"I love Caring Hands! Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I always feel comfortable asking questions. I love how they treat me and my pet. I am so glad I found an amazing vet! "
- Lindsay Tulloss
02/14/2018 13:08:19
"As stated in the previous section, we were impressed with everyone at Caring Hands and look forward to entrusting our dogs' care with them. The name "Caring Hands" was demonstrated throughout our appointment- cuddles and pats by all, making our dogs feel safe and secure. "
- Joe Anthony Lopez
02/14/2018 03:51:13
"Ben received excellent care and immediate release so he could enjoy doggie day camp and the pool at Olde Towne Pet Resort."
- Bernadette Bennett
02/12/2018 22:13:05
"I really appreciated the staff answering my questions by phone before our initial visit. Being a first-time dog owner, I just needed some guidance. This helped me justify the high cost of treatment when my pup really needed it. Thank you!"
- Margret Siemer
02/10/2018 01:31:19
"Upon arriving the waiting area was very clean. My pet and I were greeted immediately, and we were seen right on time. My Luna is a rescue, and is VERY apprehensive around new people (let alone new people in an entirely new place). But she warmed up to the staff quickly, and I know she felt safe with the doctor and nurse who were conducting her examination. Thank you so much for such a stress-free experience with your facility! Will definitely be returning. :)"
- Ariella Libicki
02/09/2018 13:34:06
"Thank you for providing such excellent care and advice for my "kids"! Penny loves you all and hopefully she will transfer her good will to Trudy! Thank You!"
- Stanley Weber
02/09/2018 04:04:47
"Dr. Rossi and Natalia were great with Clifford!"
- Mary-Kate Barry
02/08/2018 13:53:39
"love the doctors and vet techs!"
- Emily Winter
02/01/2018 01:51:39
"Everyone was extremely professional and helpful. They treated my dog and I very well and made sure my dog was as comfortable as possible during the entire treatment."
- Thomas Oemcke
01/31/2018 01:35:08
"Great service for years. I continue to recommend CH to friends in the area. Thanks to all."
- Corine Bickley
01/30/2018 13:29:59
"Thank you all for taking such care of my cat. A very professional get personable staff, all 'round."
- Marsha Ward
01/30/2018 04:10:47
"We love Caring Hands and will never go anywhere else. "
- Julie Paisley
01/29/2018 21:12:55
"Reception staff is always helpful and works hard to accommodate scheduling requests. "
- Melissa Seamands
01/29/2018 13:39:08
"Have always had excellent care for pets at CHAH so I drive from DC."
- Elizabeth McDaniel
01/28/2018 19:10:00
"My dogs are like my family and our vet is an extension of that family. Dr. Thornton and the whole team are amazing. We are so thankful to have them in our area along with Dr. Robison, Ashely and many other. Thank you!"
- Preston Jenkins
01/26/2018 19:10:55
"From the phone call I made for the appt. to welcoming and smiling faces to everyone that my Andy Pie & I met and interacted with were all wonderful souls and I could feel that everyone genuinely cares!! You all live up to your name, Caring Hands! Thank you all so very much! Andy and I will definetly be back!! Xo "
- Sheila Shifflet
01/26/2018 05:54:37
"Everyone is always very helpful and kind. It's clear that they enjoy their jobs and want to provide the best care for all of our cherished pets. Thank you!"
- Emily Tempels
01/25/2018 14:04:16
"The vet was simply amazing. It was a female, brown hair. She took care of Dash (my last name is Schlack). She took the time to answer all of my questions and cared about doing the absolute best for him. She is the perfect example of why I love this vet clinic!"
- Sara Schlack
01/24/2018 04:32:45
"Dr. Robinson is the best! Hands down, he gives both my dogs great attention. I cannot remember everyone's name from my last visit, but everyone from reception to Dr. Robinson were the best!"
- David Price
01/23/2018 14:23:50
"All your staff are outstanding!"
- Melanie Myers
01/22/2018 20:53:01
"Great service! I really appreciated the follow up call, email, and the fact that CAring Hands cares enough about feedback to send out this survey. Would like to get more specific examples about foods that are good for kittens/cats when I ask. "
- Ashley Harris
01/21/2018 02:55:50
"Wonderful place, staff, and care. Expensive but wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. Have never had a negative experience!"
