"Staff is always helpful, compassionate and knowledgeable."
- Carol Benson
11/14/2018 20:11:50
"The staff is always friendly and accommodating . "
- Gary Shapiro
11/14/2018 16:30:58
"Great. Always like when same people are at the desk. Introduced to 2 new techs (I miss my regular ones) and love Dr. Morefield. Bella has always received wonderful care."
- Karen Turk
11/14/2018 14:54:06
"Honestly don’t have any complaints. Been seeing Dr. Wood and Dr. Morefield, and always receive great care. Techs are always nice. Keep it up. :)"
- Trina Morella
11/14/2018 13:41:01
"The last visit was to put down our cat, Harry. Dr. Wood and Tanya were very compassionate and sympathetic. It went as best as could be expected. "
- Christine Ecker
11/14/2018 02:32:56
"I was very impressed with Dr Wood. He shared everything that I might need to about Karma without me having to ask,because sometimes you don’t know what questions to ask."
- Susan Ewing
11/14/2018 02:23:11
"I am as usual stunned with the care and kindness of the entire staff. Even when the news is not good, your support means a lot to me."
- Guynn Francis
11/14/2018 01:44:29
"When it comes to boarding, I wouldn’t trust anyone else my dog. She’s crying when I drop her off and she’s all “smiles” when I pick her up I like the informative reports I get on her stay and I like that the staff show’s an interest in her well being. I’ve been boarding all are dogs with you for the past 16+ years for those reasons. Thank you"
- Debra Lewis
11/14/2018 00:46:15
"Whitney and her staff do an extraordinary job serving the needs of families and their beloved pets. I would highly recommend them!"
- Julie Stout
11/13/2018 23:41:56
"Very satisfied with everything"
- Linda Copilevitz
11/13/2018 23:13:10
"I love the staff, very professional and caring and I love Dr. Brown and how she totally understands my Cat, Frankie and how nervous he gets coming for a dr. Appt. "
- Barbara W Jones
11/13/2018 22:36:00
"Always exemplary service, thank you."
- Russ Alion
11/13/2018 21:30:08
"We love Dr. Laura and the rest of the folks at Piper Glen. We think you all do a great in caring for Daisy Mae and Kohl. We also appreciate your kindness and compassion when we have serious problems with our babies. You all do a great job and we are grateful for your care."
- Jan Porter-Frick
11/13/2018 20:30:15
"Always have a great visit no mater the situation! Keep up the great work!!"
- Linda Halbert
11/13/2018 20:27:41
"I have no complaints. Dr Wood is the best!"
- Jane Miller
11/09/2018 00:10:02
"Only had 1 visit so far for acupuncture. Looking forward to the next 2 visits."
- Rosalie McCool
11/08/2018 16:26:29
"Front office staff is always very welcoming and friendly. I love Dr. Brown & appreciate her knowledge, experience & patience with my endless questions. Clinical staff is also friendly and very caring towards my babies. My one suggestion - it would be nice if we were able to leave a message for our provider after hours."
- Kathleen Dewenter
11/08/2018 14:32:54
"Warm welcomes, on time appts, always kind and caring to animals. very helpful in informing owner what they need to do to help pet."
- Becky Blackmon
11/08/2018 13:34:38
"Everything is good"
- Melanie Alexander
11/08/2018 12:38:41
"PGAH has the nicest staff. Always pleasant and patient with all their customers. The atmosphere is welcoming. The doctors explain everything clearly and precisely. And the grooming staff get my shih’tzu cleaned up perfectly every tome!"
- Camille Smith
11/08/2018 11:20:43
"Former employee: I worked for PGAH for almost four years. I saw behind the seens everyday. I would never imagine taking my Mattie anywhere else. If you choose to board you have top notch kennel attendant’s that truly love on your pets. They work extremely hard to keep the kennels clean and a loving atmosphere. Your groomer LOVES pets, she takes her time and calms many dogs fears. In my 20 years in the industry I’ve never seen dogs react the way they do with Jennifer, she most definitely is the dog whisperer. The receptionist are awesome, they make everything flow from all the departments. They understand the importance of everyone’s busy schedule and try to accommodate as much as possible. Your vet techs are amazing. They take their time, cuddle your babies and treat them like one of their own. You have four doctors that love what they do, they only want the best for your pet. If you want to know what really happens when you are away, I can be the first to say your animals are loved, treated with respect, and cared for. The inside scoop. "
- Allison Ross
11/08/2018 10:47:52
"All good!"
