"We had an excellent experience. The front desk staff were courteous, friendly, and very helpful. The technicians were a pleasure to work with and they handled our puppy gently and made her very comfortable. Dr. Hunt is excellent. She is easy to talk with, informative and listened to my questions and concerns. "
- Denise Domeracki
08/03/2017 11:33:22
"Wonderful experience from first phone call to when I picked Max up from visit and grooming. "
- Karla Klein
08/01/2017 09:35:25
"Dr. Murray provided the most conservative treatment option for Jackson, since his ear did not NEED to be repair surgically, she did not do so. Much appreciated, since I look to her for the expertise. Also, the girls working at the desk stayed a few minutes late for me to pick Jackson up while I got stuck in traffic that evening. They are always pleasant and helpful in explaining Jackson's treatments and associated charges. "
- Kristen Douglas
07/28/2017 14:57:17
"I changed vets because I wasn't happy with my experience at the previous clinic. It seemed dirty, the Vet didn't spend more than 30 seconds with my pup, and I didn't feel a sense of caring in that short time with him. Dr. McBride on the other hand was very thorough, gentle with my pup and very kind. He answered all of my questions, asked me questions about my pup and even came out when I was paying to tell me something else he forgot to mention. The whole staff was pleasant, too! Everyone at the front desk and the vet techs. I wish I would have taken my pup to Neartown from the beginning! I'm happy I found a vet that makes me feel comfortable and that's trusting!"
- Teri Mesquita
07/28/2017 14:13:02
"Very caring and professional staff. Impressive. "
- Sue McCormick
07/18/2017 15:00:22
"Always love the friendly staff. I also appreciate the reminder emails and how easy it is to schedule a convenient appointment time. "
- Kyle Chandler
07/10/2017 11:41:24
"The front desk staff are always helpful and professional. Susan gave us a tip about using Sunset Animal Hospital after hours which has saved us a ton of money as we only knew about VERGI. Dr. Murray has taken care of Storm off and on for all 13 years and was instrumental in her being able to walk when she was hit by a car at age 4 months. Krista Hunt is a go to vet for us and was so helpful and kind during Choe's last days."
- Dianne Kirk
06/11/2017 17:05:48
"I was seen promptly and everything I asked about that concerned me was taken care of. Very please with staff."
- Nancy Tucker
06/04/2017 15:51:06
"The staff is always genuinely caring about our cats and the vets are straight forward and great with explaining things in layman's terms."
- Jami Miller
05/27/2017 13:56:06
"Very prompt in seeing us. Vet was thorough. Jackie, the front desk staff very helpful,"
- Leslye Weaver
05/27/2017 06:54:51
"I love Neartown Animal Clinic. I know my babies are in good hands when I have to drop them off for an appointment while I go to work. I'm so thankful for all of the staff at Neartown, especially Kelly and Susan, who always take amazing care of Huey and Teddy."
- Abby Alford
05/18/2017 14:44:58
"I am very happy to work with everyone at Neartown. They are very nice and helpful. They make the process very easy and I know that my animals are getting the best care possible. "
- Nancy Giles
05/16/2017 14:20:32
"Everyone was so kind and sweet to both my pup and me! It was a very pleasant first experience with a vet. Thank you!"
- Elizabeth Swift
05/16/2017 11:41:57
"Everyone was extremely caring and concerned about Lilli and her humans. The care was excellent and we truly appreciate Dr. Hunt going to great lengths to get us into GCVS as quickly as possible. GCVS has confirmed Dr. Hunt's initial diagnosis of IMPA. We will begin treatment with steroids and leflunomide. "
- Cissy Davis
05/03/2017 14:29:36
"From Susan, Kelly, Dana, the vet techs that have been there a long time (name escapes me) and Dr Hunt, I couldn't be happier with the care Nigel and Duke receive. Great friendly staff! Thank you for being there to support the wonderful care our dogs receive. "
- Jean Paris
05/02/2017 12:56:09
"My dog receives great care here. I also board her here when I have to go out of town. She also boards well here."
