:09:31
"Just moved into the neighborhood. Was recommended by our neighbor. Staff was very friendly and very attentive!"
- Joe Varua
01/11/2016 15:46:52
"You guys were great even though my little guy can be difficult"
- Kerri McKay
01/08/2016 11:49:33
"The staff were very professional, I asked questions and they answered . My question The Doctor also answered are question's., Excellent. Plus you all take American Express ... Thanks Mrs Elena Nigro."
- Elena Nigro
01/02/2016 10:23:15
"Thank you so much for getting Dory in so quickly! You took care of him right away and put our minds at ease, ya'll are awesome!!"
- Angel Graham
12/29/2015 13:28:58
"Dr. Richards and the staff at the Falls Church location have always been professional and very courteous. They are why we keep coming back despite living so far away from this location. "
- Yadira Castellanos
12/22/2015 10:53:05