"Keep up the friendly, compassionate service. I appreciate efficiency and effective communication. "
- Greg Murphy
09/20/2018 16:01:43
"We love your practice and your boarding facility! Most important, our dog loves you."
- John & Kathy Coughlin
09/20/2018 12:43:06
"Always have a loving caring experience. The Doctors always call to check on our dogs after surgery or sick visits."
- Amy Russell
09/19/2018 02:50:41
"I am more than pleased with G'town Vet. Hospital. Gizmo has seen every Dr. and we are happy with the love and care everyone provides him. When I call the office the reception is courteous and efficient. Gizmo and his person loves Georgetown Veterinary Hospital."
- Peggy Lindsay
09/18/2018 13:59:01
"The doctors and staff are always very friendly and professional. The doctors are mostly always on time, unless there is an emergency. I can understand that because they worked me in once. We ended up having to let our puppy go. The doctors and staff were so compassionate. As sad as I was, they all treated me and my puppy with kindness and love. "
- Bob & Elizabeth Brooks
09/18/2018 13:50:03
"Your personell treat Rodeo as if he were their own. We see a caring organization in each of our visits. Rodeo feels the same."
- Kathleen Hammond
09/18/2018 13:08:42
"Every single staff member is a knowledgeable, compassionate, professional and we are grateful for each one of you. You turned our tears of sadness- into joy and you gave us our Boy Smokie, back!! :) THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!! :)"
- Rhonda Mack
09/16/2018 23:01:00
"Super friendly and informative, thank you!"
- Camille Arana
09/16/2018 21:53:09
"It was all good Dr Johnson is always wonderful and wxplains things so well to a furbaby parent that is worried. The texh working with her was great too! "
- Joanne Mejia
09/16/2018 18:55:34
"Always have a great experience when I bring my fur babies in. "
- Dee Reading
09/16/2018 15:48:57
"Excellent caring services! Both Dr. Haley and Dr. Nichols have been wonderful and conservative, yet thorough, dealing with my dogs’ problems! My dogs r family and I appreciate them caring so much!"
- Donna Robinson
09/15/2018 15:41:36
"I think everyone does a great job at greeting, getting you set up in a room, the vet techs and vets, as well as the front office crew that gets you checked out and on your way. I would also say when you call and leave messages they get back to you in a quick manner and always helpful!"
- April Rock
09/13/2018 16:22:32
"Both Dr. Haley and her technician Taylor were amazing with our kitten. She didn’t even noticed the shots or examination happening due to their great distraction skills and care. "
- Kenly Gaynor
09/12/2018 14:48:40
"The fact that I emailed at 4am complaining about my pet with Diarrhea, and received a call at 7:10am (20 minutes before you open) saying you could see me that day, and it would be considered a normal office visit, and not an emergency visit (the cost difference)... was AWESOME. I had only brought Jambo in once before that, so it was great to know I could bring him there when needed. No complaints because I got what I needed, when I needed it, with a smile, so thanks. :-D "
- Ryan Moore
09/12/2018 14:10:04
"I was absolutely impressed with our first visit! I have just recently moved from Southeast Texas and don't have an established vet for my 3 dogs. So I'm hoping GT Vet will be our new go-to for pet care! We saw Dr. Nichols on Monday and were completely satisfied with her bedside manner and care that she gave Max; and especially the follow up call...I couldn't ask for a better doctor! Kuddos Dr. Nichols!!"
- Jennifer Freeman
09/12/2018 02:28:06
"I have had you care for my pets since coming to Georgetown 10 years ago and it's because you are the best"
- Cheryl Dorothy
09/11/2018 12:08:40
"Y'all are the absolute best! Everyone is helpful and friendly. The doctors are knowledgeable and very approachable when I have questions. "
- Melanie Drummond
09/10/2018 18:07:14
"Everyone from the front desk to the techs and doctors are amazingly friendly and helpful. They will spend as much time as needed to help and answer all questions. I just love your place. "
- Dan Mercer
09/10/2018 13:29:53
"I really like your practice everyone is friendly and helpful and the dogs like you guys. You explain things well and offer all the services we need for pet care. "
- Landon Hickman
09/10/2018 11:52:17
"Awesome. Stella was as calm as could be expected and Dr Johnson was great with her. She kept her entertained with treats and Stella did not even know she received 3 injections. She answered all my questions and did not seem rushed at all."
- June Russell
09/09/2018 00:17:12
"All good! Cheerio loves Gabrielle and Cali and all the ladies in daycare. I liked it that Dr Haley gave her all her shots and found and treated her ear infection while she was in boarding."
- Jane Forshee
07/17/2018 01:33:47
- Marjorie Wilkov
04/19/2018 00:39:23
"I've been to Dr. Haley before with a previous pet, and came back because Erica was so gentle and informative. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my cats."
- Mary Meyer
03/28/2018 02:29:33
- Frank & Darlene Hernandez
06/04/2017 19:26:04
"iI'm new here and was treated like a regular client, fast service, reasonable price, we and our dogs are happy campers"
- William & Sandy Torenko
05/18/2016 14:46:12
"I drive from Austin because all my dogs have been given excellent care and attention from all the Doctors and staff."
- Matt & Christie Bruegger
05/08/2016 11:36:43