"I feel our two cats are in good care at Whippany vet hospital "
- Barbara Parke
11/22/2020 16:57:12
"Dr. Smith has always been and continues to be a caring, dedicated , intelligent veterinarian. We appreciate her expertise and compassion toward our dog Sassy."
- Margaret Senerchia
11/22/2020 13:02:41
"Took me in the next day!!!! Excellent!!!"
- Warren Michael Schaffter
11/21/2020 22:15:52
"Awesome job!! Will recommend to friends. Thanks for all your hard work with my anxious shepherd Kash. "
- Lori Schappell
11/21/2020 14:10:06
"I really liked that the doctor spoke with me in detail about my dog and was very friendly"
- Sarah Sundick
11/18/2020 20:06:40
"its still hard not being able to go inside but i thank everyone for getting me in during all my emergencies this past month"
- Karen Graeber
11/17/2020 23:41:49
"I have no complaints I do think curbside option is working out since I would not feel comfortable coming inside the office right now. "
- Kelli DeChiara
11/17/2020 18:18:36
"I can depend on whippany very to do a thorough check up on Sandy. Shes 12 and doing well"
- Diane Tappen
11/16/2020 20:06:33
"You’re doing a great job , no complaints here"
- Jill/Carly Gregg
11/15/2020 20:34:56
"We thought the Dr. was very thorough. We were very pleased with our visit!"
- Judy Monahan
11/13/2020 12:47:30
"Everything was great! The doctor and staff were extremely thorough, very sweet and caring. They made you feel very comfortable leaving your dog with them, especially during the pandemic. "
- Melissa Zeppieri
11/11/2020 01:03:53
"Your doing great no change needed "
- Matt Iellimo
11/10/2020 20:57:16
"So far I have been happy with the care Cody has gotten "
- Diane Sinisi
11/09/2020 00:37:08
"It was very good. It was nice that Dr. Smith walked the dogs out to the car too to touch base. "
- Lisa Kiel
11/05/2020 20:27:56
"Although Stanley is not currently happy , lol, I find your entire office to be very caring and attentive. "
- Ira Kaplan
11/04/2020 16:03:13
"Amazing experience, would recommend to anyone. I really enjoy feeling welcomed by everyone I interact with. "
- Jessica Simpson
11/03/2020 18:20:27
"Everyone was pleasant and helpful, even under the times of the pandemic. I didn’t have to wait too long before they came to get Chickie from the car. Julio was very patience with her even though she was acting afraid and nervous. Dr. Smith called me and discussed Chickie and the different options for her. I felt that she had my dog’s best interest always first in her mind. I never felt like she was in a hurry or was cutting me short. My dog was returned to my safe and sound, and I felt totally pleased with the visit, even though I couldn’t go in to the office. "
- Jenai Agosta
11/01/2020 11:13:50
"Have been using Whippany Vet since 1984. Glad to have our two new cavapoo pups a part of the Whippany Vet family. Experience is different due to Covid but appreciative of the steps taken to protect both clients and staff."
- Jonathan Bell
10/30/2020 00:28:07
"The staff is pleasant and helpful."
- Anthony Petruziello
10/29/2020 18:42:05
"Rosco always gets the best care regardless of the reason he goes. It could be as dramatic as him not feeling well or needing surgery to something as simple as getting his nails cut and his ears cleaned. The staff is amazing They are caring, professional and knowledge. We love them all there"
- Cindy Otte
10/28/2020 18:13:25
"Great, thanks "
- Liz Benne / Simonelli
10/28/2020 12:40:27
"The visit went very well. Dr. Cordero and her staff are the best!"
- Melissa Duffner
10/27/2020 22:02:57
"We couldn't be happier with the care Angie and Shadow receive both when they board and office visits. You reach out to follow up on medical issues. Whenever we need to bring Angie or Shadow they can't wait to get there! We know they get the best possible care while boarding. "
- Phyllis Vandersande
10/25/2020 15:17:00
"Ty is so spoiled when she goes to Whippany Vet hospital. They just love her. With the ne covid procedures, Ty looks forward to her visit and I can drop her off and know she is well taken care of!"
