"I had my pups boarded due to back surgery. My mind was a ease that they were being well taken care of. "
- Patricia Flaherty
06/19/2017 19:32:30
"We feel 100% confident that Milne will always get the proper care he needs while with you. We can't say enough about how great everyone is at River Oaks Animal Hospital. We would trust no one else with Milne's care."
- Alice Fry
06/01/2017 13:10:14
"Dr. Greer, Mrs. Greer, Dr. Smith, Dr. Beckhart are truly wonderful. Thank you Dr. Greer and Dr. Smith for doing Hans surgery, and blood transfusion. It is very much appreciate. You all are wonderful. Thank you it is very much appreciated. Deborah Hill & Allen Mc Pherson"
- Deborah Hill
05/19/2017 10:19:37
"I like the staff and how friendly they are"
- Melissa Diuccio
05/18/2017 16:49:48
"We are always pleased with the staff & service at all locations!"
- Adam Borger
05/12/2017 12:56:20
"Questions always answered! Thanks "
- Richard Province
05/07/2017 15:24:47
"The staff was very efficient and pleasant this visit. Bailey liked his new Doctor (as much as possible, considering)."
- John Pietri
05/05/2017 16:25:17
"Everyone is always pleasant and helpful. My Buddy is always happy to walk in the door and that tells me he is well taken care of when I am not present. "
- Jill Cossar
04/21/2017 13:58:53
"I have been bringing my cats here for 20 years and Dr Greer (when available) is an amazing Dr. His attention to detail and ability to discern what is going on are exactly what I want and need when bringing my kitties in for the simple and complex issues. "
- Pete E. Bodnar
05/14/2016 21:21:25
"I have been bringing our 4 legged friends to this clinic for years. I have always been welcomed with a smile and hello, but more importantly.....all the staff treat my family like their family. Nothing else I can say :-)"
- Kim Mink
05/10/2016 19:10:30
"I love the attention to detail of the staff. They're caring and lovable to my Lab. Everyone there takes their time to listen to my concerns and help me find a solution. Great place all around. Keep up the good work!"
- Leslie Fandino
05/03/2016 21:24:11
"I could see the benefits of you services to my pet. He got a thorough examination with the readout of his health condition. Plus he got the Best bath in the Whole Wide World. THANK YOU!! "
- Lauretta Bivins
04/28/2016 20:54:06
"Everyone is very nice and very sweet to our dogs."
- Maureen/Art Love
04/26/2016 14:14:29
"We are never disappointed!"
- Kim Harper
04/25/2016 13:05:13
"My dog seemed calm and happy when I picked him up from his first boarding at the clinic. Since he's usually very stressed out by being boarded, I can only assume that he felt safe and comfortable at this kennel. Also, the staff was very nice to him and spoke kindly of him. I will use the kennel again when I need to travel."
- Pauline Christianson
03/21/2016 19:07:30
"River Oaks has an amazing staff in all departments and locations! They are knowledgeable and caring, and I would trust my dogs to no other."
- Darin/cassie Juhnke
03/14/2016 16:27:08
"Everyone is pleasant and helpful. When we reordered a refill and they were out of stock they called as soon as it was available. when picking it up the computor system would not take the financial transaction so they said go ahead and they will call when it was back up so we did not waste any time."
- Joseph Gerich
03/09/2016 09:15:06
"From check-in to checkout, the staff, handlers, and doctors are patient and professional. When we experienced a recent emergency requiring x-rays and the possibility of surgery, everyone kept our family up-to-date while providing great care for or family member. Thank you to everyone!"
- Carl Dunn
03/07/2016 17:18:11
"I've been using petcare for 11 years for check-ups boarding and grooming and my 2 dogs love going there .The workers take good care and give a lot of attention to my babies ... "
- Kathy Willis
03/06/2016 14:54:13