"Zach and I are very happy with Piper Glen!"
- Emily Hunt
09/19/2019 22:09:16
"Dr Elizabeth Brown is so attentive and personable, she’s an awesome animal doctor. I feel like I have a good, clear understanding of Howie’s needs & limitations. The staff are very nice, warm and thoughtful. "
- Elaine Walters
09/19/2019 19:51:07
"I have taken our precious pets to you since the day you opened.....your care has been and continues to be perfect!!"
- Carol Strom
09/19/2019 19:23:05
"I think you guys are doing pretty great. Every aspect"
- Jennifer Peltz
09/19/2019 00:32:41
- Elizabeth Romero
09/18/2019 14:09:57
"I love Sushi’s groomer. Sushi does not like to be touched/pet and how she manages to shave that cat is beyond me. She’s the best. I highly recommend her. "
- Lisa Drosinis
09/17/2019 20:54:50
"Had a really positive experience this visit. Took my dog in for her yearly checkup. Everyone was friendly, the visit was fast but not too fast, and the price was reasonable. No issues. Really happy with everything."
- Adam Holden-Bache
09/16/2019 00:41:33
"Excellent customer service by front desk. Pet care tech really enjoys working with pets. Always receive wonderful care when taking our 2 cats for nail trimmings and yearly visits"
- Ann Hallberg
09/15/2019 18:16:31
"We have always had a very positive experience. "
- Michael Riechman
09/15/2019 16:15:33
"Great Service. Knowledgable and friendly staff"
- Robert Davis
09/15/2019 16:12:22
"Dr Brown cares for my Bella like she was her own. Love that about the vets at Piper Glen. "
- Karen Turk
09/14/2019 20:46:20
"I am happy with the care that my pet has received "
- Lisa Krows
09/14/2019 00:51:42
"Great service..great doctors"
- Douglas Dillenbeck
09/13/2019 15:56:27
"Love the personal care for my cat. Every issue and question answered. Appreciate suggestions and options for care going forward."
- Sue Taylor
09/12/2019 03:21:24
"My cat Frankie is very feisty and hates to get his nails trimmed. I always bring him in to Shavon and Jamie because they do a great job with him. They are not only good with using various methods to restrain him in a gentle manner, but they are also kind and patient with him. "
- Carrie Hawkins
09/11/2019 19:15:37
"Have no complaints what so ever you all treat my dogs like they are human children going to see the pediatrician and that means a lot. I just recommend you all on Facebook "
- Patrick Sheppard
09/11/2019 19:08:33
"The staff is always very helpful regardless of the request. The doctors take their time with their patients and promptly return call "
- Alicia McCarthy
09/10/2019 20:38:03
"Jessica is the best practice manager ever! When you need help Jessica always there. "
- Michelle McCroskey
09/09/2019 20:48:33
"Walked in for nail trim and was in and out quickly."
- Marilyn Grady
09/09/2019 20:21:39
"Always a great experience. Front end staff very friendly, support staff are awesome and the doctors are amazing 😉 "
- Deana Rosen
09/08/2019 17:45:41
"All the staff at Piper Glen are ALWAYS friendly, caring and overall very attentive every time I call or come in. With my Lacey being in and wheelchair and having health concerns that come along with that Dr. Wood and his staff always ease my mind and help me take care of my girl. "
- Brenda Valdez
09/08/2019 14:35:39
"Excellent medical care and pleasant ladies at the front desk. "
- Cathy Tommie
09/08/2019 02:37:34
"You all do great! I had questions about flea and tick prevention and the staff member was extremely informative! She didn’t rush me and even helped me with your website. I really appreciated it."
- Heather Brownfield
09/08/2019 01:23:47
"Cooper is doing well and enjoyed his stay while we were in an unfamiliar city evacuting from Hurricane Dorian."
