"I have a "sassy" cat and the staff did a great job of dealing with his behavior while ensuring they could also diagnose the problem."
- Garet Voit
03/23/2017 08:00:38
"Everyone was very kind during our visit -- have never had a negative experience in all years we've been coming here for our cats' veterinary care."
- Corinna Murdock
03/23/2017 07:28:55
"Staff is very compassionate caring and take an interest in me and my pet. Thanks much !"
- Tim Dombro
03/22/2017 14:37:14
"Your professionalism,friendliness and care of Gussie and Andy outstanding and a real source of comfort to me .Thanks. "
- Michael Toth
03/22/2017 11:59:59
"Very nice and knowledgeable staff. Liked the care very much "
- Hellen Davis
03/19/2017 13:37:25
"Dr Robinson is a fantastic vet! Great personality, very dedicated to his work, friendly, thorough, explains everything really well, and helpful. I have 100% confidence in him."
- Mary Kvitashvili
03/18/2017 15:11:33
"Wait time was less than expected because ours was an emergency visit. That said, our visit was to get an antibiotic for an eye scratch our cat sustained while playing wit his brother. We knew what the injury was since we saw it happen. So, in an effort to save time and money, we called the office, explained the situation and asked if the same antibiotic drops could be prescribed as the last time this happened - Tobramycin. The rep who answered the phone said they wold put in the request to the docs and get back to us. Two hours later we'd not heard anything so we called again and learned that it could be a few more hours before we might get word. We decided to bring the pet in lest the eye get infected - he was clearly in pain. We paid for a physical exam - though this pet was seen for physical and shot in November 2016. Seems like overkill given the situation. We pay higher fees at Caring hands than what friends pay at other hospitals because we appreciate that your and accredited hospital and we appreciate the pro-Bono work that some of your doctors do for the local shelters - this pet actually received care from Caring Hands before we adopted him from the Arlington Shelter. Dr. Dennehy is the best - when we have the luxury of making an appointment we always make one to see her. She has always taken the time to review our pet's records and come to the appointment fully aware of our pet's histories. Kudos to Dr. Dennehy! Also, the front of house reps are always terrific as well as the PAs who help us before Dr. Dennehy arrives."
- Nan Ficca
03/18/2017 13:00:23
"I love everyone at Caring Hands. They take such amazing care of my girls. "
- Terri Carnahan
03/17/2017 15:45:46
"Dr. Robinson was extremely careful with Mikey who tolerated the intrusion well. I wouldn't have! Sorry that Mikey peed on the weight scale in the reception area. He was nervous and knows better. "
- Cheryl Hollins
03/17/2017 13:24:26
"Dr. Robinson is great; and so was Shelby, who we met for the first time during this visit."
- Erika Blinstrub
03/16/2017 18:43:14
"Caring hands always provides great care."
- Nick Miliaras
03/16/2017 11:29:59
"The ladies at the front desk were super friendly and very attentive. "
- Kelly McDaniel
03/15/2017 13:00:10
"Dr. Dennehy is an awesome vet. Compassionate and thorough. Answers all our questions with respect and affection for our pet. Highly recommend!"
- Jackson Stephens
03/15/2017 09:57:37
"I've always gotten excellent care for my pets at Caring Hands. Ruby has been a special case since she didn't like being touched by strangers and doesn't like other dogs. She is finally calming down and that has made a world of difference for her visits."
- Michele Mattea
03/14/2017 14:14:45
"I love Caring Hands Animal Hospital! So do my pets. Everyone from the font desk, the vet techs, and the doctors are fabulous. They treat my dogs with love that is genuine and I trust them 100% with my babies."
- Stephanie Mikos
03/12/2017 18:50:54
"Always a fantastic experience! Entire staff and Dr. Neumann are wonderful!"
- Elyse Savitch
02/11/2017 12:09:00
"You guys did a great job and I really appreciate your professionalism and speedy appointments. Thank you!"
