"I have asked today and last Friday for a cost estimate for Lizzie’s surgery and lab work...still nothing! I am not pleased. I shall, of course, go through with the procedure, but an estimate would have been helpful."
- Colleen Walsh
01/12/2021 01:52:03
"It was great to be able to walk IN this time! Squeaky's appointment took no time at all."
- Jolene Enns
01/11/2021 23:23:58
"I've been going to this clinic for over 15 years and have nothing but positive experience with Dr. Lee and his staff!"
- Marina Kantorova
01/11/2021 20:33:12
"I am a returning client after moving out of the area for 4 years. I was so happy to be able to bring my new pet to Blue Cross. The atmosphere is welcoming and excellent service from the staff and doctors. My recent visit was reassuring that my pet is receiving the best possible care. "
- Monica Quattrin
01/09/2021 18:14:01
"Great service even with my shy dog "
- Elizabeth Kidd
01/09/2021 01:49:09
"I was initially concerned about giving my credit card information over the phone for payment. My cat was sick so I was forced to take a chance - however, I noticed another customer paying at the window inside the office so it worked out fine."
- Joey Yee
01/07/2021 22:57:31
"Felt very Covid safe. Staff was very pleasant. "
- Ray Lapointe
01/07/2021 15:09:56
" I was really hoping BCPH would become my dogs vet. Unfortunately, I seem to be let down every time I come here. I don’t have crazy expectations, I just want transparency and a sense of urgency. I sent a lengthy email to you 4 days before my dogs appt so the vet could be fully briefed on the situation heading into the appt, since I knew I would be unable to enter the exam room with my dog. I also spoke with a receptionist who assured me the email would be sent to Dr Lee before my dogs appt. Instead, we receive a call 30 mins into the appt asking us questions that I had fully laid out and explained in the email. Another 20 minutes and $500 later, we are told the xrays and blood work were being sent out and we would hear back early the next week. Wednesday rolls around (today) and we have heard nothing. When my partner calls the office because we are worried and still waiting, he is casually told the doctors have received the xrays but have yet to even look at them. How is that an acceptable response? We have been worried sick. There has been no sense of urgency or communication and frankly it’s absolutely disappointing. A little bit of communication goes a LONG way. "
- Christina Fogel
01/06/2021 20:40:46
"I know BlueCross is slammed, so I am trying to be empathetic to their plight. It's been difficult to work through an ongoing issue with the gaps in communication—either waiting on the vet to contact us back or not being able to talk to the vet when we call. Often the phone is off the hook. Our last visit was a very thorough and expensive exam, but it felt like we were providing the answers versus the vet advising us, and it's hard to say that we've built a connection with the vet when the visits and communication are so infrequent. I also prefer the old method of later pickup versus sitting in the car. We have appreciated the courtesy of everyone in the office. I like electronic receipts and how open they are to shopping around for prescriptions. Our dog really loves going to the vet so she is obviously being treated with great care. And the office remodels look really nice."
- Lisa Plachy
01/04/2021 23:09:05
"I appreciate the thoughtful way the office intake is organized and that it only allows for 1-4 people at a time. I think the great job at scheduling appointments allows for there really to be less than 1-2 people at a time. I appreciate the timeliness of the appointment, the intake staff were great, and Dr. Lee was very professional and warm on the phone. "
- Grace Cheng
01/04/2021 21:20:07
"Dr Nguyen fit me into the saturday schedule when Sheba was sick and needed to be seen by a doctor. She explained all procedures performed."
- Michael Smith
01/03/2021 23:51:45
"Your staff seems to be somewhat disorganized."
- Danny Jenkins Roman
01/03/2021 01:46:18
"Great. I really appreciate that someone always gets back to me via email in a timely manner."
- Vanessa Valle
01/01/2021 17:47:21
"I love the new office; easier to communicate with the receptionists. The staff is always so nice and professional. Under the current circumstances, I'm just grateful that the office is open. "
- Debi Gould
01/01/2021 04:31:54
"I love blue cross"
- Mirko Buchwald
12/31/2020 02:05:55
"I think they give quality care and concern when it comes to the care for your 🐶 they took great care for my chihuahua until his final days. They also, give quality care of my Shih tzu."
