"You are the clinic I trust my dog to. I would not if you were not the best in my eyes. Kar,a has been going to you for 7+ years, and she still loves to "visit". That should tell us something!!"
- Carolien Sorensen
06/13/2017 18:59:47
"Polo had a wonderful time at the boarding house. We have no complaints. We received a cute little picture of him while we were gone and that brightened our day. The staff was very friendly and courteous. I felt very comfortable leaving Polo there.."
- Angela Dyke
06/01/2017 14:27:01
"Liked the picture update of my dog during his stay. It brightened my day. Dog came home happy and healthy. I am very pleased with the care he received. "
- Emma Shingledecker
05/24/2017 09:01:49
"Seneca really enjoys coming in for visits. Even after getting spayed she still loves walking into the vet. You all take wonderful care of her."
- Julie Brotz
05/20/2017 04:06:41
"Recently Zoey has had a bout of medical issues. From new onset of seizures, too being naughty eating chocolate... your team has been there. I love having you all there to call with questions or emergent situations. Not only is your team incredibly knowledgeable, they are so understanding during the difficult and scary times that I've recently experienced. I can not thank you all enough!!"
- Meghan Geismar
05/17/2017 19:23:40
"You all are seriously the best. I have other friends in other cities that go out of their way to come see you all as well! I appreciate that over the years MarMar hasn't been the happiest kitty when coming for his visits but you all always go out of your way to help him stay calm and make it a great experience for us. I know when I bring him here you folks are doing everything you can! "
- Antoine McCormack**
05/17/2017 12:05:26
"Dr Councill is excellent! We moved away in 2004 but we still travel 3 hours to see her a couple of times per year."
- John Flores
05/16/2017 14:51:04
"You always work us in... its worth coming from the other side of the James River for our veternary services."
- Rhonda Laufer
05/16/2017 11:47:25
"George and his owner would not think of even considering another Vet - after almost 15 years of good care with no complaints, the best!"
- Bill Matheson
05/13/2017 15:08:08
"I was treated as soon as we walked through the door. Everyone was friendly and had a smile. "
- Daniel Goergen**
05/11/2017 23:34:15
"Ya'll are the best and you treat Gatsby like you would treat your own pet. Thank you s o much "
- Dee Price
05/11/2017 18:13:23
"Nice, clean and professional environment. Very informative and detailed visit. Thank you for your time and service."
- Nicole Cinkodelen
05/10/2017 13:14:05
"Always awesome care and individualized care plans for pets. "
- Lara Howe**
05/10/2017 10:29:15
"I found the entire experience to be excellent. Staff at the front desk were very helpful and friendly. Dr. Bolton is wonderful! Thank you so much for your professionalism and expertise and welcoming us to the practice."
- Rosanne Walters
05/09/2017 10:27:51
"I brought in two dogs at the same time. Instead of having me wait with them sniffing everything in the waiting room they immediately put us in a closed exam room. It was very comfortable with them and the staff was friendly and helpful. As a first time dog owner they were great about explaining everything to me and getting me set up with great information even if it was outside of their realm of services."
- Josh Grubb
05/05/2017 15:38:44
"Front desk was beyond courteous and helpful. Best grooming Duchess has ever had, the face and feet were perfect! Groomer was ever so kind and we look forward to seeing you, again! "
- Holly Salyer
05/04/2017 09:57:21
"Love the attention and care that all the staff there at Kiln Creek give to us. We come in with anxious, overly distraught dogs and the staff loves on them and doesn't seem at all put off by their attitudes! I know we can trust the treatment and advices given."
- Andriea Patton**
04/22/2017 08:40:06
"Excellent staff n vets - have been going to Kiln Creek Animal Care since moving to VA in 1999. Even living in Hampton now, it is well worth the drive to take our dog to Kiln Creek Animal Care."
- Linda Ellis
04/18/2017 12:21:11
"The staff and doctors at Kiln Creek Animal Care are always welcoming and warm. All of my furr-faced children are comfortable coming to the Vet and I know that they will be well-cared for."
- Cheri Inverso
04/15/2017 08:39:03
"As always, the staff at Kiln Creek take superb and loving care of our Savannah. Sometimes I think she hates coming home! I have had dogs since I was four years old and I can say without any hesitation the the quality of care at Kiln Creek is the best I have ever experienced. Thank you all for the wonderful and loving way you treat our pets."
