"The staff is always beyond friendly and we are always in and out quicker than expected. We love this clinic! "
- Lori Stevenson
04/04/2017 13:29:16
"We love Lakeview veterinary!"
- Robert Haik
04/01/2017 21:34:36
"Our Nicki has been to the same vet her entire life. He is unable to practice now due to health issues. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Levy and Lakeview Veterinary Hospital for taking us in so quickly when Nicki was not her usual self earlier this week. I am happy to have a new vet for Nicki who is in our neighborhood for annual vaccines as well as any issues that may arise. Thank You!"
- Paula Rangel
03/29/2017 13:14:41
"I'm very happy to have the staff taking care on my babies. They are very important to me and I can trust and ask questions about anything."
- Brandi Gray
03/27/2017 14:14:55
"I love all y'all and so does Earl🐢 Doctor Guichard, is always a charm ever time me and my sulcata go there, I proudly refer you all to others and enjoy my visits there always True animal lovers "
- Robert Meyer
03/26/2017 14:40:43
"The staff is so friendly and helpful they answer all of my questions and they treat my animal with so much love and respect. THE VET now she is just perfect! Everything I could ever hope for👏"
- Cameron Perschall
03/23/2017 12:41:30
"Dr. Ward is very knowledgeable, kind, and loving. She takes the time to answer my questions and listens to my concerns. Always a pleasure visiting with her. "
- Ethan Hales
03/22/2017 21:09:44
"I've been to a great many vets while traveling around the United States. Molly has special needs and all my questions were answered with great advice an exceptional professionalism"
- Suzan McCartney
03/18/2017 14:46:05
"Everyone at LVH has been great to work with....we've had to come see his regular vet, fill-in vet, emergency visit......everyone has been great! His vet techs are great too..."
- Al Lizano
03/16/2017 15:31:41
"Always professional and helpful. I love Lakeview Vet!"
- Patty Martin Broussard
03/15/2017 13:35:38
"I acouldnt be more pleased in any way. Thank you!"
- Gail Freese
03/14/2017 16:19:00
"Thank you so much for taking good care of our furry baby. She's doing better. I live in FL now but you cared for my dogs. My mom needed a vet for her dog and you were an easy choice for excellent care. Thanks so much for everything! "
- Patrice Vance
11/28/2016 16:33:46
"Dr. Gary Levy is hands down the best vet I have ever taken a pet to for treatment. He is kind, gentle, takes his time and has sincere concern and care for your animal. He does not need to be reminded of your pet's medical history and his recall is notable. The receptionists are always very friendly and smiling. The techs are also helpful and gentle. I truly recommend this vet hospital. We live in the Lower Garden District and travel to Lakeview for our pet's care. Very, very happy customers!"
- Jeanne Stephens
11/28/2016 15:14:36
"Miss Kitty is very tempermental, but the staff takes the time to deal w/ her gently. "
- Melissa Swindler
11/28/2016 13:54:02
"Dr. Levy is a wonderful, compassionate doctor. We are so happy to have found him!"
- Jody Juneau
11/21/2016 08:36:58
"Dr levy jr was very kind and helpful with treatment choices."
- Simone Bienvenu
11/13/2016 18:43:53
"We love Dr. Guichard. She is the best!"
- Stephen Villavaso
11/11/2016 21:42:23
"Love our vet and the staff!!"
- Michael Mays
11/07/2016 07:18:58
"Great staff, great environment!"
- Helen Febry
11/04/2016 14:07:11
"Shannon ( Grooming Services) was terrific! Blaise is very uncomfortable with the grooming process and she was very kind when we discussed his initial reaction to her. I truly appreciated her time and efforts in calling me back to set my mind at ease by confirming that she was able to get a better response from him. We absolutely will be coming back because of Shannon's professionalism and ability to make a new friend! "
- Tiffany Carter
11/03/2016 12:43:12
"I have always valued Lakeview's expertise and personal level of attention, but after a brief and unplanned experience with another clinic (surgery performed on emergency basis while I was on vacation and my dog at a kennel), I appreciate the family atmosphere and personal care all the more acutely! "
- Daniel Samuels
11/01/2016 14:26:32
" As. always the front desk people were wonderful, the tech helping Dr. Gary levy was wonderful and of course Dr. Levy was fabulous. "
- Nancy Kearney
10/28/2016 12:42:12
"Dr Levy and staff are terrific! There is never a long wait and the staff is always helpful when Voodoo is in need of meds."
- Steven Marsella
10/24/2016 15:34:47
"Dr. Levy is not only an amazing, caring Vet, but he is also great with people who bring their pets to him."
- Jennifer Trepagnier
10/21/2016 15:31:27
"Thank you for taking such great care of Coco! It was her first time, and I felt that she was in great hands! thank you!"
