"The only thing I would suggest is to let customers know the cost of something if it's suggested. Frankly, I was shocked when I got my bill. I had no idea the items would cost so much. It would have been nice to know that when treatment plans were suggested to me. "
- Jill Motsinger
09/29/2020 15:15:20
"Dr Brown has been a great resource for me and my new puppy! As a first time dog owner I had lots of questions and she’s patient and happy to answer all of them!!"
- Renee Casella
09/29/2020 14:41:16
"I was very impressed with every aspect of my visit. Thank you Dr. Wood and the staff for a great first visit and for helping my sweet Finnegan."
- Kim Dalrymple
09/28/2020 17:09:35
"Always great care & wonderful people at Piper Glen Animal Hospital. All staff & Dr.'s are top notch!"
- Grace Roakes
09/28/2020 16:22:34
"I like the idea of pet’s being collected from the car and I would like to see this continue beyond COVID 19. Even during difficult times your team continue to be welcoming and jolly ."
- Ian Ballard
09/28/2020 14:37:17
"Always courteous friendly and caring! Great customer service!"
- Ann Hallberg
09/27/2020 15:34:48
"The doctors here have taken great care of my dog Dashiell since he was a puppy."
- Moss Hathcock
09/26/2020 20:12:30
"Quick service, great communication. "
- Pete Porcaro
09/26/2020 14:33:04
"I always get excellent care for my pet. "
- Barbara Sheridan
09/25/2020 19:05:52
"You guys are awesome! The curbside pickup and drop off is super easy, and I was able to just pay with the card on file."
- Sherry Grissom
09/24/2020 18:35:30
"We love Piper Glen Animal Hospital including our puppy. "
- Heather Slater
09/23/2020 03:29:26
"Dr. Lewis is amazing. The best vet I have ever used. "
- Matthew Reagin
09/22/2020 15:14:58
"I had a sick pup in the first 24 hours we had her. We saw Dr Wood two times in one day. He stayed late to attend to her, and made the right call about her care. Later he called to check on her. We picked the right Vet!"
- Barbara Vesci
09/22/2020 00:46:11
"I think your process is fast and efficient. Great communication. Excellent attitudes."
- Deanna Valeo
09/21/2020 11:07:20
"Friendly, professional. Hope, our cat, does not get anxious about getting her "mani pedi". She was in and out in no time. Great hire in all areas. I have been using Piper Glen as my animals one-stop-shop for all my health care and grooming needs for over 20+ years."
- Richard Whicker
09/20/2020 16:51:14
"Great job as always! We appreciate PG “putting-up” with our lovable yet crazy mutt! 🤗"
- Debra Boyette
09/20/2020 15:35:51
"It was the first time we have left Princess Mimi in a long time due to her health. She seemed very well taken care of and I had the confidence she was in good hands. I didn't worry the whole time we were gone. Seemed good to relax! I thank you and certainly will be doing it again."
- Dawn Allen
09/20/2020 14:24:43
"Very attentive staff and they work well under the pressure of the current pandemic."
- Nancy Good
09/19/2020 18:25:42
"You guys and gals are doing great. Everyone is always so nice and willing to answer questions. "
- Lisa Dardis
09/18/2020 16:00:16
"Minnie is a cat I m fostering and did not know very much about. I am very grateful she was worked in on a Saturday to check out her incessant ear scratching. Thank you Dr. Brown! "
- Carolann Gilmore
09/18/2020 10:15:23
"Dr, Brown and her nurse were amazing and took the time to answer questions."
- David Unkle
09/18/2020 00:32:33
"I am always happy with the care and service I get from Piper Glen AH. I appreciate all you do for my two dogs! :)"
- Amanda Nimon
09/17/2020 16:08:50
"Doing super great"
- Susan Kechijian
09/17/2020 15:49:03
"You have always been excellent from the first phone call to the care and love that our dogs have always received"
- Nancy Biggs
09/15/2020 22:27:30
"So glad to be back with my new puppy...always a pleasure .... especially glad to see Erica and Dr Brown"
- Lenell Devereux
09/15/2020 21:08:21
"Today was just a prescription refill pick up. I was glad to see that you had added numbered signs to the parking spaces. That makes is easieer for everyone!"
