"Couldn't be happier with the service I received! "
- Julie Novack
07/20/2019 16:56:00
"Nurses weee kind and got the meds I was waiting on promptly."
- Casey Hopkins
07/20/2019 06:16:14
"Olive is always treated well and I’m a timely fashion."
- Heather Smith
07/20/2019 01:04:36
"I'm Delilah's new owner and was pleased to find her a well-known member of the Piper Glen community. All that could be expected during Delilah's recent stay was done for her. The staff was thoughtful, engaged and very thorough. I am most grateful."
- John Pardee
07/20/2019 00:02:50
"Always very happy with our visits and communication at Piper Glen! You guys do a fantastic job!"
- Amy Overman
07/19/2019 20:26:41
"I was very pleased with your services!"
- Lynda Grant
07/19/2019 12:46:50
"We’ve been taking our dogs to Piper Glen for almost nineteen years. Can’t imagine having anyone else take care of our fur babies!"
- Mary Rice
07/19/2019 11:48:34
"I’m very happy with Jennifer. Oreo gets great care!"
- Diane Virkler
07/19/2019 01:05:55
"We appreciate how compassionate the team is. Our last visit was a scary as Doc is sick. "
- Leslie Bondy
07/19/2019 00:49:00
"Dr Wood was great with Nyx and gave us a great plan for her treatment. "
- Erin Baggett
07/18/2019 23:54:05
"So happy with everything and everyone! Your staff is happy to help and always pleasant. I special shout out to Jennifer in grooming. I stress so much over it and she makes it a great experience. 😁"
- Tami Kroc
07/18/2019 23:32:41
"I wish you8 had a place with more room. A stand alone building? Parking is hard where you are now."
- Melissa Mooney
07/18/2019 23:21:37
"Everyone is so friendly!"
- Kelli Boling
07/18/2019 22:59:04
"I always feel I get the clear truth about my pet's health. I don't feel tests are run or shots are given unless they are necessary and only after they have been discussed. I appreciate that!"
- Leigh Fresina
07/16/2019 23:24:29
"I have never had a bad experience. We love Whitney Lewis and trust her knowledge."
- Tina Cranford
07/15/2019 20:16:12
"Great group of professional people!"
- Coral Harper
07/15/2019 14:11:51
"Caring service is always obvious at PGAH. Thank you."
- Ed Messner
07/15/2019 12:52:45
"We love our cat Stewie’s new summer haircut! The groomer is awesome at Piper Glen! The front staff is also very nice and friendly. We have been clients for several years and have never been disappointed. Thank you! "
- Katherine Maher
07/15/2019 02:49:13
"You’re doing great, which is why we keep bringing our beloved family members to see you. "
- Charles Jr. Payet
07/14/2019 23:28:27
"Jennifer the groomer is great. Since I have moved I drive 45 minutes to take my dog to her. "
- Daleace Burrus
07/14/2019 20:05:18
"You guys are great.i never had a bad experience there."
- Kathleen Porter
07/14/2019 19:00:57
"We always have a wonderful experience with Dr. Wood! He consistently provides outstanding, compassionate care for all of our furry family members through each of their life stages. We've been bringing our pets here for 15+ years, & we can't imagine going anywhere else!"
- Kim Desalvo
07/14/2019 18:23:20
"I always feel very confident that your practice will have my pet's best interest in mind. What more could I ask?"
- Joy McNeilly
07/14/2019 18:01:51
"Piper Glen Animal Hospital and staff provide exceptional care and consideration. We are very pleased."
- Jill Bastian
07/14/2019 14:29:51
- Kelly Jolly
07/13/2019 03:03:51
"everyone was just great with angel and answered all our questions."
- Lawrence Dorfman
07/12/2019 21:29:55
"No complaints about care, facility or providers "
- Glenn Biggs
07/12/2019 16:16:28
"All staff and doctor were very kind and helpful. I loved seeing the tech welcome lots of kisses from my pup, he liked her very much! "
- Lorrayne Grison
07/12/2019 15:59:47
"Love taking my dog to Piper Glen. The groomer, Jennifer, does a great job on my schnauzer. He is also well taken care of when I board him here."
- Maureen Prentice
07/12/2019 14:43:59
"I’m very happy with the service!"
