- Jimmy Taylor
10/02/2023 21:29:05
"Absolutely fantastic care for all our fur babies. Very compassionate and caring. Highly recommend."
- Traci Sadler
09/28/2023 17:14:11
"Staff if always professional, friendly, and caring."
- Alan Ladd
09/28/2023 02:28:07
"Wonderful and very accommodating!"
- Loretta Marshall
09/23/2023 14:56:57
"I have been coming here since 2005. This team has shared with me the joys of welcoming a new puppy into our family and the heart break of saying our final good-byes years later to this same puppy that now is ready to cross over to the rainbow bridge. Where in this crazy world can you go today and someone (Dr Williams) will take the time out of their busy life to make you a ceramic paw print of your beloved and departed pet? What a treasure she does straight from her heart to yours ! Yes we have all been effected by Dr Williams personal struggle with her health and sometimes it affects our lives also, but look how big this woman’s (Dr Williams) heart is. I personally want my pets to experience this kind of caring. Maybe we don’t get to personally see Dr Williams at every visit but I feel like my pet will be cared for by someone Dr Williams trusts and I feel comfortable with that. God Bless all the people at this clinic. "
- Sally Nelson
09/20/2023 14:27:15
"Y’all I doing great it is hard to find a veterinarian that takes pride in there work "
- Ben Adams
08/20/2023 18:31:19
"I picked up prescription meds for Moscato & they were available and ready for pickup."
- Judy Baker
08/08/2023 17:01:31
"Everyone always takes good care of us- easy check in and Dixie loves everyone!"
- Leslie Ford
08/08/2023 17:00:16
"The service we get at 11th street veterinary hospital is excellent. They take such good care of Maggie. I have health issues and the staff at 11th street veterinary hospital come out to my car to get Maggie and then bring her back after her visit. I don't know what i would do without the care and service we get at the 11th street veterinary hospital."
- Wonda & Elbert Corcoran
07/25/2023 18:18:32
"Everything was perfect!!"
- Deborah Rasberry
07/09/2023 18:41:23
"GRRRRRRRREAT!!!!! They did an absolutely wonderful job on Buddy! I will bring him back"
- Ellynn Smith
07/01/2023 19:41:34
"Like family. "
- Marjean Creager
06/24/2023 16:51:42
- Ben Adams
06/05/2023 16:29:51
"My dog is cared for as if he was one of their own. He comes home happy and excited. "
- Johanna Ullrich
06/03/2023 11:06:52
"Provide coffee and donuts for waiting customers "
- Raul Martinez
05/26/2023 14:47:52
"I always feel confident that my pet will receive the best care overall. That is why I have used 11th Street Veterinary Hospital for years."
- Mike Werner
05/23/2023 21:06:10
"Great! I appreciate that things are always explained to me when I am curious about details, and that I always get a call in the days following my baby’s vet appointment to check in on how she is doing."
- Jacqulyn Hamilton
05/17/2023 19:20:26
- Vickie Jones
05/15/2023 18:51:47
"Great visit. I appreciated that they listened and made my dog’s vaccination visit more comfortable. "
- Carol Germany
05/10/2023 19:27:26
"Wonderful caring people."
- Marjean Creager
04/19/2023 21:20:19
"They treat my puppy like he is their own puppy. "
- Johanna Ullrich
04/01/2023 17:04:10
"We ended up having to put our pet down during our appointment. The staff there were very sweet and helpful with the whole process. "
- Susan Prokosch
03/23/2023 17:20:42
"I bring all my pets here. Dr. Williams and her staff take good care of my fur babies. I always feel like I'm getting the best care for my pets."
- Judy Baker
03/19/2023 20:29:00
"I would rather have had Gracie's shot given to her in one of the treatment rooms where I could have been in there with her. She was nervous enough already and I think she would have been more comfortable if I had been there. Next time I'll make that request."
- Richard Gladden
03/17/2023 20:16:10
"Benji is always very well cared for. We drive the extra distance because of the great and personal care Benji gets."
- Kim Gutsche
03/13/2023 19:22:51
"Ihave been dealing with the clinic for years and have nothing but good things to say. Buddy has been taken care of by them allthe time."
- Nancy Sanders
03/11/2023 15:51:54
"Absolutely perfect service and love from everybody we’ve done business with! We appreciate all of you! "
- Stephenie Ochoa
03/01/2023 18:46:22
"Have always been happy with your care"
- Nancy Disbrow
01/29/2023 21:01:40
"we are so amazed and thankful at how well the 11 th Street Veterinary Hospital doctors and staff take care of our two fur babies. My husband and i are elderly with health issues and the Hospital staff are so good about helping us to get our girls in to see the doctor. Everybody at 11th street veterinary hospital are just wonderful."
- Wonda & Elbert Corcoran
01/28/2023 22:01:14
"excellent care is always received. very compassionate staff"
- Traci Sadler
01/27/2023 22:07:29
"You're doing great! Thanks for all your help with my advanced age dog."