- Joseph Mccue
11/28/2016 08:46:51
"I have nothing but great things to say about Caring Hands! The staff is always friendly and responsive, and seem to really care about their patients. "
- Meredith Capps
11/28/2016 08:17:24
"I have already recommended Caring Hands Van Dorn location to many friends and neighbors. I told all of them what a great facility it is and how caring the staff is. I recommended Dr. Brian Neumann in particular to my friends and neighbors."
- Naomi Aslan
11/27/2016 14:19:33
"The staff was very accommodating and kept me informed throughout the visit. Since that time, the vet has followed up to ensure my pet was doing well. "
- Jan Hix
11/27/2016 11:42:00
" We are very grateful to Dr. Garcia who has been very generous with giving advice over the phone regarding the treatment of our cat's chronic stomach issues She's been very accessible and has really stuck with us through persistent problems and trial and error treatments. "
- Kelly Masley
11/27/2016 09:49:57
"The staff Caring Hands is outstanding! Thank you for always taking great care of our cats! "
- Lynne Blasi
11/23/2016 09:45:18
"Outstanding staff and medical Drs!!!!!!!"
- Robert Vaughn
11/18/2016 08:01:04
"Our very elderly cat gets wonderful care with Dr Evans and the team at Van adorn."
- Mary Lee Watts
11/17/2016 16:42:47
"All the staff are friendly. Even if they meet your dog for the first time, the staff treats your pet as if they have known each other for years. "
- Eric Cortes
11/14/2016 17:09:31
"Dr. Dennehey (sic) is awesome - she is the reason we bring our pets to Caring Hands Animal Hosp."
- Nan Ficca
11/14/2016 10:29:20
"Love you guys!"
- William Reich
11/13/2016 09:16:19
"The friendliness of the staff is very warming"
- Eileen Greenberg
11/12/2016 21:02:10
"Great friendly knowledgeable staff!"
- Rebecca Pipkins
11/10/2016 17:08:02
"I highly recommend Caring Hands to anyone looking for a referral. I am so happy you are opening an office in Arlington. Phaley Hilsabeck"
- Phaley Hilsabeck
11/10/2016 16:29:22
"Fibi LOVES going to the vet. Makes needing to go a pleasure. Your staff is fantastic. "
- Heather Townley
11/10/2016 13:08:02
"Our dog Zoey LOVES to go to Caring Hands! Our last vet, before Caring Hands, was not as pleasant. We would have to drag her in the door and then she would always pee on the floor. But with you guys, she can't wait to get inside and seems to sense the love the entire staff devotes to her. I notice your attention is the dog first and the family second, which is the way it should be and I think Zoey feels that too."
- Harriet Zimmerman
11/08/2016 09:15:07
"We have been taking our pet to this facility since shortly after its opening. Of all the several other Animal Hospitals we had tried in the past, Caring Hands is by far the best."
- John Grande
11/07/2016 07:40:43
"I know what to expect every time I visit the hospital because I always get the same level of attention, kindness, sincere concern and thoughtfulness about the needs for my pets and for me, as well. Caring Hands, to me, means caring for the clients and their pets. Thank you for everything."
- Linda Osinski
11/06/2016 19:56:27
" Dr. Katrin Ventociila went "above and beyond" in fitting our critically ill rescue kitten in for a followup visit and stayed well beyond closing hours doing diagnostics, etc. The staff was very responsive to our request to email medical records "
- Home Alone Feline Rescue
11/06/2016 19:35:57
"We *LOVE* Dr. Brian Newman. Because he has an old dog like we do, we feel like he's particularly sensitive to our issues. He never makes me feel like an idiot for phoning him to ask questions, and he's happy to give advice and suggestions without insisting that we bring our girl into see him when that's likely not necessary. As our dog moves towards the end, we are so happy he's around to partner with us!!"
- Toby Schonfeld
11/03/2016 13:16:27
"I am very pleased with Caring Hands every time I bring my kitty in. Thank you!"
