"Great staff. They’re always good with our pets. Dr. Anne gave me great training tips for our GSD pup! Very helpful!!"
- Carolyn Musick
05/18/2019 18:00:20
"they truly care about out loved members of our family, very through."
- Barbara Donaldson
05/16/2019 13:36:45
"Crab Orchard has the friendliest employees of any veterinary services I know. It’s really nice to see how friendly everyone is with the animals, everyone I have always saw always treated them with care as if it’s there own pet they are handling. I would recommend Crab Orchard to anyone, you guys are the best!"
- Jason Laney
05/11/2019 12:08:40
"Very nice..helpful..and understanding...😊"
- Rebecca Joyce
05/03/2019 21:13:23
"Good service always"
- Joyce Brooks
04/29/2019 15:29:14
"We bring all 3 of our fur babies here. The staff is so friendly & knowledgeable. They seems to want the very best for our animal's just like we do. They understand that our pets are our family members also. Just love them."
- Marlynn Ball
04/24/2019 20:20:47
" We were very pleased with Abby visit to the doctor. Her visit was very organized and things were handled in a timely manner. All of the employees were very friendly and very knowledgeable about Abby‘s needs. Thank you for taking such good care of our baby! P.S!...... when we came out Of the building after picking up Abby .... our car was covered with grass. The young man that was mowing could have cared less where the grass went. I imagine there was at least 10 cars covered with grass and it was all over the building and sidewalk. Very disrespectful! "
- Donna Kessler
04/16/2019 23:29:04
"My daughter's dog saw Dr. Lois today and she was awesome as always My dog had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Casey today and I was very impressed. I would definitely not mind seeing her again. She seemed very caring and compassionate."
- Anita Plaster
04/07/2019 00:24:07
"The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Kimberly Stallard
03/31/2019 19:17:51
"The staff and doctors ar Crab Orchard and Honaker office are truly wonderful. "
- Tonya Honaker
03/21/2019 19:23:34
"I appreciate that you have someone on call for emergencies. I was really worried about my dog and you put my mind at ease. "
- Cathy Escobar
03/17/2019 20:13:38
"It was a great experience Molly loved the staff and they loved her Great service Great price , less than what we expected Goodie bag with puppy pamphlets and a ball and bandana too Will definitely recommend your services"
- Jill Watson
03/16/2019 21:14:56
"Everyone is always friendly and the grooming of my cats was done well"
- Tammy Ratliff
03/15/2019 13:03:26
"Everyone is friendly and helpful. Princess is never stressed out when we take her in for a visit. We are very happy with the care we receive"
- Sandra Walther
03/07/2019 19:03:54
"All our visits, we have been treated with kindness and respect. Everything has been explained to us and all questions answered. The Staff is very professional."
- Darryl Hurley
03/06/2019 06:15:59
"My Lucy was seen quickly and treated very gently. She hates the vet visit but did well. The staff was very polite. This was our first visit at crab orchard but we will definitely be back "
- Gina Stiltner
03/03/2019 18:01:00
"Love Dr. Anne and all the staff! "
- Melett Smith
02/16/2019 19:05:43
"I was very pleased with my visit to Crab Orchard Veterinary Services. Dr. Lois and the staff treated us like they really cared. She sat with me and step by step explain Abby’s problems in a way I could understand. It was a very caring atmosphere and a real nice facility. "
- Donna Kessler
02/15/2019 22:16:40
"We are very pleased with Crab Orchard. All of you take the time needed to deal with my 3 kiddos. They are a handful and Y'all are awesome with them. "
- Beth Bowman
02/14/2019 23:51:44
"Dr Kate was extremely helpful in finding the cause of my labradoodles sickness. She took time to examine him and to ask loads of questions about his behavior and home life. "
- Stephanie Kennedy
10/16/2018 23:05:26
"I never have any complaints about how you’ve taken care of my animals. You are all very professional and loving toward each animal you see. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for us! "
- Olivia Whaley
10/09/2018 13:58:25
"Everyone is so nice!!!"
- Annie Altizer
10/07/2018 16:42:20
"Staff is very kind and personable. I got my cat neutered and within 3 days he is doing just fine. Prices are reasonable.. Will bring all of my pets here"
- Morgan Mcghee
10/05/2018 04:53:45
"Didn’t have to wait long for my appointment. The aide and the doctor seemed very interested in helping my dog get better."
