"You are all wonderful "
- Joe Conte
09/28/2020 10:02:07
"Under the circumstances our experience was good. Sadly we owners cannot speak directly to the vet in the exam room. Oliver seemed fine after his visit. "
- Heather Picher
09/28/2020 01:53:59
"Discharge took a little long, but we were so glad they squeezed him in last minute."
- Robert Marion
09/27/2020 16:26:33
"Very professional, very congenial, have the most respect for all of you, and happy to refer clients to you which we have done already."
- Judy Brand
09/26/2020 17:51:09
"I thought even with the pandemic everything was pleasant and easy as usual"
- Skip Fels
09/24/2020 22:54:08
"I love taking my animals to Dr Jen Cordero. I love that when I have a question and want to speak with her 99% of the time she has the availability to call me back. I drive around an hour one way to bring my pets to see her. I’d say the only thing lacking is it’s a hit or miss with who I get at reception. Whenever I call it seems like I get a new person. Which isn’t bad. But there’s a lack of consistency for information regarding my pets and their visits"
- Elizabeth Martinelli
09/24/2020 12:36:56
"Our first visit w/ our new rescue dog was fantastic. Every exchange w/ staff was patient centered and the technician’s gentle approach to a fearful puppy was heartwarming. I couldn’t be happier w/ the experience. My interactions from the very first call were professional, supportive, helpful, informative and encouraging. I am thrilled to have found such a wonderful veterinary practice. "
- Rachel Jaslow-Kronberg
09/24/2020 11:46:22
- Maryann Brunini
09/23/2020 20:18:42
"very satisfied with last visit"
- Jean Beyersdorfer
09/23/2020 18:30:52
"Always a pleasure! You treat our kitty babies like family and we thank you for that. xoxox"
- Scott Schneider
09/22/2020 18:00:15
"Dr. Jessica Lovich was so patient with us as first time pet owners. She answered all our questions with patience. Our first vet experience was a great one thanks to all the staff that works at the Whippany Veterinary Hospital. "
- Panickar Serinity
09/22/2020 02:58:11
"Everyone I spoke with was fantastic and extremely nice. Dr. Cordero gave a very thorough explanation of everything and followed up a couple days later. I am extremely happy with this office!"
- Alexandra Rogers
09/21/2020 18:56:03
"We had a great first appointment with Bo. We had started with a different vet and were not happy. You guys were a breath of fresh air!! We are very comfortable working with you and knowing that you will help us take good care of Bo!"
- Melissa Kornreich
09/20/2020 21:04:25
"We are in the third day of taking care of Gracie, as per your directives. She seems to be improving, hoping she continues. Thank you so much. for being there to Help."
- Don Vogel
09/18/2020 15:58:42
"Always excellent service and care for all my dogs . Always recommend Whippany Vet to friends and family. "
- Anna Glaab
09/17/2020 19:15:01
"We love Whippany Vet Hospital. They have always treated our pets and us with the highest level of care and compassion. We know our fur babies are in the best of hands and trust all of the staff to take the best care of them. "
- Jeff Rueff
09/17/2020 15:19:36
"Have nothing but good things to say. Everybody was very helpful and did their best to put my mind at rest over the health of my dog. This was an emergency visit and they were able to fit me in on a holiday weekend."
- Eilleen Sautter
09/09/2020 00:35:08
"Your process for handling visits during Covid is great. And my phone call and questions about my dog’s medications were answered promptly and efficiently. Thank you so much!"
- Stephanie Eagan
09/04/2020 16:33:31
"You guys rock! You have gone above and beyond to keep our dogs safe. Thank you so much!"
- Judy Moran/McFadden
09/02/2020 21:53:26
"You are doing great. I like the way you guys care about the pets and their parents. "
- Elizabeth Ignacak
09/02/2020 21:30:11
"Everything was smooth with our visit "
- Chris Peterson
09/02/2020 18:09:02
"I honestly have no complaints. The staff are very friendly and accommodating they’re also very caring. My new pup is afraid of his own shadow and I do have to say they have a lot of patience with him which I’m for ver grateful because he is my Four legged child who I just adore. "
- Karina Sansevero
08/31/2020 07:46:31
"Always pleasant on the phone or in person. Also very helpful and knowledgeable about every question I have asked "
- Jenai Agosta
08/31/2020 03:11:51
"Very good."