- Mary Pate
01/23/2023 13:38:59
"Love the personal pet care our newest puppy Benji always receives when in the care of the clinic and when boarding. The folks here treat everyone’s pets as they would their own and keep in contact whether boarding or treating a sick pet! Everyone in the clinic are pet friendly and owner friendly. Can’t say I’ve ever had such an awesome experience as I have at 11th Street Veterinary Clinic. There is no place better to get the best care for your fur babies!"
- Kim Gutsche
01/22/2023 08:26:53
"Glad You were able to help India. She’s improving."
- Robin Reedy
01/19/2023 01:26:44
".y experience has been good when I call or come in."
- Judy Baker
01/12/2023 03:33:42
"Staff is always friendly and professional. "
- Patricia Nixon
01/06/2023 18:21:10
"Everyone there ws so happy to see Rusty! Dr. Ride and the techs were so gentle with him and even with shots, he didn't cry or whine."
- Marjean Creager
12/08/2022 19:08:07
"Jordan took my puppy right away and there was no waiting. "
- Johanna Ullrich
11/30/2022 21:09:16
"Staff is always professional, attentive, and helpful."
- Alan Ladd
11/30/2022 20:59:07
"We love 11th street vet"
- Jimmy Taylor
11/29/2022 18:11:01
"Staff is always attentive and professional "
- Ray Hernandez
11/23/2022 23:04:55
"I enjoyed the kindness and help given here I appreciate the staff"
- Leticia Foster
11/23/2022 17:04:22
"As always, you all are so helpful and compassionate."
- Traci Sadler
11/17/2022 22:14:39
"Everything went well. Dr. and staff was friendly and professional. "
- Judy Baker
10/31/2022 13:26:26
"We could not be more happy with the staff at 11 th StreetVeterinary Hospital. The care they give our pets and us is amazing. "
- Wonda & Elbert Corcoran
10/23/2022 17:40:32
"11th Street Vet has always taken excellent care of our pets."
- Greg Balke
10/13/2022 21:17:36
"I love that they know my dog by his first name and as soon as we walk in the door smile and say, "hi, Rambo!""
- Johanna Ullrich
09/29/2022 17:04:51
"Excellent veterinarian and staff. Very caring and sends updates and photos of your pet. Dr. Williams very compassionate and knowledgeable. Best vet in Huntsville. I highly recommend 11th Street Veterinary Hospital."
- Martha Hutchinson
09/28/2022 17:28:23
"You are doing good. So far, my little one does not start barking and pulling back when I drop him off"
- Carolyn Evans
09/26/2022 19:53:11
"Happy with the care of my babies "
- Loretta Marshall
09/24/2022 14:27:15
"Great service and the staff is extremely knowledgeable. They truly care about the pets. "
- Natasha Davis
09/18/2022 23:24:42
"Everyone was great"
- Jimmy Taylor
09/15/2022 16:04:19
"Doing great. "
- Mike Robinson
09/11/2022 14:47:16
"You're doing amazing!! "
- Rhonda Duncan
09/04/2022 18:02:43
"Great first experience!"
- Susan Kiefaber
09/02/2022 23:57:56
"Great! Service was awesome "
- Sandra Hasty
09/01/2022 16:20:50
"I trust Dr Williams to care for my dogs, and when she isn’t available I trust that she has carefully chosen the other vets. She has always been wonderful with my dogs & me and she clearly cares about them. My dogs are on a very specific prescription diet to avoid serious gastric illnesses they have had in the past. I had to change foods because of supply issues & Dr Williams & Barry took great pains to make sure they got it right. The rest of the staff are very friendly, professional, helpful& knowledgeable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The prices are higher than other vets in the area, that is the only negative I can think of. "
- Allison Lipscomb
08/24/2022 17:37:31
"You have taken very good care of my Sadie Thank You!"
- Wendy Walker
08/22/2022 12:15:53
"All was good. There were no problems and all questions were addressed."
- Judy Baker
08/21/2022 21:06:49
"Everything went well, really good experience.."
- Sherri McGraw
08/12/2022 22:53:00
"You are doing great, I have no complaints."
- Carolyn Evans
07/29/2022 04:11:53
"I love the attention Qinling (ling ling ) gets! It is exceptional! We get specialized care and always feel confident of her care. You are thorough and quick, especially necessary when she feels uncomfortable. Thank you"
- Melissa Poindexter
07/23/2022 21:17:57
"Excellent care and updates were sent with pictures. Dr. Williams and staff are very compassionate. Clinic is clean and comfortable. Pets receive the best of care. Best vet hospital in Huntsville!"
- Martha Hutchinson
07/23/2022 19:17:01
"The staff at front desk have been very nice and helpful lately. "
- Kayla Bailey
07/14/2022 02:45:29
"We could not be more pleased with 11th st veterinary hospital. They are so caring and thorough with our pets. The staff are all so polite and professional."
- Wonda & Elbert Corcoran
07/07/2022 21:17:54
"They love our Cotton & take very good care of her while we are gone. We know we can trust them with our dog."
- Jimmy Taylor
07/03/2022 19:49:18
"I have no complaints whatsoever. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and I will be boarding there again. "
- Tammi Larson
06/29/2022 16:05:46
"The two traveling vets, Dr Lee was the last and now I'm blanking on the first, were EXCELLENT."
