"Very good & we appreciate the covid safety measures you’re taking! "
- Vickie Miles
01/11/2021 01:36:25
"Their isn’t a single bad thing to say about your company. It is one of the BEST vet offices I’ve been too, many vets only care about money but you guys seem to care about the animals very much. I wanted to find a vet I could build a relationship with and I have I feel comfortable placing Rex in your care. "
- Alexis Brashears
01/06/2021 23:45:33
"We like to board our cats here because they have such a lovely room for them."
- Bethany Beck
12/31/2020 16:59:09
"Everything went smoothly and it didn't take that long even with Covid constraints."
- Kim Lunsford
12/29/2020 21:37:37
"Wouldn't want to take our pets anywhere else. You are doing a fantastic job during this difficult time!"
- Dee Bullock
12/29/2020 13:42:43
"Your service and assistance to all our questions are top notch. Wish my own personal doctor was this attentive!!"
- Cecilio Herrera
12/28/2020 02:33:38
"As it is very hard as an owner who can’t go in and be one on one you all have made it incredibly easy and comforting to know that my loved one getting the best care. You’re good about answering questions. Communication is awesome. I know how hard it is on you all is well."
- Mary Neale
12/25/2020 11:29:52
"Everything went well on appointment day. Hailee always enjoys her visits, and it's because of the caring staff at Kiln Creek Animal Care. Thank you! "
- Corina Porco
12/20/2020 22:44:47
"You are doing great! Your staff and the doctors are so personable and eager to be of help. They are very sweet with my dog, who is scared to death. And of course they have up-to-date technology and get everything done quickly and the dog back to the car. We are very happy customers."
- Vickie Dyer
12/20/2020 01:10:48
"I made a call requesting suggestions on giving medications to my cat and the staff member was very polite and professional and said she would have the doctor call me which she promptly did. The doctor made some suggestions which we are trying now."
- Janet Knabe
12/18/2020 04:11:23
"Stevie attends day care and loves it! That gives us such peace of mind knowing that she is in a happy place while we are at work. The entire staff is always very pleasant to deal with. Thank you all!"
- Janie Newman
12/15/2020 14:20:06
"Wonderful. No problem with the visits during the pandemic. Staff very accommodating. "
- Neil Wallace
12/09/2020 20:10:22
"You guys are really fear free! My dog enjoyed coming and I loved the experience from every staff member I talked to! "
- Brooke King
12/09/2020 02:45:08
"I love this place and the staff! This vet is bit of a drive for me but i wouldnt think about taking my pups anywhere else but here. So caring and reasonably priced thank you all for bring so great "
- Heather Smith
12/06/2020 03:19:33
"You all did a fantastic job taking care of Laryn and Shyanne while I was away at Thanksgiving. The TLC you show them and the daily photos you send make me feel much better while I am away. They both are 8 years old and have only been away from me twice--staying with you both times. I know they are loved and well-taken care of with you. The Report Card you send home after their stay is another little plus."
- Teri Edmundson
12/02/2020 17:51:31
"I thought the experience was excellent. It was our cats first time at the vet and they were so nervous but everyone was nice to them and they finished quickly with everyone taken care of. No complaints. "
- Caitlin Thompson
12/01/2020 21:27:57
"I was impressed with how streamlined and efficient Delilah's first visit went. Everyone that I spoke with was very friendly and knowledgeable."
- Julie Joyner
11/25/2020 01:57:39
"I am grateful for curbside service during the pandemic. My pets are well cared for at KCAC."
- Diana Smelt
11/23/2020 13:50:39
"You and your staff literally saved Summer's life. My Veterinarian wasn't able to do an emergency csection. No one in Gloucester, Saluda or Yorktown was willing or able to do the surgery. You and your staff were all so kind. Summer and her puppies are all doing great. I cant thank you enough."