- Ken Crim
04/13/2017 14:38:20
"Wonderful and caring employees!"
- Ann Whitaker
04/13/2017 12:26:52
"It is great that we can just come in for minor things (like nail trim yesterday) without an appointment."
- Bruce Kauder**
04/12/2017 11:33:56
"I can't complain. Every time I come in the service is superb! "
- Will Mckendree
04/06/2017 12:08:28
"Wonderful place! They listen to all of your concerns. Everyone treats your fur baby as their own."
- Kathleen Delgado
04/04/2017 12:41:26
"You guys are doing great! We were able to drop our dogs off for their annual exam, wellness check and to be groomed, which was convenient. We love you guys."
- Molly Bartley
04/04/2017 11:14:49
"This was my first experience with Versace and it was awesome! They genuinely care."
- Pamela Wilkerson
03/30/2017 16:30:31
"We have been going to the Kiln Creek Vet for 23 years and would not go anywhere else. The staff is wonderful and so are the doctors. Dr Council is the kindest most caring vet we have ever know. We had boarded our dogs numerous times and they have come to love it there. "
- Pam Gilmore
03/28/2017 13:32:01
"Everyone is so friendly!!! And y'all always take excellent care of Fluffy. I won't take him to any other vet!"
- Kim Hillenbrand
03/26/2017 13:18:47
"Awesome caring, the doctors are extremely knowledgeable, the entire office makes you feel like family. "
- Thomas Hippe
03/25/2017 11:51:52
"We have a wonderful experience every time we visit. The desk staff, technicians and vets are friendly, attentive and so helpful. Our pups love to visit and so do we! Thank you for always giving us a great experience. "
- Sasha Ellis**
03/20/2017 11:16:31
"You guys are amazing! I started bringing my puppy, Abby, to you guys as soon as I got her and I will never take her to another vet. Abby got fixed last week and I was so thankful for you guys keeping me up to date on how she was doing and sending me a picture when she was in recovery! I don't know any other vet who does that! You all are so patient and understanding of my many questions. Everyone is so sweet. The best part is Abby loves coming to see you guys. She is pushing down the doors to get in whenever we visit. We love Kiln Creek Animal Care! "
- Stephanie Harrison
03/20/2017 08:23:42
"I am very happy with every experience I've had at KCAC. Everyone is very nice and attentive. Wait is not long at all, exams are thorough and information is great."
- Mary Brown
03/16/2017 11:23:11
" Everybody is so warm and empathetic from the first person you meet at the front desk to the vet themselves. We love coming to Kiln Creek animal care! "
- Michelle Jeter
03/15/2017 12:10:58
"Loved getting a picture of Bambi after her surgery! It was great to see that she was okay and shows how much the staff cares about the animals! "
- Victoria Seay
03/08/2017 20:31:56
"I am so thankful I have a group of doctors and staff that care about my cat almost as much as I do. Every experience I have had with this office has been wonderful. Everyone is helpful and friendly. "
- Amber Suders
03/05/2017 11:17:37
"You guys have been great, definitely has made being a first time dog owner less stressful!"
- Michael Williamson
03/03/2017 13:51:48
"I chose the best vet clinic for my pets! Everyone at the clinic shows the love and concern they have for animals in general."
- Stacy Sanders**
03/03/2017 11:58:56
"Your team has done amazing with all my pets to include my dog: Bear Stein (you even taught her new tricks!) And with Cheddar and Feta, you are gentle and understanding of their fears. Thank you. Always my first recommendation to people I know."
- Mary Bechdel
03/01/2017 12:24:53
"The staff greets my dogs as if they were their own. They are well taken care of during their visit. The staff is very helpful in that they take of the insurance forms, having them filled out, and faxing them which saves me time or having to remember to fax them myself"
- Lucy Meigel**
02/27/2017 05:58:46
"Everyone was very kind already knew my pets name and took steps to reduce my cats anxiety which helped reduced my anxiety"
- Markita Ramirez
02/26/2017 14:12:36
"Fast, very helpful and extremely pleasant."
- John Papas**
02/19/2017 16:07:26
"love that dr long takes the time I need to explain and answer questions. Front desk reception staff is outstanding!"
- Ron Gregory**
02/15/2017 11:37:53
" I have complete confidence in everyone at this clinic.. I know they will always take good care of my dog who is totally like a part of my family."
