"The price of Ultamino dog food has increased $17 for a 8.8 oz bag over the last few months. Very expensive for a 4 week supply. "
- Don Hyatt
11/16/2022 22:23:18
" the care is always very good. Sometimes the wait is a little long, but overall we feel Macy is getting very good care."
- Randall Kropf
11/14/2022 21:40:34
"Everyone there loves animals and it shows. My fur kids don’t get stressed going to see the vets, they love them."
- Pat Brister
05/08/2022 22:10:18
"It was such a relief to be there when our kitty was so sick. We honestly prepared ourselves for the worst - now she is starting to feel better. "
- Janni Qual
05/07/2022 23:23:15
"Friendly staff, love the pets helping out in the office, plenty of time spent with doctor, questions answered and check out easy. "
- Trey Forsman
05/06/2022 11:10:02
"As usual, you took good care of my dog and she is healing well."
- Karen Uhl
05/06/2022 02:47:02
"Everything went great & some of my worries were eliminated. Good plan for treatment and Chicklet was treated very well."
- Toni Bowes
05/06/2022 01:13:36
"We love the care and attention you give to our cats. Plus you make it easy to bring them in and still be safe."
- Lois Brooks
05/05/2022 18:49:33
"Love this clinic! They care about your pet as if they were their own. "
- Launa Adams
05/05/2022 02:13:30
"I just came in for cat food, and Emily(I think?) was very professional in helping me. I just adopted a 4 year old cat, and as soon as she comes out of hiding I’ll make an appointment to update her vaccines and have a checkup."
- Kerry Harpster
05/04/2022 14:33:39
"SO VERY pleased with Brunos' demtal experience. The vet was forthcoming with the cost and the procedure from the getgo alleviating any anxieties or concerns I may have had. The staff were PHENONMENAL! Answered all my questions in a timely manner & were extremely kind and giving in caring for my pup. Brunos' teeth look brand new and hes a happy go lucky boy now! Thank you Birch St Clinic! :) "
- Caitlin Filipski
04/30/2022 19:51:05
"We love the care that Bojangles receives at Birch Street Animal Clinic. We drive 35 mins each way for his appointments because we know that we’ll receive a thorough exam and will be provided with excellent care instructions to help Bojangles stay healthy. "
- Meagan Griffin
04/30/2022 04:47:20
"Beau is a naughty kitty who does not like to be poked or prodded, but your staff are kind, caring, and gentle with him no matter what he does. We appreciate your willingness to take excellent care of him anyway."
- Petricia Robertson
04/29/2022 16:21:22
"All good!"
- Kelly Oliver
04/27/2022 00:35:05
"Been nothing but great service for our furry babies. We have always appreciated everything everyone there has done to make us feel at home when we have to take our dogs."
- Joseph Jenkins
04/25/2022 03:05:05
"Excellent 😊"
- George Morgan
04/23/2022 05:43:21
"Everyone in this clinic is the epitome of helpful. From scheduling to handling and treating the animals, as well as addressing the customers....just excellent, professional, friendly. Could not ask for better. "
- Becky Osborne
04/21/2022 18:41:40
"You're doing great! We love the care and kindness you show our dog and the way you communicate and care for us as pet owners. We can't say enough good about your staff, your facility and the way you take care of all of us."
- Adrienne Stamback
04/19/2022 22:32:04
"I really appreciate the thoroughness of the exam and the time that was taken to fully explain why our precious pet was limping and the steps we would take to eliminate the problem."
- Pamela Miller
04/18/2022 22:10:19
"Birch Street doctors and staff go the distance for their clients. I was worked into a busy schedule, so that my ailing old cat could be evaluated. I have always appreciated that people at Birch Street actually listen to what's going on!"
- Cassie Sills
04/17/2022 23:24:11
"Very effective communication and honest"
- Aaron Higgins
04/14/2022 17:51:02
"Friendly staff despite how very busy the phones and clinic are. Everyone makes us feel welcome and not a burden. "
- Julie Louthan
04/14/2022 17:00:48
"You are doing a wonderful job and my dogs are never worried about coming to the vet. "
- Jim Hatfield
04/14/2022 16:03:42
"Very satisfied with Birch Street Clinic. They are making sure Ike is staying healthy."
