"Dr. Smith is very good but your prices are very, very high. $17.00 for 3 pills - WTF?"
- Carol Baker
03/25/2023 00:00:12
"The personnel are so pleasant and professional "
- Cecile Kent
03/24/2023 08:32:52
"Dr. Cordero, Shenika, Jessica, Rebecca, Dr. Enoch, Sue, etc, are caring and very professional! They treat Vinny, Gracie and I with great care; Dr. Cordero listens to all three of us. The various tests and conditions are explained completely with much appreciated honesty. In the past, I feel that various techs were pushing testing onto us without explanation or approval. While we will do what is necessary for our family (pets), there are various ways to get to the appropriate end result."
- Melissa Duffner
03/13/2023 15:37:47
"My dog was taken care of quickly and everything was explained to me by both the vet tech and the doctor. Very friendly, very good with my dog. "
- Melissa Gavarny
03/12/2023 17:26:44
"Doctor Cordero was speaking directly to my VERY fearful dog, like a gentle parent would speak to a child. The entire time talking him through his each step of his visit."
- Dave Buchwald
03/11/2023 17:10:59
"I love you all for being a kind caretaker for all my dogs for many many years. Everything from scheduling to exam I love the fact that you take all the necessary time with my little ones."
- Marienne Treadway
03/09/2023 23:41:35
"I am extremely happy with the level of service and care provided for both of my pets. I am grateful to have a vet that cares for my animals like they’re their own, all while at a reasonable price. I highly recommend Whippany Veterinary Hospital! "
- Janine Guzman
03/07/2023 17:12:40
"Dr Cordero is always great with Harley, extremely personable, and has tons of useful information! Sue is always quick to help calm Harley down and her patience with us to explain processes is appreciated!"
- Robert Caproni
03/05/2023 23:29:06
"They took the time to explain everything and we’re very patient "
- Stephanie Corona
03/04/2023 12:21:57
"Caring, Personable, Professional, Organized Team - simply the best!"
- Robert Cobleigh
03/03/2023 11:32:21
"Excellent "
- Barbara Parke
02/26/2023 15:53:29
"Staff is very friendly and willing to help. Doctors are top notch. The call the next day to check on our boy really drove home the fact that We made the right choice in Whippany Veterinarian for our pups."
- Dan Weber
02/25/2023 17:22:48
"Overall I had a good experience ! The check out was slow but the front desk seemed very busy at the time. "
- Brittany Hall
02/24/2023 11:30:50
" The Staff and doctors at Whippany Vet Hospital are the absolute best. Always make me feel welcome and answer all of my questions. They take outstanding care of my two dogs. Love this place!"
- Kim Flemm
02/23/2023 19:42:24
"Staff is always friendly and helpful"
- Maria Pizzuta
02/22/2023 22:17:50
"All good"
- Charles Monica
02/22/2023 19:37:25
"We're so grateful for the dedicated team at Whippany Veterinary Hospital. They guided us through our final days with our cherished 17 year old dog with compassion and sensitivity, and have provided invaluable care and advice in treating our new rescue for heart worm. Can't recommend this practice enough!"
- Rachel Arnold
02/05/2023 16:30:31
"Everything was great! Love the entire staff. I have been going there for at least 20 years."
- Nancy Cuminale
01/27/2023 22:09:04
"Rosemary and the doctor were wonderful. Very professional."
- Rosemary Maringola
01/25/2023 23:32:13
"All good. "
- Steven Schmidt
01/24/2023 17:13:53
"I am always pleased with the customer service that I get and the respect that the staff at Whippany Vet hospital gives my dogs."
- Margaret MacEwen
01/23/2023 01:43:12
"I used to receive text message reminders for appointments, now I may get a phone call but if I don’t answer, not even a message"
- Michelle Damiano
01/19/2023 22:03:33
"Very professional and very caring toward our pets (kids)"
- Liz Benne / Simonelli
01/19/2023 18:16:47
"Great experience. "
- Carol Baker
01/17/2023 21:50:28
"The Dr took the time to do a thorough check and explain to me everything. The front staff is also amazing and very helpful"
- Dina Kaytor
01/16/2023 03:12:51
"We always have a pleasant experience dealing with the whole staff at Whippany Vet Hospital. Everyone is friendly, patient and kind, we wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Our cats actually enjoy coming to see the Drs and all the staff. "
- Maxine / Eugene Lee
01/11/2023 21:51:58
"Dr. Smith is awesome. Dr. Cordero is great as well."