- Wendy Johnson
11/03/2016 12:19:50
"Dr. Evans and Kate were fantastic! Both answered all of my questions patiently and kindly and as always, made me feel like my Isabelle was top priority! I can't say enough good things about the Van Dorn office of Caring Hands."
- Suzanne Horton
11/03/2016 06:55:32
"We are thrilled to have found a team at Caring Hands in Alexandria that is truly passionate about their work and their love for our 4-legged, furry friends. It reminds us of a family environment that you can trust in and know that our pet will always be well cared for. Thank you for caring so much. David and Caroline (and Colette too)"
- Caroline Johnson
11/02/2016 19:35:16
"I really appreciate the staff. About a month ago my 15 yr old dog died on my birthday; he meant so much to me. The staff was really compassionate. Brian Neumann took the time to personally send me a card even though he had never met me or Spanky. We had only spoken about his issues on the phone and then I lost him the next day. I can't even express how much that meant to me. Thank you and a special thank you to him for his compassion and humanity. "
- Branda Scott
11/02/2016 19:21:25
"I really love this place. Every one is friendly, the vets and techs seem to really care about my pet, know what they are doing and I love being able to come on the weekends since I work long hours during the week. The prices are very reasonable too! "
- Darla Aycock
11/02/2016 18:50:35
"We love the staff at Caring Hands. It's nice that you've kept some of the same support staff (like Rachel). Most of all, we adore Dr. Ventocilla, who never rushes us with our difficult dogs. She is caring AND knowledgeable, and always makes sure we understand the procedures and why they are necessary."
- Laurie Dempsey
11/02/2016 16:31:27
"The staff at Caring Hands Animal Hospital are just wonderful. They enjoy seeing my cat each year for her annual checkup as she gets dressed up in a costume, which of course, she loves...not :) I see Dr. Heatherly who is personable, professional, and a joy to speak with. I highly recommend this clinic."
- Felice Frederick
11/02/2016 13:28:45
"We are long time clients of Caring Hands. We love everything about the practice and have recommended them to many of our friends. "
- Julie Paisley
11/02/2016 10:31:27
" Prior to moving to the area, my family and I had one primary veterinarian office that all of our pets over the years would visit for any and all of their veterinary needs. Naturally, once we arrived in Northern Virginia we were very precautious with choosing the right veterinary office for our golden retriever. We researched several veterinary offices and ultimately chose Caring Hands Animal Hospital. It has been nothing but an amazing choice. Not just with our most recent visit, but with all, we are extremely pleased with how the staff truly cares for our dog. Not to mention, he meant Santa for the very first time last year! As nerve-wracking as some issues may be, Caring Hands eases our worries and has helped to keep my baby as healthy and happy as possible."
- Cesira Cruciano
11/02/2016 09:55:55
"Everybody is great there. We are very happy we found this place."
- Joao Pereira
11/02/2016 09:54:25
"Every staff member has been friendly, professional and caring. They have always made my experience as positive as possible. "
- Juan Davila
11/02/2016 09:33:25
"Excellent place for my nervous Lola."
- Sherry Chambers
11/02/2016 09:31:43
"the staff seem to really love and care about my dog."
- Melanie Haake
10/31/2016 14:20:21
"I love Caring Hands Animal Hospital. Dr. Robinson is fabulous!! The vet techs and front desk people are always friendly and accommodating. "
- Margo Christine
10/26/2016 16:58:45
"We really live Caring Hands and feel our kitties really do get the best possible care."
- Julie Allen
10/25/2016 13:32:44
"Toby enjoys his visits with the Staff! Its a social gathering for us! Thanks for being so wonderful!!!"
- Thomas Parsons
10/24/2016 11:04:34
"Great service I wish the same could be said about my Doctor's office."
