"i am very happy with Lakeview vets. excellent service and very friendly and professional staff."
- Stephen Fontenelle
04/09/2020 12:42:31
"I appreciate all your entire office does for my dogs! Thank you! "
- Kelly Wilson
04/08/2020 23:21:57
"Excellent work"
- Sang Nguyen
03/29/2020 23:51:03
"We have been coming to Lakeview veterinary Hospital for 40 years. We would never trust our pets to anyone else."
- Bonnie Knowles
03/29/2020 22:13:05
"You all rock! Taking care of my cat's needs even during these stressful times, you all are amazing!"
- Kerstin Honer Zu Bentrup
03/29/2020 21:11:53
"Thank you all for taking care of Roulee!!! Karen Martin"
- Karen Martin
03/29/2020 13:07:12
"Really appreciate the “curbside” service during the COVID19 pandemic. "
- Joan Huppi
03/28/2020 21:10:40
"We love Lakeview vet...my whole family goes to them with their pets and my husbands family used them as a child. Excellent care and they truly love your pet. Highly recommend Lakeview vet!!!!!🐾💕"
- Lars Herbst
03/27/2020 16:23:35
"Always very considerate, accommodating, and reliably excellent care"
- Elaine Schwartz
03/25/2020 22:50:26
"Great service as always. Tech was very nice and handled Morty well."
- Dena Coffey
03/20/2020 22:51:14
"Always friendly and taking wonderful care of my pups. "
- Maureen Taylor
03/19/2020 18:46:32
"Dr Guichard is simply magnificent. She is smart, caring, kind and always so good to my dog Jenny. Not only that, but she saved Jenny's life by diagnosing her Intussusception. I always look forward to taking Jenny to the Vet, just to see Dr Guichard."
- Clare Giesen
03/16/2020 19:40:58
"You all rock. Thank you for loving our boy!!! "
- Diana Mann
03/13/2020 18:36:38
"Great people! "
- Amy Robards
03/13/2020 02:33:17
"I had a vet I went to across there river and switched because we moved into the neighborhood. We're moving again soon out of state, so I was considering just staying with the old vet, and I'm really glad I didn't. Thank you!!"
- Mark Routhier
03/12/2020 23:49:37
"I have always been happy with the service and treatment we get at Lakeview Vet Hospital."
- Danielle Beverly
03/02/2020 18:03:45
"I feel like I am part of the Lakeview family and everyone cares"
- Kay Donnelly
02/29/2020 19:46:31
"I would t take my Frenchies anyplace else. Both Dr. Goldman and Dr. Guichard are extremely knowledgeable of the breed and I have all the confidence in the world in both of them!"
- Angelique Ulmer
02/28/2020 15:25:08
"Quick, thorough, reasonably priced service. Can’t ask for more than that. "
- Josh Golding
02/27/2020 22:39:32
"We love our friends at Lakeview Vet! I've been bringing my pets here for decades - From Chopin in the 80's, T-Boy in the 90's, and Beetlejuice & Suki in the 2000's. All our pets have received wonderful care and genuine affection from you. THANK YOU for all that you do for us! Hugs & Kisses, Donna Richard"
- Jim Richard
02/22/2020 21:29:56
"Love this place and the doctors."
- Cheryl Paige
02/17/2020 22:34:57
"Dr. Guichard (and Dr. Goldman) are both great. It appears as though Rocky Balboa is my problem child. I keep telling Rocky I want to retire in August, but he says no no no."
- Carla Valaske
02/17/2020 21:59:03
"Thanks for the loving care you give to my pets."
- Beverly Whiteman
02/16/2020 00:04:41
"My family has been associated with Lakeview over 20 years with my sister's dog. I have a lot of trust in their competence and care. The facility is clean and beautiful. The staff is very warm and loving to my old man, Chico."
- Ingrid Labat
02/13/2020 03:24:25
"Would not take Jonah anywhere else. "
- Gail Lewis
02/12/2020 23:35:25
"I love Lakeview vet, they are always very cheerful and know ke and my pets by name when I walk in the door. Dr. Guichard and all the staff are amazing. "
- Arkady Hennessey
02/12/2020 23:05:33
"First time there. Really liked it. I will return with my other pets. "
- Russhelle Gremillion
02/12/2020 11:08:46
"in all the years I have been coming to Lakeview Vet I have had nothing but great service and emt friendly staff"
- Lucille Morse
02/11/2020 12:03:18
"Dr. Ward is great and super helpful. She has been very helpful and thoughtful about our super needy dog. We really appreciate it! "
- Patricia O'Rourke
02/11/2020 00:00:40
"Dr. Levy is the attentive, informative, kind and his staff is helpful. It's always a pleasant and comforting experience at Lakeview Vet."
