"Everyone was helpful and considerate when dealing with me and my fur baby. They even moved things around so I could get Jack in to see the vet before I had to go to work that day. "
- Jenai Agosta
10/05/2022 04:34:56
"You guys are awesome!"
- Clio An
10/04/2022 10:28:13
"I felt like my dog and myself got excellent care. I was allowed to ask a lot of questions. "
- Patty Vandenbof
10/02/2022 18:09:00
"We are always greeted by name and with a big smile, Stephanie was our tech this time, she immediately took charge and Bailey just followed her every command as if they were together for many years. Please keep up the great work"
- Peter Kruse
10/01/2022 00:04:35
"The team has awesome communication skills, they are accommodating and clear when giving feedback. I left knowing why things were going on with Jem and how to give her the medication she needed. They truly love their jobs and all the pets that show up and it shows!"
- Cassandra Zapata
09/28/2022 16:17:46
"Never shy.. LOL You guys are all amazing!!! Everyone is greeted when you walk in the door. You're quickly checked in and then again greeting by a tech and then by a Doctor. Experience all around is always very pleasant and you know when you leave your pet was and is always in good hands"
- Joe Conte
09/26/2022 10:56:25
"I love everyone in the practice so much and I feel it’s reciprocated! You are our extended family and I always feel Frankie and my Mimi (who pasted) are your priority. I’m very grateful for the care and TLC always. Thank you"
- Stephanie Casano
09/25/2022 18:24:44
"I honestly cannot praise this place enough!! I’m always at ease speaking and seeing the doctors, techs, nurses and the front desk staff. So glad I made my switch to Whippany vet!!! "
- Hala Abouseido
09/23/2022 04:12:35
"Everyone was wonderful from the front desk staff to the techs and the doctor. I was squeezed in last minute and taken care of very well. I can’t say enough good things about the care and attention we received. "
- Roxanne Epifanio
09/20/2022 23:50:29
"It was very good, no issues just a senior checkup"
- Loretta Waters
09/20/2022 23:07:25
"Excellent service and care, from the front desk, vet techs, and veterinarians "
- Marisa McCoy
09/18/2022 22:04:56
"great everyone is friendly and professional"
- Jen Barrett
09/16/2022 10:12:03
"The doctor and tech were very nice but hearing Jake cry when he got his anal glands done broke my heart. I won’t be able to do that with him next time."
- Dina Kaytor
09/16/2022 00:52:19
"Everything is great and everyone is so friendly!"
- Scott Bartell
09/15/2022 18:14:47
"Everyone was very friendly, caring and communicative. I felt listened to. "
- Juliana Tarris
09/15/2022 18:03:12
"It is a pleasure to be able to speak to a live person in real time and get an appointment quickly."
- Susan McNeil
09/15/2022 00:43:00
"i think you are doing very well. We especially like the friendly staff. "
- Dorothy Trott
09/13/2022 23:44:22
"I love Whippany Veterinary Hospital and all of the team members! You have been amazing and very attentive in helping me navigate Mabel's health concerns and it was lovely watching Dr. Lee and Leanne play with our newest family member, Nora! I love that when we are with the vet tech and the doctor we never feel rushed and always feel tremendous concern and empathy. Thank you so much!"
- Stephanie Marinello
09/13/2022 19:35:54
"Very happy with the level of care and personal attention my puppy receives there"
- Ana Viegas
09/11/2022 23:44:08
"It’s great, she’s just getting more anxious for some reason when she comes in for a visit"
- Frank Picorale
09/10/2022 21:23:01
"Everyone was very helpful. They helped me make the right decision in reference to my cats surgery. They are a wonderful team. The Surgeon was so understanding. I'm so glad I met them."
- Cynthia Isello
09/10/2022 16:06:03
"The vet and the tech were both thorough and patient with my very anxious pup. They took the time to answer all questions and to get to know Sofie "
- Joanne Sheehan
09/08/2022 20:21:59
"My dog Atticus has always been a highly anxious dog w diff problems. Dr Cordero has always taken so much time w is. I never feel rushed and she answers all my questions. Shenika has known Atticus since he was a puppy. Always kind and caring!"
- Sue Murray
09/08/2022 00:19:47
"It was okay "
- Ginger Losavio
09/07/2022 21:39:13
"Love Whippany Vet, we had concerns at other vets for doing unnecessary tests on our dog and we came to Whippany Vet and they listened to our concerns and helped us with our pets best interest in mind."
