"Love that Dr Lewis knows my dogs and takes such good care of them. Love the tech Becky too...she knows them and takes care of them. "
- Mary Gordon
09/20/2018 23:19:01
"Always friendly and helpful!"
- Vickie Thompson
09/20/2018 12:18:23
"I was in and out quickly and everyone had their A game on."
- Jeff Torres
09/19/2018 21:25:55
"Staff was friendly and helpful. They loved our animals as soon as we brought them in. The facility was clean and our pets felt at home while there."
- Carrie Sanders
09/18/2018 22:23:08
"I always have a pleasant experience when I come to visit. The front desk staff are always very friendly as well as the nurses and Dr.s. Jennifer in grooming has been amazing with my dog and I could not be happier with her kindness and patience during grooming my dog."
- Julia Alessandrini
09/18/2018 15:04:07
"as always the staff at Piper Glen takes the best care of our Mollie . we are always happy to have her back when we leave her, but know she will be safe and healthy during her stay there."
- Pat Lowe
09/18/2018 13:37:02
"Our pets get the best care from Dr. Wood and the staff at Piper Glen. We would not want to go anywhere else."
- Tammy Weaver
09/18/2018 13:24:36
"Love Dr. Wood! He is so calm and kind to Fiona....and so knowledgeable! "
- Brenda Jones
09/18/2018 13:14:35
"Not sure if I can say anything bad. We always get great care. Thank you"
- Miriam Jugis
09/18/2018 13:02:25
"Piper Glen is the only place I will Board my dog. They take such good care of him, I never have to worry about him when he is there."
- Maureen Prentice
09/18/2018 12:58:26
"Doctors and staff always take time with us and always have patience to answer all my questions. Also, everything is explained well! Just caring and kind - bottom line! "
- Josephine Almond
09/18/2018 12:52:20
"All is good, no complaints. "
- Sam Glover
09/12/2018 01:08:59
- Betty Sprowles
09/11/2018 23:33:15
"My boys (Asher & Mongo) always seem excited to go and always in good shape/ spirits upon pickup. The ladies there are always cordial and accommodating. Thank you. "
- Debra Boyette
09/11/2018 22:51:20
"Just came in to buy food, trifexis and bring a stool sample. Always pleasant and courteous front desk staff. "
- Mary Jane Stephenson
09/11/2018 22:23:13
"My experience has been excellent. Everyone has been welcoming, informative, and helpful. "
- Angela Johnson
09/11/2018 20:22:49
"This year has been the most difficult year for me and my pets ever. As a result, and moving into a new home, Scampi has struggled with all of it and has not slept well at night. Three times she was able to push the gate down and exit her sleeping room which is a very nice and comfortable room, waking my wife and I. Her behavior also disturbed my other dog. Scampi is now taking new medication to assist her with the transition and anxiety of the recent move. It's been a battle and the staff stepped up three times to assist us with getting Scampi the correct medication to help her and us in the interim. Life is better for all of us know and I am so thankful that Scampi, who is soon to be 15 years of age, is doing better and can relax and enjoy our new retirement home!"
- James Fields
09/10/2018 16:24:10
"My dogs (I have had 5 over the years and currently have 3) have all had wonderful care from your providers and staff since 2000. We moved 30 minutes away about 1 1/2 years ago and still choose to go to you because of that wonderful care. The only disappointment I have ever had was back in May timeframe when my puppy ate a ball and you had to refer him to another facility for surgery. The care there was also quite amazing but I was surprised and a little disappointed no one from Piper Glen ever called to see how he was doing."
- Chris Coover
09/10/2018 16:01:17
"Very happy with our experience w Dr. Lewis and all the staff."
- Julie Adams
09/10/2018 15:35:25
"Everyone has been professionally kind and courteous. "
- Nicola Staudinger
09/09/2018 19:30:01
"I love coming here. Ive always felt at home! You love our pets, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else! "
- Debbie Chapman
09/09/2018 18:44:57
"Front desk staff is super friendly, technician was so kind and Dr Brown is wonderful - always willing to spend the time to talk everything through. "
- Jodi Mechem
09/09/2018 14:42:39
"You all are doing great. We always that when we bring our girls in they will be taken care of with love. We are the lucky ones to have you all "
- Vicky Nelson
09/09/2018 13:08:35
"I've utilized Piper Glen for my pet welfare needs for 14 years. The staff is caring, knowledgeable, and efficient. Because I've been with this facility I know many of the staff and am often greated by site. The staff feel like an extended family and I trust them."