- Diane Andrews
10/24/2020 22:33:30
"Very happy to have Duke cared for by such caring people. So glad we are now a part of your family"
- Robin Dmiczak
10/23/2020 20:48:34
"We know our kitties are getting the best of care. Drs and the staff are the best. Too bad we can't see more of you and come in with our pets, but we understand in this difficult time. "
- Maxine / Eugene Lee
10/23/2020 19:16:23
"Always found the Hospital to be very accommodating and compassionate towards our dogs"
- Joann Kubichek
10/23/2020 18:38:19
"Things need to be explained better with better communication for options of what you can choose from. My issue was with the blood work. "
- Billy, Kelly Brown
10/22/2020 21:08:10
"We are always extremely happy with the wonderful care you all give our dogs!!"
- Linda Hughes
10/22/2020 20:15:15
"Dr. Smith and her staff are great!"
- Donna Alfieri
10/22/2020 18:11:42
"Always have a good experience with Whippany Veterinary Hospital. The staff and doctors are very caring. "
- Jason Perlman
10/22/2020 02:20:04
"During these difficult times we felt that Maggie got the best care and that the staff patiently and clearly addressed our questions and concerns. Love you all!"
- Sandy Milan
10/20/2020 15:33:11
"You guys are awesome! I have been taking my pup to you since we got her, and every single time you have always given us great service, so much that every time Oreo comes to visit you she gets excited! :)"
- Carla Aguilar
10/17/2020 19:01:14
"Friendly staff. Doctor explained everything clearly and is very caring. "
- Nina Sandman
10/17/2020 15:34:48
"Love you guys! From calling in receptionist (love Lindsay) to Dr Cordera... Best vet team"
- Barbara Warter
10/17/2020 12:13:46
"Everything was very professional and good care delivered to Cami"
- Michele Cavaliere
10/16/2020 20:38:42
"Monty’s care has been terrific."
- Harvey Cohen
10/15/2020 14:05:53
"Excellent service! Professional staff throughout the entire appointment. The doctor consultantation was extremely detailed and informative. Hats off to the entire Whippany staff! "
- Ted Olshefski
10/14/2020 23:06:33
"Very happy with service. "
- Ira Lipson
10/14/2020 18:17:44
"I love it at Whippany Vet....everyone is always so helpful "
- Marian Cipolaro
10/11/2020 23:19:55
"Covid procedures run smoothly."
- Jessica Brokaw
10/11/2020 13:53:55
"For what it was, the experience was positive. All interactions with your team were courteous and respectful, as they have always been. "
- Tim Volonakis
10/10/2020 18:18:48
"Excellent service and professionalism. Very confident that my fur baby is in good hands. "
- Kye McMickle
10/10/2020 17:07:29
"My puppy Luna had a great first visit!"
- Charisse Kemp
10/10/2020 01:22:49
"We love you!!!!"
- Daisy Bagnoli
10/09/2020 17:21:57
"Our visit was great! Thank you for being so thorough and friendly!"
- Ralph Densing
10/08/2020 19:21:04
"At first I was worried about not being able to come in to speak to the doctors but there has been a lot of health issues this summer and Louie was always well taken care of . Thank you . I appreciate all you’re doing to keep pets, owners, and staff safe. "
- Dana Morrison
10/07/2020 21:13:57
"I’m very happy with the care my pets receive at Whippany Vet. "
- Carolyn Krug
10/07/2020 14:43:10
"The experience was very good. The doctor and staff were very communicative with me and I felt I knew every thing that was going on, even though I was in the car. Loved that Dr Lovich called me with all of the test results."
- Cindy Richard
10/07/2020 12:13:26
"Very efficient; excellent customer relations"
- Bess Reinoso
10/05/2020 16:31:48
"You've been caring for my dogs since they were pups. In Mia's case, it has certainly been a challenge. It's obvious that you all love your patients."
