"Everytime we bring our animals we are extremely satisfied with everyone there. Always so kind friendly and show a true love for our fur babies. Thanks for all you do. "
- Arielle Woods
08/06/2016 13:59:54
"My dog can be a handful but the staff was great. Making appointments is super easy and the staff is the best. "
- Collette Dorrell
08/05/2016 16:01:14
"Excellent service"
- Erin Schuld
08/04/2016 17:14:51
"I really appreciated the kindness everyone showed. I appreciated being told all the options and treatments available, but not feeling guilted into taking the most intrusive/expensive route. Thank you for your compassion toward animals and their humans. "
- Michale Torres
08/04/2016 07:50:52
"We are so grateful to have Dr. Knowlton to provide care for our Sweden and Peanut. The staff greet us like lifelong friends. We feel very confident that our furry babies are receiving the best care by the BEST people."
- Jacqueline Lerche
08/02/2016 16:56:21
"Took our kitty in for his annuals. The staff and doc were professional and friendly and very loving to our oliver. Thank you so much Kathy stockton"
- Stan Stockton
08/02/2016 13:37:44
"Very friendly staff and Dr. Knowlton is wonderful. "
- Janet Swanson
08/01/2016 18:19:41
"I love Rachel and Dr. K. They are kind, gentle folks that are always willing to help. My pets love them."
- Jackie Day
08/01/2016 15:25:11
"Everyone on the staff were amazing. They were so nice and knowledgable. "
- Kelli Messinio
07/29/2016 21:12:48
"Everyone is always so polite and accommodating!"
- Paige Saucedo
07/24/2016 10:53:41
"Dr.Knowlton takes such wonderful care of my fur babies. I love to call and hear Rachel's Sweet voice on the other line. "
- Kimberly Burg
07/24/2016 05:07:21
"I am completely satisfied with the service there and Dr. Knowlton is a great doctor."
- Bonnie Magallanes
07/23/2016 11:49:04
"I'm so happy to have my puppy girls as clients of Cibolo Small Animal Hospital. The staff has always taken exceptionally care of them. No one rushes. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a wonderful caring group of people. Thank you for caring. "
- Carole Eldridge
07/23/2016 11:42:51
"Very friendly and efficient. Full of compassion. Hadn't been there in a few months, and they noticed my dogs haircut."
- Christine Bryan
07/23/2016 08:10:15
"I sent my mom in to pick up Daphnie's NexGard and Oravet dental chews. She said everyone was very sweet."
- Pauline Sowder
07/23/2016 06:44:50
"Staff is always helpful. I was in and out within 15 min which I REALLY appreciate. Also, it is always clean. A+"
- Rosa Armijo
07/23/2016 04:16:45
"Thanks for taking care of Coal and Zoey. The teeth cleaning procedure has left them both healthier and happier, and the staff was very caring and professional. Thanks so much!!!"
- Julie Reynolds
07/23/2016 01:54:37
"Everyone is so sweet and caring."
- Jackie Grimm
07/20/2016 22:46:47
"I really appreciate the focused and patient care that my dog Lenny received during a recent visit to Dr. Knowlton and her staff. I've spent two years looking for a vet clinic in San Antonio to care for my dogs and after my initial visit I've found that in CSAH. Dr. Knowlton is professional, patient, and compassionate to both human and animal clients alike. Veterinary care is costly, but I found the CSAH services and my dog's prescriptions at and even below market rate. I'm beyond pleased with my overall experience, definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a veterinary clinic, and will return for future pet care. "
- Adam Stone
07/16/2016 20:14:52
"Lexi is always treated very well by friendly staff. "
- Kathleen Sykes
07/16/2016 14:15:13
"From the phone call I place for an appointment to have my dog's nails filed, which I got a the same day, until I left after the appointment I was treated like family. The receptionist, well aquanted with my dog Harlee, handled her lovingly while taking the dog back to the Vet. Additionally, Harlee came back to me calm, which doesn't happen when her nails are d I NE by groomers. I know the Vet staff are top notch taking care of my pets, even when I'm not in sight."
- Charleen Carty
07/16/2016 11:19:41
"Great staff and vets! "
- Anne Alley
07/15/2016 18:07:36
"Staff is always courteous and attentive!"