- Paul Robinson
12/30/2020 22:15:09
"Excellent communication and Covid protocols!"
- Anne-Marie Russo
12/21/2020 20:24:40
"I would appreciate if scheduling can be done through the calendar link I sent over. Pokki could've gotten care earlier that way."
- Marica Odagaki
12/21/2020 17:39:57
"Good remodel and protocols for covid"
- Vanessa Brown
12/21/2020 14:22:03
"Great Covid operations, we appreciate how you are keeping us and your team safe. Able to get an appointment quickly."
- George Guerrero
12/19/2020 17:16:46
"Everyone was super nice and professional. We were able to get an appointment on the same day we called so we are very grateful for that."
- Joyce Bae
12/18/2020 21:11:14
"I appreciate Dr.Nguyen not giving up on finding a solution to BiBi’s problem"
- Christopher Perkins
12/17/2020 19:24:59
"Always an enjoyable experience especially for my Rusty, also I am very happy to see the entrance is wheelchair accessible Always a great experience. ."
- Castllio Abello
12/17/2020 18:05:05
"I have only been there twice but I was very happy both times and find everyone I have dealt with to be very nice. I have already recommended you to a friend."
- Lalena Goard
12/16/2020 20:16:58
"I was pleased with everyone I came in contact with at BCPH. "
- Marla Allen
12/14/2020 06:14:12
"The staff and vets are wonderful!"
- Jeannette Lo
12/13/2020 01:20:44
"Efficient effective enforcing prevention protocol"
- Patricia Morales
12/10/2020 23:55:06
"I think your practice is doing great especially considering covid. You’ve done all that you can do to keep everyone safe while providing care for our pets. We appreciate you! "
- Julie Zberg
12/10/2020 17:37:10
"COVID instructions confusing. Email says wait outside, text says 2 people in the lobby, sign on the door says 4 people. I got two texts to confirm the appt and then a email reminder followed "
- Michael Wonders
12/10/2020 00:23:41
"i have been with Blue cross hospital 45 years Dr. Lee and his team are efficient, kind and caring. Best place for service for third member of family Amberlea"
- Toni Giorgianni
12/09/2020 22:26:15
"Everyone at Blue Cross pet hospital is amazing. The vet techs, the doctors, and all of the front of the house staff. You’re attentive and also the ONLY vet in SF that doesn’t try to price gouge. You’re the best! "
- Julia Hesselroth
12/09/2020 18:44:01
"Have been especially happy with the care provided by DR. Nguyen and staff. In fact, cannot say enough good things about the attentiveness, humanity and detail of care. We now commute 60 miles to get to our pets appointments because we value the care that much. "
- Vilja Breiling
12/08/2020 22:09:39
"Dr was thorough and knowledgeable "
- Rosaline Verbrugghe
12/08/2020 17:37:54
"Need to make sure everyone knows your policy. They also follow it. Some lady went right in front of me even though I was waiting for someone to move out."
- Steven Nunez-jirgl
12/07/2020 19:06:33
"We appreciate your care for Blondie and for the reminds when her vaccinations are due. Much appreciated! "
- Geoffrey Lippert
12/06/2020 19:02:01
"Lab techs are the best. "
- Caroline Louie
12/05/2020 01:34:54
"Excellent office staff and doctor services"
- Steve Van Elswyte
12/04/2020 20:20:05
"Would have liked to have been told to bring vaccination history ahead of time. It’s been a while since we’ve had a puppy. Fortunately one of us was home. Still love you guys!"
- Wilson Kong
12/04/2020 17:28:50
"Staff is very friendly. We did not get a chance to meet the vet but she seemed very professional, informative and nice over the phone. Most importantly after treatment our dig olive seems to be feeling better. Thank you all very much for the good care of our dog. Happy Holidays to you all!"
