"BCPH have always been great. I think maybe because of the construction and current Covid your phone lines are hard to access. There have been times where it had a busy signal on both landlines. In case you guys are not aware of your landlines. Otherwise the service level is always excellent. Thank you again!"
- Nerissa Tanjuatco
07/08/2020 19:37:44
"When I visit (even before Corona virus), things in the office do not seem organized. Customer service and communication to people waiting is lacking. Have been frustrated on several different occasions due to lack of communication and clarity. Still come back because the office is close to my house."
- Daniel Nakashima
07/08/2020 18:32:48
"Dr, Nguyen was so responsive and helpful. Thank you. "
- Betty Shon
07/08/2020 18:31:00
"Staffs are very nice and Dr.Lee did an excellent job explaining how the examination went over the phone. He was precise and answered all my questions that I have written down."
- Kristen Kim
07/08/2020 16:10:26
"Bringing Abby by for a visit during a pandemic went as well as could be expected. I felt as safe as possible."
- Allyson Washburn
07/07/2020 17:43:15
"Dr. W Lee and Blue Cross Pet Hospital staffs are outstanding. Thanks so much for taking care of my Bebii’s health. I would refer Blue Cross Pet Hospital to my friends and neighbors. "
- The Dac Tran
07/04/2020 15:22:50
"My cat Skeeter was very sick. I appreciated Dr. Lee’s actions in helping me determine what needed to be done. He sent me to AIMSS for an ultra scan from which we were able to diagnose the seriousness of the problem. Prior to that, he xrayed Skeeter and gave her hydration. She was euthanized the next day, but Dr. Lee helped me by being honest and not giving me false hope. This is a wonderful vet hospital that I have gone to for years. They are just great."
- Mary Ann DeSouza
07/03/2020 23:55:59
"Thanks for being flexible on squeezing Sophie in for an appointment. I really appreciate it!"
- Lisa Lopshire
07/03/2020 17:47:02
"Good customer service. Always able to get a timely appt. Trustworthy staff."
- Jay Howard
06/30/2020 17:05:16
"Understand that while we need to practice mask wearing and safe distancing to ensure safety I would also hope that consideration be taken into account with your policy. Example. When one has a family member ( 🐕) who’s been a part of the family for many years I would hope exception could be made at end of life so that a family member can be present as our pet crosses the rainbow bridge. It’s the right thing to do as we face our loss. Both for our pet as well as our wellbeing at such a difficult time. "
- Ed Burket
06/29/2020 22:27:50
"Well, considering the pandemic your new system of maintaining social distancing is commendable. It’s a pity that I couldn’t be present with my pet when the doctor checked her out but this new normal we all have to accept. I anticipate the situation will worsen when it rains. But that’s in the future!"
- Moinuddin Alamgir
06/27/2020 21:30:55
"I was very pleased with the service. The only complaint I have was having to wait for 10+ minutes in line to pick up my dog after her appointment. Otherwise, the staff is friendly, helpful, and Dr. Lee is always a pleasure to deal with. Thank you!"
- Alexander Coughlin
06/25/2020 22:51:23
"Under the circumstances of Covid-19, I completely understand the limitations everybody has to deal with. The only thing I might suggest is that there be some place clients can wait for their animals that is indoors. Not everybody drives. Also,and it’s minor , but on Jaggers paperwork, he is listed as being five years old, and he is ten years old. I assume Dr. Lee was aware of Jaggers age, but will call to make sure. Staff is very nice, and super helpful! Also,I was happy I could get him in to see Dt.Lee so quickly! I’ve always liked Blue Cross, and it’s good to. See it in good hands! "
- Lea Curry
06/25/2020 20:25:08
"Thank goodness for Blue Cross! My three little four pawed family is well cared for by an amazing staff. You are the best!! Pooch kisses 😘 "
- Suzanne Avila
06/22/2020 15:22:27
"I had a great experience bringing Paisley to have her ear looked at. The practices you have put into place to keep everyone safe during COVID-19 made me feel so comfortable bringing her in, especially because I felt safe and that we were ensuring we weren't bringing any risk to your staff by keeping the right social distance, etc. Thank you so much for all that you do to help make sure Paisley is healthy and happy. We really appreciate all that you do!!"
