"Excellent level of care"
- Joanne Jones
07/25/2021 20:06:03
"My two kitties don't mind going to the vet at all, in fact they like it. Drs and techs are so patient and caring and they love the petting and the familiar place. "
- Maxine / Eugene Lee
07/25/2021 17:42:49
"All good very happy with dr Smith and the staff Very kind and helpful at all times !"
- Donna Magliaro
07/23/2021 18:14:43
"Vet was excellent and took her time. Techs seemed upset that my puppy was very hyper. I understand he’s not well behaved yet but they seemed very annoyed."
- Kristin Colon
07/22/2021 21:27:22
"Whippany Vet is like family. We love everyone there, we recommend them to anyone that asks. "
- Donald Jones
07/22/2021 17:58:33
"I appreciated the staff helping me get Baxter to and from the car. The doctor was very kind and made sure that Baxter was not stressed. The reason I left the last vet was because each time I went I had no choice as to which doctor would see my pets - it was just whoever was available."
- Cynthia Stauder
07/17/2021 21:55:23
"All good. Thanks "
- Linda Alimi
07/17/2021 17:49:07
"I am so grateful to Dr. Smith. She treated my dog immediately upon our arrival at the hospital for two open wounds. She was very kind to us and explained everything in a way that calmed us. She TRULY cares for our pets. The whole staff at the hospital are nice and make you feel welcome. Thank you for treating Sophie with so much care!"
- Daisy Almazo
07/15/2021 13:29:06
"I felt the vet teams were thoughtful and kind. I was not rushed when I asked question, nor, were the answers rushed .I received pet honesty abut Briar and her health Thank you."
- Ella Wolf
07/15/2021 10:08:29
"Amazing!! Helpful "
- Pam Procter
07/14/2021 01:13:59
"Great staff, felt right at hone. "
- John McCurdy
07/13/2021 19:56:29
"Dr smith us incredible and her other docs are so caring. I wouldn’t trust my dogs with anyone else. "
- Judy Moran/McFadden
07/13/2021 01:00:24
"Great your staff is so caring and knowledgeable "
- Katherine Petro
07/12/2021 02:28:46
"Staff are all super friendly and very knowledgeable about both of my dogs. Dr. Smith and Dr. Cordero are amazing veterinarians who always take excellent care of my pets!"
- Kim Flemm
07/11/2021 17:55:37
"I have been bringing my dogs to whippany Vet for many years and I feel that the care my dog receives is excellent. I appreciated being able to bring in a stool sample to rule out any infection and the results were given the next day. Fantastic! "
- Sharon Leff
07/11/2021 04:21:24
"I think all are doing a great job accommodating pets. I like the checkin from the parking lot. "
- Michelle Damiano
07/08/2021 21:16:12
"It was so nice to drs. Smith and Cordero and the whole hospital staff. Great visit and Ty was so happy to get all that lovin’!"
- Diane Andrews
07/06/2021 23:32:06
"Everyone is very friendly specialty to Star, it means lot to us, Thank you everyone."
- Ginger Losavio
07/06/2021 19:02:23
"Professional and friendly...Maddie loves Dr Cordero. We recommend Whippany Vet to all of our friends "
- Ida McGrath
07/05/2021 19:35:25
"My experience was great. The vet and technicians were very helpful. Nymerias vet even stayed extra time after her examination to answer several questions I had as a new puppy mom. This was her first vet visit so I really appreciated that. Thank you for a great first experience!!!"
- Rosalba Melo
07/05/2021 15:28:58
"Staff was very knowledgeable and caring."
- Susan Smarth
07/05/2021 03:05:59
"Good job"
- Ira Lipson
07/04/2021 21:04:51
"We love Dr. Cordero and the staff!!! "
- Daisy Bagnoli
07/04/2021 18:35:13
"Techs are great. Love Dr. Lovich. Just wish there was a way to reduce costs. "
- Carol Carlson
07/03/2021 22:49:57
"Pleasant personnel "
- Barbara Lapinski
07/03/2021 21:20:46
"I've said it before and I'll say it again, WVH is the BEST. They genuinely care about these animals AND their owners. They've educated us so well as the humans, and the personal attention is beyond compare. I'll never stop bringing our pets to them. Any of the vets on staff are outstanding, and the front desk is full of incredible and professional folks. I can't begin to express enough positivity and admiration for the entire practice. 💛 we absolutely love and respect WVH....15 years and counting now....."
