"Dr Levy and the entire team ate outstanding. Thank you. "
- Lisa Holden
12/06/2018 03:12:08
"Veterinarians and staff are always engaged and responsive to my pets needs. They take an active interest in both me and my pets. Sid"
- Sid Lacoste
12/05/2018 22:22:56
"Our dog Roux is so full of energy but loves Doc Levy and everyone at the Lakeview Veterinary Hospital. Thanks for always treating our dogs as family."
- Jeannie Tidy
12/05/2018 20:37:14
"Dr Goldman is wonderful. But we love the whole staff . "
- Lora Hebert
12/03/2018 05:44:43
"The girls had a great time!"
- Beverly Haslauer
12/02/2018 17:16:49
"Everything was great as usual. "
- Joey Fallas
11/29/2018 13:39:54
"Dr. Admire and Kate were so patient with me and all of the questions I had about my old kitty girl. They made me feel comfortable with the exams that took place by explaining everything as they went. Dr. Admire did not pressure me to get lab work done, but gave a friendly suggestion, which was very appreciated and I’m glad that I took her advice. I look forward to bringing my 2 babies back to her. Both Dr. Admire and Kate made me feel like my pet was important, and I couldn't ask for anything more. "
- Miranda McLain
11/28/2018 02:25:47
"each staff member is excellent!"
- Joan Ellen Young
11/26/2018 03:03:44
"Dr Guichard is amazing. You can definitely tell she truly loves the pets. She explained everything thoroughly. She is the best veterinarian I’ve ever seen and trust her with my baby and value her recommendations and suggestions. "
- Cathy Sutton
11/25/2018 15:08:52
"Being able to make an appointment online after office hours is so convenient. Dr. Levy and staff are the best! "
- Sandra Roach
11/25/2018 14:02:31
"Lakeview is the best"
- Susan Neely
11/21/2018 04:42:18
"You all are GREAT!!!!!"
- Muriel Cassibry
11/21/2018 02:15:30
"Very happy with everything and everybody "
- Dione Makofsky
11/15/2018 19:48:36
"I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else, and I am always recommending Lakeview Vet to family and friends!"
- Beth Pasnewski
11/15/2018 19:26:41
"Great pet care! Thanks!"
- Michael Dupuis
11/07/2018 23:39:43
"I have been coming to Lakeview Veterinary Hospital for over 18 years and I have the utmost trust in all of the doctors here. I always leave feeling confident that my pet has received excellent care. Dr. Levy is amazing and I value his years of knowledge and wisdom. He has not steered me in the wrong direction in 18 years. He also has a very good bedside manner which I appreciate for both my pet and myself. He always manages to make me calm and relieves any anxieties I may have due to whatever is going on with my pet."
- Angela Thompson
11/05/2018 18:24:18
"Love Dr. Levy! He is the best!"
- Janet Turner
11/02/2018 00:31:45
"Always great service from the front. Always loving care from our vet Dr. Ward. My dog loves getting his treats from all of the ladies. "
- Ethan Hales
10/30/2018 00:49:02
"I’ve been bringing my pets to Lakeview Vet for over 18 years! That’s because I trust the doctors and everyone at Lakeview cares about the animals."
- Edward Hebert
10/25/2018 23:58:10
"Y’all are awesome! Xyla is one happy pup! "
- Gavin Menzato
10/25/2018 20:35:52
"I can't say enough about Lakeview Veterinary! I love boarding my cat there, the ladies at the front desk are always personable and helpful, and the doctors are extremely competent in addition to being sensitive with our pets."
- Julie Kish
10/25/2018 13:27:18
"We love LVH! Keep up the good work."
- Robert Durand
10/24/2018 18:09:48
"Dr. Ward went above & beyond what I would expect. She spent a great deal of time explains the options I had for treating my 15 year old cat. She called me to follow up during her time off. Thank you very much"
- Erin Schmidt
10/23/2018 02:52:44
"Love Lakeview Vet - we always have a positive experience even when we don’t (sickness or death of a loved pet), staff are always compassionate and kind. My only complaint is that I live on the other side of town and it takes quite awhile to get there (a real first-world problem :) ) but I am willing to make the drive. Thanks for all you do for us and our pets!"
