"From the receptionists to the nurses and doctors, they are all great! "
- Cristina Dupesko
04/24/2018 02:54:27
"I always feel like my cats are getting the best veterinary care I can give them. "
- Phaley Hilsabeck
04/20/2018 14:52:58
"We love Dr Dennehy - she always shows a real caring attitude towards her patients and fills us with confidence that our pug is receiving the best care. "
- John Williamson
04/19/2018 19:21:03
"You guys are wonderful. Thanks for all your help."
- Alex Leary
04/19/2018 16:39:15
"We absolutely love the staff and especially Dr Neumann. Thanks for taking care of our buddy Roosevelt! "
- Kristi Howard
04/18/2018 18:49:11
"We've always had a great experience with Caring Hands. They know Alexis by name and sight, and that she can be a bit temperamental. Everyone from the front desk staff to the Vet Tech's and the Docs are great. "
- Richard Herman
04/18/2018 16:44:31
"I thought the staff was great. I appreciated the call from call from the staff. I like the way they treated my dog."
- Leslie Davy
04/18/2018 16:41:27
"Always refer you to friends with pets!:) My dogs love coming to see you. Thank you."
- Jodi Terhorst
04/17/2018 15:52:33
"We love Dr. Robinson! He is so friendly, easy to talk to, and knowledgeable. Thank you for always providing excellent care of our pets and for answering all of our questions!"
- Catie Beard
04/15/2018 22:04:14
"Even though we were just visiting for a quick rabies vaccination, Dr. Neumann took the time to get to know Goat Dog and ask about his overall health and well-being. He was fantastic with Goat Dog, super knowledgable/able to answer all of my questions, and really seemed invested in Goat Dog's care. This was our first visit with Dr. Neumann, and we'd happily see him again! "
- Catherine Gillette
04/15/2018 13:52:36
"Receptionist was very helpful, and found a way to help me get 3 months' worth of flea/tick and heartworm meds to reduce trips. Thank you so much."
- Meg Trucano
04/14/2018 22:24:16
"I love Caring Hands. Dr. Dennehey is wonderful and absolutely fantastic with my pup. She is kind, caring, patient and gently with my nervous little guy. When I lost my other dog suddenly to cancer last summer, Dr. Dennehey personally called me and reached out to offer her help while my baby girl was at South Paws, and called with her condolences after we lost her. That kind of personal attention just can't be beat."
- Karen Skanderson
04/13/2018 18:19:38
"Your staff are professional and competent and clearly love animals."
- Jane Starkey
04/13/2018 13:52:15
"Dr Robinson and the medical staff are wonderful. He takes the extra step to ensure I am comfortable with the decisions we make regarding my dog. They all seem to love my pup!! That matters!!! Thank you!"
- Donna Murray
04/13/2018 13:29:37
"The entire staff st Caring Hands is wonderful. They take great care to listen to concerns and provide helpful information. Dr Thornton has been exceptional in caring for my pet. She has a gentle approach is very thorough."
- Melissa Seamands
04/13/2018 12:34:35
"Everyone in the CHAH is friendly, courteous, professional and helpful ALWAYS. "
- Justine Gontis
04/13/2018 11:15:23
"A wonderful vet practice. The staff is superb! The poodles love to visit too! "
- John Kilroy
04/13/2018 10:13:27
"We really appreciated how patient Dr. Harris and the vet techs were with our very anxious and high maintenance dog. "
- TJ (Tyler) Kasperbauer
04/13/2018 00:53:02
"Your clinic is perfect. Clean, great vets. and staff. More affordable than other clinics that do not serve with the quality you all do in this area. You all take good care of my puppy. I titer my pet and you all are more Cutting Edge than most vets. in Alexandria. Thank You."
- Diane Durant
04/12/2018 16:55:29
"Great care from Dr. Brian Newman and entire staff for Mr. Beasley"
- James Ebbitt
04/12/2018 16:52:16
"The staff at Caring Hands was so thoughtful and caring. They provided such love and support for my dog Lily and for me when she had a swollen paw. They were wonderful!!"