- Mike Wendling
05/02/2017 12:16:27
"Every time I have ever brought Bailey into your office, I have been very satisfied. From the people who work the front desk to the vet techs and doctors; everyone has Bailey's best interest in mind. I almost think you guys love him as much as me! (Kelly, for sure, does) When I called in on Saturday, even though you guys were booked solid, you still made a place and time for Bailey! Thank you so much as he was in a lot of pain with a gigantic hotspot that had developed overnight! I love you guys and so does Bailey. xoxo Elaine Swanner "
- Elaine Swanner
05/01/2017 15:46:55
"I never, ever, ever, ever thought I'd ever find a veterinary practice anywhere near as perfect as Dr. Nsncy Bolduc's over in River Oaks and lo and behold along came Neartown and Dr. Krista Hunt and Chelsey and Susan--all of which are second-to-none. Thanks again and again and again for taking such great care of my CoCo and me. "
- Chuck Franco
04/25/2017 12:38:16
"We had a wonderful experience visiting the clinic. I brought my dog in to be evaluated for a few pre-existing health issues, and feel that I received good advice I hadn't heard from our previous veterinarian. We know our pups will be in good hands with the friendly and knowledgeable staff and doctors at Neartown!"
- Laura Boswell
04/24/2017 11:05:19
"wonderful experience - Dr. McBride and his staff kept my cat calm and happy during his appointment. I really appreciate that I was able to take my cat home and Dr. McBride called promptly once my cat's blood work was ready, rather than making me wait (which is always stressful for cats!)"
- Kate Schomer
04/23/2017 19:53:56
"I have the utmost trust in and respect for every professional who works at Neartown. The vets, and we have seen 5 of them over the last last two years, have always been thorough, explained every detail to me, and most important, have cared for Jana like she is their own. The front desk staff and the vet techs treat me with respect, are very knowledgeable, and extremely caring toward me and my dog. I cannot imagine seeking vet care anywhere else in town."
- Carla Fisher
04/19/2017 11:53:12
"I have been going there for over 10 years and you have always treated Ciara and Ziara with the utmost care and customer service. Thank you Geoff and Eija Seaman "
- Geoff Seaman
04/18/2017 12:45:35
"I honestly can't think of anything. This office has been taking care of my pets for over 25 years and I am always very pleased."
- Kathy Jones
04/11/2017 13:10:37
"Everyone from the staff out front, the techs and the docs understand that appointments can be stressful for some fur babies and go out of their way to make my baby comfortable and put him at ease "
- Debbie Cody
04/05/2017 12:37:10
"We absolutely love the attention and care we receive every time we come in. This past time my husband and I were both feeling really sad about how our dog was acting and all of the staff and vets we interacted with were very compassionate and kind. Dr. Murray stayed late on a Friday to see us and she gave our dog a thorough exam and answered all our questions patiently, as if we weren't dipping into her personal time. We really appreciated her directness and her bedside manner. She was really, really wonderful. "
- Catherine Perez
04/01/2017 12:43:02
"Everything went smoothly. I didn't have to wait, the exam was quick, the doctor explained everything that needed explaining, and the payment process was efficient. An easy experience for me and the cat is greatly appreciated! Everyone was friendly and professional."
- Laura Korn
03/29/2017 23:33:10
"You are doing a great job! You try hard too work Lily in when she has a sudden problem. The doctors and staff explain everything so that I know what is wrong with Lily and what I need to do to help her get well. You even follow up in a few days to make sure she is doing well. She loves to spend the night or weekend with her friends here if my husband and I go out of town. My cat passed away suddenly at home in December. I had to bring her in for help. The compassion that everyone showed and the things they did helped me get through an awful time. I love Neartown. We are moving to Coldspring,but I will be bring Lily back for shots, regular treatment, and boarding."