- Amelia Bennett
10/21/2016 14:35:21
"Lakeview Veterinary has always provided our dog Lucky with superior care and attention from each member of the staff and the veterinarians. I heartily recommend Lakeview to my family and friends."
- Dwan Hilferty
10/18/2016 15:26:49
"Always great"
- Monte Labatut
10/13/2016 20:55:12
"Big fan of Dr. Claire Guichard! "
- Thomas Newman
10/13/2016 14:35:51
"you took my dog in she had been hit by a car.....quick....checked her out great people grest vet"
- John Lavie
10/13/2016 14:34:35
"We love Dr. Guichard!"
- Emily Liuzza
10/12/2016 09:20:58
"Excellent personnel wonderful office and caring staff"
- Diane Centanni
10/11/2016 22:13:11
"I thought that I was going to lose my little Timone, and then I found out on the internet that your clinic treated rabbits. Thank you all for saving my little rabbit. He is very important and dear to me. Bless you all !"
- Gloria Cuadrado
10/11/2016 19:17:34
"I am very pleased with the service and care of my pets that you have provided"
- Margaret Raziano
10/09/2016 11:51:54
"Good first vet experience! We look forward to going back!"
- Theresa Truxillo
10/07/2016 14:11:04
"We love Lakeview Veterinary Hospital!!!"
- Jerry Maddox
10/04/2016 11:30:39
"Always a great experience!!!!"
- Gay Ford
10/04/2016 10:56:03
"My rabbits have been to see Dr. Guichard before, and she is the best. I've even had to call her for an emergency once and she responded quickly. Today I brought a bunny in for a nail clip and was seen as soon as I arrived. The technician was great; your office staff is friendly and efficient. I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else."
- Mary Ryan
09/28/2016 19:42:13
"Great place with great people!"
- John Jorgensen
09/26/2016 08:57:22
"We love everything about your office. We come to see Dr. Levy from Destrehan! "
- Julia Allen
09/25/2016 10:00:37
"Dedicated, friendly, professional staff always making the visit enjoyable. Thank you. "
- Ian Newton
09/22/2016 15:43:23
"Dr. Clare Grichard is just the best vet ever, She is so good to my dog and treats her with lots of TLC. Jenny and I are so lucky to have her as a vet."
- Clare Giesen
09/18/2016 20:43:10
"Dr. Guichard is the best! She always takes great care of my dog!"
- Rachael Hagstette
09/17/2016 13:00:39
"Love the caregivers!!!!!"
- Gail Lewis
09/16/2016 15:10:41
"I have always been more than satisfied with the service and care received. "
- Bonnie Theard
09/13/2016 16:14:58
"Very grateful that Dr. Matt was able to see Cedric on such short notice before the weekend. I felt much better that his paw was only irritated, not infected, and he was very gentle when checking my big sweet, gentle scaredy cat and giving him his overdue rabies vaccination. He also answered all my questions about his asthma and reassured me that he was doing OK even with a (very rare) nasty attack a few days ago. I love that even when Dr. Gary Levy isn't in, I can trust that my cats are in very good, caring hands with Dr. Claire Guichard, Dr. Matt Levy or any other vets at Lakeview Veterinary Hospital."
- Helen Sigur
09/11/2016 12:23:39
"The service and quality of treatment is always awesome we love Dr Levy and everyone else he's the best!"
- Kenny Evola
09/10/2016 10:24:38
"Dr. Guischard is wonderful as well as the staff at the front desk. Tx for everything. Sharlotte Denny"
- Sharlotte Denny
09/08/2016 13:11:49
"The wait was about what I expected only because I never wait long to see the doctor, even when we arrive a little early! The care that we receive at lakeview vet is outstanding. Even when we moved out to Jefferson, we still bring Chuck there because of the doctors and the staff. They have all been so welcoming, friendly, knowledgable, and help to calm my nerves when something inevitably happens to Chuck. I thank everyone there for the wonderful job that you do. I promise it does not go unnoticed!"
- Ashleigh Castro
08/31/2016 10:04:43
"We love Lakeview! They have very supportive and helpful with various challenges we have had with our pets. I highly recommend them!"
- Julie Kish
08/26/2016 16:15:05
"Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Sphynx! You were so patient and kind, putting this new Sphynx owner's mind at ease. We are so glad to have found a vet who takes such great care of our baby. "
- Valerie Breaux
08/24/2016 19:34:59
"I wouldn't bring my reptiles anywhere else. Everyone is very helpful and polite every time I come in with a question or issue."
- Cody Loggins
08/24/2016 09:23:17
"You know I love y'all!"
- Karen Jakiela
08/16/2016 15:57:42
"Dr Levy was so gentle and loving with Gigi "
- Leeann Dubois
08/13/2016 14:01:23
"It seems like everybody really cares about fixing up my puppy - it is certainly appreciated!"