- Amanda Thomas
04/08/2018 16:29:42
"Caring hands Arlington is the best veterinary clinic I have been to in 40 years of animal ownership. All the doctors are very qualified and knowledgeable, the treatment is always very personable and humane towards the animals, You’re allowed to accompany your pet at all times, the follow up is very quick, and they always make space for you in the event of an emergency. I would highly recommend this connect to any pet owner."
- Barbara Alino
04/07/2018 12:12:03
" Dr. Garcia has always shown that she really cares about my pets and their health. I always leave feeling comfortable as all my questions have been answered. The techs were great handling my struggling, strong cat. "
- Laura Poole
04/06/2018 13:31:12
"Great Admin staff. Vet techs are also great — caring, efficient, professional and clearly well trained. (This was just a tech visit)"
- Meghean Field
04/06/2018 05:44:35
"Everyone at this office are extremely helpful and courteous. The Vet i see is fantastic (Dr. Robinson). Also, the follow-up by the office staff is extremely customer service oriented."
- Nancy Cavallo
04/06/2018 00:53:37
"You guys are wonderful! You are always so helpful working with my budget as well as ensuring the best health for me cats. I appreciate that the vets, techs and reception teams are always sweet, genuine, friendly and easy to work with. I never feel like my appointment is rushed- your staff always take their time with me to answer questions, explain options, prices etc. which I SO appreciate. I know my cats are in good hands with you! "
- Hillary Hughes
04/05/2018 14:45:08
"We always enjoy our visits to Caring Hands, they take such good care in their work and care of our pet!"
- Chelsea Granado
04/05/2018 12:15:37
"The front desk staff, vet techs and Dr. Thornton are all terrific!"
- David Beam
04/05/2018 10:15:44
"Great experience. We weren't able to find our cat carrier so I was carrying our cat. They immediately put us in a room so she wouldn't get scared and even came to the room to check us out. I really appreciate the extra level of attention to making sure pets are comfortable."
- Nicole Clark
04/05/2018 04:39:00
"I appreciate the flexibility of the staff. We went in for a tech visit (shot) but turned out to need to see a vet. The staff managed to find an opening in the schedule so we would not have to pay the emergency fee. The vet follow up calls have been very helpful and appreciated."
- Bruce Cameron
04/04/2018 20:22:17
"Love Dr. Garcia"
- Judi Ludwic
04/03/2018 14:02:53
"Dr. Robinson is the best veterinarian I have ever entrusted my pets to. He is extremely knowledgeable and always takes the time to explain all the options and treatments. He never makes you feel like he is in a rush to get you out of the surgery, in spite of the fact, he is always heavily booked up with other appointments. My pets are comfortable with him and their level of stress is much lower than with any other vet."
- Patricia Saks-Sakellarides
04/03/2018 13:54:16
"I have been bringing my pets here since the location opened and am very pleased with the service. Dr. Ventocilla and Dr. B. Neumann are the best!!! Since Dr. V changed her schedule Dr. N has become the primary vet for my 2 dogs and 1 cat. I always receive the best care, never feel rushed and feel that he (like Dr. V) care deeply for my pets. I have recommended them both and the location in general to anyone seeming a new vet. Also, the vet techs are so wonderful with the quirkiness of my animals. Overall, I could not be happier with the quality of care and service. "
- Kimberly Lahm
04/02/2018 13:29:34
"Excellent staff and very knowledgeable Dr. Absolutely would highly recommend this Veterinary Care "
- Megan Cunningham
04/01/2018 15:01:04
"Caring Hands staff are always so gracious and helpful to me !I have full confidence and Trust in everything they do and rely on them for all my medical needs and advice"
- Roseann Mangano
04/01/2018 13:04:59
"I have already recommended this vet office, and would gladly still do so. Always a good experience here!"
- Caitlin Hulbert
03/30/2018 20:27:02
"My husband brought Gia Bella Travlino in and said how great everyone was to Gia and him. We have definitely found a new practice for our little angel girl. "
- Dino Travlino
03/29/2018 18:57:53
"Your staff is great and I always feel my dog is getting the best care. "
- Athena Williams
03/29/2018 00:15:10
"Lula absolutely loves going to the vet. Whenever we take her to the Petco next door for a bath, she will drag us over to the vets so she can see everyone. She almost gets as excited to see the staff as she does when I come home from work."