- Paige Haney
07/15/2016 17:36:27
"Besides of course Dr. Brooke, Rachael and Chandler are the best! Rachael has been so helpful and knowledgeable behind the reception desk, and Chandler has been so gentle and caring of our little girl. We've been with Dr. Brooke since Ratama and have always appreciated her compassion and love for her patients and their families. Great job gang --- "
- Steve Hernandez
07/14/2016 23:42:27
"Dr. Cochran and her staff are so friendly and professional. We can always count on them to address our needs quickly and efficiently. They always remember our pets and ask how everyone is when we call or stop by. Very personal and helpful! "
- David Alvarez
07/14/2016 22:45:28
"Dr.Knowlton and her staff truly do go above and beyond with making sure our four-legged friend's are in high spirits and great health! There isn't anywhere else I could take Lola and leave feeling so welcomed and content with each visit! Thank you to all at Cibolo Small Animal Hospital! "
- Sabrina Olivares
07/14/2016 16:52:35
"Dr. Knowlton & staff were awesome. They treated my Harley as if she was their own. "
- Stacey Seeger
07/13/2016 06:21:15
"The Doctors and staff are all AMAZING!"
- Elizabeth Treon
07/12/2016 18:01:29
"Thanks to Dr. Knowlton and all the ladies in making our visits extra special. Great care and mindful of the budget too :) Blaze & Meep"
- Maureen McNertney
07/12/2016 13:57:52
"Dr Knowlton and her staff provided calm compassionate care for our anxious arthritic Cocker mix. She advocated a conservative care plan with attention to cost effectiveness. She explained all the options thoroughly and was unstinting in her time. When Toby developed some digestive symptoms the day after his visit, she willingly provided alternative care plans over the phone. Additonally, she took the time to research other medical options and emailed the results of her findings to us. We are confident that out fur baby is in good hands."
- Gary Gaubatz
07/11/2016 15:54:05
"All the staff is very friendly and had a lot of patience with my dog. Our Vet Mrs. Brooke is amazing. She really took the time to listen to all our questions and explained us every detail on what we need to do with our dog. "
- Ana Rankin
07/11/2016 13:33:54
"Incredibly friendly and helpful staff! If I could give them five stars, I would! "
- Keith Arney
07/06/2016 18:48:40
"Brooke is so good with my dog. I love the entire staff they are caring and are not out trying to do unnessary tests just to make an extra dollar, I highly recommend Cibolo Small Animal Hospital! "
- Kelli Robinson
07/06/2016 12:45:37
"I love taking our pets their , everyone is so friendly and caring . I won't use any other vet anymore . We r all very happy that we found them . Keep it up guys don't change .... Your all the best !!! "
- Melanie Gardner
07/02/2016 20:18:58
"The entire staff is always so caring and they answer all questions completely "
- David Ziegenhagen
07/02/2016 19:06:29
"The staff are always so pleasant and very helpful. They even fit us in on a last minute appointment before the long weekend. And I truly love the doctors there. I couldn't ask for a better set of doctors for my two boys."
- D'Linn Clemens
07/02/2016 13:30:29
"Taking the time to explain in detail home care instructions & also providing helpful personal experiences. "
- Monica Howe
07/02/2016 13:29:37
"I love how they always follow up with a phone call. Also, it's really nice to be able to pay your bill while still in the room instead of waiting in the waiting room to pay. "
- Cindy Huxley
07/02/2016 08:47:36
"I love this practice. They are all knowledgeable, friendly and good at what they do. I completely trust them with my pets. From the front desk, to the techs and the doctors, they are all awesome!!!"
- Shelly Rolf
07/01/2016 15:47:13
"Customer service is top notch. The staff is always attentive and quick to help."
- Alex Lerma
07/01/2016 14:55:47
"Quick effective service and very friendly."
- Timothy O'Neil
06/29/2016 11:03:18
"I appreciate the patience of every one in the office. Brandy is afraid of going to the vet but you all take the time to let her settle down. She's difficult and you all are great"
- Jeff Huhn
06/27/2016 07:30:58
"Love this vet clinic! Everyone is extremely helpful and caring. "
- Kim Moore
06/27/2016 07:03:57
"The staff was very nice and welcoming. Being a new pet owner we were all very nervous, our pet included, Nurse Rachel and Dr. Cochran were very gentle and made our dog Cookie feel at ease during the exam. Nurse Rachel explained everything in detail and made sure we knew how to administer the meds. Thank you for being understanding and helpful."