- Amy Cacali
07/12/2019 00:20:36
"No bad news! I'm always appreciative of the kindness you show my little Zip, and I always appreciate you working her in whenever I ask to bring her in. Alyssa was fantastic, thank you for helping Zip!"
- Matt Swartz
07/11/2019 22:43:06
"Even though we moved out of Ballantyne, I still bring my dog to PGAH. The ladies at the receptionist are the sweetest. Every time I call or email, they are so kind, helpful and immediately provide me what I need. All the Veterinarians I’ve come across are professional. You can tell they care about their patients and I trust them!"
- Melanie Brown
07/11/2019 22:24:00
"Always happy with the whole staff and completely confident in the care that Bentley receives."
- Sara Carbert
07/11/2019 22:23:59
"I love Dr. Wood! He is so patient and so kind and never laughs at my questions. The front staff is nice too. "
- Pam Hernquist
07/10/2019 01:20:26
"We appreciate you fitting us in even though we didn't have an appointment. The vet technicians were kind and helpful. Dr. Brown was candid about Binx' illness. She took time to explain everything and answer all of our questions. She also gave us a helpful demonstration on how to administer pills and how to use a water syringe."
- George Cole
07/05/2019 22:42:52
"Attentive, helpful, informative answers to any questions, reassuring to anxious pets, efficient and pleasant at front desks."
- Margaret Bissell
07/05/2019 15:27:41
"I thought everything went very well! All staff was polite, friendly and professional. When I arrived the phone was ringing off the hook, and they were very busy but were not overwhelmed or rude in any way. All 4-6 of the staff member behind the desk were providing customers with excellent service. I did not wait very long and was brought back for a pre-visit which was extremely thorough. The veterinarian came back in and addressed all my concerns and brought up her concerns after she clearly thoroughly examined my dog. I appreciate the problem solving, kindness and expert visit. Upon checking out, the staff member looked up a price for an upcoming procedure and was very helpful. Thank you so much for caring and making the trip easier for both of us!"
- Shannon Bondurant
07/05/2019 12:38:28
"It was very nice and professional. Everyone they are treated you respectfully and they really cared about your dog. I would recommend this clinic to anyone"
- Ronda Baker
07/05/2019 03:28:25
"Dr. Lewis spent a lot of time answering questions and explaining the pros and cons of insurance.n She also answered questions about DNA and excessive barking.. I am very happy with our visit."
- Emily Wilson
07/04/2019 22:46:12
"Wonderful care and nice facility."
- Susan Schwartz
07/02/2019 16:12:16
"Great job looking up info about Hugo's flea and tick collar! great job offering me the cheapest way to get revolution for my cat."
- Victoria Liccione
06/28/2019 02:17:55
"The care that Gabby always receives and the very helpful attitude of all staff is terrific."
- Rita Ellington
06/27/2019 21:48:45
"Visit went very well! It was quick, efficient, and everyone was very friendly."
- Mary Frias
06/27/2019 18:43:46
- David Worswick
06/25/2019 20:10:34
"Great! Took me in 1:2 hour!"
- Trish Maloomian
06/25/2019 16:31:13
"It is never bad when we come to piper glen animal hospital. We know that we will get nothing but the best from the staff and doctors. We don’t know what we would do without Dr. Wood and staff. The Nelson family is very blessed to have it all there. "
- Vicky Nelson
06/24/2019 18:57:39
"Dr. Wood and Karen were wonderful as always! Thank you for being so kind and thorough! "
- Gail O'Neill
06/24/2019 18:19:44
"Everyone at Piper Glen is terrific-from office staff to Dr. Morefield!"
- Amy Bennison
06/23/2019 09:48:05
- Dana Gibson
06/23/2019 00:49:58
"Piper Glen is the BEST! I drive 30 minutes each way to bring my dogs here, completely worth the travel time even though there are vets very close to me. Ive been coming here for 12 years and will never use another vet!"
- Sharon Baker
06/21/2019 23:28:52
"No concerns. Staff did their jobs as expected "
- Patsy Gragg
06/21/2019 16:03:55
" Zach and I were very pleased with everyone that helped us! Thanks, Kenny Hunt"
- Emily Hunt
06/21/2019 14:39:30
"I wish that the Dr had spoken with us when we dropped our dog off for surgery."