- Donald Hong
12/03/2020 18:15:50
"Great staff - super helpful and kind during our emergency appointment for pup with an anal gland infections. "
- Sydney Wallace
12/03/2020 17:25:32
"Every time I call the line is busy. If by some miracle someone answers, I'm put on hold for an extremely long time. I got a message from the Doctor who saw my cat, asking me to call back, I never got through. Maybe if you have important health-related information to tell your clients about their companions, email is a reasonable option to convey these messages if I can't get through to receive the necessary information over the phone. When I finally reached someone, I asked to get a refill for the meds my cat needs. There was a bit of push-back from the receptionist, she stated that I'd have to call back on Monday (it was Saturday when I finally got through). I informed her that I've been trying to get through to them for days, if not weeks at this point, and I had just given the last of the meds the night prior and was completely out. I just needed a refill and thee medication was on file. Its very confusing to be confronted with this seeming dismissive attitude. It's almost as if this clinic is actively trying to do as LITTLE as possible for their patients. Luckily, the receptionist was able to call me back and fill the prescription and told me that the office was open til 5 but closed for an hour for lunch. I couldn't remember if it was 12-1 or 1-2. I showed up at 1:50pm and was relieved to see the door ajar with an actual sign hanging off the door handle that said "OPEN". I went inside, sanitized my hands, and said hello to the receptionist behind the desk. Said i was there to pick up some meds. She looked up my info and said how much the cost would be. I pulled out my wallet and gave her my card. She responded by telling me that they were "Actually CLOSED right now. From 1-2pm.. Can you come back after 2pm?".. By the time she said this, it was probably 1:55-57pm. As someone who also takes clients for a living, I am completely shocked at how horrible the service is at this Clinic. I'm sure it isn't easy to run a clinic, but it really feels as if you're actively making it HARDER on the people who choose to patronize this place. Emailing doctor's notes might help on phone congestion.. also prebooking appointments might help also. I don't know.."
- Kate Vail
12/02/2020 21:58:14
"The renovated office looked great, and the process for dropping off our dog and chatting with the vet via phone was a great solution for Covid. Everything was awesome!"
- John Gower
11/30/2020 22:56:42
"Pleasant and accommodating staff. Dr Lee good w his patients, helpful in explaining my dog’s situation. I wish though that Blue Cross Vet Hospital would give an estimate cost of procedure so that owners will be aware of cost before giving consent."
- Fe Victorino
11/29/2020 21:26:57
"Doug Good"
- Viola Ryan
11/28/2020 00:27:15
"We had a great experience. Thank you for making time to make sure Jovi was ok. Really appreciate you squeezing us in at the last minute."
- Andrew Miller
11/27/2020 00:15:48
"While I was talking to our doctor, a technician started talking to another patient, Their conversation was so loud that I could hardly hear what the doctor was saying. I felt that it was rude and unfair. "
- Yasuhiro Tanaka
11/26/2020 20:15:44
"Amazing experience, everyone was kind to me and elf . Love the energy!"
- Leonardo Gallegos
11/26/2020 19:12:44
"I appreciate that you told us to expect an hour, and it ended up being much quicker! Also appreciated the phone calls during the exam. The vet spent a good amount of time talking to us, and I felt she would've stayed on much longer if we had questions."
- Susie Dea
11/25/2020 20:34:50
"Thanks Guys you do great job on my baby dogs. If a pleasure have a wonderful professional pet care on my side"
- Alexis Albarran
11/25/2020 19:48:22
"The intake and follow up was good. The tech who called on Saturday AM may be little inexperienced and seemed a little more alarmed than necessary. I did appreciate her concern."
- Donna Aldrich
11/23/2020 19:00:09
"I was given(by SPCA on Fillmore) thirty - 100mg gabapentin capsules with instructions to give half twice a day. Difficulty in determining how much half was, led my request to BCPH for 50mg gabapentin, which I received. But only for 30 tabs. My math indicates it should have been for 60 tabs. Also, I would have appreciated knowing first how much more expensive my request was going to be for me. Maybe I would have tried harder to use the 100 mg and guess how much half is in one capsule."
- Dan Finkle
11/23/2020 15:14:26
"I have really appreciated Dr. Lee and his treatment of my dog over the past six years. I trust him to do a thorough and safe job and that is really important to me. The staff is always friendly and takes care of my needs. The areas in need of improvement are the phones and answering emails. Almost every time I call, I’m subject to long wait times and sometimes it’s just a busy tone. It also takes several days to hear back to emails. I know BCPH is aware of this, but it is an area that has been problematic for a long time and diminishes the overall quality of service provided. "
- Alexander Coughlin
11/22/2020 22:43:18
"The thing I missed is being with my dog doing office visit and discussing care with Dr. Nguyen. But with the pandemic, it is impossible til the virus is control. I do appreciate all the care the doctors and staff has done for Trixie."