- Patty Fletcher
09/07/2022 19:00:12
"Aunt Sherie and Aunt Jennifer are wonderful as well as all the people that work there. They treat me (Sable) just like one of their own. "
- Robin SanFelice
09/04/2022 14:53:00
"Love how caring everyone on staff is. Always a good experience "
- Sandy Milan
09/03/2022 19:33:38
"always happy with visits for my dog. I have complete confidence in skills and knowledge. Keeps me coming back "
- Vincent Panvini
09/02/2022 21:00:13
"Everyone is always very friendly and take great care of my dog "
- Mark Hayward
09/02/2022 20:50:06
"Dr. Smith and all office staff are providing excellent professional / experience service for my illness cat Morris , they are very friendly . I appreciated they taking care Morris "
- Jane Garcia
09/02/2022 19:51:54
"We love the care that our dogs get from Dr. Smith and her staff. All the doctors in the practice are caring and they know their stuff. Thank you for the years of caring!"
- Judy Moran/McFadden
09/02/2022 18:01:53
"Good thorough visit. Charlie has a odd skin issue going on. Hopefully the treatment set up will solve the problem."
- Peter Messina
09/01/2022 01:16:10
"Very pleasant, professional and helpful"
- Cecile Kent
08/31/2022 19:28:55
"Everything was fantastic, but the prices are a little high."
- Brian Kinder
08/28/2022 20:14:37
"My furbaby has the sniffles and the sneezies lately. Dr. Cordero gave us two different options, I can tell she really cares about the well being of our animals, she even takes an extra 5 minutes of her time to great Lucky Belly with some belly rubs. Thank you Whippany Vet. for caring. Dana and Lucky Belly"
- Dana Black
08/28/2022 19:11:24
"Always answer the phone and are very helpful to answer questions, schedule appointments or refill meds. "
- Frank Morace
08/24/2022 21:55:06
"No complaints here, all employees were very kind and informative. They really cared about my pet as if it were their own. I couldn’t ask for better service."
- Joe Corforte
08/22/2022 02:32:05
"I live in Bedminster, NJ. It's 20 miles and about 30 - 40 minutes from the Whippany office. I make that drive and take the time because I love the care Sadie (my 7-month-old miniature Poodle) gets. For me, it's not about the time or the distance; it's the care Sadie gets and the feeling I get when I bring Sadie there. "
- Ralph Calistri
08/21/2022 18:36:34
"Took the time to explain different vaccines for Coco and what they do. Very gentle with her since she has major anxiety."
- Kristin Zarczynski
08/21/2022 17:03:57
"Everyone friendly Dr Abe explained everything to me and answered all my questions . "
- Walter Fay
08/21/2022 13:57:56
"All good news from the friendly & helpful vet technician, the front staff, and the super doctor Christine Enoch. "
- Alexandra Protopapas
08/21/2022 02:23:00
"It was excellent service!"
- Elliot Choi
08/19/2022 23:10:43
"Love Whippany Vet Hospital, the staff is great and they take great care of My tiny pug."
- Diane Andrews
08/19/2022 18:14:16
"Dr. Smith gracefully corrected the billing mistake and gave me a credit. "
- Pat Markey
08/19/2022 01:11:16
"From my initial contact with Stephanie at the front desk to our first Wellness visit with Dr. Cordero it was just wonderful! When I called Stephanie she was informative and accommodating as to my schedule and quick finding my information in the system to update as I was a prior Mom/patient 7+ years ago when I had to unfortunately put my beloved cat Bella down. So even though I moved I still wanted to return to the practice with my new addition Luna and I am sooooo happy I did! "
- Melissa Kelly
08/18/2022 13:12:04
"You did great. The staff is very knowledgeable and handled my dog very well. The doctor was very honest and practical in her recommendations. "
- Frank Cortes
08/14/2022 01:08:15
"Dr V was amazingly thorough and kind. He and the vet tech took great care of my very nervous dog. He explained everything to me and addressed all my questions and concerns. "
- Brianne Flynn
08/13/2022 23:51:19
"I love the treatment that we have, Charlie and I. The staff are very courteous and everything was explained everything very carefully. "
- Ramon Lopez
08/13/2022 01:35:02
"Always a great experience coming here they are very friendly and care for my pets "
- Michael Granata
08/12/2022 01:22:01
"Everyone on staff was very friendly and helpful. The visit with Dr. Smith was thorough and I left feeling like everything was covered concerning my cat's health."
- Donna Kerouac
08/11/2022 17:47:12
"Wonderful visit. Jessica at the desk was friendly and informative. Greeted us right away and checked us in. In checking out it was a through review of the notes and care. Alex, our tech, took great notes and listened to what the concerns were. Dr. Cordero was fantastic. Nothing was too rushed, she listened, asked questions, and had dug into my cat's history to help inform our visit. This was our first visit, we'd recently moved to the area. We did not have an established vet yet and I am confident that this clinic will be our choice for all our pets. Thank you!"
