"I was only there for 10 minutes & the Doctor that helped us was really nice & was quick at what she did & I was on my way. Thank You for your dedication to us & our pets!"
- Vienna & Miranda Childers
08/12/2021 17:12:59
"Vet and Assistant were patient with my dog who has anxiety."
- Jim Collins
08/12/2021 11:52:05
"The staff is LOVELY! We are grateful for you all!!"
- Sami & Walter Fletcher
08/11/2021 19:39:32
"Always competent and caring."
- Barb Rain
08/11/2021 18:52:35
"You are all terrific and kind and caring. That's it!"
- Terese Deckman
08/11/2021 14:19:43
"Pleasant staff, caring doctors and the best care around! "
- Leonard Weidner
08/11/2021 00:25:53
"You're doing great. No complaints "
- Judy Nick
08/10/2021 23:39:15
"You are doing good."
- Marcia & Kevin Lambert
08/10/2021 22:02:03
"I always appreciate the excellent care my dog receives. And she loves Dr. Ryan!"
- Debbie Scholl
07/01/2021 17:03:36
"As always the Staff is very friendly, always answers any question, and always helpful with making my pets feel at ease! I always recommend them!"
- Michael & Chasity Ragan
06/30/2021 19:15:46
"The staff are always friendly and Dr. Rowles takes the necessary time to answer any questions that I may have. He is a very caring doctor and I would recommend him to anyone."
- Barb & Michael Bishop Sr.
06/29/2021 23:31:32
"AWESOME…love the practice. Front desk girls always so nice and show genuine care for our animals. One time a Dr. actually answered the phone because everyone upfront was busy. Class act ! "
- Laurie / Mary Krupka
06/28/2021 23:00:16
"I have been very happy with the services and care that my pet has received. My pet is more than a pet, she is my baby and I have appreciated all the loving care she has received when she has come in. "
- Linda Talley
06/28/2021 20:54:27
"excellent service"
- Vicki Duenke
06/28/2021 20:10:17
"Y’all are doing amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing! Keep up the great work! "
- Kellie Mayer
06/28/2021 20:08:35
"It was nice to be able to be with my animals with this visit."
- Joyce Meriwether
06/28/2021 20:07:49
"they did great"
- Christy & Matt Moreau
06/22/2021 02:34:06
"Every time I come everyone is fabulous! Love the staff and Dr Lunsford! "
- Allyse Ortega
06/18/2021 16:42:44
"Team is always responsive to my concerns. Always keeps the pet’s best interest at heart."
- Sandy Buffa
06/18/2021 01:33:01
"I have always had a great experience bringing our dogs to the vet. Everyone that works there is very professional and friendly. "
- Bethani Davis
06/17/2021 20:14:33
- Donald & Jeanette Corn
06/17/2021 19:13:08
"We've had nothing but positive experiences. It's wonderful to take my pet to a clinic where all the doctors and staff show love towards my dog. All treatments she has received have been successful. All the staff and doctors are friendly, helpful and knowledgable. I have highly recommended this clinic to many friends. "
- Holly Pettis
06/17/2021 14:54:45
"Everything was fine "
- Erin & Jason Beam
06/16/2021 22:31:07
"We love everyone there!"
- Rebecca West
06/16/2021 16:49:59
"We think you guys are the best. We love you guys❣️ Cooper dies too❣️"
- Kathleen & Micheal Flavin
06/14/2021 12:32:44
"I have only had great experiences here"
- Judy David
06/11/2021 23:40:10
"Picked up flea and tick medicine and it was very easy and quick!"
- Debbie & Steve Schmidt
06/11/2021 14:05:57
"My own experience was good. Hannah was seen quickly, diagnosed and given meds and clear understandable directions "
- Brenda Katz
06/11/2021 00:51:50
"I think you are doing great!"