- Anandhi Sathiyan
08/29/2020 22:10:05
"I thought the prices were good but the estimate for teeth cleaning is out of my league. I am glad they gave me an estimate "
- Kathleen Kiernan
08/28/2020 19:26:54
"Wete satisfied with way things were handled"
- Andrea Adamcik
08/28/2020 18:28:15
"I think the Doctors are wonderful. The staff have always been kind & courteous. Great job with the COVID preparations!"
- Amanda Zega
08/28/2020 00:05:47
"You are the best. Our pets love to board there. They are always excited to be there even for an office visit. You always keep us up to date with medications and protocols to best care for our pets. And you were by our side when we had to make difficult decisions. "
- Phyllis Vandersande
08/26/2020 15:19:39
"Great pet care, my dog Freddie was very comfortable with your staff and they treated him very well. "
- Peter Rooss
08/26/2020 14:53:06
"I cannot say anything but good about Whippany Vet Hospital. the entire staff is so caring and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a superior vet."
- Cindy Otte
08/25/2020 20:02:48
"The staff and doctors at your hospital treat me and my pets like family! I wouldn’t trust my pets health to ain’t other hospital!!"
- Kim Flemm
08/20/2020 18:21:17
"All of my technicians and doctors treat Monty in a very special way. The office staff has been wonderful with Monty as well."
- Harvey Cohen
08/15/2020 23:47:05
"Everyone on your staff is helpful and kind. Everyone was patient in explaining things to me."
- Donna Kerouac
08/13/2020 14:36:20
"They treat my pets like they are their own. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the doctors and staff. "
- Tricia Gasparine
08/12/2020 18:32:35
"Very caring and compassionate service. Excellent from start to finish"
- Nancy Colavito
08/12/2020 14:11:29
"It was a pleasure visiting with Gracie. Everyone was so polite,upbeat, pleasant and helpful. It was not a long wait. I appreciated everyone from the front desk to the assistants to the doctor! Thanks for your time and caring."
- Alison & Robert Bogad
08/12/2020 01:23:44
"Everything is made simple even through the pandemic."
- Patty Fletcher
08/11/2020 14:30:46
"Dr Cordero is wonderful! No complaints at all. "
- Patricia Rivera
08/10/2020 13:24:52
"We were very pleased with our first visit . Thank you Dr. Smith for your patience with us being new puppy owners . Evan was also very patient and sweet with Andy🐶"
- Dena Schaaf
08/09/2020 17:14:52
"I don’t have any problems, service was good, the techs are friendly and I was surprised Crystal went so easy into the office without me. Dr. Cordero is on top of Crystal’s care...you’re doing great!"
- Bonnie Keith
08/08/2020 05:17:05
"My boys, especially Buggy, love going to see everyone at Whippany Veterinary Hospital. I feel they get the best care and do not feel like a “number”."
- Sandy Jankola
08/08/2020 00:00:57
"Just sorry we can't come in with our pets to see you all, but we understand."
- Maxine / Eugene Lee
08/07/2020 17:21:58
"No complaints at all"
- Joann Kubichek
08/06/2020 21:24:08
"No complaints, quick and easy. "
- Heather Dill
08/04/2020 21:07:16
"Dr. Cheri Smith and her staff have cared for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels since 2007. Cavaliers are prone to several hereditary conditions and genetic predispositions. Dr. Smith was knowledgeable on everything from chiari malformations and syringomyelia, degenerative bone disease, severe dry eye, corneal ulcerations, thrombocytopenia, and Mitral Valve Disease. She and her staff have treated my dogs through many difficulties (one ate a 16 page newsletter and it needed to be surgically removed) and through all of the stages of their lives. They are caring, professional, patient and kind and genuinely care for their patients. In addition, the office staff is friendly, helpful and prompt to submit claims to our pet insurance. I can not say enough about the personal care and the confidence they have earned with their excellent service. I highly recommend them."
- Debbie Hennessey
08/03/2020 22:50:23
"I'm always happy with you guys! Everyone takes the time to answer questions and I never feel rushed. Thank you!"
- Jeanne & Anthony Cristiano
08/03/2020 18:13:21
"Excellent service"
- Tom Roeller
08/02/2020 18:28:41
"Everyone is always friendly and willing to help. I feel everyone there truly cares for my pet like I do."
- Diane Rothstein
08/01/2020 19:41:46
"You guys are doing awesome! Keep up the good work!"