- Deborah Jolly Holcumb
08/08/2022 12:37:47
"I’m grateful for the excellent care Oliver was given during his procedure. I thank Dr. Smith for giving me all the information regarding how Oliver did during his visit. Dr. Smith has always been a wonderful clinician for all of my fur babies. Thank you Whippany Vet for the best ever treatment for Oliver!"
- Heather Picher
08/07/2022 21:59:02
"I want to give a shout out to Dr. Cordero! I had the best experience with her than any other vet due to her expertise and charming personality. I wish she was my doctor. My dog is feeling much better after treating her."
- Stefi Preiss
08/07/2022 16:15:13
"My dog and I always love visiting Whippany Vet"
- Carla Augusto
08/06/2022 17:14:54
"The doctors and staff saw a grooming issue with our elderly dog and they came to the rescue! They patiently and expertly made our beloved pooch more comfortable. Thank you!"
- Michelle Mongey
08/05/2022 01:11:36
"All staff members and the doctor was very good, nicely, lovely. I'm in love to meet a very good and excellent hospital for my little Lala. Wonderful service..."
- Luisina Gonzalez
08/04/2022 19:32:35
"Everything was fine from the parking to the front desk where people were very helpful and professional two he assistant who brought us in and was cordial and the doctor, Dr. Smith who I have liked for many years with all my animals.It is a pleasure to know all of you."
- Alison & Robert Bogad
08/04/2022 01:10:07
"We are doing absolutely great! Our puppy had a great experience at the vet and he is thriving at home! "
- Yekaterina Alt
08/01/2022 00:53:36
"Only one visit so far and great visit it was."
- Richard Reiss
07/29/2022 23:01:02
"doctor van bammeren was great with both of my cats. i did have to wait about 15 minutes after the tech saw my one cat for the vet to come in. he was great with the cats and very thorough with his observations and recommendations."
- Richard Isel
07/28/2022 13:57:38
"You guys are too cool for school, the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas, the bomb dot com, cooler than sliced bread just the best especially dr cordero meow "
- Emily Jamison
07/27/2022 19:35:12
"You are doing above excellent the service at the front desk and of course the vet techs and dr Jen love you all "
- Katherine Petro
07/27/2022 17:27:53
"All good"
- Erin Monteverdi
07/26/2022 16:15:33
"Super Friendly staffs and professional vet. "
- Grace Liao
07/24/2022 11:19:27
"Coqui is doing just amazing... we just celebrated her first birthday ... we are so blessed to have her. She is totally enjoying her summer, we can't keep her out of the pool. She has her own raft and life jacket.. We also took her to the beach for the first time. She LOVED IT and was playing with other dogs... She is great with other dogs, except my best friends dog, we had a meet and greet that did not go to well. Sadie bite Coqui on her nose.. she is ok, but i think will have a permanent scar on her nose other then that --- she is living her best life ever !!!"
- Carola Fidalgo
07/22/2022 17:39:05
"Whippany Vet (Dr Smith and team) has been my pet healthcare provider since 1984. Very satisfied for almost 40 years!"
- Jonathan Bell
07/21/2022 00:04:23
"Tech was great, informative, and personable! Front desk was responsive and addressed us quickly! "
- Robert Caproni
07/20/2022 18:12:36
"everyone is friendly and knows what they are doing"
- Mary Ann Forrest
07/18/2022 12:07:13
"All good couldnt ask for anything more ! Thx again"
- Greg Giroux
07/16/2022 16:57:39
" Such a friendly environment everyone makes you feel welcome doctors are thorough and detailed very happy"
- Jen Barrett
07/15/2022 22:22:29
"I love the staff at Whippany Veterinary Hospital! They are very friendly and caring."
- Shari Castelli
07/15/2022 21:59:41
"Dr smiths exam of both digs was thorough and she explained everything she found."
- Patricia Sarles
07/14/2022 18:03:48
"Excellent. Everyone is so careing and concerned. "
- Maxine / Eugene Lee
07/12/2022 16:51:21
"The team at Whippany Vet Hospital has been there for me through a LOT of difficulty with my puppy. They are caring, knowledgeable and incredibly accessible and responsible. I couldn't imagine taking a pet anywhere else!"
