"Realize the check-in process is different due to COVID, but I think it could use some help. Just going of off my own experience in the last 3 visits, it seems to me the wait is too long. Additionally, calling in from the parking lot and not getting my calls picked up is also frustrating when you have specifically set a check in time. Should be easy to fix, but wanted to give you the feedback since you asked."
- Michelle Barkemeyer
02/24/2021 22:09:13
"You are the best! Love your staff and your veterinarians!"
- Kim Flemm
02/24/2021 20:52:38
"I love the staff overall and I was happy with my first experience. Looking forward to returning. "
- Stephen Shinsky
02/24/2021 13:55:15
"All great! Except the big bill LOL "
- Sue Christou
02/24/2021 04:31:01
"I appreciate all the time the doctor spent on the phone with me. All my questions and concerns were addressed. The Covid policy is reasonable and well executed. "
- Bonnie Baranski (Adams)
02/23/2021 17:59:59
"You’re doing excellent!"
- Joanne Chirico
02/23/2021 17:52:37
"As you know Atticus is an anxious dog. The Tech was not as warm as others have been."
- Sue Murray
02/23/2021 17:15:51
"Staff very friendly and appreciate follow up phone call."
- Gail Hansen
02/18/2021 17:56:33
"It was my first visit and everything was very organized and simple. I really enjoyed it and you are very careful and gentle when it’s time to go inside and come outside. Thank you :)"
- Alma Portillo-Rodriguez
02/15/2021 11:34:00
"Excellent customer service and care for our dog!!"
- Ted Olshefski
02/14/2021 22:04:32
"LOVE Dr Cordero & all the girls!!!! A little sticker shock sometimes but excellent care of my babies!"
- Emily Jamison
02/14/2021 14:08:55
"I called 15min before closing time with a question as to whether my dog should be seen the next day with a swollen face and you stayed late to see him that day, giving him 2 x IV injections. He was back to normal about 90mins after coming home. You guys are just phenomenal and I can’t thank you enough. "
- Leonie Rynn
02/14/2021 04:02:17
"I thought the dr was very nice. Very informative. She seemed like she took great care of Bella. I have nothing but good things to say. Your office staff is great too. Always a pleasure to speak to your front desk, they are also kind and friendly. The tech that came out for Bella was great too. Thank you for taking great care of our girl. "
- Nancy Colavito
02/13/2021 21:34:10
"Gia has been going to dr smith since we got her 11years ago, she has always had the best care. Every one at Whippany vet is caring and loving."
- Pam Devita
02/12/2021 18:19:21
"I was nervous about not being able to go in with Hunter, but when Anna came to my car to get him, I was well at ease! Dr Lovich called me and was so thorough and very willing to answer all my questions about Hunter’s visit, I’m so happy I came to Whippany Animal Hospital. They even gave me a picture with Anna and a wonderful goody bag!! I want to thank Rebecca for answering my questions before I even brought Hunter there and to the wonderful receptionist who I spoke to the day of my visit. I’m so sorry I cannot remember your name. Thanks again and I highly recommend Whippany Animal Hospital to anyone who may be a bit nervous because they will remove all doubts the second you call them! "
- Cindy Kulish
02/12/2021 10:25:58
"Wishing we could see the vets in person to talk about our pets. "
- Lori Epstein
02/11/2021 22:22:08
"Everyone is incredibly caring and nice!"
- Nina Sandman
02/10/2021 22:17:36
"Scheduling an appointment is a breeze. The covid protocols are safe and easy to manage. Our dogs love going to you guys and are never afraid. The vet is easy to talk to, informative and answers all of our questions without judgement. I’m so glad we switched to the whippany vet! "
- Andrea Kalish
02/10/2021 21:05:56
"Whippany Vet Hospital is the BEST Hospital in N.J. The staff and doctors are absolutely amazing, helpful, kind, knowledgeable and understanding in every way any pet owner could ask for. We have been going to this hospital for many years and would not have it any other way!! Thank you for all the love and care you give our pets!!! "
- Julianne Funicelli
02/10/2021 18:26:48
"I think the wait time for the appointment was not long and that’s the part I dread the most, since both my dogs are very nervous while waiting to go into the vet. So a few minutes can seem like hours when they are shaking. "
- Ray Gomez
02/10/2021 00:00:16
"I appreciate the effort to protect everyone from Covid while caring for our pets. The approach by all the staff is always caring and helpful. The doctors are very knowledgeable , competent, professional and loving with our four-leggers. "
- Cecile Kent
02/09/2021 18:47:18
"Always a good experience. Have recommended Dr Smith and her staff to other pet parents. "
- Tom and Ellen DeRocco
02/07/2021 00:43:44
"Great! Was easy to accommodate my dog quickly. Very thorough questioning about my dog before they took him in for his appointment. Was quick and easy. Thank you!"