- Brittney Forrest
07/31/2020 23:10:02
"You always check her out plus some. I'm told if I'm doing things right and if I need 2 change things for her because of her age. This is very helpful and appreciated."
- Barb Smith
07/31/2020 20:18:57
"No complaints !"
- Gianna Colgero
07/31/2020 18:11:22
"All good .. thx"
- Linda Alimi
07/30/2020 21:50:27
"You’re doing great despite the disruption of the virus."
- Carol Carlson
07/30/2020 17:18:35
"There is no bad! Every visit has been excellent- caring professionals, great staff, and highest degree of excellence of care. I highly recommend this practice to everyone. "
- Lorraine Gervase
07/30/2020 16:43:25
"Excellent. Appointment was easy and fast. All questions answered. "
- Stacie Jubinski
07/30/2020 15:01:06
"Doctors and staff are great. My dog had dental surgery recently. They explained everything thoroughly, answered my questions knowledgeably, and followed up with us. "
- Debbie Zarzycki
07/28/2020 15:40:40
"so far so good"
- Marta Rabezzana
07/27/2020 19:12:11
"You guys are doing amazing as always, especially during Covid-19. "
- Walter Trochez
07/27/2020 07:31:27
"You guys are the best! We have been coming to you for a long time. Zoey will be 12 and you saw Amber our golden retriever before Zoey joined our family. Thank you! Your handling of the craziness has been awesome! "
- Lisa Wallburg
07/26/2020 21:29:04
"Prompt service, professional and courteous throughout the visit"
- Robert Carnicella
07/26/2020 19:12:13
"Super easy pick up and payment "
- David / Elizabeth O'Sullivan
07/26/2020 18:09:49
"Whippany Veterinary Hospital is doing a fine job especially under trying circumstances. Our dog, Chance, never shows any hesitation to go for a visit. The doctors and staff are kind and courteous. Keep up the good work!! Thank you, Kathleen D. Gray"
- J. Dawson Gray
07/25/2020 19:32:28
"Thanks great job"
- Ira Lipson
07/25/2020 18:01:56
"Always so kind to Ella!"
- Dawn Bright
07/25/2020 01:52:18
"Love Whippany Vet Hospital. We've been bringing our fur babies there for years. The doctors and staff are great, knowledgeable, professional. We feel like we're with family. They care so much about our kitty girls. "
- Scott Schneider
07/24/2020 22:37:03
"The veterinarians and vet technicians are friendly and knowledgeable. They clearly communicate ways to administer meds to my cat and even sent helpful videos during Covid (since I could not receive an in-person demo)."
- Donna Snyder
07/23/2020 18:09:03
"We wouldn’t take our pets to anyone else. We completely trust everyone there. It’s wonderful how everyone truly cares about our pets and we are so appreciative."
- John Dieffenbacher
07/22/2020 20:50:51
"I was blown away at the kindness and thoroughness from Dr. Cordero and the entire staff that I dealt with at Whippany Veterinary Hospital. I am very happy that we chose this location for our puppy, Mia :)"
- Heather Vochecowicz
07/20/2020 19:01:13
"You have been great! I'm so glad Diane Sigalas convinced me to use you as Dottie's vet."
- Joyce Powell
07/19/2020 17:36:53
"Everyone is friendly and has a real passion for out pets. The Vets are concerned for our fur babies and will call with instructions and answer all m concerns. whippany animal hospital is the best to trust m pet with."
- Iris Hascup
07/19/2020 15:50:12
"I arrived 15 minutes early and I was taken early. The process works. Of course I wish I could be inside with my pup but it still works for everyone's safety. Nothing negative to say!"
- Jennifer Tomesko
07/17/2020 17:21:29
"Everyone was so nice and caring towards my cat amd friendly to me. I just got confused on bringing a fecal sample when i booked the appt she didnt tell me to but i wish i had just to make sure eveyrhign was alright. You guys were great and i will recommend to my friends"
- Victoria Helmer
07/17/2020 14:47:34
"Always so Wonderful!!!"
- Stefanie Tanenbaum
07/17/2020 06:57:20
"Team, As first time dog owners, Carrie was off the chart helpful. Our experience with our first ever doggy visit wasn't a 5 it was a 20!!!!!!"
- Robert Brown
07/14/2020 18:47:46
"The curbside experience was well thought out and efficient, and of course safe. We appreciate the care we receive from everyone at Whippany Vet!"
