"Always a great experience!! "
- Gina Staples
05/21/2020 03:41:26
"I love the friendly staff and how helpful they are with any questions and information."
- Edlin Bonilla
05/18/2020 16:23:00
"Excellent and thank you "
- Cynthia Keys
05/01/2020 17:43:40
"Caring people caring for peoples pet!! Awesome!!"
- Russ Cohen
04/26/2020 01:53:14
"I loved our doc!! Very impressive thank you!"
- Tera Boscovich
03/10/2020 03:08:52
"Your all wonderful!"
- Elsa Taylor
02/12/2020 00:14:39
"The best care ever"
- Mark Baker
02/11/2020 02:37:15
"Always a positive and caring experience "
- Betty Dickinson
02/11/2020 01:15:16
"Your team has been taking care of my fur babies since 1999. I couldn't be happier."
- Christi Marlin
01/23/2020 01:36:57
"Very pleasant place to take your for medical care, great docs and lots of knowledge."
- Michael Ringo
01/16/2020 22:33:42
"You treat my pet as I would. You personalize each visit so that my dogs can respond to instructions by name recognition."
- Ana Kielbasa
01/15/2020 21:20:26
"Amazing staff! "
- Amanda Bludworth
01/15/2020 19:52:51
"Staff is always friendly and treats my pets like their own. "
- Sarah Spain
01/15/2020 18:35:36
"Everyone is very nice and welcoming "
- Carlos Martinez
01/13/2020 22:43:56
"I was very pleased with the courtesy and respect from all of the employees extended to me as well as my pup."
- Gabby Smith
01/07/2020 21:48:02
"I really love this Veterinary Clinic❤️ They are very caring Vets & customer service, very clean clinic ! So glad they are in our neighborhood! Thank you all🤗"
- Sherry Cook-Luck
01/06/2020 21:03:09
"Great atmosphere."
- Johnny Vida
01/05/2020 21:46:12
"Our experience with North Hills has always been the highest in support and professionalism in care for our pets. We offer thanks."
- George Swem
01/05/2020 16:48:22
"They are the best! They love my Dogs as much as I do! Wouldn't go anywhere else! "
- Cyndie Peterson
01/03/2020 20:36:40
"We love our doctor and the team! They are so good with our dogs and we trust their experience and opinions! "
- Patricia Wilson-Everett
01/03/2020 19:37:17
"I have received the best care for my girls that I could ever expect"
- Debi DeLisle
12/10/2019 19:21:59
"They did a great job of getting me in for a same day appt for my cat. They were friendly, helpful and fixed him right up. I now drive 30 min to go here because it’s worth the drive!"
- Rob Bray
12/08/2019 00:02:02
"I always have a good experience at North Hills Veterinary Clinic. The staff is very professional & caring. I am thankful for their services & they are close to where I live. Very happy!!"
- Greg Mattingly
12/05/2019 04:32:42
"Nice people going a great job"
- Wayne D Redman
12/01/2019 00:03:12
"Everyone is so lovely and helpful! "
- David Herrera
11/20/2019 20:41:54
"I am always pleased with the way everyone treats us. I understand everything that the Dr and staff are doing. Thank you."
- Londa Sherman
11/18/2019 12:49:13
"Excellent service"
- leRoy (Gwen) Olson
11/16/2019 21:01:37
"Vet was friendly and fun. Staff was all polite. Doing a good job "
- Misty Wimberly
11/14/2019 17:51:19
"It is always a good experience. The staff is nice and the office looks very clean."
- Christina Nelson
11/11/2019 04:22:19
"Doing great friendly and helpful "
- Teralynn Andrews
11/09/2019 23:34:30
"The vets and staff are very personable and truly care for Our pets that have to come see them as if they are there own."
- Kim Pender
11/08/2019 21:15:54
"Can't get any better, staff & doctors are wonderful to us and our babies. "
- John Cantacessi
11/07/2019 20:36:01
"Love you guys. Great customer service, reliable, as accommodating as possible. Everyone appears confident, competent, and compassionate. "
- Jennifer Griffin
11/06/2019 17:47:17
"Your outstanding front desk crew, made us feel welcome and worked at getting Gracie to trust them Your Dr was quick nice, good with Gracie and overall it was very pleasant."
- Ricardo Arteaga
11/02/2019 20:41:24
"I think you just like the praise I lavish on you and your staff. You are prompt, caring, attentive, helpful and walk on water. Oh, wait, no you are just short of walking on water. You do all the other stuff."