- Rachel Moss
06/18/2019 23:32:21
"Great job. Staff gets to know the clients and pets. Have only seen Dr. Brown and sure the others are great, but there’s just something special about Dr Brown. She has such a loving and caring way with my Lilly. "
- Ron Simpson
06/16/2019 22:32:00
"Dr Wood is always thorough in his exams. We never feel rushed -all questions asked/answered to satisfaction. At this visit both him and the vet techs (Karen and McKenna) spent time reviewing her "senior" needs -demonstrated how to use a dremel and trimmer on her feet, help her get around on uncarpeted floors, etc. "
- Beth Ruby
06/16/2019 21:22:59
"I’m always pleased when I visit all staff/doctors are very caring and loving and clearly love animals. Nothing negative. I appreciate the reminders and the lack of over emailing. "
- Brian Beauchemin
06/15/2019 03:11:41
"You all are the best - so glad 2 of my neighbors recommended you to us. I was with another practice and am kicking myself for not coming sooner to your practice"
- Missy McLaughlin
06/14/2019 20:23:04
"Great front desk staff....amazing vets...everyone takes the time needed to take care of our two babies!!"
- Douglas Dillenbeck
06/14/2019 16:42:07
"The front desk staff is always so kind and professional "
- Jennifer Breunig
06/12/2019 22:19:25
"We are very happy with the care Ava and Kayla receive at Piper Glenn. You guys feel like family!!!"
- Marylin Haley
06/12/2019 20:17:13
"Everyone is so nice here"
- Valerie Ferro
06/12/2019 20:10:40
"Customer service has been on point as of late. Your staff has been welcoming, attentive and patient with my dog who gets scared to go into the back to have any procedure. "
- Michaele Conners
06/10/2019 21:24:51
"You guys are doing great and I love Dr. Lewis"
- Yolee Rodes
06/07/2019 18:11:57
"I’m very grateful for PGAH, especially for Dr. Wood and Tonya, who saw Jagger during his last wellness checkup. Jagger is very nervous and anxious in new environments that he doesn’t feel comfortable with. Before I adopted him 2 years ago, he kept getting returned to his foster mom because of his anxious temperament. He is literally scared of the world. Knowing that, Tonya went way above and beyond to try to make my pup feel comfortable, and that really means the world to me. I have a lot of anxiety myself about taking Jagger to places that I know he’s going to be nervous in and it’s pretty stressful to try not to project my own anxious energy onto my dog, I try to project as much positivity as I can to him in those situations. But other people often meet him with hesitation and dislike due to his temperament. So I can’t express enough how thankful I am to have a vet that fully understands that he’s just nervous, not aggressive, and whose staff goes above and beyond their call of duty to make him and I feel a bit more comfortable. By the end of our visit with Tonya, Jagger was happily as can be with his tail wagging and tongue out. His paws stopped sweating, his neck hairs went down, and he grew pretty fond of Tonya very quickly because of the way she treated him during his checkup. Very huge and special shout-out to her, she definitely deserves an award or something because she’s awesome at her job, has endless amounts of positive energy, and is super friendly and patient with her doggy patients and their owners. Thanks for making it a great experience for Jagger! "
- Carlos Salas
06/07/2019 18:01:06
"Dr. Wood and his assistant were very thorough and took care of Roxie & Rascal during the visit. Great visit - exemplary service."
- Cristen Taylor
06/07/2019 17:42:41
"Always a great experience Feel my dog is treated like royalty"
- Nancy Lietz
06/06/2019 22:11:12
"always pleased with vet visits for my animals"
- Kathy Watkins
06/06/2019 18:57:04
"Always on time with appts. The MDs and Techs always pay attention and are caring to my pets."
- Carol Herrmann
06/06/2019 16:23:30
"Staff and Dr Wood are wonderful"
- Nancy Morales
06/06/2019 14:07:00
"Piper Glen Animal Hospital is great! Excellent staff and vets. Always treat us and our pet with professional care, compassion and kindness."
- Christine Tapan
06/06/2019 14:07:00
"Staff is knowledgeable and friendly and shows much love to my dog! Have never had an u pleasant experience. "
- Nancy Elam
06/06/2019 10:14:44
"Everyone was so compassionate and knowledgeable. I felt very comforted with the whole staff. All were patient, they listened and gave good feedback."