- Brenda Burrows
02/12/2017 22:15:34
"We had a great experience. My dog is always a little nervous going to the vet but you guys are so gentle and loving that it calms him down and the service was quick--so we were out in no time."
- Chelsea Mullins
02/11/2017 15:13:07
"I like how I was given options to care for my babies, instead of being told what I needed to do. "
- Catherine Groner
02/11/2017 09:33:28
"It was a great experience! I used to come to this vet when my Sadie girl was sick and passed. About two years later, we decided to get a kitten and return. I love the spa music and the calming atmosphere. The ladies at the front are always very helpful. Great job!"
- Candice Sayre**
01/21/2017 20:57:30
"Everyone knows me and my dogs by name and you treat us like family. You listen to my concerns and find the most effective way to address my pets' health issues. There has never been a bad or even remotely bad experience with your practice and I highly recommend you every chance I get. Thankyou to everyone for your caring support. And thanks for asking for my feedback. PS Lilly and Enya say DITTO from them!!"
- Frances DeMarco**
01/21/2017 13:14:23
"Dr. Long and your staff do an amazing job trying to make Honey's trip to the vet less stressful. Unfortunately we still have to knock her out every time she comes in. The staff is always so kind and loving to my animals and I appreciate it as much as Honey and Orphan Annie do, even though they may not show their appreciation due to growling and hissing! Dr. Long is always watching out for my girls and making sure that they remain healthy."
- Valerie Young**
01/21/2017 07:29:16
"We were there yesterday for both dogs to be groomed. Susan Smethurst is excellent with the dogs. I highly recommend her to my friends. You are lucky to have her there. "
- Molly Bartley
01/20/2017 13:24:06
"Everything was very great. ALL staff is super friendly and professional. They care about the animals as if they were their own. I wouldn't trust my pet anywhere else. "
- Nicole Hagan
01/19/2017 15:18:53
"We had a great experience!!! Everyone was helpful and kind. I was kept informed of everything going on before, during and after the procedure and why everything done was being done :) And the follow up call to check on Fluffy was greatly appreciated!!!"
- Kim Hillenbrand
01/09/2017 07:45:56
"We appreciate how you call attendants to take our pets back right away as we check enabling us to do the paperwork and hold them until we have checked out. The front desk works with us as we travel often and understands that we live across the JRB but work on the Peninsula making our pick ups quite strategic at times. "
- Rhonda Laufer
01/08/2017 06:05:16
"It was great to be able to be a part of my pets care....Being in the room helps owners to be at esse...Thank you for showing and teaching how to care for our animals a little more"
- Robin Ernst
01/07/2017 15:39:35
"You are always awesome to my pets, and us. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I have total confidence in leaving pets in your care. "
- Thomas Hippe
01/01/2017 12:46:22
"The office was very warm and welcoming especially being a first time pet owner. The staff in the room with dog was so patient and knowledgeable. See, the office manager is so phenomenal. Upon talking to her over the phone not even knowing she was the manager she was so warm, helpful, and speaking to get is what really made me make my decision about bringing my dog therected. She is very personable and professional person. "
- Naketa Bartlett
12/31/2016 17:48:18
"You guys did great, I will be continuing to bring my dog to you all and having you care for her. Thank you."
- Nickolas Ballinger
12/31/2016 13:34:13
"The staff is always professional and pleasant. They care about my dog and make our visit a good experience. The office manager, Dee, is very organized and seems to keep everything on track as the front desk provides excellent service. The veterinarians listen and answer all of my questions. I also can see that they care about my pet and want to provide the best of care for him. They also give me information on what I can do to keep my pet healthy. Your Vet Tech, Jacklyn, is fantastic! She is very patient and explains all of the issues related to my pet's dental health after a cleaning. I feel comfortable knowing that she is there taking care of my dog's dental health. I'm so grateful for everything you do for my pet and am glad to have found Kiln Creek Animal Care!"
- Jeanie Goldberg**
12/29/2016 14:32:53
"I appreciate the care that the vets take with pets - they make any experience as comfortable and easy as possible. I also appreciate the follow up calls to check on the patient after they've gone home."