- Don Hyatt
04/13/2022 13:19:12
"Always exceptional care!"
- Tiffany Treadwell
04/11/2022 20:32:16
"Doing a great job, or I wouldn't drive from Fairview to Canby for you to care for my Skipper."
- Claudia Huitt
04/10/2022 18:52:20
"They really care about our fur babies."
- Debi Hamilton
04/09/2022 17:35:41
"I adore both Dr. Jarret and Dr. Dax. I appreciate their approach to veterinary care. They don’t try to “sell you” on the most aggressive (and expensive) care. They have great bedside manners and are sensitive and caring. And, they are reasonably priced. Thank you. "
- Jeanette Winkler
04/08/2022 23:51:15
"There is no bad! Everyone at Birch Street Animal Clinic is friendly and efficient. They treated my German Shepherd like the queen she is."
- Carrie Hilger
04/07/2022 21:21:40
"very happy with my service and care!! Best vets around !!"
- Michael Moir
04/06/2022 02:51:20
"You are awesome!!! I have dealt with both vets - in an emergency setting and for an appointment. I love you all and am very grateful you are there and accepted us."
- Blake Williams
04/05/2022 21:04:21
"Just great"
- John Stallwood
04/03/2022 01:14:46
"Everybody cares about the animals, and shows it. (They are nice to the people who ring them in, too.) one thing that really stands out is communication. They take every question seriously, no matter how off the wall. The doctors and staff seem t9 like each othe4 as much as they like 5he animals. It’s a nice, calm, respectful place for animals and their people. "
- Bonnie Holder
04/02/2022 00:15:51
"There is no bad. Excellent service . They are awsome with our 4 legged spoiled dogs/ cats. I have been to many clinics and Birtch street is the best."
- Nancy Lane
03/30/2022 20:55:53
"Birch street clinic is an excellent clinic they truly care about their patients. The staff is friendly and informative as well as caring. For those reason, I travel 30 miles to take my pets, I literally have a clinic within a block of me and although they are good, Birch street goes that extra mile."
- Linda Johnson
03/28/2022 20:51:27
"excellent all around!!"
- Karen White-Fallon
03/28/2022 18:16:46
"You guys have helped cared for my pets since you opened. Thank you so so much! You are the best Vet we have found by far. We moved to Oregon City and still come back to Canby just for your service. Thank you!"
- Cassaundra Vaelor
03/23/2022 18:26:10
"Can't praise you guys enough, we love your whole team. Everyone is very helpful and you guys have gone above and beyond to take care of all of our pets. "
- Sierra Sobel-Smith
03/21/2022 20:58:50
"Ragnar and I always have a great experience with exceptional service. Thank you for always being so kind, patient, and caring!"
- Alexis Singleton
03/18/2022 19:10:15
"We are very happy with the care you give to our fur babies."
- Darlene Cunningham
03/16/2022 05:35:24
"The office staff and doctors are doing an amazing job with getting clients in and being seen in these crazy times. Still very friendly and helpful "
- Sandi Christman
03/12/2022 00:09:54
"Really appreciate the care and love for animals everyone at Birch Street carries. Thank you! "
- Tiffini Stephens
03/07/2022 05:31:41
"I've been taking my dogs there for 12 years. I love them & they love & take Great Care Of My Dogs."
- Karen Snyder
03/06/2022 22:21:01
"It was really good and answered my questions. He didn't discount any of my concerns or make me feel like I didn't care well for my dog who was a little over weight. It was a good experience and I felt listened to."
- Karen Uhl
03/06/2022 17:41:41
"Everything is good thanks You guys are so awesome 👌 "
- Mariam Robles
03/02/2022 18:13:56
"I appreciate the detail on my pets and the thoroughness of the exam. "
- Timpra Mckenzie
02/28/2022 16:36:28
"Dr. Jarret is an incredibly kind and knowledgeable human being! I am lucky to have him as my dogs' vet. He presents information in a timely and appropriate manner and individualizes his care to my dogs' breed. He is honest and is easy to dialogue with regarding my pet's care and the available treatment options."