- Mary Rust
06/05/2019 22:22:58
"All our visits have been very good. Service is prompt, friendly, and attentive. I am very pleased with this practice; their veterinarians and staff."
- Sue Taylor
06/05/2019 22:17:35
"They did a great job. My dogs are old. Jessica always making sure I appointment right way when I ask for it. Everybody asking how they are doing. I am thanking everybody has taking care of my dogs. "
- Michelle McCroskey
06/04/2019 19:20:05
"Love it. Very professional. "
- Edna Perez
06/04/2019 19:07:02
"Everything was great!"
- Jennifer Boyce
06/04/2019 16:25:49
"I think you guys are doing great. You adapt to every kind of dog with every kind of temperament that is brought in. I feel very comfortable bringing Luca there and more importantly, leaving him there for boarding."
- Jennifer Peltz
06/03/2019 15:08:41
"very nice and professional treatment, from the front desk to the nurses and vets. Very good! "
- Leandro Motta
06/03/2019 13:45:17
"You're the best. Prompt appointments, pleasant, helpful staff and great doctors."
- Mary Anne Traxler
06/02/2019 18:34:50
"Awesome as ALWAYS!"
- Alex Dembowski
05/31/2019 18:10:19
"Brandi is healthy and I'm glad we see the doctors at Piper Glen Animal Hospital"
- Jessica Daitch
05/31/2019 17:00:28
"Always have a great experience when taking my dog Ellie in. The doctor and staff are wonderful. We have been coming to Piper Glen Animal Hospital for over 17 years and wouldn’t think of going any where else."
- Deana Rosen
05/26/2019 21:48:53
"doing good. Dr. Lewis explains everything in simple language. "
- Susan Kechijian
05/26/2019 14:33:32
"It speaks volumes that my dog, Rex, loves coming to PGAH! Everyone greets him by name and loves on him. How happy we are to have discovered PGAH. Thank you!"
- Ann Albini
05/25/2019 23:21:46
"Everyone is always helpful to me"
- June Austin
05/25/2019 20:50:03
"Dr. Lewis is very thorough with the examination and explanation. "
- Vincent Gullo
05/25/2019 16:25:58
"Good customer service"
- Julie Apple
05/25/2019 15:07:34
"Atmosphere conducive to my expectation. Informative, knowledgeable, friendly and courteous staff...thanks so much"
- Rosa Pearson
05/24/2019 20:27:27
"Dr. Lewis and her staff are always great with my cats. Thankful for the home visits"
- Vicky Leff
05/24/2019 14:08:30
"Nothing bad to say. We had great and professional yet friendly service. Thanks!"
- Cathy Beckman
05/22/2019 21:29:18
"Our first visit to you and overall we were pleased with the facility, staff and doctor we met with"
- Keith Chatterton
05/22/2019 17:01:46
"Very attentive and informative"
- Jennifer Murdock
05/21/2019 22:33:25
"I bring my Westie there for grooming. The staff working the desk are always professional and polite. Groomers do a very good job. I’m very pleased with the service and the staff. I really like the grooming my dog receives!!"
- Angie Brown
05/21/2019 02:04:33
"Doing great! No problems so far!"
- Pam Bruce
05/17/2019 17:21:36
"Very very pleased with care"
- Maxine Horowitz
05/17/2019 13:41:08
- Jaime Sprowles
05/17/2019 11:53:10
"All good very efficient and we feel confident we have no worries when we are away. Thanks"
- Maggie Milford
05/17/2019 01:36:30
"All vet services were provided in a professional manner. All technical tests were run quickly, with very little waiting time for results. Tech was attentive and knowledgeable. Dr. took time to answer questions, evaluate test and diagnose all problems. Checkout good with all charges explained. "
- Joe Towe
04/26/2019 12:43:24
"Being raised on the farm and using big animal vets to treat our dogs was the norm. Now that our pets are in house family members your Caring Attitude is more in line with our life style and is much appreciated. Anyone who misses the old days is fooling themselves "
- Kenneth Brooks
03/09/2019 21:15:43
"Gabby and Mik have the best care with your team. They always get the best care and all the staff is always helpful and friendly."
- Ed Gutowski
10/04/2018 13:20:10