"Always happy with my vet experiences at Brazos Bend. Great staff and efficient!"
- Linda Ratzel
01/21/2017 12:47:19
"Everyone is just so friendly and helpful. They really care about all my dogs like they were their own!"
- Susan Lightweis
01/19/2017 06:33:40
"I have never had a problem with the care or service any of my pets have received. Brazos Bend is clean, the people are friendly, and the vets are both knowledgeable and supportive."
- Carlye Ferrill
01/17/2017 21:52:15
"Super friendly staff!"
- Debi Schneider
01/16/2017 21:45:20
"Great care for our dog, Miley. Thank you "
- Suzanne/David Slavin
01/16/2017 17:49:25
"I appreciate being able to get in quickly and everyone is very friendly."
- Virgina Hlavaty
01/13/2017 16:39:37
"I like that Dr. Faist lets me express my concerns and then we discuss them."
- Margaret Finelt
01/10/2017 15:34:33
"Love Brazos Bend, and all the employees, won't go anywhere else!"
- James Burns
01/01/2017 18:31:37
"Great service. Thanks for fitting us in. "
- Ida Gomez
12/30/2016 14:05:35
"Dr. Ross and Robin were superb making me feel at home again, and I can finally say I have found my dogs their vet in the Katy/Houston area! "
- Chelsea Matthews
10/31/2016 07:37:08
"Everyone from the front desk to the vet tech's and vets are wonderful. If an emergency were ever to arrive i would trust your group 100% with the care of my babies. Love that the vet's are not pushy with shot's that are not really needed, especially with older animals. Keep up the good work!"
- Cathy Caufield
10/24/2016 13:38:21
"I was very pleased with my visit with McCloud. Dr. Ross checked out the concerns I had and quickly provided the needed assurance that everything is okay. Her assistant is very good with my dog and very compassionate."
- Sharon Roebuck
10/22/2016 12:17:10
"Great! Dr. Ross takes wonderful care of my 3 furry kids. "
- Kristi Denardo
09/27/2016 12:55:40
"always a good experience with every visit. Dr's are compassionate, staff is very friendly and it always smells clean. "
- Lisa Morris
09/25/2016 20:53:14
"Great job with scheduling appointments I never have to wait long and the visits are organized and quick"
- Karin St. Andre
09/24/2016 08:27:02
"I appreciated Dr. Ross returning my phone call. Talking with her always gives me a better view of the situation."
- David/Donna Wood
09/22/2016 10:24:16
"Loving and Great service! Its like being family!!! 🤗💕"
- Norah Schulze
08/28/2016 19:32:00
"I am alway very impressed with the staff. You can tell they genuinely care about my pets. The vets are very knowledgeable. "
- Stacy Cloessner
08/26/2016 04:42:37
"I have used Brazos Bend for my little ones for 20 years. I think that pretty well says it all! J. Echols"
- Judith Echols
08/25/2016 15:31:43
"Always love the reception that my pets and I receive - whether arriving, checking out, or picking up one of our babies. Staff members are cordial, welcoming and knowledgeable. I also feel that my pets are in caring hands when I need to leave them. The vets call with updates. I can check on our babies when I need an update. Best vet that we've ever used!"
- Steven Schultz
08/25/2016 10:38:54
"Keep up the great work. You take extremely good care of our more than chubby calico."
- Sandy/Jan McCleskey
06/25/2016 07:40:41
"Great as usual, just love coming to Brazos Bend Animal Hospital, you feel like family and very caring"
- Cynthia/Rudolph Matousek
06/22/2016 17:49:18
"Very good. Very caring staff and doctors. "
- Stacy Cloessner
06/21/2016 22:16:20
"I always have a great experience the ladies at the front desk are all kind,caring and knowledgeable. "
- Katina Scott
06/20/2016 12:59:23
"Everyone is always extremely friendly and helpful and courteous."
- Ann Marie Briere
06/20/2016 06:45:31
"I was very pleased with service as always. The appointments are scheduled so there is no wait time. Also the fact that the pets don't have to "meet" many other patients. Sydney dog is nice and thinks all other dogs should like her so keeping her away from other dogs that are not as friendly is important."
- Rebecca Kinder
06/19/2016 20:50:36
"I appreciate you guys squeezing me in and helping care for my pets. You have very knowledgeable and helpful staff."
- Laura Johnson
06/01/2016 11:52:02
"Always the best care and experience!"
- Don Pate
05/29/2016 15:25:55
"you have always been great and provided excellent care to Cuddles"
- John Morton
05/29/2016 13:36:45
"Everyone is so personal and seems to care about my girls. I was especially suprised when Dr Ross worked with us on some pricing. We have never asked for a discount before, but it was nice to have a break on some big ticket stuff. We won't take our girls any where but Brazos Bend."
- Kaywin Davis
05/14/2016 21:58:13
"Excellent caring doctors! Treat you like family!!! So glad to have found you!"
