"Our previous visit was perfect. We got there early and were taken to a room right away. Everyone was prompt and curteous. Everthing was explained thoroughly and they treated my dog like he was their own. I wouldn't want to take my dog anywhere else "
- Michel Sloan
09/13/2016 15:58:12
"Dr Snyder and all the girls that work there are so kind and caring. You can tell they all truly care about the animals that come in there. I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else. "
- Emily Macy
09/11/2016 20:36:26
"I love how much you care truly care about Frankie and Tobie! Sending us a Happy Birthday to Frankie reminded us of his birthday and the special time we have since we were lucky enough to adopt him. You are all caring and loving and that means the world to us!"
- Elizabeth Dick
09/11/2016 16:53:03
"Your staff has been nothing short of fabulous. I believe our cat Bean would be dead if you had not suggested his new dry food. We were getting nowhere with our former veterinarians. Your clinic is the greatest. thank you!"
- Diana Iervoline
09/04/2016 10:54:10
"I find all at north memorial to be great caring people. I am very happy with your service and gentleness with my pets"
09/03/2016 14:37:46
"The staff are all so nice. Rocky used to shake terribly at his former vet's office. It's so comforting to see he doesn't do that anymore. I only wish I started bringing him to North Memorial a lot sooner!"
- Angela Streb
08/04/2016 16:45:14
"Great! Always a pleasant staff & the Dr's are always on top of everything! "
- Sean & Jonalynn Duffee
07/30/2016 13:56:54
"This was the best experience we have had with Dempsey at a vet. The staff was very knowledgeable and worked well together and with Dempsey. We even scheduled him for a much needed dental. I am so glad we found someone who is willing and able to deal with his issues."
- Nick Trott
07/26/2016 11:41:53
"Excellent work is being done at North Memorial. Billing is explained, pet medical care and future care is discussed in thorough manner. I will continue to have my pet cared for by the professionals at North Memorial. "
- Salah Blaik
07/23/2016 09:39:23
"Great experience! Dr. Altman is so friendly and caring! I was able to get same day care for my pet! Thanks!"
- Scott & Sherry Penwell
04/25/2016 08:12:06
"It was great I had a direct line to the surgery center I was called on time and everything was handled well. Plus I got a follow up phone call. Bradlin was amazing and answered all my questions. "
- Timothy Harlan
04/23/2016 16:53:15
"First time and I was truly impressed ! Area was spotless. Vet was SUPER. Dr Altman was top of the line ! We will be back !! "
- Pattie Scarnati
04/23/2016 15:24:40
"I was pleased to be seen quickly and the management of care for my pet was outstanding"
- Julie Gomez
04/21/2016 06:52:51
"Always top notch care and service !!!!!! "
- Diane Nord
04/15/2016 11:28:11
"Always pleasant and willing to help and answer all questions, comments and concerns!"
- Marcy Bessell
04/09/2016 21:20:58
"I have taken my pets to North Memorial for many years. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Jay Budzowski
04/09/2016 17:47:45
"We've always had wonderful treatment here. We have been coming here for over 20 years!"
- Gary/Donna Snow
04/09/2016 14:31:28
"The best staff and doctors"
- Karen Duncan
04/09/2016 08:38:17
"Always very friendly, and make time to serve you even if you're a walk in."
- Michael Figurel
04/08/2016 17:41:21
"The staff is very knowledgeable caring and friendly"
04/03/2016 13:44:42