- Cindy Plessinger
11/20/2020 04:54:01
"Kiln Creek Animal Care is the ultimate in animal care! The doctors and staff are always kind, friendly, respectful and go beyond to make both the animal and owner feel welcomed and at home in a clinic enviroment."
- Pam Lucas
11/19/2020 20:12:41
"Everyone has been so great so far! I feel as though the staff had my dogs well being in mind at all times and was kind to my dog and me. "
- Skyler Plath
11/19/2020 02:10:11
"Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome. As first time dog owners this is all brand new to us and all the information we received at our first visit has been so very helpful. Thank you! "
- Rakel Shideler
11/17/2020 23:59:43
"I love Kiln Creek Animal Care! Everyone is always so sweet & extremely professional. I can trust that my baby is well taken care of here!"
- Maigan Green
11/15/2020 16:07:44
"Everyone I spoke with was very professional and pleasant! I felt at home and felt comfortable letting Jade and Nala go alone for their appointment. You all are doing amazing! "
- Victoria Truitt
11/15/2020 13:41:01
"Saw all 10 of my pups and did an amazing job with them. "
- Amber Strawhand
11/13/2020 20:16:00
"Made a call late in the afternoon when I noticed Glee’s eye swollen and draining and was able to bring Glee in right away."
- Kelley Rutter
11/13/2020 01:34:02
"I have been completely happy with the care your office provides for Penny. She is a member of our family and I feel like you treat her as one of your own! I always ask lots of questions and your office always has answers and is very patient. Thank you for taking such good care of Penny!!"
- Jessica Jenkins
11/11/2020 00:42:30
"I've been there a few times this year since the pandemic and you all are still able to handle things very efficiently. Thank you!"
- Kelica Snipes
11/10/2020 15:30:00
"Great first impression/experience. Staff seems very caring, doc seems very knowledgeable. I look forward to being able to "meet" everyone one day!"
- Ashley Williams
11/09/2020 23:04:53
"I really appreciate not having to enter the building. This likely makes the visit shorter, which is nice."
- Ben Davis
11/05/2020 23:58:36
"We always have a positive experience every time we come to KCAC! It is always easy to pick up medicine for our dog, and they are so gentle and patient with him when he comes for medical services. Great work! "
- Bethany Halberg
11/05/2020 15:40:02
"I am pleased with the care we have received since we brought our first dog to you in 1998. You respect my wishes when I decline elective things for the dogs, and I appreciate that. "
- Kathy Lennartz
11/03/2020 19:59:30
"Professional care and thoroughness on each visit by all employees"
- Bruce Conway
11/01/2020 17:00:32
"No complaints from us! Curbside is a little different but it makes sense. Everyone is so nice and caring when dealing with all 4 of our pets."
- Guy James
10/29/2020 21:31:37
"Your staff is so wonderful with our babies, patience and a real caring attitude to help us as parents and our "babies". Even in our cars they take time to help us understand what is going on. Thank all of you! "
- Kitty Lambiotte
10/28/2020 22:01:22
"Excellent service and follow up call with test results "
- Paula Jernigan
10/28/2020 14:36:01
"Love the report cards and the pictures!"
- Donna Bissell
10/27/2020 21:48:21
"Kiln Creek has been the veterinarian care providers for my cats since 1994; Kacky, Pumpkin, and Bella. Several of the doctors have cared for them over their lifetime. Kacky lived almost 22 years; Pumpkin almost 14, and Bella is a healthy little blue-eyed charmer at 6 years. I wouldn't trust their care to anyone other vet clinic. Thank you for all you've done, and continue to do by my fur babies! "
- Lillian Deloney
10/24/2020 17:29:18
"Quick visit, nice techs, pups loved the treats and attention. "
- Samantha Berggren
10/21/2020 14:20:35
"I couldn’t ask for a better group of care providers. I came here blind from Germany with my precious Maxwell and Tootsie, worried if we would find the right family to fit into. I see I needed not have worried. We are very happy with all of you and you gentle care of all of us. Thank you so much we will be with you forever. "
- Zoraida Nordrum
10/17/2020 12:25:31
"I really appreciated the daily pictures and I appreciate that Heather was patient and diligent in answering all my questions regarding Beans' stay. We will definitely use you all in the future!"