- Alissa Buraszeski
07/11/2022 20:45:40
"Dr Smith is someone that I consider one of my families inner circle people. I would follow her and her team anywhere! Lindsay is also such a complete and total pleasure ever time! We adore her 🫶 everyone at WVH treats us like family! "
- Stephanie Casano
07/10/2022 22:33:24
"We loved the experience. Vet and vet tech were great with the puppy and her owner (me). The only thing I would say is it was probably unnecessary for the desk staff to read me all the doctor notes at check out, especially since my puppy was acting up because of another dog in waiting room. A faster checkout would have been appreciated in the moment. "
- Kevin Wall
07/10/2022 18:08:35
"Great experience so far! "
- Brittany Funicelli
07/08/2022 16:03:40
"Always friendly service and the staff truly cares about the animals they treat "
- James and Nancy Herbert
07/07/2022 17:22:20
"all good, staff are friendly, professional and courteous. I never worry about bringing my dog to them for care."
- Vincent Panvini
07/07/2022 00:53:45
"This was a first visit with our pet. Everyone was friendly and made us comfortable. The tech and Dr Lee took good care of Binks and explained what and why there were doing the tests ."
- Irene Mahr
07/04/2022 15:04:21
"Staff is amazing...all so kind and compassionate! Dr. Cordero is extra special given her always sunny disposition and handle-with-care manner. The administrative & support staff are all equally as loving as the doctor and from what I can tell, enjoy where they work. Thank you all for your time, patience and attention. "
- Rachel Thiel
07/03/2022 15:36:00
"Loved Dr. Lee, she was very thorough and of course all of the staff are great!"
- Diane Andrews
06/30/2022 18:15:20
"Efficient, responsive visit!"
- Henry Buechse
06/30/2022 18:15:03
"Wonderful experience ! Excellent staff! DR. Smith is amazing!!!!!"
- Janice Chrin
06/30/2022 01:40:18
"Everyone (staff) and doctors are so caring. They take extra time to pet and snuggle the dogs . They diagnoses and treatment are right on and , therefore, my dogs are healthy."
- Cecile Kent
06/29/2022 20:21:44
"Very efficient and respectful Of my dog - Was very pleased!!! And so was Harley! Ann Schiffman"
- Anne Schiffman
06/28/2022 01:06:13
"There is NOTHING bad that can be said about this office. Dr. Abe is very thorough, kind, gentle, and takes his time to examine your pet & answer any questions. You do not feel rushed, or feel like dollar signs are important. His goal is to find the core of the pets illness one step at a time. They call for your appointments, & to follow up how your pet is feeling. The assistant is very sweet & gentle , & every girl at the front desk is so kind & has compassion & empathy for you & your fur baby. "
- Barbara Esola
06/27/2022 19:14:51
"We trust everything you do to keep Berry happy. I am glad we found your practice. My friend Catherine takes her dog Cleo there and recommended you. I am very happy. "
- Anita Vitti
06/26/2022 03:12:55
"wonderful, caring employees and Doctor"
- Joseph DeKasar
06/24/2022 22:08:56
"Very caring and attentions to my dog during spay surgery."
- Suzanna Brown
06/24/2022 12:54:40
"Wonderful doctors and staff"
- Margaret D'Ambrosio
06/23/2022 22:59:20
"every time we come to the office the staff is friendly and my pet is very happy"
- Carol Selitto
06/22/2022 21:42:27
"I think you're doing great!"
- Ralph Calistri
06/22/2022 19:27:25
"I have nothing negative to say about our visit. From scheduling to the check-out, everything was great! The doctor listened to and addressed our concerns prior to and during the exam. There was barely any wait time and everyone was friendly and courteous!!"
- Maryann Brunini
06/22/2022 16:29:44
"I felt like you took your time, and were gentle with my dog. "
- Julianne Bello
06/22/2022 00:20:05
"I have no complaints, I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you for everything you do. 🙏🏻"
- Joe Corforte
06/21/2022 20:46:25
"I'm very satisfied with the care of my cat, Maxine. She tends to be anxious--the Feliway pre-treatment of the towel she say in worked wonders. She didn't even react to the vaccine jab!"
- Bess Reinoso
06/19/2022 21:23:09
"I was happy to be able to come in with Zoe, so please continue to allow that. Staff and doctors are also very nice and clearly animal lovers. They make us feel welcome and comfortable. "
- Risa Bogner
06/19/2022 16:07:20
"Always a good experience with the vets and staff at Whippany Vet. Been going there for years. Drs. Smith and Cordero know our little Meadow well and well as treating our other fur babies in the past. "
- Scott Schneider
06/18/2022 19:21:29
"Loved my technician. She really loves animals. Felt that she and the vet were both very thorough. Asked good questions. Provided good information. Wishing owning a pet wasn’t so expensive but felt I got a great care for the cost. "
- Alison Greenspan
06/17/2022 20:53:02