- Jeanne Stephens
02/10/2020 17:22:35
"As rated, my experience was great. Thank you Dr. Levy!"
- Margaret Deane
01/26/2020 21:20:42
"I cannot say enough about how wonderful everyone was. We arrived with no appointment and we were not a current customer. My outdoor cat hurt his leg and it was Saturday morning. Even though the schedule was full, Dr. Ward made time to see us and treat Curtis. As we sat in the waiting room my outdoor cat cried nonstop but the receptionist assured me that it was ok and she did mind the noise at all. When I called to check up, everyone on the phone mentioned that they had been by Curtis and loved on him. It made me feel so comfortable. Thank you all so much. "
- Julie Chalmers
01/22/2020 16:29:41
"Loved Dr. Admire! She explained everything thoroughly and really went the extra mile with our old fella. She even spoke with the ophthalmologist prior to Andrew’s eye removal to make sure blood work, etc was okay. Will definitely be requesting her bet visit. "
- Daniel & Kelly Hoskins
01/20/2020 01:04:48
"Dr Guichard is very knowledgeable and great to work with. She is always pleasant and willing to coordinate with my integrative vet to give my girls the best of both Eastern and Western medicine. "
- Kim Gwinn
01/17/2020 16:17:48
"Dr. C is awesome!!! She shows so much love and care for Jax. "
- Donald Herrmann
01/16/2020 20:51:41
"Very pleasant experience and Dr. Guichard and tech took great care of my boy. "
- Janeen Bridges
01/16/2020 20:32:45
"We love our LVH peeps! "
- Frank Martello
01/16/2020 20:14:31
"I love Dr. Levy. He treated my baby with sincere kindness and that makes me feel so good. I believe in his knowledge and expertise and won't hesitate to take my D'artagnan back to him. I appreciate every staff member too and his assistant who made Dart comfortable with his visit. Nothing could be improved in my view, receiving prompt results on his blood work."
- Marta Welden
01/15/2020 22:10:58
"The team at Lakeview Vet is the best! They are so good with our four-leggeds. They really care about our family and we recommend them highly."
- Tricia & Rita W Shirer
01/14/2020 18:09:16
"My dog and I are both very happy at Lakeview Vet. The front desk people, vet techs and the doctors are all top notch!"
- Bonnie Waters
01/11/2020 17:51:02
"Great caring people. Wouldn’t trust ANYONE else with my baby"
- Jeanne Ippolito
01/11/2020 05:17:06
"After Katrina my vet was no longer in business. I went to several vets before finding Lakeview. I wouldn’t go any where else."
- Kathy Kessler
01/05/2020 00:48:02
"Even though it’s not close to where I live, I don’t mind traveling out further. My pets receive excellent care. "
- Nancy Forest
12/23/2019 21:48:49
"I love this place and so does my dog."
- Josh Abelson
12/22/2019 21:18:08
"You guys are the best! So glad we were referred to Lakeview Vet years ago. You all have taken such great care of our buddy and fur baby Mulligan. "
- Timothy Aubin
12/21/2019 16:02:39
"Great staff.Great vets and very good advice.We love yalll! "
- Roxie Sloan
12/20/2019 20:59:18
"Everyone was very kind and made me feel welcome there. The staff was great, helpful, and attentive. I could really see how much everyone cared for the animals there, and especially my hedgehog."
- Breanna Conley
12/20/2019 13:36:35
"I love these guys and my pups love coming there. "
- Robert Durand
12/19/2019 19:25:33
"Lakeview Vet has gone above & beyond in customer service! They remember me & Tootie every time I come in. They are positive & friendly to everyone! They have worked with me when their services were too high for me to handle in one month. For that, I am so grateful! A++++"
- Carol Jean Dixon
12/19/2019 00:13:07
"We loved our Vet ! Very knowledgeable!"
- Amy Legare
12/17/2019 23:09:04
"Best Vet!"
