"I have always had great experience at this hospital. I am there for my large German Shepherd's shots, check ups and to pick up medications that have been prescribed for allergies. The medications has stopped him from constantly scratching. Love working with the ladies at the front desk because no matter how busy they are they do a great job. Thanks to everyone at this location."
- Ronnie & Barbara Sullivan
03/10/2018 14:20:06
"Absolutely great experience. The receptionist, assistants/nurses, and doctor were great. All my questions were answered. I was offered preventative treatments and vaccinations based on my dogs specific lifestyle. Wonderful!"
- Bryan Sloat
03/10/2018 03:13:24
"The Staff and Dr. Johnson are the Best! "
- Connie Dugan
03/09/2018 19:37:03
"2 German Shepard Dogs dropped of for a 1 night boarding stay with baths, nail clippings, etc., with excellent care given. "
- Richard Gray
03/08/2018 15:27:48
"Always explained issues in a manner that you understand the why and what to do for your pet."
- Wanda LaRoche
03/07/2018 22:56:58
"Apple and I are so happy with Dr. Johnson. She has helped us on many occasions. I trust her advice and care. She has such a positive attitude and is very patient with Apple."
- Sandy McDaniel
03/07/2018 20:43:00
"We moved to Leander but continue to come to GT Vet because we are so happy here. We love Dr Nichols!!! 💙"
- Yolanda Hare
03/07/2018 18:39:21
"I still drive to Georgetown from Central Austin for my Vet office. Everyone is always friendly, fast service and personable. Gatsby has had surgery here and been helped since his adoption and I wouldn't go anywhere else!"
- Taylor Taylor
03/07/2018 18:16:19
"Outstanding medical care for Andrew & Oliver, appreciated a follow up call from Dr. Nichols, would highly recommend Georgetown Vet Clinic!"
- Steve & Christine Ulrichs
03/07/2018 18:10:03
"Couldn't ask for more."
- Scott Steinmetz
03/07/2018 18:04:11
"Everything was great! I love that the team always make sure everyone is taken care of and treat me and my furry and feathered kids like family. "
- Colette Woelki
03/07/2018 17:10:21
"Very accommodating when bringing in one of my dogs, which can have an “attitude” with other dogs on leash."
- Elizabeth Thorn
03/07/2018 17:08:50
"I couldn't be more pleased with my recent experience. I am new to the practice, having moved from a different vet in the area. The most impressive details were: 1) I was seen as a walk-in and was there for less than an hour total; 2) the clinic called me the next day to follow up and make sure my dog was doing well. I would enthusiastically recommend this vet to anyone who wants quality care for their pets."
- Melissa Simmons
03/07/2018 16:32:13
"I love you guys!! Y'all take such good care of my furbabies and me. I have nothing bad to say about my experiences with you. Please never stop what you are doing..."
- Melanie Drummond
03/07/2018 01:54:06
"We have never had a bad experience. You all seem to be pretty competitively priced and the Doctors are all wonderful. "
- Chelsea Amstead
03/06/2018 13:17:30
"Everything was great "
- Irma Guerrero
03/06/2018 04:40:44
"I am very pleased with kindness and knowledge. "
- Nena Young
03/05/2018 16:21:24
"I love GVH and the doctors and staff who work there. They are very professional and kind. I trust them to take care of my furry family."
- Denise Clazel
03/04/2018 18:16:05
"Dr Haley is very sweet. She definitely shows a sincere concern for my dog."
- Grant Patton
03/04/2018 00:38:48
"Excellent! I love this place, care and the staff!"
- Miki Sparks
03/03/2018 00:01:30
- Frank & Darlene Hernandez
06/04/2017 19:26:04
"iI'm new here and was treated like a regular client, fast service, reasonable price, we and our dogs are happy campers"
- William & Sandy Torenko
05/18/2016 14:46:12
"I drive from Austin because all my dogs have been given excellent care and attention from all the Doctors and staff."
- Matt & Christie Bruegger
05/08/2016 11:36:43