- Linda Rosario
11/20/2020 08:52:04
"The visit was fast and easy. The doctor answered all my questions and the staff were very friendly and helpful."
- Kristi Major
11/19/2020 15:35:17
"I think you’re doing well considering the circumstances this year! I do think you need to implement a voice message system! I’ve had times that I’ve called in where it just goes to a busy tone, and it’s been hard to contact you with questions!"
- Pooja Ganesh
11/18/2020 22:11:56
"Super friendly and knowledgeable staff."
- Josh Slabine
11/15/2020 21:02:42
"I have been taking our pets to Blue Cross for years and would not go anywhere else. Have never had a bad experience. Staff treats our cats like they are their own! "
- Dennis Erickson
11/14/2020 15:00:19
"It was all good - I called about Eva's flies; you checked in with the doctor. The doctor order to internal medicine. I walked there and picked in a timely manner and I got to see your offices. Well down on all accounts."
- Conny Ford
11/13/2020 18:04:04
"Okay, I won't be shy. Although I have 110% respect for following ALL of the suggested guidelines & protocol regarding our safety during this time of COVID. I do have to honest and say I was bit took back and somewhat angry that NOT one of your front of the house employees were wearing a mask or any facial protection. That makes NO sense to me, what so ever because you tell me that I can't go back into the room exam room with my Baby. These employees are still going home, grocery shopping, etc. they should be wearing masks even if they are considering themselves a "pod" or "circle". PS: the remodel looks great, good job!!! Peace "
- Oscar Macias
11/11/2020 22:00:01
"You guys are the best!"
- Jerevin Richeson
11/11/2020 19:33:49
"Very good service for checkups and shot updates. They advise no emergency visit. Appointments must be made first. So don't contact Blue Cross if your pet has an emergency. This was their polcy at least two years ago. I don't know if it's still their policy. I had normally gotten annual post card for checkup for my dog but none were received for 2018. They advise me that contacd by email only. "
- Stan Won
11/11/2020 01:11:55
"Best care for pets in SF"
- Jaques Lou Kreilkamp
11/10/2020 21:39:55
"I had a great experience - everything went without a hitch. Everyone was kind and helpful in managing process, expectations and cost. Thank you!"
- Leyla Cebeci
11/09/2020 22:32:03
"I like when you email to the clinic. The Dr will call you back or email you back and answered all the questions that you have."
- Chun Fen Wang
11/09/2020 19:37:33
"We are very happy with the care and attention BCPH has shown Sparrow and us since we started coming here back in August. Dr. Lee and all of the support staff have been very helpful and caring. "
- Jeremiah Gregory
11/09/2020 17:59:38
"I felt that the experience went very well, considering the pandemic. I was happy that I was able to get a 2-hour parking spot nearby so I could wait in the car. "
- Rosemary Varlese
11/06/2020 16:42:56
"Always a great experience with you guys! So appreciate your communication and care for our dog. We always feel seen, heard and taken care of!"
- Travis Clark
11/05/2020 22:14:50
"It is very difficult to call your office and the email option is slow for a simple question and then back and forth when more questions arise."
- Anne Boekelheide
11/05/2020 19:19:07
"You are doing an excellent job of taking care of my cat, Roscoe."
- Shirley Sato
11/04/2020 17:59:43
"Like the new office. clean and bright. Employees are polite both at front desk as well as on the phone. Tks. "
- Sandee Nhan
11/03/2020 18:38:29
"Very pleased with the services"
- Hyang Ku Sim
11/03/2020 05:01:57
"The new and refurbished building and office are all very professional. The staff are always professional and polite. All is very nice and pleasing for us as patients. Thanks all."
- Mel Young
10/30/2020 21:34:26
"All good - no complaints. New reception looks great and the process was easy."