- Paul Anger
12/12/2019 19:16:47
"Very pleased"
- Dione Makofsky
12/08/2019 02:05:05
"Max loved the new fear free practices you all implemented. It immediately calmed him down and it was a very pleasant visit. Thank you for making it such a nice experience for him."
- Emily Liuzza
12/05/2019 20:50:35
"I just came in unannounced for a nail trim and food and was seen immediately. I always enjoy chatting with the front desk-they are knowledgeable and helpful Jackie"
- Jackie Shreves
12/05/2019 17:16:20
"Great staff. Very friendly and considerate of finances as well."
- TeAnna Dorey
12/05/2019 02:35:56
"Friendly and professional staff. Always satisfied with the service I receive. "
- Andrew Bourgeois
12/02/2019 22:41:08
"Everybody is always so nice! They give so much love to my two girls, it makes us all feel like we're a part of a great big puppy-lovin' family! I recommend Lakeview Vet to anyone and everyone!!"
- Alyssa Pellegrin
12/02/2019 20:09:58
"Misha's rash is almost completely healed after only a few days on the medicine she was given. She isn't scratching at all now! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was worried I was going to have to put her through allergy testing, which is expensive and hit and miss. Everyone who assisted us was so friendly, from the receptionist to the doctor, and my kitty was calm and happy for all the attention she got - and so was I!"
- Polly Waring
12/02/2019 07:33:31
"If you would add a complementary open bar, with Mt. Gay Rum, while waiting it would be great! Possible Food Truck too!"
- Sid Lacoste
12/02/2019 00:34:03
"I had a question that required personal assistance, which led to an initial visit for my new dog, which got him all set up in your system, and I am all set for the next few months. The front desk staff were very helpful in making this so easy without an appointment even. I genuinely thought I would have to come back. Thank you!"
- Angela Adrian
11/22/2019 18:50:18
"Great service!"
- Timothy Hemphill
11/17/2019 20:26:30
"it is always such a feelling of "family" at my visits. sam gets the best care available, and that is priceless."
- Wayne Raby
11/17/2019 19:37:10
"As always cheerful, helpful, full of ideas, and I love the new "blankets" you give the cats when they come in to relax them. It worked. Always a pleasure at Lakeview Vet"
- Nancy Kearney
11/14/2019 15:05:55
"So happy my other species companions r receiving the compassion, professional, excellent care they deserve. Only praise. Very happy and secure with ur care. U b the best. "
- Pamela Pitcher
11/09/2019 18:09:47
"Love the staff at Lakeview Veterinary Hospital! The staff at the front desk are always welcoming, the techs are amazing, and of course Dr. Guichard is beyond wonderful. Although my pup is always scared when going to vet, everyone is always so sweet to her and I know everyone cares about her as much as I love her. Thank you for being the best vet!"
- Angelle Romano
11/08/2019 17:16:59
"The staff and doctor treat us like family!"
- Randy Adams
11/07/2019 21:32:16
"I’m new to New Orleans and chose this location because of an offer that came in the mail. A free exam for new patients is much appreciated, especially with the cost of moving and starting a new job... Very pleased with everything, friendly staff, and the doctor spent lots of time with me and my pet. Thank you!!"
- Kari Beth Haugh
11/06/2019 00:09:53
"Everyone was so nice, friendly and helpful! We will definitely be back for our next visit. Thank you!"
- Tiffany Hawken
11/01/2019 17:37:40
"Love the cute Halloween bandannas you gave to ALL of my babies! You guys have gone above and beyond to make things as easy on us as possible. Thank you."
- Christine Bates
10/31/2019 18:50:33
"I love you guys! Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Dr. Levy understands who I am in relation to my dogs. "
- Mary Ripple
10/31/2019 11:23:21
"Always a pleasurable experience. "
- Charmaine Carrere
10/29/2019 16:10:40
"Pauly and i greatly appreciate every professional at Lakeview Veterinary Hospital for their caring service with special thanks to Dr. Guichard, Nancy, Gail, and Regina most recently as we grow older and more feeble 🤕😬🐶👴🏻...thanks ya'll"
- Russell Favre
10/28/2019 16:57:09
"Dr. Godiwalla was extremely professional and thorough with our pet. She answered all of our questions and came up with a plan to help treat our dog. We love Lakeview Vet Clinic and all of its doctors and staff. "
- Robert Haik
10/28/2019 15:46:55
"Love Lakeview Vet for Hokie!"