- Kelly Stoner
07/01/2021 22:42:56
"The staff is patient, very friendly and knowledgeable "
- Stefi Preiss
07/01/2021 19:14:39
"This was my first time coming to your facility and I was very pleased. Dr. Smith and the whole staff were very professional and very caring."
- Robin Lupo
07/01/2021 01:46:24
"Totally satisfied with the care & experience."
- Frank Rivera
06/30/2021 16:30:46
"Monty received the best care that we could ask for. Jessica has been extremely helpful on Monty’s behalf."
- Harvey Cohen
06/29/2021 23:24:48
"Everything was seamless & easy. Everyone was nice and explained things clearly. "
- Juliana Tarris
06/29/2021 21:44:57
"staff and dr cordero r fabulous!"
- Sue Murray
06/29/2021 20:13:06
"My experience was great . Staff and Doctor was very friendly and I felt comforted that my pet was in good hands . "
- Jonice Withanachchi
06/28/2021 22:32:28
"Caring and professional staff. We have been very happy with Dr. Smith and staff. Highly rtecommended"
- Jim Lambert
06/28/2021 20:11:12
"Amazing "
- Jessica Chudnow
06/28/2021 17:23:14
"Excellent! No complaints."
- Ian Bradshaw
06/22/2021 22:21:30
"Friendly and professional service."
- Victor Egidio
06/22/2021 22:16:52
"It was a good visit. Thank you!"
- Michele Rizzo
06/21/2021 18:06:52
"Good experience always!"
- Jason Perlman
06/20/2021 18:38:12
"Everything was fine nice to visit when pet is well and not very sick as time before."
- Lynne Harmen
06/20/2021 01:44:01
"I absolutely loved Dr. Lovich - she was so kind and sensitive and caring - I wish she could be my doctor!!!"
- Denise Delvacchio
06/19/2021 20:25:19
"The staff is polite and very helpful. The doctors are caring and take good care of my pets."
- Ellen Carter
06/18/2021 21:41:54
"You guys are the best! Thank you for always taking the best care of our Marley!"
- Tara Collazo
06/18/2021 00:08:20
"I was so happy to finally not have to give my puppy away and wait in the car. Great to be able to come inside with her again. I forget the Tech's name, but she was fantastic. I forgot to give Lucky Benadryl before her shot and the tech reminded me and made sure she received it at the Vet before her vaccine. She also recognized that in the past, Lucky has had a bad reaction when she receives two shots at the same time. She only gave her one and we scheduled another visit for the other vaccine. This really shows that the personnel at Whippany Vet really pay attention to detail with our pets and that they care. It was a great first visit back inside. I also like that we still wait outside or in our car until it is time for our appointment and can then come in when the tech/doctor is ready for us. We have another appointment in a week and I am sure it will go just as well. "
- Dana Black
06/16/2021 03:28:00
"I really don’t have anything bad to say about the place it was fantastic the staff were wonderful"
- Avril Beere
06/16/2021 00:39:54
"Didn't wait long in the parking lot. Tech took lots of notes. Doc did a thorough examine. Everything looks good for 15 years old."
- Ron Davis
06/13/2021 19:39:39
"The communication and care has been excellent."
- Azsha Pierra
06/11/2021 19:25:57
"I was happy to be able to come inside for the examination with kitty. I was a little sad we couldn't use the special kitty room but I think she was ok. We had a bit of a wait and unfortunately that made the cat a little bit irritable. But the technician and Dr. Smith were great and I was happy overall. Everyone in the office there is very nice and that always helps make the appointment more pleasant. "
- Risa Bogner
06/08/2021 20:14:31
"Everything was great as usual!"
- Beth Connolly
06/07/2021 18:29:12
"Everyone answered all my questions, no matter how silly they may be to them. They are always professional and caring and I have no worries about trusting my pet in their hands. "
- Maryann Brunini
06/06/2021 20:22:28
"Doing fine. Staff is very helpful"
- William Ellis
06/06/2021 20:13:07
"Check-in was fast and our dog was in and out pretty quickly. We were only getting bloodwork done so it's nice that we didn't need to wait long."
