"you are doing good "
- Christopher Miller
09/29/2020 14:25:00
"YOu need more phone support. Being put on hold for more than 5 minutes isn't great. Also it seems you are always booked solid. That being said, Dr. Nguyen has always been very responsive which helps alot. "
- Betty Shon
09/29/2020 01:40:27
"Overall staff are very friendly and professional. Just need more receptionist so phone calls doesn’t have to hold for a while."
- Divina Carlson
09/28/2020 00:14:12
"Line up procedure needs some tweaking. We were 4 people deep with 1st person standing at the sign that says “stop here”. So no one at the office realized there was a line building up until I finally called the office to ask if any is coming to check on the line. So maybe a doorbell or intercom needs to be where the “stop here” area so we could tell you that we’re waiting in line."
- Christopher Perkins
09/28/2020 00:07:57
"I would have liked to actually see the vet (whom I've never met) in person! Even a Skype chat would have been better. Standing around outside? Meh..."
- Yolanda Debyle
09/27/2020 22:49:28
"Dr. Nguyen is amazing and the reason I keep coming back even though there is a closer vet near me. Excellent attention detail and thorough exams/review. And so patient, I’m so sorry my phone was on silent. You are the best, Dr. Nguyen!!! Also the intake vet asst on 9/26 for my three dogs was also very kind and helpful!"
- Nate Chung
09/27/2020 18:23:25
"Great job, as always"
- Gregory Pond
09/26/2020 19:12:15
"Less wait time for door bell to be answered, which was nice."
- Elisa Sciaroni-Huebner
09/26/2020 17:31:37
"I've had nothing but a good experience with BCPH! Have recommended you guys to friends as a result. Always helpful, friendly on the phone and in person."
- Robert Struck
09/24/2020 15:00:54
"Seemed quick and efficient yesterday."
- Dan Finkle
09/24/2020 14:11:23
"I think you are doing a great job. I'm sure dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 on the operations of your business has not been easy."
- Kevin Fink
09/24/2020 00:00:11
"Awesome !!!"
- Jennifer Walling
09/23/2020 03:57:02
"Friendly, professional, and relatively prompt (I know you're busy). THANKS! "
- Vance Nesbitt
09/20/2020 17:21:32
"Quick service. I had a great call with Dr. Lee who explained everything. The overall new protocol is great!"
- Paulina Lee
09/18/2020 15:18:14
"Great !"
- Louis Gaylord
09/17/2020 20:39:05
"Everything is fine and the staff is courteous. Dr. Lee is great."
- Gerald Beaugez
09/16/2020 18:54:00
"We're always very pleased with the service we get from all the folks at Blue Cross. We have no suggestions for improvement."
- Hyun Lee-Bible
09/16/2020 17:28:30
"Found you through recommendations on Yelp and Next Door. Thanks so much!"
- Christine Kemp
09/14/2020 22:58:54
"Everything was great, vet called me and was very detailed, gave me a lot of information and very specific instructions on how to take care of my pup."
- Chris Kinsinger
09/12/2020 14:37:19
"Handled our difficult dog with ease, even during the lockdown! Can't thank you enough. Thanks for making visiting the vet easy on us and Ripley. :)"
- Sadie Valeri
09/11/2020 19:02:56
"Doing awesome "
- Nerrisa Lu
09/10/2020 23:52:03
"You guys are awesome !"
- Roniesha Foster
09/10/2020 18:55:13
"the covid 19 social distancing is difficult for both humans and animals but you have done it in a well organized way. Also very much appreciate the phone time with Dr Nguyen at the conclusion of Sheba's visit which made the visit almost as good as if I was in the examining room with Sheba."
- Michael Smith
09/10/2020 08:24:38
"The entire team at Blue Cross Pet Hospital is so caring and attentive to Aiden every time he comes for a visit, so much so that he runs in excitedly because he can't wait for his visit! We appreciate how thoughtful the entire team is with his care."