- Regina Jones
09/09/2018 12:24:44
"The staff at Piper Glen is always so helpful and caring for our pets, including Tom. We have for pets and the staff at Piper Glen always does their best to get our pets in when they need to be seen."
- Sarah Gauger
09/09/2018 12:07:51
"I drive a good distance to bring my pet to your facility. I have never had an issue and only experienced excellent care. "
- Mary Berger
09/09/2018 10:58:45
"Everyone seems to love my pets and shows real interest in helping me take the best care of them"
- Melissa White
09/05/2018 23:05:15
"The staff was so friendly and helpful. Dr. Lewis is amazing! Our dog Bruce will be in good hands! Thank you to the girls up front and to Dr. Lewis and her assistants."
- Joyce Hestwood
09/05/2018 21:20:24
"She seemed a lot calmer when I got her back home. I also appreciate the helpful suggestions about her care by your staff. When I called they were very professional!"
- Linda Hoggson
08/31/2018 17:30:37
"All good as far as i'm concerned."
- Marsha Garver
08/29/2018 17:39:08
"Always caring about your pets needs"
- Bo Rochester
08/29/2018 13:18:13
"Staff is extremely knowledgeable, and helpful. "
- Susan Stamp
08/29/2018 10:50:15
"I love you all at Piper Glen! If I had kids I would bring them to you!"
- Gail Prasnicki
08/29/2018 10:13:00
"Everything is great !!!"
- Kenneth Gilway
08/28/2018 22:48:32
"You guys are the best!"
- Joe Carlisle
08/28/2018 22:41:38
"We ALWAYS receive the best care and service, from all employees. No complaints!"
- Ann Albini
08/28/2018 17:25:01
"Sherlock gets nothing but love when he is there!"
- Kim Stenson
08/28/2018 12:57:56
"Great service. Never have to wait too long. Very helpful staff "
- Angela McGahan
08/28/2018 12:54:14
"I am very satisfied with the care you give our "Suzie". She always seems happy and her normal self every time we pick her up and bring her home from boarding. Thanks to you, she always seems in good health even though she is a little overweight. We are seniors and we do not have a fenced yard, consequently she does not walk as much as she should."
- Don Collins
08/28/2018 12:34:18
"Staff was very informative and friendly "
- Paige Brinkman
08/23/2018 13:00:32
"Piper Glen has always been excellent in taking care of our fur babies. For this reason, we have brought all of our pets here for the last 10yrs :) "
- Jill Stratman
08/23/2018 00:40:11
"We believe that you are doing an excellent job. Your staff is always friendly and welcoming."
- Bernice Kish
08/21/2018 23:10:04
"always wonderful!"
- Jane Leigh Eden
08/20/2018 22:27:13
"Everyone is absolutely wonderful. "
- Steve Zimmerman
08/20/2018 20:06:53
"Y'all are a great team. From the Docs to the Desk and everyone in between...always taking such great care with a smile and understanding. So appreciate you all!!!"
- Susan Brechnitz
08/20/2018 11:45:08
"I absolutely LOVE PGAH! I have been a client since 2007 and have had the best experience. I will never go anywhere else, Dr. Wood and Dr. Morefield are amazing, both with puppy care and senior care. Not to mention the front office staff are wonderful. They are so accommodating and so friendly to humans and pets!"
- Sharon Baker
08/20/2018 01:48:23
"The doctors ate great and so is the staff"
- Nancy Taylor
08/18/2018 20:17:52
"I felt that you really cared about our dog, Niki during the ten years your office saw her from the assistant to the groomer to all of your vets. So we feel very comfortable putting our new rescue, Roxy in your care "
- Paul Pacholski
08/18/2018 15:41:02
"I bring my dog Tyler there once a month for grooming. Each time from check in to check out is exceptional. Jennifer in grooming is outstanding."
- Carol Schiffino
08/18/2018 14:07:50
"Our experience has always been positive."
- Wanda Henderson
08/18/2018 13:23:04
"Everyone is very helpful and caring. We love Dr. Laura and so does Shelby!"
- Nancy Bates
08/18/2018 12:48:17
"You always take great care of Gracie! Thank you."