- Jessica Stepp
10/16/2020 20:23:04
"The process of waiting in the car for the appointment went smoothly and actually faster that me bringing my dog into the office."
- Patti Graham
09/30/2020 02:41:39
"Excellent fantastic wonderful considering all you have to change up to handle our pets during this covid pandemic 😻"
- Kimberly Roll**
09/29/2020 19:02:55
"This visit was a real challenge with my totally blind special needs dog. He needed blood work and multiple vaccinations. He's very reactive to sounds and activity around him. And he frets when he doesn't want to be handled. Everyone handled him with the utmost care and patience. I was so relieved that the staff worked with him while minimizing any negative reactios from him. Awesome service as always. "
- Frances DeMarco**
09/29/2020 18:44:47
"Outstanding care and the doctors always spend the time to answer questions and show concern for your pets."
- David Chalifour
09/28/2020 02:42:09
"Amazing! Thank you for caring for my sweet and scared lily! Your receptionist handled my fear of a heart murmur very well and walked me through everything. Keep up the great work!"
- Ashleigh Turek
09/24/2020 15:22:15
"My dogs love going to the Vet! Kiln Creek provides the best care, and are always courteous and professional. "
- Jennifer Castro
09/13/2020 01:45:40
"In light of COVID, you have adapted well to a difficult environment. Service and communication were great. Thank you for your prompt reply and request for service."
- Ron Casaubon
09/11/2020 17:24:09
"I have always been extremely happy with all my visits and outcome. I am especially happy the Dr has time to call and explain what she has done and how Zoey is doing."
- Judith Otto
05/31/2020 15:28:15
"You all do a great job dealing my very, very anxious Loki. Even when he has premeditated he is still hard to deal with. The last vet just him out of the room and restrained him and did what they needed to do. So we grestly appreciate your care and patience you take with scared dog of ours. Thank you, Debbie VanDyke"
- Debbie Van Dyke
05/28/2020 15:25:06
"The new method with the coronavirus is very helpful when bringing multiple pets. I appreciate all you guys do for our furbabies!"
- Molly Bartley
04/23/2020 12:51:25
"The Kiln Creek staff was quick to see Athena and I think they have adjusted very well during the Coronavirus outbreak. We may have stayed in our car, but the telecommunication that happened while Athena was inside was perfect enough for me! "
- Kaitlin Merli
04/21/2020 23:34:21
"No issues at all. All employees are friendly, helpful and very professional. Quick appointment scheduling and thorough exam "
- Paula Jernigan
01/26/2020 20:33:14
"You are the kindest group of people. The care you give to our dogs goes beyond the routine care. We don't really have a lot of experience with other vets because once we selected your office for our animals care we had no need to look elsewhere. We have had 3 dogs to cross the rainbow bridge and you handled it with utmost compassion and professionalism. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
- William Tipps
01/24/2020 23:33:56
"All staff is very professional. The facility is sparkling clean. All staff treats our pets, and us, extremely well, and genuinely expressing their concern for our babies."
- Marilyn Gower
01/24/2020 19:10:25
"Ginger had a great experience. The staff was friendly and informative. I am so happy we decided to switch. Thank you Dr. Bolden and all of the lovely staff for making Ginger’s visit so pleasant "
- Patricia Johnson
01/23/2020 17:34:02
"The staff is great and the environment is great for our dogs. We feel confident that Cookie and Rue are in good hands."
- Jean Richardson
11/06/2019 17:35:09
"Very nice staff, clean exam rooms and hot dog treats for my fur baby! A Little pricey but other than perfect "
- Courtney Mitchell
11/05/2019 01:40:59
"Thank you so much for taking such good care of Hershey! It’s scary to be out of town when your puppy gets sick but we knew he was in good hands! And especially appreciate the picture showing his smiling face!!!"