- Jenifer Drake
10/22/2018 20:42:04
"Our tiny (6 pound) much-beloved 9 year old dog is very attached to my husband and me, and often can be heard crying when we leave the house. However, she loves her visits to Lakeview Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Gary Levy. The LVH staff are so kind to her when we travel that we have no misgivings about leaving her in their loving care. She is always happy during her kennel time at LVH and is in great condition when we come back for her. Not only does LVH provide outstanding, cutting edge veterinary medical service, it also provides the nurturing, caring people who give us the confident knowledge that our dog will get the love and care in its custody that she receives at home. Thank you to Dr. Levy and his outstanding staff!"
- Norris Williams
10/17/2018 20:03:57
"i love u all and so does nubs....."
- Robin Phillips
10/16/2018 14:20:08
"Everything was great. Lola doing well with her minty fresh breath. "
- Kathy Barnett
10/16/2018 02:20:47
"Always a good experience with appointment."
- Charmaine Carrere
10/14/2018 21:16:26
"Lakeview Veterinary Hospital rocks!! I love this place"
- Clare Giesen
10/11/2018 23:37:22
"Every member of the staff was so kind and polite. They greeted me with a smile and made me feel like a part of the LVH family. "
- Janna Carroll
10/10/2018 15:30:46
"Dr Clare rocks!!! And so does Nancy!!"
- Rachael Dyer
10/10/2018 13:46:21
"Lakeview Vet Hospital = best! (Great vets, great staff,...just glad Paulette and i have access to Lakeview Vet Hospital) 🐶👴🏻👍🏻"
- Russell Favre
10/09/2018 13:41:44
"Always appreciate the fine care and service."
- Thomas Perlic
10/06/2018 17:16:57
"The front desk receptionists were very nice. I had little wait time. Dr.Guichard is the very best - so knowledge and kind. The techs were great, too! I love Lakeview Vet!"
- Rachael Hagstette
10/06/2018 12:45:34
"The service and care is always great. I know my pets will get the loving and incredibly competent care. "
- Mark Smith
10/04/2018 11:42:51
"I love being a new client at Lakeview Vet. Everyone is always friendly and helpful. My dog walks in wagging her tail and walks out the same way."
- Bonnie Waters
10/02/2018 19:51:07
"Most caring and responsive veterinary team! From receptionist to vet, they are caring, capable, professional and most of all, the follow through is 150% I’ve never had a call unreturned or a request denied. Oh, and the multi tasking amongst the vets is great. They all know each other’s case loads so your repeat offender pet issues don’t require a learning curve during treatment. "
- Dawnne Keeney
09/30/2018 03:22:06
"Nico loves going to stay at Lakeview Veterinary Hospital for his "time away from home". His tail always wags happily entering the doors and in greeting his friends there. Thank you for all the love and care he receives."
- Louise Gane
09/29/2018 22:23:15
"We were referred by a friend and have referred you to two friends! We love it! "
- MaryEllen Looney
09/28/2018 17:53:57
"Our family has a long history with Lakeview Veterinary Hospital and its staff members (receptionists, technicians, and doctors) over the years and have always been more than satisfied. Bonnie and Harold Theard"
- Bonnie Theard
09/28/2018 17:24:27
"Everyone is always helpful and friendly"
- Linda Kelly
09/28/2018 14:48:56
"We are well pleased with the attention the doctors give us and take of our dog ,where she feels comfortable and safe for her examination.Even the young lady that takes her to the room also has a special friendly touch that lets the dog calm down and relax from shaking.Thanks"
- Frank Meydrich
09/27/2018 15:50:23
"We cannot begin to fully describe how grateful we are to have Lakeview Vet in our community. Dr. Guichard is exemplary. Her talent and experience are exceeded only by her compassion and love for her patients. She never makes any one feel rushed and takes the time to listen to any concerns we had about a bump or cough, examine Allie and then fully explain her diagnosis to us in a way we could fully understand. Dr. Guichard never hesitates to go the extra mile for her patients. "
- Richard Weigand
09/26/2018 16:45:09
"I really appreciate the way Dr Ward and her assistant treated Lady. Both competent and loving."
- Allen Freedman
09/22/2018 15:52:20
"We have had consistently excellent care for our pets since 1989. Dr. Levy and his staff have cared for five dogs and four cats over that period of time, and we still drive to Lakeview for vet care even though we now live in Mid City. Thank you for seeing Gwendolyn yesterday at the last minute."