- Mary Lu Leatherman
08/18/2018 11:49:04
"You ALL are the BEST and I will only bring my pets to you!"
- Annette Rouse
08/18/2018 09:41:21
"You all make Rocky feel welcome and I can leave him feeling comfortable."
- Terry Parker-Haynes
08/18/2018 05:00:35
"Everyone is so friendly!!"
- Becky Fahey
08/18/2018 03:10:05
"I like the way all conditions and options of care are explained....I leave knowing exactly what to do and why - that's a good feeling!"
- Carol Strom
08/18/2018 02:43:39
"The ENTIRE staff is wonderful!!! They truly care for our pets as if they were their own. And the follow up phone calls to check on everything is a very appreciated added touch. "
- Melanie Robinson
08/15/2018 17:04:49
"Always an excellent experience!"
- Robin Satter
08/15/2018 00:33:37
"I just moved here from Florida and your staff was amazingly kind and helpful. So glad to have found you!"
- Carrie Hansen
08/14/2018 23:35:39
"We have been bringing our animals to piper Glenn for over 10 years. We have had great experiences every time. "
- Tonja Westbrooks
08/14/2018 21:47:44
"Everyone was very friendly. Every time I’ve been there whether it’s for business or to take my dog I am blown away with the amount of professionalism and friendliness from everyone from the doctor to admin to the ladies up front. I have been referring people to Piper Glenn Animal Hospital so they can have the same great experience I have had! "
- Zoe Vangorder
08/14/2018 21:45:20
"Your team is the best. The ladies up front are always pleasant and polite. Drs. Lewis and Wood have provided excellent care for over 15 years for to my team, and I will always be grateful for that care and compassion. "
- Pat O'Hagan
08/11/2018 12:51:27
"Our labradoodle has better Doctors and care than any other member of our family. From the minute we walk into Piper Glen Animal Hospital until we check out, we are treated great by everyone! Thank you all! "
- Jennifer Breunig
08/08/2018 01:56:02
- Natalie Armstrong
08/07/2018 23:13:41
"Have never had a problem with company. Dr Wood and Jessica are beyond great!"
- Jane Miller
08/07/2018 21:48:52
"Very friendly and professional staff. Very helpful especially on a busy Saturday."
- Ryan Nadeau
08/07/2018 21:47:28
"Staff is great, Dr. Wood and Karen are amazing. I am so happy with my decision to switch from my previous vet to Piperglen. My fur babies are in great hands! "
- Marie Francisci
08/07/2018 21:30:50
"Dr. Woods was very informative, beyond what I knew before about my cat’s condition. The techs are always friendly and knowledgeable and helped me to learn how to give the injections, and even had me practice in front of them. Piper glen animal hospital is the best vet practice I have ever been to, ever. Thank you!"
- Patricia Cadogan
08/07/2018 21:12:57
"You guys are just perfect. Sometimes I feel my dogs are your only patients because the care they received Is so specific to their needs. I wish we could receive this type of care at our "people" docs!!!"
- Jan Porter-Frick
08/07/2018 19:15:12
"very kind and loving to the animals, did phone and follow up appts to insure health and well being of pet. The office staff is also welcoming and helpful. "
- Becky Blackmon
08/07/2018 19:13:56
"Duke went in for Grooming - Its been a wonderful experience!"
- Ily Munoz
08/07/2018 18:50:34
"Y’all are wonderful. We love Dr Whitney Lewis. We have absolutely no complaints. That’s saying a lot as we have 4 dogs. "
- Cynthia Williamson
08/07/2018 18:23:40
"Front desk staff always great... dr Wood is simply the best!"
- Douglas Dillenbeck
08/07/2018 18:22:16
"Love updates on dogs with pictures. "
- Matthew Reagin
08/07/2018 18:20:13
"Great experience with your boarding facilities. We truly enjoyed receiving a text with a picture of our dog during his stay. It was reassuring to see him! He was happy and healthy when we picked him up and that made us happy!"
- Katherine Griffin
08/06/2018 11:25:13
"Piper Glen has cared for Moose for the past 12-13 years. I would not take my pet anywhere else."
- Guynn Francis
08/05/2018 04:59:46
"Our dogs love coming there. No issues at all!"