- Jennifer Gearhart
01/20/2018 16:44:36
"You are truly caring hands."
- Trish Fountain
01/20/2018 12:26:39
"The receptionists had his file our and ready to review and ask of any concerns we wanted to discuss. They listened."
- Raymond Foote
01/16/2018 11:35:29
"Everyone is so friendly and kind at Caring Hands! I have a tricky, grumpy dog and they treated her vet anxiety like it was no big deal. That helped to relax me so I could help her relax. Thank you so much!"
- Caitie Meehan
01/16/2018 03:35:28
"I can't thank you enough for caring for our Barri. The meds and some weight loss has turned her into a dog we haven't seen in years! She is so much more active and I thank you so much!!"
- Anne Prince
01/15/2018 21:08:48
"You guys always do an amazing job! Each time I visit, the service is prompt and effective. I would highly recommend you to any of my friends or family looking for a trustworthy vet. "
- Chelsea Granado
01/15/2018 17:03:31
"Everyone at Caring Hands has always been professional, polite, cordial and helpful. Thank you!"
- Juan Davila
01/14/2018 23:01:28
"Great experience. Would recommend to friends. "
- Sharon Ricketts
01/14/2018 13:06:43
"Follow up was good. They said they would call with results by Friday and they did. Then one more test had to be done and another follow up call on Saturday am. "
- Sharon Smith
01/06/2018 15:11:07
"My husband and I appreciate how the staff at Caring Hands is so helpful, knowledgeable and very caring. When we’ve had questions regarding my dogs health, we have always been able to receive quick and informative information. Great work, and great team."
- Sara Mullane
01/06/2018 01:59:06
"Dr. Thornton is great - friendly, thorough, and professional. And she likes cats!!"
- Marie Spaulding
01/05/2018 19:36:52
"Dr. Neuman always takes the time to explain what is being recommended, is pleasant, and does a very good job engaging the pet."
- Alan Anderson
01/05/2018 17:58:39
"Careful and thoughtful care. Always appreciated!"
- Bill Davis
01/05/2018 15:19:30
"All of the staff at Caring Hands has been excellent to us and our dog on all of our visits there. They are very caring and thoughtful."
- Clark Rachfal
01/04/2018 20:37:56
"I came to Caring Hands in the AM with our cat, Sophie, who got ill over the holiday weekend. We took her to South Paws for ER visit on New Year's Day and followed up with bringing her to Caring Hands (we didn't have an appointment as she got sick unexpectedly). I was given an appointment within 2 hours of when I first came in and grateful to be able to get Sophie looked at so soon. We have always had a positive experience over the years bringing our cats to Caring Hands. Everyone on the staff has been very kind and the vet care from the several doctor's who have treated our cats over the years have been wonderful and we're grateful that you are so close to us and have been accommodating when our cats needed immediate attention. Thank you!"
- Corinna Murdock
01/04/2018 01:56:41
"I had an urgent care request for my puppy before leaving on an overseas trip that same day and everyone was so very kind and accommodating in getting us in right away and coming up with a follow-up treatment plan that put me at ease. It was wonderful to have the peace of mind I needed by having this caring support network available for my puppy."
- Shelley Wieck
01/03/2018 22:11:28
"I've been taking my two small dogs to the Van Dorn location for many years now. I wouldn’t change it! From the receptionist, to the technicians, to the Veterinarian’s, they are very friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Kathy Payamps
01/03/2018 21:20:56
"We have been bring our dogs (now just one) to Caring Hands since the Van Dorn clinic opened. We have never had a negative experience, but always pleasant experiences."
- Anjam Malik
12/30/2017 12:54:50
"Dr Neumann and Patty Ingram, assistant were wonderful "
- Frances Ingram
12/30/2017 02:41:25
"Dr. Harris and Amy were a great team and made Snoopy feel loved."
- Carol Ruckman
12/30/2017 01:55:08
"Caring Hands is a little pricier than my vet visits in Pennsylvania (which may very well be a difference in markets), but the care and attention my cat receives is top-notch. Everyone is personable, and the doctors do a good job at explaining when things may or may not actually be necessary. I like being able to make an informed decision and understanding what care my pet is getting."
