"The staff from the receptionist to the vet doctor were so sweet. Everyone was kind and they handled Groot with care when he got his shots. "
- Samantha Saechao
07/12/2017 21:36:58
"I have always been happy with the care my pets have received at the clinic. "
- Valerie Avila
07/12/2017 19:40:15
"It was a good experience. I like the fact that my animal and his pain came first.Great job by the vet."
- Monteen Gomes
07/12/2017 14:54:11
"Always receive the finest of care. All staff, techs and doctors are always friendly, courteous and professional. Never have to wait long past appt time."
- Dale DeBolt
07/11/2017 08:27:47
"Good visit. Had His check up and got o.k.ed for His insulin. That was the reason for this visit."
- Marilynn Krein
07/10/2017 22:03:44
"Joe and Molly had a good experience and everyone was so friendly and that place was very nice and clean Thank you Joe LiaL and Molly"
- Joe Lial
07/10/2017 18:03:14
"I picked up a bag of cat food. It only took a few minutes and was handled very well"
- Ida Escola
07/07/2017 18:55:19
"Everything was just fine. I just wish I could get Rusty to relax around other dogs. She thinks she's so tough."
- Linda Plymale
07/07/2017 16:19:35
"Excellent, prompt service. My fur baby loves you guys. "
- Heather Ladousier
07/07/2017 14:04:22
"I love coming in. Everyone is so happy and helpful "
- Meghan Woodall
07/06/2017 18:36:47
"The staff is always so wonderful. When we first started going my English Bulldog would shake, pant and get so upset because we were at the vet but over time she has come to love the staff and Dr. Bertram. Now she just walks in and gets on the scales up front all by herself. She no longer pants and paces to get out. Her face doesn't always show it but she loves the staff at Atwater Veterinary Center."
- Kelly Mitchell
07/06/2017 17:39:51
"I think you guys are doing great..."
- Jenna Castaneda
07/06/2017 15:41:44
"We love the care and expertise of the staff"
- Kim Cuthriell
07/03/2017 18:34:41
- Paty Lemus
07/03/2017 16:05:49
"Two days after we moved to the area our dog got sick. We looked up the nearest vet and were pleasantly surprised to be able to get an appointment about two hours later. The entire staff was very helpful and it seemed that everyone would spend whatever time we needed for questions. Although it was a pain for us, I really appreciated how they did not want our dog to mingle with the other dogs in case he is contagious. I have never heard of another vet doing this. "
- Ryan Miller
07/03/2017 11:21:47
"Great attention to the pet and the customers! Always friendly and helpful."
- Carol Almeida
07/02/2017 22:58:09
"Excellent service. Great staff"
- Pamela McClain
07/02/2017 11:08:57
"You are doing amazing both of the vets, Dr. Karr and Dr. Bertram are always so amazing they just love their jobs and it shows in the level of care that we received at each of the visits......."
- Leanne Carr
07/01/2017 19:46:06
"always best of care"
- Crystal Skinner
07/01/2017 17:48:06
"As always, we love the lady veterinarian (sorry, I cannot remember her name) and her innate love of animals. She is always wonderful when it comes to taking care of our two girls (dogs)."
- Deborah Washburn
07/01/2017 17:22:24
"We have no complaints at all. All of the staff;front desk, and also the personnel that care for Angel(our cat),are very friendly and answer any questions we have. "
- Michele Stephenson
07/01/2017 15:41:33
"Always the best care for my dog, nice and friendly staff."
- Gina Crites
07/01/2017 13:20:49
"Keep up the excellent care"
- Sharon Mogliotti
07/01/2017 11:09:59
"I'm very pleased with the ease of making appointments and the time spent while there. The staff is very nice and were able to get us in and out very quickly which with an extremely agitated pup is exactly what I ask for. Thank you!"
- Amy Price
07/01/2017 11:02:18
- Keith Miscione
07/01/2017 09:16:21
"You guys are amazing!!!"
- Gabriella Garavito
06/30/2017 23:01:50
"I feel I get wonderful care "
- Sandra Garcia
06/30/2017 14:39:42
"Thank you for the excellent care that you give my animals and for the courtesy and help that you show me personally."
- Steve Hinton
06/17/2017 08:20:17
"Doing great."
- Tiffany Pena
06/17/2017 00:59:13
"I was pleased. In & out quickly"
- Brenda Soliz
06/16/2017 22:06:01