- Vicky Kelly
11/03/2019 17:08:02
"My puppy and I love the fear free environment and the excellent care from the entire staff. "
- Jennifer Mathes
12/27/2018 17:21:51
"Your staff is caring, compassionate and gentle. Our Abbey loves coming to visit. Keep up the great work!"
- Carol Umbenhaur
12/21/2018 13:12:19
"I am really grateful for the care that Kiln Creek staff put in to finding a way to make Miyagi's vet visits a good experience for him. He had grown increasingly anxious at previous vets and was so fearful on his first visit to Kiln Creek that the staff recommended he come back again for a real exam after we discussed a way to decrease his anxiety. After coming up with a plan for keeping my food-oriented pup more interested in treats than whoever was poking him, staff can now fully examine him and he comes away happy (and full of peanut butter!). He and I no longer dread visits to the vet like I had previously. Thank you so much!"
- Elizabeth Land
12/04/2018 01:32:39
"My cat had an upper respiratory infection and Dr. Bolton recommended a multi-faceted approach in getting him to health. Her treatments of antibiotics and anti-viral medications combined with the nebulization solved a 2 month issue with him in less than 2 weeks. I'm coming back here for all of my cat's needs and would recommend you to anyone. "
- Erik Voron
11/22/2018 12:14:44
"In my opinion, Kiln Creek Animal Hospital offers the best care of any of the other four care centers I have delt with throughout the years. "
- Susan Kilduff-Rounion
10/24/2018 21:17:10
"My dogs love going to the Vet! The staff is so friendly and accommodating. They make my dogs feel so comfortable. The doctors explain everything thoroughly and always take time to answer questions. They never rush you through appointments. If a question is important to you, then it is important to the doctors. I am extremely satisfied with the care my dogs get at Kiln Creek Animal Hospital. "
- Jennifer Castro
10/22/2018 23:52:20
"We love the way everyone is so interested in making each visit free of fear and anxiety. Dr. Bolton and staff get down on the floor with Abbey and are so genuinely kind and caring every step of the way. Bravo for a job excellently done!"
- Carol Umbenhaur
10/09/2018 15:23:23
"Best vet clinic ever! Physicians and staff are incomparable! Great, professional service! Loving environment! Fun! Supportive! Immaculate! everything a pet owner could wish for!"
- Carol Davanay
10/08/2018 14:45:54
"Both Maddy and I had a wonderful experience. Maddy’s vet in Vermont was great with her care, but hadn’t adapted the Fear Free practice. How I saw the staff handle Maddy and the way the staff updated me and explained everything was great! Maddy definitely enjoyed her visit and I am very excited to have her care received here. "
- Sonya Cousino
09/27/2018 13:19:20
"There is only good! My dog is almost 14 years old now and although she's aging, Kiln Creek vet staff are keeping her as healthy and happy as possible. They are always very gentle with her as she's extremely anxious. They know her by name (almost like Cheers if you remember the show) and it's heartwarming to see how she takes to everybody. A dog knows when someone has a caring spirit. Dr. Crist and others recommend medicines and products that will or may help alleviate her pain and give her a chance at a quality happy life. I'm tremendously grateful for all they do and highly recommend this practice. . "
- Frances DeMarco**
09/26/2018 14:18:31
"This is the best veterinary office I have ever been to. The staff were kind and made my pet feel welcome. "
- Erin Hamilton
09/26/2018 12:49:36
"As always the folks at Kiln Creek treat our little girls Miya and Savannah like they were their own. Sometimes I think Savannah is depressed when she comes home because there are only two people to rub her. We would not trust anyone other than Kiln Creek with our almost 17 year old Miya. They know everything about her and makes sure she is comfortable and well looked after when she is boarded. Bottom line, we drive our girls down from Alexandria Virginia to get their care at Kiln Creek. Thank you all for the love and care you show. Ken and Heather Crim; Miya and Savannah"
- Ken Crim
09/10/2018 19:18:46
"Best vet we have ever been to. Friendly staff and outstanding service. "
- Katie Lovell
09/06/2018 19:43:53
"Very impressed!! Excellent compassionate care for Captain very clean facility!! Wouldn’t change a thing! "
- John Bush
08/23/2018 14:36:45
"The service is professional, efficient, but very personal. The entire staff inspire confidence. I am very, very pleased!"
