"Have gone to GVH for years. We use Dr. Haley and she is so kind and caring with your pet. Dr. Nicohol’s is very compassionate about you and your pet. We had to have our beloved Max put to sleep and she was comforting to Max and to my husband and I.It’s like losing a family member. A wonderful staff that is professional. GVH is the best!"
- Jan Jansen
03/21/2019 05:34:38
"I hold Dr. Haley and her staff in high regards. Everyone there treats me and my boys (Raymond & Enzo) very well. Very professional."
- Rick Edwards
03/21/2019 01:27:25
"Great experience for both me and my pets."
- Fred Shoales
03/21/2019 00:58:51
"Love the service here. Love that my Bailey feels so loved and is so well cared for."
- Lenina Henderson
03/20/2019 00:32:58
"We had a very good experience. I am thankful to be worked in on a Saturday while we were visiting family in town."
- Christina Franks
03/19/2019 18:20:16
"Keep up the excellent work you’re doing. You have a customer for life!"
- Johnathon Du Plessis
03/18/2019 12:15:01
"Every vet we have visited shows tremendous care for our cats."
- Jennifer Stewart
03/17/2019 22:52:41
"I love that I feel like it is ok to leave him with you all. It makes it easier being away knowing he is in such loving care."
- Nicole Schmidt
03/15/2019 22:27:02
"Very satisfied and plan to use you as our place to go when Beau needs help."
- Margaret West
03/15/2019 02:46:50
"Eli always gets great care. We don't have any worries when we are out of town. The staff is always very friendly and accommodating when we have to make any changes in our schedule."
- Deborah Marlow
03/14/2019 19:17:23
"Love the easy online appointment scheduling. Appreciated the attention paid to us and Jack by all the staff."
- Chuck Kainer
03/14/2019 16:21:06
"1st class services, keep striving for excellence. "
- Larry Hurtado
03/14/2019 15:04:47
"I have been with you all for a long time and always very happy with your service !!"
- Wolfgang Suhnholz
03/13/2019 19:21:29
"Really nice experience. Everyone was super nice. "
- Lee Allen
03/13/2019 18:17:35
"Great job cutting all 4 dogs nails! They love it there."
- Nadene Hanna
03/13/2019 17:51:37
"Dr. Long is awesome! She speaks frankly and clearly while matintaining a caring attitude."
- Darren Conrad
03/12/2019 23:02:09
"An awesome job. Love the follow up call from the Dr."
- Rosie Titus
03/11/2019 00:35:51
"I absolutely love Dr. Haley!! She is wonderful with my dog and knows what she is doing."
- Crystal Jackson
01/18/2019 22:05:02
"All good! Cheerio loves Gabrielle and Cali and all the ladies in daycare. I liked it that Dr Haley gave her all her shots and found and treated her ear infection while she was in boarding."
- Jane Forshee
07/17/2018 01:33:47
- Marjorie Wilkov
04/19/2018 00:39:23
"I've been to Dr. Haley before with a previous pet, and came back because Erica was so gentle and informative. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my cats."
- Mary Meyer
03/28/2018 02:29:33
- Frank & Darlene Hernandez
06/04/2017 19:26:04
"iI'm new here and was treated like a regular client, fast service, reasonable price, we and our dogs are happy campers"
- William & Sandy Torenko
05/18/2016 14:46:12
"I drive from Austin because all my dogs have been given excellent care and attention from all the Doctors and staff."
- Matt & Christie Bruegger
05/08/2016 11:36:43