- Steven Schmidt
10/04/2020 13:42:26
"The attention is amazing. Very profesional, always on top of things. Explaining every procedure and always willing to answer any question "
- Diego Cortina
10/03/2020 18:15:24
"so helpful and so quick to get Atticus in. this was an emergency visit."
- Sue Murray
10/03/2020 15:55:47
"The staff are always courteous and helpful. The docs are caring and knowledgeable."
- Ottilie Rung
10/01/2020 17:11:07
"Dr Smith provided an excellent explanation on what the dog was experiencing and how to care for her"
- Cecile Kent
10/01/2020 15:23:27
"The puppy kit was such a cute surprise and I appreciated having everything explained to me in terms of vaccinations and timelines. "
- Gabrielle Indyk
09/29/2020 21:59:54
"You’re doing great. We love coming to you "
- Vincent Chirico
09/29/2020 20:33:01
"You are all wonderful "
- Joe Conte
09/28/2020 10:02:07
"Discharge took a little long, but we were so glad they squeezed him in last minute."
- Robert Marion
09/27/2020 16:26:33
"Very professional, very congenial, have the most respect for all of you, and happy to refer clients to you which we have done already."
- Judy Brand
09/26/2020 17:51:09
"I thought even with the pandemic everything was pleasant and easy as usual"
- Skip Fels
09/24/2020 22:54:08
"I love taking my animals to Dr Jen Cordero. I love that when I have a question and want to speak with her 99% of the time she has the availability to call me back. I drive around an hour one way to bring my pets to see her. I’d say the only thing lacking is it’s a hit or miss with who I get at reception. Whenever I call it seems like I get a new person. Which isn’t bad. But there’s a lack of consistency for information regarding my pets and their visits"
- Elizabeth Martinelli
09/24/2020 12:36:56
"Our first visit w/ our new rescue dog was fantastic. Every exchange w/ staff was patient centered and the technician’s gentle approach to a fearful puppy was heartwarming. I couldn’t be happier w/ the experience. My interactions from the very first call were professional, supportive, helpful, informative and encouraging. I am thrilled to have found such a wonderful veterinary practice. "
- Rachel Jaslow-Kronberg
09/24/2020 11:46:22
- Maryann Brunini
09/23/2020 20:18:42
"very satisfied with last visit"
- Jean Beyersdorfer
09/23/2020 18:30:52
"Always a pleasure! You treat our kitty babies like family and we thank you for that. xoxox"
- Scott Schneider
09/22/2020 18:00:15
"Dr. Jessica Lovich was so patient with us as first time pet owners. She answered all our questions with patience. Our first vet experience was a great one thanks to all the staff that works at the Whippany Veterinary Hospital. "
- Panickar Serinity
09/22/2020 02:58:11
"Everyone I spoke with was fantastic and extremely nice. Dr. Cordero gave a very thorough explanation of everything and followed up a couple days later. I am extremely happy with this office!"
- Alexandra Rogers
09/21/2020 18:56:03
"We had a great first appointment with Bo. We had started with a different vet and were not happy. You guys were a breath of fresh air!! We are very comfortable working with you and knowing that you will help us take good care of Bo!"
- Melissa Kornreich
09/20/2020 21:04:25
"We are in the third day of taking care of Gracie, as per your directives. She seems to be improving, hoping she continues. Thank you so much. for being there to Help."
- Don Vogel
09/18/2020 15:58:42
"Always excellent service and care for all my dogs . Always recommend Whippany Vet to friends and family. "
- Anna Glaab
09/17/2020 19:15:01
"We love Whippany Vet Hospital. They have always treated our pets and us with the highest level of care and compassion. We know our fur babies are in the best of hands and trust all of the staff to take the best care of them. "
- Jeff Rueff
09/17/2020 15:19:36
"Have nothing but good things to say. Everybody was very helpful and did their best to put my mind at rest over the health of my dog. This was an emergency visit and they were able to fit me in on a holiday weekend."
- Eilleen Sautter
09/09/2020 00:35:08
"Your process for handling visits during Covid is great. And my phone call and questions about my dog’s medications were answered promptly and efficiently. Thank you so much!"
