"Dr Morefield is the best!!!"
- Mike Vereckey
06/30/2018 15:31:52
"Dr Wood is amazing. The love he has for animals is undeniable. He talks to and treats my baby like she’s his. All the assistants at PGAH are the same, just wonderful!"
- Elise Hirth
06/30/2018 12:50:02
"Gosh, Whitney is the B E S T!! And everyone else helping out is so very friendly and helpful and efficient!"
- Tim Koch
06/30/2018 01:05:57
"We love your clinic and know our pets will be well taken care of. Every time someone new on Nextdoor is looking for a new vet we always recommend your clinic!!!"
- Carol Turnbaugh
06/30/2018 00:58:25
"You are just amazing! You make everything so personal. When I call for a appointment you answer with caller I d. Which makes it feel like family. Your staff are so considerate and concerned. When we lost our dearest dog Ollie, Doctor Brown was incredible sensitive to all of us. We feel we are so fortunate that we choose you to look after our animals. Thank you for all you do. "
- Maria Lovatt
06/29/2018 21:26:11
"Great service and friendly staff! What more can one ask?"
- Bryan Vinson
06/28/2018 20:30:26
"Very professional. Dr. Brown always takes her time to explain all findings. I really appreciate everyone’s friendly and carring personalities. Thank you!"
- Jennifer Rainwater
06/28/2018 17:45:32
"Nothing but positive things to say about Piper Glen Animal Hospital....all the staff, front desk, back examining rooms and doctors are very professional and caring and extremely helpful. My cat goes to the Vet there and the staff are wonderful and my cat also stays at the kitty condo while we go away on vacay."
- Barbara W Jones
06/26/2018 22:03:22
"I’m very happy with the service I get st Piper Glen Animal Hospital and have trusted The Drs and staff for over 20 years. Everyone truly cares about the patients and always accommodate if I need an urgent appointment. Dr. Wood is awesome!"
- Darlene Baca
06/26/2018 17:47:50
"I have no complaints. You all take great care of my Bailey :-)"
- Michelle Thiny
06/26/2018 17:44:42
"I have never been displeased with my experience with your staff or doctors. Even when I just run in for medications. "
- Holly Montone
06/20/2018 14:19:22
"Always a great experience. Very kind and thoughtful staff. Thank you for helping keep my pets healthy. "
- Karen Dunker
06/20/2018 13:16:08
"We love Dr Lewis. I used to live 5-10 min away from the office when Riley was a puppy. I now live 45 min away (and have for 8 years now) but still continue to come to PGAH because of Dr Lewis and the whole team. The caring attention and pleasant greetings from everyone make it worth the drive!"
- Amy Williams
06/18/2018 17:06:33
"Love Heidi's new haircut"
- Deanie Klemm
06/13/2018 01:36:04
"Always efficient"
- Thomas Jordan
06/12/2018 19:15:00
"Keep doing what you are doing. We are very pleased with the care of our dogs that the whole staff gives"
- Ken Olson
06/08/2018 18:11:11
"Dr. Greg Wood is wonderful! The front desk staff is very pleasant. We missed seeing our favorite technician, Liz, during this last visit but the other assistant/technician was lovely as well. Thank you so much for your medical care and kindness. My kitties appreciate it!"
- Gail O'Neill
06/08/2018 16:41:10
"My dog was in to groomed. I had a couple things I wanted done differently this time my was groomed and I was VERY pleased with the results. The staff at Piper Glenn is very friendly and pleasant to work with. "
- Angie Brown
06/08/2018 00:30:34
"Yall are AWESOME! "
- Jane Lagrone
06/07/2018 21:19:33
"I take my dog there for boarding, I’ve tried other places in the past and Piper Glen is the only place where he doesn’t come home sick. Everyone is very friendly!! I also take him there for grooming now and the groomer is awesome!!"
- Maureen Prentice
06/07/2018 21:15:33
"Your front desk staff are always friendly and knowledgeable. All the dr’s are great also."
- Shannon Pierle
06/07/2018 21:00:56
"Nice welcome and professional desk staff. Happy with grooming for my 3 mini schnauzers."
- Virginia Thompson
06/07/2018 19:52:32
"Excellent service. Maria helped me purchase flea and tick pills and doggie toothpaste. My wife and I think Maria along with the other front desk professionals are the best.."
- Randy Grant
06/07/2018 19:31:43
"Always a pleasure to see Dr Wood with our pets!"