- Teresa Moser
06/25/2016 19:38:13
"I enjoyed the professional service, instructions, compassion shown for Luke, and that he was taken in without having to have an appointment. Thank you!!"
- David Stickelbault
06/24/2016 18:55:19
"Upon arrival, I was greeted with a warm smile and Tucker was taken back quickly to meet the Vet Tech who would be assisting Kellie with his teeth cleaning; Kellie called me with an update after his procedure and he was ready to go at the time she told me he would be. Excellent care at Cibolo Small Animal Hospital!"
- Teresa Hudson
06/24/2016 16:38:43
"Only came to refill my dogs prescription. Called the day before and it was ready when I walked in."
- Lisa Green
06/24/2016 14:02:45
"Rachel is always so friendly and helpful!! The entire staff is welcoming and tries to help. I just love them all and am so happy to find someone that I truly think loves my Evie as much as I do :) "
- Debbie Kennedy
05/27/2016 09:59:47
"Brooke, Rachel, and Michelle are AWESOME! I am so happy with getting my dogs teeth cleaned here and will definitely be taking all my dogs here."
- Paige Saucedo
05/22/2016 17:06:53
"The veterinary staff was very helpful in calming my terrified dog. All procedures were explained to me prior to treatment of my dog. Prices of procedure was very reasonable. "
- Amy Weaver
05/22/2016 10:05:55
"The doctors and staff at Cibolo Small Animal Hospital are the most caring, compassionate, gentle, kind and loving people you will ever meet. I highly recommend this vet practice and am happy to have found them. They welcome my fur babies with smiles, laugh at their antics and do everything to make them feel safe and secure when they are frightened about being there. I love this place!"
- Wendy Richardson
05/21/2016 09:49:21
"Always greeted with a smile and you're treated like family. Great care for my animals."
- Erin Schuld
05/19/2016 20:29:09
"Dr. Knowlton and the staff at Cibolo Small Animal Hospital were fantastic as usual! It is a wonderful feeling to know that our Sky & Snowflake are in great hands when they are feeling blue. I love that Dr. Knowlton always goes the extra mile to send a summary of their care in making sure we are educated on the problem AND the solution! I would highly recommend Cibolo Small Animal Hospital to all of my family and friends!"
- Mark Vasquez
05/19/2016 11:47:04
"Love Dr. Know lying and her team. Although I would never attend a shot clinic again I will continue going to the office. This was my first visit to a shot clini and thought it was a way to save money on vaccines. The prices seem the same to me so I would rather go to the office and get a further assessment of our dog for the price."
- Amy Stevens
05/15/2016 14:15:33
"I can't put in words the kindness of Dr Knowlton & her staff towards the animals & owners they treat. Their genuine love of what they do & expertise & professionalism amazes me with every visit. Every animal deserves to be treated by them because you know they are getting the best treatment & newest products. Go there & send your friends!"
- Mary Stevens
05/14/2016 12:34:59
"Your entire office staff was so sincere & compassionate! Miss Harley & I thank you! "
- Stacey Seeger
05/13/2016 10:09:23
"The team is compassionate, and respectful of my finances as well as my choices regarding the care of my animals."
- Elizabeth Treon
05/13/2016 09:56:17
"Dr. Knowlton is so caring and compassionate with my animals and even includes my children in on the exam! I would trust my pets to no one else!"
- Meg Kloesel
05/11/2016 13:48:18
"I am impressed with the care and compassion given to my pet during our first visit. Much appreciation for the thorough exam and the explanation of the condition and plan of treatment. We already have an appointment for our other dog."
- Victor Haney
05/11/2016 09:12:23
"Staff is Always very friendly and makes your pet feel solo special!"
- April Broome
05/08/2016 15:42:55
"We love the care and treatment our girls receive from Dr. Knowlton. Not only is she very patient with our furry children, but she is patient with us as well. She takes time to explain things to us and never rushes us out the door."
- Jacqueline Lerche
05/08/2016 08:11:29
"Professional Staff"
- Debbie Hamrick
05/07/2016 18:38:31
"We absolutely love the entire staff at Cibolo Small Animal Hospital, they are sweet, schedule appointments so you don't have a long wait time, their availability is awesome, their prices are good and they don't tack on added stuff or try to pressure you into buying additional products like other vets. Not to mention the vet knows her stuff, we totally trust them. I give them 5 stars!!!!!"