- Stephanie Eagan
09/04/2020 16:33:31
"You guys rock! You have gone above and beyond to keep our dogs safe. Thank you so much!"
- Judy Moran/McFadden
09/02/2020 21:53:26
"You are doing great. I like the way you guys care about the pets and their parents. "
- Elizabeth Ignacak
09/02/2020 21:30:11
"Everything was smooth with our visit "
- Chris Peterson
09/02/2020 18:09:02
"I honestly have no complaints. The staff are very friendly and accommodating they’re also very caring. My new pup is afraid of his own shadow and I do have to say they have a lot of patience with him which I’m for ver grateful because he is my Four legged child who I just adore. "
- Karina Sansevero
08/31/2020 07:46:31
"Always pleasant on the phone or in person. Also very helpful and knowledgeable about every question I have asked "
- Jenai Agosta
08/31/2020 03:11:51
"Very good."
- Anandhi Sathiyan
08/29/2020 22:10:05
"I thought the prices were good but the estimate for teeth cleaning is out of my league. I am glad they gave me an estimate "
- Kathleen Kiernan
08/28/2020 19:26:54
"Wete satisfied with way things were handled"
- Andrea Adamcik
08/28/2020 18:28:15
"I think the Doctors are wonderful. The staff have always been kind & courteous. Great job with the COVID preparations!"
- Amanda Zega
08/28/2020 00:05:47
"You are the best. Our pets love to board there. They are always excited to be there even for an office visit. You always keep us up to date with medications and protocols to best care for our pets. And you were by our side when we had to make difficult decisions. "
- Phyllis Vandersande
08/26/2020 15:19:39
"Great pet care, my dog Freddie was very comfortable with your staff and they treated him very well. "
- Peter Rooss
08/26/2020 14:53:06
"I cannot say anything but good about Whippany Vet Hospital. the entire staff is so caring and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a superior vet."
- Cindy Otte
08/25/2020 20:02:48
"The staff and doctors at your hospital treat me and my pets like family! I wouldn’t trust my pets health to ain’t other hospital!!"
- Kim Flemm
08/20/2020 18:21:17
"All of my technicians and doctors treat Monty in a very special way. The office staff has been wonderful with Monty as well."
- Harvey Cohen
08/15/2020 23:47:05
"Everyone on your staff is helpful and kind. Everyone was patient in explaining things to me."
- Donna Kerouac
08/13/2020 14:36:20
"They treat my pets like they are their own. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the doctors and staff. "
- Tricia Gasparine
08/12/2020 18:32:35
"Very caring and compassionate service. Excellent from start to finish"
- Nancy Colavito
08/12/2020 14:11:29
"It was a pleasure visiting with Gracie. Everyone was so polite,upbeat, pleasant and helpful. It was not a long wait. I appreciated everyone from the front desk to the assistants to the doctor! Thanks for your time and caring."
- Alison & Robert Bogad
08/12/2020 01:23:44
"Everything is made simple even through the pandemic."
- Patty Fletcher
08/11/2020 14:30:46
"Dr Cordero is wonderful! No complaints at all. "
- Patricia Rivera
08/10/2020 13:24:52
"We were very pleased with our first visit . Thank you Dr. Smith for your patience with us being new puppy owners . Evan was also very patient and sweet with Andy🐶"
- Dena Schaaf
08/09/2020 17:14:52
"I don’t have any problems, service was good, the techs are friendly and I was surprised Crystal went so easy into the office without me. Dr. Cordero is on top of Crystal’s care...you’re doing great!"
- Bonnie Keith
08/08/2020 05:17:05
"My boys, especially Buggy, love going to see everyone at Whippany Veterinary Hospital. I feel they get the best care and do not feel like a “number”."
- Sandy Jankola
08/08/2020 00:00:57
"Just sorry we can't come in with our pets to see you all, but we understand."
- Maxine / Eugene Lee
08/07/2020 17:21:58
"No complaints at all"
- Joann Kubichek
08/06/2020 21:24:08
"No complaints, quick and easy. "
- Heather Dill
08/04/2020 21:07:16