- Michelle Adelsberger
06/10/2021 21:00:03
"I love your clinic. My baby monkey Bender was treated like family. The staff and Dr Ryan are beyond wonderful "
- Linda Hunter
06/10/2021 17:55:04
"Very helpful and welcoming. "
- Savannah Arnold
06/10/2021 16:51:32
"I LOVE curbside! Love it ! As a busy mom with a car full of kids it makes vet visits much easier. "
- Sara & Eric Ren
06/09/2021 21:11:29
"Was just in to pick up July 4th sedatives. The customer service I received when I called in to get them was excellent."
- Anissa Fernandes
06/09/2021 19:14:28
"Just keep being the wonderful crew you are! I only wish we could come in again, because we miss the interaction. Honestly every time I've been there everyone is happy, service is impeccable, and Duff and I love you!!!"
- Laura Mares
06/09/2021 16:46:37
"Good communication"
- Michelle Kopper
06/08/2021 21:32:02
"We appreciate the expertise and care given our pets "
- Carol and Richard Littlefield
06/07/2021 20:38:05
"Every visit, every phone top notch care! No complaints or concerns "
- Dawn Breeden
06/06/2021 22:13:35
"Your warmth, compassion, and caring are unsurpassed...."
- Katrina Catterton
06/06/2021 16:35:21
"Staff was friendly and provided full information. "
- John Laumeier
06/05/2021 16:20:01
"You all are the best and I will glad when I can come back inside."
- Susan Koob
06/04/2021 19:04:29
"You’re doing GREAT!! We’re grateful that you’re our neighborhood vet clinic!! We really lucked out!! "
- Sami & Walter Fletcher
06/04/2021 17:37:37
"My visit today was to pick up special food for my dog Bailey. It was delivered to my car in a couple of minutes after I called inside. However, let me say that I get the best of care for my pets and the doctors and staff have always gone the extra mile. I’ve been a client for the last 16 years and will continue to be."
- Nancy Mallory
06/03/2021 23:13:24
"It’s because of your exceptional, personalized, care and expertise that we drive an hour. Thank you for all you do!!"
- Brittany Laux
06/03/2021 22:05:20
"You all have really been a big help. Our Pug has reoccuring ear infections and you work with him to get him relief ."
- David Parkes
06/02/2021 21:15:49
"Excellent Customer Service"
- Dan & Lynda Leavitt
06/01/2021 14:27:35
"I really don't have anything negative to say. You have always been thorough and gentle with Duchess. I'm an over protective Mommy and you never belittle me and always take wonderful care of Duchess. Thank you."
- Jackie Rush
05/31/2021 15:48:38
"That tech krista is awesome! "
- Krista & Jessica March
05/30/2021 19:02:57
"It was great. There seems to be good communication among staff with the vet. I appreciate how the vet calls me to talk directly with me to make sure all questions/concerns are addressed."
- Bonnie & Dan Cella
05/30/2021 01:19:18
"Great! Dr. Ryan is the best! My family has gone to her my whole life. I am so thankful to have her taking care of my pups! "
- Samantha Prendergast
05/30/2021 00:32:01
"I was in need of care for my dog before the holiday weekend and the clinic totally hooked us up."
- Eric Lathrop
05/29/2021 20:44:07
"Your trust is most appreciated!"
- Joe Meinkoth
05/29/2021 19:09:00
"I have loved you all for years. I trust my babies to you always. I have moved several times but I still continue to take my dogs to wentzville vet clinic. They are the BEST!"
- Lynn Zepaltas
05/28/2021 01:16:10
"We love all the staff here!! Recommend you all the time to friends and family looking for a vet to care for their pets!! Keep up the great work! "
- Marlene Slusser
05/27/2021 16:15:10
"I have been going to Wentzville Veterinary Clinic since 2016 with five of my dogs. Two were older and are no longer with me but this clinic was very attentive to my feelings at that moment. They have been available when I had emergencies with all of my dogs and are very reasonably priced. This last visit, I had my current 3 dogs with me for their 3 year shots and it was actually easier to stay in my vehicle and have one by one go in then trying to get all three out to bring in the building! I highly recommend this clinic. "
- Kate Laughridge
05/27/2021 16:13:11
"Great communication with staff and doctor."
- Sandy Harrell
05/27/2021 02:08:40
"Love everything about this place. Can't wait until I can go back 🌠 inside with my pup and see everyone!"