- Harvey Cohen
01/10/2023 17:44:41
"Great veterinarians, vet techs abs receptionists. Everything is explained thoroughly and solutions are always provided to improve the wellness of your pets. "
- Edita Lynd
01/07/2023 18:29:17
"Dr. Cordero spent lots of time with discussing a myriad of questions about our new pup. She took the time to explain things in great detail. So happy she’s our doc!"
- Christine Malenich
01/06/2023 00:39:55
" Vet and tech were wonderful and treated Maggie with care.. they played with her and talked to her and she loved the attention. Dr Cordero explained what was wrong and how we will fixit with medication. She really cared about Maggie’s health and explained everything. She wants a call next week to check progress. Very caring. Wonderful vet hospital."
- Iris Hascup
01/05/2023 04:11:29
"Everyone is professional and knowledgeable about what they are doing. Dr. Smith is the best vet She knows her profession inside and outside, but she is compassionate when dealing with both your fur baby and you. "
- Jenai Agosta
01/02/2023 01:05:06
"Dudley and I are very happy at WV"
- Lauren Greenfield
12/29/2022 18:11:51
"You guys were able to see him right away which is good. And the doctor was able to provide the best care for him."
- Angela Maione
12/28/2022 00:26:59
"Everyone is so nice in this office. And my kitty and I both love Dr. Cordero. My Zoe can be quite difficult but the staff is very understanding and tries hard to make it as pleasant for her as possible. "
- Risa Bogner
12/18/2022 21:18:02
"Benny received excellent care when he wasn’t feeling well! Thank you"
- Jennifer Tomesko
12/17/2022 20:05:39
"No complaints. Compared to my last vet you are a 15 out of 10 and they were a negative 10 out of 10. I love that the doctor is following up after Zeus was medically sedated for some maintenance that is impossible while he's awake. Really appreciated."
- Chris Honczarenko
12/16/2022 22:21:58
"Service was great; follow up was great! "
- Alan Traiger
12/15/2022 17:06:30
"The staff is great and always very pleasant. The vets I've encountered always take the time to address any concerns I have. "
- Kirthika Srivastava
12/12/2022 13:20:52
"Always great "
- Sandy Milan
12/10/2022 17:39:45
"Honestly, I can’t say there are any improvements you need to make. "
- Claudine Manetas
12/09/2022 17:43:45
"I truly trust Whippany animal hospital and love them had great experiences with my dogs "
- Nilgun Karabay
12/08/2022 20:04:30
"Your staff is so welcoming and truly cares about their patients. They already remember Rosie when they see her and she loves everyone there. She is so excited to go the vet and never wants to leave. You do such an amazing job examining her and distracting her when she gets her shots. I do not think she has even noticed she has gotten a single shot yet!"
- Karin Walker
12/06/2022 13:19:15
"Whippany vets go to the ends of the Earth for your pets. They are never too busy to answer questions and help your sick pet. i have a very ill dog and the vet techs have gone out of their way to care for her.. You cannot ask for better vet techs. They are patient kind smart and so very caring. My dog loves them and i trust them completely"
- Stefi Preiss
12/05/2022 00:39:09
"Excellent as always"
- Katherine Petro
12/04/2022 17:27:09
"Marley is the only one who doesn't like going to the vet. We have no problem with bringing him there. He is a really big boy & a handful but your staff from check in to checking out are always accommodating & extremely helpful. We just wish just one thing, that we could board him with you guys (like we did in the past). Your staff always took such good care of him with daily updates, pictures & emails. It put our concerns to rest to know he was in good hands! The new pens are a bit cramped for a dog his size so we just rely on family to take care of him when we're away. Other that that we are keeping the whippany vet hospital as his place for care. Thank you for such a caring staff along with compassionate doctors. Thank you from the Walker Family 👪 "
- Karen Walker
12/02/2022 01:14:54
"I trust Dr Cordero with Solos life. She has the absolute best approach, makes sure I understand everything and is always so good with Solo when I know she can be difficult. "
- Brandon Marucci
11/30/2022 18:25:41
"The techs, front desk employees, and doctors are all amazing and so helpful and kind. Visiting the vet can be stressful for owners and pets alike but I've always felt comfortable and attended to by the team at Whippany Vet!"
