"I think just being more competitive on pricing is where I would rate a lower score. I priced out a procedure and found it can be done a lot cheaper at other vets."
- Shannon McCoy
10/21/2017 16:20:20
"The staff is patient & welcoming! They treat every pet as if they are truly special! Dr. Wood is always kind & very professional--he always takes the time to answer my questions."
- Kathy Galati
10/21/2017 14:57:16
"Your practice is run by people who obviously love animals as much as helping us, their caretakers and I really don't have anything constructive to offer you here except to simply continue to be yourselves!"
- Bill Weir
10/20/2017 17:13:41
"Always take great care of our precious terriers. The seem to look forward to staying. No complaints! "
- Wendy Sauder
10/20/2017 14:35:04
"I love this practice - they have always taken such great care of Bexley. Friendly, understanding, and very thorough in their communication "
- Dawn Connell
10/20/2017 11:30:16
"Great! Loved that I got a Military Discount and a Referral discount..."
- Tammy Hardee
10/19/2017 18:57:37
"Consistently outstanding staff. Very courteous, professional and knowledgeable. Your staff turnover appears very low. Good for everyone concerned!"
- Lori Avery
10/19/2017 14:48:51
"Always friendly front desk staff... dr Wood n dr Lewis are the best!"
- Douglas Dillenbeck
10/19/2017 12:58:50
"Rex loves to go to camp Piper Glen! He is well taken care of and seems to enjoy his stay."
- Ann Albini
10/19/2017 02:58:07
"We love Piper Glen Animal Hospital. The staff is always very friendly and attentive and we feel certain that our dog is receiving top quality care!"
- Ashley Comer
10/18/2017 23:46:18
"I stopped in for flea and tick and heart worm meds. I had several questions and the receptionist was very informative and took time to answer my questions. "
- Rose Sanders
10/18/2017 15:24:49
"Your vet techs are the BEST! Always so friendly, helpful and compasionate."
- Jennifer Broadnax
10/18/2017 14:41:33
"I was able to get every thing I needed and even scheduled a spa bath every one was friendly and helpful "
- June Mackey
10/18/2017 12:21:28
"just love your front desk! the women are warm and caring and Ruby adores them!"
- Lisa Askins
10/18/2017 09:48:54
"Extremely friendly and supportive."
- Michelle Edens
10/18/2017 01:40:51
"It was a great experience. You guys are always organized, spend ample time with me and KiKi, do what you need to do and I am on my way in a reasonable amount of time with every confidence that you care about KiKi’s Health as much as I do. I have no negatives to add!"
- Kathy Green
10/17/2017 23:26:55
"Being a first time walk in, we felt welcome and immediately taken care of. Yes we had no appointment but the staff did their best to accommodate us. We were very pleased."
- Udo Luetze
10/17/2017 17:05:15
"Wonderful experience. Staff is great and friendly. I love Dr Wood. Bringing in e cats is a challenge for all. Very professional."
- Judy Buchanan
10/17/2017 14:52:47
"Only great things to say. Dr Brown and the staff are amazing. They are always so kind and patient and no matter how many questions I have they take the time to answer them. My pups have digestive issues and we are there a lot, and we always feel well taken care of."
- Dawn Lombard
10/17/2017 14:15:56
"Brought Penny in for nail trimming and I brought her ear solution and asked if they could put it in while back there...I thought they would just put it in there for me but they also cleaned her ears- super nice and greatly appreciated! "
- Courtney Selkis
10/17/2017 13:21:18
"I love Dr. Brown & everyone at Piper Glen is so friendly, caring & professional. It's so nice to be greeted with a smile when you walk in the door."
- Kathleen Dewenter
10/17/2017 13:18:44
"My experiences have always been good. The staff take great care with my dog. Scheduled appointments are always on time. When he has been sick, they always make an effort to squeeze him in as soon as possible. I appreciate getting calls within a day or two of his appointment to check on how he is doing if he has been sick or has had a procedure."