- Linda Rider
09/15/2020 20:54:15
"Maya has her annual check up and she was picked up Curbside - Really impressed with safe, efficient and caring visit, from tech to vet who phoned me in the car after Maya had been examined. "
- Michelle Ormerod
09/15/2020 15:36:51
"We've used PGAH for 19 years. Have never experienced any problems. Consistently great staff."
- Lori Avery
09/15/2020 15:31:48
"All good with this drop off visit for a blood test!"
- Jennifer Murdock
09/13/2020 00:35:05
"Everyone is very caring toward our puppy! The support and willingness to answer questions has been wonderful!"
- Melissa Lanoue
09/12/2020 20:32:32
"Always friendly staff; quick visit for Moose!"
- Linda Halbert
09/12/2020 15:51:25
"You are all rock stars!"
- Rosalyn Lackey
09/11/2020 18:50:00
"Love the doctors and staff at PGAH. Appreciate that one person can accompany the pet into the exam room. I find it easier to converse with the doctor/tech than through a car window. Thank you for the Covid safety precautions you have in place."
- Karen Turk
09/11/2020 18:03:23
"Given these difficult times during the pandemic, I thought everything worked very well. Staff is very friendly and very helpful. "
- Becky Harris
09/10/2020 15:16:46
"we had such a great experience. i asked way too many questions' nd the doctor never made me feel silly! thanks so much!"
- Kathryn Schultz
09/10/2020 04:55:12
"Just excited my expectations! Everything from booking to boarding, txt from my dog and to get him out. Big appreciation to all employees!"
- Inna Rukavishnikova
09/09/2020 18:24:04
"You all are very thoughtful and thorough."
- Susan Blackman
09/09/2020 16:44:50
"My boy was boarded at your facility for 5 nights. He had been bathed and was in good shape when I picked him up. I can only speak of the pick up and drop off, which was easy and personal, as his name is always used, which he seems to respond positively to. While he slept most of the first day home, he didn't have diarrhea, which would have indicated a stressful time. I trust the Boarding staff, who seem to care for my dog and dogs in the past."
- Nancy Macmanus
09/09/2020 14:52:02
"Roxie had to go back to the vet because of her allergies. You were able to work her in which I was thankful. She ended up getting a shot and antibiotics. She had her nails trimmed because we had to wait as there was an emergency. We are so happy with the staff at Piper Glen! The vet tech called a week later to check on Roxie. We love the staff and are so happy there."
- Cristen Taylor
09/09/2020 14:04:12
"I can't say enough great things about everyone. You take great care of the animals and inform the pet parents. Service is wonderful. Different due to Covid, but wonderful"
- Linda Wheby
09/08/2020 13:45:54
"Curbside product purchase/pick up was quick, easy and efficient."
- Karen Harker
09/05/2020 17:20:53
"They took good care of marley. "
- Michelle McCroskey
09/05/2020 16:19:31
"I’ve been very happy about with my experience with Dr Wood & Dr Brown are so amazing & I couldn’t be happier!"
- Kristin Weaver
09/05/2020 11:06:16
"Great service! Happy staff! Short curbside wait times! PGAH is providing the best care for our girls."
- Lauren Minyard
09/05/2020 01:35:38
"Piper Glen Animal Hospital is outstanding! Dr Wood is amazing always returns calls whether he’s working or on his personal time! Erica and Alyssa always go above and beyond and the vet assistants are all caring and thorough! Best vet in Charlotte "
- William Miller
09/04/2020 16:50:33
"Great vet"
- Patty Gallagher
09/03/2020 18:43:44
"Staff is fantastic!! "
- Julia Alessandrini
09/03/2020 16:00:12
"Excellent as always "
- Zoe Thompson
09/03/2020 01:48:45
"I think that the team has handled the COVID situation very well"
- Ronni Fridman
09/02/2020 22:36:28
"The drive up program was super easy and I loved that the number was on so many windows. Kirby also had a bath and his fur is so white!!!!! amazing. Fluffy and clean."
- Cristina Bremner
09/02/2020 20:06:33
"The staff is great and always so sweet."
- Derek Brensinger
09/02/2020 15:25:01
"Our experience was wonderful- very efficient and courteous help!"
- John Larson
09/02/2020 00:20:17
"I love DR Wood and the care he gives. The staff is awesome! We love u guys! We really love DR Wood! He is the best we have ever used!All sorts of stars from. U guys are amazing!"
