"You have a wonderful facility with top-notch folks working there. I, of course, wish I never had an emergency, but when I do, I know I'm getting great care. I wish my regular vet office was as good as you are. :-) "
- Teresa Anderson
02/23/2016 11:41:48
"I'm terrible at names but the receptionist and also the wonderful Tec that trimmed her nails and the Tec that took care of her!! All awesome!!!!"
- Renee Blinya
02/16/2016 13:16:00
"I'd just like to also say that your staff, and the vet, in particular (Fowler), did an excellent job of communicating with us and reassuring us that our puppy would be fine. I was so worried, and they calmed me right down by telling me they'd seen this happen lots of times and he'd be just fine."
- Robin Williamson
02/16/2016 10:03:11
"The Vet Tech stood out as she answered every single one of questions but also I felt went above and beyond with her suggestions and the actual answering of the questions."
- Gregory Mccutcheon
02/15/2016 20:25:14
"The entire staff was extremely helpful. I appreciate the blood transfusion that was given to my dog and the fact that a dog with her blood type was found."
- Patrycia Peters
02/13/2016 20:44:17
"Yes! Our 100 pound American Bulldog, Kaden, is normally a very assertive/aggressive and protective boy. He means well, but takes a little while to trust. He's NEVER nice to our veterinarian. However, the woman who was working that night (Lori?) was amazing. She immediately took a leadership role with him and had him sitting in her lap in the back for most of his stay. When we took Kaden in, we were all upset, including Kaden, as his sudden onset of vestibular disease symptoms were confusing for him and frightening for us. She kept him calm and comfortable. I think he actually enjoyed his visit. :) We are so grateful for her kindness and understanding. "
- Deidre K Culhane
02/11/2016 20:27:49
"Although I dont like to go there, it has been a pleasant experience and luckily, everyone has come home well!! "
- Carol Ireton-Jones
02/11/2016 10:00:05
"The waiting area was very clean and comfortable. It was a nice, calming environment to wait especially given the stress you're feeling about having to be there."
- Diana Webb
02/11/2016 09:51:11
"The staff was great and friendly an very helpful"
- David R Stone
02/11/2016 09:50:11
"We have never had to use emergency services in the past for our dogs, but in this situations we were very thankful that you all were there. Thank you!"
- Clavin Wolf
02/06/2016 20:23:17
"North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic goes well beyond providing exceptional service and quality care for people and their pets."
- David Burton
02/06/2016 07:18:46
"Raeann. Her calming, professional, compassionate manner, patience and understanding when explaining costs and forms to be completed, answering all our questions, polite and courteous. She kept us informed at all times. There aren't enough words to describe her other than she is an angel sent from heaven above. Mere words cannot express our gratitude to her, all of the other staff members and doctors who took such excellent care of both us and our beloved Sugar."
- David Burton
02/06/2016 07:16:05
"I appreciated the concern and care of all the staff that I came into contact with. As it turns out, my dog was quite ill. He required 3 days of IV hydration theraoy and antibiotic injections fromour vet, but I have no doubt the initial intervention provided by you kept a bad situation from getting worse."
- Lisa Mccalister
02/05/2016 21:50:39
"Everyone was wonderful."
- Katherine Reid
02/04/2016 13:22:26
"all were very helpful and attentive, thank you."
- Gary Burke
02/04/2016 12:16:35
"Your staff should be commended, actually, because although we were waiting a while, (stable trauma case) they kept us informed and were very considerate. Job well done. "
- Megan Talbot-Atchison
02/03/2016 12:19:27
"Dr. Burnside was fantastic! Very helpful. Super explanatory. Wish he had a regular-hours practice. "
- Jamie Ragland
02/02/2016 15:06:42
"thank you for all you do to take care of the pets that come in for your service! I really appreciate all you do. "
- Lauren Galloway
01/28/2016 12:05:33
"I live over a half an hour away, and I would still make the drive to come back to this clinic again because it was so good!"
- Savannah Lakeman
01/27/2016 21:47:37
" I would like to say the care of our Quaker Parrot by DR Fowler was very thorough, quick and she knew exactly what to do. She and her staff was able to stabilize our parrot from multiple seizures. DR Fowler, FAR exceeded the care and treatment we were receiving from the past regular vet. Reba with us today due to the care of DR Fowler and staff. The follow up when we took Reba home was great. When we departed your facility we receive a full review of what took place in their care, and how we should care for Reba going forward."