- Carole Sackowitz
06/07/2018 19:08:58
"I can't think of one thing that you need to work on. If I have a problem, I will ask and it's taken care of."
- Larry Breckenridge
06/04/2018 03:16:35
"I love how you guys are so sweet to our fur babies and really care about them! All the Drs are great, and I love the front desk they make us feel like family! I say keep up what your doing, your awesome!"
- Debbie Chapman
06/02/2018 23:15:42
"I and my four-legged family love Piper Gen. The staff is wonderful and the care is excellent. "
- Sandra Mayer
06/01/2018 11:29:44
"I have no complaints with Piper Glen. "
- Sharon Gordon
06/01/2018 10:47:50
"I know we are so very happy and blessed that they have all of you to help them get through things. "
- Vicky Nelson
06/01/2018 10:35:06
"We called ahead for the feline pro biotic. It was ready and waiting for us when we arrived. Greeting and check out were efficient and professional."
- Pam Gillespie
06/01/2018 10:24:23
"All the doctors and staff members are very nice and caring for our four legged friends. This is not a complaint and only my comment-- when you don't need an appointment and do a walk-in for vaccinations, you have to sometimes wait a while. "
- Melvina Maher
05/28/2018 17:35:40
"Staff at front desk are very professional and personable. Love Dr. Morefield! She is very knowledgeable and caring. Very much appreciate her guidance and support."
- Cindy Turbeville
05/28/2018 12:42:32
"Everyone is great, professional and caring. Rex loves coming to PGAH!"
- Ann Albini
05/28/2018 00:24:59
"Dr Wood always does a thorough exam and takes the time to explain why/what he is doing. Also answers all questions and goes over all options letting you make an informed decision regarding further treatment "
- Beth Ruby
05/27/2018 21:54:30
"I could not be happier with my relationship with everyone at your facility."
- Phillip Davis
05/27/2018 21:11:03
"Loved the detailed follow up call. "
- John Osmanski
05/27/2018 19:28:37
"You all are great. Always nice and friendly but most important of all, you take such an excellent care of my two fur babies- Jake & Julie! We will always have you guys as our part or the family!"
- Dennis Barnes
05/27/2018 17:42:16
"Excellent care! My pups love coming here!"
- Amy Parratt
05/27/2018 17:41:57
"Wonderful "
- Kendall Nance
05/27/2018 17:32:36
"Always good service,"
- Susan Kechijian
05/27/2018 17:01:29
"Greg is the best vet! Always willing to answer questions and help. He is outstanding!!"
- Chell Mullis
05/27/2018 16:28:37
"Harvey and Wilbur love coming to Piper Glen! The staff is so friendly and the pups get lots of attention. "
- Jennifer Hunt
05/27/2018 15:58:03
"I’ve only had great experiences."
- Cindy Moore
05/24/2018 18:21:10
"I have recently worked with both Dr. Brown and Dr. Wood. They both take their time with me and are very thorough. I trust their guidance and medical knowledge and feel extremely comfortable having my fur babies in their care. I once lived close to the office, but now drive more than 20 minutes each way to remain a client at Piper Glen, despite numerous reputable vets within a few minutes of me!"
- Robin Zeller
05/17/2018 04:06:20
"Great! The staff was courteous and friendly. Dr. Moorefield was thorough and informative."
- Gail Levine
05/16/2018 15:10:44
"Tina was awesome! We are fairly new pet owners so we probably overwhelmed her with questions and comments about Abi’s care, but Tina was so patient and understanding! She even texted us pics and replied to an additional question. Glad we booked the luxury suite for our little baby. No soiled bed or nervous stomach upon her return home, like last summer in the condo. "
- Mary Ann Baker
05/16/2018 10:21:42
"I’ve brought all my fur babies here from the day they opened the clinic. The doctors, techs and office personnel are like family. Couldn’t do without them. "
- Karen Justice
05/16/2018 01:36:11
"Our recent visit was "un-scheduled"... We were worked in quickly and are grateful. Staff compliments to Dexter being a very handsome cat man were well received..."
- Ron Shepherd
05/16/2018 00:21:30
"We like the greetings our pet and we experience upon arrival and the general atmosphere of the reception area."
- Bernice Kish
05/15/2018 21:49:08
"Everything was excellent!!"
- Shannon Bondurant
05/15/2018 20:28:28
"The staff are well qualified. They have always taken good care of Beau"
- Molly Warner
05/15/2018 20:04:21
"Came in for periodic nail clipping. You require no appointment so that makes it easy as sometimes corralling the cat is the hard part."
