"Dr Rogers is always so patient and so gentle with Tinkerbell when i bring her in. Tinkerbell is not always the best patient. Thank you for your care."
- Tina Clark
01/30/2023 18:37:07
"You’re all great, and when I come with Penny, you all make us feel special"
- Tom & Janna Niemann
01/21/2023 04:50:20
"Everyone is so helpful and friendly. We trust you immensely and know you love our pets!"
- Stephanie Collins
01/15/2023 17:47:02
"Dr. Rogers is the most caring and all-around wonderful vet one could imagine! She gets down on the floor with our pets during visits, has given us her private cell phone number in order to keep abreast of urgent concerns, and has spent countless hours of her own time researching new medicines that might help with particularly concerning issues. We are fairly new to her practice, so I'm sure that she goes above and beyond expectations for all her patients."
- Elizabeth Leatherman
01/13/2023 17:10:41
"I can't tell anything bad about you guys. My bunnies are my babies, and you completely understand this and always give the best possible care to them. Dr. Rogers is the best rabbit savvy vet I've known. Every time we have an "emergency" (with rabbits almost everything is an emergency :'D) situation you always can find a spot for us. I can only say thank you for everything! :)"
- Klara Duarte
01/11/2023 17:26:55
"I had a semi-emergency experience with my Shih Tzu this week and called to schedule an appointment. The Vet schedule was full however, because of the situation they worked me into the schedule and treated my pet who was in serious pain."
- James Adams
01/04/2023 00:00:05
"Fabulous, loving, caring from the front door to the back staff!"
- Karen Dobrasz
01/02/2023 17:54:24
"Everyone was so friendly and attentive. You can tell they truly love our dog just as much as us! "
- Jeff Tusa
01/01/2023 21:25:10
"Everyone loves cookie that’s all I want in a Vet Clinic (even if cookie is scared lol)"
- Chris Albert
01/01/2023 00:15:09
"You are all fantastic! Luigi says, “MREOW!” That means thanks 😸"
- Brian Miller
12/29/2022 16:25:25
"Dr. Furth is the best. She took a lot of time to explain my cat's condition and the options available to her. The staff is kind and a very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this clinic"
- Betsy Romano
12/02/2022 02:18:48
"We are so thankful that we found y’all! You have taken great care of our furbabies over these last few years. And we were especially thankful for your care, grace, and patience as we faced one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make for one our babies. You gave our sweet boy the best quality of life in his last few months when others had given up on him. I know as our little girl gets older, she is getting the best care possible. Thank you for being there for us and all my million questions!"
- Bud & Katherine Waite
12/01/2022 01:41:35
"I was very impressed with your staff. You were positive and very sweet to my dog Buzzy. You didn't pressure me at all, instead you gave me choices, in short you let me decide what is best for my dog. Thank you!"
- Brenda Jacinto
11/17/2022 21:06:04
"I feel blessed to have Lily under your care. Everyone is so friendly and caring and the doctor is excellent. Lily thinks it’s so fun to go to the vets and see all the wonderful people, and that puts my heart at ease."
- Leslie Gardner
12/21/2021 14:28:38