- Angela Jones
10/17/2017 12:51:29
"Everything went well. Espically liked that the check in process was a little faster this time. "
- Debbie Struble
10/17/2017 11:42:26
"Kind and considerate service. "
- Jeanneane Smith
10/17/2017 11:31:59
"I am extremely pleased with all the services at Piper Glenn and highly recommend them. "
- Nancy Taylor
10/16/2017 12:10:10
"The staff at Piper Glen is wonderful. Roxie was experiencing an allergy; Dr. Wood spent time talking through all of the options. I felt like we were the only patient he had to attend to. The staff is friendly and accommodating. "
- Cristen Taylor
10/12/2017 13:03:06
"Everything is going good, we've been bringing Torry & Smokey there for the 7+ years we've had them."
- Pat Jackson
10/10/2017 19:57:13
"We love everyone there from the front desk staff to the assistants to the Doctors! "
- Jane Lagrone
10/10/2017 19:50:13
"You are all doing wonderfully. Thank you for your love for my pet!"
- Susan Huffstutler
10/10/2017 13:46:42
"we are always pleasantly pleased with the service and care that all the Doctors and Staff provide to our rescued cats and dogs. "
- Non-Profit Organization Carolina Paws
10/10/2017 03:38:12
"Person at front desk very helpful!! "
- Jaime Sprowles
10/09/2017 23:38:55
"Everyone is always helpful. I have no complaints."
- Marilyn Smith
10/09/2017 19:17:59
"When I moved to the uptown area I changed vets to a closer one(and also emergency 24/7 vet because of the health of another dog). They are a great and I have been happy with them, but when my lab was prescribed very expensive dog food, the uptown vet didn't accept care credit for the retail side of the office. I called a couple other close by vets, but didn't have a lot of luck. I decided to try you guys because I was always happy with my care, just the new proximity was more difficult, and whoever I spoke with was more then happy to help and even called the other vet to get the prescription. I made my way down there to pick it up on Friday and everyone in the office was friendly and made it very easy. I will definitely make the drive for all my lab's future dog food purchases. Thanks!"
- Heather Lee
10/09/2017 18:40:32
"Having help to manage both of my dogs was so great, thanks for the extra assistance!"
- Sherry Grissom
10/09/2017 18:32:45
"Always great friendly service ❤️❤️"
- Jenny Pierce
10/08/2017 19:53:59
"I love piper glen. Everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Brian Beauchemin
10/08/2017 18:16:03
"We always feel welcome and comfortable in taking our Pet to Piper Glen Animal Hospital."
- Bernice Kish
10/08/2017 17:16:55
"Great job. "
- Susan Smith
10/07/2017 21:02:05
"Wonderful friendly caring"
- Diane Combis
10/07/2017 09:51:47
"Great experience! Very welcoming staff and Doctor. Doctor very informative, knowledgeable and caring. Much more personal than other offices I've visited. "
- Josephine Almond
10/05/2017 16:52:15
"We had a great experience! "
- Deedee Secor
10/04/2017 20:09:32
"Greta friendly staff. I love it that all my pet needs are in one location. I think my dogs will be very happy."
- Anthony Ange
10/04/2017 19:26:42
"No complaints! I always have a positive experience with all the staff members in your office."
- Donna McDowell-Mullen
10/03/2017 18:49:37
"For me there is no bad. Your staff and doctors have cared for Miss Tilla has if she were your own kitty. And even if she doesn't always show it, she cares for you as do I."
- Marian Steidl
10/01/2017 18:31:43
"Staff & Drs are extremely friendly! It’s always easy to make an appointment or pick up our meds. "
- Melody Williams
09/30/2017 12:47:15
"Everyone is very cordial and pleasant to deal with. It would be nice if one set of doors / side was set aside for dogs and the other side for cats."
- Carol Snyder-Lensi
09/29/2017 22:14:45
"Always nice nothing bad"
- Jeannie Rogers
09/29/2017 17:19:04
"We bring Dixie in every couple weeks for medicated bath due to her skin issues. Excellent care, quick service. She is old girl and gets very nervous at vet but everyone treats her so well, she does ok. Thanks!"
