"From the moment you walk through the doors till you leave Caring hands, Is awesome! Great people working there!"
- Elyse Savitch
06/11/2017 18:40:02
"I really appreciate that the staff took care of my pet and cleaned up after her mess without making any fuss over it at all. It's stressful for the kitty and for her caretakers, so when the staff clean up the kitty pee and the carrier and make everything smell clean it's a huge relief for us. Thank you!"
- Sijia Liang
06/11/2017 12:43:31
"This clinic both vets and staff are superior in every way. This is the kind of customer service that reminds me of the "old days". "
- Elizabeth James
06/11/2017 12:22:52
"It was great that your staff was willing to watch my kitty while I ran errands in the shopping center!"
- Sara Heikkila
06/11/2017 07:33:03
"Excellent visit as usual. Reception and techs are super efficient and always nice "
- Meghean Field
06/10/2017 20:41:31
"People at the front desk are awesome. Had a long wait at last visit because there had been an emergency. Understandable. It was explained and got back to normal quickly!"
- Ann Sharp
06/10/2017 17:52:38
"very sincere and dedicated staff , really appreciate for your service. Thank you, Ram"
- Ram Kumar
06/10/2017 17:16:45
"Dr. Robinson is the best. He makes you feel like your dog is the most important patient. The amount of detail and time he spends explaining services and answering your concerns lets you know this is someone who really enjoys his job, loves animals and strives to provide the best medical care. THANKS!"
- Erin Soschin
06/08/2017 11:47:13
"The care, detail, and time given to our two dogs during their visit is like no where else & whywealways refer our friends to Caring Hands! Thank you!!"
- Shannon Dehart
06/07/2017 08:11:18
"Dr. Brian Neumann and staff provide extraordinary healthcare. My fur-kid Derby doesn't like going to Vet, but staff went above and beyond to make his visit less stressful."
- Alberta White
06/06/2017 16:03:59
"I'm moving out of state and it was hard to say goodbye. Truly an out standing pet care, you all will be missed especially Dr. M. R."
- Ruth Labat
06/05/2017 22:53:44
"My dog has high anxiety at the vet and the staff was extremely patient with her throughout the entire visit!"
- Victoria Metzger
06/04/2017 15:36:40
"Staff clearly care about their animal patients. Very happy with office."
- Laura Pierce
06/04/2017 13:39:40
"We love Caring Hands. Excellent Staff and doctors and reasonably priced. Well done!"
- Bernadette Kreten
06/03/2017 08:01:23
"As always I was very pleased with the quality of care my pets and I received. I highly recommend Caring Hands Animal Hospital. Also, I love having Arianna as our animal tech. She takes her time and is very kind and caring to me and my dogs. Love, Love, Love her. "
- Brenda Janik
06/02/2017 11:24:59
"My cat Mum Mums was totally relaxed with your staff. That made my day!! Thanks to Caring Hands!!"
- Joseph Cocke
06/01/2017 18:52:18
"I've had nothing but positive experiences here. All the staff are excellent and seem to genuinely care"
- Elizabeth Elliot
05/29/2017 15:08:14
"Mariela was great with Kasper and also the receptionists were nice. Very good customer service!"
- Cristina Dupesko
05/28/2017 21:39:25
"Wonderful staff...the only place we trust our two year old black Labrador to be cared for"
- Barry Neulen
05/28/2017 14:54:56
"Love Caring Hands! Friendly, professional staff who obviously love the animals and treat them with kindness and their humans with knowledgeable courtesy and respect. Could not recommended them more highly. "
- Megan James
05/27/2017 21:25:48
"I can't say enough great things about the team at the Van Dorn location. I feel my pets always receive the best care with compassion and the staff is always friendly. I recommend CHAH to everyone I know who has a pet or is thinking of adopting one. "
- Carolina Leon-Duarte
05/27/2017 18:36:05
"Love all the vets and care at S. Glebe Caring Hands"
- Emily Winter
05/27/2017 12:39:48
"Hamlet, Lucy, and I love the vets and staff at Caring Hands. We are a very grateful group of clients!"