- Linda Hart
03/16/2017 09:34:54
"I like your office and the people. Something I immediately noticed I didn't have to pull Champ in he seemed relaxed. Usually I have to trick him to go to the back but he went right away "
- Andrew Heintze
03/11/2017 18:07:48
"We felt very welcome and learned so much to help Hazel! I felt like they were very knowledgeable and so compassionate to our new puppy!"
- Terre Alexander
03/11/2017 00:14:59
"Neartown ROCKS! Such good care for both my puppy pal AND for ME! Always clear communications and always professional. Artemus and I love Neartown!"
- Karen Ross
03/08/2017 11:25:41
"Staff super friendly and very helpful! They answer all my concerns and questions I have about Malbec. Love this place and always recommend to family and my friends. :) -Jenny"
- Jenny Capitaine
03/01/2017 13:08:16
"Front desk staff are very friendly; veterinary staff is very knowledgeable and caring."
- Marilyn Patterson
02/26/2017 22:06:58
"Doing great!! Prince likes to come in so as long as he's comfortable, I am too. Thanks so much for the great care!"
- Maurine Ford
02/23/2017 12:31:30
"The care is always excellent and Dr. Sandburg is terrific."
- Penny Jones
01/06/2017 14:53:57
"always friendly and helpful staff and the vet, Dr. Patson, spent time answering my questions. "
- Meredith Cocke
12/29/2016 12:35:15
"Very friendly and helpful front desk staff Vets answer all of my questions"
- Melanie Hinton
12/21/2016 21:07:23
"My experiences with Neartown has always been positive. Dr. Sandberg is Francy's primary care physician; however, she has been seen by several of the veterinarians. In all cases her and my needs have been addressed with expertise and compassion. My view of the nurses/techs mirrors that of the medical staff. The support staff are not only responsive, but also quite knowledgeable (thank you, Kelly). If I had one wish it would be 24 hour phone and on-site coverage. "
- Gail Rosman
12/08/2016 20:26:02
"It was a very pleasant visit and I felt like Bella was in good hands. Feeling like she is well cared for is top priority with me. Thank you for taking care of her. "
- Barbara McClelland
12/08/2016 16:44:39
"We had a very good experience and treatment is seems to be working. "
- Alan Fuente
11/29/2016 15:24:17
"I love Dr. Hunt. She is thorough and takes time to explain all issues with my cat and even follows up with phone calls. The staff is always courteous, efficient and helpful. I never have to wait for an appointment. And finally, I appreciate that the staff always calls the next day to check on my cat."
- Jennifer Wittman
11/16/2016 20:02:58
"You guys truly care about Buster and I appreciate that. THANK YOU"
- Philip Kanayan
11/13/2016 11:43:16
"Everything was good! We were well taken care of and we were in and out in 30 min. We love you guys and you do a great job! "
- Jessica Barzilla
11/03/2016 20:57:09
"I did not have an appointment but was able to be squeezed in. THANK YOU. I did miss the report card and personal touch of Dr. Murray but understand how busy of a day it was. I did appreciate that the tech came and sat with me and went over the chart. And I absolutely love the follow up call to check on my baby days later. Fantastic place. No complaints here! "
- Diane Rogers
11/01/2016 11:27:13
"Love Dr. Hunt and everyone at Neartown!"
- Kimberly Whitmire
10/28/2016 19:02:05
"I love Neartown. Everryone there treats us great!"
- Sue Leone
10/18/2016 13:14:47
"Always have a great experience when visiting Neartown."
- Iris Smith
10/11/2016 15:31:59
"excellent caring staff and doctors."
- Brian Lochhead
10/04/2016 10:19:00
"I really appreciate the email reminders and follow up after Rusty's appointments. "
- Julia Ziegler
09/26/2016 13:25:36
"You make me feel like You love my dog!"
- Toni Ritenour
09/05/2016 21:44:42
"I am please with the care received. Always confident in the docs. But it is above average in cost,"
- Don Burke
09/04/2016 14:10:26