- Alan Campbell
08/04/2018 13:09:14
"We are always pleased with the care our precious dogs are given. We are confident that our new puppy will be well taken care of as well. "
- Wendy Sauder
08/04/2018 11:20:15
"I’ve always been very happy with the professional, competent and empathetic care our cats Pepper and Bodhi get from all Piper Glen Animal Hospital doctors. Excellent, caring practice!"
- Kathleen Kost
08/04/2018 01:16:31
" We appreciate your care and kindness and Dr. Wood getting to the source of any concern and his recommendations for treatment. "
- Susan Traver
08/02/2018 15:33:57
"Everyone at Piper Glen AH are professional, helpful and friendly. My cats and I love Dr. Lewis!"
- Eric Miner
08/02/2018 15:26:13
"Dr. Morefield is excellent to work with. She was able to get our older boy pain free and just helped us get our girl back on her feet and back to normal. I would recommend Dr. Morefield to anyone looking for a vet that cares about your pet as much as she does her own pet. "
- Bob Steele
08/01/2018 23:08:39
"The whole practice is everything that I could want! No problems and Dr. Wood’s knowledge and compassion have helped my cats tremendously over the years. "
- Linda Romito
08/01/2018 21:30:10
"Dr. Wood is so knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I have cats that need frequent medical attention, and he always has time to work me in, if I can't get an appointment. Don't know what I'd do without him! "
- Sandra Montgomery
08/01/2018 19:20:53
"I completely trust the staff of Piper Glen to care for my animals. Dr. Wood is an excellent doctor and is always bringing new ideas to help treat my Maggie. Thank you for the level of care that you provide! "
- Mike Fields
08/01/2018 13:44:56
"The staff I encounter now are all very helpful and pleasant. All vetnarians are great. I’ve recently seen Dr. wood regarding Charlie’s allergies and cancer. I really appreciate the fact that he takes time to explain thoroughly."
- Pam Looby
08/01/2018 01:44:41
"The staff and Dr Morefield were extremely caring, patient, attentive and professional. We were new patients with somewhat of an emergency. We were treated quickly and cannot imagine expecting any more they could have done or getting better care ."
- Genny Reid
07/31/2018 22:42:06
"I did have to wait but a pleasant waiting experience When Minnie was taken back for nail trim everyone had a smile on there face I know Minnie is treated with love "
- Melissa Brand
07/31/2018 21:47:48
"Everyone I dealt with was super nice and professional! "
- Brett Noe
07/31/2018 20:59:16
"Everything at Piper Glen is wonderful. The people and the facility are always great. Dr morefield is amazing. Her text her amazing front desk staff everyone, I have nothing I could say to make improvements."
- Amy Reynard
07/31/2018 19:52:35
"Everyone from the front desk,techs,the office manager Jessica goes out of their way to help. I recommend the hospital to all my friends."
- Linda Downer
07/31/2018 19:25:04
"We love you guys (even though our cats may not-lol)! We drive all the way from the Steele Creek area to come to you guys. Everyone at PGAH is always friendly and very helpful. "
- Elizabeth Bass
07/31/2018 18:29:22
"Haven’t brought Onyx there yet but boarding end of August. Dry happy with the service booking her and getting a referral to bring her there"
- Allerga Wilson
07/26/2018 18:45:00
"I thought the office staff were very friendly and welcoming and explained everything to us. I appreciated that the vet and crew were willing to work with my older grumpy cat and didn’t try to talk me in to procedures or products that I didn’t want or need."
- Cherie Anderson
07/26/2018 02:22:34
"Been with you guys for over 10 years, and the entire staff is incredible. Couldn’t imagine trusting my fur babies with anyone else. Keep up the great work. "
- Nicole Bean (PASSCODE)
07/26/2018 00:23:04
"Very attentive on the phone and when I visited."
- Kathy Girone
07/25/2018 18:48:58
"So far, an excellent experience!"
- Lee Veltri
07/21/2018 21:02:49
"Everyone is so professional and accommodating! I appreciate the care they take with my pets and me."
- Leigh Fresina
07/21/2018 19:47:06
"Had an emergency need on a Friday at 5 PM and my vet was closed. My son's future mother in law goes there with Tobey and recommended to call. Thank you so much"
- Lori Moran
07/18/2018 18:17:43
"I am so new to your clinic that it is hard for me to comment. So far, I have been most happy with your service. Everyone is so gracious and attentive. Thank you, ShirleyBrechnitz"
- Shirley Brechnitz
07/13/2018 23:45:12