- Caitlin Filipski
02/27/2022 21:43:52
"The doctors and staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable! I have had pets my entire life and have been to other vets.....none as good as Birch Street."
- Laurie Pedersen
02/26/2022 17:33:45
"Great service "
- Lorie Cameron
02/19/2022 19:25:00
"Everyone there is knowledgeable and friendly, great veterinarians!"
- Lori Pranz
02/15/2022 22:53:43
"I love Birch Street and so do my 3 fur babies. 😊"
- Julie Whitney
02/13/2022 21:03:11
"great staff wonderful technicians fantastic vets"
- Nora Halter
02/12/2022 22:42:08
"You're really great to your customers & their people. We appreciate you all. Front desk staff excellent as are the techs. Thank you!!!"
- Gretchen Schiele
02/12/2022 02:28:46
"I think you are doing a great job."
- Donald Nichols
02/11/2022 19:55:20
"Could not imagine better service or attention."
- Becky Osborne
02/08/2022 17:19:54
"I love this clinic and would not take my pets anywhere else. The care they get is informative and wonderful. "
- Susan Seiger
02/07/2022 04:49:55
- Clark Hickman
02/05/2022 00:34:27
"You guys are always so compassionate and absolutely wonderful"
- Brandy Russell
02/03/2022 04:58:40
"My dog is as important to me as my children are and I wouldn’t take her anywhere else for her care."
- Carl Holmes
01/30/2022 23:16:24
"Awsome Customer service, Get prices and they treat the anumals like family. "
- Nancy Lane
01/29/2022 17:20:58
"Always a wonderful visit! It was full of information and you can tell you guys truly care about the pets you are seeing :) "
- Emily Segler
01/28/2022 17:19:44
"When we pull into the parking lot, my dog gets all happy. He is not afraid! The docs and staff are great. I ask a million questions and they answer them all. I never feel rushed. "
- Bonnie Holder
01/27/2022 00:47:47
"Whether it is over the phone or in person, the staff at Birch Street is friendly and efficient; ready to help, give advice, and welcome myself and our puppy. Vet is gentle and knowledgeable regarding the best care for our pup. "
- Lori Shumaker
01/26/2022 18:48:38
"You guys are great. Reception is friendly and knowledgeable, Dr Jarret great with my little girl as always. He’ll be put to the test with Fred this week! Thanks for all you do. "
- Wendy Ebster
01/26/2022 18:07:20
"Thank you for the best care for my old man Coco Bean! Really like the call the next day from Emily to check and see how he was doing!!!! Love you guys!!!!"
- Debbie Trammel
01/25/2022 18:30:43
"I know when I take my babies to Birch St clinic they are in great hands. All staff members are very kind. Cost for services are very reasonable. I've been taking my pets to them for many years ❤️❤️❤️"
- Althea Martin
01/23/2022 17:29:06
"I am extremely pleased with the professional care that not only Jaxson receives, but my sister, Christy's pets, Daisy and JoJo. The compassion and PATIENCE shown by everyone at Birch Street is AMAZING!"
- Lorraine Hellman
01/21/2022 22:07:31
"I have appreciated the kindness and thoroughness of this clinic for many years. I highly recommend you! "
- Nancy Clark
01/21/2022 19:06:35
"Terrific staff, including the ones with 4 legs!"
- Mary Walsh
01/20/2022 02:36:49
"I love bringing my animals out to Birch Street! "
- Tina Scott
01/17/2022 22:49:06
"You have continued to care for my pets in a caring and professional manner during the upheaval of the pandemic. "
- Sheryl Glenn
01/17/2022 01:28:32
"My dog receives very good care from the doctors and staff at Birch Street Animal Clinic."
- Jane Domagalski
01/16/2022 23:57:44
"My experience at Birch Street is always excellent. I feel they are superior to any other vet I’ve been to. I completely trust their care with all of my pets! I’ll never go anywhere else!"
- Lana Wilson
01/12/2022 18:32:08
" Was extremely pleased on yesterdays visit! Even though the clinic was very short staffed, wait time and examination was short and very good."