- Dynasti Hunt
09/09/2020 17:12:46
"I appreciate the new process and keeping everyone safe. The staff are all very friendly and efficient. Dr Nguyen is very kind and takes the time to explain everything. Thank you to everyone at BCPH!"
- Laura Suruki
09/08/2020 21:41:31
"The coronavirus prevention system was easy to understand, and it was almost easier to talk about the bad outcomes of her tests and next steps on the phone that would have been in person. "
- Heidi Petersen
09/05/2020 22:05:24
"Covid protocol doesn't allow pet owners to go inside which is fine. I was waiting outside filing out the whiteboard while carrying two cats. That was difficult to do because I didn't want to put the carriers on the ground. There was a small table but I didn't see them sanitizing it. I wish they could put a larger table out and sanitize it every time. When my visit was over, I was told my receipt was sent to my email. They should have asked me first because Blue Cross used Gmail which I'm not a fan of. Now, Google has my name, email, and phone number. Great!"
- Sai Lam
09/05/2020 17:16:44
"The experience was very good. Thank you!"
- Susan Solomon
09/03/2020 23:27:02
"My experience was wonderful. The vet was kind and informative. The staff were also incredibly warm in a stressful situation. It is difficult in the COVID procedures to get all your questions answered, but the staff never hesitated to go back and forth several times to get my questions addressed. "
- Alisa Esser-Kahn
09/02/2020 22:08:18
"We had a great first visit at BCPH SF for Sparrow's 2nd round of puppy vaccinations! Dr. Lee was very helpful over the phone and gave us thorough feedback and clarification on all our concerns. All of the staff was very caring and went above and beyond. Thanks to all of you!"
- Jeremiah Gregory
08/31/2020 05:40:01
"You've always treated my dogs with excellent care and you've adapted to covid rapidly and effectively."
- Brandon Gill
08/28/2020 15:07:48
"Doing great. Good communication. Phones are often busy requiring multiple repeat tries"
- Jean Champion
08/28/2020 14:19:16
"I always love Blue Pet Hospital "
- Fernando L. Puglisi
08/28/2020 00:09:58
"Y'all are the best - I'm so sad I moved to another city and had to find another vet. I will miss how amazing y'all are!"
- Anne Rupley
08/27/2020 20:20:02
"Very good. The doctors are thorough and sympathetic when advising us about our cats situation. The staff is good as well. Particularly in these difficult times. "
- Barry Chatham
08/27/2020 19:11:14
"Great directions over the phone about how to find the entrance and check in my cat. Even with all the confusing pandemic procedures and the building remodel, I knew exactly where to go and what to do, which is important because my cat hates her carrier. The less wandering around and waiting with her in the carrier, the better! "
- Liza Kroeschell
08/27/2020 15:06:29
- Claudia Takahashi
08/26/2020 17:51:46
"I was happy with the level of care Roscoe (formerly Rainbow) received."
- Shirley Sato
08/26/2020 17:37:22
"Seems like this hospital is overbooked. Just getting someone to pick up the phone is by luck. Most of the time the line is busy. Then there’s always at least a 10 minute wait once you get someone on the phone. Staff is wonderful and friendly just difficult to get an appointment"
- Vitra Thai
08/26/2020 14:28:10
"Thanks for always taking care of my dog so well! Appts are quick and easy to schedule, and I feel like the doctors and techs all really care about my dog."
- Vivienne Shi
08/25/2020 18:20:00
"Great job with his teeth cleaning. No issues"
- Lev Malevanchik
08/25/2020 17:14:15
"responsive to patients needs"
- Mel Young
08/25/2020 14:42:39
"Accommodating and courteous "
- Roberta Silva
08/21/2020 18:52:11
"You guys are great. Dealing very well with virus precaution and very responsive care. Thanks so much. VERY PROFESSIONAL. THANKS FROM ME AND BOHDI"
- Charles Roppel
08/20/2020 23:04:57
"Doing great no complaints"
- Calvin Hsu
08/20/2020 21:31:17
"One day, the pandemic will be over, and I will be able to meet Dr. Lee in person."
