"I was reminded via mail to reorder Schnitzel's Trifexis medication. I phoned the office and requested a 12 month supply of that medicine. I was told it would be ready for pickup whenever I wanted to pick it up and it was. The staff then pulled out the information on how to get a refund. As always, the Georgetown Veterinary Hospital was friendly and efficient. "
- Martha & Joe Doenges
08/16/2017 14:09:38
"Everyone is great and very caring. They were wonderful with my Chihuahua and my kids. The Doctor was very sweet and seemed to really care about my family. "
- Brittany Gould
08/16/2017 01:44:12
"You'll find a caring, compassionate and thorough staff! Dr. Johnson is awesome! "
- Todd Gonzales
08/15/2017 21:59:44
"Everyone is so caring and loving to all families and pets! You guys are the best and Dr. Haley you always have time to see us no matter what. Sadie and I love you lots! Office staff is fantastic too!"
- Sue Graham
08/15/2017 21:39:31
"Everything is good. Kami always enjoys coming here. Her bath and nail trim is a big help for us. Her interaction with other dogs is important since she does not have that opportunity at home. Everyone is always very friendly."
- Donald & Eileen Beiersdorf
08/15/2017 21:07:15
"Great and friendly service. Upfront and not pushing unnecessary medical treatment. Listen to my needs as well as the needs to our cat. Great overall experience and will take all our animals care here."
- Rodney Blackmon
08/15/2017 20:36:03
"Excellent! I am always pleased with the service I receive here and will continue to come back."
- Jodi Linderman
08/15/2017 19:58:17
"It was our first visit and we loved it. Great staff all around. Dr. Nichols was amazing and even called to check up. Best part was it didn't break the bank either. I'm excited this is going to be our vet office. "
- Brooke Ruffin
08/15/2017 18:15:58
"The staff is great ! Dr Haley . and Dr Long , and Dr Johnson are super !"
- Lisa Johnson
08/15/2017 17:41:28
"Everyone involved at GTV is super! Compassion, caring and excellence of treatment at all levels. I'm there every week and have never had an issue. Thank your for all you do!"
- Diane Ham
08/15/2017 01:51:51
"We are so glad that we connected with Georgetown Veterinary Hospital after we moved to Georgetown just 18 months ago. You are always very kind and compassionate, helpful and focused, and very professional. All of us appreciate the expertise of the entire staff. In addition, we are grateful that you know who we are when we call and demonstrate genuine concern for us as well as your other clients. "
- Jerry & Jane Lovedahl
08/12/2017 14:22:02
"Dr. Haley and staff have always treated our dogs as their own. They have been there with us when we welcomed new pups and through the loss of old ones. I have always felt that they put our dogs well being in front of their bottom line. I've had previous vet offices try to sell me on the product of the month. That turns me off, after all I'm here for the health of my pet and I've done my research. "
- Jennifer Hickman
08/10/2017 03:02:28
"I picked up medicine from the front desk. The receptionist was very nice."
- Karen Yeary
08/10/2017 01:16:30
"It was my first time there and Dr. Johnson was very nice and helpful. She answered all my questions and seemed like she genuinely liked being a vet and excited about helping animals."
- Brooke Tabner
08/10/2017 01:07:25
"Everyone was very friendly. Overall excellent visit. "
- Jodie Sorensen
08/09/2017 20:44:11
"All of you are friendly, organized and efficient. I really enjoy bringing my pets to you."
- Denise Lewis
08/09/2017 18:02:03
"Friendly staff that makes everything super easy. I loved that they remembered our dog upon arrival from his visit about a year ago- makes me feel comfortable with leaving him there time and time again!! "
- William & Sara Myers
08/09/2017 13:16:56
"Jacks always happy to see ya all! Thank you 😊 "
- Kristin Best
08/09/2017 02:43:06
"Excellent service "
- Henry Heim
08/09/2017 00:50:37
"Dr. Nichols always takes the time to not just examine, but explain. As a pet parent, I appreciate the extra understanding that brings me, so I can give my pets the best I have to offer."
- Sharon Walker
08/08/2017 18:27:28
- Frank & Darlene Hernandez
06/04/2017 19:26:04
"iI'm new here and was treated like a regular client, fast service, reasonable price, we and our dogs are happy campers"
- William & Sandy Torenko
05/18/2016 14:46:12
"I drive from Austin because all my dogs have been given excellent care and attention from all the Doctors and staff."
- Matt & Christie Bruegger
05/08/2016 11:36:43