- Justine Chapin
11/30/2022 17:39:04
"You guys are the best! I know Winnie is in good hands. "
- Deborah Nicoletti
11/29/2022 17:04:54
"very good care and everyone is nice and knowledgeable"
- Leslie King
11/23/2022 17:48:51
"Everyone I've interacted with has been kind and helpful. It's been a great experience so far "
- Janine O'Connor
11/22/2022 18:18:41
"I can’t thank everyone enough at the Whippany vet hospital! Everyone’s is so friendly and attentive and always put me at ease! Thank you so much "
- Hala Abouseido
11/22/2022 14:41:33
"You are doing great!"
- Margaret MacEwen
11/22/2022 01:32:38
"Very professional and very clean but at the same time everyone is very warm and lovely. My dog even loves going!"
- Roxanne Epifanio
11/20/2022 02:12:32
"Everyone was great in treating my dog. Have been going there for many years. Everyone is very helpful & friendly"
- Joan Maulbeck
11/16/2022 23:20:08
"I’m always happy with the care my pets receive here. Thank you "
- Bibiana Bendikova
11/11/2022 23:18:41
"Staff continues to be great. "
- Kevin Wall
11/10/2022 17:28:35
"This week was my first visit to your offices with my brand new little Sweetie who was very scared. Everyone was terrifically kind and gentle with Sweetie. And so careful and thorough. It was better than I even expected. "
- Jean Cadman
11/10/2022 01:41:58
"Thank you for your professionalism and attention towards my dog. "
- Manny Rodriguez
11/09/2022 19:42:11
"We love Dr. Lee and Rosemary! They listened to all of our concerns and created a plan of attack for each. Front desk staff is always pleasant. Thank you!"
- Tara Rizzi
11/08/2022 23:17:28
"I have used you guys for the past 13 years and I never been disappointed with the service you provide. You care about each and every animal and you treat them as your own. Highly recommend you to everyone I know that has an animal."
- Robin SanFelice
11/07/2022 15:04:50
"Super accommodating clinic and great staff. It was a pleasure."
- Karel Raska
11/02/2022 20:02:45
"Everything was great and the visit was straightforward and quick! Everyone was super friendly and helpful. The vet tech Sydney(sorry if I misspell), was very helpful in my random questions. Thanks!"
- Patricia Webster
11/02/2022 18:24:25
"Very compassionate dr and staff"
- Karen Remus
11/01/2022 09:55:58
"Dr Smith is kind, caring and compassionate. "
- Gerry / Kathleen Cimaglia
10/30/2022 23:30:16
"Top notch care, I wouldn’t change a thing. Keep up the GREAT work! Thank you for the love and care"
- Joe Corforte
10/30/2022 16:54:15
"All employees are very pleasant and professional "
- Barbara Lapinski
10/29/2022 18:32:34
"My visit with Charlie went better than expected. The staff was terrific in calming Charlie down and took care of us in a timely manner "
- Carol Selitto
10/28/2022 12:56:31
"excellent in every sense of the word, good service and very good care with everything they do, the work staff and the very friendly and professional doctors."
- Luisina Gonzalez
10/27/2022 01:44:57
"Service is always gentle and caring."
- Jane Bohary
10/25/2022 19:08:00
"Appointment was on time. The staff was pleasant. "
- Jeffrey Simon
10/23/2022 20:34:50
"Ur team was very knowledgeable and caring when I brought Groucho in with kennel cough. He started to do and feel better once he was on the correct medication Thank u for all u did for him"
- Joan Satz
10/20/2022 20:18:44
"Good work "
- Ed Picorale
10/19/2022 23:29:47
"Met with Dr. Beveren II, he was very thorough; we talked about options. Of course the staff from the receptionists to the doctors all treat my dog like royalty. Always a great experience visiting Whippany Vet."
- Diane Andrews
10/19/2022 17:56:30
"First time there and both Jira and I absolutely loved it! Thank you very much "
- Olga SantosLoeza
10/18/2022 22:53:39
"I like that you let me stay in the car while Coco was cared for. You took care of him in a timely manner. Thank you"
- Debra Nedelman
10/18/2022 22:24:34
"Everything was good"
- Pat Markey
10/18/2022 15:13:20
"I was really pleased by the care, knowledge and courtoisie of the whole personal. "
- Violeta Enciu
10/13/2022 16:19:52
"Very good"
- Bill Streiter
10/13/2022 03:32:36
"We had a very good visit, taken in to be serviced at our appointment time with no wait. Both owners and pet were made to feel comfortable with all questions answered, plus more. The front desk experience was mixed, Jessica was a pleasure but we didn’t have the same experience with the other woman at the desk. She wasn’t rude but not welcoming or informative. The young man who we interacted with at the onset of our visit was very professional, patient and provided very good customer service. Dr. Smith is always on point and a pleasure to interact with. We always feel confident with Dr. Smith’s knowledge, assessment and guidance. We particularly like that there seems to be a feline room which we liked as ti minimize transfer of fleas from dogs to indoor cats. "
- Elaina Silvestri
10/11/2022 23:07:37
"Everyone so friendly and caring !!"