- Linda Lyon
08/20/2020 03:51:43
"My first visit was really great. The staff is super friendly and Dr. Lee answered all my questions. I look forward to continuing this experience. Milú was very calm when he came out. "
- Tanya De La Jara
08/15/2020 04:21:04
"I am completely satisfied with the service. I've been coming for 15 years and will continue coming to BCPH."
- Carla Robinson
08/15/2020 00:31:26
"Excellent service, super friendly, and appreciated the the team explained the issues and told me my options (instead of just prescribing a bunch of stuff and saying I had to do it). Thanks!"
- Anita Ratnathicam
08/11/2020 23:03:53
"The procedures during the pandemic is very good,"
- Linda Sekino
08/11/2020 06:22:25
"Kayla & Cindy both have exceptional service & follow up. Dr. Lee’s phone manner was perfect-didn’t feel rushed, was very informative, and delivered with kindness."
- Mary Thompson
08/09/2020 18:56:56
"BCPH has created a safe environment during Covid!"
- Randall Hung
08/08/2020 22:42:46
"there is nothing bad to say....all was perfect! Your system for meeting my kitties during Covid is perfect!."
- Maria Boyle
08/08/2020 21:36:38
"All the staff, particularly Perla are very kind and most helpful. The give special and prompt care to my little dog health. The only thing that I would like to happen is that they offer discounts on medications for PAWS members, as other pets’ clinics offer. "
- Flor De Maria Rivas(PAWS)
08/06/2020 19:33:12
"My first visit was excellent. Dr. Nguyen is most professional in addressing my concerns. My dog’s bloodwork result were available the next. Dr. Nguyen and I were thrilled with my dog’s results. We scheduled him for oral surgery on August 12, 2020. Price quoted was very doable. Happy I found Blue Cross Vet!"
- Gladys Kupper
08/06/2020 18:42:48
"I have experienced nothing less than a professional visit. Thanks for the good work"
- DiJaida Durden
08/05/2020 20:40:47
"I have never had a bad experience with the Blue Cross team. Everyone is so nice, transparent, and accommodating. The doctors are also transparent and wonderful at answering all my questions and concerns. I know they always want the best for my dog and I never feel pressured to do anything I don’t feel comfortable with for my dog."
- Rosanne Chan
08/03/2020 15:35:21
"The whole experience was awesome. "
- Ana Poot-Polanco
08/03/2020 05:37:44
"Great service! Staff always take the time to answer my questions and when there’s an issue, they handle it very professionally!"
- Tamar Powell
08/02/2020 17:46:16
"I am very happy with the safety precautions you are taking due to the coronavirus. Keeping patients and staff safe is number one!"
- Cathy Karlovich
08/02/2020 17:05:29
"The service is always great at Blue Cross and we spent time talking about my dog and what she needs."
- Karen Mar
08/01/2020 23:11:27
"Great service. I feel confident that Bellarina is well taken care of by the veterinarian staff."
- Michelle Sexton
08/01/2020 04:51:33
"I honestly have no complaints. You all have taken care of Harlow since she was a puppy; she's 10 years old now. I appreciate the time Dr Lee and the techs spend with me; without ever feeling rushed. I'm able to ask questions, voice concerns and know that they're not falling on deaf ears. I also appreciate that there are no assumptions where her care is concerned. Thank you for following the Covid-19 guidelines; that too is comforting. I live on the other side of town; wish I lived closer...my only complaint."
- Debi Gould
07/30/2020 19:24:43
"Very good service"
- Andrew Ng
07/29/2020 18:19:14
"Even amid COVID-19 I always experience great communication between the staff, the vets, and myself. As a new pet owner getting to know our rescue dog I get nervous about every new quirk my pet displays. The staff is always very helpful and gives me great advice until I can get an appointment or speak with the vet! Thank you!! "
- Kyle Cannon
07/28/2020 22:18:34
"The Covid-era policies for drop-off, payment and pickup were safe and convenient. "
- Christopher Fraga
07/24/2020 18:15:35
"Very friendly; very cautious and patient with my dog. I appreciate the accommodations made to provide excellent service during the Covid-19 lockdown. Keep up the great work, big ap-paws to the team at Blue Cross Pet Hospital!"
