"You are doing excellent."
- Mike Garrett
06/16/2018 15:56:37
"I had a wonderful visit, yesterday, at Atwater Veterinary. I was very happy to have been so informed regarding Nina Lou's upcoming dental surgery. I was glad to understand what would be happening and what I can expect during and after Nina's surgery appointment. "
- Deborah Washburn
06/14/2018 01:05:18
"Everyone who helped with Salem was excellent. Dr. Bertram found the wound marks on her and while she wasn't a fan of the antibiotic shot it definitely helped with her on the road to feeling better. Thank you for getting us in the same day and for helping my furbaby get better :) "
- Amy Price
06/11/2018 17:48:21
"It wa s Pleasure to walk in to a clean, odorless environment first and foremost! Staff were all very friendly!!! Our wait was minimal and once in to see the Vet that time frame was quick as well. All questions addressed were answered to our satisfaction. Left very happy and will be changing over to this facility permanently."
- Dan Devine
06/08/2018 21:40:44
"I enjoyed bringing both my son and his dog Chip to see you all. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. We will continue to bring him in to keep him healthy and happy. Thank you"
- Mandy Ybarra
06/07/2018 14:30:54
"Everyone was very helpful! From the person who answered my phone call to the tech who checked us out, it was fast, efficient and friendly service all the way! "
- Kristi Migliazzo
06/06/2018 03:16:28
"My experience was great! Thank you."
- Mary Stabelfeld
06/05/2018 00:36:38
"Your staffs are doing great Job. I think they are well trained and explain me every things about the care after surgery. Thank you for such a nice place and excellent service i have not seen before."
- Arti Kanith
06/04/2018 06:48:49
"Love the staff! They are always helpful very patient and kind."
- Rennise Ferrario
06/04/2018 03:37:27
"You guys are doing great."
- Tiffany Pena
06/01/2018 01:17:33
"I am so thankful and happy you guys could help Emma. It’s not very often a dog eats rat poison I’m sure but I’m glad it was handled in a quick manner while being so nice & understanding. I will be back!"
- Deanna Delgado
05/31/2018 18:09:22
"Always love Dr. B. "
- Brigitte Felix
05/30/2018 17:30:01
"Won't take my babies anywhere else. Love ya!"
- Marihelen Afonso
05/24/2018 18:36:13
"Staff at front desk courteous and helpful. Dr. Bertrand is super with all my pets, she totally understands owners fears and concerns. "
- Tim Giberson
05/24/2018 02:26:09
"The staff are always very friendly and respond to any questions that I might have. "
- Sunshine Meyer
05/24/2018 02:16:20
"You're a great vet experience keep up the great service "
- Art Guzman
05/23/2018 19:56:42
"If you were not doing good I would not return, kinda that simple. Your staff is pleasant and I feel quite knowledgeable, facility is always kept clean and professional. I love my dog, and trust me I would never take him to a place that I do not feel has him at his best interest. Thank you!!!!!!"
- John Martens
05/22/2018 12:32:00
"My visit was impeccable. The staff was amazing and explained everything so the exam and medications that needed administrating was crystal clear. I would recommend Atwater Veterinary Clinic to everyone. "
- Jessica Towell
05/16/2018 02:14:48
"I was very pleased with how open and clean the building was and even though it was a pet hospital/building it didn't smell like one. I loved how warm and inviting the atmosphere was. The staff was really welcomed to us with a nice smile. They were also very clear but while being caring. The veterinarian answered all my questions and then some. She made sure I knew everything she was doing and why. Over all I am very pleased with this visit and can't wait for our next one "
- Alyssa Noguera
05/15/2018 08:02:00
"Great experience for both myself and Candy"
- Debbie Lyon
05/09/2018 03:28:52
"Thorough check up done on both of my kitties. Answered all my questions and addressed my concerns."
- Rae Owens
05/04/2018 16:45:47
"You’re doing terrific. Obvious love for animals."
- Dale Homer
04/29/2018 00:13:40
"Doctor and Staff are the best. They listen and are highly qualified."
- Doug Woodall
04/28/2018 19:07:51
"Dana, the receptionist was out standing. Great customer service!! Then one if the lab person came to take Java back fir blood work. Didn't catch her name, but she seemed fine too."
- Pamela Johnson
04/27/2018 20:36:26
"The staff was great with bear. He was nervous, they handle his care with kindness and gentleness. Dr. Lawson in a very caring and a great Dr. This is great place to bring your pet. "
- Arnold Betschart
04/27/2018 18:16:15
"My first visit was great. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. I didn't feel forced towards any treatment and felt I was given thorough explanation on what could be going on with my dog. I greatly appreciated that. "
- Christal Ruiz
04/26/2018 05:57:17
"I went in for a refill of Brevecto and they were very professional and courteous "
- Pamela McClain
04/19/2018 14:22:11
"Great job"
- Heather Newlin
04/18/2018 21:56:13
"You guys are fantastic"
- Norman Butch Row
04/16/2018 23:34:56
"You are doing great and AMVC is the only Vet. we use because of the service and support are the best."
- Tony Souza
04/15/2018 19:33:56