- Charles Phillips
01/25/2016 09:51:17
"We left feeling we made the right choice to bring Zoey there. Thank you!"
- Mary Swegman
01/23/2016 22:37:05
"Everyone on staff the evening I came in was professional and caring towards Milo."
- Rhonda Sanchez
01/23/2016 20:19:53
"Dr. Molly Bachert was phenomenal. She explained what Es happening to my pet, what treatment she recommends and what could be expected. Later when I called to check on him, she talked about additional steps she wanted to do and most importantly, why. When I took the dog to his vet for additional treatment, he said the doctor and clinic did an outstanding job. From the woman that answered my call early Sunday morning, to the two there when we arrived - nothing but great service."
- Portia R. Reid
01/16/2016 16:38:38
"Each individual to whom we encountered from checking in to the lady who i believe is Karen taking our dog to the vet and her taking time to explain what was wrong was wonderful! Everyone did a fantastic job in providing top notch customer service! "
- Dominique Whitmarsh
01/11/2016 12:29:35
"The doctor who examined my cat was excellent. She was very knowledgeable, friendly to me, and very kind to my kitty. I loved it that she found humor in my cat's behavior even though she treats so many animals. That let's me know that she really does love the animals/cats. She also helped me to prepare for the inevitable decline of health in my very elderly cat. She explained to me what to look for in determining the appropriate next steps, and that really put my mind more at ease about my future decision. GREAT JOB!! Wish you were closer, and I'd make this my regular vet."
- Rebecca Irby
01/08/2016 23:59:48
"My dog hates going to the vet, even when not in pain! She adored the nurse (wish I had gotten her name!) and Dr. Bachert, I only wish they could be her regular doctors!"
- Pamela Ross Dawes
01/05/2016 11:25:06
"The receptionist was very friendly when she answered the phone and that's what made me come in. Previous calls to other facilities were not good experiences "
- Michelle Rogers
01/04/2016 11:23:01
"On-call vet, Dr. Whitwell (?) was absolutely outstanding. She understood the problem and the patient history, listened to me fully, and, did what she could in the pet clinic and made the correct diagnosis to refer Doberman adult male "Jesse" to Animal Referral Clinic in Dallas where surgery was performed the next day by board certified surgeon. Outcome was perfect, if expensive. (Not unexpected.) I believe your vet to be one of the best vets I have had the pleasure of dealing with in over 50 years of owning, handling and showing purebred Dobermans and German Shepherd Dogs. "
- Sylvia Jordan
01/04/2016 10:13:34
"The Doctor that handled my Hannah was very caring and took extra time with Hannah to ensure she was ok before releasing her. She also took extra time with me to explain the issues and to cover all the possibilities. She was knowledgeable and truly seemed to care about me and Hannah."
- Victoria Besch
12/31/2015 08:02:15
"Everyone was very friendly and showed concern for my pet and made sure we both were comfortable "
- Valerie Scruggs
12/27/2015 20:18:04
"Dr Whitwell was wonderful"
- David Davidson
12/22/2015 16:33:02
"Thank you for caring"
- Nuria Saucedo
12/22/2015 11:27:12
"Love you guys! 😘"
- Carol Carver
12/15/2015 18:04:01
"Again under the worst of circumstances with our sick baby the care we received could not have been any better. We appreciated everything from how she was cared for and how we were communicated with throughout our time there. "
- Timothy Lucas
12/15/2015 01:22:24
"all of the staff was wonderful"
- Penelope "Penny" Godbold
12/08/2015 09:22:53
"My husband and I were very pleased with the care provided by each of your staff members. We've been going through a very hard time lately as a family. Your staff helped us keep what could have been another stressful situation at ease. "
- Shannon Michelle Kirk
11/15/2015 16:11:09
"all staff was very attentive, caring and friendly - from the receptionist to the nurse to the vet."
- Leonid Volovnik
11/15/2015 12:06:36
"Truthfully I do not remember her name but the lady at the desk was patient with me and brought me a bottle of water and blanket for Rocco to lay on in the exam room. Very thoughtful and kind."
- Karen Cook
11/12/2015 20:14:17
"Dr . Fowler's care with excellent, and she was great about explaining our options."
- Richard Scott
11/10/2015 13:29:42
"Lady at desk and the Vet were very thoughtful, professional and knowledgeable. The Vet kept me informed of progress and next steps; this made me feel very comfortable."
