"We have all good experiences! Love Dr Wood, Jamie and Karen! We love the love they share with our four legged family members!"
- Sandy Pasek
08/17/2017 01:08:29
"Excellent grooming."
- Mark Banker
08/16/2017 23:58:56
"Everyone is so great and I really don't have any complains!!"
- Dennis Barnes
08/15/2017 01:55:52
"Piper Glen Animal Hospital has cared for my pets since 2001. My pets have always received the very best care here and the veterinarians, technicians and staff go out of their way to follow up after every visit. "
- Karen Justice
08/14/2017 01:17:09
"I am impressed with the professionalism, the care and the warmth and kindness of the staff. I like Dr. Wood, he is a kind caring doctor. I would recommend others to go to the Piper Glen Animal Hospital."
- Mary Jean Traetta
08/13/2017 23:19:16
"I appreciate the time that all of you take to answer my questions, and even more importantly, love and pet and take care of my cats."
- Beth Matthews
08/13/2017 22:43:14
"I love how your staff always makes room to fit Princess and Lucy in for appts or grooming. They are always so sweet! "
- Jenny Beach
08/13/2017 21:23:39
"The dr kept me waiting 20 minutes past appointment time, with no offer of apology or excuse. "
- Laurie Good
08/13/2017 18:20:52
"Service excellence with friendly and compassionate care"
- Karen Castle-Williams
08/11/2017 20:30:22
"Everyone is always friendly and helpful."
- Denise Henkel
08/10/2017 23:11:51
"I am very pleased with the care Keno is receiving at Piper Glen Animal Hospital. Dr. Wood has helped Keno manage his skin allergy symptoms and given him relief. Our previous vet was not treating him for allergies and Keno constantly had skin infections. So glad I switched to Dr. Wood."
- Dorothy Lego
08/10/2017 17:53:35
"Great. We are patients with our newly adopted dog. Our other pooch had passed away in March and had been a patient at Piper Glen for more than 13 years. We didn't hesitate to choose Piper Glen when we adopted our new family member. "
- Karen Turk
08/10/2017 17:26:28
"We can always count on excellent personal services. For seniors the cost are a bit steep but will continue as long as we can for our "children"."
- Carol Morgan
08/10/2017 12:12:47
"The animal hospital is excellent and always tries to be most accommodating. I greatly appreciate you allowing me to get my dogs caught up on vaccines while in for a groom- very helpful! Grooming experience- new groomer. Her resume that you posted on line in terms of her skill set and awards did not match the finished product. I was disappointed- came home and finished grooming and scissoring both dogs. Perhaps, it was due to her having a very full schedule and not enough time, not sure? "
- Sherri Epstein
08/10/2017 03:51:15
"Sometimes the wait is pretty long. But I so appeciate the individualized attention we get when we see the doctor. So I understand why there are delays and I appreciate the care we get from the doctors. "
- Lisa Bellucci
08/10/2017 01:41:17
"We could not have been more pleased with the staff. After moving from Chicago we were nervous about finding a new vet that we can trust with the care of our fur baby. Dr. Morefield was very interested in getting to know our pup and went the extra mile to put our minds at ease. Keep up the great work! You all are amazing! "
- Nathan Christopher
08/10/2017 00:35:39
"It was an excellent experience including both the pre surgery and post surgery meetings. Really appreciated hearing from the Vet as well with the details of how the surgery went. "
- Dorie Climenhage
08/09/2017 23:12:54
"I love everyone at PGAH!! I recommend the office every chance I get!"
- Kristen Caulder
08/09/2017 14:39:12
"The doctors always are thorough and really good at returning phone calls. The staff at the desk are all wonderful"
- William Miller
08/09/2017 14:30:59
" I really appreciate the care and concern you have towards my pets. I also appreciate the fact that you look into trying to keep costs down but still providing excellent care."