- Erin Mckeown
06/18/2020 17:29:20
"I'm pleased with your no-contact with humans protocol during this stage of "shelter in place" and so fr pleased with the doctor - although I don't think I met her but for a minute back in early March. I appreciate the doctor calling me while I waiting for the dogs' visits to be complete, giving me a full description of their conditions, and that the staff would take my credit card payment also by phone so that we did not have to have any more contact than absolutely necessary."
- Linda Lyon
06/18/2020 04:12:57
"All way great service from Dr. Lee and his wonderful staff!!! Thank you. Norma, Bebe & Horchata"
- Norma Lorenzi
06/14/2020 20:42:33
"Fast appointment scheduling and great flexibility. Thank you! "
- Yaroslavna Bernies
06/13/2020 18:22:01
"Great job answering all of my questions! Only thing is I paid for a stool test and was told I'd be given a container for his test that I could return any time. I was not given a container for this and will need to return to get it. Also, I asked for written directions for the ear cleaning and medication which I was told I would be given. This did not happen either. "
- Alexandra Stancon
06/13/2020 17:04:07
"Staff were respectful of social distancing and wearing masks. They took in my cat right on time for her appointment. It was not a medical emergency, but an important care issue and staff did exactly what I needed for my dear cat."
- Elizabeth MacLeod
06/13/2020 01:10:53
"The care and communication was great. I hope you can restore the exterior and reception area as it currently does not inspire confidence."
- Michael McNabb
06/13/2020 00:28:33
"All good"
- Leland Garofalo
06/12/2020 20:19:21
"The staff is kind and caring."
- Cynthia Devance
06/12/2020 16:19:58
"We have a dog-aggressive dog, who can be difficult and only adds to the complication of COVID and our current situation. On our last visit BCPH pulled out all the stops and gave us the royal treatment, and we really, really appreciated it. Thank you!!"
- Sadie Valeri
06/10/2020 18:13:37
"Great job on our dog. He’s doing great the day after. Kept me informed throughout the day of the procedure. "
- Fredrika Camozzi
06/09/2020 20:54:32
"Best pet care. Great staff and my dog loves going there."
- Toni Primus
06/09/2020 17:05:50
"Pros: - really love how the whole staff cares about our pets and takes great care!!!! - your pricing is good Cons: - you guys need more staff support (I’m usually on hold on the phone for 5-8 minutes, usually a line in the alleyway, and staff seems overworked) - I wish you guys could look into having your own 10 minute drop off only zone outside in the street as parking can be difficult Overall my experience has been very positive. Wanted to thank you very much!!!!!! "
- Taylor John
06/08/2020 15:42:02
"it's not really fair to judge during this crazy time, especially when you have construction going on. And you seem to have a whole new crew of technicians (Milo comes in for his nail trim and de-matting). It's hard not seeing whoever it is who works on him; I used to know the technicians and they were especially nice to Milo -- I imagine they still are, whoever they are. This remote thing is tough for everybody. Basically, I am quite happy with Blue Cross and will continue to bring Milo and Violet for their medical needs. You have taken good care of both of them."
- Maya Mahrer
06/07/2020 20:27:13
"Pretty good, the Dr answered all my questions "
- Chun Fen Wang
06/07/2020 19:53:52
"I will not be coming back as much as I love Dr. Lee. Your care & concern around distancing and protecting clients about the virus is unnacceptable...in fact probably illega right now and I plan to report it. You had a client call me an Fffiin Horr when I had to ask him to keep 6ft which I should not have to be doing, and your own employees did not honor the rules weeks ago when I was there. I am afraid to come back to your vet."
- Rebecca Lyon
06/07/2020 18:13:41
"Just waiting time need to be fix"
- Viola (PAWS) Ryan
06/05/2020 21:10:47
"The social distancing could be improved. I understand the entrance is being remodeled but having people stand in a narrow hallway where we have to walk past each other at much closer than six feet does not make sense. The phone call with the vet was good and informative and I know you’re doing what you can during these times."
- Allison Fernald
06/04/2020 18:21:34
"I don’t know. Once you reopen fully I’ll let you know. By the way I’m still waiting to hear from you regarding Rhett’s X-ray results"
- Elvin Ortiz
06/03/2020 21:08:10
"Dr. Lee has always given great care to Zoe, my cat. That is why I return to him for her care. The front desk is always so polite and kind when ever I need the i/d biscuits or to make an appointment."
