"Everyone is so friendly and goes above and beyond with our dogs. We love Piper Glen Animal Hospital! "
- Holland Ferguson
03/26/2019 17:24:28
"Amazing as usual!!"
- Melody Williams
03/24/2019 21:25:54
"Jennifer in grooming is Amazing!! I moved about 45 minutes away and tried 3 other groomers. None could compare to the beautiful job Jennifer does. I will make the drive for her to groom Bolt! "
- Daleace Burrus
03/24/2019 19:04:27
" Nothing but good things to say. The staff was all very nice and treated Alfie with lots of love. "
- JT Swartz
03/23/2019 20:45:18
"I am very happy with the service I receive at Piper Glen."
- Nancy Lawton
03/23/2019 01:37:57
"Teddy had a grooming appointment and 3 vaccinations while there. He looked great when I picked him up. "
- Melissa Mitchell
03/23/2019 00:57:54
"I just love everyone there! Thank you for taking such good care of Sugee and Cutee!"
- Carol Turnbaugh
03/22/2019 20:52:11
"Awesome love the service and staff"
- Renee Geiger
03/22/2019 19:22:38
"All good!"
- Jay Blackwood
03/22/2019 18:23:05
"I love PGAH; the staff is always courteous, friendly and helpful. I love each of the doctors and vet techs that we have seen over the years and Roscoe enjoys his visits with Jennifer for grooming."
- Mary Ann Moore
03/22/2019 17:32:53
"I love everyone there!"
- Gail Prasnicki
03/21/2019 20:43:07
"We feel confident that Inca will be treated properly when we take her to the Piper Glen facility."
- Bernice Kish
03/19/2019 23:19:23
"Great, everyone is always friendly and sweet to my Norwood..."
- Steven Wind
03/19/2019 21:09:53
"Dr. Wood and Karen are priceless in their knowledge, care and support. Perfect service as always!"
- Lisa Muccia
03/19/2019 17:31:34
"You continue to do an outstanding job of caring for Gabby. I know that she can be a "challenge" at times and we very much appreciate your patience and affection toward her. It is very comforting to know that she is always going to receive such good care!"
- Rita Ellington
03/18/2019 17:09:37
"Outstanding caring diagnosis of our dog and us. Stayed late on a Friday night to take care of him on our first visit. Obvious professionalism and experience helped us get to the root cause of the issue and many helpful recommendations for dealing with our dog’s severe pain. "
- Nancy Borglin
03/17/2019 23:36:04
"Dr. Brown and her staff have ALWAYS shown superior customer service over the past 20 years that I have brought pet(s) into the office for care. I have never had to question anything from anyone other than general questions about my pet's health and well-being. I highly recommend this practice!!"
- Lisa Gabriel
03/17/2019 10:00:27
"It was busy but the ladies up front were helping us as quickly as they could. All went fine and I was able to pet some dogs who were there! "
- Janet Ernst
03/16/2019 17:58:10
"Always a good experience."
- Kelly Jolly
03/16/2019 14:05:42
"Karen and Dr Wood are wonderful "
- Kim Walker
03/16/2019 01:28:05
"We like coming for appointments and for boarding. Our 2 dogs seem happy and well cared for."
- Laura Burrello
03/15/2019 16:40:14
"Always a great experience"
- Elaine Hougham
03/14/2019 19:04:35
"We have been coming for well over 12years and could not say nicer things about dr wood and his entire staff. Much love!!!!"
- Catherine Gryskiewicz
03/14/2019 16:22:24
"I really appreciate not having to wait when I arrive for an appointment and your promptness is outstanding. I think it would be helpful if your staff had name tags. I don’t always know them and like to thank them for their kindness and attention when I leave. I drive 14 miles to you because Dr. Wood and his techs have always given my dogs the best care possible."
- Cameron Wilkinson
03/14/2019 12:24:57
"Love the=home visit option"
- Debbie Struble
03/13/2019 23:47:14
"Love my vet!"
- Carolyn Friedman
03/12/2019 21:14:07
"As far as we know, his grooming visit was great! He looks very handsome. "
- Emily Beaver
03/12/2019 18:17:45
"Never have an issue. Always great service. Thank you"
- Miriam Jugis
03/11/2019 00:24:58
"We always have a positive experience. "
- Leslie Hunter
03/10/2019 22:59:26
"Dr. Wood was great as was the entire staff we encountered during our visit. Everyone seemed to be very committed to giving us the best care for Xena. "
- Caroline Barratta
03/10/2019 21:47:14
"Staff are so friendly and Dr Lewis extremely knowledgeable and patient with patients and parents. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. "
- Suzanne Broomhead
03/10/2019 17:17:46
"Being raised on the farm and using big animal vets to treat our dogs was the norm. Now that our pets are in house family members your Caring Attitude is more in line with our life style and is much appreciated. Anyone who misses the old days is fooling themselves "
- Kenneth Brooks
03/09/2019 21:15:43
"Great! Very pleased with care!"
- Claudia Gingrich
03/08/2019 21:25:24
"I couldn’t ask for nicer and more knowledgeable people. From the front staff, to the techs, nurses and doctors. I love Piper Glen!"