- Archer Harmon
10/22/2016 20:19:22
"Dr Evans and staff let me come in without an appointment to wait to be seen. I was extremely grateful! Even though they were "squeezing" me in, Dr Evans took her time and took great care of Simon. All of the staff are excellent. I have, and will continue to recommend your practice!!!"
- Margaret Rondepierre
10/22/2016 18:07:19
"Dr. Ventocilla is very caring and does an excellent job of evaluating the problem. The staff is very nice and welcoming. "
- Frances Ingram
10/19/2016 12:00:54
"I received a call the evening of the initial appointment and a follow-up call the next morning to check on my dog. I am pretty nervous because my dog is going to have surgery soon because of a growth on his side, but these calls were very reassuring. It showed that no matter what happens, the staff is really caring and wants to make sure my pup is comfortable and doing ok. "
- Brittany Mobley
10/17/2016 14:26:09
"We had a procedure performed on our dog where a syringe had to be inserted into the dogs bladder to remove urine for a test. THe dog had to be placed on her back. The 3 technicians were unbelievably supportive of our dog Nudge, and reassured her while she was very scared. They were able to successfully complete this procedure while simultaneously comforting my dog and then showered her with praise when it was completed. For what could have been a very scary and traumatic experience for all involved, they were amazingly talented at both calming our dog as well as us with their confident and enthusiastic manner of how they went about it. Thank you so much to Caring Hands."
- Brad Novak
10/17/2016 12:56:05
"I can't thank Dr. Newman enough for seeing Bagheera during an emergency visit and helping Bagheera regain his health. I also want to thank Dr. Evans and Dr. Heatherly for answering my questions over the phone. All 3 doctors were so kind, supportive, helpful, and very patient as I asked a ton of questions. The staff were just as great too."
- Crystal Whalen
10/14/2016 17:43:40
"We cannot thank you guys enough for caring for our pets! All of your staff are knowledgeable and friendly. We always know we can trust leaving them in your care. "
- Caitlyn Pratt
10/14/2016 17:24:29
"Dr. Garcia is the best! She is so thorough and gentle with my neurotic cat. Plus I don't feel she's trying to push/"upsell" me really hard on tests, etc. that I don't feel my cat needs. The vet techs have always been wonderful. The woman I had on this recent visit could tell Vino, my cat, was super stressed out while Dr. Garcia was examining him, so she did this thing where she rubbed between his eyes and he just relaxed totally. It was really nice :) You guys are the best! Thanks!"
- Karen Carter
10/14/2016 16:07:26
"We took our puppy here after reading some reviews online and have not been disappointed. We always feel like our questions and concerns are taking seriously and answered fully. While we do pay more for services then our friends who go else where - we feel it is well worth it and would not take our puppy anywhere else! Thank you! "
- Brenda Fredenhagen
10/11/2016 14:03:52
"Dr. Robinson is the best. He takes his time to tell me the findings about my sweet pet and explains the reasoning about the treatment he provides. He is thorough, very kind and professional. I know my pets are in good hands under his care. Plus my pets respond so well to him. He has the magic touch!"
- Louise Ebbert
10/09/2016 19:54:19
"You guys are awesome! Especially Dr. Neumann! Blanca absolutely loves him and all the staff there! Especially appreciate the follow up calls :-)"
- Jennifer El Hajii
10/09/2016 17:15:32
"Love caring hands! "
- Mary Alderete
10/09/2016 15:17:13
"The doctor (Dr. Dennehy) and the support staff were knowledgeable, professional and friendly. "
- Chris Persian
10/08/2016 00:36:10
"The team did a great job with a very nervous kitty who decided to hide out on top of a cabinet before his exam. Thanks for the great work. "
- Joe Chamberlain
10/07/2016 13:42:39
"I cannot think of a single negative thing to say about your organization. You are just wonderful! Don't change a thing!"
- Gwen Samans
10/06/2016 22:25:36
"The staff were wonderful - very friendly and efficient. We were in and out in no time!"
- Miriam Weiner
10/06/2016 13:46:07
"Dr. Robinson is a wonderful doctor, and I am always glad to have him taking care of my dog, Buddy."
