"Staff is professional and kind,I felt good having them care for my animal."
- Steven Disney
10/09/2018 14:19:06
"You all are amazing! Friendly and caring staff and doctors. I know the staff and doctors here truly care about the well being of animals. Thank you AMVC for all that you do!! "
- Jennifer Martin-Parsley
10/08/2018 13:15:09
"Everyone is kind. no matter who I speak with and the help Reggie gets..from the vet, Drs. Reggie,Thanks Everyone there. Much appreciated...."
- Mamie Wood
10/06/2018 20:57:52
"I have no complaints. Everyone has been very nice & helpful. Barney knows everyone there & I'm sure he's comfortable. "
- Toni Coker
10/03/2018 21:09:34
"Excellent staff. I've always had a great experience."
- Suzanne Sargent
10/03/2018 17:41:32
"We have no complaints.From the moment we step up to the front desk and check our cat-Angel, in for boarding,until we go through the process of picking her back up, we are greeted with smiling friendly staff,who answer any question we may have.The staff is very professional,and the exterior and interior of the office is always very well maintained.Thanks for providing such good service."
- Michele Stephenson
09/28/2018 20:44:38
"I really liked DR. Lawson. I hope my rabbit gets better!"
- Betty Perhach
09/21/2018 21:53:31
" Your staff is wonderful "
- Danielle Lightner
09/12/2018 02:40:05
"I was a walk in and was seen ten minutes later and within an hour my dog had medicine in him to stop itching I thank you my dog thanks you most satisfied "
- Bob Meehan
09/11/2018 22:17:48
"Excellent service, staff is great."
- Sally Brown
09/11/2018 22:11:35
"You all do such a great job and make our pets feel comfortable. Thank you! "
- Lupe Winton
09/10/2018 14:43:20
"You all are doing a great job, very friendly customer service. Thank you! "
- Evangelina Garibay
09/06/2018 23:47:53
"Moved recently and I needed to get my dog in for his shots that were due soon. I was able to get an appointment in a couple of days for an exam and shots. Friendly service from all staff, even though my dog is nervous at the vet and can get snippy. Knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient vet. "
- Erika Cordova
09/06/2018 17:56:25
"Everyone is super friendly and caring. My dog is very nervous. All the staff helps make her feel safe. "
- Stacy Bettencourt
09/02/2018 02:22:42
"I won't go anywhere else, I love the staff and the doctors! "
- Kim Fast
08/30/2018 21:50:33
"Everything went well, the vet explained everything to me so I could understand. My kitty was relaxed with the vet and nurse. I never have a problem with taking my animals in to them. :) 👍"
- Carrie Bialach
08/24/2018 21:23:57
"Excellent, We are very happy with your Veterinary and the Doctors are very good and teats our pets great and talks to us and helps understand what is need to help our pets and also treats us like we are very important."
- Tony Souza
08/23/2018 20:05:57
"Bianca is awesome as usual ty"
- Rosa Perez
08/22/2018 19:13:04
"Great customer service. Friendly staff. Thorough vet. "
- Terri Morley
08/21/2018 14:46:49
"I have had nothing but positive experiences during and after visits with all of our animals. "
- Tammy McDaniels
08/19/2018 16:44:49
"I was so pleased with how we were treated me and my baby Emilio.Im recommending this clinic to all my pet owner people.Thank You"
- Ruth Murry
08/19/2018 05:30:45
"We have always trusted our fur babies to you. This is our third Golden we have trusted to your care. Need I say more. Thank you for being there for us. "
- Ann Jones
08/17/2018 18:52:35
"Everyone has always been extremely kind and patient. My questions have always been answered in detail and I have never felt rushed."
- Rennise Ferrario
08/17/2018 18:33:36
"Excellent customer service! Everyone is friendly and helpful. Your office is clean. I don’t smell that pet smell that usually hits you in the face when you enter a vet office."
- Dan Devine
08/15/2018 01:38:06
"Our visit was very good. We were very happy that your technician suggested Royal Canin dog food for Cody. He has eaten more of this food than any of the other foods we have offered him. Thank you for the suggestion."
- Betty Kauffman
07/17/2018 18:30:20
"Wait was short. Excellent service with technician and doctor. Both gave me wonderful advice on care of the kittens. "
- Melody Ortega
07/17/2018 18:06:55
"The whole staff is super friendly; and takes excellent care of our pets."
- Amy Plagenza
07/16/2018 22:43:26
"First visit. Everything went well. "
- Dwight St. Onge
07/16/2018 22:36:11
"The experience was very nice. Friendly staff. "
- Sharon Viorel
07/13/2018 02:52:43
"You've always treated us AND our fur babies with the utmost respect, caring and compassion."
- Ken Ratzloff
07/06/2018 05:45:03