- Beth Connolly
07/13/2020 14:19:34
"In these difficult times, you made our visit as safe and painless as possible. Dr. Cordero was very thorough in her explanation of the exam and the results. Test results came back very quickly, and you notified me immediately. Any time I had a question, you were very quick and forthcoming with a response. I am pleased with my first experience using your veterinary service! "
- Shari Castelli
07/13/2020 13:40:13
"Appointments social distancing was very easy. Dr. and staff were very nice pleasant. Love Lexi’s birthday card emailed."
- Jane Sandler
07/12/2020 23:35:43
"First contactless visit since COVID and it went very well. "
- Luisa and Christian Wright
07/12/2020 21:28:13
"You are doing a great job "
- Frank Picorale
07/12/2020 13:09:29
"The best vet's ...maddie is well cared for."
- Ida McGrath
07/11/2020 18:30:43
"Was impressed with curbside drop off, telephone consultation with doctor"
- Michelle Damiano
07/09/2020 21:59:04
"Had a great first visit. Everyone was very kind, informative, and attentive, as well as safe in following social distancing guidelines. Bilbo was very happy with his visit, and so was I. Thank you!"
- Melanie Mainardi
07/09/2020 17:34:02
"I like your protocols to care for our four -levers without us humans having to enter the facilities ourselves. I have great faith in the physicians at Whippany Vet Hosp"
- Cecile Kent
07/09/2020 15:25:24
"I had been going to another Vet for years and finally realized my two minute visits were not working for me or my dogs! Dr. Smith was highly recommended to me. She was not available but they got me in to Dr. Cordero. She was WONDERFUL! Spent lots of time with my sick dog and lots of time speaking to me after the visit. We are DEFINITELY new clients. THANK YOU!!!!"
- Gwenn Dellapelle
07/09/2020 15:14:53
"I can’t imagine taking my 3 dogs anywhere else . They are always given the best care possible by everyone !!"
- Linda Hughes
07/08/2020 20:07:17
"You and your staff are very loving to your patients. However I since your rates are high you should consider some type of plan to help pet parents reduce upfront cost. Especially around elective surgeries. "
- Shirley Gonzalez
07/08/2020 01:43:15
"I think you and your team continues to do an outstanding job as we all manage through these times. Very happy with the care Rocky received and the service you provided!!"
- Robert Cobleigh
07/07/2020 22:22:31
- Lillian Williams
07/07/2020 18:51:59
"Both the vet tech (Carrie) and our vet (Dr. Lovich) provided excellent care to Simcoe. They took the time to answer all of our questions and listen to our concerns. They are so good with our pup, and she loves going to visit them, even when she has to get poked. Thank you!"
- Melissa Gavarny
07/07/2020 18:30:46
"We love Whippany Vet! Maybe you could provide a discount for pet owners that have more then 1 pet? "
- Gerry / Kathleen Cimaglia
07/06/2020 22:59:43
"Very well so hard when haven’t dealt with you before and now have to do things at a distance."
- Lynne Harmen
07/05/2020 17:33:16
"I was so glad that you were able to examine Jag even though you were extremely busy. I appreciate the fact you saw her under these circumstances and glad she is feeling better. Thank you Dr. Cordero!!!!"
- Jennifer Kurywczak
07/05/2020 01:14:35
"Of course it was difficult because I couldn’t go in with Isabelle but it was great to talk with Dr. Cordero and i felt like she was seen quickly. Is was brought back out quickly after her appointment and I appreciated that. "
- Sharon Hoffmann
07/04/2020 22:05:23
"Very pleased with the new arrangements, comfortable experience!!"
- Henry Buechse
07/03/2020 12:02:03
" You all are the best!!"
- Teena Rae
07/02/2020 21:22:32
"Overall I thought it was an excellent visit. Wasn’t sure what to expect with the Covid but it was very well organized and thorough"
- Sheila Avery
07/02/2020 16:04:12
"The doctors and staff are so incredibly kind, patient, and make you feel like your pet is theirs!!! "
- Marianne DiBenedetto
07/02/2020 15:42:44
- Barbara Parke
07/01/2020 02:04:46
"Love the dr and all the staff. Very friendly, you can get an appoint as soon as you need it. I have a 16 yo kitty with several health issues and he can be a monster at the vet, even though he is very very sweet at home. But the care he receives is absolutely amazing . Thank you all."
- Monica Tasca
07/01/2020 01:02:15
"The care is exceptional....so is the expense! :-)"
- Laura Kajor
06/30/2020 17:17:49