- Stacey Schuler
03/08/2019 18:28:18
"Friendly staff, professional care for my pet"
- Christine Tapan
03/06/2019 18:45:43
"You take such great care of our dog!"
- Kim Stenson
03/04/2019 20:30:24
"Doing great!!!!"
- Laura Fox
03/04/2019 02:01:40
"Excellent service!!!"
- Paula Anderson
03/04/2019 00:52:18
"The appointment was filled with care, concern, and knowledge. Everything was wonderful."
- Stacey Dougherty
03/03/2019 18:54:27
"Prompt and friendly front desk. Responsive, caring veterinarians. Explanatory and timely return phone calls."
- Sue Taylor
03/02/2019 16:32:30
"Great experience! McKenna was so nice and loved on Luna. Dr. Wood is always informative, kind, listens and loves on Luna."
- Annette Rouse
03/01/2019 02:11:19
"I switched from Rea Rd animal hospital because they were rough and impatient with Frankie. Dr. Lewis, as well as the techs Jaime and Shavon, were extremely gentle with Frankie and they "let" me back in the room while they trimmed his nails and had his exam. (Rea Rd would never let me go back when I asked) Erica Carr is the original one who I spoke to about Pieper Glen, and she reassured me that you guys are great, and she was right!! :)"
- Carrie Hawkins
02/28/2019 22:05:15
"I'm very happy with the care my 2 dogs are receiving at Piper Glen!"
- Linda Criner
02/28/2019 17:20:49
"Dr Morefield is a great balance of loving care and medical expertise. I like the fact that she gives me plenty of information, not just the basics. She seems to genuinely care about my pet and doesn't just push for services to add to my bill. Great bedside manner."
- Sandra Gilchrist
02/27/2019 18:07:04
"I called and requested his prescription be filled, gave a date that I could pick it up , it was ready when I got there, no problems."
- Gail Hayes
02/26/2019 21:25:00
"The staff is always wonderful! We appreciate Tina and her affection for our (odd-couple) bullies! 🤗"
- Debra Boyette
02/26/2019 21:16:28
"Front desk staff is amazing, techs go above and beyond and are very knowledgeable, vets treat us like family, entire team works seamlessly together. No wonder this practice is so busy!"
- Allyson Casingal
02/26/2019 20:08:10
"always do a great job and are quick to get us in and out."
- Brian Wright
02/26/2019 19:02:58
"They were able to fit me in quickly for a non-emergent but quickly-needed visit, the staff is profession and friends and we didi not have to wait long when we arrived. "
- Mary Anne Traxler
02/24/2019 20:40:06
"We are pleased with every aspect of your business. "
- Wanda Henderson
02/24/2019 20:20:46
"We have recently adopted a kitten and were at Piper Glen Animal Hospital for her wellness visit. Greeted warmly and was taken into an examination room within 5 minutes. Dr. Brown came into the room shortly after. The examination was wonderful for our new fur baby. She was loved on and treated with great professionalism, kindness and care. Highly recommend Piper Glen. "
- Jill Bastian
02/23/2019 17:43:58
"Everyone at Piper Glen is super friendly. The staff is always patient, kind and extra sweet to my furry friend. "
- Margaret Brown
02/22/2019 15:15:42
"The doctor and staff were very nice! I appreciated getting an appointment right away, too. Thank you!"
- Lorrayne Grison
02/21/2019 21:27:37
"The best!"
- Kathy Alvis
02/21/2019 18:17:22
"Always a pleasure to bring in the girls. Everyone is pleasant and takes time to give some attention to the puppies. Care as usual is excellent. Looking forward to your team watching over Willow and Annie in the same way you cared for Sasha, Gus and Boggle."
- Pat O'Hagan
02/21/2019 02:17:48
"You listened to our concerns and took care of our Woody!"
- Jennifer Murdock
02/21/2019 01:29:00
"I just went in to pick up meds for Karl and my mother’s dogs meds. Everything was there waiting for me. "
- Lenore Kerner
02/20/2019 20:37:39
"Our visit was great. You offered solutions to my concerns and made my dog comfortable throughout the visit."
- Matt Brockmann
02/20/2019 19:05:35
"My last appointment was to have Oliver groomed. Our greeting is always pleasant and personal and great care is given getting him checked in. Jennifer does a great job and I particularly like that I can take care of all Oliver's needs at one location. I have no complaints."
- Nancy Macmanus
02/20/2019 15:47:57
"You consistently provide wonderful and thoughtful care of our fur-kids!"
- Jim Caya
02/20/2019 00:01:31
"What I love most about Piper Glen Animal Hospital is that you all love our kitties as much as we do! Excellent, thorough, and compassionate care; prompt and friendly service. Thank you all so much. Keep up the great work! "
- Mindy Helms
02/17/2019 23:55:17
"Dr. Wood is wonderful! He was jugging unexpected emergencies on a busy Saturday morning but he gave Taylor his undivided attention and was very thorough as always. He is kind soul! Thank you so much for taking such good care of my furry, four-legged family."