- Carolyn Prater
11/04/2015 13:26:16
"Dr.Fowler was very compassionate about our situation and understood that this was our kiddo and answered any questions or concerns that we had. She offered for us to call in the middle of the night if we couldn't sleep and wanted to know she was doing. The situation we were in we were both traumatized and that made us feel at ease leaving our kiddo there.. "
- Victoria Hecht
11/03/2015 20:25:21
"The veterinarian and assistant and person at the desk were all compassionate and competent."
- Margaret Love Decker
10/28/2015 22:08:31
"Everyone I came in contact with was great"
- Carolyn Johnston
10/28/2015 13:15:50
"Everyone was willing and able to help. I give "kudos" to each and everyone that was on staff that night."
- Julie Crossland
10/19/2015 14:00:20
"Very good care. Nice to know you have a place to care for your pet after hours."
- Bobby Williams
10/16/2015 10:51:27
"Dr. Wyatt is incredible and one of the best Greyhounds Vets in the Southwest US!"
- Thomas Crull
10/12/2015 12:24:20
"I was very excited that the vet on duty was knowledgable about ferrets. One of the techs used to work at my normal vet as well. "
- Amanda Morton
10/12/2015 12:18:55
"It was our first time there with our beloved pet. We selected North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic because of a friend reference. The service was excellent, the prices reasonable. "
- Yesef Cordero
10/07/2015 09:42:32
"Thank you all for reaching out to us after Jacob's passing and for dedicating a tree in his name. It was very unexpected and thoughtful. Thank you for being there when we needed you!!! I hope I won't need your services in the future, but if I do, I'll know my pets will be in great hands."
- Angelica Lynn Laurent
10/02/2015 15:43:48
"Everyone was very friendly, but Dr. Paul is exceptional. This was the second time he's cared for our pets. Our min pin Jacob had diabetes and was very ill when we brought him in, but Dr. Paul was very caring and even talked to our 17 year old daughter on the phone to ease her mind. He explains everything in detail and answers any questions we may have. I would recommend NTEPC to anyone."
- Angelica Lynn Laurent
10/02/2015 15:40:32
"Rayann at front desk and Dr. Burnside were excellent!"
- Theresa Myers
10/01/2015 12:28:24
"The vet was very kind, and explained in detail what was going on with our dog. The receptionist was also very pleasant. "
- Melissa A Harvey
09/28/2015 18:58:17
"Thank you so much for the excellent care! Zelda feels better already!😊"
- Faye Congdon
09/28/2015 12:56:54
"The Receptionist and both Vets were wonderful !"
- Faye Congdon
09/28/2015 12:54:52
"We appreciate the sacrifice you all make to provide an after hours pet care clinic. Unfortunately, all our emergencies happen at night! It is a relief to be able to get our dogs the care they need without making them suffer until the morning. Thank you for everything you do! "
- Casey Erdmann
09/23/2015 14:23:51
"Both the reception and veterinarian who worked with us were exceptional in their duties. I appreciated the flexibility of being able to pick him up in the morning so I could go home to my human babies at night. The veterinarian took time to come talk to me when I picked Max up, and I got proper care instructions so I could continue to aide his recovery. "
- Casey Erdmann
09/23/2015 14:22:51
"I have very positive feelings about all the staff I encountered, especially the staff manning the front desk (Raeann), and of course Dr. Fowler, who cared for my cat Freddie. "
- Judith Epstein
09/16/2015 16:30:30
"I appreciate everything that people who work in animal care do. You guys have one of the hardest jobs.. it is something that I would be unable to do. I hope that everyone there feels value in what they do, no matter the days outcome. "
- Sarah Girard
09/14/2015 22:27:14
"Lee was great, she really put our minds at ease and Ronnie is starting to improve."
- Mark Barris
09/14/2015 15:01:32
"Receptionist so sweet and caring. Dr fowler was excellent "
- Kathy McElroy
09/11/2015 08:27:10
"I'll take this space just to say Thanks for ALL that y'all do. "
- Vicki Henderson
09/03/2015 13:53:55
"All staff members were understanding and focused on my dog's needs. Dr. Fowler called me at home to explain everything in detail of the findings on my dog's tests with such sweetness and compassion. Very thorough."
- Micki Voss
09/01/2015 16:52:16
"All staff was equally great during our visit. Good group of people you have."
