"Professional and efficient personnel "
- Michael Lough
09/16/2019 12:44:19
"You folks are a great asset to the pet community. Whether it's a routine visit, an emergency slot for care, or end of life services, it's wonderful to know that ACA is my practice for all my needs "
- Sherri Wong
09/15/2019 12:35:25
"Staff is very professional. I don’t have any complaints. "
- Pam Priestley
09/13/2019 21:26:19
"I love dr. Patton. He’s so thorough and takes his time "
- Lesleigh Thompson
09/13/2019 16:23:55
"Great customer service and friendly staff!! They got my sick dog in the next day, and we're on time with the appointment! Thanks to everyone!! "
- Katie Jones
09/12/2019 22:37:23
"Charlie, Aka Mr. Chipps, has always been treated with so much love and attention. No better care can be given to my pup. Thanks "
- Ruth Browning
09/12/2019 20:01:13
"I think your doing excellent. I would recommend you folks to anyone needing your services."
- John Jones
09/10/2019 18:14:23
"Very friendly staff, liked they provided heading lamp for my daughter's Ball Python."
- Marcel Lazare
09/09/2019 10:04:23
"I brought my dog to get his Lyme prevention shot and a nail trim. Because he is an anxious dog I brought him between 1 and 3 as directed when there would be fewer people and fewer pets. I checked in and then waited in the car with my dog. Within a few minutes someone came to the door and I knew it was time to take my dog inside. He was taken back through the out door for his shot and a nail trim. I paid the bill and he was brought back to me near the outgoing door. It was a quick trip to get his shot and we were home quickly. Thank you for being able to do this for him and me. "
- Nancy Walker
09/08/2019 22:24:08
"Keep up the excellent service !"
- Carmencita Ramos
09/08/2019 16:25:23
"It is so nice to bring my Savannah’s there. Dr Slack is really good with all of them and they like her! The staff is always very nice and helpful, too!"
- Robin Sharp
09/08/2019 12:06:25
"So far so good. "
- Jessica Osborne
09/05/2019 22:29:38
"If we’re ever disappointed we’ll tell you. So far, nothing to tell. "
- Mary Hogue
09/05/2019 16:56:45
"The staff was extremely nice. They gave Lillie and Lacie animal crackers while we waited. Dr. Patton was running behind due to surgeries and emergencies. Even though he was tired, he was patient with Lillie and Lacie too."
- Norman & Dorinda Taylor
09/04/2019 14:24:46
"Love you guys! "
- Mary Cochran
09/04/2019 14:03:29
"So far, I have not had any bad experiences. All visits have gone well, and my dog seems pretty happy when we’re there. The people there have been wonderful and very caring."
- Debra Annand
09/03/2019 16:42:48
"I think you are doing a wonderful job."
- Bethany Brannon
09/03/2019 14:10:06
"Chloe is insane when it comes to get visits. The vet and staff did an amazing job with her. I forget how to spell the vets name, but she is wonderful!"
- Tammy Green
08/31/2019 17:54:55
"We love it here!"
- Mary Williams
08/31/2019 13:58:12
"Doing really good. Staff is very professional."
- Randall Parsons
08/31/2019 10:54:37
"Great vet practice and wonderful office staff!"
- Samee Gee
08/29/2019 15:25:08
"I was greatly impressed with the entire experience at Animal Care. I was extremely worried about my cat's health and the office did an amazing job keeping me updated. I felt that my pet was in extremely safe hands the entire time. I would recommend this office to anyone needing veterinary care for their pet. "
- Alex Poulsen
08/28/2019 23:10:04
"My family and I have been going there with our animals for years and we always have a great experience. The facility is always very clean and the employees are so welcoming and friendly. Thank you for all you do! "
- Diana Vorhees-Fishbaugh
08/28/2019 21:30:46
"Lovey just had a bath on this recent visit. She smelled good when I picked her up. No issues."
- Nancy Veazey
08/26/2019 20:58:21
"My cat was having an emergency and you guys immediately took him back to make sure he was stable, then got him seen by the vet. Thank you"
- Meredith Smith
08/26/2019 19:44:29
"Dr. Patton is the best around. My dog loves him! Dr. Patton treats him wonderfully!"