- Lauren Hand
02/06/2021 18:28:24
"Everyone was very pleasant to deal with and patient with answering my questions. I never felt unsure of the next steps throughout the day of my puppy's surgery."
- Karina Resposo
02/04/2021 20:04:08
"Sorry nothing bad to offer. Only good. Excellent service and care!"
- Ted Ciamillo
02/01/2021 02:55:05
"The entire staff is so friendly and helpful. The doctors are knowledge and compassionate. They are all definitely animal lovers. We know that our dogs will always receive the best cafe at Whippany Vet Hospital "
- Jeff Rueff
01/31/2021 22:17:24
"Dr Lovich was wonderful to speak with and she answered all my questions and concerns. "
- Thomas Armenti
01/29/2021 23:04:26
"Everyone at Whippany Vet is wonderful"
- Jessica Kolton
01/29/2021 22:10:16
"Entire staff is fabulous! Prices are a little higher than I like to pay. But, I would recommend this vet."
- Lucielle Pringle
01/29/2021 20:14:48
"Honestly, everything seemed to go very well. I felt like I had ample time with the Vet."
- Eileen Stewart
01/28/2021 22:55:27
"Excellent Service. "
- Anandhi Sathiyan
01/25/2021 01:40:44
"All very positive "
- Diana Ferrante
01/23/2021 18:46:43
"WVH is excellent which is why we've been taking our fur babies there for the last 12 years. The doctors are the best and so caring. They're love our little ones as if they were their own. "
- Scott Schneider
01/23/2021 18:25:44
"My cats see Dr. Levitz normally but this time we had Dr. Cordero and she was just as lovely. I am so happy I found Whippany vet. Normally the vets I have been to have been pushy and charged for stupid things but Whippany Vet is not Only honest, but also reasonable in treatment options! "
- Seren Ponte
01/22/2021 20:03:40
"Very efficient and courteous. thank you for fitting in Sadi-she is feeling better"
- Marge McEntee
01/18/2021 14:18:22
"You take good care of my pets. The staff loves animals and are very helpful and patient. "
- Shirley Gonzalez
01/18/2021 02:34:50
"Whippany Veterinary Hospital always goes above and beyond. All the doctors treat Ethel they same way I do. Their care and concern for her wellbeing will always bring me back."
- Christine Landow
01/17/2021 18:04:28
"Everybody was nice and accomodating. and you manage to make the process simple and convenient even with the challenges of the pandemic"
- Sylvia Batane
01/17/2021 00:29:21
"very well. I am always pleased with your service and caring manner"
- Anita Petracca
01/12/2021 17:00:19
"It was our first visit but everyone was very helpful, pleasant, and super friendly with my dog"
- Mark Hayward
01/10/2021 22:47:08
"It was a pleasant experience. Thanks for everything!"
- Zheng Ma
01/10/2021 21:39:24
"Everyone was great! Evan was very informative and got all the answers to my questions."
- Jessica Simpson
01/10/2021 20:13:55
"The staff is courteous and professional and the doctors treat our dogs like they are their own. "
- Judy Moran/McFadden
01/09/2021 20:56:13
"They're great and attentive. They really do care about your pet. "
- Kim Stinson
01/08/2021 18:06:07
"I brought in my cat for an emergency and I am so impressed with how much love and attention he received from Dr Smith and the woke staff. After dr Smith examined Sammy, she called me and explained everything that was done and her findings. We came as an emergency but will stay permanently. We found the perfect Veterinery Hospital for our babies. "
- Nella Rockford
01/08/2021 17:52:38
" my exchange w/ your office via the PetPro Exchange app was amazing. my issue was addressed swiftly, efficiently and most effectively. Thank you for considering the symptom description and accommodating the big picture...he’s doing so much better!!!"
- Rachel Jaslow-Kronberg
01/07/2021 15:19:50
"Under difficult covid circumstances, my veterinary team has surpassed what was always superlative vet care. They have created a safe, efficient method to perform pet examinations. I am reassured that my pup is receiving the best care. I’m hoping the office can eventually use Zoom or FaceTime so we can be “virtually” in the exam room."