- Mary Lloyd
08/09/2017 02:03:19
"All is good with the care. I do have a suggestion about the senior discount. I have to ask for it each time I am there. Can't your software have a default for the client who is a senior to have this done automatically? "
- Leann Swieczkowski
08/09/2017 00:50:52
"The ladies up front know me and always greet me by name and almost always know why I'm there. "
- Bob Steele
08/08/2017 20:31:02
"My sweet Noel gets the best care ever. I am thankful for Dr. Brown care of and interest in him."
- Lillian Seaman
08/04/2017 13:49:05
"You have a wonderful staff who enjoy animals and a clean facility."
- Carole Meyer
08/03/2017 20:42:42
"You guided me through a hard time recently with Otis and got answers back quickly!"
- Jane McGinn
08/03/2017 20:08:58
"We have always had excellent care and service with your office. "
- Robin Essenmacher
08/03/2017 15:37:00
"You all are wonderful and very caring."
- Arthur Colley
08/03/2017 11:14:22
"Loved my time there, no problems"
- Gail Hayes
08/03/2017 00:53:19
"I am more than happy with the consultation and discussion on my dogs well being "
- Ian Ballard
08/02/2017 21:02:58
"When a visit to a MD or a DVM involves diagnostics it's impossible to say if it was a great visit until results are realized. Logically I cannot predict the outcome. I can say that I appreciate and respect Dr. Wood's diagnostic technique, his patience explains his course of action to me, and his excellent listening skills. "
- Bill Stark
08/02/2017 20:48:37
"We love the Vets and Assistants at Piper Glen. "
- Marla Sherrill
08/02/2017 19:02:59
"My dogs and I were treated great as usual. I really like Dr Wood. He has such a way with animals. Mine are so hyper at the vet, and he is so patient. "
- Angela Slayton
08/01/2017 19:04:00
"Anytime I need Dr. Wood always gets back to me."
- Kenneth Gilway
07/30/2017 14:38:31
"Everyone from the front desk to the techs are professional and courteous. We were a walk in due to sudden heart problem with our Boxer. Dr. Lewis diagnosed her right away and sent us to CARE as an emergency."
- Linda Downer
07/28/2017 16:27:59
"I am always pleased. No complaints!!!"
- Sharon Gordon
07/28/2017 16:24:56
"I have no complaints. I have no problems getting appointments or requesting prescription refills. Everyone is professional, patient, and considerate."
- Susan Kearney
07/28/2017 13:35:23
"Fantastic Care and Service. My kitty came home happy and in great shape. Thank You for taking good care of her."
- Joe Carlisle
07/26/2017 18:34:49
"I was waited on promptly and check out was quick and easy. One note for your up-front staff please: When speaking to a customer, please don't call them "honey, sweetie, dear" or other terms of endearment. Customers don't appreciate that level of familiarity and want your staff to be professional. Call me by my first name if you wish. "
- Janet Ernst
07/26/2017 14:04:34
"We love Piper Glen and especially Dr. Lewis, We know whatever the problem, you guys are always there. Thank you for being supportive and caring. So many look at it as a business, we feel like family. Thank you "
- Maryann Hilbert
07/26/2017 08:43:11
"I brought a stray cat in that we were hoping to keep. I googled good vets around my apartment to take her to and saw great reviews on your facility. I called to make an appointment and was squeezed in for that same day. Everyone I encountered during my visit was so friendly and professional. I had a million questions and each one was answered with such patience. I will definitely be returning and referring people to Piper Glenn Animal Hospital!"
- Jordan Clemence
07/25/2017 13:24:58
"You all have always been there for our family. I couldn't think of going any where else. "
- Vicky Nelson
07/25/2017 12:06:36
"I have been more than pleased with everyone. Cassie, is very shy and a rescue. I was very surprised to see how she felt around your facility and staff. Thank you for accepting us right away. Looking forward to great health care for Cassie."
- Dori Schwaiger
07/25/2017 11:50:45
"Everybody I've interacted with at PGAH has been wonderful. Dr. Lewis is amazing!!"
- Eric Miner
07/24/2017 11:21:41
"Top notch experience "
- Olin Harbury
07/22/2017 10:57:08
"Very friendly staff & vets! Although we had to wait a bit for Murphy's glands the tech immediately apologized for the wait. Also love that if he is having any issues we can get an appointment right away."