- Brenda Dillon
09/22/2018 12:40:24
"Love the vets and all the staff at Crab Orchard. They take such good care of all my animals at a reasonable price. "
- Rhonda Wells
08/20/2018 20:25:12
"I can't imagine taking my fur babies any where else. All the staff is very friendly and helpful and Dr. Lois is awesome. "
- Anita Plaster
08/08/2018 11:02:59
"We have 4 dogs and a newly adopted kitten ( she adopted us). We love Crab Orchard and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. "
- Carolyn Boardwine
06/22/2018 17:04:02
"Really appreciated them taking us back so quickly. Dr. Kate took time to explain everything and answer ALL my questions. Wait time after being taken back was a little much. Beautiful facility, staff was SO friendly!!! "
- Candace Bailey
06/22/2018 16:41:46
"We couldn’t be happier with the care and love our fur babies receive every time we come to Crab Orchard Vet. The fur babies especially enjoy all of the TLC they receive from the assistant Crystal, she is top notch! The whole staff is wonderful 🙂"
- Ada Davidson
06/22/2018 15:33:02
"Everyone always friendly and knowledgeable. Glad to hear you're accepting Care Credit as a new form of payment now. Thank you for all you do!"
- Teresa Bailey
06/11/2018 21:19:13
"I really appreciate Dr.Ann coming to the farm on her lunch time. I live in Roanoke and it takes a while to drive back and forth. Thanks again for your professionalism."
- Sue Lovelace
06/08/2018 20:54:08
"Staff so friendly and efficient "
- Connie Roberts
06/07/2018 14:37:38
"I take my dog to have her nails clipped every month or six weeks and they are so good with her. Everyone there is so nice!"
- Cathy Cordle
05/13/2018 23:06:59
"The receptionists were so helpful and informed and made us feel comfortable. It was the first time that Dr. Lois treated our cat, Tom; however, she was completely familiar with all of his records. She was focused and quickly started a procedure to put Tom on the road to recovery! Thank you, Crab Orchard Veterinary Services, Inc. , for all your efforts and talents toward Tom's recovery! "
- Debbie Null
05/12/2018 11:20:58
"Live Dr yearns she's very nice and knowledgeable and she's my number 1 pick for my equine and dog needs. I recommend her highly"
- Deborah Lawson
05/10/2018 12:10:32
" I had a great experience with the large animal vet. She's a great vet and so very helpful. "
- Billy Southern
05/06/2018 11:50:56
"I love Dr. Lois, she is so compassionate and caring and that means so much and the staff is a wonderful group of people as well.I have been coming here for quite a few years and I have always had consistent, outstanding service . I wouldn’t go any where else!!"
- Kay Griggs
04/20/2018 04:07:17
"Very timely service so I liked getting in&out fairly quick. Tech did good job handling my pet&trimming her nails. Vet was great, she was very informative and willing to listen,answer questions &explain things well. Thanks for your service. "
- Jeremy Burton
04/03/2018 18:04:20
"Thanks to the Crab Orchard staff of excellent people my pets are doing very well. When i moved here my girl Mandy (min poodle) was age 3. She is now 15 and doing great. I trust them completely. Thanks guys. Barb D. "
- Barbara Donaldson
03/13/2018 13:01:54
"When you find a vet who loves your animals as much as you do, they are definitely a keeper!"
- Beckie Totten
03/08/2018 19:00:50
"Mattie our 6 yr old lab spaniel mix has never liked to be away from us and only recently have we found it necessary to have to board her. A friend told me of their good experience with boarding their dog at Crab Orchard. We have left Mattie now several times. She pitches a fit when we leave her, but that's just Mattie. She actually shows excitement when we turn down the road. Everyone there knows her now and we have a good feel about the staff and her stay or we wouldn't leave her, because she is our baby! "
- Nancy Sarver
02/28/2018 02:23:59
"Very friendly staff "
- Randall Johnson
02/27/2018 14:09:06
"Very nice and knowledgeable staff. Very nice and professional. Clean facility for animals. "
- Becky Hess
02/21/2018 20:08:33
"Very friendly and courteous staff!"
- Jodie Dowdy
02/11/2018 14:43:44
"I am very pleased with the care that Crab Orchard provides for my pets. My dogs are my babies, part of my family. Crab Orchard serves my family well. Thanks Crab Orchard, Carolyn "
- Carolyn Boardwine
12/30/2017 01:11:05
"Service and pet care are always excellent!"
- Greg Meade
12/21/2017 19:45:11
"Very friendly, helpful and informative staff"
- Lori Lowe
12/05/2017 03:34:40
"The staff and Dr. were wonderful to me and my cat. Couldn't have asked for a better experience."
- Beth Martin
10/11/2017 17:18:21
"Everyone was very nice. Seemed to really care about the animals. Our dog Suzie seemed content. Will definitely use you all again in the future. "
- Linda Dye
10/10/2017 02:20:47
"Everyone took excellent care of my girl!"
- Anna Irvin
09/27/2017 21:51:01
"Always friendly. Always knowledgeable of our pet."