- Jenifer Drake
08/10/2016 14:11:45
"We love Dr Clare!! She is the best!!!"
- Jeffrey St. Romain
08/07/2016 15:42:30
"We love Dr Guichard and the front desk staff is always welcoming and takes good care of us when we call with questions too."
- Ashley Galarneau
08/07/2016 14:39:15
"Lakeview Vet is amazing!! From the techs to the receptionists, everyone is so nice and Dr. Guichard is the best!"
- Charles Pierson
08/07/2016 11:08:03
"Lakeview Vet is awesome and Dr. Guichard is an excellent vet. They always take wonderful care of my cat, Gumbo. They also provided excellent care of my previous cat, Ares. I feel very fortunate to be a client!"
- Maria Pisaneschi
08/04/2016 08:28:46
"Great People and Service."
- Charmaine Carrere
08/01/2016 08:02:07
"Dr. Matt and his assistant were excellent, completely first class and would trust them with our other two pets, Lagniappe, our Shih Tzu and Pop Tart, out new orange tabby. Thanks again!"
- Greg Coe
07/30/2016 16:44:59
"Dr. Guichard is a very important part of my dog's life. I wouldn't trust anyone else with Odette's care. The staff at the front desk always greet us when we walk in and know exactly who Odette is. I feel like she is important to your staff and that means a lot to me. I recommend lakeview vet to all of my friends and family."
- Emily Wester
07/29/2016 15:16:47
"Nigel love the "Aunt Nancy". All the vets and staff are so friendly and put you at ease."
- Elizabeth Stiegman
07/29/2016 13:05:41
"The staff are friendly and responsive. I have seen 4 different vets at Lakeview in the last 6 months and all seem to be on top of things. Issues and options are explained clearly and I am treated as a partner in the care of my dog. I really appreciate that."
- Sally Spahn
07/27/2016 21:19:30
"All of our dogs received great care. I felt secure in leaving them and it was wonderful that I could check on them via the internet. I will certainly recommend to other friends and plan to use your services again. Thanks so much"
- Rosary Chetta
07/26/2016 10:00:36
"Dr. Guichard is truly amazing. I have had many people care for my pets over the years, and none have been as kind and caring as this one."
- Jason Catalanotto
07/22/2016 13:11:33
"It was the first time that I have used this service for one of my pets. So, I was a little afraid, but everybody were very friendly and they really took care of my rabbit. It was a wonderful experience for her (I hope!), and without stress for me. Thank you very much for all you did. "
- Celine Lacoste
07/22/2016 13:03:09
"Great vets and staff. Keep it up!"
- Beth Spalding
07/22/2016 13:02:21
"Staff and doctors were extremely friendly and treated my cat gently and lovingly. "
- Stephanie Coffman
07/22/2016 12:59:17
"Thanks for loving SAMMY as much as we do! "
- Diana Mann
07/20/2016 16:25:27
"Very caring and loving to our sweet cat."
- Roy C. Warner
07/20/2016 09:51:25
"Dr. Levy is the best vet I have ever utilized with needs of old dogs and my new puppy, both standard poodles."
- Alan Horwitz
07/20/2016 09:45:41
"Loved, very confident in the care we will receive there!"
- Ryan McCavitt
07/13/2016 17:29:42
"Nancy as always is a delight! Regina went above and beyond to get the flok app to work on my phone. They are my two favorite ladies in the front! Dr. Guichard is very knowledgeable and diagnoses my cat's problems spot on. She's very calming and straight forward. Badness loves his Lady Doc! Jenna the vet tech was also very charming -- all in all a good visit"
- Toni McCormick
07/08/2016 15:33:44
"AS ALWAYS, Dr Levy and staff, from receptionists to those techs who are saddled with the care of Macy during her visit, were instructive, attentive, and kind and loving towards my babydog, and me! I never leave Lakeview Vets not knowing what to expect in terms of behavior of my animal due to their current illness or condition, how to administer medication, what dietary adjustments need to be made, or any other tiny detail. The ability to convey that information to the pet owner in a cohesive understandable fashion is their shining star as far as I am concerned. I wish Macy enjoyed her visits as much as I do! "
- Dawn Mouledoux
07/06/2016 15:24:03
"I have been bringing my dogs to LVH since the early 1980's. Just keep doing what you've been doing!"
- Gail Laborde
06/22/2016 16:51:47
"French Fry has been a patient of Lakeview for 8 years (her whole life) - we have never had a bad experience here - the doctors and staff have always been professional, respectful and polite - always a pleasant and positive experience to have Lakeview Vet treat French Fry"
- Mitsue Lagraize
06/21/2016 16:42:49
"Thank you so much for helping our family at the end of our cat Charlie's life. You are all so kind and understanding. It was hard to lose him, but we couldn't have asked for better care for him or our family."