- Laura Pall
12/29/2016 10:26:01
"Kiln Creek Animal Care works together as a Team to enhance the wellbeing and care of each pet. "
- Ray Haley**
12/28/2016 15:21:54
"I came in to have Jaclyn clip my dog's nails. Jaclyn was AMAZING!!! She was incredibly kind, patient, and understanding towards my scared fur baby. I was very appreciative. "
- Alisa Deuermeyer
12/26/2016 11:41:17
"Staff is very polite, friendly, professional, accommodating & genuine. The reception area is always clean & inviting. I have been impressed with KCAC & will continue to take my kitty. "
- Michelle Deschenes
12/17/2016 13:07:01
"My daughter, Shannon Ray recommended you and now I know why. The nicest people I have met in a long time. The doctor was amazing and treated my baby just like he was hers"
- Amanda Smith
12/17/2016 00:22:03
"You are always friendly and take extra care with my timid animals ! Thank you!"
- Lindsay Munce
12/13/2016 18:16:28
"The receptionists were very helpful. We just needed a medication refill - called it in and picked it up an a couple hours. Thanks your staff are always friendly and professional when we come in."
- Cheri Inverso
12/13/2016 09:27:57
"Excellent. Really great u are taking the less stress approach. "
- Pat Atkinson**
12/12/2016 01:34:42
"Rosey and Gracie get so excited to come to visit... all of your employees are obviously pet lovers, and that's what makes each visit special. thank all of them for us!"
- William King
12/11/2016 10:34:57
"They really care about the welfare of my dogs and are willing to work within my budget."
- Laurie Prevost-Lauthers
12/09/2016 16:54:43
"The vet, Dr. Crist is the best! She is both warm and welcoming, and is willing to listen to the concerns and questions of her clients. Also, the rest of the staff are just as friendly. It's the place where everybody knows your name because everyone remembers you. I completely trust Kiln Creek Animal Care with the vet of my puppies."
- Carol Dameron
12/07/2016 07:48:37
"Super friendly help on the phone and at the desk. Everyone that comes in to assist with my pets is amazing. The doctor's are the best. I have 100% peace of mind that we are getting the best possible care. "
- Suzanne Klekar
12/01/2016 15:53:49
"I like the no fear care. The towel with Feliway on it helped calm Timmie. The service was excellent as usual."
- Robin Ives**
12/01/2016 15:53:37
"I have no criticism. I've been taking my dogs (total 9) there since you opened and have rec'd excellent care at every visit. Wonderful staff and Docs. It's obvious they love all the animals."
- David Shoemaker**
12/01/2016 15:39:25
"I have used the KCAC practice for eleven years. All of the doctors and staff have been professional and caring. I haven't had a bad experience, and I have never heard any complaints for my neighbors who also take their animals to KCAC for services."
- Nancy White
11/28/2016 08:16:00
"Staff is excellent and very friendly"
- Linda Ellis
11/21/2016 10:33:29
"We've always been very happy with our experience at Kiln Creek, so much so that we continue to come there despite the fact we moved to Williamsburg last year."
- Ann Shrieves
11/17/2016 15:12:16
"We have complete trust in everyone at Kiln Creek Animal Care. They're authentically compassionate and we're always certain that our Miss Daisy is getting the best of care. We use Kiln Creek for doggie day care and the kennel staff especially, every single one of them, loves our pup. "
- Barbara Melton
11/11/2016 10:37:04
"We have had a wonderful experience with Kiln Creek!! The staff have always been friendly, caring, and professional. The first time I came for a tour I was blown away at the cleanliness and how well they take care of the animals! We are very happy to use Kiln Creek for all of our boarding needs!! "
- Jami Smith
11/09/2016 19:22:55
"We feel that our pet family is part of the Kiln creek family! Always feel that all the staff cares about the needs of our pets and that's always very reassuring to us."
- Andriea Patton**
11/06/2016 10:00:02
"Dr. Long, her vet tech, and the receptionist were all wonderful at our last visit. She has seen Romeo since he was a puppy, and she is always great with him! Everyone is friendly and caring- we thank you!"
- Joy Baker
11/03/2016 13:09:30
"Outstanding group of professional people at this animal care facility. Recommend highly."
- Connie Hunt
11/02/2016 23:13:33
"Always have good medical treatment along with a very friendly staff!"