- Howard Hopffgarten
05/25/2017 15:46:46
"As always, compassionate and thorough care. I wish my personal physician took as much time to examine and explain matters to me!"
- Tom Suydam
05/25/2017 09:30:35
"staff handled a very scared cat with utmost professionalism and care."
- Ted Hack
05/24/2017 19:41:16
"Loved my experience and will be bringing Carmen back for her health needs. "
- Julia Hames
05/23/2017 17:47:06
"Love the office! Dr Garcia and staff are wonderful and take very good care of Bruno! "
- Jackee Sandoval
05/18/2017 16:57:25
"Staff is so caring and responsive to my two cats' moods and needs. I love that they take time to let the cats explore the space and approach them with kindness and deference before diving into a procedure - my cats are so much more relaxed with the vets here than they have been at any other vet or clinic."
- Wilson Peden
05/18/2017 12:36:56
"I have been taking my pets here for years. Every vet I have seen has been amazing, and all the staff is so helpful and friendly. I have visited for both routine things and for emergencies, and always felt like me and my pet were cared about and that they were receiving the best care possible. "
- Hillary Dennison
05/18/2017 12:25:16
"I love Caring Hands! And so does our dog, which is just as important. The tech and the vet both took their time with us and gave us a clear and comprehensive plan to address my dog's infection. "
- Amanda Leamer
05/18/2017 08:48:11
"I was early for my appointment and the office was running a little behind. That's expected considering it was late morning. We went for a walk to Unleashed, the pet store 2-doors down. The wait time when we got back was normal. I love Caring Hands. I recommended them to friends who wanted to change their vet. And would recommend them to anyone who wants to be able to talk to their vet and get answers to all their questions."
- Randall Clark
05/18/2017 08:00:00
"Very kind, professional, and competent staff at all levels of service. Your prices are better than VCA and my dog seems to be more relaxed in the waiting room. Your hospital was recommended by a neighbor in Parkfairfax and now I can see why."
- Susan Struthers
05/17/2017 09:35:47
"Everyone was so kind and helpful during our visit, they gave the impression that they genuinely care about our cat's health and happiness. They were also speedy, we were in and out so quickly!! Thank you!!!"
- Victoria Poe
05/15/2017 18:48:23
"Dr. Newman and tech staff was outstanding "
- Ashley Truesdale
05/15/2017 18:01:33
"My daughter has 3 dogs who she brings to Caring Hands as does my son with his one dog. I was telling a neighbor about how exceptional I think the quality of care is and how friendly and helpful the staff is. He then informed me that is the reason he brings his dog there also. Just keep doing what you are doing. So glad I found this vet service."
- Anne Scott
05/15/2017 17:11:06
"Great doctors, really care about your pet and are reasonable with treatment options. "
- Ruth Kim
05/14/2017 11:57:30
"This team at the Van Dorn location is very friendly and always goes above and beyond to make every visit a great experience for my and our two dogs. We always recommend Caring Hands in Alexandria to our neighbors and friends."
- Susan Penney
05/12/2017 03:54:51
"Dr. Brian Neumann is wonderful.!!"
- Caroline Britt
05/11/2017 12:28:03
"CHAH is hands down the best clinic I've ever taken my pets to. Always friendly staff, attentive techs and vets, and clean facilities. It truly is a joy to be a repeat patron."
- Annie Lenfest
05/11/2017 12:12:00
"My dog hates having his nails trimmed and this time the techs used a popsicle stick with cheese wiz on it to distract him as he didn't even notice what was happening! He didn't need a muzzle or the be restrained like he normally does! Genius!"
- Kerri McKay
05/11/2017 08:44:35
"Thanks for always taking good care of Fleetwood! Your doctors, staff and friendly service are noticed and appreciated!"
- Kathleen Ellingson
05/09/2017 13:14:04
"Dr. Garcia is the best! She is very knowledgeable an goes the extra step to make you feel she genuinely cares for our pets. We love her!!"
- Carlos Olivos
05/07/2017 21:06:48
"I can't say enough good things about the staff of and my experiences with the Caring Hands Animal Hospital in Arlington. I don't know where you find all the wonderful people that you do, but it makes each visit/phone call so easy. "
- Judith Scott
05/07/2017 14:21:19
"Dr. Robinson is a fantastic vet and I am grateful for the tremendous care he has provided my pets."