- Norah Schulze
04/22/2016 11:32:45
- Fern Pickle
04/22/2016 11:14:27
"Dr. Ross, Dr. Faist & Brazos Bend Team You provide our animals with the best care and experience(s). Thank You for your professional services. Shelton & Shelby "
- Shelby Frey
04/22/2016 10:06:33
"Excellent "
- John Brandt
04/20/2016 20:52:30
"No issues or concerns. We and our pets always receive the utmost caring and concern."
- David Chambers
04/19/2016 15:03:39
"We've had nothing but great experiences when we go."
- Brian Slingerland
04/17/2016 21:15:57
- Suzan Stayshich
04/17/2016 16:55:42
"Excellent in all areas from dr. Ross to vet techs to front desk. "
- Kathy Johnston
04/17/2016 09:17:56
"friendliest staff!!! always smells clean when you walk in. so kind to our pet."
- Lisa Morris
04/15/2016 10:29:56
"always excellent service"
- Veve Hay
04/14/2016 15:32:51
"Everything is excellent every time I go there."
- Samuel/Carmen Martinez
04/14/2016 14:25:40
"Great - quick call back with lab results. Thoroughly explained options, including pricing. "
- Heather Ulmer
04/14/2016 13:31:15
"All was great...from the sweet vet tech to the always fantastic Dr. Ross. The doctor is thorough, caring and takes her time to examine my dog and answer all my question and concerns. "
- Samantha Martinez
04/12/2016 17:54:54
"Always great service "
- Stephanie Menut
04/12/2016 17:14:10
"Great! Always work my furry kids in when they are sick, and follow up with me afterwards."
- Kristi Denardo
04/11/2016 20:05:18
"Good vet care for my little four leg friends."
- Dwight Recht
04/09/2016 21:36:45
"Love the atmosphere and staff"
- Preston Broom
04/09/2016 15:38:50
"Great service & exam, excellent team. Thank you!"
- Sarah/Jason Schimmer
04/08/2016 07:34:04
"Tilly and I love coming here, it is family, every one is caring"
- Cynthia/Rudolph Matousek
04/07/2016 10:06:20
"The tech spent time with Kiff and I. Shared an understanding interest in Kiff's aversion to being there and his shyness. Recommended a variety of options for vaccines, elder exam, etc. Dr. Faist was gentle, concerned and always the professional. He took care of and really cared for Kiffie. You always want to share as much info as possible when you are there with your animal. Sometimes it is difficult to convey things concisely so I appreciate the patience everyone shows. As usual the front desk staff ROCKS! "
- Laura Solyom
03/14/2016 21:45:04
"You all were AMAZING. My cat Bodhi is a very sensitive little boy and so am I when it comes to him. However, the staff at Brazos Bend Animal Hospital made both of us very comfortable and took the best care of us! I am so glad I switched vets. Dr. Ross was incredible. I highly recommend your facility!!! <3 ('")('") =^.^="
- Kasha McCullough
02/22/2016 15:06:35
"This place is great I love the fact that they know my dog and are familiar with how she is "
- Caris Burns
02/22/2016 11:19:23
"I was very pleased with our visit. The girls at the desk were cordial and welcoming. They doted on our new puppy but gave equal attention to our older dog. The tech was knowledgeable and offered helpful info pertaining to our pets. Dr. Ross is the best! Not much more I can say there. I drive out of my way to keep coming back for quality care for my dogs. "
- Debbie Schultz
02/21/2016 21:12:21
"The staff is so friendly. The rooms are neat and clean. "
- June Domke
02/21/2016 18:16:20
"There are no complaints here. Everyone there has always taken excellent care of Rudy and gone out of their way to make sure I'm informed and taken care of as well."
- Karen Martin
02/21/2016 17:52:43
"Love the staff! Each person working at Brazos Bend is kind, compassionate, always professional! Can't ask for more than that. The facility is always clean. "
- Steven Schultz
02/19/2016 15:40:26
"You guys are the BEST!!!"
- June Windrow
02/16/2016 20:46:26
"Our experiences have been excellent, even during the times we have had a loved put down."
- Betsy Strong
02/16/2016 17:38:30
"Arial had great care and I was kept informed of what was going on"
- Caroline Leverette
02/16/2016 16:44:24
"The receptionist is very kind and welcoming. The doctor and her helper are very helpful and caring with my little dog. The waiting area and consultation room are very clean and inviting. "
- Samuel/Carmen Martinez
02/16/2016 14:43:09
"Easy to find your location- From entering the door until leaving, wonderful experience. Dr. Ross and staff I will recommend to others. Thank you for being non-clinical, I felt as if I had entered a home. Carolyn Hare"
- Carolyn Hare
02/15/2016 11:16:09
"Always receive great care and service!!! "
- Suzanne Martin
02/15/2016 10:11:02
- Nancy Treesh
02/12/2016 20:53:05
"I have always had a great experience. Price for services are reasonable, and Dr. ROSS has always been very thorough with examinations and informative. "
- David James
02/12/2016 20:00:00
"We are very happy and can't imagine any improvements to service and care. On our last visit P.C. Was actually happy and excited to be there ! "
- Christina Daw
02/12/2016 19:54:54
"very happy with your service and courteous staff"
- Nimesh/Chetna Patel
02/12/2016 11:50:45
"Well I am older and have a big beautiful golden retriever and I so appreciate the entire staff helping me get him in and out. He just thinks he's your only patient and that he's there for your love. Thank you"
- Marta Montreal
01/27/2016 18:51:57
"I was very pleased that Storm was able to get in to be looked at on such short notice being a first time patient. Everyone was very nice and courteous. I will definitely be bringing my dog when he is due for his yearly checkup in June."