- Chip Delcorral
10/24/2019 21:27:07
"Margot has been with Dr. Ward since she was a pup. She'll be 10 years old in July 2020. Thank you for remaining consistent and professional. "
- Alex Yazdanov
10/21/2019 00:48:22
"We're very pleased with the care Mikey received and appreciate the time both the doctors and staff took with us to answer questions and concerns. Thank you very much. Bob. Pattie, and Mikey"
- Bob Todd
10/20/2019 17:54:37
"Great staff and terrific doctors. Especially like Dr. Ward but everyone has been excellent!"
- Ron Brinkman
10/19/2019 02:13:56
"Miss Nancy is a TREASURE! "
- Dee Boling
10/19/2019 02:04:32
"everyone at Lakeview Vet is extremely kind and pleasant to work with. The doctors are amazing and thoughtful. I highly recommend them. "
- Kevin Barraco
10/18/2019 16:06:28
"Love the staff at Lakeview Vet! "
- Melanie Talia
10/15/2019 17:14:04
"As always the only place I would take my cat. You got me in when we needed to see a doctor Dr. Levy, Nancy and the whole staff are great. Jack "
- Jack Belsom
10/10/2019 22:21:29
"Best Vet Clinic/ Hospital ever!!! Couldn't ask for better service, expertise, friendliness, and compassion. "
- Mary (Cissie) Gardner
10/06/2019 01:29:05
"Awesome group of professional staff! "
- Jennifer Zoglio
10/03/2019 20:01:05
"The doctor and staff are exceptional. I think they love my pet more than I do. "
- Ramiro Guerra
10/03/2019 19:50:46
"I love Dr. Levy and appreciate that the staff remembers me and even my pets that have passed.! I will only go here, even though there are vets that are closer to where I now live. "
- Donna Meyer-Martz
10/01/2019 19:18:00
"Awesome hospital for y dog "
- Linda Richard
10/01/2019 17:03:33
"I am always pleased with the care my pet receives, as well as the service I receive. Most of the doctors consider my limited budget and provide costs of recommended and needed medical expenses. "
- Wendy DeMers
09/27/2019 21:39:15
"The staff immediately made us feel welcome on our 1st visit. Now they know us and are always cheerful and friendly. Kristine is the absolute best!"
- Julie Hagan
09/23/2019 18:12:29
"Been a long time customer of Lakeview Vet. Certainly have no plans to make a change. They truly love the animals that they service!"
- Calvin Stein
09/20/2019 19:13:05
"I wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Mary Ryan
09/19/2019 00:12:43
"Dr. Ward is so caring and informative "
- Ethan Hales
09/18/2019 23:27:07
"Everyone is so friendly! Visits are never rushed and people are available to discuss and answer your questions."
- Cathy McRae
09/13/2019 21:37:36
"Nala (Lionhead Bunny) really needed her nails cut and she refused to let me cut them. However, when she arrived at Lakeview Veterinary, she was calm and allowed the techs to help. Now she is not cutting me when she wants to cuddle. Best Service Ever!"
- Deneka Vallius
09/09/2019 18:00:51
"Everyone was very polite and showed care and interest for my pet."
- Martin Authier
09/08/2019 21:29:12
"I appreciate Dr Levy taking such great care of our dogs and keeping the cost down where he can"
- Patty Bel-Ponthieux
08/31/2019 17:05:55
"Entire staff, from front desk to exam room, always professional, patient and friendly. French Fry has always received excellent care. Thanks!!"
- Mitsue Lagraize
08/28/2019 14:42:05
"Very friendly staff and connect with pets on a personal level. Pets are just as happy there as they are when they come home!"
- Michael Fawer
08/21/2019 16:37:10
"Lakeview Veterinary is just awesome!! I love to take my dog Jenny to the Vet. The receptionist crew is so darn friendly and make me and my dog feel so welcome. The vet, Dr. Gichard is just the best ever!! Her assistants are so kind and accommodating. "
- Clare Giesen
08/11/2019 23:12:38
"Dr guichard is THE best. "
- Emily Wester
08/08/2019 22:11:49
"Everyone is always very nice and helpful."
- Debra Comberrel
08/04/2019 13:35:42