- Clint Uselman
01/11/2022 19:47:06
"Honest, thorough, friendly expertise by the veterinarian and friendly prompt service from the front office staff. The vet tech was very caring and thorough. I love Birch Street and I am happy to call them my vet."
- Kristin Redd
01/11/2022 04:50:16
"Only all good… everyone is always helpful & friendly including the pups & kitties behind the counter"
- Linda Adams
01/09/2022 03:12:25
"I always trust taking my pets here! ♥️"
- Jamie Thompson
01/08/2022 00:31:16
"I think that the staff are always friendly and ready to help. And the vets are wonderful with my dog.she is a handful "
- JoAnn Leistritz
01/07/2022 20:20:54
"Being able to get help during the holiday season was very important to me.! Rebecca was a great help on the phone and was able to get my dog taken care of quickly!! "
- Barbara LeBaron
01/04/2022 22:52:48
"You’re the best! "
- Kendra Sawatsky
01/03/2022 00:59:50
"Loved the staff, and Dax was very good with Remington who isn’t fond of strangers. "
- Michelle Ratter
01/01/2022 17:33:49
"The vets & staff always provide the upmost care and customer service. They are professional, kind, friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Michelle Ziettlow
12/31/2021 23:54:30
"It is a great comfort to me to know that my pets have such a good staff looking after them. When I call in for advice you always have an answer for me or call back after you ask the doctors. Great job!"
- Bonnie Rensing
12/28/2021 01:11:06
"I just Love the vets and staff at Birch Street, they all care so much about the animals. I wouldn’t take my pets any place else."
- Pat Brister
12/27/2021 17:31:23
"I was warmly greeted and my cat was take in right away. It professional with a large side order of kindness."
- Barbara Gordon
12/24/2021 19:35:21
"Great. Like the extra time taken by the doctor."
- Rafael Vaca
12/22/2021 22:00:25
"Your team is the very best"
- Carol Ogara
12/21/2021 05:19:22
" Everything went perfect from start to finish "
- Myron Quist
12/17/2021 11:44:06
"You folks always do a great job."
- Shelly Taranoff
12/16/2021 03:25:45
"Excellent service. Staff is very caring and accommodating! Will not take my pets anywhere else! Hands down the most affordable vet clinic in the area!"
- Krista Waller
12/15/2021 22:15:02
"Excellent "
- Kimberly Macklin
12/13/2021 02:06:48
"Everyone is very friendly and my visit went very quickly!! Love the staff and the way everyone cares about my baby "
- Sydney Hayward
12/11/2021 00:31:14
"I love you guys. It's like family. Care more about my "kids" than my money, but money's nice too"
- Kristi Mathews
12/04/2021 17:34:39
"The care for all my fur-kids is top notch!!"
- Stephanie Warrilow
12/04/2021 01:29:56
"Everything was perfect"
- Becky Osborne
12/03/2021 14:28:18
"Everyone is friendly and very professional. You sense that they truly care about your pet more than just being business. Superb "
- Janice Boots
12/02/2021 02:28:27
"Always a positive experience. Always professional, respectful, and timely service!"
- Jenny Eaton-McNabb
12/01/2021 22:23:41
"After moving into my parents home to care for them, I met their kitty, who I named. When I brought her into the clinic, the staff and setting were very warm and inviting and I found out her age and original name. Dr. Dod and the team put me and Hunny Bunny at ease with their relaxed, capable care and handling of my beloved kitty. It is always a pleasure visiting here and discussing how to interpret what my pet is telling me. Thanks for that!"
- John Cipparone
12/01/2021 18:04:35
"Timely..compassionate…informative..professional…everything I desire. "
- Sharon Pettit
11/24/2021 05:56:18
"I really appreciate the staff at Birch Street. Everyone there is always so willing to help me get answers and the vets are both wonderful with each of my animals that have come there. I am so thankful to have a place that I KNOW cares about my animals as much as I do, but also understands my limited funds as someone who's on her own now trying to pay for everything on a single income. They've given me great advice on the best, least expensive way to deal with any issues my animals have had, and I truly feel that there is no judgement there. Would recommend them to anyone who needs a vet, but they're not taking new clients at this time. "
- Emily Murphy
11/23/2021 18:20:15