- Renee Levine
09/02/2020 00:14:27
"Everything was terrific. Dr. Lewis and staff are always helpful and kind."
- Annette Feld
09/01/2020 16:03:21
"My pet was seen quickly after calling to make appointment. I received calls from you to check on how he was doing....very satisfied."
- Teresa Meinert
09/01/2020 13:29:43
"Rex eats bedding! 😳 Therefore, we knew the bedding you were to provide would be dangerous for him. Many thanks for allowing us to bring Rex suspension bed, so that he didn’t have to sleep on the hard floor. He was clean, shiny and happy when we picked him up. "
- Ann Albini
08/30/2020 23:26:47
"So far everything has been unremarkable. I’ve been properly informed by doctor, assistants and staff. Quotes were sent in a timely manner and prices have been reasonable. Staff and doctor have been very nice, friendly and informative. "
- Nitzamarie Pabon
08/29/2020 17:16:20
"Oliver was such a happy dog when I picked him up that I could tell he had a great experience at Piper Glen. I’m always concerned about leaving him, but he seems very content there. We travel quite a bit, so that is very important to me. We have had some not too good experiences at other boarding places. I would not take him anywhere else. "
- Marilou Green
08/29/2020 15:23:04
"I’ve always had excellent care at Piper Glen Animal Hospital!! I won’t go anywhere else!!"
- Kristy Troutman
08/28/2020 21:09:14
"We’re very happy with the care our pets receive at Piper Glen."
- Debbie Savage
08/27/2020 13:29:09
"Piper Glen Animal Hospital is the only place I will bring my dog Bailey. Everyone treats him and us as members of their family. Over the past 13 1/2 years we have been using their services, I can honestly say that I can't imagine better veterinary care anywhere."
- Steve Zimmerman
08/26/2020 20:13:53
"I think everything went very well - given the virus concerns. Meeting at the car, providing everything the customer needs when you pick up your animal - worked very well. "
- Mary Dermody
08/26/2020 15:53:04
"Always given the best care for every foster I have brought in. When we decided to keep Pixie, it was a given that she would remain under Dr. Woods care."
- Robin Gribble
08/26/2020 14:38:55
"Great service "
- Angela McGahan
08/25/2020 19:00:57
"Always happy with the vets and vet techs "
- Jodi Mechem
08/25/2020 17:42:36
"I really appreciate your ability to promptly work in a last minute appointment. Most things come up quickly and it’s nice to know I can get help for my boys in short notice. Huge relief. Thank you!"
- Everett Walker
08/25/2020 15:02:00
- Mary Green
08/25/2020 14:55:33
"It is very good to know that your pets are well taken care of while you are away! I feel like Piper Glen is that kind of place :)"
- Karoline Burton
08/21/2020 21:46:58
"I have been happy with all of the experiences we’ve had at Piper Glen."
- Sylvia Panicara
08/21/2020 15:58:55
"I've always experienced excellent service by all staff and employees! Dr. Wood and associates are fabulous and truly care about their patients and owners. I wouldn't go anywhere else for help and advice for my Labrador Retrievers. Dr. Wood has seen me through three of my babies - Chelsea, Darcie and now Piper. I cannot say enough good things...so thank you as always!"
- Karen Asplund
08/21/2020 14:44:28
"There is no bad. I called to see if I could get refills in my dog’s flea and heart worm meds and was told jut to call when I arrived, and Viviana came right out with them. She was pleasant and professional. "
- Mary Rust
08/21/2020 00:25:25
"I thought the experience was great and I appreciate your diligence in trying to protect everyone during these difficult times. "
- Elaine Downer
08/20/2020 22:52:41
"Wonderful, nothing bad to say. You take good care of CeCe, especially Erica!"
- James Sherman
08/20/2020 20:50:42
"All good - Dr Lewis is taking care of my dog. We are new to Piper Glen AH. Had some issues with my dog having high anxiety when visiting the VET. Dr Lewis and staff have done a nice job of managing this issue. Nice job Piper Glen."
- Mike Barr
08/20/2020 19:53:07
"I appreciated the time Dr. Wood spend with me answering my new puppy questions at my first appointment! Thanks, Erin "
- Erin Furey
08/18/2020 18:37:40
"Awesome every time!"