- Shannon McManners
05/05/2017 18:38:02
"I'm impressed as to how fast we were able to get an appointment. Always a pleasant experience at this clinic, the staff and vets are so friendly and helpful."
- Ronda Seiler
05/05/2017 17:40:35
"Your staff are wonderful!"
- Richard Madigan
05/05/2017 14:58:49
"I love Lola's new home! The staff is awesome! The doctor was great with her."
- Robin Frank
05/04/2017 13:02:00
"excellent experience ! We were greeteted immediately, seen shortly after completing paperwork. Very thorough exam by Dr Denehy . Prescription filled in just a few minutes and the follow up call the next day was extraordinary . Couldn't ask for better care. "
- Melissa Seamands
05/03/2017 21:38:41
"This was my first visit to Caring Hands - Alexandria. Because I live right across the street, I can just walk across without having to drive. I decided to check out the ratings, and I was impressed. In addition, I've had a few of my friends recommend CH in general."
- Patricia Cabagnot
05/03/2017 12:52:38
"Dr. Robinson and staff are simply the best. The compassion, thoroughness, expertise and time spent to ensure I understand what is being done for the care of my pets is unsurpassed. Sincerity in listening and answering my questions and concerns makes me feel I understand where my pets health stands with measured optimism with a check of reality. I'm so glad I found Dr Robinson and the team. I feel my pets get the best care. "
- Louise Ebbert
05/02/2017 21:26:56
"Everyone was very kind and Kona even got a special toy at the end of the appointment!"
- Kate Bleau
05/02/2017 10:26:42
"The staff here is excellent and very caring. "
- Cyndee Finkel
05/02/2017 09:34:20
"Enjoyed my visit and am so glad to have a new medical home for Amber, Bobbie and Cleo!"
- Kathy Carroll
05/01/2017 12:31:45
"I came in on an urgent care appointment and got in before my scheduled time. Everyone who treated my dog did so with such care, patience, and concern. The vet explained everything he was doing, why, cost, options. I was extremely impressed."
- Joanne Olson
05/01/2017 11:22:07
"Always courteous, always great medical care. There was some confusion about what services I requested when my bill was produced. The front desk promptly, and with a smile, fixed the problem with no drama. Always a plus! "
- Glen Goodman
04/30/2017 07:11:07
"Very professional staff. Truly appreciate the one-on-one attention. Also the follow-up/check-in calls after major visits e.g., surgery, medicines, etc. are very much appreciated. Tells me that you care about my pet as much as I do! "
- Sabrina Karklins
04/29/2017 11:02:05
"Hazel is a nervous 2 year old pit mix who has been coming to Caring hands since we rescued her. The staff has always been courteous and happy to answer any questions. This time was just a few claw trim but they handled it fast and painlessly."
- Brian Blackburn
04/28/2017 14:02:39
"Really flexible and friendly place to take your pet!"
- Ben Firehock
04/27/2017 10:55:47
"I have used both the Glebe Road and Van Dorne Centers. I also have referred friends to CHAH. I have always found the personnel to be friendly, professional, and understanding. Paul Larkin"
- Lee Larkin
04/26/2017 13:38:44
"Everyone at Caring Hands takes excellent care of my dogs and we love Dr. Dennehey. I especially appreciate her personal follow-up after any appointment and practical, real-world approach to any required care."
- Karen Skanderson
04/26/2017 11:50:26
"As always, excellent service and care. We emailed to obtain refills for our dog Bulleit's flea/tick and heart worm meds. I received a prompt email back and was able to pick up the refills on the same day. In addition, the clinic took the time to let us know about brand/manufacturer changes and how that impacted Bulleit's treatment schedule. We love Caring Hands! Thank you for always providing high quality, responsive, professional, and compassionate care. "
- Cameron Nelson
04/25/2017 17:42:16
"Thank you for all you do! After relocating here from Ohio, I was concerned about finding a vet that I could trust with my dog. I am happy that I found you!"
