"This visit went very well. The appointment time was met; the actual appointment went well and timely; and the vet associates were very courteous and efficient."
- Floyd Higdon
10/24/2017 08:02:00
"Doing a great job at keeping pet owners well informed, like through email. Our Kitty, Sydney, recently had surgery, neuter. His at home after care was explained, in detail by a lovely caring young lady, Vet Assistant. Sorry, I do not recall her name. Please give her my sincere appreciation."
- Tim Giberson
10/23/2017 02:10:52
"I love the veterinary. She is so sweet and helpful. The other ladies were very nice also. They all seem to love animals! "
- Galen Giesbrecht
10/20/2017 13:30:23
"Staff was great!"
- Joanie Leidich
10/18/2017 15:53:41
"Very impressed with my first visit; the staff was very friendly and Dr. Chiffelle answered all of my many questions and concerns."
- Mary Cotta
10/18/2017 00:13:36
"Thank you for seeing us in short notice - much appreciated"
- Julie Barnett
10/17/2017 13:21:52
"We have no problems whatsoever plus you're only 5 minutes away."
- Manny Perezchica
10/13/2017 21:53:54
"Doing good"
- Gene Pimentel
10/12/2017 18:44:23
"Everything was great!"
- Alexa Hitchcock
10/11/2017 04:18:20
"Honestly, the best experience I've ever had."
- Kara Rameriz
10/05/2017 20:31:48
"I refer Atwater Vet whenever I get an opportunity."
- Ron Brewer
10/04/2017 20:24:26
"Nessey, Bailey and Buddy are DEFINITELY in good hands with you all. Thank you for EVERYTHING "
- Charles Balderston
10/04/2017 17:50:57
"You guys are doing great, keep up the great work. Please say hi to Jasmine for me."
- Jorge Mendez
10/04/2017 01:52:10
"Always great service "
- Gina Crites
09/28/2017 20:13:29
"I've always felt very comfortable will all of the staff at Atwater Veterinary Center. Everyone is always kind, understanding and informative. Louie is doing very well and even though it's only the first day after his surgery, he seems to already be making a steady recovery. Thank you for your kindness and care. I also love that you're updating each patient file with a photograph, nice touch."
- Beth Bennett
09/27/2017 22:12:37
"You are doing great. My pet was treated with great care, and I appreciate that. "
- Monique Escobar
09/27/2017 18:38:52
"No complaints. Keep up the good work "
- Ken Offner
09/26/2017 22:29:43
"Everything great all the time"
- Debra Moss
09/25/2017 20:01:45
"The Vets and Staff are all very kind and excellent, as a consumer I feel confident and comfortable taking my fur babiesto No one else. AMVC you have my business and I will recommend to anyone that ask. AMVC you guys rock..."
- Terri Fierro
09/23/2017 13:33:58
"Very nice staff and accommodating for a check up for 3 dogs at once."
- Staci Landers
09/22/2017 22:03:31
"Everyone is very friendly."
- Ryan McCormick
09/21/2017 15:13:48
"I was glad you were able to fit us in, and I felt that the care was competent and very informative"
- Bix Beeman
09/19/2017 20:20:48
"I love all of you, you are kind, pleasant, funny, you love my babies as much as I do!!!!!"
- Marihelen Afonso
09/18/2017 17:09:32
"Staff is friendly caring and nice. Took care of my two dogs at the same time,."
- Theresa Barroso
09/17/2017 17:26:29
"The quality of the care is top-notch. The doctor analyzed the little one's upper respiratory infection and prescribed medication that took care of it. Now she's back To terrorizing us and our other four cats"
- John Lovett
09/16/2017 19:55:06
"I am always treated as a family member every time I visit AVC in Atwater. I have several pets and we take all of them to AVC since we know they are in good hands during every visit."
- Tony Souza
09/16/2017 18:14:16
"I requested the first appointment of the day to lessen the wait time for my "white coat" nervous toy poodle. Her yearly senior check up went great, toe nails clipped and prescription refilled in way under an hour. Great service, kind staff and caring, informed Vets. "
- Claudia Carlson
09/16/2017 16:27:48
"I have been a customer when living here since 1982. I have been through many vets since then. The staff at the new facility is very nice. Great office manager, Debbie. The animals love Dr. Bertram and Melody. "
- Carolyn Long
09/15/2017 23:35:33
"always pleasant and polite to me as well as my animals"
- Teri Clark
09/15/2017 23:17:34
"I felt the staff was very knowable. I liked the idea that the tech came in after the Dr. left and administered the first dose of medicine to Bandit, rather then just giving me the prescription. "
- John Martens
09/13/2017 12:32:09