- Kelly Delvecchio
07/17/2017 17:58:52
"I love how I can just drop by to get my cat's nails trimmed without an appointment. You are very fast and efficient!"
- Lauren Robison
07/17/2017 17:05:39
"As always, staff welcoming & helpful. Dr Wood is absolutely fabulous with our senior dog & takes great care with him. "
- Tara Blum
07/17/2017 06:37:46
"Zoe, our cat, just spent 9 full days at Piper Glen Animal Hospital for boarding. We have been taking her here for almost 2 years for boarding & pet care. We have had no complaints. "
- Trudy Cox
07/16/2017 12:28:28
"I have absolutely no complaints! I've just recently started at Piper Glen Animal Hospital and love it. Dr. Brown has been so great with both of our dogs. We feel like we are in very good hands."
- Dawn Lombard
07/16/2017 11:33:02
"Doing great. Thorough and always caring."
- Stefan Moody
07/15/2017 22:53:56
"Love love the ladies at the front desk!!"
- Lisa Askins
07/15/2017 12:51:55
"Roxie had a bump on her leg and Dr. Lewis did cytology on it. She explained the process and was very informative. Rascal and I were in the lobby. The staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Lewis followed up with the results later in the week and she was thorough with the explanation and thankfully good news. Great vet office!"
- Cristen Taylor
07/14/2017 15:04:28
"Dr. Moorefield and staff are all excellent. So great with the Animals (and humans:)). They are very patient and answer every question! Great care and service!"
- Jon Sanders
07/14/2017 14:29:48
"Awesome! Dr. Wood and his nurse are so wonderful. The front desk staff is fantastic also."
- Sharon Baker
07/14/2017 13:55:07
"We love everyone from Piper's Glen. They always put my mind at ease when it comes to our dogs and the staff always makes you feel great."
- Susie Seavey
07/14/2017 11:56:04
"This is our 16th year with Piper Glen. Your staff, from doctors to front office, have always been very caring and professional. Kudo's for your low turnover!"
- Lori Avery
07/14/2017 09:54:57
"Your care continues to be outstanding. The professional expertise coupled with your very caring approach makes for an exceptional patient experience. Not surprisingly, Hector never resists coming in for an appointment. "
- Rita Ellington
07/13/2017 14:49:46
"I have been going to Piper Glen for 15 years (ever since I moved to Charlotte) and I absolutely love it. Dr. Wood has taken care of both my dogs...1st Sam and then Max...and he's the best. Also, I have recommended to all my friends Piper Glen. "
- Sarah Patton
07/13/2017 14:20:00
"So happy to have Elvis board at Piper Glen. He comes home happy and in good health!"
- Allison Beck
07/13/2017 07:02:29
"You always do great. We have been long time clients of Piper Glen and of Dr. Lewis. We appreciate the amount of time that Dr. Lewis spends answering all of our questions. We are also grateful that we can generally get in for an appointment so quickly, and even on the same day."
- Sarah Gauger
07/12/2017 19:53:02
"I'm always pleased with my experience there. Dr Lewis is awesome and shows real concern and care for my babies. I'm glad that you are there!!"
- Linda Rider
07/12/2017 15:52:20
"Dr. Greg Wood is an incredible Vet. He has demonstrated on numerous occasions his genuine compassion and understanding of his patients...and relates well to their humans too! His knowledge of ailments and medications is exceptional and professionism outstanding, and still has the ability to relay the information effectively in layman's terms. Many years ago, we had another vet. Our dogs had gotten into tubes of construction adhesive that were accidentally left out - yes, 2 dogs with cemented paws and faces. We called 3 additional Vet offices after calling our own, and none of them wanted anything to do with the situation. "Try Goo Gone". We then contacted Dr. Wood. He really cared and was willing to help us with this most tedious task. It took quite a while, but he was able to free them. We knew then that there was something extraordinary about this Dr. Wood and definitely want him caring for our furry kids for the rest of their lives. And he did. His bedside manor when it came time to let them go was also just right. And now he is caring for our next two dogs and we still couldn't be more pleased. That is our experience with Dr. Wood and Piper Glen. We tell people about you whenever we get a chance! "
- Andy Mitchell
07/12/2017 15:44:57
"Everyone is always friendly and welcoming to Squiggy and me."