- Larry Miller
05/15/2018 17:59:43
"Everyone is very nice and takes care of you as quickly as possible. Dr. Brown is patient and through and doesn't rush you out of the office. She also makes herself accessible. "
- Sandra Vazeen
05/15/2018 17:27:41
"We have used Piper Glen for the past 15 years. All of our four-legged family members have had the best care with Piper Glen. Dr. Wood is an very knowledgeable vet. He is not only amazing with animals, but works well in helping their owners! "
- Jean Stockwell
05/15/2018 17:25:31
"Excellent...all around! Piper Glen managed the care of my 13-yr. old Epileptic English Bred lab until we lost her in April of 2015. They were always supportive, caring and shared best practice recommendations for the ease of Jada’s epilepsy and her years in the geriatric years. Since Jada’s passing, I have had the privilege of being engage with the practice with my Mother’s furry family member when at boarding and grooming. Always a pleasure to interact with the Pipe Glen team members and Deac is always super happy to be there! NOW WE HAVE A NEW FURRY FAMILY MEMBER and I did not hesitate to schedule our first visit Piper Glen to check out Skipper. From the front desk to labs; the team is amazing! They are kind, gentle, informative and so caring. I love this practice; and am very selection since my Jada’s needs were so special. My move to Charlotte with Jada was quickly at ease at Piper Glen. I would recommend Piper Glen to everyone and I am so grateful they are my partner to ensure my Furry Family Member is healthy and happy! "
- Candida Sawa
05/15/2018 17:20:20
"Great care...of both puppies and owners!"
- Sara Carbert
05/15/2018 17:12:28
"The staff is friendly starting at the front door. It’s a very busy establishment and they still are very courteous, professional and efficient."
- Camille Smith
05/15/2018 17:05:08
"I’ve always had excellent care at Piper Glen!!"
- Kristy Troutman
05/15/2018 17:04:24
"I am always impressed at the level of care and concern shown for KiKi, regardless of which doctor she sees. Thanks for your wonderful kindness. "
- Kathy Green
05/15/2018 17:02:42
"I LOVE Dr Whitney Lewis! Seriously, I would take my kids to her if I had any!! She had been my vet for 16 years, my 2 previous furbabies and my 2 current furbabies!"
- Gail Prasnicki
05/15/2018 16:58:12
"Staff is excellent -- courteous, caring and attentive. Dr. Wood is practical and prudent. Have only good things to say about everyone!"
- Judith Alexander
05/15/2018 16:01:13
"I think everyone there is polite, warm, friendly and courteous and very professional. They all have a smile and take very good care of babybella. it is a pleasure bringing baby there because she doesn't mind and behaves very well when I take her either for a bath or being treated for whatever her problem is. Dr. Wood and others who treat baby are just so wonderful and professtional. Baby goes to Jennifer for her bath and Jenifer makes her comfortable and safe. My best wishes to all of you.. "
- Mary Jean Traetta
05/14/2018 17:31:04
"I love that my dog’s caretakers seem to genuinely love him and know him. They also listen to and write down any requests or needs I mention. It makes me feel so much better when I have to be away. And of course I love getting a text from “my dog” during his stay! "
- Brenda Woodcock
05/12/2018 14:19:55
"We love Piper Glen Animal Hospital! Everyone is very professional. Dr Lewis and Dr Wood have been our vets for years. The Vet techs and assistants, front desk staff are all very nice too! "
- Katherine Maher
05/11/2018 22:52:17
"We LOVE piper glen animal hospital!! Our pets are always well-loved and cared for -either during vet visits or boarding. Thank you for welcoming our pets into your business with such a big smile!"
- Kelly Green
05/10/2018 19:30:29
"The front desk is amazing. Very pleased with the service, communication, and fees."
- Deanna Valeo
05/09/2018 17:16:22
"I can always count on Dr. Wood and Karen to provide the most caring, comprehensive and trusted service."
- Laurie Smith
05/09/2018 17:09:19
"Staff is professional and always caring! They treat my dog as if it were their own! That makes me feel great!"
- Mary Jane Stephenson
05/09/2018 16:29:38
"Doing super! Our experience with your treatment of our Keno has been great."