- Pam Rieth
09/19/2018 21:19:28
"Great staff!"
- Jim Sierra
09/18/2018 16:43:16
"Love Lakeview Veterinary Hospital! Great staff and doctors!"
- Jerry Maddox
09/12/2018 16:58:35
"A very friendly and caring atmosphere. I knew my dog was in good hands! Thank you all very much. "
- Daphne Barry
09/11/2018 20:24:03
"Been coming to y’all for years and always excellent care. Y’all truly care for animals."
- Dee Boling
09/09/2018 19:20:06
"Thank you for fitting me in on a Saturday when I called the day of! I know how busy it can get when you have your regular schedule and then people adding to it the day of. There was excellent care, and I feel better about my cat’s infection!"
- Melissa Scroggin
09/09/2018 18:03:02
"I haven't seen Miss Nancy in a while. It was great to see her smiling face as we entered the door. A big thank you for fitting us in to take care of my fur baby."
- Linda Gunderson-Vamprine
09/06/2018 23:23:33
"Very nice people "
- Renee Pellegrin
09/06/2018 06:09:39
"Staff and service always A+!"
- Shannon Pfeiffer
09/02/2018 22:20:50
"Zelda looks beautiful!"
- Paige Lemieux
08/30/2018 23:45:29
"Great vets! Wonderful staff. "
- Ramiro Guerra
08/28/2018 21:55:19
"The Saturday hours are such an asset for me to be able to pick up pet food or Revolution or make an appointment if really necessary"
- Michele Collins-Jones
08/28/2018 19:29:06
"Professional, friendly, efficient office - love this place."
- Ellen Schexnider
08/23/2018 12:44:57
"I feel the staff of Lakeview love my pets as much as I do. "
- Kay Donnelly
08/22/2018 18:13:40
"Thank you for taking care of Sammy and for loving him!"
- Diana Mann
08/22/2018 09:30:44
"The staff is always friendly, professional and kind. It is easy to see that they care about your pet. It is nice to know that when you have to board your pet they will take very good care of them. "
- Randy Adams
08/20/2018 20:47:38
"Always excellent service and care. My vet for life. "
- Thomas Newman
08/08/2018 01:39:44
"Dr. Guichard is AWESOME!! "
- Kitrina Cordell
08/08/2018 00:11:21
"Great service as always!"
- Jean-Paul Escudier
08/07/2018 18:23:49
"I scare every time I bring BeBe. She getting old, but Dr. Levy always makes her feel better and me toooooooooo !!"
- Marie Weatherspoon
07/13/2018 12:59:24
"Enjoyed the text updates while we were out of town. Felt like I could trust donut was being cared for."
- Sharon Saltaformaggio
07/13/2018 02:34:40
"Tremendous service, friendly, caring and compassionate staff and doctors. Wouldn’t take my pets anywhere else!"
- Jeanne Ippolito
07/08/2018 04:40:30
"My rabbit and I had a great experience and she’s feeling much better "
- John Freiberg
07/07/2018 13:24:47
"Thank you for always treating us like family and taking care of our sweet girl Duchess!! Your kindness does not go unnoticed. "
- Heather DeHart
07/06/2018 05:47:23
"Every visit is a pleasure "
- Maria Pisaneschi
07/06/2018 02:56:12
"I recommend everyone I can to Lakeview Vet! Never disappointed and they truly care for my dog."
- Jourdan McSweeney
07/05/2018 22:20:32
"We are treated like family!🐶"
- Judy Dennis
07/05/2018 21:29:15
- Dianna Rapier
07/03/2018 13:51:59
"Great pet care!!"
- Chip Delcorral
06/12/2018 13:20:08
"This was the second major surgery Dr. Goldman performed on Kimmie. He is Awesome!"