- Belinda Wiesehan
11/08/2018 03:07:16
"Dr.Brown was fantastic. She called with labs and was so thorough and answered all my questions. She took the time to explain and then listen. "
- Martha Gimson
11/08/2018 02:56:54
"You guys are always so caring and sensitive to our concerns. We love the service and appreciate everything you do for us."
- Julie Bouhuys
11/07/2018 22:21:03
"Was seen quickly and out doctor and nurse were kind and helpful."
- Ryan McGee
11/07/2018 22:19:58
"I have always been very pleased with the care and service I receive from Piper Glen Animal Hospital. Dr Lewis is the very best! She always shows a genuine concern for my dogs and is always open to questions. I appreciate all that you do when I need your help!"
- Linda Rider
11/07/2018 21:40:00
"Always able to get same day appt All the doctors love my dog and care about her well neing"
- Rochelle Koslowe
11/07/2018 21:15:50
"We love you guys! Our cats may not agree, but the humans in our household do! :)"
- Elizabeth Bass
11/07/2018 20:53:57
"The staff and doctors are absolutely excellent! "
- Tim Downer
11/05/2018 14:13:50
"Prompt, personal, and professional. Thank u."
- Joe Towe
11/02/2018 15:05:52
"Everyone is professional and compassionate. They go out of their way to be helpful."
- Linda Romito
11/02/2018 04:00:02
"The care you give for Zoey is spectacular. She’s a rescue, so she’s afraid as it is, but the love we get from the time we wake in to the time we check out is exemplified! You all love her so much and I thank you for the love you give her."
- Marcella Wiedermann
11/02/2018 01:10:19
"Dr. Morefield is an awesome vet. She is very caring and personable. "
- Bob Steele
11/02/2018 00:08:22
"She did a wonderful job grooming both of our dogs. "
- Donald Morrow
11/01/2018 22:19:37
"You are all awesome! Harmony loves coming to get her treats!"
- Kim Ackley
11/01/2018 19:40:26
"I love your vets & staff. Always so helpful & pleasant happy folks. Your office saved my kitty...Helmut's life. The new cat food has improved his urinary problem...no more problem. This was previously a cronic issue."
- June Austin
11/01/2018 18:55:11
"love love love Whitney Lewis!!!! "
- Joan Goode
11/01/2018 18:35:17
"we have always received exceptional care from the staff at your office. "
- Non-Profit Organization Carolina Paws
10/31/2018 03:12:41
"Wonderful people at Piper Glen Animal Hospital. I have an elderly dog and everyone always treats her with extra special care."
- Susan Lamb
10/26/2018 12:24:31
"Great experience....first time to take our pet to your grooming. Jennifer did a GREAT job & staff at front desk very friendly. "
- Marti Walsleben
10/26/2018 10:40:05
"What a great experience! I didn’t have an appointment ans Charlie’s ear looked infected. Shannon was super helpful on the phone and encouraged me to come in as a walk-in and said the tech’s would try to get a cytology going to see if there was infection. The front staff was professional and had great attitudes with everyonyone checking in. Dr Wood was awesome. He was thorough and compassionate. You guys have a fantastic group working with you!"
- Nick Moore
10/26/2018 01:22:12
"Same great care as always!!"
- Susan Messler
10/25/2018 22:17:30
"I had a great visit with Dr. Wood and vet tech. Mckenzie! It was Sofies senior check up! Dr. Wood was very thorough with his examination and asked me a lot Of questions! I love bringing Sofie to Piper Glen! Everyone is very caring And helpful! Thank you for all you do for my Sofie! Elaine Brewer!"
- Elaine Brewer
10/25/2018 21:20:03
"Everyone was so helpful and kind. They were knowledgeable. The doctor and the tech explained everything so well to help me understand what’s best for my little fellow. Very happy I chose Piper Glen. "
- Kayce Almond
10/24/2018 12:38:29
"Amazing service. Dr Wood and Jamie make an amazing team and Sadie and I are so lucky to have them in our court when she gets sick! Couldn't ask for better, more caring service! "
- Lauren Tamberino
10/24/2018 12:05:34
"Very responsive, caring, attentive, easy to work with."
