"Awesome! I feel like my pet is truly cared for. They help me help my Goldilocks be at her absolute best. Thank you!"
- Stacy Bettencourt
02/15/2019 19:06:27
"fantastic and the service is great"
- Norman Butch Row
02/14/2019 09:14:37
"Prompt appointment schedule, timely appointment, thorough vet review and explanation. "
- Jean Holveck
02/07/2019 21:06:48
"My Dallas seemed very happy, he had a bath there and I didn't expect his pillow to be washed, but it was. The team did a wonderful job and I always feel comfortable leaving him there."
- Steve Silva
02/07/2019 18:21:07
"My experiences are always great!"
- Joerg Schuller
02/07/2019 00:37:51
"I think you guys are doing great!"
- Adelina Cortes
02/06/2019 19:49:13
"Great first experience"
- Tamara Simmons
02/05/2019 23:51:53
"Excellent attitudes all around"
- Jeanne Dinwoodie
02/05/2019 17:45:45
"Excellent team work. Front desk is very cooperative and friendly. Drs are very helpful and informative. Clinic is very clean."
- Mannu Chaudhry
02/03/2019 21:36:10
"I am very pleased with the doctors, the staff and the personal attention to my little dog. I always recommend AMVC to people looking for vets."
- Paty Lemus
02/02/2019 20:59:14
"I feel that the staff at AMVC are always professional and caring for my pets and helpful with all of my concerns."
- Carrie Bialach
02/01/2019 22:04:17
"My experience was amazing. I showed up 10 minutes early filled out paperwork and got straight into an exam. The doctor was able to answer all my questions. She was extremely kind and loving to my big boy. The staff was very gentle during his vitals. I am one very pleased mama and look forward to coming back, if we need to."
- Alyssa Noguera
01/31/2019 05:21:05
"Friendly greeting. No long wait time. Dr Bertram continues to show professional care with our pets, always smiling. No suggestions for improvement "
- Tim Giberson
01/31/2019 03:26:53
"Everyone was so helpful and nice. Great customer service! "
- Tim Cook
01/25/2019 15:15:25
"Everything is great with Atwater Vet. They do an excellent job caring for our pets."
- Kevin Low
01/24/2019 23:22:52
"Doing a great job. I especially like the fact that you send estimate for future procedures that are very detailed. Thank you. "
- Francesca Messick
01/24/2019 23:14:07
"You are doing fine."
- Mark Migliazzo
01/24/2019 21:42:31
"Thanks for the friendly comfort I needed while my fur baby was getting shots "
- Noreen Soto
01/16/2019 20:57:06
"I think you guys are doing great! I especially love the welcome sign in the exam room for my cat! It was such a special touch that os truly appreciated! The staff in the front was extremely helpful and so very kind. I love your company!"
- Stefani Durbin
01/16/2019 18:01:50
"Everyone was awesome"
- Allen Armas
01/16/2019 15:47:35
"Over all it was a great experience"
- Rene Marin
01/16/2019 15:19:11
"The staff was super accommodating when trying to get in for an appointment. They went out of their way to make his visit possible. The doctor was very kind and knowledgeable. We loved how all the staff seemed genuinely excited to say hi to our little Bear!"
- Crystal Fragulia
01/11/2019 14:13:12
"The staff at your clinic are exceptional!!!! They are extremely caring and care for your pet as it was there own. The doctors are very attentive and listen to your concerns and always have your pets well being in mind. I have gone to this clinic for years and always will. A big GREAT JOB to everyone at Atwater Veterinary Center."
- Nicole Balliet
01/10/2019 18:33:53
"you have been taking care of my pets for many years. i have never had a bad experience. I have recommended you to several other pet owners. "
- Jean Thompson
01/10/2019 14:48:22
"We have never had any complaints with our experiences with your Veterinary Center. Whenever we call, the people we speak to are friendly and helpful. When we bring our cat in for boarding and also when we pick her up, the people who process her admission and discharge are also very friendly."
- Michele Stephenson
01/08/2019 18:03:06
"My dogs seemed to enjoy their two night stay at your kennel."
- Maryon Matsuda
01/08/2019 05:37:02
"My last experience was in relation to boarding my cat for two weeks. Daisy was my primary point of contact and very sweet. I will board my cat there again!"
- Robin Mannor
01/07/2019 18:05:07
"Very pleased about my visit with my dog "Buddy" to the clinic."
- Charles Mancebo
01/05/2019 14:15:05
"Nothing negative to say. Really appreciated that the vet was willing to get us an appt with a traveling cardiologist. That's the first time we've been offered that. "
- Debra Legg
01/03/2019 16:29:52
" My first visit to Atwater clinic was a nice experience for Denali and I!"
- Celina Mancebo
12/29/2018 23:02:41