- Georgia Hedrick
11/01/2019 20:38:44
"First rate staff that really care!! "
- Mark Baker
10/30/2019 23:50:46
"Everyone there very nice and quick to help you"
- Cara Cunningham
10/30/2019 20:06:57
"I love this place and the people "
- John Jensen
10/04/2019 19:42:41
"I absolutely love the staff!!!"
- Amber & Nick Battles
09/27/2019 22:50:56
"This entire staff and veterinarians are wonderful. They are extremely caring. And my dogs love going there."
- Nancy Marvel
09/15/2019 04:54:06
"All staff and doctors are kind, knowledgeable, and efficient!"
- Judith Clinton
08/10/2019 23:59:45
"We love taking our dogs to North Hills, they have always provided wonderful care over the last 14 years. "
- Kim Richardson
08/09/2019 00:20:34
"Excellent! Everyone was very helpful and communicative."
- George Hakiello
08/08/2019 12:37:27
"I can’t say enough about how everyone at North Hill Vet are so wonderful. We are always greeted with smiles and they truly focused on my dogs comfort. "
- Joanna Dufurrena
07/19/2019 14:25:32
"The people I dealt with were both professional and obviously cared for my sixteen-year-old little guy. Very much appreciated. Thanks. "
- Jim Hoyt
07/19/2019 12:51:08
"From the moment I was helped on the phone I knew this place was going to be the place to take my fur babies. They took such good care of my kitty and my husband and I were impressed at how amazing the service was as well. Overall extremely satisfied with North Hills and will be bringing my other 2 cats with them! Highly recommend this vet. "
- Mayra Padilla
07/14/2019 16:32:23
"I trust my best friend's well being to your care. Since there are many sources of vetrinary care in this area, that about says it all!"
- Frederick Devries
06/16/2019 22:06:03
"All employees at this office are very professional and friendly. Both my husband and I can tell that you all enjoy your jobs. We always feel like you have our dog's best interest in mind when caring for them. "
- Londa Sherman
06/06/2019 14:27:59
"The vet was extremely thorough and answered all of my questions. He also gave some very good suggestions for things to try before going to medications. This was extremely helpful. "
- Nora Bodie
06/05/2019 20:35:02
"Very caring staff. Everyone is so friendly. "
- Karen Shannon
06/03/2019 18:50:06
"Good overall experience."
- James and Raele Oliphant
06/03/2019 00:50:31
"We are well pleased with the service and the staff."
- Ronald Klonicke
06/02/2019 01:45:48
"Very happy with our visit. The staff made our nervous pup comfortable by giving treats & the entire staff was so nice & welcoming!"
- Kim Nelsen
05/25/2019 23:42:00
"Staff was friendly and the vet was nice and informative. "
- Karen Rubi
05/24/2019 20:04:33
"Dr was friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Lawrence Sears
05/18/2019 17:44:58
"Caring, professional, fast service"
- Marcy Martinmaas
05/16/2019 17:32:18
"Thank you for the caring and considering atmosphere "
- Michael Pettit
05/14/2019 13:34:43
"I am very impressed by the cleanliness, kindness, and professionalism."
- Sabrina Rubin
05/14/2019 03:11:33
"The staff and doctors are awesome"
- John Sell
04/22/2019 21:33:24
"I love going to North Hills Veterinary Clinic. The staff are always very nice and welcoming. They are always busy because they are a great animal clinic. Even if they are so busy they always get you in and out quickly. "
- Dawn Slowan
04/10/2019 17:33:41
"I have always had good service from your staff. Always good with my dogs."
- DeAnne LaCruze
04/09/2019 21:34:19
"This is the best Vet office I have been to.. You can tell that everyone who works there loves animals.I would recommend them to anyone."
- Jesse Ramiro
04/07/2019 22:35:41
"From the time you walk through the doors, you are treated with care and respect. Employees are very friendly and helpful ."
- Donna Fick
04/07/2019 02:13:15
"Took great care of my puppy. "
- Darren Franke
04/03/2019 18:37:24
"Very caring and friendly staff"
- Miguel Diaz
03/31/2019 19:36:33
"Great customer service!"
- Kelly McCreary
03/28/2019 19:53:25
"We have a great relationship with North Hill’s Vet. "
- Katie Fletcher
03/28/2019 03:05:00
"North Hills has always been great with our dogs."
- Art Doss
03/15/2019 20:09:49
"Very friendly staff"
- Jean Bechdolt
03/15/2019 02:21:46
"Dr. Baggett and staff did a great job looking at Latte and prescribing necessary prescriptions for him. He answered all of our questions with detail and patience."