- Dale Livezey
07/24/2020 04:53:18
"I appreciated that everything was on time! Your protocol for Covid felt efficient and safe. I appreciated being able to bring my dog in during this time."
- Ina Moon
07/23/2020 03:42:45
"The staff and Dr. Lee are doing amazing!! Thank you for your help. I appreciate all of you in making sure my pups are in good health! =)"
- Jennifer Gee
07/22/2020 22:00:02
"Dr. Lee was thorough in his diagnosis for Hoochoo and took the time to answer all my questions. The staff that received Hoochoo at the side door were very understanding of his constant barking. Thank you!"
- Daniel Lin
07/22/2020 04:54:16
"Blue cross Hospital takes every precaution for safe visit during the pandemic. Staff Is very kind and caring. I am very happy w their service for my dog, Cooper. And they will notify for follow up w the yearly vaccinations. Blue Cross Hospital is a wonderful facility for pet care❤️ "
- Fe Victorino
07/22/2020 01:21:45
"I had my dog spayed at your clinic recently and I was so pleased with the service of the entire staff. Everything from making an appointment to drop off to after surgery care was easy and seamless. Everyone I have spoke with here has been nothing short or friendly and helpful. Thank you for everything! "
- Christina Fogel
07/19/2020 15:35:01
"Great first experience. Totally safe set up with covid. Also, appreciated the vet recommending services but not telling me I had to do it as I've experienced in other pet hospitals."
- Scott Buckler
07/15/2020 20:31:58
"The staff all seem to be on top of it! Very efficient and friendly. Special shout out to Cindy who has always been very kind. "
- Josette Allan
07/12/2020 22:06:58
"My experience with your office was great. I felt like I was guided well through the process and received great information and education from the vet who saw my dogs. The employees I interacted with during the check in and check out process were also very friendly and informative. "
- Lauren Luna
07/11/2020 02:30:40
"I've visited twice during shelter-in-place. On my first visit, there was no one monitoring people in the line to find out whether they could be helped faster, so it took me a long time to get my dog back. This had improved on my second visit - someone was checking what people were in line for and processing them accordingly. My only complaint about this visit is that I had to walk around the block for literally an hour and a half - the estimated wait was 40-50 minutes, so I didn't think I had time to go home. I know that appointment length is somewhat out of your control, but holy cow, it feels like such a long wait when you're just circling the block hoping to get your dog back soon :-D I think you're doing really well under super-difficult circumstances, and I thank my lucky stars that I can still get care for my dog during a pandemic."
- Lucienne Roe
07/09/2020 17:30:18
"Dr, Nguyen was so responsive and helpful. Thank you. "
- Betty Shon
07/08/2020 18:31:00
"Staffs are very nice and Dr.Lee did an excellent job explaining how the examination went over the phone. He was precise and answered all my questions that I have written down."
- Kristen Kim
07/08/2020 16:10:26
"Bringing Abby by for a visit during a pandemic went as well as could be expected. I felt as safe as possible."
- Allyson Washburn
07/07/2020 17:43:15
"I had a great experience. I thought the way you all are dealing with covid 19 is very good. I felt safe and Birdie, my dog always likes you all."
- Ariane Peixoto
07/06/2020 04:33:53
"Dr. W Lee and Blue Cross Pet Hospital staffs are outstanding. Thanks so much for taking care of my Bebii’s health. I would refer Blue Cross Pet Hospital to my friends and neighbors. "
- The Dac Tran
07/04/2020 15:22:50
"My cat Skeeter was very sick. I appreciated Dr. Lee’s actions in helping me determine what needed to be done. He sent me to AIMSS for an ultra scan from which we were able to diagnose the seriousness of the problem. Prior to that, he xrayed Skeeter and gave her hydration. She was euthanized the next day, but Dr. Lee helped me by being honest and not giving me false hope. This is a wonderful vet hospital that I have gone to for years. They are just great."