- Caren Judy
08/16/2020 21:03:24
"I always have a great experience there I have the best that in the world Dr Greg wood . And the best bet tech Karen "
- Michele Devito
08/16/2020 19:04:18
"Excellent handling of curbside pickup. Quick service."
- Patricia Taylor
08/16/2020 03:16:27
"Everyone involved with our visit was just amazing! "
- Shari Cohen
08/15/2020 23:01:50
"Dr. Brown and the staff at Piper Glen are the BEST. I had my baby Maddie in for her annual visit and it was a great experience. I had questions on her lab work and the staff was very accommodating over the phone after our visit. I will be transferring all of my babies over to Piper Glen so they can also get the same great care that Maddie gets! Thank you."
- Kara Focht
08/14/2020 16:34:30
"You guys are the best.will never go anywhere else."
- Kathleen Porter
08/13/2020 17:54:38
"You guys have been so great during this difficult time- bringing Fig in and out for shots; hauling good out and providing information when needed. "
- Tiffany Martin
08/13/2020 00:49:04
"Awesome first visit!!"
- Melissa Comen
08/12/2020 21:30:24
"Dr. Mamome was excellent. I will definitely want to bring the dogs back to her. She gave Coco great care and explained everything to me in detail. The vet assistant (Jamie I think?) was excellent too. Nice, patient, informative, caring. It's clear that customer service is a priority (as much as animal care). I appreciate that!"
- Catherine Kennedy
08/12/2020 16:20:20
"Initial experience has been wonderful."
- Lori Roe
08/12/2020 15:22:04
"I've never had anything less than an excellent experience at Piper Glenn. Everyone on the team, from front to back, is amazing!"
- Kristal Bianco
08/11/2020 21:05:36
"Doing fantastic! I couldn't be more pleased in these challenging times."
- Debra Williams
08/10/2020 00:10:47
"Dr. Brown took her time to explain things and didn’t jump to conclusions."
- Erin Dos Reis
08/09/2020 20:50:50
"Everything with Suzie’s Salon Bath went great from the parking lot pick up for her when I had to get out of the car because she was so restless, your attendant was right there to help me ( I am a Senior) and to help us. Thank You!"
- Don Collins
08/08/2020 22:39:40
"You have done an excellent job with Tasha. "
- Diane Higgins
08/08/2020 22:10:59
"I really appreciated being able to come in and meet with Dr Lewis (during Covid). I felt like Boss was really being taken care of and she took time to answer all of my puppy questions. Boss is boarding there this weekend and I feel confident that he is being well taken care of. All of the staff I met were caring and friendly with my baby. Thank you for what you do! It’s hard to find care givers that really care, and I believe we found it at Piper Glen!"
- Sterling Stevenson
08/08/2020 18:14:44
- Alise Mohnacky
08/08/2020 18:09:59
"We have always been happy with the service and care we receive at PGAH. The care our pup receives is top notch."
- Becky Fahey
08/08/2020 15:53:49
"Liked the facility and staff!Reminds me of the vet we used in Michigan😄👍🏻❤️Will recommend to my other family members with pets!"
- Kelly Sweeney
08/07/2020 18:22:43
"Thank you for allowing me into the room with Dottie during her first appointment with me as her mom. I also appreciated all the Covid protocols you have put in place. Escorting each client into and out of the building sends a message that you are serious about staying safe. "
- Tammy Musgrove
08/07/2020 15:36:20
"My best friend took Dun and Brad to see Dr Brown. I was out of town. I was on speaker phone with Dr Brown during her time with discussion about what she detected in the exam. Dr Brown was AWESOME. She explained her possible theory regarding constipation and made recommendations that would allow for a step by step process. Oh my. I felt so secure with her review of Dun and Brad. "
- Jeanneane Smith
08/06/2020 21:36:14
"Fantastic job making it easy for me to get Hugo his meds!"
- Victoria Liccione
08/06/2020 19:23:59
"Everything was excellent"
- Debra Kimball
08/05/2020 19:33:28
"All the doctors and staff have been wonderful to our pet and family. They take that extra step. We have been going here for 14 years. Thanks for all you do. "
- Angela Kruger
08/05/2020 02:37:36
"The staff is very caring, dedicated and goes above and beyond for our pets. We have had nothing but positive experiences with your office. "
- Robin Essenmacher
08/05/2020 02:21:30