- Nancy Fleming
04/25/2017 14:01:22
"Everyone at Caring Hands is always super kind and wonderful to my Bettie. Thank you!!! "
- Kristen Parks
04/25/2017 10:48:54
"We are so pleased with Caring Hands and with every visit we are more appreciative of the staff. The love and care that is shown to our furry man is more than we could ever ask or expect of in a veterinary office. Thank you for taking such great care of our boy (as you always do)!"
- Cesira Cruciano
04/24/2017 12:37:38
"We had to put our 16 yr old Beloved pet Petey down. Dr Thornton and her staff were very compassionate and professional as this was our first family pet and emotions were very raw. Thankful for the 2 yrs of care we have received while stationed here in the D.C. metro area."
- Francie Graese
04/23/2017 15:11:46
"Thank you SO much for the weekend and evening hours -- life saver and peace of mind that I don't have to default to emergency services to get Rudder seen when he doesn't feel well."
- Andrea Tullos
04/23/2017 13:32:46
"Great experience! ! Everyone was nice and very knowledgeable! Nutmeg will be back. ☺"
- Keinya Clay
04/23/2017 10:38:11
"Had a great pet visit. Technicians wew awesome. Dr. Neuman was wonderful as always."
- Nicole McClenic
04/22/2017 15:05:39
"Dr Evans is patient with my timid dog. She is caring and provides helpful information."
- Melissa Hayworth
04/22/2017 13:43:48
"Dr. Robinson and the techs were wonderful. Thank you for a great experience and a smooth procedure."
- Mariam Mattin
04/22/2017 12:07:16
"Dr. Morrison was fantastic! He spent a good amount of time with us and answered our questions very thoughtfully. He was very knowledgeable and was wonderful with our dog. "
- Holly Kish
04/22/2017 10:41:28
"Dr. Robinson in Arlington is the best! He takes his time with each "patient" and explains everything he is doing. He has great ideas on everything about making your pet's life better. While I live here, Dr. Robinson will be my veterinarian. "
- Joelle Faure
04/20/2017 14:20:31
"Dr. Sites is amazing! The other doctors I have worked with there are also great. I would not think of taking my pet anywhere else. "
- Jake Green
04/19/2017 19:38:48
"Love the friendly atmosphere and attention to Bella and her needs"
- Barbara Newhouse
04/19/2017 18:53:34
"We love Caring Hands! Dr. Neumann is the best - very patient and helps us find optimal solutions for complicated problems. And all of the vet techs are wonderful as well. "
- Lauren Lobrano
04/19/2017 13:17:08
"Love that your staff seem to truly love animals. "
- Mary Powers
04/19/2017 13:11:11
"Thank you for getting us in as a walk-in so fast. We were visiting the area, and had an ill dog. Every staff member was helpful and nice. Very efficient, professional and clean facilities."
- Felicia Ehrlich
04/15/2017 15:38:26
"You have Chewie and me very nice. You are nice to all your animals and they seem comfortable there "
- Linda Randall
04/15/2017 14:58:48
"NOVA Pets Alive referred me to CH for a dog I recently adopted, I had never visited any of CH's locations (I have another dog, and had previously been going to another vet office). The office was very clean, well appointed, very friendly staff. Dr. Heatherly was also friendly and helpful. I will be moving my original dog's care to CH as well, after appreciating the care received for my recently adopted dog. Thank you! "
- Heather Moore
04/15/2017 12:15:33
"Dr. Sites is an asset to the practice. I appreciate a common sense approach to medicine and she is on the money. thanks!"
- Meredith Schor
04/15/2017 12:09:12
"Both of the doctors my dogs see are amazing! They take wonderful care and connect with what you are saying! They are wonderful! I always feel my pups are in great hands!!"
- Kelly Wahl
04/14/2017 16:17:46
"Perfection! From the moment you enter till you leave!"
- Elyse Savitch
04/12/2017 15:00:07
"I thought everyone at the S. Glebe location is very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I also like the fact that they have reduced the cost for the dental procedures. Makes it so much easier to take care of my pet and keep her healthy!"
