"Glad I can bring my cats to you."
- Debbie Thompson
04/25/2021 18:20:54
"Every experience is consistently a great one!!! Tue entire staff is awesome!!!"
- Takesha Jackson
04/25/2021 17:29:29
"Very thorough and detailed with my dog. Came in for a possible broken leg. No broken leg but turns out my dog had hookworms. Very exceptional doctor and staff. Recommending to all my pet lover friends"
- Rebecca Shih
04/25/2021 16:28:19
"Curbside service was handled very well!"
- Britney Ebanks
04/23/2021 02:03:30
"Everyone was nice including Dr. Sanchez. Great with follow up call."
- Antuanet Cardenas
04/19/2021 13:53:29
"Great service, when I drop off My dog, I feel I’m leaving him in his second home. The staff treat my pet with care, respect and kindness. I would recommend this place to anyone who has a pet "
- Carolina Toro
04/12/2021 18:42:50
- Mercedes Roberts
04/12/2021 16:49:14
"Thank you! Great job!"
- Michael Lawlor
04/11/2021 21:43:06
"Always nice team, caring and helpful 🐶"
- Amanda Camposano
04/05/2021 23:32:06
"Honey and I were fortunate to attain your services. So many employees helped us to improve her condition. Thanks to your care, she is happier because of our visit. 😉 Hopefully, we can maintain this progress and continue more yeaes of good health. See you soon on our next visit. "
- William Simonyi
04/04/2021 04:43:03
"Your team is simply the best!"
- Billy Pizzella
04/02/2021 19:43:22
"Great! Super friendly & helpful staff! Our first time & we feel good about starting a new relationship! Only negative was a 2 hour wait sitting in my truck but I understand emergencies happen. Thanks for caring!"
- Charity Seip
03/28/2021 02:58:38
"Everything went well. I was happy they called ti check on Harley the next day.☺"
- Indya Tanksley
03/13/2021 21:09:59
"During such stressful times, your staff and technicians are so caring and courteous, and really seem to love taking care of my baby Roxie. Dr. Polit is wonderfully amazing as well."
- Joyce Rosen
03/11/2021 00:55:11
"I love that you all treat and love my dogs as if they were your own! I miss going in the office and having that one on one experience and hope that office visits can go back to normal soon!"
- Meagan Artze-Ordiales
02/15/2021 00:46:41
"Nos encantó la atención, lo detallista que fueron al explicar todo lo que tiene Tobi, la Dra. fue muy explícita y nos sentimos muy tranquilos con la opinión de ustedes. Muy profesional. Muchas gracias!"
- Maria Bertorelli
01/13/2021 23:12:19
"The receptionists are extremely friendly over the phone, and the entire experience was great."
- Veronica Valentine
01/08/2021 19:29:29
"Everything was excellent! We will definitely be back"
- Richard Barrios
01/02/2021 17:08:07
"i really appreciate everything you all have done for my baby Louis. Everyone is sweet and always thorough when explaining everything you are doing. Great team!!"
- Ximena Samaniego
08/12/2020 12:58:42
- Ana Zuloaga
08/08/2020 21:37:03
"Very good very helpful"
- Fred Santiago
08/06/2020 21:51:14
"Very impressed with techs handling everything and with the time and information given by Dr Sanchez. Plan to continue with this office in spite of 47 years with previous office"
- Frances Jenkins
08/05/2020 20:11:12
"Everyone is so professional, caring and knowledgeable."
- Alice Pena
08/01/2020 22:18:26
"This is my first time owning a pet & going there. I guess during these hard times your staff seemed quick. Explained everything well & communication was good. "
- Leticia Butler
08/01/2020 07:47:15
"Highly recommended! Dr. Polit and her staff are wonderful. They are so caring and compassionate I would never even think of taking my cat any other place. They truly care. "
- Lina Sanchez
07/30/2020 18:29:43
"I think you are doing a great job. I love the curbside service. "
- Jim Harmon
07/26/2020 03:35:04
"The front desk is 100 times better than a year ago. Dr Sanchez is a great listener and a very good Doctor. As busy as you guys are, she takes her time which is HUGE! Same goes for Doctor Polit. I'm very pleased with the knowledge they both have. Tiki & Hut are lucky to have them as doctors!! "
- Cindy Clemens
07/20/2020 20:59:03
"So far, the experience has been very good over the phone and the drive thru visit. The girls that attended "Bella" were very nice and very polite. Also the doctor was very nice. Very apprecitaed."
- Manuel Rodriguez
05/05/2020 03:58:43
"It was hard not being able to go inside but everything was very well organized. "
- Nicole Beaney
05/01/2020 19:59:21
"Everything ok!!"