- Charmayne Elizaldi
01/26/2016 15:04:03
"Yall are awesome! Really flexible "
- James Miller
01/26/2016 13:02:15
"I appreciate the time taken to help me understand what's going on with my pets and the different options for treatment. All the staff members that I've encountered have been very professional, kind, and caring. My girls love going for their visits. "
- Lilly Bonner
01/24/2016 14:38:31
"Doing great the staff is always friendly and helpful. Love them "
- Katina Scott
01/14/2016 15:19:36
"Everyone was very professional and helpful. I didn't have to wait at all, either."
- Marie Kunkel
01/13/2016 17:48:12
"The dr was great ! We were taken care of very quickly. Good experience"
- Kristi Mushinski
01/12/2016 18:21:14
"We always are pleased with the prompt, courteous and friendly service with your whole group!"
- Sandy/Jan McCleskey
01/09/2016 15:48:49
"I have NO complaints about the care of all of our pets. Our pets see doctor Ross and she is always caring. I have never had to wait and appointments and emergencies have been same day service."
- Rebecca Kinder
01/09/2016 12:25:52
"Very pleased for the last ten years."
- Wayne Johnson
01/09/2016 11:19:58
"You are doing great! Very kind and caring to my pets and to me and my husband."
- Carol Holton
01/08/2016 17:19:11
"First time visitor. Very clean and well organized. Good customer service, too."
- Michael/Jan McDonald
01/08/2016 11:21:17
"We love Brazos Bend Animal Hospital. Have been taking our dogs there since Sept. of 2002. Friendly and courteous staff."
- Jack Grimes
01/08/2016 10:06:09
"We have been coming in for the past 8 years. Bandit and Obie get the best care their and we have referred Brazos Bend to all our friends and family. Never have to wait and the dogs always receive the best care from the Doctors and the staff. Lucky to have you close by."
- Lavita Dehaven
01/05/2016 16:05:24
"We've been coming to Brazos Bend Animal Hospital since it first opened. We wouldn't go anywhere else. The vets are excellent and the techs are as well. The ladies at the front desk are friendly and efficient."
- Barbara Wyche
01/03/2016 23:25:42
"We have used you for years and are extremely happy with your service."
- Sharon Hart
01/01/2016 17:16:59
"Max and Nala always get the best care! Wouldn't go anywhere else. "
- Elizabeth Humberson
01/01/2016 14:05:36
"It was a great visit with our new puppy. The receptionist, Stephanie and Dr. Faist were all kind, patient, helpful and knowledgeable. They seemed to love Holly almost as much as we do. "
- Kim Linebaugh
01/01/2016 12:14:29
"Love you guys! Just the correct balance between excellent pet care and "common sense." I lost a beloved family member (cat) a few years ago and you guys showed the most incredible respect!"
- Isabella Darnell
12/29/2015 22:19:47
"Always an excellent experience at Brazos Bend!"
- Don Pate
12/29/2015 19:11:54
"You take excellent care of Maya and keep us informed. Thank you!!!"
- June Windrow
12/22/2015 20:11:12
"I felt very informed about the health of my pet & how to take care of him to keep him that way. I especially like having a written explanation of his visit and the findings. Dr. Ross is always excellent at answering my questions & calling me with test results. "
- David/Donna Wood
12/22/2015 16:18:19
"I have absolutely nothing bad to say! Dr. Ross has been treating my kitty Boo (who has stomatitis) for the past 4-5 years and I couldn't have asked for a better vet. Boo would have died if it weren't for Dr. Ross. We are beyond blessed to have found her and Brazos Bend when we did! Dr. Ross is extremely caring and educated, and the staff at BB are always so nice and thoughtful. I have and will continue to recommend this office to all of my family and friends that live in the PG area. "
- Stephanie/Denny Dantimo
12/22/2015 13:35:27
"You're doing great. We've always appreciated your professionalism, friendliness and quality care towards our pets. Thanks you. It is our pleasure to tell friends and anyone who asks about you. "
- Rick Wozniak
12/21/2015 20:25:19
"The Staff is very good and attentive, very quick at check out and make sure that everything was a pleasent visit. As far as the Doctors, they are GREAT!"
- Ginger Cutsinger
12/21/2015 08:10:23