- Alison Felger
06/06/2021 12:35:23
"Dr. Smith covered all the things we were concerned about and we felt Guinness had a good checkup."
- Daria Lisco
06/03/2021 21:44:17
"I thought the whole process was handled very well and I appreciated the time that was taken to explain the procedure to me as well as to tell how it went and what to expect. "
- Patti Schleckser
06/03/2021 20:29:36
- Michael Kling
05/31/2021 15:31:04
"We loved our experience. Everyone was so kind and caring both with Shiloh and us as new parents :-). The dr and staff were very informative and pleasant to deal with. We are very happy Kelly Mulch and Jax recommended Whippany Vet Hospital! "
- Tiffany Alvarez
05/25/2021 21:21:52
"You guys are always great!"
- Leonie Rynn
05/24/2021 00:38:07
"I am extremely satisfied with my visit: every single question I had was completely addressed; information given to me to help me take care of my cat was clear and specific; and the care and treatment my pet received was thorough and caring. "
- Ava Booth
05/23/2021 18:00:15
"Great job you are doing!"
- Barbara Parke
05/23/2021 16:07:25
"Our first visit. Didn’t get to meet the doctor but still a favorable experience. Just not enough interaction yet to really say."
- Darcie Branca
05/23/2021 16:04:34
"With this visit, I was pleased because I didn't wait long in the car, and my dog seemed to be checked over quickly because within 15 minutes the vet called me, and then spent a lot of time with me on the phone discussing the next steps for our dog. "
- Jenee Perz
05/23/2021 15:57:16
"You’re doing excellent. "
- Joanne Chirico
05/20/2021 20:13:39
"Very detailed explanation of our pet’s overall health and the areas to improve such as food choices or be aware of necessary treatments such as dental cleaning, option to spay her, etc. "
- Anna DeRego
05/17/2021 01:14:29
"Very responsive with text and phone calls. At times availability is limited. On the expensive side. Often charges a $5 medical disposal fee with routine visits."
- Kristin Colon
05/16/2021 22:40:53
"Great service"
- Leslie King
05/15/2021 01:12:42
"Dr Smith and company take excellent care of our dogs every time we visit. The exams are comprehensive and the staff is friendly and welcoming."
- Judy Moran/McFadden
05/14/2021 13:42:20
"Always a great experience. Appreciate follow up calls"
- Sandy Milan
05/13/2021 18:44:25
"Always a great experience! The staff and doctors couldn’t be nicer and more caring."
- Laura Rogers
05/12/2021 21:03:23
"Excellent. They took wonderful care of my lab for many years I’m starting all over again and would never go anywhere else"
- Katherine Petro
05/12/2021 19:28:20
"Awesome! We starting coming here when we moved to Morris Plains last August and have had to have our dog at the vet more than any pet parent would like. Boomer has had stomach issues for as long as we've had him and have moved 4 times, with 4 different vet practices. This is the first place that took his symptoms seriously (granted he had the worst symptoms here). But we are so grateful that he is on the road to recovery thanks to the help of this office"
- Priti Patel
05/11/2021 17:30:24
"It was rough not being able to go in with my cat. I realize that's because of Covid but hopefully as people are vaccinated and rules become less stringent that will change."
- Cheryl Leonard
05/06/2021 16:19:21
"Taken in by tech on time. Shea treated very well. Excellent experience!"
- Donna Ilardi
05/05/2021 20:43:52
"We really love the staff and doctors. My boys aren’t afraid to go into the office without us, but I would love to be able to be with them when they are seen again. "
- Bernadette Cobb
05/04/2021 17:03:41
"You're doing great"
- Frank Picorale
05/04/2021 16:07:28
"things re being handled well, given the circumstances."
