"We love the service and the friendliness of the staff at Highway 24 - the best in the area!!"
- Lesley Hartley & Will Gorlitz
01/10/2016 10:17:44
"Always get professional yet friendly care. Very knowledgeable and caring staff. We have been clients almost since Hwy 24 opened and wouldn't take my pets anywhere else!"
- Cindy Tessier
01/09/2016 10:35:01
"Prompt, professional attention. Everybody in the office is friendly and helpful. I always feel like my dog is well cared for and I never feel rushed through our appointment. I am always able to get a timely appointment which is important to me. Reminders about vaccinations and checkups are helpful and never pushy. I've taken my dog to Highway24 Veterinary Clinic for the whole of my dog's life. She is healthy and in good hands there."
- Lesley Flaminio
01/09/2016 09:31:39
"My dog loves going to the vet. That itself says it all! The vets and the staff are so warm and loving with my dog, you would think she was theirs. I wouldn't go any where else to have Maddy looked after. Highway 24 vet clinic is stellar. My pet is a lifer there for sure."
- Jocelyn DeLozier
01/07/2016 20:29:20
"The staff is always so friendly and helpful and even when really busy they never seem frazzled or annoyed to help customers. Also always so nice and gentle with my dogs. I have seen a couple of vets and they never seem to be hurrying me up, they take their time with me. Answer my questions and also give other options than just drugs for my dogs health issues. Always so helpful and reassuring."
- Monique Paquette
01/04/2016 10:48:08
"The staff is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. Mary is the best, and Fozzie loves her. Martha"
- Robert & Martha Watts
01/03/2016 09:36:48
"The service @ Hwy 24 vet clinic is always very professional and all the staff are kind and considerate. My pets have received exceptional care over the years."
- Cam Portt & Rena Burkholder
01/02/2016 14:43:29
"I have been bringing my pets to Highway 24 Veterinary Clinic for 11 years, and have been very happy with services provided by the Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians, to both pets. "
- Chad Hagan
01/02/2016 11:20:02
"Staff very friendly and helpful . Always make a big deal about our Dog- Nessie"
- Derek & Judy Leader
01/01/2016 21:23:10
"We have been seeing Dr. Brenda Taylor with our family pets for about 12 years now and find her to be an exceptionally knowledgeable, skilled, compassionate and caring vet. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants the best care for their pets. M. Blackwood and C. Cadogan"
- Cheryl Cadogan & Maureen Blackwood
01/01/2016 11:35:17
"The staff of Highway 24 Vet Clinic are the very best. Always so caring and considerate. They took wonderful care of our beloved Hannah for many years until we lost her and now little Bear who they are so patient with. I have total faith in the excellent standard of care they provide. You can certainly tell they are all animal lovers."
- Pam Dunn
12/24/2015 16:10:26
"My cats and I usually see doc Mary. I always feel as though she is treating my cats as she would her own felines. Doc Mary is preternaturally patient when answering my questions and she seems genuinely interested in both the health and happiness of my cats. "
- Sandra MacGregor
12/23/2015 18:07:14
"Staff are always positive, welcoming and you can see the love of animals in their eyes."
- Camille Steffler
12/23/2015 09:29:47
"The folks at Highway 24 Vet Clinic are always pleasant and helpful. Unlike many other vet clinics there are no high pressure sales tactics to buy more of the products they sell. Their prices are reasonable and their compassion is shown in numerous ways. In my mind they are the best!"
- Peter & Jan Brazolot
12/22/2015 15:38:49
"The hours are perfect for a working family. You are available for quick food pick-ups and taken right in for Check ups. Thank you."
- Dean & Heather Bowman
12/20/2015 16:00:25
"Friendly and knowledgeable staff. They really care about the animals."
- Chris & Amanda Pulford
12/20/2015 13:34:09
"I have expressed before when Keisha passed away this summer the kindness and love to us both is unexplainable. The staff was amazing with me and her and made every effort to make us both comfortable and a peaceful transition for her. Then when we were in a better space and in happy times with the addition of our new kittens again the kindness and affection shown to them through the staff is truly amazing. It's like an extension of our little family. Thanks for all that you do."