- Carol Carlson
01/06/2021 20:30:03
"Everyone at WVH has always been kind, compassionate, and professional with us. We've been bringing our pets that are for 14 years and never had anything but the best treatment. "
- Kelly Stoner
01/06/2021 18:40:59
"Staff is always friendly helpful. Doctors are caring and genuinely concerned about the pets. "
- Marianne DiBenedetto
01/05/2021 21:09:38
"The staff and the doctors are excellent at Whippany Veterinary Hospital. They are compassionate and loving towards the animals. They always make our dog feel special and loved. I will continue to recommend Whippany vet to my friends and family."
- Laurie Sheppard
01/02/2021 02:00:03
"Everyone and everything was terrific. "
- Jenai Agosta
01/01/2021 18:16:04
"Overall very good"
- Sharon & Joseph Nally
12/31/2020 15:41:10
"We really appreciate all of the effort you made to squeeze in an appointment for our cat, after seeing a video of her you called us back to get her in ASAP. Gave me a lot of relief to know she was going to be seen and not have to wait another day. "
- Bill Wickenheiser
12/31/2020 03:05:17
"The vets and vet techs are knowledgeable and thorough and spend a good time amount of time answering any questions I have. I can tell that most of them really love animals."
- Donna Snyder
12/30/2020 19:03:31
"We truly appreciated that you saw Roxy so quickly during the holiday season. Coronavirus procedures were very reasonable and we felt safe. We are considering moving all our vet care to your facility. Thank you and Happy New Year!"
- Bonnie Baranski (Adams)
12/28/2020 13:03:08
"Doing great, honestly nothing to complain about! "
- Julia Burgos
12/27/2020 17:57:50
"Great service! Staff always super friendly !"
- Pete Martins
12/27/2020 04:03:07
"My experience was great. Doctor Luvich was very sweet and caring."
- Larisa Ross
12/25/2020 20:08:25
"EVERYBODY AND I MEAN EVERYBODY AT THIS VET ARE OUTRAGEOUSLY NICE! From the vet herself to the staff. What a pleasure to deal with"
- Jesse Turano
12/24/2020 23:14:56
"no complaints-the hospital shows a definite for their patients as well as keeping the pet owners informed"
- Joann Kubichek
12/22/2020 22:10:39
"We are very pleased with the care of our McGreedy. "
- Tammy Wagner
12/22/2020 21:19:39
"Always so kind!"
- Daira Marin
12/21/2020 14:42:51
"Easy adjustment to COVID conditions. Instructions are simple and efficient. Everyone is very nice and patient."
- Ariel Lee
12/21/2020 09:02:42
- Marisol Gomez
12/21/2020 03:17:26
"Everyone was so friendly and professional. I was more comfortable leaving Boomer there."
- Fadia Khwaz
12/17/2020 19:08:44
"We feel very comfortable bringing Andy for his veterinary care to Whippany Vet. Everyone is so caring and patient . All of our questions and concerns are handled professionally. Andy does very well with Dr. Smith and the entire staff . Thanks to all ."
- Dena Schaaf
12/17/2020 18:54:31
"Extremely pleased with Sami's treatment. Dr. Lovich had Sami's best interest throughout the appointment. She thoroughly explained the treatment plan and how to implement it. "
- Jon Molinare, DMD
12/16/2020 23:43:53
"Such an pleasant experience for our first time. "
- Ann Prizzi
12/14/2020 19:29:58
"Excellent "
- Sue Peluso
12/11/2020 23:05:41
"You're doing very well. Nothing bad to say"
- Jennifer Tomesko
12/11/2020 18:16:11
"Your whole office is doing wonderful during the COVID situation. Very organized, careful and caring about the animals and their owners. I always get wonderful care here for my cat Sable (even though she hates to go to the vets). "
- Robin SanFelice
12/11/2020 17:51:08
"Fantastic! You are wonderful. The best vet experience I’ve ever had. "
- Carolyn Krug
12/11/2020 17:12:47
"I am so grateful for the loving staff, who calmed my anxiety, as well as my cat Callie’s. We were each treated with great care and respect during her visit. She is feeling a little better already, thanks to the skilled team at Whippany Veterinary Hospital. And the photo included in her discharge packet was a sweet surprise!"
- Laura Carbone
12/10/2020 02:48:04
"You are doing fine. I think these are trying times for everyone. "
- Pat Markey
12/08/2020 21:30:52
"I think your current system for managing the pandemic is great, so simple and so efficient. "
- Andrew Greenberg
12/07/2020 19:11:13
" Very kind and caring "
- Kathy Iradi
12/06/2020 23:29:39
"As always, the visit went great. Everyone is always so nice and helpful. Looking forward to being able to go inside again. "
- Sue/Scott Schoner
12/06/2020 19:03:42
"Every staff member loved my cat. "
- Cindy Richard
12/06/2020 00:01:30
"We love you all at Whippany Vet"
- Teena Rae
12/05/2020 22:03:08
"You guys are all awesome ...from the doctors to the technicians to the ladies at the front desk. We know Bella is in good hands when she is there. You guys show her so much affection and truly care about her. We can’t thank you enough for always taking care of her!"