- Maria Jackson
04/12/2017 13:11:16
"Dr. Thornton and the entire staff of veterinary techs, assistants, and reception personnel were all outstanding and exhibited great care for both me and my 16 year old Jack Russell, Spencer. The conducted only tests, procedures, and Xrays necessary for a diagnosis and to ensure Spencer's comfort. They displayed great compassion for both of us and while I don't know what the test results will reveal, I know that they care and that they have earned my trust going forward. My heart felt thanks to them all during this very difficult time."
- Rosemary Travis
04/12/2017 11:52:29
"I thought the vet and vet tech gave me very helpful service and advice. I appreciated having the tech demonstrate a better way for me to clean my dog's ears. "
- Christine Winter
04/11/2017 20:44:21
"We have been taking our cat, Sarah, to the Van Dorn facility since shortly after it opened. We have nothing but praise for the entire staff. The only reason we will not be continuing to bring Sarah is because we are moving to suburban Richmond in the next few weeks. Hopefully you will some day have a facility in that area."
- John Grande
04/11/2017 12:08:53
"This was an urgent care visit for my cousin's new pomeranian puppy that she just picked up in South Carolina the day before. The next day she had to drive 800 miles home to Maine. She was very grateful that Dr. Neumann and the staff at Caring Hands could take care of her little puppy before she hit the road. She was very impressed with Dr. Neumann's knowledge and his wonderful "bedside" manner. Thanks again to Dr. Neumann and the staff for seeing little Keziah and taking such good care of him!"
- Naomi & Zaki Aslan
04/10/2017 15:51:48
"I really appreciate being welcomed and treated warmly by everyone on staff and NOT being treated like a number or just one of the minions. I feel like both the vet tech and vet listened to me and didn't rush me through, even though I knew they were behind."
- Mark Abe
04/09/2017 20:56:23
"I loved the welcome board with Gus's name on it! Such a personalized touch! Everyone was very helpful and Sarah did a great job keeping Gus calm and comfortable during his exam. I would definitely recommend Caring Hands to other pet owners "
- Alyssa Kapotes
04/09/2017 11:32:19
"The staff is always friendly and takes care of my dog like she is their own. She loves going to the vet. "
- Julie Jackson
04/08/2017 08:03:04
"We really appreciate the care and support you give us! Thank you!!"
- Sanae Kubota
04/06/2017 18:50:03
"Both, my dog and i had very good experience in your facility, the staff are very kind. Thanks."
- Hakim Karim
04/06/2017 12:38:55
"I love Caring Hands at Van Dorn. We are a military family and have had to change vets a lot over the years and can honestly say that Caring hands is hands down the best place we have ever found for our pets health care in all the places we have ever lived. Thank you so much for your kind, empathetic, caring and amazing all around care that you always provide. "
- Michelle England
04/06/2017 08:11:52
"Love this place and have recommended to all new dog owners in my neighborhood. "
- Ruth Labat
04/05/2017 15:32:49
"I love this hospital and it has always been good to both of my pets - they have always taken the time to explain everything to me and I never felt like I was a bother."
- Rose Harris
04/05/2017 15:27:41
"Each staff member with whom I have come into contact has been kind, patient and very helpful, from reception to the vet techs, and of course the medical staff."
- Ann Sharp
04/04/2017 18:51:36
"DR Garcia and Madison made me and Lola feel at ease and answered all our questions. They both are friendly and patient and took the time to keep Lola calm during her visit. Thank you for such great service. When you're good, people notice. Best, Richard Shires"
- Richard Shires
04/04/2017 17:28:47
"Dr. Newman is amazing. I was so impressed. He is so caring and wonderful. He is a great vet. The woman who worked with him was also very nice. "
- Dean Walter
04/04/2017 11:58:45
"Staff is great! Dr. Stump was caring and encouraging."
- Leslie Brockman
04/03/2017 19:29:24
"Without reservation I would say this is the best veterinarian hospital and doctor I have ever had. While I have had pets and care for decades, none come even close the standards this hospital and doctors set. Having recently had to euthanize my elderly dog they went above and beyond what I expected. This facility and staff are the definition of great service and compassion. You set the bar so extremely high! Thank you for all you do."
- Elizabeth James
04/03/2017 16:33:00