- Veronica Jae
12/27/2017 15:58:53
"I found you guys through a referral and haven't been disappointed since. I am grateful for the time and patience your clinic and all of its staff have given me during the most difficult period of my pup's and my life. I would recommend Caring Hands of Alexandria to anyone. Thank you, Victoria"
- Victoria Chavez
12/24/2017 01:55:33
"Thank you to all of your staff, from the front desk to the vets, for taking such loving care of my dog."
- Emily Birch
12/23/2017 20:41:12
"Thanks for always taking such great care of my cats! The staff is terrific."
- Lynne Blasi
12/21/2017 13:55:04
- Mary Shilton
12/21/2017 12:59:53
"Dr. Deludes was great! My dog Chef really liked her and she made him feel comfortable with lots of treats during his exam. She also answered lots of questions from me."
- Ramoncito De Borja
12/20/2017 04:37:37
"Dr. Neumann is excellent and knowledgeable. Appointment scheduling is sometimes complicated, but we've always received excellent service. "
- Hannah Lawrenz
12/20/2017 00:06:11
"Doctor Dennehy always gives Sebastian great care and is such a pleasure to see. She always takes the time to answer any questions and we have total respect for her professional skills. "
- John Williamson
12/14/2017 20:37:30
"Receptionist was friendly and provided great service."
- Robin Donovick
12/14/2017 20:17:20
"Been a customer from the day it opened. Very happy with the care and service. Thanks "
- Cheri Schepp
12/14/2017 17:12:32
"All of the Vets and staff have been terrific! I have recommended your firm to my friends as well. I am just sorry that the fact that Hugo and I are moving to Colorado means I have to find a new vet."
- Stephanie Schader
12/14/2017 14:47:08
"The staff and Vets at Caring Hands are awesome! My dog is super anxious and barks incessantly pretty much the entire time I'm there waiting or seeing a doctor. But the staff and Vets are SOOOOOO patient with her and make me feel like its no big deal every time. They give her great attention and ask all the important questions while treating my dog. Also- They call with test results within 24 hours of each visit and check to see how Ellie (my dog) is doing after the visits which I think is so CARING! Finally- They have been great about getting back to me right away when I call and have a question. They send emails and leave voice mails to make sure I know they are following up o whatever question I have. I AM A HUGE FAN OF CARING HANDS!!!!!"
- Elizabeth Kang
12/13/2017 22:52:53
"I love that the staff handles my reactive dog with love and care, and knows how to make the experience a little less stressful for her. "
- Danielle Skinner
12/13/2017 21:49:20
"Dr Robbinson is amazing, we love him and his bed side manner! He takes the scary out of going to the Dr for my boys! Highly recommend him ! "
- Heidi Blake
12/09/2017 00:56:00
"Love Dr. Brian Newman and staff!"
- Cynthia Brocato
12/08/2017 00:01:45
"This is my third pet I'm bringing here, I love how you guys explain everything, give me the prices up front, and follow up on my pets' health. We're thrilled to have found this vet!"
- Taylor Bezerra
12/07/2017 17:51:16
"I love the service my pets and I receive at Caring Hands, and recommend the practice to other pet owners often"
- Christine Messing
12/07/2017 00:12:36
"Being able to come back with our pets for anesthesia and mid-procedure is a huge benefit to us and our pets. Can't tell you how much we always appreciate that. Dr. J. Newman takes such good care of us parents, as well as our "kids". Thanks always."
- Linda Conrad
12/06/2017 14:20:01
"Dr Evans is awesome!!!"
- Jarret Kuhfahl
12/06/2017 02:19:58
"Very, very happy with this Animal Hospital! Dr. Robinson is the best."
- Susan Ferris
12/04/2017 19:22:48
"Great visit as always with Dr Evans. She has known my dog since puppyhood so it's good to bring him back to her. "
- Giovanni Gutierrez
12/03/2017 19:52:29
"Have never had anything but the absolute best experience and care... We feel so grateful and thankful to have found you and the care you give to our furry member of our family is above and beyond any and all expectation.. THANK YOU.. "
- Serge Walker
12/03/2017 00:13:10
"I so appreciate the time the doctor and vet tech spent listening to what I had to say. Their compassion and understanding--in addition to expertise--just won my heart. You guys are truly the best!"