- Gina Balducci
10/11/2022 19:19:44
"Brought in Tazzie for nail trim Techs took their time and showed me how to clip the nails at home, which I really appreciated!! Love you guys at Whippany Vet!!"
- Diane Tappen
10/11/2022 12:44:03
"Excellent care!!!"
- Warren Michael Schaffter
10/10/2022 17:58:55
"Very pleased Dr. Cordero took the time to answer all our questions"
- Karin Walker
10/09/2022 17:38:41
"Brought our dog in for a dental cleaning today. We were a bit nervous because this was the first time that he needed to be put under since we’ve had him. Sydney (Dr. Striegel) definitely put me at ease and I knew our pup was in good hands. Dr. Cordero promptly followed up with a call following completion of the procedure to let us know that everything went well and to schedule a pick up time. We are always so happy with our experience with Whippany Vet. Thank you so much for taking care of and being so kind to our boy."
- Alexandra Rogers
10/07/2022 21:24:37
"Excellent vet top notch expertise "
- Stefi Preiss
10/06/2022 23:15:23
"Very good atention"
- Maria Nunez de Vargas
10/05/2022 23:09:17
"Dr Lee was absolutely great with Petey! Petey loved her and was rolling around on his belly for belly rubs! The front desk staff was so kind!"
- Kelly Murray
10/05/2022 16:45:21
"From everyone on the front desk, to the techs, to the vets, I appreciate the kindness/help towards both myself and my little boy. "
- Bharav Patel
10/05/2022 16:14:04
"Staff is welcoming, knowledgeable, and efficient! Keep up the great work that you do there! Wouldn’t take Kirby anywhere else! We have with Whippany Vet for years and have always felt we were getting the best care for all our dogs over those years!"
- Sharon Rafanello
10/05/2022 14:41:04
"Everyone was helpful and considerate when dealing with me and my fur baby. They even moved things around so I could get Jack in to see the vet before I had to go to work that day. "
- Jenai Agosta
10/05/2022 04:34:56
"You guys are awesome!"
- Gary Wei
10/04/2022 10:28:13
"I felt like my dog and myself got excellent care. I was allowed to ask a lot of questions. "
- Patty Vandenbos
10/02/2022 18:09:00
"We are always greeted by name and with a big smile, Stephanie was our tech this time, she immediately took charge and Bailey just followed her every command as if they were together for many years. Please keep up the great work"
- Peter Kruse
10/01/2022 00:04:35
"The team has awesome communication skills, they are accommodating and clear when giving feedback. I left knowing why things were going on with Jem and how to give her the medication she needed. They truly love their jobs and all the pets that show up and it shows!"
- Cassandra Zapata
09/28/2022 16:17:46
"Never shy.. LOL You guys are all amazing!!! Everyone is greeted when you walk in the door. You're quickly checked in and then again greeting by a tech and then by a Doctor. Experience all around is always very pleasant and you know when you leave your pet was and is always in good hands"
- Joe Conte
09/26/2022 10:56:25
"I love everyone in the practice so much and I feel it’s reciprocated! You are our extended family and I always feel Frankie and my Mimi (who pasted) are your priority. I’m very grateful for the care and TLC always. Thank you"
- Stephanie Casano
09/25/2022 18:24:44
"I honestly cannot praise this place enough!! I’m always at ease speaking and seeing the doctors, techs, nurses and the front desk staff. So glad I made my switch to Whippany vet!!! "
- Hala Abouseido
09/23/2022 04:12:35
"Everyone was wonderful from the front desk staff to the techs and the doctor. I was squeezed in last minute and taken care of very well. I can’t say enough good things about the care and attention we received. "
- Roxanne Epifanio
09/20/2022 23:50:29
"It was very good, no issues just a senior checkup"
- Loretta Waters
09/20/2022 23:07:25
"Excellent service and care, from the front desk, vet techs, and veterinarians "
- Marisa McCoy
09/18/2022 22:04:56