- George Randall
06/28/2022 22:55:44
"Staff is top notch. We feel like they care each time. "
- Ray Hernandez
06/24/2022 22:52:50
"11st street is the very best care my animals have ever received and the best customer service I’ve ever experienced."
- Alicia Spivey
06/20/2022 16:52:40
"Yall are a great vet. Techs are very friendly and loving with the animals. Vet is caring while examing pets. We've been coming here gor 25 years."
- Connie Spencer
06/02/2022 04:56:13
"It’s always a welcoming environment, With wonderful customer service!"
- Margaret Thomas
06/01/2022 20:11:40
"I really appreciated how kind everyone was. I brought my furry friend in because he was sick and I was really worried about him. It seemed like everyone could tell that I was concerned and treated my pet and myself with empathy and understanding from the moment I called to make an appointment to when I left."
- Rachel O'Neill
05/31/2022 16:14:30
"This year was so much better than the previous year regarding COVID-19. It was so nice to meet face to face."
- Julie Warner
05/21/2022 19:17:29
"as always, excellent compassionate care"
- Traci Sadler
05/11/2022 16:16:40
"Always take very good care of Cotton"
- Jimmy Taylor
05/04/2022 19:23:04
"Y’all always go above and beyond!"
- Sierra Nixon
04/30/2022 23:02:00
"Good job. I can't think of anything negative."
- Richard Gladden
04/30/2022 00:40:12
"Amazing!! Keep up the good work!!"
- Princess Reyes
04/27/2022 04:05:29
"We are so pleased with everybody at 11 th Street Veterinary Hospital. They are all so caring and helpful. The doctor even takes the time to call me to let me know how our pets are doing. The staff even call the next day to see how our pet is doing after being at the Vet's office. Every time we take one of our pets into 11 th Street Veterinary Hospital we are so pleased with how caring and helpful everyone is."
- Wonda & Elbert Corcoran
04/15/2022 18:56:23
"I have always been so happy with the professional care Dr. Williams gives to my fur babies."
- Loretta Marshall
04/10/2022 22:20:33
"The docs go out of their way to take care of our fur babies. The techs and office staff are friendly and helpful!"
- Marjean Creager
04/09/2022 19:23:11
"GiGi was very well taken care of and she was very happy."
- Lana Stewart
04/05/2022 23:10:47
"I had A great time I would tell others about my visit and u guys were really good with Ginger this being her first time they explained everything to me "
- Abby Lebedzinski
04/01/2022 18:37:46
"Love all the people who work there. They know my dogs and care for them like their own. "
- Patricia Nixon
03/10/2022 03:28:18
"I was pleased with how professional and catering the staff was . They weee very informative and compassionate about my dogs illness . I am very pleased with this veterinarian . I will now continue to use this office for my pets . Thank you for being so supportive and caring. "
- Tammi Larson
03/03/2022 20:31:14
"Very well. Always improving."
- Coralie Blount
02/19/2022 21:00:24
"YALL ARE GREAT! I always feel cared for and so do the pups."
- Marjean Creager
02/06/2022 23:20:42
- Robin Trostad
02/02/2022 16:02:52
- Sandra Hasty
01/30/2022 19:05:22
"Bella came back smelling great and we were very happy with the care she received while being boarded! "
- Carissa Booth
02/03/2021 01:35:44
"Staff is the BEST! Thank you for all you do - We are always pleased!"
- Trey Wharton
01/30/2021 17:31:37
"Everything was perfect! No complaints. The employee was great! Very friendly and knowledgeable! "
- Nanette Snider
01/24/2021 21:06:58
"Best of care is always provided. Vets and techs are highly qualified and communicative even under the covid restrictions of not being able to see them in person. My precious furry companion is finally healing from multiple issues that other vets would never have detected, much less figured out how to resolve."
- Barb Rice
01/20/2021 22:09:37
"Absolutely wonderful care and compassion! Wonderful doctor and excellent staff! "
- Traci Sadler
01/20/2021 20:10:36
"I'm very satisfied with your service."
- Betty Larson
01/15/2021 21:42:43
"The Vet Techs are great!"
- Terry Kunz
01/14/2021 23:28:31
"The veterinary treatment and care that my pets receive at the clinic is always excellent loving care."
- Stephen King
01/14/2021 21:12:09
"My dog always has received the best of care and attention. I am always confident that she will get the best attention she needs and she will be treated like one of their own. Dr. Williams and her staff are so kind and considerate and always professional. "
- Kathy White
01/11/2021 19:44:12
"1st time patients. We are very pleased. Staff is friendly and the veterinarian made sure that I understood everything that transpired and answered all my question. Hopefully this will be a permanent location for us. "
- Lakeshia Turner
01/10/2021 20:07:31
"All the staff was most helpful in scheduling, in admitting, in treating, and in dismissing Casper from the clinic. I was called after we got home and again this morning to check on my kitty. I appreciate the attention to requests for grooming all the matted hair. You discovered an ear infection and treated the condition. Yes, I will continue to visit this clinic for all animal situations."
- Glenda Laney
01/08/2021 23:09:46