- Cheryl Paige
06/11/2018 21:19:21
"We have entrusted our kitties care to y’all for many years now and really appreciate the personal care we always receive. My kitties are normally the sweetest kitties on the planet but freak out coming to the vet. Your staff always knows what to do and treats them with kindness and reassures me! Aiden had a little issue following sedation but Regina took the time not just to talk to Dr Guichard but initiated a call back to me on Saturday to check on him. We came in for another exam on Saturday and thankfully he seems to be getting better. The personal interest in your pet is what makes your clinic so wonderful. As a nurse of 42 years, I appreciate the tender loving care for Aiden, Harry and their mom! Thanks to everyone! Marirose Bernard"
- Marirose Bernard
06/11/2018 00:16:22
"We boarded our two dogs for an extended period and they were well taken care of. "
- Vicky Barbier
06/09/2018 15:40:03
"I can not say enough great things about Lakeview Vet. From the front desk staff fitting me in when my pet was sick to Dr. Levy’s exceptional professional care. This is the only place I trust to bring my boys! "
- Gina Whiteman
06/05/2018 19:45:42
"Dr Guichard was very gentle and caring for our cats’ exams. Thank you"
- Selma Hawk
06/02/2018 19:48:36
"I always feel we are taken care of with care and never rushed to finish until all our questions are answered..................."
- Anthony Alexander
06/01/2018 19:19:00
"y'all were able to fit me in on the same day i called for an appt. Everyone was very polite and upbeat and acted caring towards my cat. Dr. Guichard seemed knowledgeable and explained well the directions i needed to follow after i left."
- Erin Murphy
05/31/2018 19:00:40
- Janee Tucker
05/31/2018 12:14:21
"Dr Guichard is the best person on this planet! "
- Juliet Meeks
05/31/2018 04:09:27
"This place is the best. Wish I had found it years ago. Wouldn’t change for the world. Dr. Goldman has been treating my baby and he is wonderful. "
- Lora Hebert
05/25/2018 22:33:26
"I have been a client at Lakeview vet for more than 10 years now. Now on the second generation of pets. Dr. Guichard is wonderful, and my pets never freak out with her, which is amazing! Wouldn't want to go anywhere else."
- Kerstin Honer Zu Bentrup
05/24/2018 21:16:29
"Always a pleasure dealing with Lakeview Vet. Always so friendly and caring."
- Stephanie Crescioni
05/21/2018 16:49:56
"NOLA (the bunny) and I love you guys! I am always put at ease while away from Nola bc of the attention and love you give to him! The texts each day and occasional photos of my baby bunny make being away so much easier! THANK YOU!!!"
- Christine McBride
05/10/2018 21:54:37
"I always feel that Harry gets excellent care at the hospital."
- Josh Abelson
05/09/2018 19:23:23
"The flexibility and willingness to accommodate us was super! Thank you so much for the TLC -- to both my dog and me!!"
- Lucia Hammer
05/09/2018 16:16:05
"I love Lakeview vet. You guys have always been there for Bubble & I. I referred lakeview vet to my friends Leila & Malcolm - for their dog Hoagie, and I’m pretty sure they see you guys!"
- Zoey Akin
05/09/2018 14:49:31
"It's a very happy place, and within reason, the pets probably think so, too!"
- Ninette Brierre
05/08/2018 12:45:01
"Most of the employees already know Debbie, and Debbie is treated like the "Queen" she is!"
- Robert Turner
05/08/2018 11:47:13
"5 Star clinic and awesome customer service from everyone employed there. Many thanks!"
- Patricia Rowan
05/04/2018 16:09:12
"The staff was great as always. "
- Joyce Dolley
04/28/2018 04:12:04
"Everyone is always so friendly and helpful at Lakeview! Thank you!"
- Julie Kish
04/27/2018 21:12:05
"Dr. Goldman was awesome. It was out first time seeing him at Lakeview Vet. He explained everything and was very understanding of budgets and needs. Great office and staff!"
- Lauren Laxton
04/24/2018 13:53:30
"Drs are amazing!"
- Amy Burdette
04/24/2018 02:37:15
"Staff at the front desk were friendly and knew my pet's name. The medical staff were informative and followed through with a phone call regarding my pet's test results."
- Wendy DeMers
04/18/2018 16:44:40
"We love Lakeview Vet and highly recommend it! They show Boudin so much attention, love, and care. "
- Lauren Casey
04/15/2018 16:04:20
"Kind conscientious service from all staff."
- Lynne Metcalfe
04/14/2018 22:25:37
"Dr Guichard is the best! She provides really good care for my babbies. 😊 and I absolutely adore Ms Nancy, she's a sweetheart! "
- Catrice Collins
04/14/2018 16:23:25