- Ryan Sheridan
12/05/2020 21:42:28
"Accurate, fast, results, with a friendly most knowledgeable staff. I will always bring my pets to Whippany Veterinary Hospital! "
- Susan Smarth
12/05/2020 20:14:16
"Amazing everyone who works there is fabulous! "
- Jessica Flaherty
12/05/2020 01:10:11
"I think you're doing a wonderful job. I think it's tough time presently, but the way that the curbside pickup has been implemented for appointments, and the follow through during the appointment makes me feel confident my pets are getting wonderful, and individualized attention and care. Thank you!"
- Karen Sherowski
12/04/2020 21:04:44
"I do really miss being able to attend my dogs vet appointments with them but I can tell you that you are doing a fabulous job of accommodating the special needs of my dogs. One has absolutely no reservations about going inside and being examined in the traditional way in one of your rooms. My other guy is an anxious dog that does better while I am present. I’m so thankful that you have accommodated us by coming outside to where he is more comfortable."
- Margaret MacEwen
12/04/2020 01:37:15
"I think under the circumstances you are doing a great job with following safety guidelines in this pandemic. I just miss going in with my dog . He gets anxious whenever we go to the vet. I feel guilty about not being able to go in and comfort him. "
- Michelle Damiano
12/03/2020 21:23:01
"All good things! Every vet, vet tech and receptionist I speak to is always so kind and always knows what is going on. Everyone seems to know who my D.O.G. is when I call; at the very least they recognize her name. The best part has been Dr. Smith. She has been super thourough, compassionate and straightforwardly professional about what she is looking for to help D.O.G. We are still working through her main issue, but since we started with Dr. Smith, we have had a better understanding of what is going on with D.O.G. and all the treatment options. dr. smith has really given 100% of herself to making us and D.O.G. feel comfortable. Thank you to the entire staff!"
- Michelle Jablonski
12/03/2020 20:57:41
"always nice to us and our pets, don't make us wait past our scheduled time"
- Mary Ann Forrest
12/03/2020 19:17:35
"We loved talking with Dr. Lovich and all the staff. All of our questions were answered, we loved our “puppy kit” and everyone was so sweet! (Even bright and early in the morning.) Looking forward to working with you to keep Marley a healthy and happy pup! Thank you!"
- Tara Collazo
12/03/2020 03:23:57
"Great job especially with COVID. Very proactive. "
- Lori Sward
12/02/2020 18:48:56
"Max is responding to the medications you prescribed. He seems to be feeling better already!"
- Don Vellekamp
11/30/2020 18:38:24
"The staff and care are excellent!"
- Joanne Chirico
11/26/2020 22:04:05
"With the Covid-19 protocols in place i felt that everyone, including Marley, was kept safe & secure. I knew with the flu shot Marley would be a bit larthargic but by yesterday evening he seemed more like himself. He's a big boy so handling him can be a challenge but Marley & I had a heart to heart talk to be nice & behave himself. I was very happy to hear that he was a good boy. It is also nice to know that the staff has big dogs also so they are not nervous or apprehensive around a miniature horse like Marley. Thank you for your excellent care of our family member!"
- Karen Walker
11/26/2020 14:42:11
"I feel our two cats are in good care at Whippany vet hospital "
- Barbara Parke
11/22/2020 16:57:12
"Dr. Smith has always been and continues to be a caring, dedicated , intelligent veterinarian. We appreciate her expertise and compassion toward our dog Sassy."
- Margaret Senerchia
11/22/2020 13:02:41
"Took me in the next day!!!! Excellent!!!"
- Warren Michael Schaffter
11/21/2020 22:15:52
"Awesome job!! Will recommend to friends. Thanks for all your hard work with my anxious shepherd Kash. "
- Lori Schappell
11/21/2020 14:10:06
"I really liked that the doctor spoke with me in detail about my dog and was very friendly"
- Sarah Sundick
11/18/2020 20:06:40
"its still hard not being able to go inside but i thank everyone for getting me in during all my emergencies this past month"
- Karen Graeber
11/17/2020 23:41:49
"I have no complaints I do think curbside option is working out since I would not feel comfortable coming inside the office right now. "
- Kelli DeChiara
11/17/2020 18:18:36
"I can depend on whippany very to do a thorough check up on Sandy. Shes 12 and doing well"
- Diane Tappen
11/16/2020 20:06:33