- Steven Porter
03/28/2018 21:57:31
"Vet techs were very good with my dog! We’re really happy with the care Callie gets at Caring Hands. "
- Katlyn Bennett
03/28/2018 15:01:08
"Always great to walk in and everyone is cheerful and ready to help! Dr. Evans and the staff have always been so fantastic and helpful."
- Catherine Brewer
03/28/2018 14:05:53
"Dr. Thornton is always there for us when we need her! The entire team is kind and friendly. We always appreciate the warm welcome we get when we HAVE to be at Caring Hands. We won’t go anywhere else!"
- Todd Delp
03/28/2018 12:49:14
"Dr. Posadas, Brian and the rest of the team were very friendly and professional. While in the exam room, they were very patient and listened intently when I asked questions, etc. They were very compassionate, taking great care of my two kids (dogs). I would highly recommend bringing your pet there."
- Denise White
03/27/2018 13:31:27
"Doctors listened to my concerns about cost and presented several treatment options at different prices. They were also extremely patient with me when I asked many questions!"
- Katherine Cleland
03/27/2018 11:40:33
"Best,vet.ever. Ann has taken care of all my dogs since 2008. The staff at Alexandria know me and Roody well, because we keep coming back for the excellent care and kindness provided here. The vet techs here are EXTREMELY well- trained and I trust them with care of my dog completely. Come here and experience the best vet care."
- Al Snow
03/27/2018 10:37:34
"Dr. Robinson was absolutely fantastic. He shows attention and care for our pets and we can tell that our pups love him. Thank you!"
- Sallie Ly
03/12/2018 17:39:43
"The staff is great, they are friendly and are great with my cat. They went above and beyond what I expected."
- Darla Aycock
03/08/2018 02:41:26
"Beyond exceptional! I would recommend you guys to anyone new in the area or with a new puppy. Thank you"
- Leah Boynton
03/07/2018 20:43:15
"Great team! Everyone is very friendly and helpful. You can tell they love what they do. Thank you :) "
- Victoria Pomeroy
03/07/2018 01:39:25
"Dr Thornton has been very helpful with responding promptly to my calls and helping me with my dog's anxiety. She calls back, emails, and has been very attentive which has made us very happy"
- Elizabeth Kang
03/07/2018 00:55:21
"I couldn't be happier with the service and attention Dr Robinson was wonderful the receptionist are always very nice and when you call on their phone they're extremely helpful"
- Ann Holcomb
03/06/2018 02:07:05
"Caring Hands is the best! I am always impressed with the time the veterinarians take to listen and talk through treatment options. I wish my own medical providers were half as good at that (!). And the other technicians are caring and gentle with my dog and celery love animals. So happy we found Caring Hands when we moved to Arlington. "
- Jennifer Sullivan
03/05/2018 03:01:59
"Our family, including dog Leo and cat Cody absolutely adore Dr. Michael Robinson. He is very knowledgeable and patient, answering all of our questions. I appreciate his careful handling of our boys. He has a gentle touch and treats them with dignity. I cannot say that about all vets. As our boys grow older I am grateful that Dr. Robinson will be there for them. As for the facility: it has always been clean and light filled. All staff, administrative and techs, are friendly. "
- Carole Kurfehs
03/04/2018 17:27:27
"Brian Neumann is one of the most professional veterinarians we have seen so far, and we will definitely keep taking our cat to his office from now on. Our cat has an unusual health condition, and the plan that was offered to determine the cause, and possible treatment options, were the most reasonable ones."
- Ineta Rusina
03/04/2018 16:40:35
"Dr Robinson, the vey techs and all the staff are super! Front desk staff are professional, helpful, friendy, and courteous. Love the animal artwork and my cat adores the catnip balls. 🤣🤣"
- Mary Kvitashvili
03/04/2018 12:04:56
"The staffs at CHAH are friendly and professional and seem to love animals."
- Luz Padilla
03/02/2018 01:10:04
"Dr. Brian Neumann and the support staff are awesome! Roscoe is a handful and they still greet & acknowledge him! Roscoe loves his vet appts especially with Dr. Neumann who will get on the floor for his entire appt! Thank you Caring Hands!!!"