- Mary Ann DeSouza
07/03/2020 23:55:59
"Thanks for being flexible on squeezing Sophie in for an appointment. I really appreciate it!"
- Lisa Lopshire
07/03/2020 17:47:02
"BCPH is great. I think you’ve adapted well during Covid. We enjoy how you treat Luna and talk to us. We really have nothing bad to say "
- Matthew Berman
07/03/2020 16:04:32
"Good customer service. Always able to get a timely appt. Trustworthy staff."
- Jay Howard
06/30/2020 17:05:16
"Well, considering the pandemic your new system of maintaining social distancing is commendable. It’s a pity that I couldn’t be present with my pet when the doctor checked her out but this new normal we all have to accept. I anticipate the situation will worsen when it rains. But that’s in the future!"
- Moinuddin Alamgir
06/27/2020 21:30:55
"Great efficient set-up, Dr. Lee is very thorough, friendly, easy to talk to. Great staff."
- Mark Neerman
06/26/2020 00:47:38
"I was very pleased with the service. The only complaint I have was having to wait for 10+ minutes in line to pick up my dog after her appointment. Otherwise, the staff is friendly, helpful, and Dr. Lee is always a pleasure to deal with. Thank you!"
- Alexander Coughlin
06/25/2020 22:51:23
"Thank goodness for Blue Cross! My three little four pawed family is well cared for by an amazing staff. You are the best!! Pooch kisses 😘 "
- Suzanne Avila
06/22/2020 15:22:27
"I am satisfied with the visit and very satisfied with communication with Dr. Nguyen and staff. I hope it is OK with the office that I email Dr. when Trixie is having health problems. I feel it is a better way for her to evaluate and advise what to do. I hope I can meet Dr. Nguyen someday in person. Thank you. Stay safe."
- Linda Rosario
06/19/2020 08:24:47
"I had a great experience bringing Paisley to have her ear looked at. The practices you have put into place to keep everyone safe during COVID-19 made me feel so comfortable bringing her in, especially because I felt safe and that we were ensuring we weren't bringing any risk to your staff by keeping the right social distance, etc. Thank you so much for all that you do to help make sure Paisley is healthy and happy. We really appreciate all that you do!!"
- Erin Mckeown
06/18/2020 17:29:20
"I'm pleased with your no-contact with humans protocol during this stage of "shelter in place" and so fr pleased with the doctor - although I don't think I met her but for a minute back in early March. I appreciate the doctor calling me while I waiting for the dogs' visits to be complete, giving me a full description of their conditions, and that the staff would take my credit card payment also by phone so that we did not have to have any more contact than absolutely necessary."
- Linda Lyon
06/18/2020 04:12:57
"All way great service from Dr. Lee and his wonderful staff!!! Thank you. Norma, Bebe & Horchata"
- Norma Lorenzi
06/14/2020 20:42:33
"Everything to praise. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Lee MARY Woods"
- Lee Woods
06/13/2020 18:02:01
"Staff were respectful of social distancing and wearing masks. They took in my cat right on time for her appointment. It was not a medical emergency, but an important care issue and staff did exactly what I needed for my dear cat."
- Elizabeth MacLeod
06/13/2020 01:10:53
"The care and communication was great. I hope you can restore the exterior and reception area as it currently does not inspire confidence."
- Michael McNabb
06/13/2020 00:28:33
"All good"
- Leland Garofalo
06/12/2020 20:19:21
"The staff is kind and caring."
- Cynthia Devance
06/12/2020 16:19:58
"We have a dog-aggressive dog, who can be difficult and only adds to the complication of COVID and our current situation. On our last visit BCPH pulled out all the stops and gave us the royal treatment, and we really, really appreciated it. Thank you!!"
- Sadie Valeri
06/10/2020 18:13:37
"Great job on our dog. He’s doing great the day after. Kept me informed throughout the day of the procedure. "
- Fredrika Camozzi
06/09/2020 20:54:32