- Joel Spencer
10/06/2016 11:37:37
"Everyone was wonderful! My dog is afraid of toenail trims, and everyone made sure he was as comfortable as possible. The receptionist provided him with a calming bandanna, and the vet technician even had warmed turkey for him during the trim! The level of care was superb, and I couldn't not ask for more from the experience. "
- Amanda Pridmore
10/06/2016 11:01:22
"I love how Dr Neumann gets on the floor and plays with Shilah! It makes me happy because Shilah likes it! I also like that we are put into a room almost immediately after check-in due to Shihal's reactivity to other dogs. It's less stressful for all involved. Most pets are hyper to begin with just going to the vet no sense in stressing them out more!"
- Nancy Porter
10/05/2016 12:04:24
"Always a pleasant place to visit. It was thoughtful to have a "cat" examine room. Not that my cat actually let on that she cared, but I noticed :)"
- Rachel Ranck
10/04/2016 13:13:32
"Keep up the great work. I've only been in Alexandria for three weeks and am THRILLED to have found such excellent vet care for my two boys. "
- Jennifer Phelps
10/02/2016 21:15:14
"Although your clients know you see thousands of animals a year, we like to think our pets are special. Your staff does a great job of treating my cat like the unique creature I believe he is. Whether in your office or by email the doctor has shown a terrific empathy, and has been responsive to my needs and questions. I am a new client, but I'm very pleased with your practice and have already recommended you to other pet owners I know. Thank you."
- Jane Lekus
09/28/2016 21:54:11
"Caring Hands does a great job. The love for animals is obvious and customer care is emphasized. I congratulate the team for their hard work!"
- Monique Roske
09/27/2016 17:55:47
"continued great experience - for 13 years and counting - we wouldn't go anywhere else for routine pet care, both for our elderly lab and for our two elderly cats. The Caring Hands vets have seen all 3 throughout their lives, and all are aging but still comfortable (15-yo lab, 13-yo and 12-yo cats). thank you all!"
- Corine Bickley
09/26/2016 05:54:34
"Dr Robinson is a standout. The best veterinarian I have ever worked with. I can't say enough about him and the care he has shown my dogs. If he ever leaves, I'm going with him. :)"
- Jennifer Robinson
09/25/2016 22:48:43
"Dr Brian was absolutely phenomenal with Jax. I was only in town for a short bit and needed a vet quick. Dr Brian was very caring with Jax and explained everything to us in detail. "
- Emily Burleson
09/22/2016 14:24:29
" Great service, knowledgeable staff. Thanks for everything"
- Peter Sikes
09/21/2016 14:58:30
"I love the fact that your office tries to make my dog comfortable by giving treats to her during the exam. Your vets and vet techs are the best 'handlers' for nervous dogs. I also really appreciate the size of your waiting room to give my dog space from other dogs and your flexibility in dealing with her reactivity around other dogs. Thank you so much."
- Roz Ferber
09/20/2016 19:27:01
"Dr. Robinson and staff provide amazing care to our dog, Kirby! When we moved to the area, we were referred to Caring Hands by a neighbor. We are so glad we found the your clinic! There are many things that make your clinic customer-friendly, like being able to pay for our visit in the exam room. The staff always is very professional and attentive. My husband and I cannot say enough compliments about Dr. Robinson. He is a wonderful diagnostician, so attentive to our dog and we feel like Kirby is his only patient for the day -- totally focused on Kirby and never feel rushed. We live in a very dog-friendly area (Fairlington), and I sing the praises of Dr. Robinson and Caring Hands to all pet owners who will listen. It is so wonderful to have such compassionate and competent group of professionals caring for our four-legged family member!"
- Karen Hendrix
09/18/2016 20:28:25
"The staff is always wonderful, thank you so much!"