- Frederic Wallace
06/02/2020 19:14:37
"As a result of the Pandemic: Not being able to talk to the Vet directly so that our dog's symptoms couldn't be acted out visually (in this case Tiger is having some kind of spasms/seizures that are hard to describe in writing) was frustrating. The doctor's hesitancy to prescribe sedatives although we have been receiving them for years from Dr. Wong to help our dog survive the 4th of July, etc. was irritating. Your office staff was competent and sympathetic (the humor was appreciated) and helped a good deal. "
- Danny Jenkins Roman
06/01/2020 23:16:12
"All staffs are always very friendly and shows kind concern about my pet’s condition"
- Toyoko Swingle
05/31/2020 19:27:59
"Experience was great. Blue cross has done a nice job handling pet drop offs amid covid-19 - the process was super easy and efficient. Thank you for taking care of my pup!"
- Cecilia Bayer
05/31/2020 17:56:00
"Considering the Social Distancing Guidelines and that you're under construction, all went smoothly and as planned for our visit. thank you, Karen Mar and Daisy"
- Karen Mar
05/30/2020 19:01:06
"Very good experience"
- Andrew Ng
05/30/2020 17:00:43
"I think Dr. Lee and his staff are the best and go above and beyond. Especially with sensitive pets. Spike Lee never comes back traumatized and is always in the best hands there. Thank you so much for your excellent care. I tell people how great you are and highly recommend Dr. Lee and his staff. "
- Sally Pincus
05/28/2020 18:07:11
"just my first visit, all good."
- Anne Boekelheide
05/27/2020 18:04:43
"I needed to pick up medication for my dog. I wore a mask and followed your directions. It was easy and straight forward and luckily there was only one other person in front of me when I arrived so I didn't have to wait very long. "
- Courtney Jones
05/26/2020 22:17:28
"I like the friendly staff, which is hard to come by on a vet's office. Thank you!"
- Thalia Higuera
05/26/2020 19:43:21
"I think you're doing a great job. Dr.s Lee and Nguyen are both very professional and patiently answer all of my questions. The staff is very nice. My dog usually freaks out at vets but at Blue Cross he wags his tail as he's led in without me!"
- Michael Bailey
05/24/2020 22:25:53
"The staff at BCPH are always friendly and I trust them with my cats. They explain everything clearly."
- Sherman Chen
05/24/2020 22:03:48
" Dr.Lee he has very good experience he take care man dog very well "
- Lai Na Li
05/24/2020 22:01:47
"We had an appt for both dogs. I was surprised that I was told to leave them at the vet and they would call once finished. But all went well and we got a call later of the results. Seemed quite organized. "
- Lisa Miller
05/24/2020 19:51:17
"I am very happy how you take care of Juno. Please continue what you do. "
- Sang-I Hutton
05/24/2020 19:00:51
"So far so good. Dr.Nguyen was very attentive."
- Christopher Perkins
05/24/2020 09:27:26
"Great customer service with the woman I spoke with and very accommodating Dr Lee for my pet emergency needs"
- Kristi Nakayama
05/23/2020 14:53:41
"I really like the staff. It’s clear everyone loves the animals and that’s most important."
- Wilson Kong
05/23/2020 03:24:00
"Hopefully, like most pet owners, I'm neurotic about the health and safety of Harlow. She's everything to me. I do my best to give her a great life. Blue Cross Pet Hospital was recommended (by 3 different people) to me when she was a puppy. The staff is unfailingly polite and professional. Dr Lee is kind, patient and explains his findings clearly and is open to questions. Harlow is 10 years old, now. I wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Debi Gould
05/22/2020 21:36:52
"It was a great experience this time! Super efficient and the setup, even during COVID, was well planned out, professional and cute. I did have to wait a bit but it was not too long (a little over an hour for the appt), so I didn't mind. Dr. Lee was great on the phone explaning everything to me and answering my questions!"