- Dawn Redfearn
05/27/2021 00:21:56
"I couldn't be happier with not only the service, but also the care my pets receive. Dr. Ryan takes the time to explain things to me and asks for my input. I feel like we are partners in making the best decisions for my pets health."
- Gina & Brian Nelsen
05/26/2021 21:18:24
"I was pleased that Dr. Ryan explained that Lyla’s pain could be one of 3 causes & recommended to take x-rays & do blood work to rule out cancer. She came out & explained Lyla’s results & gave me medicine & recommended prescription coda mine for her arthritis. She genuinely wants to be very thorough & cares about my dog."
- Florence & Robert Williams
05/26/2021 16:13:33
"You guys are the best. I've been coming to your vet clinic for over 25 years. You always take the best care of my Canoli."
- Courtney Smith
05/26/2021 09:40:32
"Very happy with service "
- Shana & Sean Ingold
05/26/2021 04:31:03
"Always friendly and courteous, finds answers to questions"
- Donna & Brian Nehring
05/25/2021 21:21:04
- Margaret & Craig Bolda
05/24/2021 16:42:14
"Excellent! Highly recommend. "
- Ed Delker
05/23/2021 16:29:10
"I am VERY pleased with the level of veterinary service we get at Wentzville Vet Clinic. Extremely compassionate experience when we had to euthanize one pet. And equally compassionate care when another pet was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Grateful for them"
- Lori Kenny
05/22/2021 22:00:22
"My experience has always been great "
- Diane Ulrich
05/22/2021 20:48:08
"Always polite when I call!! Always smiling ☺️ when we take Lucy to go see the doctor! Thank you for being so nice."
- Nicole & John Miles
05/21/2021 22:33:37
"Doing great"
- Suzanne & Ed Reale
05/21/2021 21:14:14
"Great job as always. Will be very happy when we can be inside WITH our pet!"
- Diana Engeszer Bulldog Rescue-Diana
05/21/2021 21:05:45
"One reason I like your clinic is because you guys are not pushy. Some Vets wanna push Science Diet down your throat. I feed Orijen. Some Vets wanna push all Vaccines on you. And your Vets do not do that. I tell them what I want and ask their opinion and they give it to me. Then when I make a final decision. They respect that and don't make me feel bad or stupid. Dr Ryan is my favorite. She has always respected my choices. I ha e friends I sent to your clinic because their Vets have been treating them rude for not switching to certain food or taking all Vaccine. So I wanna say I really appreciate that. We have also lost 2 dogs. One you guys came to our home to put him down. Which meant a lot to us. And the other died suddenly over night 3 weeks ago. You guys were so very sweet when handling things. Even though you couldn't understand me on the phone when I was unconsolable. You guys truly care about the animals and us parents. 💜💙"
- Kim & Jeremy Eaker
05/21/2021 19:07:17
"Doing great! I am Happy with the care you give all my pets! Thank you!"
- Jenna Staats
05/19/2021 19:35:16
"We are very pleased with the care your staff has provided to Smokee. Your care has helped him immensely. The staff treats him like he is their own family. We appreciate you very much and we are glad we found you. Sincerely, John, Pam and Smokee Barr"
- John & Pam Barr
05/18/2021 12:42:41
"Dr Ryan was very thorough!"
- Rick & MaryLynn Powell
05/18/2021 02:33:55
"Awesome customer service. Staff extremely knowledgeable, friendly and great with our dog. Thank you "
- Bernadette Clever
05/17/2021 17:20:55
"I was very pleased with the care provided to both of my boys. The doctor called me with all info to be able to make decisions on how to proceed. "
- Jennifer & Fred Merrell
05/17/2021 14:20:37
"Dr. Ryan, and the entire staff at Wentzville, are beyond amazing! We’ve never received anything less than exceptional care "
- Angie Pecoraro
05/17/2021 03:39:27
"Very good"
- Lynn Humphreys
05/16/2021 20:23:07
"Your doing great!"
- Rita Montgomery
05/16/2021 19:32:04