- Jerry Reichert
09/07/2019 20:58:21
"Our dog decided to raid the chocolate candy bowl while we were gone. As soon as I realized what had happened, I called Piper Glen and the woman who answered the phone was so nice - she said we could come down right away. Our dog was treated and released within an hour. So grateful to get such quick and friendly service when we need it! I never hesitated for a moment to call because this is just how they always are. Thanks for caring as much about our dogs as we do. :)"
- Kelly Nelson
09/07/2019 17:35:18
"Dr. Wood provided Noah with excellent care. He is very thorough and educated us on his care."
- Cynthia Sullivan
09/06/2019 16:33:44
"I think you did an excellent job!"
- Michelle Herring
09/05/2019 19:48:19
"Rockie came in to have a skin tag removed. We were given clear details of what was to happen. Lots of questions about Rockie so we felt she would be safe. "
- Ann Del Vecchio
09/05/2019 16:41:48
"Everyone always communicates what is going on and are very helpful!!"
- Michele Blankenship
09/05/2019 16:37:43
"All employees are friendly, caring and professional. "
- Denise Henkel
09/05/2019 16:36:33
"The people at the front desk are always helpful and nice "
- Jim Caya
09/04/2019 12:35:19
"All good! Everyone is very nice and helpful"
- Katie Ball
09/03/2019 18:25:31
"Very happy with care"
- Maxine Horowitz
09/03/2019 16:06:31
"Excellent - We love Dr. Lewis!!"
- Joan Goode
09/03/2019 15:25:31
"We always have great service from Piper Glen Animal Hospital. They always take good care of Gracie when she is boarding . She comes home clean and happy!"
- Mary Lu Leatherman
09/03/2019 15:24:28
"Notwithstanding the excellent care, the friendliness and professionalism of the front desk staff is such a blessing. The lobby is clean, roomy (and fun)."
- Patty Rishel
09/03/2019 15:13:53
"I was helped right away and they advised me the best options. They were very friendly"
- Kathy Girone
09/03/2019 15:05:43
"We trust Piper Glen Animal Hospital with our pets."
- James McLaurin
09/03/2019 15:00:44
"Have been bringing our pets to you since you opened. Every time, we have a very good experience. No known issues to tell you about."
- Pam Gillespie
09/03/2019 14:58:24
"I think you all are doing fabulous. We have been bringing the family pets to you since 2002. "
- Janet Phillips
09/01/2019 00:27:44
"Dr. Brown has cared for my cats for 12 years. She never rushes and always has up-to-date information. And she likes my crazy girls! The staff is efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. I wouldn’t go anywhere else."
- Becky Harris
08/28/2019 23:03:51
"Dr. Lewis and the entire team at Piper Glen are excellent."
- Debbie Bennett
08/28/2019 19:48:40
"My dog came home very calm and well rested! Smelling good "
- Julie Angelini
08/27/2019 14:31:17
"Overall professionalism "
- Rosa Pearson
08/27/2019 04:41:16
"Always great!"
- Zoe Thompson
08/26/2019 23:05:44
"The staff are unbelievable. So nice and caring. And always make you seem as they are just as concerned about my pet as I am. They always remember my pets name and that is the best thing. "
- William Bowling
08/26/2019 15:39:52
"Dr. Wood is wonderful and so helpful knowledgable, informative, and great at detailed explanation of diagnosis. Although we recently moved, he will always be my vet. And his tech Karen, yesterday's visit, and on the phone, as always, was so helpful with my issues with Zeko."
- Renee Head
08/23/2019 11:33:32
"Great as always. Office staff, veterinary assistants, doctors all do a very good job of caring for and dealing with both owners and pets."
- Keith Chatterton
08/22/2019 22:00:42
"We have taken our precious dogs to Pipe Glen since we moved here 14 years ago. We are very pleased with their care! "
- Wendy Sauder
08/22/2019 17:17:30
"Great attentive staff - I have no complaints. We always recommend you if anyone asks for a vet. Thanks and keep up the good work."
- Maggie Milford
08/20/2019 19:33:45
"Staff is always professional and friendly! My Westie was in to be clipped and when the grooming was done, she looked great. "
- Angie Brown
08/20/2019 01:01:58
"Your staff is excellent. They are kind with my nervous kitty. Dr. Brown know her stuff and takes time to explain things."