- Elena Hansen
05/22/2020 21:32:05
"I really appreciated the social distancing. Reduced my anxiety about coming out of my house. "
- Alice Jue
05/22/2020 20:46:13
"Very friendly & accommodating staff. "
- Henry Chinsky
05/22/2020 18:12:12
"The last appointment I was sat waiting an incredibly long time. And I was disappointed to be charged extra for a from I needed for an airline. "
- Crystal Bree
05/22/2020 16:10:38
"Everything was great but I think you should have hand sanitizer outside after we touch the clipboard and pen😀"
- Lisa Delevati
05/21/2020 16:43:15
"All was great! I really like how you are setup during the Virus and the fact that you are separating appointments and have the mom and dads not go in the facility."
- Maria Boyle
05/20/2020 15:20:08
"I have been a customer for 15 years and love the care you provide my pet family. Even with GiGi's reaction to the rabies vaccination your compassion towards me is undeniably appreciated. The office has taken a new look from the years past and I am pleased. Thank you!"
- Carla Robinson
05/16/2020 22:25:53
"I am very pleased with the one on one attention both of my dogs receive."
- Dan Finkle
05/16/2020 21:33:45
"Very friendly care. Front office staff very efficient. Dr Nguyen, though I haven't met her in person yet, seems very caring and patient. "
- Richard Quan
05/16/2020 20:18:25
"I've always been very happy with our experience at Blue Cross. You all take great care of my Benny boy. "
- Ronald Squillante
05/16/2020 17:55:44
"We really appreciate the staff being patient and always ready to help! Micah has had her fair share of issues and the staff has always been patient! Special thanks to Dr. Lee for being attentive and really caring about Micah’s health! "
- Amy Hsiao
05/15/2020 21:01:11
"I have been with you guys for years, you’re great "
- Louis Gaylord
05/15/2020 20:10:32
"The service was swift and thorough. It was great to do contact-free hand-off."
- Mark Inman
05/15/2020 19:22:48
"Hi There, Chloe came in for a nail trim. Thank you to the Vet Tech who treated her; nails were trimmed beautifully. Best, Joanne "
- Joanne Riley
05/04/2020 06:17:59
"During this time of COVID19, I was super pleased to know that the office was open for regular vet appts. My dog usually attends most of her medical visits with SPCA but they have been closed since shelter in place was enforced. My appt with your vet was easy and same day too. Once we made it to the office, good instructions were given and signs everywhere on how to proceed with checking in. I had a chance to talk to the vet who handled my case. Dr Lee was nice, patient and talked thru the necessary treatment and diagnosis for my doggy. I felt comfortable, safe and trusting of their staff during this entire experience. I will def continue for us to continue my relationship with them and with their care for my dog."
- Janet Gong
05/03/2020 17:21:07
"Very smooth and easy dropoff and pick up process! I appreciate the communication during the appt as well to let me know what was going on with my dog and I could choose how to proceed. Thanks so much for all your care!"
- Vivienne Shi
05/02/2020 21:38:04
"The process with social distancing worked out great, these are tough times and I felt comfortable leaving my pup alone "
- Haley Berg
05/02/2020 16:21:01
"So grateful you were able to see Pod the day I called. Drop-off, pick-up was easy and safe. Thank you!!"
- David Chalk
05/01/2020 15:24:15
"Dr. Lee is excellent."
- Mary Carlier
04/20/2020 17:31:36
"Thank you for a wonderful experience. The staff are very professional. Dr Nguyen was great in treating Trixie. I thank her for the communication to me re: Trixie’s care. She was very good in explaining her finding, the choice I have in treating her, results of her lab works and what I need to do in treating her. I would give her 4 stars in communication. Thank you."
- Linda Rosario
04/19/2020 21:26:51
"I have only the best things to say about Blue Cross! Dr. Lee is very thorough and caring. If my pup is happy, I'm happy!"
- Ellen Shmunis
04/17/2020 17:26:11
"Stephanie answered my initial email inquiry very quickly and made me feel you all are on top of things. I also like how you spelled out on your website the protocol for pet clinic visits during this period of time. "
- Josette Allan
04/16/2020 19:10:28
"You really care about your client's pets. As for me you have done a great job caring for my 2 pets. Man'son was really good yesterday 4/13/2020 and i thank you."