- Jodie Layden
08/26/2019 19:39:37
"The front office staff set the tone for the visit. They are very professional and helpful. "
- Sally Atkins
08/26/2019 18:51:53
"Excellent pet care, with staff, including vets, who take particular interest in my pet and suggest ways I can give her better care. Courteous and professional."
- Judith Schuda
08/26/2019 15:55:41
"Our visit was excellent. I was brought in on time and everyone was very professional. And they are great with all of our animals."
- Steve Rotsch
08/26/2019 15:44:21
"I would love weekend doctor hours. Thanks! "
- Heather Hutchens
08/26/2019 15:20:19
"Staff was upbeat an friendly, greeted me by name! Asked about my dog by name! There was so many items I needed, purchasing was accurate and quick! Always enjoy seeing all medical staff. Always leave with feeling delighted! Thank you!"
- Julie Caton
08/25/2019 02:04:39
"All's well! Friendly staff and nice facility! "
- Carol Hamilton
08/23/2019 23:26:14
"I have been coming to Animal Care Associates for over 15 years and you have always been excellent. Thank you for taking such good care of both Emma and Chyna and I look forward to the excellent care that Macey will receive. Thank you so much!"
- Ronald Massey
08/21/2019 20:12:29
"Our little doggie is quickly becoming more active by the day. Best service from a vet we have ever had along with the positive staff. We love coming to your place."
- Frances Fesenmaier
08/21/2019 19:57:42
"Everyone is so friendly & knowledgable. Love this place."
- Patty Morgan
08/21/2019 17:38:03
"I was pleasantly surprised when we picked up Piper and her blanket had been washed! Thanks so much!"
- Elizabeth Ford
08/19/2019 21:06:34
"I love the Doctors and Staff of Animal Care. I've never left unhappy :)"
- Pat Thomas
08/19/2019 16:47:20
"Ive only been once, but had a great experience."
- Doug Blevins
08/18/2019 21:41:51
"I didn't notice any irregularities or circumstances there would leave a negative impression on my visit."
- Linda & Don Wiseman
08/18/2019 03:03:05
"You all are doing just great. "
- Lynn Thomas
08/17/2019 20:51:08
"I appreciate your caring treatment of Kimmy. If the visit had moved along a little quicker it would have been helpful."
- Richard Nolan
08/17/2019 20:16:08
- Sharon Siebanoller
08/17/2019 18:12:49
"I love coming there. The staff is great and I just Love Dr. Patton!"
- Leah Abel
08/17/2019 16:47:14
"Always a pleasant experience. It may scare the people in the waiting room when the dr puts a towel around my African grey parrot and I figure she can be heard down the street when she squawks! Lol. "
- David Castleberry
08/17/2019 16:33:03
"Helpful, friendly service "
- Angela Scarberry
08/17/2019 15:41:04
"Laura and Courtney were extremely polite and attentive. The wait was longer than usual, but the lobby wasn’t full so our dogs weren’t too disruptive."
- Lee Ann Parsons
08/17/2019 15:33:15
"The staff has been great. We get in quickly and are seen even faster. Everyone is friendly. We love Animal Care Associates."
- Yeager Airport
08/17/2019 15:14:33
"Only complaint is I had to wait 45 minutes when I had an appointment scheduled. "
- Scott Fields
08/17/2019 14:02:19
"The only reason I gave 4 stars, instead of 5, is the wait time. My appointment was at 5, and we were not seen until almost 6. I understand the concept of patience and things happen. However, as a matter of courtesy to your customers if you are running that far behind, you should consider warning your customers when we arrive so we can make an informed decision on whether we want to wait that long or reschedule. I would’ve appreciated a warning because I had another appointment later in the evening that I missed. I would’ve simply rescheduled had I known you all up to an hour wait. "
- Kiara Carper
08/17/2019 10:23:57
"Good care from Dr. Patton as usual. He has always provided excellent treatment to our pets. We had a dog that lived to 18 1/2 and a cat that lived to 21. We know that Drs. Patton and Slack played a huge part in their good long lives."