- Nancy Berry
08/20/2019 00:50:46
"The front desk staff is always very friendly and it's nice when you walk in & they remember you and your pets. Dr. Brown always takes the time to answer all my questions (and I usually have a lot). She is very thorough in explaining what is going on & options on how best to proceed. I like that she talks things through with me. The medical assistants are also very friendly and thorough."
- Kathleen Dewenter
08/19/2019 18:07:16
"Great job taking care of all our pets. Dr. Lewis and Dr. Wood are wonderful and we love visiting them. The techs who give Pete his IV fluids are always friendly."
- Gary Rolband
08/15/2019 14:19:12
"You all are amazing, Dr Morefield is so good with Barnacle, thanks to everyone "
- Shanda Burstein
08/14/2019 23:56:44
"You all do a terrific job. I am so happy to have found this animal hospital."
- Elizabeth Rankin
08/14/2019 20:23:19
"Jennifer did a wonderful job grooming my cat Jaspurr."
- Linda Bond
08/11/2019 15:17:45
"Excellent service and great doctors and staff"
- Christy Powell
08/10/2019 18:17:03
"My husband and I are so happy with your facility, we finally found the perfect place for our new addition to the family(mini labradoodle ."
- Margie McWeeney
08/10/2019 18:07:28
"No complaints yet. All positive. "
- Jeff Torres
08/09/2019 15:52:47
"We are very happy with the care our pets receive at Piper Glen - Dr. Wood is fantastic, and the staff and vet techs are terrific, very customer focused and love animals."
- Debbie Savage
08/08/2019 13:33:40
"This practice has taken care of my pets since 2001. From the front desk to the techs and doctors, we are treated with kindness and the very best care. I feel like you're family. "
- Karen Justice
08/08/2019 01:57:50
"Great overall! "
- Lisa Nash
08/07/2019 21:13:14
"All good. All the ladies at front desk are very nice and the groomer did a great job. "
- Alan Campbell
08/07/2019 17:16:53
"Dr Brown is the best vet in Charlotte. Techs and front desk staff are terrific "
- Nina Lipton
08/07/2019 14:32:31
"Warm welcome for staff at time of check in. Dr. Woods is my favorite as he is patient and does a great job at communicating. Love Piper Glen Animal Hospital "
- Dana Berry
08/05/2019 14:33:24
"Oliver was well taken care of in his boarding. This is the only place that he’s happy other than his own home. Thank you so much for being so comforting toward him. He’s always a happy boy when I pick him up and as long as he’s happy, I’m happy. 😊"
- Marilou Green
08/05/2019 01:33:53
"I have a new baby which requires extra special attention, and I know I can always count on Dr. Brown and the staff at Piper Glen! Scheduling is easy, no waiting, courteous staff, extra special attention during the visit, answer all my questions, and give me the confidence my new baby is in great hands. Thank you."
- Kara Focht
08/04/2019 18:11:42
"Your facility always has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. "
- Bernice Kish
08/03/2019 21:08:34
"Great staff, from the front desk to vet techs to vets. Everyone cares about animals and it shows."
- Kate Jones
08/03/2019 20:29:12
"As always, I left feeling that my pet had received excellent care. "
- Linda Romito
08/02/2019 16:06:08
"I’m not sure how many years I have been coming to Piper Glen. I have never been disappointed. Maddie (with attitude came out very happy a few days ago.) Thank you, Sharon Gordon"
- Sharon Gordon
08/01/2019 21:11:01
"Care is great.Groomer did best job ever on my shitzu."
- Connie Thompson
07/31/2019 23:20:34
"We were moving to Charlotte from the Chicago area and needed a place where we could board our cat while we moved. The staff at Piper Glen were awesome and put us at ease. They took such great care of our cat"
- Vera Whittler
07/31/2019 15:16:59
"Dr & staff were very helpful, kind, giving & generous. Follow up calls were appreciated and hopefully Sadie will feel and act better as the antibiotics take hold."