- Rosanne Walters
08/22/2018 00:08:35
"We had a great experience and appreciate the individual attention Bob received! The doctor took time to listen to my concerns and provided valuable feedback. "
- Heather Snyder
08/21/2018 23:41:25
"Doctor Bolton is amazing with Caesar. He is very timid and she goes above and beyond to make sure he is comfortable at his visits. Jacquelyn is great at comforting and supporting us during our visits"
- Adrianna Diggs
08/20/2018 16:56:44
"Really appreciate all the efforts to keep my dog calm throughout the entire experience. She struggles with anxiety generally, so all the efforts to make it a positive experience (bandana, pheromone plug in,treats, whipped cream) are definitely appreciated! I also like that you all know my girl and I never feel rushed out the door. I know how much things will cost and go into procedures feeling like a you guys are doing your very best for my girl"
- Justin Upchurch
08/18/2018 13:22:06
"You were all wonderful! Thank you for making Hank and myself feel comfortable!"
- Erin Westover
08/18/2018 12:09:14
"It is a pleasure to come to Kiln Creek Animal Care. We feel so blessed that you are there. We love it. Everyone there is kind and patient with us humans and so gentle to our fur baby. Thank you for your tender and loving care of animals and humans. God bless you all."
- Glenda MacDonald
08/18/2018 01:10:02
"I love everything about KCAC. Everyone is always so friendly and the doctors are great! I especially love that the staff call to check on my fur baby after his procedures. "
- Shanda Anderson
08/18/2018 01:05:42
"I don't think I've ever had a bad experience while visiting with Rex (or previously with Max), which is why I did not switch to a vet closer to me when I moved to Hampton especially since you are a bit more expensive than others. I will never forget how caring everyone was when I lost Max. Many of those people have gone, but those who are there now seem to be very caring. These things are more important than money. Thank you!"
- Jaquelyn McLendon
08/07/2018 16:30:50
"Most excellent pet care ever! The first time I ever visited Kiln Creek Animal Care, I was not a customer. I was there to meet a client who was picking up her cat from boarding. We were extremely unhappy with our current vet - from misdiagnosing our dog to never, EVER recognizing us or ever greeting us when we had appointments - and I was looking for a new vet. From the moment I walked into Kiln Creek, the staff there were so kind, it literally brought tears to my eyes. HERE was the clinic we was looking for! They even took me on an impromptu tour while I waited for my client. I told myself that if they could be so nice to me and I wasn't even a customer, imagine how great it would be to BE a customer! When my client could no longer care for her cat, the clinic posted him on their adoption board and Charlie Brown had a new family in a matter of days! THIS is what you dream of in veterinarian care, beyond the immunizations, teeth cleaning and wellness checks. As soon as we could, we moved our new puppy to Kiln Creek and it was the best decision we ever made - for our pet AND for us. I truly believe this great care is due in part to this being a woman-run practice. The care and compassion everyone here exhibits springs from a deep, maternal need to nurture. Even the "dutch doors" on the exam rooms allow for our pets to look out and not feel trapped in a small room. Our little girl, "Emma" LOVES visiting her vet because she knows that for a very short while, she will be the belle of the ball! Her name is on the exam board out front and she loves everyone there - as do we! Vet visits are NOT inexpensive but then again, you pay for quality and quality is never anything we would deny our Emma of! And quality is what you get at Kiln Creek Animal Care! Great job all!"
