"Everyone at the hospital is always so helpful and courteous. The doctors always explain any concerns completely and the follow up phone calls are really helpful. Great experience!"
- Crystal Burney
10/10/2018 12:33:36
"Alice was suffering from an ear infection. She had just been adopted from the shelter on Sunday. There was a holiday on Monday and your office got her scheduled for an appt. on Tuesday morning. We were so relieved she could be seen by Dr. Johnson so fast. The good news is that Alice slept through the night on Tuesday night. Thanks so much. Ann Nichols"
- Frank & Ann Nichols
10/10/2018 12:22:36
"We are so very confident in Georgetown Vet's care and comfort of our Boxer. He has never resisted going there, and, in fact, sometimes drags us inside. We board him there also, and we have complete peace of mind knowing that the lovely staff take such good care of him."
- Larry & Marsha Wilson
10/09/2018 23:03:58
"I appreciate you fitting us in! The staff and doctors are top notch!"
- Nicole Schmidt
10/09/2018 17:13:24
"Dr. Long went above and beyond her position to help my dog, Nova, feel better. She's playing more because she's in less pain because of the care that she received. Thank you so much!"
- Kim Wandle
10/09/2018 15:58:41
"It has been quite a while since I have been to your hospital, and I loved your new facilities. I especially liked the seating in the exam room. Though I didn't have to wait long, it was nice to have a place to sit. Both Dr. Nichols and Taylor were friendly and informative. I felt they cared for my cat."
- Rebecca Woodlock
10/09/2018 14:58:32
"I was really impressed with the entire staff. I was thankful for the time taken by the tech and Dr., when taking my dog's history and considering her treatment plan. "
- Liese Scott
10/09/2018 14:10:34
"Everybody exhibits concern, from the minute you check in until you leave. Yesterday, it was pouring rain and the lady at the front desk (sorry I didn't catch her name) went out with me to hold onto my two dogs so that I could drive under the canopy and load them without everyone getting drenched. That goes a long way! Thank you -"
- Anna & Dean Lowary
10/09/2018 14:04:25
"I always have a good experience here. I pass many vet offices from Austin to come here because of Dr. Nichols. Her genuine caring about my dog when he was a puppy and going through some issues earned my business for life. The staff is always friendly and I have never had any issues. Keep up the great work."
- Kevin Stone
10/09/2018 13:34:46
"Dr. Long and her Vet Tech were awesome! They answered all our questions and took care of all our needs."
- John Bacon
10/08/2018 11:56:10
"I was referred by my neighbor. Dr. Johnson and the entire staff were great. "
- Bret Harrell
10/07/2018 02:54:41
"I always have a great experience. Everyone is caring, helpful and everything was explained in detail. They genuinely seem concerned about our pets and us."
- Debra Mason
10/05/2018 12:31:59
"GREAT service, friendly, quick♡ THANKYOU!"
- Victoria Schneider
10/05/2018 12:13:24
"Always an excellent experience"
- Gloria Hudspeth
10/04/2018 12:34:20
"I am so impressed with Dr. Nichols and all the veterinaries and staff at this facility. The care and concern that you have for Joy is very much appreciated."
- Carol & Walter Hoke
10/03/2018 19:50:01
"I have no complaints nor recommendations...extremely happy with the care Dr. Nichols gives our Lab. "
- Jeri Lynn Stubbs
10/03/2018 18:06:36
"Your caring and love for our dogs has been phenomenal. You were the only vet practice that Charlie went to willingly and I am looking forward to Morris feeling the same. "
- Dennis Young
10/03/2018 16:37:37
"Everything was great, both staff and service! "
- Lynn Warneke
10/02/2018 13:26:32
"Great!! Actually remembers the pet. Discusses any concerns. Even gives low cost alternatives to help keep teeth clean."
- Debra Narten
10/02/2018 03:30:34
"All good! Cheerio loves Gabrielle and Cali and all the ladies in daycare. I liked it that Dr Haley gave her all her shots and found and treated her ear infection while she was in boarding."
- Jane Forshee
07/17/2018 01:33:47
- Marjorie Wilkov
04/19/2018 00:39:23
"I've been to Dr. Haley before with a previous pet, and came back because Erica was so gentle and informative. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my cats."
- Mary Meyer
03/28/2018 02:29:33
- Frank & Darlene Hernandez
06/04/2017 19:26:04
"iI'm new here and was treated like a regular client, fast service, reasonable price, we and our dogs are happy campers"
- William & Sandy Torenko
05/18/2016 14:46:12
"I drive from Austin because all my dogs have been given excellent care and attention from all the Doctors and staff."
- Matt & Christie Bruegger
05/08/2016 11:36:43