- Kenneth Haynes
08/15/2019 01:51:02
"Excellent service, excellent care very professional very caring"
- Karen Taylor
08/14/2019 21:28:48
"Great! All summer long, while we were away, Poochini had his problems. I was on the phone a lot for Dr.Patton and always got an answer, advice, and prescriptions filled right away!"
- Andrea Digregorio
08/14/2019 13:05:18
"I had a good visit staff is friendly toward customers. The only thing I would work on is how they interact with each other. "
- Tammy Butterworth
08/12/2019 11:01:25
"all good"
- Tim Keegan
08/12/2019 01:57:25
"Wonderful as always!"
- Barbara Wilson
08/11/2019 23:40:33
"Everyone is very nice, but wait time is a little longer than necessary "
- Martha Ferrell
08/11/2019 17:21:42
"Everyone was happy and smiling. The receptionist did not see my appointment on the schedule, but I was not turned away. I was in and out in a very timely manner. It’s all good!"
- Michele Leary
08/10/2019 11:42:35
"I have been bring my pets to your office for at least 15 years. I absolutely love the care my animals get from Animal Care. I will be forever grateful for the care Dr. Patton gave to our dog Gus. His loss has been devastating and I can't express enough how much the sympathy care with personalized written notes meant to us when we lost Gus. We are pleased with the recent surgery and ongoing recovery of our dog Tilly."
- Darlene Norman
08/09/2019 21:28:43
"I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything was perfect. "
- Michelle Peck
08/08/2019 18:30:56
- Roger Swadley
08/08/2019 01:02:12
"Doing great job. Professional and personable."
- Sherrie Burdette
08/07/2019 21:27:18
"My dogs are always well cared for and nice and clean when I pick them up! And the staff folks are always professional and very sweet. I’m very grateful for Animal Care Associates!"
- Jeanne Cochran
08/07/2019 16:37:03
"I was happy with the care Cica got. She was really anxious when I picked her up but I expected that. She is seldom out of my sight, I even take to church with me every Sunday."
- Annette Zavareei
08/06/2019 20:29:56
"I have always had exceptional care. "
- Vickie Langford
08/06/2019 03:45:26
"Great service. Pam and Lara (sp?) are very sweet. Also, my cats had to stay over an extra night following their surgery. I was kindly not charged for the extra day."
- Drew Inman
08/04/2019 03:00:31
"Absolutely the best around!!!"
- Joseph Deskins
08/03/2019 20:32:11
"Great "
- Patti Youse
08/02/2019 18:46:33
"It seems there are a lot of new staff that are still learning. Understandable, but not as convenient. Also, wait time for an appointment has been increasing over time. Right now, I am waiting over 2 weeks for an annual exam. "
- Sarah Smith
08/01/2019 21:40:33
"I and our pets have always been treated properly. We have received friendly and caring response to our needs on every visit. Thanks and keep up the good service you have provided."
- Robert Duty
08/01/2019 20:37:50
"Dr. Webster is the best, is very caring and patient when dealing with my parrot."
- Denise Hight
07/31/2019 22:06:37
"Everyone is always nice and polite. The office is very clean. After one of my cats had an accident in her carrier, they took her to the back, cleaned her up and brought her back to me. I recently lost my oldest cat and the doctors and staff are all very sensitive and compassionate. "
- Deborah Phillips
07/31/2019 01:55:33
"Every member of the staff at Animal Care has been great. Recently I boarded my cat Pepper. While I was away I remembered that Pepper was due to get her flea and tick meds while she was there and I had not packed it for her. So I called and the person I spoke with made sure that she would get her meds while she was there. When I picked Pepper up, she was happy, so she obviously had gotten enough attention; she gets insulin 2x/day, and they made sure I went home with her insulin. Good experience."
- Ann Knebel
07/29/2019 22:33:18
"Couldn’t ask for more."
- Cynthia Hastings
07/29/2019 18:57:46
"I have nothing bad to say about Animal Care Associates, we love them! Dr Slack is just amazing, really goes above and beyond for her clients. We would recommend this business to anyone. "
- Cayce Cook
07/29/2019 18:41:08
"Doing great. We have had no problems over the years. "
- Beverly Kourey
07/29/2019 18:40:42
"We could not be happier with the care our Bella received. She’s a nervous little dog and everyone at Animal Care Associates made us feel comfortable and welcomed. You have went above and beyond anything we expected and we are so happy to have you caring for Bella!"