- Jean Silke
09/29/2017 12:49:31
"I have enjoyed coming to Piper Glen Animal Hospital since we moved here in 2010. The front desk staff is very helpful and friendly. The doctors and technicians always spend enough time with us and return phone calls in a timely manner."
- Robin Mason
09/29/2017 12:14:16
"Love PGAH!"
- Annette Rouse
09/28/2017 21:59:44
"We had a great experience, as usual!"
- Michael Dautel
09/28/2017 20:29:40
"Groom was perfect. Staff is customer oriented. "
- Mary Ellen Goldstein
09/28/2017 18:03:19
"My cats always receive wonderful care, be they purebreds or stray cats. Especially appreciate the follow up calls and availability of staff to answer questions."
- Cynthia Gross
09/27/2017 22:23:06
"You have been caring for Moose for at least 12 years, I have been extremely satisfied with his care. The staff is very helpful and friendly. I love walking in and having the receptionist say "Oh, it is Mr. Moose". That personal touch is fantastic. "
- Guynn Francis
09/27/2017 15:54:41
"Excellent service!"
- Kim Ackley
09/27/2017 15:10:04
"Always great with the dogs. Been going to PGAH for 16 years"
- Chris English
09/27/2017 14:23:55
"Love Piper Glen Animal Hospital!"
- Gail Prasnicki
09/27/2017 11:09:43
"We were very pleased. "
- Melanie Greig
09/26/2017 18:30:24
"Wonderful, I get excellent advice and attention from the staff at Piper Glen. They are wonderful with my cats and have been wonderful with my dogs. "
- Elizabeth Swindall
09/26/2017 18:20:59
"Great. A real pleasure to take my 4 dogs to your clinic. "
- Cynthia Williamson
09/26/2017 14:12:31
"Folks were friendly and cooperative. No complaints. :) "
- Kelly Rockecharlie
09/25/2017 14:34:59
"We love PGAH! The entire staff has been great every time we've visited. They provide great customer service, know my pet by name and they always take wonderful care of her! "
- Ashley Cox
09/25/2017 14:03:22
"So far, so good."
- Jeff Torres
09/25/2017 04:03:08
"Good visit with Dr Wood and his assistant"
- Susan Mersch
09/24/2017 20:41:38
"Suzie always seems happy when we pick her up. She goes right back into her normal routine and behavior once we are home. Her experience must be good, otherwise we would notice a difference in her behavior. We are very happy with Piper Glen."
- Don Collins
09/24/2017 17:19:01
"Staff and doctor were warm, helpful and obviously care about the pets in their care! "
- Shannon Hurleigh
09/24/2017 16:32:39
"You've always responded quickly and courteously when there is an issue with either of my dogs. I have absolutely no complaints about your practice."
- Neil Eidelberg
09/23/2017 20:56:41
"We love bringing Rosie to Piper Glen Animal Hospital because everyone treats you like family. Rosie enjoys seeing everyone when she goes to the vet and kennel. Thank you for taking excellent care of Rosie. Sincerely, Melissa Nance- Mom Nancy Marchand- grandma "
- Melissa Nance
09/23/2017 18:23:29
"Great staff; professional and friendly!"
- Angie Brown
09/23/2017 17:39:13
"Truly I've never had a bad experience at Piper Glen Animal Hospital! Everyone is so nice from the front desk, to the Techs & to the wonderful team of Vets! Especially Dr. Wood! Keep up the great work!!!!"
- Nancy Shami
09/23/2017 13:01:50
"The front office staff at Piper Glen are very friendly. Technicians are always so kind and help calm and make my dog comfortable/relaxed when he gets nervous. And Dr Wood truly cares about what is best for my dog and takes the time to explain options and talk through any questions I have. He is extremely down to earth, very practical and up to date on the latest medical care for animals. "
- Kelly Mazeine
09/22/2017 23:53:08
"It would help charlie & Cooper if we could go into the exam room when the Dr is ready to see them. I find that waiting 15 min or so in the exam room makes them stress. Mom too would rather wait in the open waiting room."