- Damon Sauceda
04/14/2020 22:20:43
"I don’t have anything bad to say. Someone always answers the phone- real time & in person. The cost is super reasonable. Best prices in the city. Dr. Gave expert advice and opinion and when given the opportunity to use costly diagnostics he didn’t bc they weren’t clinically indicated. "
- Natalie Peters
04/11/2020 21:17:16
"despite what's going on with covid-19, you guys still kept the process organized as much as reasonable; thank you!"
- May Win
04/11/2020 18:29:30
"Love this place. Always take great care of our pet "
- Blake Bell
04/11/2020 18:11:09
"we are always quite satisfied with your services and the staff could not be nicer"
- Lisa Taormina (Desposito)
04/11/2020 17:02:21
"I greatly appreciate you guys! Even when life was normal. Knowing you’re there now and can deal with my problem child’s fear of everything and return him trimmed and happy is a great relief. "
- Larry Kuchan
04/10/2020 20:52:51
"Great job, thanks for being flexible, kind and taking the time to explain everything."
- Yaroslavna Bernies
04/10/2020 16:30:36
"Thanks for being open during quarantine!"
- Marianne Tassone
04/10/2020 02:57:25
"very caring and responsive staff"
- Helena Chan
04/09/2020 21:16:48
"Great job dealing with the current situation"
- Samantha Munoz
04/08/2020 21:50:04
"you are doing a great job, especially with the virus situation. thank you for still taking care of our pets!"
- Charina Chou
04/08/2020 18:52:51
"Given the circumstances, I thought the communication was good and our dog got good and appropriate care. He is much perkier."
- Kathleen Morgan
04/08/2020 18:49:33
"I love how the staff and doctor is so attentive and took the time to call me and explain the different medications and options for my senior dog. "
- Hyang Ku Sim
04/08/2020 18:45:00
"Nothing but positive things! Even during this crisis, BCPH is still putting our pets first. They are always attentive and helpful. No complaints."
- Alister Lee
04/08/2020 18:05:19
"Wonderful service! Blue Cross's Team always takes the best care of Aiden and makes him smile every time he visits."
- Dynasti Hunt
03/30/2020 15:17:51
"I was very happy to see the safety precautions that you are taking due to the pandemic. Despite the logistical complications you made me feel that my pets were cared for and safe in your hands."
- Brandon Gill
03/29/2020 21:23:08
"Firstly I appreciate SO much that the doctors answered all of my questions, picked up on all of waz’s issues and the solution suggested seems to be working. I feel the care, commitment to staying open and staying safe during this time. Feeling very grateful. "
- Alex Liss
03/28/2020 15:40:26
"We love u guys! We’re sad we’re moving away."
- Ninny Wan
03/28/2020 03:32:12
"I appreciate you being open during this virus. Everyone Ive been in contact with has been very nice, helpful and professional."
- Michael Bailey
03/25/2020 20:01:50
"I appreciated the cautionary measures taken to limit human interactions due to the current situation. As always, the friendly staff makes visits easy and the doctors care enough to have actual conversations when explaining your pet's health"
- Stephen Arboleda
03/23/2020 19:26:10
"Everyone is very kind and professional. "
- Jacqueline Beavers
03/23/2020 17:18:42
"Grateful Blue Cross is still open to see my pets, considering the Shelter in place order in effect. Dr. Lee was very understanding about our financial situation. It's comforting to know that our pets will still be cared for amidst this health crisis. One less worry on top of all our others... thank you!"
- Xenia Dea
03/22/2020 18:29:21
"Everything is good nice people working there"
- Ana Poot-Polanco
03/22/2020 16:56:42
"Experience I had was excellent the employees are always wonderful and respectful and make sure everything's taken care of. We are in the middle of the house crisis as everyone knows and still you are able to care for my dog and keep us safe as well. So I really would like to thank the staff."
- Isabella (PAWS) Serrano
03/22/2020 16:16:57
"You always put our animals first and take such good care of them. You explain things clearly to us and give us options with their treatment plans. You educate and never shame us. I don't doubt that the decisions you suggest are for the well-being of our animals."
- Danny Smith
03/21/2020 23:59:54
"I was happy how your office handled the situation with the covid virus, keeping everyone separate. Both my cats had teeth pulled and everything went well."
- Cindy Hodges
03/21/2020 07:24:25