- Kathy Bell
07/12/2017 14:29:54
"My dog loves to come in for his appointments with Becky and Dr. Lewis. He is never fearful of coming to the vet. I attribute that to the wonderful care and treatment he receives. It is a positive experience for him. We never have to wait long, and they are usually on time for appointments. "
- Angela Jones
07/12/2017 13:52:00
"I was welcomed immediately and the staff and Dr Brown were courteous and informative. I was talked through what the exam was to determine and how to care for my new pet. I could not be more pleased with my experience. "
- Mary Lu Leatherman
07/12/2017 13:37:06
"I have brought my pets to PGAH since they first opened and I was brand new to Charlotte. The care has always been first rate and everyone always has time to talk to me, answer my questions and give me sound advice about my fur babies. My only "complaint" is during boarding I rarely get a picture of my boys when I'm asked if I want one (of course I say yes). I know they're in good hands and happy so not a big deal. Other than that.... ???? Love the front desk staff, the vet techs, the groomers and Dr Wood, Dr Brown, Dr Morefield and our FAVORITE Dr Lewis!! "
- Chrissy Schmitt
07/12/2017 13:36:05
"Everyone there is so caring & sweet with my cats!! Both staff & Dr Wood. "
- Kristy Troutman
07/12/2017 13:33:32
"The technician was friendly and informative. The vet was thorough, kind and gentle with our puppy. She answered our questions and provided good advice regarding her care. "
- Rose Sanders
07/12/2017 13:32:19
"I have no complaints. Always happy with your service."
- Marilyn Smith
07/11/2017 10:58:29
"I truly enjoyed our first experience... Thank you"
- Brett Noe
07/10/2017 20:29:55
"I have been coning to Pier Glen for more than 10 years as a customer and have always had a great experience with the doctors and staff. I would recommend them to others."
- Carolyn Tooles
07/10/2017 18:52:53
"I love this office, doctors and staff. It seems like there are a lot of new ladies at the front desk so things aren't as "familiar" with myself and the new workers. Super unfortunate that Sylvia left. Although I'm shocked it took her this long."
- Shannon Pierle
07/10/2017 18:44:57
"You guys ha e always been the best. I am just sorry that Coee has moved to my parents house and I won't have another oet until my traveling slows down. Thanks for 20+ years of care from Dr. Lewis and Dr. Wood."
- Michael Byer
07/10/2017 18:33:21
"We appreciate the care the show our pet. "
- Sandy Renick
07/10/2017 17:23:37
"Excellent "
- Ryan Bradley
07/10/2017 16:43:32
"I love Piper Glen Animal Hospital. Been going there for years. Would have a hard time trusting my fur babies with anyone else! "
- Tracie Brown
07/10/2017 16:04:48
"Always have a great experience!!!!"
- Jenny Pierce
06/30/2017 20:55:58
"The doctor came out to talk to us in the waiting room. She was very thorough in her explanation about what she found in the exam and what she was prescribing. One of our dogs had torn her nail off almost to the quick... not a major emergency, but we were relieved to know all the blood wasn't coming from something more serious. Everyone is always very friendly to us and out pets. We appreciate it!"
- Genie Ball
06/12/2017 18:30:53
"I have always been pleased with our visits to your animal hospital. Everyone is always pleasant and helpful "
- Cecelia Ailiff
06/11/2017 20:33:55
"Dr Morefield and Liz (technician) were simply just great, they showed a ton of consideration towards my pet (I could see that they really cared and that is important to me), they explained the condition really well to me, and they were just so easy to speak to answering all of my questions. They made the visit as least traumatic as they could to both my pet, and myself :) my thanks to both of them. "
- John Lovelock
06/11/2017 15:07:56
"I don't have anything bad to say. My visit went great. The front desk staff very friendly and don't keep you waiting long. The DVM's are all excellent and knowledgeable. They are extremely concerned for my pet and want her to be healthy for a long time. I trust all of them. "
- Mary Jane Stephenson
06/11/2017 14:26:30
"Everything always exceptional. We appreciate that you know us and our pets and make us feel welcome."