- Michelle Nelson
07/27/2019 14:30:04
"Always a great experience. I have been coming to Animal Care for many years and have always been treated with kindness no matter the issue. The thoughtfulness to those who are losing or have lost their pets is wonderful."
- Cheryl Higginbotham
07/26/2019 10:59:38
"Everything is wonderful."
- Sonia Kinder
07/26/2019 02:11:46
"I have always loved bringing my fur babies here. Excellent care"
- Charmaine Mullins
07/25/2019 22:22:21
"The doctor was thorough and offered appropriate explanations. Wait time was acceptable."
- Ann Morris
07/25/2019 18:47:20
"The staff is always kind, caring and helpful. I highly recommend you to everyone. "
- Brent Wood
07/25/2019 16:27:06
"I have no complaints! Everyone was super nice and Dr Webster was so kind and gentle with my kittens."
- Louise Morgan
07/24/2019 20:27:06
"The check out area is difficult to negotiate when trying to pay and hold onto your dog. Mine wanted to enter the staff area or exit via the door while I was paying and I couldn't keep her on a short leash as I had to reach the counter top."
- Carol Webster
07/24/2019 17:35:02
"Staff was friendly. Quick in and out. 15 minutes in total. These guys are always very professional. "
- Shree Pokharel
07/24/2019 13:37:36
"You’re doing Great!"
- Brent Watson
07/23/2019 21:43:24
"We are very pleased and greatful for your help in caring for our precious Molly. Thank you so much! Sally and Dale Monk"
- Dale Monk
07/23/2019 17:50:17
"Very good"
- Mark Carbone
07/23/2019 17:09:30
"I’ve always had good care for my pets with Animal Care. Everyone is very nice and helpful. "
- Darla Spencer
07/23/2019 16:58:19
"We have always received excellent care from Dr Patton and staff. We love you guys!!"
- Elisha Teel
07/22/2019 01:40:57
"Our family has used Animal Care Associates for many years and have always been very satisfied. Keep up the good work."
- Joseph Carney
07/20/2019 20:43:13
"Thank you for taking extra care with my dog, who gets over -excited around other dogs!"
- Jane Shepherd
07/20/2019 16:23:29
"I love u guys! Dr. Webster is the best! He really seems to like my Cooper. He takes time with us and I appreciate that. I love Pam also she is good to call me and keep me informed it really means a lot to be treated a little special. Two thumbs up!"
- Wendy Craddock-Scott
07/19/2019 23:32:01
"The only complaint I have is that I called twice and was put on hold. The first time was over 5 minutes and I finally hung up. I was ordering Leo's food. It would be so much easier to have a way to do that online on your website!"
- Jo Stone
07/19/2019 10:20:11
"Everything was nice. My only suggestion would maybe be a “puppy packet” or “pet packet” for new pets for the owners first time visit...just a welcoming touch :) "
- Beth Tate
07/19/2019 02:35:08
"You guys are awesome. Tell Dr Patton thanks for saving Socrates’ life 10 years ago when he ate the sewing needles. Brian "
- Brian Casey
07/18/2019 23:09:50
"Friendly and quick service."
- Michele Kuhn
07/18/2019 22:15:07
"I am new pet owner. Due to severe PTSD I was given an ESA by the VA. Chloe (my ESA) suffers from separation anxiety. I’m happy to report that we are both very pleased with your office and the entire staff. They treat Chloe very well and are always friendly and helpful. Thanks-we both appreciate you very much!!"
- Amy Dorsey
07/16/2019 17:56:48
"We appreciate all the office staff as well as Dr. Patton. We feel Sherman is in great hands. "
- Janice Stevens
07/15/2019 22:12:11
"The service is good, but the services are definitely overpriced "
- Chanin Krivonyak
07/15/2019 18:10:15
"Everytime I make appointment I get in immediately! I work 10 hour shifts so the hours to drop off/pick up are extremely helpful to me!"
- Christina Parsley
07/15/2019 15:32:37