- Debra Williams
10/23/2018 23:52:24
"Professional. Friendly. Reasonable pricing. Good hours. Good service. "
- Angie Brown
10/23/2018 20:50:54
"I love Dr. Lewis and all the ladies at the front desk everybody has been so kind and so sweet to me and Vito and I was very thankful and lucky to be able to have found such a nice pet hospital for my little one it was really difficult for us to move here and finding a hospital for Vito was my number one priority"
- Yolee Rodes
10/23/2018 20:12:12
"Friendly, caring front desk, techs and vets. Always feel welcome, as does my pet. The vet always answers my questions. I never feel rushed."
- Jackie Mariello
10/23/2018 20:09:44
"Great staff and Dr. Woods is top notch! "
- Tiffany Martin
10/23/2018 20:03:03
"Dr Brown is so sweet to our old kitty. She really makes you feel like she’s treating her own pet. The Dr. and the Vet. Tech. went above and beyond getting the mats out of her fur. Thanks for the extra service. "
- Bryan Vinson
10/22/2018 22:23:40
"I wouldn’t change a thing!!!!"
- Carol Turnbaugh
10/22/2018 20:19:47
"We feel very comfortable and reassured that MURRAY is well taken care of during his over night boarding. The staff is always friendly. Your facility clean. Definitely we suggests when asked where to board their pet or establish a doctor to care for their prescious pet, we recommend you guys. Thank you Connie and Andrew Streiff"
- Andrew Streiff
10/12/2018 15:25:39
"You are awesome! We have been coming to you since early 2000. Your staff, service and passion for animals is untouchable!!! Thank you for all you do!"
- Alex Dembowski
10/11/2018 22:48:51
"The fact that you have the drive up service and will bring our dog out to the car when I have two sleeping babies in car seats is PRICELESS! Birdie always looks great when leaving after a groom and you are able to get her done in time for me to pick her up before I go to work in the afternoon. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I appreciate ya’ll make grooming such a great experience."
- Monica Palmer
10/11/2018 22:42:19
"Nemo loves you all - you are so good with him - thank you!"
- John Larson
10/11/2018 18:07:53
"Always helpful and gets us in whenever we need nailvtrims and AGE’s."
- Darlene Baca
10/09/2018 21:05:03
"I always have excellent experience. 😀👍🏻"
- Sharon Gordon
10/09/2018 21:02:39
"You guys are the best!! This visit was an urgent visit that you fit us in first thing in the morning. We were so lucky to get Dr. Wood who is our regular vet. He goes above and beyond all the time. Everyone is friendly and so helpful. Thank you to entire team."
- Stephanie Smith
10/09/2018 19:40:51
- Alise Mohnacky
10/05/2018 13:12:24
"I think you guys are doing fine. No bad experiences "
- Gabriel Jones
10/05/2018 03:00:27
"You guys are amazing, you really care about all the fur babies"
- Shanda Burstein
10/04/2018 20:15:31
"Always friendly and understanding."
- Brenda McKay
10/04/2018 15:34:56
"We are so thankful for Dr Wood and the staff at Piper Glen. At our new patient appointment, they took great care with Dakoda and made him feel right at home. Thank you!"
- Tara Blum
10/04/2018 15:21:11
"every experience has been exceptional. The desk staff, technicians and Dr Brown have all been friendly, courteous and helpful and informative whether an office visit or phone call. "
- Michele Wild
10/04/2018 14:04:48
- Linda Nardelli
10/04/2018 13:24:36
"Gabby and Mik have the best care with your team. They always get the best care and all the staff is always helpful and friendly."
- Ed Gutowski
10/04/2018 13:20:10
"I’ve never had a less than excellent experience with the staff at Piper Glen."
- Elise Hirth
10/04/2018 13:07:45
"I’m pleased with everything "
- Richelle Dessert
10/04/2018 13:02:15
"Always know Roxie will be well taken care of when left at PiperGlen We were out of the country, during the hurricane, and I had no worries"
- Lauri Mead
10/04/2018 12:48:54
"I'm always satisfied with your practice."
- Neil Eidelberg
10/01/2018 19:08:29
"Dr. Wood is the best! Very caring and takes time to thoroughly explain treatment options."
- Mary Rice
09/27/2018 11:11:09
"You guys are doing great."