- Michele Fronzaglia
06/11/2017 14:11:16
"Friendly and professional staff. Great service. Absolutely zero complaints."
- Angie Brown
06/11/2017 12:02:28
"Sam came in for a spa day. Everyone at the front desk was super nice. Sam came home clean and they did his paw pads as requested. "
- Lisa Hamon
06/11/2017 06:50:36
"Sam is very well cared for when boarded, I never have any concerns. The staff is always very friendly and good with our dog!"
- Linda Erb
06/06/2017 12:28:34
"We have always had wonderful experiences at Piper Glen Animal Hospital. Our sweet Stella has spent a lot of time both with doctors and boarding in the last 6 months and we could not be happier with the service we have been provided by the doctors and staff."
- Elaine Hougham
06/06/2017 10:21:46
"I have always trusted the staff and Dr.s to take very good care of my pets and they have never failed in this. The front desk is always willing to take care of any questions or concerns. The boarding staff is great I do not have to worry about Mollie ( or not as much) . Dr. Brown, and her assistants has always spoke to us concerning lab results and issues that need our attention. If anyone asks about vets in the area I always recommend Piper Glen "
- Pat Lowe
06/06/2017 09:13:56
"Your front desk gals are the best. Erica of course has been the best help ever, but even the new gals are quick to help and never grumpy. I love knowing I can bring Sassy and get the best care ever. Thank you"
- Lenell Devereux
06/05/2017 09:24:40
"Excellent care and wonderful staff"
- Linda Nardelli
06/04/2017 21:22:12
"My experience is always friendly and personable at Piper Glen. The Doctors and staff are always concerned about what is best for Sofie and Her health and wellbeing! I love Piper Glen for their compassionate manner in which they care for my dog and me! They are great and stay on top of the latest technology. Elaine Brewer"
- Elaine Brewer
06/04/2017 10:55:21
"I love PG! My dog Rex, was recently boarded and during his stay was also neutered. Rex seems to enjoy being at PC, with people who obviously love him. He had no issues with the surgery and is healthy and happy. Thank you. "
- Ann Albini
06/02/2017 13:05:45
"I love the staff at Piper Glen. Dr. Wood is amazing and I really appreciate the time he spends and the care he takes of my three pups. The front desk staff is welcoming to both me and whichever dog I have with me. "
- Sandra Mayer
06/02/2017 11:28:37
"Piper glen animal hospital is terrific. Great caring people!"
- Jeffrey Smith
05/31/2017 09:04:29
"Everything is good. Staff is courteous, helpful and quick. "
- Diane Auten
05/31/2017 07:03:38
"You guys are doing a phenomenal job. I love the fact you sent us pictures while you cared for Asher! We dropped him off knowing he was in good hands and we picked him up knowing he enjoyed his stay. He will be back soon"
- Brian Conley
05/31/2017 06:14:55
"Can't thank you all enough for taking such good care of Baby these past few months as I recuperate from surgery. We know she is in great hands when we have to board her and Dr. Wood and Dr. Lewis have been so kind and patient in helping us care for our sweet girl who will turn 18 this year!"
- Amy Evans
05/30/2017 20:56:42
"Dr. Wood and Karen are always so great with Harley and Piper. I wait was a little long but I'm not complaining because I knew I was being seen as a "walk-in"."
- Melvina Maher
05/28/2017 14:18:43
"Got us in same day which was awesome!"
- Carolyn Eskridge
05/25/2017 19:36:17
"everyone is always friendly and welcoming"
- Lauri Mead
05/25/2017 15:45:49
"Love the doctors and whole staff- they take great care with Magic!"
- Debbie Papalazaros
05/25/2017 13:23:49