- Matthew Sadinsky
07/30/2019 12:34:29
"Dr Lewis is awesome. I appreciate the time she takes in helping me choose the best financial options for my situation. "
- Cindy Rodriguez
07/29/2019 21:15:31
"Everyone from the receptionists,tech and Dr. Wood did an exceptional job. Dr. Wood was so careful about prescribing anything for Tini due to her heart. He is a dedicated vet and has a special way with animals."
- Linda Downer
07/29/2019 19:07:52
"Very thoughtful and professional practice and great caretakers of our dogs"
- Vicki Frenette
07/29/2019 18:18:01
"Dr Wood is the best Vet I've ever taken my dog to and would highly recommend anyone that is not having the same experience with their pet! "
- Brett Noe
07/29/2019 18:13:24
"Don’t change anything. Y’all do a great job!"
- Everett Walker
07/29/2019 18:12:59
"I never have a “bad” with Piper Glen. I’m a such a fan of my dogs’ vet, Dr. Lewis. The entire staff is always helpful and knowledgeable."
- Donna McDowell-Mullen
07/27/2019 00:58:24
"You always took such good care of my Cane Corsos, Cleo and Bastia.! Not only did we feel completely at ease boarding them with you (in the big room!), but the quality of their medical care was wonderful. When we brought our cat, Garçon, in for a check up, my daughter commented “you can really tell that these people care about the animals”!"
- Patricia Temple
07/25/2019 22:10:14
"No complaints at all!"
- Carolyn Evans
07/25/2019 21:46:19
"I had never met Dr. Wood. I have had great experiences with Dr. Brown and my experience with Dr. Wood was also great. Thank you!"
- Rachel Hull
07/25/2019 18:48:42
"the vet was very understand about my dog nipping her and she took time to discuss options. I appreciate the time that she took to offer suggestions. I look forward to receiving information about the behaviorist and having my dog have a better experience in the future."
- Patricia Cuevas
07/24/2019 00:14:00
"As always our visit was great! "
- Nancy Shami
07/24/2019 00:09:42
"I love the fact that when you leave test results you address it thoroughly (my doctor doesn’t even do that), you call to see how they’re doing if you prescribed meds & most everyone there seems to be dedicated to their work. "
- Teresa Meinert
07/24/2019 00:07:12
"It was short notice, but the doctors were able to see Peppa for a sore paw. Turned out to be an insect sting. The doctors made her feel so much better and her paw is looking good."
- Inez Mantzaris
07/23/2019 17:28:14
"You immediately took my dog who was having an emergency and treated both of us with such care and compassion "
- Martha Gimson
07/23/2019 16:52:25
"Couldn't be happier with the service I received! "
- Julie Novack
07/20/2019 16:56:00
"Nurses weee kind and got the meds I was waiting on promptly."
- Casey Hopkins
07/20/2019 06:16:14
"Olive is always treated well and I’m a timely fashion."
- Heather Smith
07/20/2019 01:04:36
"I'm Delilah's new owner and was pleased to find her a well-known member of the Piper Glen community. All that could be expected during Delilah's recent stay was done for her. The staff was thoughtful, engaged and very thorough. I am most grateful."
- John Pardee
07/20/2019 00:02:50
"Always very happy with our visits and communication at Piper Glen! You guys do a fantastic job!"
- Amy Overman
07/19/2019 20:26:41
"I was very pleased with your services!"
- Lynda Grant
07/19/2019 12:46:50
"We’ve been taking our dogs to Piper Glen for almost nineteen years. Can’t imagine having anyone else take care of our fur babies!"
- Mary Rice
07/19/2019 11:48:34
"I’m very happy with Jennifer. Oreo gets great care!"
- Diane Virkler
07/19/2019 01:05:55
"We appreciate how compassionate the team is. Our last visit was a scary as Doc is sick. "
- Leslie Bondy
07/19/2019 00:49:00
"Dr Wood was great with Nyx and gave us a great plan for her treatment. "
- Erin Baggett
07/18/2019 23:54:05
"So happy with everything and everyone! Your staff is happy to help and always pleasant. I special shout out to Jennifer in grooming. I stress so much over it and she makes it a great experience. 😁"
- Tami Kroc
07/18/2019 23:32:41