- Diane Pace
10/27/2016 07:11:41
"We absolutely love brining Molly to Kiln Creek Animal care. Everyone has been so amazing toward us and her. They have always been very kind and had positive attitudes, and listened to every one of my questions. Everyone clearly cares about thier jobs and is excited to be there. They explain everything throughly to us and provide us with all the information and eduction we need to best take care of our four-legged family memeber. "
- Erin Dougherty**
10/26/2016 12:24:08
"Great, personalized care for my fur babies!"
- Cindy Daniels**
10/24/2016 12:46:27
"We recommend this vet clinic to everyone!"
- Carol Davanay
10/24/2016 08:53:53
"I honestly think Savannah likes it better at Kiln Creek than at home because she has more people loving on her than just me. That is the best thing about Kiln Creek: they truly care for the animals and go that extra step to calm them and make them feel at home. "
- Ken Crim
10/20/2016 13:39:47
"Dr. Long always makes time to deal with urgent pet issues. She explains in detail what needs to be addressed and the reasons for her treatment. Excellent care."
- Denise King-Holzsager**
10/15/2016 15:23:02
" I have been going there for years with my pets and have always had the best care. I like the people and 2 years ago I had to have one of my dogs put to sleep and dr. council could not have been any better to us than she was.. she CARED ABOUT WHAT WE WERE GOING THROUGH>> she knew how hard on us it was and knowing she was there to help us made the ordeal a lot better.. we will always remember that .. she is a great vet and she shows it.."
- Brenda Burrows
10/13/2016 23:57:40
"Superior customer service!"
- Robin Williford
10/10/2016 10:50:06
"I have nothing adverse to share. Knowledge and caring attitudes prevail in your facility. I feel confident that my animals receive the absolute best care by your skilled veterinarians and support staff. Thank you for offering your top-notch care."
- Jennifer Livingston
10/06/2016 13:30:39
"I love Kiln Creek Animal Care. I have NEVER had a complaint! The service is beyond excellent and is professional, fast, and thorough. Thank you for all you do to keep my pets well! Wendy Wood"
- Wendy Wood
10/06/2016 06:34:16
"We love working with the friendly, competent staff at KCAC and feel our pup gets one-of-a-kind attention during her stays."
- Gene Sing**
10/04/2016 13:42:37
"Wonderful staff and doctors. They take great care in everything they do. We board our dogs and would never go anywhere else. "
- Pam Gilmore
10/04/2016 09:49:44
"I love the way that everyone knows Paris & wants to know how she is. I adore Dr Council & she has always shown concern for not only Paris but me also. I wouldn't take my furbaby any where else."
- Elizabeth Youens
09/28/2016 05:19:53
"We are very happy about the level of care our pet is receiving and are always glad to see the same, (familiar) smiling faces when we come in."
- Edward Bravo
09/20/2016 14:25:27
"There are no bad comments..only good. Kiln Creek staff have been great with me and my pets. It's really a great compliment to them to say that my pets love going there...not something I can say about other veterinary or grooming practices that we've used in the past. I'd highly recommend this practice."
- Frances DeMarco**
09/17/2016 12:34:55
"Always greeted with a smile. I drive from Williamsburg, and could go somewhere closer, but we have had the best experience from Kiln Creek."
- Edith Marks
09/16/2016 22:10:24
"I absolutely love coming to kiln creek. There is no where else I would take my Great Dane. Everyone is always so friendly and accommodating. "
- Autumn Moon**
09/12/2016 08:37:55
"Everyone is friendly and caring. I can tell everyone truly enjoys their job."
- Kathleen Delgado
09/12/2016 08:32:16
"Great work, Always greet patients politely and courteously, the vets and attendant staff are complete in their work, friendly and willing to go the extra mile for the pets and the owners."
- David Otto
09/07/2016 17:53:20
"Our little furry family member is always well cared for when we leave her at Kiln Creek Animal Care. She stays for a week during the Thanksgiving holiday and several weekends a year. She's been going here for the last 4-5 years. We hear nothing but good things about her behavior while she's there which is a testament to her level of comfort at the facility and the love and attention she gets. We love that everyone at Kiln Creek really enjoys spending time with our little dog which makes us so happy and makes it easier when we have to drop her off again!"
- Elia Kostyrka
09/07/2016 11:59:56
"Consistent high quality service and care. Staff always goes the extra mile to answer questions and provide advice."
- David Carmody**
08/27/2016 15:44:35