- Richard Isel
05/04/2021 14:22:58
"Fine experience. "
- Michele Cavaliere
05/03/2021 17:04:58
"Very pleasant staff and doctors. Really glad we switched to you. "
- Ann Prizzi
05/03/2021 11:41:51
"Every experience with Whippany Vet so far has been amazing because every person that has interacted with D.O.G. or myself has been friendly, patient and helpful. Most importantly, Dr. Smith has been a godsend with working with D.O.G. this past year to figure out what was going on with her and how we can fix it. In the last month since D.O.G. has been home from her surgery, she has been a completely different dog, in the best possible way. That has everything to do with all the care and attention Dr. Smith (and the whole staff), has put into caring for D.O.G. Thank you Whippany Animal Hospital!!!"
- Michelle Jablonski
05/02/2021 00:55:38
"Everyone is so kind, helpful and loving with our pet - the best!"
- Robert Cobleigh
04/29/2021 22:17:38
"Wonderful vet very thorough and knowledgeable which put my mind at ease. Excellent caring vet technicians"
- Stefi Preiss
04/28/2021 18:30:58
"Whippany Vet has the most caring staff. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I highly recommend them for the care of your dog or cat"
- Cindy Otte
04/26/2021 20:21:11
"Treated star very well"
- Ginger Losavio
04/26/2021 17:23:01
"Very caring. Excellent service. "
- Ira Lipson
04/25/2021 02:45:04
"The vet really put me at ease (and my dog!!) would be even cooler if we could face time when she’s examining him during covid. "
- Kristen Graeber
04/25/2021 01:11:44
"The doctor (Dr. Smith) is doing everything that she can to help our dog (Monty)."
- Harvey Cohen
04/24/2021 17:24:55
"I know any constructive criticism can be helpful but I’m sorry to say I don’t have any! Everything went very smoothly, both Flynn and I were treated well, quickly, and with respect."
- Eileen Stewart
04/23/2021 17:22:47
"The staff was magnificent. We called in the AM hoping to get an appt. We originally had a 5:00 pm appointment but then switched to 2:00pm. We called in upon our arrival. The staff quickly took our information, brought Bailey in, examined and treated her very quickly. The Dr. called and gave a very detailed report. The next morning a follow up call was placed by the office checking in and reviewing the lab test results. I could not ask for more. Very satisfied!!!"
- Peter Kruse
04/22/2021 00:29:50
"You do a Great job everyone is friendly and caring for the animals "
- Theresa Granata
04/21/2021 17:23:36
"You are doing a great job. Always caring and professional. Chance is never timid or anxious before or after his appointments, Thank you. Kathleen Gray"
- J. Dawson Gray
04/18/2021 20:50:47
"Amazing "
- Jessica Chudnow
04/18/2021 16:12:24
"I appreciated the time the doctor gave to give me a call and give me a thorough explanation about what was going on with my cat."
- Theresa & Amanda Hinton
04/17/2021 13:27:37
"So far we have had great experience with our two dogs. Very thorough and explains in detail everything. Best version so far. Price is average "
- Susan Kuber
04/17/2021 01:44:23
"Everything was great! Thank you!"
- Michele Rizzo
04/16/2021 20:34:22
"Fantastic and I am satisfied with my visit for Zeus. Keep it up. Continue doing what you are doing."
- Anandhi Sathiyan
04/15/2021 20:25:23
"Always a good experience at Whippany Vet! Love the girls that answer the phones, all of them but especially Lindsey!! Those that come outside to get Bella are always so friendly and courteous and of course Dr Smith and Dr Cordero are Bella’s favorites. Can’t wait til we can come back inside and see you all but we know Bella gets great care and we get all the information we need from every visit. Thank you for all you do. "
- Teena Rae
04/15/2021 19:44:39
"No bad! I have felt my fur babies have received great care. Thank you."
- Amy Bellomo
04/14/2021 00:56:39
"You're simply the best!!!! I feel that my dog is in the most caring and competent hands!!!!"
- Sheila Slutsker
04/14/2021 00:24:56
"Always the welcoming staff is there to help, always with a smile. My Maltese has been going there since she was 3 months old and now she is 13"
- Pam Devita
04/13/2021 21:11:19
"I love the caring way my dogs are taken care of"
- Cecile Kent
04/13/2021 17:51:06
"Everything is perfect! "
- Julianne Funicelli
04/11/2021 18:52:41