- Susan Scanlan
12/02/2017 19:55:06
"As always, we were extremely satisfied with the care and service our boy received!"
- Cesira Cruciano
12/02/2017 14:59:17
"We love Caring Hands Animal Hospital and Dr. Dennehy. Her caring and compassionate manner combined with her extraordinary veterinary knowledge makes every visit to Caring Hands a positive one even when having a sick pet is stressful. I encourage all my friends with cats or dogs to go to Caring Hands and see Dr Dennehy!!"
- Melissa Morgan
12/01/2017 18:58:33
"We love Dr. Dennehy! She is super knowledgeable and very caring!"
- Ann Stat
12/01/2017 02:06:57
"I love bringing my dog, Sisi, here. She is always quite comfortable going in, which makes it easier on myself. I have yet to come across any people who are not friendly in the office. It has been a pleasure doing business at this location. Keep up the great job!!!"
- Deanne Gilbertson
11/30/2017 18:08:12
"10a on a Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend! You guys are always top notch, we are grateful that we have such a personable, thoughtful, professional, and dependable vet. The bills are never fun, but you have always been up front and honest, and kept them to a minimum, and worked with us whenever possible. Thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work!"
- Scott Green
11/28/2017 04:34:26
"The best care! Staff and Dr. Neumann always provide thoughtful, experienced care. Plus they are great to my cat!"
- Courtney Hyde
11/28/2017 01:35:41
"Always a pleasant experience. Couldn't be happier!"
- Judith Scott
11/27/2017 20:56:19
"Great Customer service. My dog Toby was very comfortable and at ease! "
- Thomas Parsons
11/23/2017 20:18:39
"We've been very happy with every aspect of our experience with Caring Hands! The staff has been professional and attentive, I can see they all have a passion for what they do. We always recommend Caring Hands to everyone we know in the area with pets!"
- David Simmons
11/22/2017 18:04:58
"This was a tech visit to have my dog's nails cut. They did a great job and didn't take too long. He has a very short attention span. lol Great, careful job. Price was perfect!! Worth every bit."
- Randall Clark
11/18/2017 22:35:35
"Since Maltman has been coming to Caring Hands, we have had excellent care! There is never a wait because staff is sensitive to Maltman's dog reactivity, so they make it easy for us to get right into an exam room. Everyone is friendly and helpful. The vets have all been great. We have seen three different ones and several different techs. Everyone has given Maltman wonderful treatment - superior follow up and have answered all our questions. Maltman's recent appointment was so thorough! The vet was great. The follow up that we had after Maltman's tooth extractions was wonderful - the vet called us and emailed us several times, because he had so many teeth removed and she was so concerned about him. I am so pleased and impressed with the care he has gotten over these last 4 months. Better than my physician's office gives me! LOL. "
- Dee Belle-Isle
11/18/2017 22:25:44
"Don't change staff is phenomenal. "
- Dashean Burroghs
11/16/2017 19:10:49
"Caring Hands makes me feel that my cat is getting ideal care!"
- Joseph Cocke
11/16/2017 14:56:56
"Care and concern was evident with both the Vet and assistants. I received the excellent service and Sasha received the treatment the keeps us comimg back to Caring Hands. Thanks, Daniel Shanks PS - follow up has been quick and thorough."
- Daniel Shanks
11/14/2017 23:21:55
"I had a last minute need to get my pets vaccination updated before travel. They understood that this need and found a way to squeeze me in. I so appreciated their listening to my situation and that of my pet, and their working with me to resolve the issue."
- Elizabeth James
11/14/2017 01:42:17
"Outstanding staff and Dr. Robinson is extremely good at taking care of my pet and also briefing me on what he's doing throught the exam. I only ask for Dr. Robinson when I schedule appointments and if it's not an emergency and he's not available...I wait for his next available appointment. I have been coming to Caring Hands for years and there's no other vet medical facility for me. Thank you."
