"Very well"
- Crystal Skinner
04/23/2019 20:58:19
"You guys always make me feel like my pet is getting the best care and you all make her feel so comfortable at bed appointments. She loves going. "
- Jenna Webb
04/23/2019 03:24:25
"The way you take special care of and love my animals is irreplaceable. Both doggies know you care!"
- Sylvia Smith
04/22/2019 18:27:08
"Everyone was great there good experience "
- Kimberly Cano
04/22/2019 06:46:35
"The Doctors are so helpful!!! I always have loved the doctors and their level of expertise. They always have the information that helps me understand and deal with the situation that is occurring. It amazes me how much they care about my pet but even more how much they care about me and what I am experiencing. Their love of pets and owners is so comforting. THANK YOU!!! for caring about me as well as my pets. I would really like it if you guys were a 24/7/365 Emergency Vet so I never have to go to any other vet!! With greatest love, respect and inspiration, Carol Almeida"
- Carol Almeida
04/19/2019 04:07:12
"So far, I've only had a good experience with Atwater Vet. I came back here specifically because of the good care when my cat was injured!"
- Kathleen Mackie
04/18/2019 22:38:58
"Excellent staff. Very caring."
- Suzanne Sargent
04/17/2019 16:17:57
"I fell your Dr and Office staff is very knowledgeable and take time to take care of my doggies"
- Sandra Garcia
04/16/2019 12:58:34
"Excellent technicians for Reggie..n all categories.🐱: ) He says, Thank you for my care and caring..."
- Mamie Wood
04/12/2019 21:15:00
"Dr, Bertram is the best, friendly professional and caring I’m glad she’s close by."
- Diana Zolna
04/12/2019 16:46:05
"We had a wonderful experience as always. Holly is a very anxious dog and the whole experience of going to the vet is stress for her AND for me. Everyone that works in your office is caring and understanding and helpful. I appreciate your care for her needs."
- Amy Price
04/12/2019 16:44:03
"Staff is very friendly and courteous. Clean, welcoming office. Very informative and patient vet/techs "
- Ruby Santiago
04/12/2019 15:26:56
"I thought the doctor and staff were all great. They were very nice and knowledgeable. They gave me good options. "
- Stacey Jorgenson
04/11/2019 17:42:30
" You were very polite, my experience with you just wonderful. I have no complaints "
- Linda Palomares
04/11/2019 14:22:35
"You guys were very friendly to me and my dog for our first time there! "
- Oliva Harden
04/11/2019 00:59:47
"The staff is doing great! Very friendly not only to me but ofcourse to my dogs! Absolutely look forward to the visits as soon as you walk in you feel welcomed"
- Diamond Orozco
04/10/2019 20:09:49
"Love Dr. Bertram, the techs are also great, all are caring and my animals love them."
- Marihelen Afonso
04/08/2019 00:41:49
"Being new to town, I wasn't sure what to expect during Ella's medical emergency. I was impressed with how fast they got us in and although the diagnosis was hard to hear they gave us so much info to go home with as well as instructions on what we can do for her in this stage of life. Since my dogs will be due for their annual coming up I will be bringing my dogs in soon too! "
- Tamra Jones
04/06/2019 23:16:15
"Everything went well and in a timely manner "
- Caryl Floyd
04/06/2019 22:59:33
"You guys are amazing and always take amazing care of our dogs. "
- Brandi Pulido
04/06/2019 22:37:14
"I love everything and everyone at Atwater Vet center. You are ALWAYS looking out for the best interest of my pets. thank you so much."
- Paty Lemus
04/05/2019 03:48:45
"Asst and Dr covered now and future concerns. Pet was relaxed."
- Celeste McKinnon
04/04/2019 22:31:39
"The exam seemed to be very thorough and all questions and concerns were answered satisfactorily. The veterinarian spent more time with me and my dog than what I am used to. I liked that. "
- Danny Beever
04/04/2019 20:32:02
"Always a pleasant experience. "
- Kristi Migliazzo
04/03/2019 20:32:52
"Everything is great...no problems!"
- Mary Stabelfeld
04/02/2019 17:02:15
"Your office has always treated my pets as if they were your own. I've never had a bad experience."
- Tracey Clark
04/01/2019 20:11:39
"Wonderful 1st experience there everybody was so friendly and knowledgeable"
- Catherine Roebling
03/30/2019 18:38:32
"you doing good"
- Paul Jueneman
03/27/2019 23:48:33
"My daughter went this time, and she said everyone was very nice, and also very patient with Malakai."
- Risee Sotelo
03/27/2019 20:12:15
"Friendly and courteous staff. Staff genuinely cared for my pet. "
- Kristen Zdanowski
03/27/2019 18:09:45