- Keith Kapple
09/01/2015 12:21:14
"Just thanks for being there and attending to Jack as well as you did!"
- Ellen Gosselin
08/26/2015 12:36:53
"I have used your clinic from the time they opened. Would not consider going anywhere else."
- Karen Cook
08/25/2015 19:55:43
"All who helped me were courteous and caring toward me and my cat."
- Mary Fields
08/25/2015 14:26:19
"This is a clinic you love to hate to go. We have taken pets here because our babies get sick during non business hours of our vet. They are very kind and sympathetic and always there to help. The follow-up cards and letters when you lose a family member is above and beyond anything I expect. They are displayed along side the ashes of our dearly departed."
- Colleen L. Jermyn
08/22/2015 08:05:08
"These Ladies really helped my husband and I to feel comfortable and not so panicked, they were full of empathy for all the patients and their owners. It made everyone feel welcomed and relaxed. "
- James Jordan
08/21/2015 07:32:44
"Reyan, not sure if I spelled that correctly but she was more than patient and helpful on the phone when I was making the decision to come in or not. She also kept me re-assured and updated on how Max was doing when he was in the back. "
- Kristin Dioguardo
08/19/2015 15:54:15
"Raeanne was incredibly helpful and patient. She turned my entire adoption experience around! "
- Edgardo Andino Rebollo
08/18/2015 09:24:38
"No. I've been to the NTEPC multiple times in the past and have always been very pleased at your professionalism and care for my pets, and wildlife that were ill or injured also. Dr. Fowler is an excellent diagnostician. I missed her on this visit by just 15 minutes or so. But, Dr. Wyatt was excellent also! "
- Kathy M Milacek
08/17/2015 18:11:11
"I feel that the North Texas emergency hospital is an excellent place to take your pet/animal."
- Cynthia Sigman
08/16/2015 13:27:43
"The vet who talked us through everything was comforting and helpful. I also really appreciated the patient information handouts that helped me understand the possible diagnosis and medications. "
- Alice Jaggers
08/11/2015 13:13:31
"I have come to your clinic 3 times with very ill pets. Every time your staff has been kind, caring and professional in the way the treated my pet patient and it's family. I am so grateful for your 'after hours' availability when emergencies occur! Thank you! "
- Irby Bennett
08/10/2015 22:17:40
"Everyone I met was exceptional!"
- Irby Bennett
08/10/2015 22:13:09
"Yes. Dr. Fowler over the 4th of July weekend when Porkchop was first admitted for critical care. She was patient with answering my questions and took the time to explain Porkchop's condition over the phone. The info she was able to give my husband and I helped us to make informed decisions about her care. Katelyn, has also been very nice. There was a customer that was not cooperative on Sunday the 19th in the waiting area and she handled the situation with professionalism and kindness. "
- Jason Allen
07/21/2015 14:20:41
"All three of the staff members who helped us were excellent. The nurse at the front desk (I can't remember her name, she was blonde with her hair in a bun) was nice, fast, and helpful; the veterinarian (I think it was Dr. Whitwell) who explained my cat's issues and treatment options was intelligent, clear, and thorough; and the vet tech who took care of my cat for the evening, Kumi, was sweet, open, and very reassuring. It was scary to have to leave my cat to be treated for an entire night, but knowing that she was in the care of such prompt, caring, and knowledgable staff made it so, so much easier."
- Amelia Moore
07/17/2015 17:04:40
"We went to another emergency clinic before we came to yours and had a terrible experience so we were very happy when we arrived to your clinic. We found you by our regular vet having your contact information on their after-hours voicemail. I wish we would've thought to call in the beginning because it would've been a lot less stressful. Thank you for being so kind to us in a stressful situation. Keep up the great work!"
- Kimberly Swanner
07/17/2015 16:20:28
"Again, I cannot say enough about every staff member I have dealt with. All are very caring, considerate, kind, thorough in everything they do."
- Daniel Smith
07/17/2015 13:22:55
"We had wonderful service, but do not want to HAVE to come back, if we can help it! Thank you for taking care of our pooch!"
- Kelly Rose
07/15/2015 13:49:12
"I have, unfortunately, needed to bring my pets here several times in the last 15-18 months. Every time I visit the staff is great and the facility is clean and organized. I really appreciate the care and concern the staff at every level demonstrate. Keep up the great work!"