- Sheila Miller
09/19/2017 15:36:17
"I loved how thoughtful and kind the staff was. Our questions were answered thoroughly"
- Lori Lowe
09/10/2017 12:08:17
"Dr.Lois always seems to care about our Rowdy and takes time to talk to us when we are concerned about him. "
- Joyce Brooks
09/06/2017 22:13:36
"Get service and was happy you offered the flu shot for dogs!"
- Jill Eckard
08/28/2017 12:49:12
"Whenever I come to Crab Orchard Veterinary, the staff is always friendly and professional. The facilities are always clean, and my dogs like the office as much as I do. The vets are gentle and efficient with my animals, and have a common sense approach to treatment. (I think one of the front desk employees has a crush on my big dog Hugo who always grins for her!) On my most recent visit, I was just picking up flea/tick and heartworm preventatives and since I leave 40 miles away, I called ahead to be sure they had what I needed in stock. When I arrived, my supplies where already bagged up and check-out was speedy. Great facilities; great staff; compassionate treatment.......what more could I ask for!"
- Brenda Bundy
08/18/2017 00:32:53
"I just popped in the purchase flea medicine for my cat. The employees at the front desk were smiling, friendly, asked what they could do for me. I was told about a special deal/rebate offer and told me exactly what to do to mail in. I love Crab Orchard Vet Services. I've witnessed employees being so kind and understanding with people and their pets. Great people; great service!"
- Debbie Null
08/17/2017 19:36:54
"Completely satisfied. "
- Greg Meade
08/15/2017 17:33:48
"staff is very helpful, kind, and professional!"
- Amy Greer
08/08/2017 19:06:06
"All of you are wonderful. You show always that you care. I really appreciate all you do for me and my fur babies."
- Barbara Donaldson
08/04/2017 11:48:06
"Everyone in your office is always so nice to deal with. I feel very comfortable with trusting my babies in you care. Thank you."
- Audrey Tiller
07/28/2017 18:09:21
"Had to visit Crab Orchard Vets after hours as an emergency under some very unfortunate circumstances. Dr. Lois was there waiting and was very caring and understanding while providing the best treatment solution available under the circumstances. I take all of my pets there and have always received excellent care and service. They are very compassionate and truly care about the animals."
- Teresa Bailey
07/28/2017 15:22:23
- Tom Hayes
07/28/2017 14:42:26
"Excellent service!! Just feel a little too pricy. "
- Jamie Crockett
07/28/2017 14:14:29
"Nice and courteous staff that are knowledgeable as well. Makes me feel good about letting your staff treat my babies(dogs)."
- Carolyn Boardwine
05/27/2017 19:46:53
"Fast reliable and best price for awesome service on my boy "
- Amie Mullins
05/26/2017 18:20:10
- Tom Hayes
05/25/2017 15:44:13
"I love your place! Trust you all very much-"
- Tima Akers
05/19/2017 11:19:53
"The staff is always sweet and affectionate with my fur kids, they always make sure that they are well taken care of and that all my concerns are answered. This visit Ms Artemus had her mani/pedi with a beautiful coat of Polish to help her rock it in style. Thanks Crab Orchard "
- Stephanie Kennedy
05/13/2017 09:56:43
"Having all 5 Girls for shots and nails trimmed was very satisfied that Dr. Ann and vet tech came to the car and did everything there."
- John McCracken
04/11/2017 16:54:12
"I have never had such caring, compassionate, and friendly care like I have received at Crab Orachard. I would recommend everyone I see to you guys. My fur babies love you. "
- Amy Faulkner
04/06/2017 12:46:43
"Everyone so kind and caring. Good prices. Very knowledgeable and efficient."
- Teresa Bailey
04/02/2017 15:14:01
"We found a kitten someone dropped off, called & they worked us in without hesitation. Our horse developed symptoms that were conflicting on what it could be on a Saturday night, they answered our call. Both of these situations have come up in the last couple months. There have been many other times they have came to our rescue and we are so blessed to have them in our neighborhood. "
- Beckie Totten
03/29/2017 13:01:07
"Love the drop off service. Saves me valuable time, and allows Ronin to be taken care of. "
- Debbie D Ratliff
03/16/2017 09:43:08
"I love this place. I think of my pets as family and I trust the vets at Crab Orchard to give them the best possible care. "
- Rhonda Wells
03/14/2017 12:35:09
"Always accommodating to my fur baby and her human! Very friendly staff, assistants and doctors! "
- Sheila Miller
03/06/2017 19:09:04
"They really take interest in your pet"
- Teresa Hurd
02/28/2017 12:54:55
"Awesome people taking care of my furbabies!!! Always a pleasure taking my animals in for check up or for emergencies "
- Susan Jessee
02/21/2017 21:40:04
"I would not trust my pets to anyone else! They treat them like they belonged to them, their health and well being is of the utmost importance to them. They love them as much as I do and I love Dr.'s. Anne, Lois and Ashley. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for Ike and Oreo! They send kisses!"