- Gail O'Neill
02/17/2019 19:35:57
"You guys are amazing! "
- Elizabeth Bass
02/16/2019 16:54:46
"Very sweet girls up front. Always a good job. No changes"
- Carolyn Mayer
02/16/2019 00:37:09
- Denise Henkel
02/15/2019 15:44:41
"Dr Wood was as always, wonderful-- this time with our foster dog"
- Laurie Smith
02/15/2019 15:36:31
"Showing great concern for my pet."
- Kathleen Storey
02/14/2019 22:06:18
"Very impressed by staff. They showed so much caring and interest!"
- Susan Crowgey
02/14/2019 21:26:51
"We love how you care for maxie4, Nothing to complain!!😋😋"
- Brigitte Sabert
02/14/2019 20:28:20
"The service and care at PGAH has always been excellent. We've been taking our pets there for almost fifteen years with no complaints at all."
- Eric Miner
02/14/2019 15:24:17
"Great job as always! 😊"
- Linda Halbert
02/13/2019 22:46:08
"My last visit was only to buy Rx cat food. Front staff is always very friendly and helpful. They never feel bothered or annoyed even though it was a busy afternoon."
- Michele Fronzaglia
02/13/2019 21:30:41
"Very pleased with the hospitality and level of vet care we receive. The costs are a bit high for my limited senior income but don't want to lose our wonderful vet "
- Carol Morgan
02/13/2019 21:03:52
"It is always a great experience at Piper Glen! Dr Morefield is beyond amazing. She is so caring and thorough and kind. And the front desk staff and vet techs are so sweet. A+ in our book!"
- Heather Havlik (Dr. )
02/13/2019 20:35:24
- Jane Leigh Eden
02/13/2019 20:34:12
"Each time we go to PGAH we are treated with respect. The staff is always happy to see Rex AND he’s happy to see them. "
- Ann Albini
02/13/2019 16:13:18
"Absolutely wonderful. "
- Cynthia Williamson
02/09/2019 22:35:23
"I love how friendly and helpful you guys are!!"
- Natalie Castro
02/07/2019 19:30:44
"Very happy with the care our pets receive at PGAH. We have been using them for about 15 years and they have always given excellent care and personal attention. "
- Debbie Savage
02/07/2019 18:09:01
"I always have a great experience! Keep it up"
- Samantha Latkovic
02/05/2019 20:03:34
"We love your clinic and so appreciate your care of our animals!"
- Ashley Comer
02/04/2019 12:26:59
"Want the best care for your fur babies? Take them to Piper Glen Animal Hospital. From the front desk staff to the vet techs to the veterinarians to the management - everyone has my pets' best interest at heart. The care they receive is top notch. "
- Kate Jones
02/03/2019 21:49:48
"I’m so thankful for the home visits "
- Vicky Leff
02/02/2019 20:50:44
"It is evident that all of your staff are truly animal lovers. The staff and docs are very informative with procedures and ensuring the pet owner is fully educated about the condition of your pet."
- Rob Banuelos
02/02/2019 19:18:57
"Dr Wood and Jamie are the best ever! ALWAYS! They take care of all of our family puppies to seniors!!!! "
- Sandy Pasek
01/31/2019 21:48:06
"I love bringing my pets to you! I also give referrals. "
- Heather Foster
01/31/2019 21:19:00
"I was happy with everything about our visit, the dr was helpful with the questions I had. "
- Renae Johnson
01/31/2019 01:05:06
"Very professional, kind, helpful- the best!"
- Kathy Kallman
01/31/2019 00:27:26
"Always professional and go above and beyond to help my cats with not only medical issues, but behavioral ones. "
- Linda Romito
01/30/2019 21:22:28
"Our dog loves to visit you. With other vets we always had difficulty getting her through the front door because she was afraid. When we get to your office, she runs right up to the front door. Follow up is always great and the price is very reasonable for the care that is given."
- Laurie Connolly
01/30/2019 21:06:48
"I cannot image taking my pets anywhere other than Piper Glen. My primary doctors are Dr. Lewis & Dr. Brown who are always attentive to my pets as well as myself!"
- Maggie Fandel
01/30/2019 15:41:21
"Only been once but your staff and everyone is great!"
- Missy McLaughlin
01/28/2019 20:13:55
"We love Dr Wood, he’s the best! The vet techs have always been wonderful too. "
- Stephanie Comen
01/26/2019 19:28:02
"Very professional."
- Mary Taylor Hundley
01/24/2019 23:04:18
"Every member of the staff is exceptional... all friendly and caring!"
- Nick Moore
01/24/2019 20:42:11
"I love Dr. Lewis - she's great. No complaints! So happy to have found y'all from a referral from my father-in-law! :)"
- Rachel Hull
01/24/2019 20:17:50
- Richelle Dessert
01/24/2019 02:15:03
"I feel that the needs of my senior cat are being taken care of."
- Pat Jenkins
01/18/2019 14:36:29
"The doctors and staff are caring and take time to listen."
- Carolann Gilmore
01/15/2019 10:35:57
"I am very happy with the care my dogs receive from all the vets here."
- Diane Galvin
01/14/2019 02:00:40