- Jill Holland
06/19/2016 08:07:33
"Everyone at Lakeview vet is awesome. So kind, knowledgeable and compassionate. Would never think about going elsewhere "
- Jeanne Ippolito
06/19/2016 00:45:35
"Always received great care for all my pets "
- William Collins
06/16/2016 14:34:13
"I've been to a handful of different vets since adopting my dog, Louie, about three years ago. He is a reactive dog who can be aggressive when he is scared, which is pretty much any time he gets too close to a stranger - human, dog or otherwise. We've had some really challenging experiences with vets who did not know how to interact with a dog like Louie. Meeting Dr. Guichard and her vet techs has been a lifesaver for me and helps me so much to take care of my special dog. I love you guys! Thanks for being so kind and competent. It makes a world of difference for a dog like Louie who is easily traumatized. God bless y'all. "
- Natalie Mitchell
06/16/2016 12:56:52
"I'm a big fan of Lakeview Vet, always very friendly staff, great service, almost no waiting time. I usually take my dog to another clinic for special treatment, and by far the level of service, friendliness and effectiveness that you offer is superior. "
- Karen Quaas
06/16/2016 12:51:20
"I enjoy a very good relationship with Dr Guichard. I truly respect her opinion and am very grateful for her willingness to work with me and my integrative medicine vet to give my girls, the best overall care, that the 3 of us working together can give them. "
- Kim Gwinn
06/09/2016 13:11:18
"Good place. Good people. "
- John Theall
06/07/2016 17:18:01
"The folks that work the front desk are very friendly and helpful. I've never felt rushed when asking for information."
- Jessi Biguenet
06/07/2016 16:39:18
"I have been more that pleased with both the staff and care I have received. It is a pleasure to be greeted by a friendly smile and a pleasant tone of voice. The doctor and tech both took the time to explain in layman's terms the diagnosis and what was involved. The doctor actually took the time to personally call me and check on Gracie. I feel very confident that my sweet dog will be well cared for in her years to come."
- Kathleen Gervais
05/31/2016 12:08:45
"Thank you for all that y'all do and your friendliness. I am very comfortable with asking any and all questions."
- Stephanie Duarte
05/29/2016 09:32:50
"Shannon does such a great job with Maggie. Maggie always loves coming to get her hair cut. Shannon is a true value to us! Thank you. "
- Jesse Dean
05/27/2016 08:31:43
"Every time I have come here I have always recieved excellent treatment and Roo has been well taken care of. "
- Mary Myra Martin
05/26/2016 16:52:47
"Since I have started coming to you clinic in 2014 with my 3 pets, you have always been accommodating in getting my pets in whenever there were issues, and there have been issues, as I have older pets. I have now seen all of the Vets at your clinic and they and your staff are Awesome!!"
- Mitzi Kelly
05/26/2016 14:18:46
"Love Lakeview vet, the staff, the doctors, the receptionists. Wouldn't go anywhere else with my babies."
- Kerstin Honer Zu Bentrup
05/25/2016 23:01:15
"Dr. Levy and his team are the best!"
- Tricia & Rita W Shirer
05/24/2016 17:24:54
"Our cat is very anxious at the vet, and we are very appreciative of how efficient the vet and staff were."
- Kathleen Morgan
05/23/2016 20:16:16
"BEBE was treated very well and Dr. Levy very kind. A lot of what I thought was brought to light. Staff at front desk where wonderful. "
- Marie Weatherspoon
05/19/2016 15:32:56
"You get my vote for the best Veterinary Hospital in Greater New Orleans. I've been with y'all since 1987."
- Vicki Powell
05/19/2016 07:26:50
"I will definitely recommend y'all to other people . I plan on bringing my dog and tortoise there . I love that y'all took the time to explain everything to my son that's nine very friendly environment . "
- Brandi Gray
05/18/2016 22:16:47
"Dr. Gary Levy is a great vet!"
- Aimee Bain
05/17/2016 16:45:07
"The veterinarian we saw was very informative and practical. I appreciate that he had our dog's best interest at heart."
- Laura Berry
05/16/2016 07:45:49
"Vet was very knowledgable, good & informative with exotic pets"
- Marie Broekman
05/15/2016 14:31:49
"Y'all are doing a fantastic job! I love how much Dr. Guichard cares and knows about my dog. It makes me feel good that she understands how much my baby means to me. I trust her and am very happy with Lakeview Veterinary Hospital. It is truly the best experience I have had with my dog at the veterinarian. Thank you! "
- Sadie Broussard
05/10/2016 21:34:15
"Everyone is friendly and good-humored. The tech was gentle and even found a patch of matted fur the doctor had inadvertently missed. But of course Dr. Levy is the best!"
- Jeanne Cunningham
05/10/2016 15:04:27