- Christi Day
05/07/2016 12:06:45
"I love Dr. Knowlton! She is always friendly, genuinely cares about my pets and takes time to answers all my questions or concerns. The staff is very welcoming, too. I never have to wait for an appointment and everyone is very kind. "
- Tanja Braden
05/04/2016 19:14:18
"My Cairn Terrier, Charley, loves this place. When we go through the door, he so excited and runs around like a puppy; he is actually 9.5 years old. They all know Charley here and take very good care of him. When the vet comes into the room, she acts like Charley is the only animal she is taking care of. She takes her time and makes him feel comfortable with the exam. They are truly professional and care about each and every animal they see. I've never been to an animal clinic as great as this one. These folks ROCK!"
- Larry Miller
05/03/2016 20:37:43
"I just went in for a nail clipping. And was so impressed with everyone's kindness and the overall service we received. I have found a new vet! Yeah:) I have a basset hound. And her nails grow super quick. I will definatly be using the nail trim punch card. Love love love "
- Rosen Hughes
05/02/2016 21:39:13
"The staff was very concerned and caring when our Wiemariener was very stressed. They took a lot of time with her and showed compassion."
- Jeannie Jenkins
05/02/2016 12:08:49
"The staff here are incredibly sweet and professional. Lola (cocker spaniel) always looks so comfortable and relaxed when handled by these awesome vets. We are blessed to have crossed paths with the people at Cibolo Small Animal Hospital! "
- Sabrina Olivares
04/30/2016 11:55:32
"We needed an immediate appointment for our dog's scratched eye and got one. Roxy was on her way to recovery just as fast. The doctor and her staff put our minds to ease and let us know what to expect. This is now our vet for all of our pets."
- Sharon Seeley
04/30/2016 11:39:54
"Everyone was very friendly and professional. The staff really appear to like what they do; as a nurse I appreciate that. All my questions were answered and our appointment was thorough and not rushed."
- Sarah Allen
04/29/2016 15:05:19
"The staff is very nice and cheerful. Appointment is always on time. Dr.Knowlton very patient and knowledgeable with my questions. They are very gentle with my cat. He doesn't seem stressed. I will continue to have complete trust and confidence with Cibolo Small Animal Hospital!"
- Suzanne Leacock
04/29/2016 11:26:58
"What a treat to find such a great staff and impressive Vet. I just relocated to San Antonio and was looking for a great vet, and I found her! From the friendly greeting to the efficient check out process, it was a great visit and we'll be back!"
- Keith Arney
04/26/2016 18:49:02
"Stopped in to get some dental chews after Charlie's recent dental surgery. Friendly, helpful staff made the transaction easy! "
- Rollin Lowe
04/26/2016 15:41:23
"The staff are really great. They are very friendly, courteous, knowledgeable. "
- Gary Avants
04/25/2016 21:50:44
"Staff is so friendly and professional. I trust them 100% with my pet. They treated my pet as if she were their own and went the extra mile to make her feel safe and cared for. "
- Teresa Martinez
04/25/2016 20:47:08
"We love Dr. Knowlton and her staff! They always seem to genuinely care about our dogs, and show it by their actions! So glad we found Cibolo Small Animal Hospital a few years ago!"
- Meredith Kovner
04/25/2016 16:52:57
"Everyone in the office is very nice. On this visit, I did not have to pay for services because the puppy I brought was from the Schertz animal adoption center. "
- Carrie Specht
04/25/2016 10:14:11
"Dr. Brooke went above and beyond to help the little kitten we rescued. They were very professional and took the time to explain what care needed to be given. "
- Tina Smith
04/24/2016 17:26:47
"Very happy to have found you. Y'all do a great job. Best part is how you make us feel like family. Thanks Robbie"
- Robbie Berg
04/24/2016 08:11:03
"We were completely satisfied with the service we received from the Cibolo Small Animal Hospital. Their staff was friendly, warm and professional. We knew exactly what to do and what to expect from the time we made the first phone call to the time we left. This was our first experience in taking a pet to a hospital for surgery. Needless to say....we were a bit apprehensive. The staff definitely made this a seamless process. Thank You for all you do!"