- Jean Yogi
03/01/2018 20:16:43
"Great customers service and great doctor "
- Rose Mary Arellano-Rivera
02/24/2018 16:53:47
"We were very impressed by the professionaism of all those whom we came in contact with and we were impressed by the cleanliness and pleasant environment of your offices."
- Betty Dawson
02/23/2018 17:24:38
"Dr. Brian Neumann and his vet tech offered me and Zöe excellent care. They were efficient, personable, honest and truly caring. I appreciated Dr N’s candor and he offered some alternative resources which allowed me to be able to afford and provide the best possible care for Zöe my 14 yr old Jack Russell. "
- Rees Kirkorian
02/23/2018 03:51:49
"Dr Robinson is the absolute best- Bear is finally relaxed and feeling better ! "
- Rachel Boertlein
02/23/2018 03:13:35
"I truly appreciate everything that (all) caring hands locations have done for my pup! Everything from letting me drop her off early, helping me navigate multiple locations to get the best care, multiple calls to check in on her! "
- Elissa Edwards
02/22/2018 22:57:10
"Dr. Thornton is great with my dog. Very gentle and patient."
- Laura Tavacol
02/22/2018 04:11:12
"Absolutely love this clinic and everyone who works there! Won't take my fur babies anywhere else! "
- Tiffani Logsdon
02/22/2018 03:41:57
"Great staff and Dr. Robinson is the best! He clearly cares about your concerns and your dogs concerns. I like when I can trust a doctor and they are bout out just to make the vet more money by trying to say you need this and that done to your pet. Outstanding doctor! "
- Andrew Thomas
02/20/2018 01:46:20
"We love Caring Hands. Dr. Evans and all the staff are wonderful. "
- Michelle England
02/19/2018 23:28:16
"We have tried other vets in the area and nothing can compare to Caring Hands! We will continue bringing both our dogs."
- Logan Davis
02/19/2018 22:06:29
"I love Caring Hands! We are so happy to be bringing our animals (two cats and one dog) to see you guys. Thanks for everything! "
- Kateri Garcia
02/19/2018 21:40:32
"I love the doctors and staff for their professionalism and knowledge base. I recommend the clinic to whomever ask "who's your vet?". 5 star treatment. keep of the great work."
- Christine Brown
02/19/2018 19:49:20
"My dog, and every other animal I have seen at Caring Hands, has always been treated like royalty. My dog loves going to the vet, and the care she receives is above expectations. I will always take her to Caring Hands!"
- Cloi Craig
02/19/2018 02:16:20
"Every visit to Caring Hands Alexandria has been terrific. Knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, patient, and caring. I would highly recommend them to anyone. "
- Roxanne Nikolaus
02/17/2018 23:04:44
"Danielle is the best! She is always so happy to see Jackson, and is so sweet with him (even when he gets anxious). Danielle is our favorite tech! "
- Laura Domen
02/17/2018 14:50:32
"Thank-you so much for showing extreme patience with my scared dog, Duke. Your understanding will likely result in his next visit being less traumatic."
- Junay Hom
02/17/2018 11:16:38
"You are without equal in the area, in my opinion. From the reception staff, to vet assistants, and all levels of staff, I have never found a veterinary group more attentive and genuinely caring. Your name suits you perfectly! "
- Amanda Robinson
02/17/2018 02:44:00
"We are very happy with both the medical and administrative staff and confident that waffles is getting top notch care. "
- Jordan Fried
02/16/2018 23:38:23
"I love Caring Hands! Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I always feel comfortable asking questions. I love how they treat me and my pet. I am so glad I found an amazing vet! "
- Lindsay Tulloss
02/14/2018 13:08:19
"As stated in the previous section, we were impressed with everyone at Caring Hands and look forward to entrusting our dogs' care with them. The name "Caring Hands" was demonstrated throughout our appointment- cuddles and pats by all, making our dogs feel safe and secure. "
- Joe Anthony Lopez
02/14/2018 03:51:13
"Ben received excellent care and immediate release so he could enjoy doggie day camp and the pool at Olde Towne Pet Resort."