- Jason & Amy Doucette
12/20/2015 13:26:54
"The staff and the doctors are the absolute best. They are all very caring and I appreciate the personal attention given to Jack and myself. Thanks you!"
- Deno & Christine Godin
12/18/2015 12:58:25
"I make frequent visits to Hwy 24 and the support staff is always very friendly and helpful. I first came to them in 1979 and the current vet staff at Hwy 24 has looked after my beloved pets since 1997. I have trusted Dr. Brenda and Dr. Mary with their lives and they have never let me down. They have always been there for us through the good and bad times and treated my pets as if they were their own. "
- Tom & Jane Funk
12/18/2015 12:31:32
"You guys so obviously care a great deal about you patients! Willow was on,y there for her annual checkup, but Mike couldn't have lavished more care on her if she had been there for something a lot more major!"
- Peter & Alison Stonehouse
12/18/2015 02:28:32
"We loved that you sent us a picture of Bear in recovery after his surgery. It made us feel a lot better when we knew he was out and all went well. Thank you!!!"
- John & Sarah Katsaounis
12/16/2015 11:59:59
"Friendly ,helpful staff, Doctors are very thorough,they always take time to explain things in a way that I can understand and are very compassionate. I have been a client at Highway 24 Vet clinic since 1979 and would not go anywhere else' ,"
- June Carroll
12/15/2015 17:52:48
"I have only been bringing my large, 5 year old, very precious, dog to Hwy 24 vet clinic for a few weeks now but have been very happy with everything. Baxter was diagnosed by Dr Dana Dolinsek with a partially torn ACL ligament in his knee. Dr Dolinsek was wonderful. She took the time to explain the injury, showed me the xrays and explained my options in detail. We have decided against surgery for now as we are pursuing "Conservative management" options, hopefully to avoid surgery completely. Hwy 24 is helping with that also, offering Accupuncture and Chiropractic care as well. I have been to other clinics over the years and can honestly say that I am really happy to have found Hwy 24 Vets. All of the staff are kind, caring and really want to help me do what I believe is right for my boy. "
- Susan Arnott
12/15/2015 16:44:42
"Over the years we have built complete trust in all the professionals at Highway 24 Veterinary Clinic. Everyone at Hwy 24 has the most concern for all animals. It's most appreciated."
- Craig & Lesley Inker
12/15/2015 11:56:10
"Everytime I have to bring my dogs in either for yearly check ups or emergency checks. They get me in so quick and fast and are so easy going and make me feel relaxed during a possible stressful time. They never pressure me into tests that don't need to be done. Everyone I talk to tell them to go to this vet. "
- Melissa Bouck
12/14/2015 20:57:00
"Bailey enjoys his visits to the Highway 24 Vet clinic as he always gets lots of pats and lots of treats. The staff is great. The dog food that was recommended for Bailey has helped his mobility a great deal. When I call for an appointment I can usually get in right away. "
- Pete & Beth Becker
12/14/2015 15:14:32
"After years of questioning past vets' diagnoses and practices when it comes to my dogs and cats, I could not be more thrilled and relieved to have found the vets at Highway 24. With the vets' working as a team, I have absolute faith and confidence now when it comes to my animals' health and well-being. Both the vets and staff are caring and generous with their time, and the facility is top-notch. My animals are everything to me, and knowing that I have the staff and vets at Highway 24 as my partners in my animals' health means the world to me. Thank you, Highway 24!"
- Illona Haus
12/14/2015 12:33:24
"Dr. Mary Thompson treated our dog, Bentley, as if he was her own. She was kind and gentle and did a thorough examination. Dr. Thompson was very professional and appeared totally at ease and never rushed. Bentley picked up on her caring nature. The staff in the office were excellent and Bentley left with the impression that he really was a somebody. Thank you for your kind, gentle caring. Bob and Evy and Bentley Crosby"
- Robert Crosby
12/14/2015 12:05:39