- Emilio Carrero
05/01/2020 15:53:29
"Friendly staff and gave detailed instructions with the recommendations from the doctor. "
04/29/2020 22:42:38
"The care our MeeWee recieved was beyond excellent. Sunset's staff made the visit from pick up to delivery very easy for us and her. The professional service we recieved was thorough and efficient. MeeWee seems to feel better already. Thank you all for your support and service. Please stay safe."
- Gwendolyn Lee
04/22/2020 19:24:13
"Appreciate your office being open & available during the COVID-19 pandemic. All the staff members are very helpful & courteous. "
- Celia Falcon
04/21/2020 00:47:03
"Doing great so far! You guys took care of our Puppy Stella Curran awesome the other day "
- Brian Curran
04/09/2020 23:37:45
"My experience was beyond excellent and the vet and her staff took great care of my puppy like he was their own dog and would call me with updates on how he was doing and were all very nice and helpful "
- Brianna Lilly
04/09/2020 15:53:46
"You were very efficient. I was happy with the experience "
- Karen Katz
03/29/2020 21:20:11
"considering everything thats going on the girls were very nice and helpful. they took good care of champ, thank you sunset animal hosp"
- Debbie L Caminero
03/26/2020 17:13:28
"As good as always"
- Adam Guzzan
03/24/2020 19:30:05
"I can't think of anything that needs to be improved. the staff is great, and the service is excellent. Also very clean and neat space. "
- Rolando Silva
03/20/2020 03:07:25
"Very satisfied "
- Norman Lessard
03/13/2020 01:13:24
"We appreciate the friendly, caring service "
- Scott Gilstrap
03/01/2020 20:30:35
"Excellent "
- Decire Espinoza
02/29/2020 05:10:47
"The staff is very helpful and extremely friendly. They really show love and care for my dog. "
- Thomas Penot
02/24/2020 01:35:19
"Well, our dog Chiquita used to carry on something terrible when we would take her to the other Vet office we had before. but sine coming to this office, she's calm! We like the staff n the dr. Everyone is so nice and caring!"
- Maribel Angelino
02/23/2020 18:29:02
"All my 3 babies were groomers perfect. I found out it was a new groomer and of course one gets concerned but they came out looking so cute just the way we wanted them groomed. Thank you!"
- Celia Falcon
02/20/2020 22:58:21
"I was happy with the care and the love the staff gave to Dino."
02/20/2020 04:15:43
"My dog has always had excellent care. I love how everyone is caring and takes care of the needs of my pet."
- Eugene Beck
02/15/2020 13:42:51
"Although Casey couldn’t be seen for cleaning on appointment day , your technician Lily was helpful in setting her up for soonest available deep non sedation cleaning . "
- Melissa Scherr
02/14/2020 02:48:27
"The staff a amazing job, and they were very helpful throught the whole visit. I really enjoyed the environment and the atmosphere. Great customer service skills. very please!!!"
- James Johnson
02/13/2020 21:17:10
"My visit was pleasant and my dog was very happy,thank you."
- Wayne Grant
02/13/2020 17:19:12
"Excellent service "
- Yanetsy Otero
02/13/2020 02:58:33
"Great experience, very sweet staff. "
- Daniel Lazard
02/05/2020 21:40:25
"You guys are great!"
02/05/2020 19:00:25
"Staff is always friendly and helpful, Dr Polit has helped me through a very stressful behavioral issue with one of my cats, and she’s been caring for my childhood pets for years. Highly recommend "
- Courtney Reiner
01/30/2020 20:17:04
"All the workers were very kind and helpful. I believe the 2 young ladies that helped me were Samantha and Hailey. Very nice and informative."
01/29/2020 19:13:53
"I think everything’s doing well. "
- Louise Palmer-Bowes
01/24/2020 17:43:44
"the girls are always polite and nice when i come in"
- Debbie L Caminero
12/02/2019 17:18:23
"Shayna had been getting excellent care"
- Bruce Martin
12/02/2019 16:43:49
"Excellent attention from dr Polit. "
- Rolando Torres
12/02/2019 03:22:39
"I truly have nothing bad to say. You guys are the ultimate best. "
- Robin Chacon
12/01/2019 23:29:37
"Every time i go i get a good service "
- Yanetsy Otero
12/01/2019 23:25:31
"Very friendly staff and great veterinarians. Very clean and good coffee. The seating in the waiting room could be a little more comfortable, but hopefully you don't have to wait too long. "
- Jacquie Overton
11/25/2019 15:29:19
"The staff is always so sweet and professional. My husband went with our two dogs and was helped by one of the girl taking one of the dogs to the back while waiting the appointment time."
- Ana Zuloaga
11/25/2019 01:44:34