- Paul Stevenson
07/14/2015 10:20:59
"Kumi (I don't know how to spell her name) was so sweet and took great care of my dog during her hospitalization and blood transfusion. She sent me a text with a photo and an update during the night which really helped to keep me comfortable and was greatly appreciated. Everyone on your staff was extremely nice and helpful."
- Ashley Bridges
07/11/2015 14:12:47
"Everyone was amazing and there when we needed it. I loved the fact we were allowed a room to stay with our baby while he was under observation."
- Lana Nicosia
07/10/2015 09:56:18
"They where all amazing! But the receptionist that night was a dream! She knew I was distracted with my puppy's health and saw my toddler was getting bored. She made him feel special. And entertained him and his needs to the best of her abilities. The vet took us back to say bye to our puppy for the night and she let him take pictures and answered all of his questions. As well as let him take pictures of other dogs. I am very impressed with how everything was handled and won't hesitate to go back in the future of needed. "
- Jennifer Wright
07/08/2015 22:00:28
"I know emergency care is expensive but this was well worth it as I am not sure my vet would have diagnosed it correctly as he never told me my dog had a heart murmur. I felt a bit at ease over the weekend knowing what was wrong with JuJu."
- Cynthia Hodges
07/07/2015 12:48:57
"All staff members were excellent and attentive to us. "
- Amanda Leonard
07/06/2015 14:42:00
"Dani was our tech and she was absolutely wonderful with our precious Jack from the moment we arrived. She explained everything to us and we felt comfortable leaving him with her last night. Overall, every staff member was exceptional and kind. "
- James England
07/06/2015 14:36:39
"Over the past 20 years, I've been taking my pets to this clinic. They continue to amaze me at their constant compassion and caring while efficiently and expertly caring out their duties. It takes an extraordinary person to work there and be aware of what is going on while acting without hesitation - and all the while offering comfort to those in distress. "
- Annie Schriver
07/02/2015 12:16:12
"I was impressed with the lady at the front desk. She knew immediately what was wrong with my dog, and because time was of the essence, she got called for someone to come get her ASAP. The technician that came to explain to me what was going on took all the time I needed to get my questions answered. The vet went over everything until I felt comfortable enough to understand what to do if this were to happen again."
- Annie Schriver
07/02/2015 12:04:51
"We had a really great experience both this visit and over a year ago with our other cat. We went to another emergency clinic that was closer at one point but ended up returning to this clinic because of the excellent, timely care we received in the past. The techs are extremely kind and professional and the vets are very caring and knowledgeable."
- Joy Smoot
06/30/2015 20:48:44
"Everyone was exceptionally friendly, helpful, and understanding. "
- Jennifer Walker
06/24/2015 01:55:08
"Entire staff was very efficient and courteous. "
- Stephanie Snyder
06/16/2015 22:11:00
"Everyone there is always so helpful and knowledgeable."
- Kristy L. Schott
06/16/2015 12:04:46
"I was very impressed with the level of care and courtesy and professionalism so much that I made a follow up call and left a vm to the business manager. I will and have recommended this medical facility and will return if needed."
- Sue Reeves
06/15/2015 10:28:39
"I have taken CoCo and another dog, Sprinkles, several times over the years and always been very pleased ."
- Vickie L Wilcox
06/12/2015 23:22:22
"We were extremely happy. It was hard to leave Scotch but they let us come up and see him before the end of the night and when we went by to see him, it made me feel so much better about him staying with the tech that was over seeing him who loved him and said she sat with him petting and holding him. She was truly what set our minds at ease. "
- Holly Malloy
06/12/2015 10:22:59
"I'm so thankful there is such a well run clinic for after hours/emergency care. The updates were called in to me about the time promised, the paperwork was ready when pick up was scheduled, the prices are reasonable for the kind of care given, The staff, on all levels, are very good communicators."
- Catherine Burnett
06/09/2015 13:34:59
"I found all of the employees to be extremely helpful and kind despite the very busy nature of the emergency room. They remained calm and always willing to answer any questions."
- John Sisson
06/05/2015 09:32:44
"Thank you so much i would have lost my cat. He had a urine blockage needed to be seen asap."
- Lillian Ivanaki
06/02/2015 17:24:41
"You actually did a great job! I think you have things streamlined and organized well."
- Helen "Delia" Whitmore
05/29/2015 08:10:12