- Bernadette Bennett
02/12/2018 22:13:05
"I really appreciated the staff answering my questions by phone before our initial visit. Being a first-time dog owner, I just needed some guidance. This helped me justify the high cost of treatment when my pup really needed it. Thank you!"
- Margret Siemer
02/10/2018 01:31:19
"Upon arriving the waiting area was very clean. My pet and I were greeted immediately, and we were seen right on time. My Luna is a rescue, and is VERY apprehensive around new people (let alone new people in an entirely new place). But she warmed up to the staff quickly, and I know she felt safe with the doctor and nurse who were conducting her examination. Thank you so much for such a stress-free experience with your facility! Will definitely be returning. :)"
- Ariella Libicki
02/09/2018 13:34:06
"Thank you for providing such excellent care and advice for my "kids"! Penny loves you all and hopefully she will transfer her good will to Trudy! Thank You!"
- Stanley Weber
02/09/2018 04:04:47
"Dr. Rossi and Natalia were great with Clifford!"
- Mary-Kate Barry
02/08/2018 13:53:39
"love the doctors and vet techs!"
- Emily Winter
02/01/2018 01:51:39
"Everyone was extremely professional and helpful. They treated my dog and I very well and made sure my dog was as comfortable as possible during the entire treatment."
- Thomas Oemcke
01/31/2018 01:35:08
"Great service for years. I continue to recommend CH to friends in the area. Thanks to all."
- Corine Bickley
01/30/2018 13:29:59
"Thank you all for taking such care of my cat. A very professional get personable staff, all 'round."
- Marsha Ward
01/30/2018 04:10:47
"We love Caring Hands and will never go anywhere else. "
- Julie Paisley
01/29/2018 21:12:55
"Reception staff is always helpful and works hard to accommodate scheduling requests. "
- Melissa Seamands
01/29/2018 13:39:08
"Have always had excellent care for pets at CHAH so I drive from DC."
- Elizabeth McDaniel
01/28/2018 19:10:00
"My dogs are like my family and our vet is an extension of that family. Dr. Thornton and the whole team are amazing. We are so thankful to have them in our area along with Dr. Robison, Ashely and many other. Thank you!"
- Preston Jenkins
01/26/2018 19:10:55
"From the phone call I made for the appt. to welcoming and smiling faces to everyone that my Andy Pie & I met and interacted with were all wonderful souls and I could feel that everyone genuinely cares!! You all live up to your name, Caring Hands! Thank you all so very much! Andy and I will definetly be back!! Xo "
- Sheila Shifflet
01/26/2018 05:54:37
"Everyone is always very helpful and kind. It's clear that they enjoy their jobs and want to provide the best care for all of our cherished pets. Thank you!"
- Emily Tempels
01/25/2018 14:04:16
"The vet was simply amazing. It was a female, brown hair. She took care of Dash (my last name is Schlack). She took the time to answer all of my questions and cared about doing the absolute best for him. She is the perfect example of why I love this vet clinic!"
- Sara Schlack
01/24/2018 04:32:45
"Dr. Robinson is the best! Hands down, he gives both my dogs great attention. I cannot remember everyone's name from my last visit, but everyone from reception to Dr. Robinson were the best!"
- David Price
01/23/2018 14:23:50
"All your staff are outstanding!"
- Melanie Myers
01/22/2018 20:53:01
"Great service! I really appreciated the follow up call, email, and the fact that CAring Hands cares enough about feedback to send out this survey. Would like to get more specific examples about foods that are good for kittens/cats when I ask. "
- Ashley Harris
01/21/2018 02:55:50
"Wonderful place, staff, and care. Expensive but wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. Have never had a negative experience!"
- Jennifer Gearhart
01/20/2018 16:44:36
"You are truly caring hands."
- Trish Fountain
01/20/2018 12:26:39
"The receptionists had his file our and ready to review and ask of any concerns we wanted to discuss. They listened."
- Raymond Foote
01/16/2018 11:35:29
"Everyone is so friendly and kind at Caring Hands! I have a tricky, grumpy dog and they treated her vet anxiety like it was no big deal. That helped to relax me so I could help her relax. Thank you so much!"
- Caitie Meehan
01/16/2018 03:35:28