- Sue Sy
09/18/2016 17:01:57
"Clean, professional, friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly my dog had a 99% stress free visit. "
- Stanley Seifert
09/18/2016 14:40:47
"I can't say enough good things about the quality of care and the staff at Caring Hands, at both locations S. Glebe and Van Dorn! I adopted Zoe at the age of 8 from the AWLA (Animal Welfare League of Arlington) and was pleased to know that Zoe's original owners from birth until my adoption had been taking her to Caring Hands at S. Glebe all along, unknown to me until my first visit . When I arrived the staff informed me her records were already in their system. They must be doing something right in that office. ..Thank you!! "
- Roseann Mangano
09/18/2016 11:30:43
"The staff was very friendly and efficient. I was called back before my appointment time and the doctor did a thorough exam of my dog and discussed several options for treatment. The staff genuinely cares about your pet and it shows through the professionalism and attentiveness of each staff member. "
- Lynette Albrecht
09/18/2016 07:45:17
"Everyone there is kind and helpful and woderful!!!"
- Susan Lindsey
09/17/2016 21:09:48
"The staff are Caring Hands are wonderful!"
- Dawn McCarthy
09/17/2016 15:14:07
"Love you guys."
- Gena Marino
09/17/2016 12:10:53
"Dr Robinson and staff are excellent. "
- Erin File
09/17/2016 11:49:43
"New to Alexandria - the staff was welcoming and spent a lot of time answering questions and concerns about the transition of our pet to new enviornment /home - and establishing a caring source for future health care."
- Darla Sellers
09/15/2016 15:07:07
"Entire staff was very attentive to our dog. We really appreciated the follow up to his visit. We feel very secure in using Caring Hands."
- Peggy Paterson
09/15/2016 11:45:54
"We love everyone there. Have never had a bad experience even when hearing things we didn't want to hear."
- Pete Cooper
09/15/2016 11:13:02
"The Staff and Doctors at Caring Hands made my pets first visit a positive experience. From reception to departure/follow up they were very professional, great customer service skills. My 13 y/o Boston Terrier took to Dr. Ventocilla immediately, she clearly loves animals. So happy we found Caring Hands!"
- Kimberly Davis
09/14/2016 11:01:01
"Great staff and my dogs love coming to the vet!"
- Cheryl Green
09/13/2016 10:34:22
"Thank you so much for taking care of us so quickly and truly taking the time to listen to our needs! "
- Brianna Farr
09/12/2016 15:48:20
"Excellent facility and friendly, helpful staff."
- Byron O'Neal
09/12/2016 15:41:50
"The last 2 questions I could not honestly answer as Ben Bennett was taken to Caring Hands from boarding at Olde Towne Pet Resort. I heard Ben was ill when I arrived in Seattle and was very concerned until I realized Caring Hands was taking care of him; I knew you would do all you could to get him back to a healthy 14 month old. He is taking the meds you prescribed and spunky and happy but could be because he is home now but also I think you helped...so thank you very much and thank you for waiting for payment until I was in a secure environment to give you my credit card. Hugs, Bernadette (aka Ben's Mom :-)"
- Bernadette Kreten
09/12/2016 15:21:44
"Eased my anxiety during a very traumatic time. "
- Carlos Olivos
09/12/2016 15:19:02
"Excellent with everything!!!"
- Elyse Savitch
09/12/2016 15:12:54
"I have been taking my pets to Caring Hands for over 10 years. First to the Arlington location and now to the Van Dorn location. I trust the veterinarians and staff at Caring Hands to provide my pets with excellent care. My husband and I cannot say enough good things to our friends and neighbors about Caring Hands. We always recommend Caring Hands as a wonderful facility and hospital filled with the most professional staff. We feel particularly lucky that we got an appointment with Dr. Brian Neumann. He is a credit to Caring Hands. He is wonderful - genuinely thoughtful and kind. We like that he explains everything to us during the examination and that we know that we can contact him whenever we have a question or concern. "
- Naomi Aslan
09/11/2016 10:25:16