- Jim Anderson
09/22/2017 22:54:52
"The front staff has been responsive to my every need. Although my dogs are not followed by the doctors there, they are boarded there. I purchase food, treats and dental care offers from the hospital. "
- Ceci Robinson
09/22/2017 22:33:37
"It is always hard to drop off a pet for 5 days and nights and trust that they will be okay. Thank you for reassuring pleasant smiles as I leave, for sending a picture and note by text, and for being so bubbly and positive when I return. It makes me feel good to know he was loved and happy in my absence."
- Brenda Woodcock
09/22/2017 22:07:35
"The front desk is always very happy to help me when I stop in with my questions or to purchase something. Thank you!"
- Jennifer Breunig
09/22/2017 20:46:50
"you guys are just great as the way you show concern for each pet brought in and your very caring attitudes/ ways. tyvm"
- Lawrence Dorfman
09/22/2017 16:47:49
"Jennifer is wonderful as us everyone at the front desk. "
- Steve Zimmerman
09/21/2017 19:25:06
"Biscuit had his teeth cleaned. This was after 2 visits to a cardiologist to ensure that his heart was strong enough for surgery. The procedure went well and Biscuit was adopted the following day after 8 weeks at my house."
- Marshal Auron
09/21/2017 18:39:44
"Buster smells good and is very clean from his bath."
- Terry Haddox
09/21/2017 17:30:04
"Thanks for caring for our loved one and giving us a report card!"
- Michele Fronzaglia
09/19/2017 23:41:14
"The people on the front desk were excellent."
- Linda Fabel
09/19/2017 22:30:27
"We're very happy with the care our pooches receive at Piper Glen Animal Hospital."
- Debbie Savage
09/19/2017 17:37:05
"Everyone is always friendly and professional. I'm very confident that they are providing the best care possible for Hannah."
- Karen Owens
09/19/2017 11:55:05
"Awesome! I have no worries whatsoever when Bentley is boarding there."
- Linda Kocher
09/19/2017 01:23:01
"We feel blessed that you serve as our Vet! Everyone is so nice to our dog and kitties, and I am NOT shy about sharing this!"
- Ron Shepherd
09/18/2017 22:42:43
"Staff very courteous and professional. Facility neat and clean. Maya was well taken care of and enjoyed her stay!"
- Anthony Burton
09/18/2017 20:29:25
"We enjoy everything there!!! snowy loves her second home!!"
- Melody Beck
09/18/2017 20:02:50
"I have always been pleased with the service I receive there. Everyone is very kind to my dog and helpful to me. "
- Janet Haack
09/18/2017 19:57:43
"This is a wonderful Pet Care Facility. We have been using them since the day they opened, and 5 animals. The staff, Doctors & office are professional, and very caring."
- Marcy Dumas
09/18/2017 19:54:12
"Awesome! Thank you for seeing us!"
- Eunice Portillo
09/18/2017 18:51:15
"So happy with the new groomer. "
- Diane Virkler
09/18/2017 18:16:46
"We always have a great experience. Stella always seems very happy and well loved!"
- Elaine Hougham
09/18/2017 18:16:03
"Everyone treats my pets as if they were their own........I truly appreciate that!! Don't change, you all are doing great. "
- Carol Turnbaugh
09/18/2017 18:10:16
- Mary Taylor Hundley
09/18/2017 18:08:22
"Everyone is kind and helpful"
- Kimberly Guth
09/18/2017 18:08:11
"Keep doing what you are doing!!!"
- Gary Shapiro
08/31/2017 21:36:31
"I feel like rocky is less stressed after his nail trims, I think the vet assistants are really paying attention and are sensitive to his stress levels and the experience keeps getting better for him. Thank you!"
- Nicole Servidio
08/19/2017 22:44:05
"We have all good experiences! Love Dr Wood, Jamie and Karen! We love the love they share with our four legged family members!"
- Sandy Pasek
08/17/2017 01:08:29
"Excellent grooming."
- Mark Banker
08/16/2017 23:58:56
"Everyone is so great and I really don't have any complains!!"
- Dennis Barnes
08/15/2017 01:55:52