- Deborah Necessary
02/17/2017 17:39:43
"Friendly and knowable staff, professional and efficient in a practice that is obviously very busy. I was very happy with the whole process."
- Melinda Poteet
01/28/2017 07:02:12
"Friendly, knowledgeable service."
- Charles Bentley
01/19/2017 16:28:27
"Dr. Louis and the gang are always very friendly and helpful. They answer questions, which once you think may sound silly, but they don't hesitate one bit to go out of their way to help you!"
- Randy Patrick
01/13/2017 14:24:36
"I was very satisfied with Molly's care. Thank you for her care."
- James Barrett
01/09/2017 18:15:54
"you all are really caring and understanding thanks for being there for my me and my fur babies."
- Barbara Donaldson
01/07/2017 09:15:50
"Thank you for taking such good care of Laila on her recent visit! We had no appointment but as a walk in you took great care with her needs. I highly recommend Crab Orchard Veterinary for those you truly love there pets!"
- Ramona Bradshaw
12/23/2016 14:34:11
"This office is the best that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. They have been through some rough times with me and have went above and beyond their call. The receptionists are great and always smiling. They have so much compassion. Dr. Lois is the best. I appreciate every thing you do. Dr. Ann saved several of my babies during the fall by research and going way past her normal call of duty. I can't thank you guys enough. Pam Akers"
- Pam Akers
12/19/2016 08:43:45
"The staff were very kind and professional. They showed great compassion when explaining that my dog has Parvoand had given her excellent care."
- Jo Beth Davis
12/18/2016 17:47:03
"We trust Crab Orchard Vet with all of our pet needs, from well-visits to boarding. The entire staff is kind and compassionate. We love hem!"
- Stephanie McReynolds
12/17/2016 19:20:35
"I love Crab Orchard Vets, Dr.s and staff. They love Ike, my poodle and Oreo our Pom, as much as we do. Completely trust them for top notch care!"
- Deborah Necessary
12/12/2016 07:56:46
"Both max and tater have recieved excellent care at every visit. A few months ago, we thought max had a terminal illness and we didn't know if he would be with us to return in two weeks for a follow up. All the staff, including receptionist, we're so caring. You could actually feel the love and support. max is better and we owe it all to God and the caring loving staff at crab orchard vet service. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you "
- Stephanie Church
12/10/2016 15:16:35
"As a parent of "bully" breeds sometimes peopl are quick to judge my dogs. I have never experienced anything but friendliness and kindness by any of the staff even when they are treating my not so friendly dog and that truly means a lot. "
- Amber Price
11/14/2016 18:40:43
"Dr. Louis again done an amazing job. She eased our worried minds with our beloved Dachshund Sally. She shows so much compassion and I believe Sally understands this as well. I wouldn't know what to do without her. "
- Randy Patrick
11/14/2016 08:48:18
"I had a feral cat to neuter who also had a bad pustule on his ear and was not sure about catching him. Crab Orchard Vet offered to "work him in" without an appointment if/when I was able to catch him. This was an invaluable service as I am not sure how I could have accomplished my goal for Bobcat without it. Bobcat received everything he needed from the staff and I was very happy with his treatment. Thank you so much!"
- Patricia Skeen
11/13/2016 17:26:04
"I'm so thankful, that I finally found a place that cares for my animals... I have never been so pleased- "
- Tima Akers
11/07/2016 06:16:05
"My husband brought our cat Dusty in, we had no appt. this was at 9:10 a.m. they said bring him in at 9:30 and we can see him, he was there on time and they took him right in. very satisfied with your service."
- Anita Amick
11/06/2016 18:12:33
"Great staff, always makes me feel welcome. The girl at the front desk was so friendly! I drive over an hour to bring my dogs to you all and will continue to do so! "
- Matt Jordan
11/03/2016 12:39:34
"Whatever we need, all we have to do is call. Crab Orchard Vet handles our issues promptly and most important, it's done right. We appreciate all your help!"
- Beckie Totten
11/01/2016 11:12:19
"I would drive miles to this veterinary service never had a bad experience here Dr. Lois Rocks always their with a smile to help"
- Pam Terry
10/28/2016 16:24:20
"I'm very pleased with y'all & way y'all greet us when we bring manny in , "
- Joyce Johnson
10/21/2016 11:39:04
"All was good just had a misunderstanding about some meds."
- John Taylor
10/07/2016 10:03:19
"Thank you for taking such good care of Laila! It's so convenient for boarding. I may even transfer her care to you for safe keeping. Thank you again! :) "
- Ramona Bradshaw
10/05/2016 15:55:06