- Johanne Findley
02/25/2019 01:11:50
"I have never had a bad experience. You guys were compassionate when we had to say goodbye to our older pups, and are great with our new puppy. "
- Mike Yazinka
02/23/2019 21:39:39
"Dr.Baggett always listens to our questions and concerns. We are not rushed thru the appointment. "
- Ronda Olk
02/22/2019 19:11:38
"Extremely friendly and helpful customer service. Had last minute refill on my dogs medicine and was really understanding. Appreciate it"
- David Ramos
02/14/2019 03:21:27
"My sweet old baby dog is getting such personal care at the clinic. The staff is very caring and makes both of us feel comfortable. The Drs have been wonderful. I feel like we are being cared for like family. They know how to explain the medical issues while understanding the very personal closeness with our furry babies."
- Alice Burch
02/09/2019 00:25:22
"I think your doing great. Everyone is very kind and great with my animals."
- Yvette Velasquez
02/04/2019 17:34:15
"Very friendly doctor, knowledgeable and very compassionate. We seem to be in very good hands. "
- Jessica Culbertson
01/23/2019 23:53:19
"I think the vets and the people there are amazing. They care for your pet just as much as you do. "
- Elisabeth Hoene
01/16/2019 14:55:59
"Your doctors and assistants are exemplary at their jobs. I have complete trust and will take me pets to no one else. "
- Matt Gleason
12/06/2018 01:17:50
"Highly recommend to others...in fact I already did"
- Kelley Grosso
10/23/2018 07:42:11
"The staff is welcoming, loving and knowledgeable . Any anxiety you or your four legged loved one may feel is set at ease as soon as you walk in the door. Prices are very reasonable and they have been able to fit me in the same day every time I have needed. 10 out of 10 would recommend! "
- Alise Corbin
10/23/2018 01:15:41
"Everyone has always been very compassionate, and always asking if I have any questions,that’s why I make the drive to Reno"
- Shelley Purser
10/23/2018 01:05:36
"Such a great visit!! Having 2 large dogs is always a struggle, but you guys make it so easy and get us in and out. Vet and assistants were amazing!"
- Kerry Kelly
10/13/2018 02:20:39
"Always wonderful caring staff and friendly atmosphere."
- Dawn Smith
10/12/2018 01:25:23
"You are all seriously the BEST! I really appreciate all you do. "
- Sarah Dupuis
10/05/2018 16:46:35
"Bear is treated very well! The staff is understanding and caring, especially with nervous pet parents! Thank you for caring and treating our beloved pets like family! 😊"
- Laurie Dodge
10/05/2018 03:37:36
"Everyone was friendly, helpful, and efficient. I can't think of anything else I would have wanted from a vet visit!"
- Katie Filipowski
09/26/2018 16:24:55
"Great with my animals and have been for years."
- Maura Cox
09/10/2018 23:12:23
"The care our kitty is receiving is top-notch, excellent and caring!"
- Patricia Bouweraerts
09/08/2018 02:00:03
"Good courtious staff. "
- Lawrence Sears
09/07/2018 19:35:14
" Everyone was very nice and the facility was clean ! "
- Cheyenne Little
09/07/2018 17:58:00
"Excellent experience. Entire staff was very nice, from the front office to the Vet and everyone in between. Made me feel that everyone truly cared about my dog as if he was their own. I would recommend this clinic to anyone. Thank you for being awesome!"
- Melissa Veil
09/06/2018 19:23:58
"They did a very good job, Thanks for you fast attention , my cat is very good now."
- Marlene Romero
09/01/2018 05:24:56
"Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. We really had a great experience "
- Samantha Morgan
08/22/2018 02:05:14
"The staff were all very friendly and helpful. My case was drop in and they were very accommodating. I will be switching all of my small animal's care over to you because of the friendly staff and nice facility."
- Teresa Wriston
08/21/2018 22:02:41
"It's always a good experience to come in and refill Kiba's Rxs. Everyone is knowledgeable and helpful and polite."
- April Overfield
08/09/2018 18:38:46
"Everyone is friendly & helpful"
- Brian Daniel
08/09/2018 01:37:27
"Good service - great employees"
- Marsha Raj
08/08/2018 15:26:58
"This vet is wonderful! The staff are always extremely friendly and accommodating, even during very busy days with emergencies. The doctors are very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you may have, as well as recommend what is best for your pet. "
- Angelina Campagna
08/07/2018 04:30:29
"You are the best!! I recommend you to everyone I know who has a pet. Thank you for always being calm, loving, patient, and respectable. "
- Daniel Rigdon
08/06/2018 16:07:58
- Jeff Goodman
08/01/2018 23:50:08