- Carol Davanay
08/02/2018 23:01:50
"Y’all were great in handling Armando. You treated him with such kindness all through his visit. He was so scared and you took your time with him to make him feel comfortable. "
- Dean Longo
08/02/2018 19:18:06
"Best vet experience yet. Great reception and service from check in through checkout. "
- Krystle Sawyer
05/19/2018 07:53:17
"I love Kiln Creek staff!! Always smiles when you come in. They know my pets, and that means a lot. The fear free training is notiable in the exam room. I recommend y’all all the time!"
- Jennifer Jones
05/16/2018 11:54:43
"I loved the fear free environment. The staff is incredibly kind and helpful. They REALLY care for the pets, I would never go anywhere else!"
- Justin Holloway
05/07/2018 14:21:57
"I just moved here from Tennessee three weeks ago with my cat and one day when she wasn’t acting right I didn’t know what to do, I immediately called Kiln Creek Animal care told them my cats symptoms and they made an appointment for my cat immediately! My cat is very dramatic and the staff was so easy going when she wouldn’t cooperate with the assistants when they tried to do an ultrasound. Great staff and amazing drs!! "
- Devon Fleenor
05/05/2018 01:06:19
"I really appreciate the helpfulness of the front staff and I am so very impressed with the "Fear Free" training and philosophy. I am very grateful that I found this practice, particularly Dr. Bolton. Thank you so much!"
- Rosanne Walters
05/02/2018 14:54:03
"I think you’re doing great! The staff is professional, friendly and attentive. They’re very willing to answer questions...or get the answer if they’re not sure. They really care about you and your pets!"
- Sharon Wall
04/27/2018 17:15:33
"Been a Kiln Creek Animal Care client since 1992, enough said! Doctors and staff are professional and caring. I trust them to care for my dogs."
- Kris Sarpy
04/20/2018 17:03:58
"Everyone was very professional and helpful. They were all very kind with my dog and did their best to make her feel at ease."
- Jessica Kruse
04/18/2018 23:02:13
"Most of my contact has been via email or phone and everyone is always very helpful. They treat every fur baby as their own."
- Kathleen Delgado
04/18/2018 19:26:11
"You all were readily available to my needs on the same day I called in. Thank you so much for everything. Staff is excellent and atmosphere was completely comfortable. Looking forward to the next visit. "
- Nicole Cinkodelen
04/18/2018 03:11:14
"The staff is always very friendly and helpful. They never shy away from puppy kisses and exuberance. We’ve used other facilities that were not so welcoming of such affection. It’s nice to visit a facility that enjoys animals as much as I do."
- Tonya Settle
04/17/2018 22:37:03
"Love that everyone is kind, friendly and helpful! "
- Gene Cornelison
04/07/2018 11:43:43
"The Staff was super nice and caring! They really listened to my concerns and loved my dog, Brodie like he was their own! Amazing experience! "
- Jennifer Cannet
04/07/2018 03:05:50
"The staff was extremely friendly and my dog was taken into the exam room almost immediately after we checked in. "
- Yolanda Harris
04/04/2018 16:20:39
"Excellent care for my boy. Staff are sensative and understanding to my dogs needs. Wonderful experience and great clinic"
- Jennifer Griffin
04/04/2018 14:04:39
"Everything was great. The staff were very friendly and listened to what I needed. The vet was able to accommodate the boarding of my cat while I was out of town. "
- Nathan Lloyd
04/04/2018 03:12:20
"It's really comforting to know that my dogs appear to be relaxed when walking into your facility. One is blind, and the other one is deaf, and they are both 17 years old. I hate being separated from them, but when I have to board them, I feel confident that they are getting the most compassionate and highest quality care. Thank you. "
- Sheila Chandler
04/03/2018 08:42:25