- Willie Charley
11/13/2017 15:23:31
"The whole Team is always friendly and helpful. That is why I continue to drive dromedary DC to Caring Hands in VA "
- Nicole Mayerhauser
11/12/2017 13:48:48
"Everyone from the receptionist to the technician to Dr. V were terrific. Friendly and informative, really care about you and your pet."
- Renee Banks
11/10/2017 18:45:24
"Lily loves coming here!"
- Rhonda Mewhinney
11/09/2017 18:49:49
"We find no fault whatsoever in the quality of service or the excellent care given to our pet."
- Ronald Patterson
11/08/2017 18:04:01
"I called late on a Sunday because I got home from being out of town and found my dog lame on one of his rear legs. I usually go to the Glebe Road office but they were unable to fit me in. Dr. Evans agreed to see me as an emergency, after hours appointment. She ended up taking X-rays and sending them to the ortho that did my dogs acl surgery. She followed up with me the next day and the following day after she spoke to the ortho. She really provided me great follow up to make sure things were going smoothly. "
- Michelle Kokolis
11/07/2017 22:38:50
"Love the staff at Caring Hands!"
- Dawn McCarthy
11/07/2017 20:27:24
"The staff at Van Dorn are delightful. The front desk staff are ALWAYS friendly and efficient. The doctors, nurses, and assistants are as well, and they explain things very clearly. It's a major plus that everyone there actually loves animals, too."
- Richard Madigan
11/07/2017 18:10:53
"I love Caring Hands!! My cats and dogs are my children, so their physical and mental well-being is of the utmost importance to me. I've been bringing them to CH since 2000, and I can't imagine going anywhere else!"
- Mary-Elise Sheets
11/07/2017 16:23:59
"This experience, like our others at Caring Hands, was excellent. I appreciate that each vet and technician treat the care of our dog as a team approach and involve us in decision making. We always recommend Caring Hands to our friends who have recently adopted pets, and we appreciate the ability to schedule line as well."
- Cameron Nelson
11/07/2017 01:50:46
"Everyone is always so friendly and helpful!! "
- Keinya Clay
11/06/2017 20:43:42
"Vet and tech were both very friendly. Thanks"
- Parker Trasborg
11/06/2017 16:02:06
"Everything always runs smoothly at Caring Hands. We love all of the care team members, and Dr. Neumann is extremely thoughtful. Thanks for always providing an excellent and safe experience! "
- Emily Tempels
11/05/2017 16:33:02
"Dr Evans is great!!! I can’t imagine going to anyone else.because of her I referred two others "
- Mark Adams
11/04/2017 11:44:50
"As a first time dog owner and New client at this hospital I️ have nothing but positive feedback. They made Oakley and I️ feel so welcome and definitely set me up to provide Oakley with the best care. I️ will be happy to call this our permanent vet!! Thank you!! "
- Justin Finks
11/04/2017 00:08:44
"Cosmo loves Dr. Robinson and staff!! Thank you for taking such great care of him!!! "
- Michelle Morales
11/03/2017 17:24:16
"The entire staff , reception , techs and vets are outstanding. The care for my pet and me the owner is excellent. "
- Melissa Seamands
11/03/2017 12:59:11
"Every visit is fantastic for my pup and for me! Thank you all at Caring hands... from the front desk to Danielle to Dr. Brian Nreunann... thank you!"
- Elyse Savitch
11/01/2017 15:08:08
"I travel back and forth between Alexandria and another state. My dog has a disease that requires frequent testing and monitoring. I initially had a lot of anxiety about how to manage my dog's complicated condition from multiple locations. I feel so lucky to have found Caring Hands and in particular Dr. Evans, who goes out of her way to communicate and coordinate with my dog's vet in anther state. I've also been impressed by how thorough and detailed the vet techs are in reviewing my dog's history and recent behavior during intake (shout out to Danielle.) Can't recommend them highly enough."
- Kathleen Jordan
10/27/2017 17:34:31
"We appreciate that caring hands vets recommend behavioral solutions as well as medical. It’s also nice when vets explain the research and evidence behind a product or ingredient. Thanks!"
- Emma Sunseri
10/27/2017 14:28:55
"I love your practice and the care you provide my fur babies!"
- Kristin Drabyk
10/26/2017 13:42:32