- Alex Lerma
04/21/2016 14:45:46
"Knowledgeable Dr and staff. Prompt service. Have never had a problem getting an appointment or products with short notice. The people here are always friendly and accommodating. Adopted my dog from Schertz Animal Services and Adoption Center. They referred me to this vet clinic, because the vets offer their services to the Adoption Center."
- Dawn Mitchell
04/21/2016 13:29:33
"Very friendly staff! Like the homey comfort of the office."
- Rosalinda Jenkins
04/19/2016 19:11:08
"Great staff and they truly love animals....it shows. Thanks for caring for our furry four legged friends."
- Sally Dunaisky
04/19/2016 12:51:43
"Even though you were booked on Saturday, you were able to squeeze us in! Thank you for all you do! Now we know that our Bailey has allergies and we were able to get her some relief from all that scratching. "
- Gina Ramirez
04/18/2016 12:34:36
"Everyone is very nice. I appreciate how prompt the clinic is. "
- Julie Chambers
04/17/2016 20:09:58
"Very welcoming. Never waited long to be seen. The techs and the doctors really care for the well being of my baby."
- Tyler Wielgosiek
04/16/2016 14:14:05
"I arrived a bit early and was taken back almost immediately. The technician that took Tucker and I back was very friendly and professional; Kelli was wonderful as she examined and took care of Tucker. I am very pleased with the services we received at Cibolo Small Animal Hospital. "
- Teresa Hudson
04/16/2016 13:26:18
"I had called the office for a refill of the new dental chews OraVet...or something like that. My dog absolutely loves them and I see a difference from the greenies. He really has to work with these chews and they seem more filling to him. The office staff and vets are truly helpful and treat you like family. I am so blessed to have wonderful vet care for my lil Jefé. :-D"
- Cecilia Aguilar
04/16/2016 12:16:46
"When you walk in the office you immediately know they love animals even from the office girl. Our dog, Brodie loved the place and could hardly wait to go see the vet, she was so calm and that is a good sign she was not afraid of being checked. Just wish we would have found Cibolo Small Animal Hospital when they first opened. Thanks for loving animals and thanks for loving Brodie."
- Phyllis Spitzmesser
04/15/2016 13:31:41
"Cibolo Small Animal Hospital is an exceptional place. The entire staff is sensitive to the pulse of the community, the customer, and our pets. Thank you, Dr Knowlton. JPerales "
- Jose Perales
04/15/2016 11:18:21
"The entire staff is very caring and gentle with our pets. Dr. Knowlton treats them with compassion and does her utmost to put them at ease."
- Carrol Rolf
04/13/2016 07:11:19
"I really like this clinic and Dr. Knowlton. She was very good with my cats and spent time with them. She has a great energetic personality and is very knowledgable. You can tell she loves being a Vet. I will continue to take my cats to her. I am very impressed with her."
- San Antonio Feral Cat Coa
04/11/2016 04:22:33
"The entire staff is so friendly & they take the best care of my fur baby!"
- Sheri Meyer
04/10/2016 17:07:42
"Very sweet staff and I appreciated the personal call from vet after surgery was complete. Our dogs were well taken care of and information post op was very thorough."
- Aimee Thompson
04/08/2016 16:03:12
"Friendly staff with welcoming reception area"
- Megan Lamb, Dvm
04/08/2016 11:57:54
"A caring and excellent clinic. "
- Linda Shaner
04/06/2016 13:46:31
"Choosing a vet for your new pet is sometimes overwhelming, having had bad experiences before has me on allert for finding a new family vet clinic. We are so satisfied with your staff and vets, we were treated with such care and help with our new puppy. Thanks for caring for us and Rowdy."
- Rick Page
03/31/2016 22:49:34
"I love and appreciate all the staff! Everyone greets me with a smile and wants the best for my Evie. Also, I can tell they REALLY care about Evie and that wins my heart every time! -- Debbie Kennedy"
- Debbie Kennedy
03/28/2016 16:13:26
"I have never been unhappy with a visit. My babies (dogs) are treated so sweet and loving. Our family will never leave Dr Knowlton and her Staff!!! Keep up the wonderful work that you all do! Thank you❤️"
- Lora Amick
03/26/2016 12:46:40
"I had a special situation, involving the neutering of a feral cat, because it could have been difficult to trap the cat, and keep an appointment. The clinic worked with me to make it all come out fine."
- Keith Wiles
03/25/2016 23:32:01