- Courtney Jones
10/28/2020 15:23:59
"I was very happy with Dr Lee service. "
- Edward Wong
10/27/2020 03:07:27
"It was very easy and pleasant. Staff and doctor were all very professional and helpful."
- Sarah Cole
10/27/2020 00:42:04
"Awesome doctors and assistances. "
- David Salazar
10/25/2020 23:04:51
"Very good. It was a little difficult getting an appointment but probably because of Covid and the fact of your physical plant upgrade. It looks really good so far. We live on Cathedral Hill so very convenient. I've been coming to BC for 40 years starting with Dr. Wong. Thanks for continuing the practice and upgrading."
- Dolores Heilbron
10/25/2020 15:38:26
"Great staff, accommodating schedules, always the best care for my dog. I recommend you to anyone in need of a vet! And the remodel looks awesome. Congrats!"
- Heather McCune
10/25/2020 01:27:57
"Great experience "
- Jean Yoon
10/23/2020 20:11:08
"The experience I had calling for and an appointment went really well."
- John Nuno
10/17/2020 17:03:28
"The appointment was faster than expected, and staff courteous and professional. Thank you."
- Karen Mar
10/17/2020 14:39:07
"everybody was very kind and easy to communicate with during my visit and on the phone. "
- David Hicks
10/16/2020 21:36:55
"Very thorough, I know violet is in good hands when I bring her here"
- Amanda McBride
10/16/2020 20:27:32
"My dog was scratching a lot and I wanted to get her a shot to stop the itching. The first available appt was 2 weeks out. I was very pleased when you called with a cancellation and got her in the next day! Phew! Still waiting on the xray results of her chest as that was another concern we have had. Anyway - all went smoothly"
- Lisa Miller
10/16/2020 17:02:18
"I had gone here for a few years with my previous dog before he passed away and am now returning with my new pup. Enjoyed the service before and my first visit back was excellent. Professional, thorough, and very kind. You seem to be handling the pandemic requirements very well and it was clear how to proceed with that appointment. "
- Matt Burdette
10/14/2020 21:45:29
"Thanks for taking the time to walk through everything with us over the phone since we couldn't be with our dog during the exam. The staff and the vet were both so nice and we felt that our dog was in good hands."
- Priya Gangolly
10/14/2020 17:08:08
"Loved the COVID layout and new office remodel! "
- Betty Stearns
10/13/2020 21:44:47
"responsive, attention to detail, great customer service"
- Ligia Zamora
10/12/2020 22:24:03
"Alway a great experience, keep it up"
- Diana Oros
10/10/2020 20:33:26
"I love Blue Cross Pet Hospital!!!"
- Marilee Robbins
10/09/2020 21:20:12
"Excellent service, take care my pet so well"
- Samson Zhao
10/09/2020 14:57:26
"I think you are doing your best under this situation. Excellent job"
- Toyoko Swingle
10/09/2020 04:57:44
"I feel all my needs are taken care of, that the doctor and staff pay attention and care about my concerns for my account. I have no complaints except long long waits on hold"
- Lynn Swearingen
10/08/2020 06:28:27
"While I wasn’t able to physically accompany my pet for his exam I feel confident he got the best of care. His visit was followed up with a phone call detailing the outcome of his exam."
- Julie Zberg
10/05/2020 00:05:33
"Great 👌☺️"
- Tom Battipaglia
10/03/2020 17:30:27
"I appreciated the professionalism of the tech and front-desk staff in working with me and my cat before she saw Dr. Lee. I had a great conversation over the phone with Dr. Lee, and it felt as if I was in the room. Everything was quite good."
- Kimberly Fergison
10/03/2020 15:16:25
"Due Covid I had to stop off my dog instead of going into the exam room together. Nonetheless the experience was good. Professional and caring staff and doctor. Thank you team! "
- Lisa Chen
10/03/2020 04:58:55
"We’re very satisfied with the service from your team. We’re lucky to have you taking care of our pet & hope he can recover Soon!"
- Miranda Wong
10/01/2020 10:11:00
"you are doing good "
- Christopher Miller
09/29/2020 14:25:00
"Overall staff are very friendly and professional. Just need more receptionist so phone calls doesn’t have to hold for a while."
- Divina Carlson
09/28/2020 00:14:12