"Love the treatment Bella gets! "
- Jewell Johnson
01/09/2021 23:19:28
"Even with facing the hardships imposed on all of us and certainly the businesses that are trying to operate under the worst of circumstances, Friarsgate continues to give my pets the top of the line service. When the pandemic hit, Friarsgate never flinched. They just kicked their care up another notch as they immediately implemented curbside vet services. Same great and excellent vet service; same warm and friendly staff; same knowledgeable up to date veterinarian care and surgery; and to top it all off, quick and comprehensive curbside service. What a deal!!!"
- Rosie Calhoun
01/09/2021 21:12:36
"Amazing, as always!"
- Justina Heath
01/09/2021 04:18:39
"Great service "
- Lamar Bouknight
01/08/2021 21:35:26
"I love Dr. Hurst, he is very attentive and good with the animals."
- Wendy Knapp
01/08/2021 17:30:07
"I was really worried because Valla is blind and I couldn't go in with her but the staff reassured me and took her blanket in with her so she would have something familiar with her. The Vet came out to the car to explain everything. Excellent pandemic care and customer service. Really the care and service have been great for 15+ years, but I was really impressed with the handling of everything during these challenging times."
- Jordan Boggs
01/08/2021 01:11:27
"Excellence by this facility has been maintained over the years. Very well pleased with professional and personal actions."
- Michael Coine
01/07/2021 17:17:41
"Always the best service! Love you guys!"
- Morgan Maxwell
01/07/2021 14:25:04
"Long time caregivers for all my pets. Wouldn't go anywhere else"
- David Humphries
12/01/2020 19:30:55
"Very careing vets"
- Shirley Bowles
12/01/2020 15:36:00