- Dorothy Lego
05/09/2018 14:34:59
"Great service, easy appoiment scheduling "
- Angela McGahan
05/09/2018 14:34:58
"I had 3 pups with me and only Charlie needed his vaccine. They were fabulous with getting him in and out quickly as well as checking me out quickly and helping me get all 3 back in the car. I also had some questions on dosage for pups with the sentinel etc and they again were immensely helpful. "
- Jill Stratman
05/09/2018 14:06:38
"You have an outstanding staff. From my perspective you have very little turnover with your front office associates. They are a great team."
- Lori Avery
05/09/2018 13:49:02
"We wouldn’t want anyone else to take care of Magic!"
- Debbie Papalazaros
05/09/2018 13:04:17
"Oreo got great care with her bladder infection. Jennifer does a fantastic job grooming her and the staff is great! "
- Diane Virkler
05/09/2018 11:47:07
"Everything is great!"
- Amy Bennison
05/09/2018 08:28:45
"Everyone from the receptionist to the groomers love our Fantastic beasts!!"
- Sara Thomas
05/09/2018 02:46:54
"Every visit is great. The staff take great care of Bishop and Lulu on every visit. "
- Jim Dobbs
05/09/2018 01:37:15
"Always have a great experience!!!! Always feel at home. "
- Jenny Pierce
05/09/2018 00:53:35
"everyone there are so professional and thoughtful . I always feel Pivot is given the care a senior " puppy " deserves ."
- Jacque Harris
05/09/2018 00:17:46
"The staff at Piper Glen Animal Hospital is always friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. It’s always a pleasure going there."
- Kim Kennedy
05/09/2018 00:04:26
"Can's say anything bad. Marji likes staying with y'all"
- Joe Carlisle
05/07/2018 15:34:53
"Everything seemed to go well when Colby was there last week! "
- Pam Bruce
05/07/2018 14:38:02
"Everyone at PG is SOOOOO nice and attentive. I can't imagine improving anything!"
- Victoria Liccione
05/07/2018 12:28:29
"Everything was great. Love you guys!"
- Lynda Grant
05/07/2018 10:56:38
"Fast service in and out the door without feeling rushed"
- Luci Gove
05/06/2018 21:54:34
"Piper Glen is top notch. Your experience from calling to make the appointment to checking in when you arrive through your vet visit is excellent. "
- Karen Peterson
05/06/2018 17:33:39
"You are great. Your staff came out to help me with our three babies because I hurt my hip and was using a walker."
- Bonnie Bradley
05/06/2018 16:23:44
"Piper Glen Animal Hospital vets and staff are excellent. The vets don't push extra products or services that aren't totally necessary, which is great. The quality of care and service, and prices hit the mark. I love the personal phonecalls from the vets to follow up after the visits. The vets actually care about our pets. Thank you for being there and being awesome!"
- Patricia Cadogan
05/06/2018 14:01:20
- Natalie Armstrong
05/06/2018 13:58:27
"We’re very happy with Piper Glen Animal Hospital. We have been clients for about 15 years, with Dr. Wood as our primary veterinarian, and have been completely satisfied - no complaints."
- Debbie Savage
05/06/2018 13:40:38
"Very caring staff and doctors! Only complaint is check out area being right next to door, a little challenging with entry traffic and waiting area -one of my dogs is leash reactive so wish there were a more isolated area for "special" pets like him:)"
- Lisa Nash
05/06/2018 13:30:16
"Love everything about your office from the front desk to Dr. Lewis! I feel like Molly and Ella are getting the best care they can get!"
- Martha Sue Watkins
05/06/2018 12:52:25
"Front desk staff is so friendly to both my pup and me. "
- Jennifer Breunig
05/06/2018 12:26:25
" Always very professional we love everyone at Piper glen animal hospital "
- Melissa Brand
05/06/2018 11:59:27
"My experience has always been very positive "
- Marsha Garver
05/06/2018 11:58:27
"The dr are always attentive and listen to my concerns. They call to follow up each time we have one of our dogs there. They are responsive and care so much about our dogs"
- Kelly Biltz
05/06/2018 11:03:21
"The staff at Piper Glen are awesome. Everyone from the ladies at the desk , the boarding assistants, to the centenarians, are knowledgeable, friendly,and extremely helpful. I am so glad I found these people!"
- Courtney Purviance
05/06/2018 10:37:43
"Wonderful service. The ladies at the desk are great. Jennifer the groomer is terrific."
- Carol Schiffino
05/06/2018 08:43:04
"No issues"
- Jackie Milbrod
05/06/2018 05:58:49
"Ladies at the front desk where polite and efficient. Always enjoy my visits"
- Gail Hayes
05/06/2018 03:42:43