- Susan Lurie
09/26/2018 17:14:35
"You have great staff and are so kind and loving to our girls, Nellie & Lucy."
- Katherine Brown
09/21/2018 11:38:36
"I love that I can just stop by and have my cat’s nails trimmed without an appointment. Y’all are always so fast!"
- Lauren Robison
09/21/2018 02:48:16
"Love that Dr Lewis knows my dogs and takes such good care of them. Love the tech Becky too...she knows them and takes care of them. "
- Mary Gordon
09/20/2018 23:19:01
"Always friendly and helpful!"
- Vickie Thompson
09/20/2018 12:18:23
"I was in and out quickly and everyone had their A game on."
- Jeff Torres
09/19/2018 21:25:55
"Staff was friendly and helpful. They loved our animals as soon as we brought them in. The facility was clean and our pets felt at home while there."
- Carrie Sanders
09/18/2018 22:23:08
"I always have a pleasant experience when I come to visit. The front desk staff are always very friendly as well as the nurses and Dr.s. Jennifer in grooming has been amazing with my dog and I could not be happier with her kindness and patience during grooming my dog."
- Julia Alessandrini
09/18/2018 15:04:07
"as always the staff at Piper Glen takes the best care of our Mollie . we are always happy to have her back when we leave her, but know she will be safe and healthy during her stay there."
- Pat Lowe
09/18/2018 13:37:02
"Our pets get the best care from Dr. Wood and the staff at Piper Glen. We would not want to go anywhere else."
- Tammy Weaver
09/18/2018 13:24:36
"Love Dr. Wood! He is so calm and kind to Fiona....and so knowledgeable! "
- Brenda Jones
09/18/2018 13:14:35
"Not sure if I can say anything bad. We always get great care. Thank you"
- Miriam Jugis
09/18/2018 13:02:25
"Piper Glen is the only place I will Board my dog. They take such good care of him, I never have to worry about him when he is there."
- Maureen Prentice
09/18/2018 12:58:26
"Doctors and staff always take time with us and always have patience to answer all my questions. Also, everything is explained well! Just caring and kind - bottom line! "
- Josephine Almond
09/18/2018 12:52:20
"All is good, no complaints. "
- Sam Glover
09/12/2018 01:08:59
- Betty Sprowles
09/11/2018 23:33:15
"My boys (Asher & Mongo) always seem excited to go and always in good shape/ spirits upon pickup. The ladies there are always cordial and accommodating. Thank you. "
- Debra Boyette
09/11/2018 22:51:20
"Just came in to buy food, trifexis and bring a stool sample. Always pleasant and courteous front desk staff. "
- Mary Jane Stephenson
09/11/2018 22:23:13
"My experience has been excellent. Everyone has been welcoming, informative, and helpful. "
- Angela Johnson
09/11/2018 20:22:49
"Very happy with our experience w Dr. Lewis and all the staff."
- Julie Adams
09/10/2018 15:35:25
"Everyone has been professionally kind and courteous. "
- Nicola Staudinger
09/09/2018 19:30:01
"I love coming here. Ive always felt at home! You love our pets, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else! "
- Debbie Chapman
09/09/2018 18:44:57
"Front desk staff is super friendly, technician was so kind and Dr Brown is wonderful - always willing to spend the time to talk everything through. "
- Jodi Mechem
09/09/2018 14:42:39
"You all are doing great. We always that when we bring our girls in they will be taken care of with love. We are the lucky ones to have you all "
- Vicky Nelson
09/09/2018 13:08:35
"I've utilized Piper Glen for my pet welfare needs for 14 years. The staff is caring, knowledgeable, and efficient. Because I've been with this facility I know many of the staff and am often greated by site. The staff feel like an extended family and I trust them."
- Regina Jones
09/09/2018 12:24:44
"The staff at Piper Glen is always so helpful and caring for our pets, including Tom. We have for pets and the staff at Piper Glen always does their best to get our pets in when they need to be seen."
- Sarah Gauger
09/09/2018 12:07:51
"I drive a good distance to bring my pet to your facility. I have never had an issue and only experienced excellent care. "
- Mary Berger
09/09/2018 10:58:45
"Everyone seems to love my pets and shows real interest in helping me take the best care of them"
- Melissa White
09/05/2018 23:05:15