"I have been bringing Lizzie to the Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs for 14+ years. Dr. Ahearn saved her life when she was just 3 years old and was hospitalized for over a month. Lizzie is a 4 1/2 pound Shi-Poodle and loves everyone at the animal hospital and they love her too. All the doctors I've been in contact with have treated Lizzie like a "little princess" and she receives amazing medical care. Everyone that works at this location treats us like family and there is no place better in my opinion. Lots of hugs and kisses to everyone that works at the Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs. You're the BEST!!!"
- Arthur Skinner
03/30/2017 11:57:24
"Always a good experience when I go there. I appreciate the level of concern the vets have for my pets."
- Dianne Almand
03/29/2017 08:59:15
"I love bringing my pups to you guys. Drive 30 min and pass multiple vet/animal hospitals but you all are the only ones I trust to take care of my babies. Great job!"
- Nadia Ferrara
03/28/2017 13:18:22
"We have complete confidence in you and appreciate the caring and love you show our babies. All part of a special family. Many many thanks."
- Susan Hoffman
03/25/2017 12:16:17
"Dr. Ahern took the time to explain everything in detail and didn't seem rushed or annoyed. I appreciated that she asked about my other dog that she saw a few months before and having her notes on the visit before I left the clinic. Love this place!!!!"
- Kristen Oliver
03/22/2017 09:23:12
"Dr Wright always takes care of Ella. We love AHSS and have been taking our three pets here since we adopted them. "
- Courtney Marcotte
03/15/2017 09:21:06
"Always the best!"
- Valerie Ralph
03/14/2017 12:17:36
"You guys rock! My pet kids are taken care of."
- Lesley Yates
03/14/2017 11:21:48
"We've been coming to Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs since our dogs were puppies. We've always been pleased with the level of service we and our pups have received! As an (at times) overly concerned pet parent, I've never been disregarded as if my question was silly but always with straight-up respect and caring. On our neighborhood website, whenever anyone asks for recommendations on a vet, I always recommend Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs!"
- Bart Ellington
03/13/2017 08:52:45
"We have been bringing our cats to this facility for years. That says a lot for the professionalism and services we receive. Our cats have always received the best of care. We appreciate all of the sound advice and choices given to us in maintaining and enhancing the health of our cats. "
- Charles Runion
03/12/2017 13:19:12
"Great service. been using them for 18 years."
- Chris and Nina Cramer
03/12/2017 13:07:28
"Everyone in the practice takes great care of my dog .. and me. I'm so glad I found you and moved from our previous vet. The level of care, consideration, and efficiency is incomparable. "
- Jan Wheeler
03/08/2017 13:25:08
"Best Vet in the Country! Love LOVE how they treat you and your pets like family. So caring, so thorough and always a pleasure to come by. Highly recommend to anyone with a pet in Atlanta. "
- Regan Cox
03/07/2017 14:16:33
- Julie Blauw
03/05/2017 16:31:52
"Great care and geniune caring, thx."
- Courtney Hamilton
03/05/2017 15:56:29
"Dr Ahearn is just the best"
- Laura Levy
02/27/2017 09:23:33
"Dr. Ahearn is the best!"
- Sherry Sapsford
02/26/2017 15:23:50
"Dr. Ahearn is the bomb!"
- Pam Anclien
02/24/2017 14:20:59
"It is always a good experience! Everyone there is professional and very kind and caring. I am a very loyal customer. "
- Sara Nash
02/24/2017 05:31:20
"Delighted with the care we have received at Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs for our furry family member๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘"
- Martha Love
02/23/2017 13:15:21
"The attention Chai received was very good. She seems happy and healthy and that is what I care about the most. Thanks for keeping it that way."
- Andrea Vom Ende Thoma
02/22/2017 12:12:14
"You guys are always great. That's why I do the 2 hour one way commute. Cheers. "
- Debbie Tanner
02/15/2017 13:41:39
"Great. Always easy and effective. "
- Jim Benjamin
02/15/2017 11:27:28
"I love AHSS - have been loyal customer for years. Love front office and all the vets, especially Dr. Ahearn!"
- Erin Shepherd
02/14/2017 13:37:06
"You all rock! I appreciate the friendly staff and they love my little guys. Keep up the good work."
- Terri Teems
02/13/2017 14:27:21
"It has always been a good experience at SSAH. I have always used this clinic and will continue to. Thank you for all you do!"
- Madeline Bulleit
02/12/2017 18:37:52
"I love this place and so do the dogs. They feel right at home and are loved and well cared for. Thanks!"
- Michael Bell
01/26/2017 18:56:47
"Excellent. The staff was extremely attentive. Explained everything in detail. Very patient. Thank you,"
- Tom McMahon
01/26/2017 13:14:54
"Great on all things"
- Tom Mohr
01/25/2017 13:32:05
"I love you guys. Thanks for being so awesome!"
- Kristina Johnson
01/25/2017 13:30:24
"I like that I get good quality care for my pets and that I get a write-up of what I need to do should medication be required. "
- Kerry Anderson
01/25/2017 08:38:01
"My experience was great. I have nothing to add . "
- Roy Moody
01/25/2017 07:54:50
"Y'all take such good care of Pepper. I have complete confidence in you."
- Stacy Stubbs
01/23/2017 17:00:14
"Very caring and professional staff."
- Joseph M. Poskanzer
01/20/2017 18:37:17
"We enjoy the friendly & helpful staff. "
- Amy Joy
01/20/2017 10:57:44
"Thank you for taking such great care of River! You made me feel assured she was getting the absolute best care and eased my mind of any concerns. Thank you! "
- Kathryn Gaddy
01/20/2017 09:52:09
"Doing great, always kind and caring"
- Earl Seagraves
01/17/2017 12:24:52
"Good experience every time I visit your office! Staff is friendly and helpful. No complaints!"
- Dianne Almand
01/16/2017 12:23:52
"Loved the way the Dr was not above kneeling down on the floor to care for my pup."
- Kim and Steve Verska
01/09/2017 14:14:24
"Love the care our cat Romeo gets from the staff! We board him frequently and have total confidence that he is very well cared for!"
- Carol Schmidt
01/08/2017 13:56:54
"Just continue taking such good care of me and my dog!"
- Jan Wheeler
01/07/2017 13:03:11
"Thank you, Dr. Ahearn, for being so present and willing to spend so much time with us. We really appreciate you. "
- Patti and Paul Owen-Smith
01/03/2017 14:30:04
"I have been using AHSS for years....I am pleased with everything."
- Susan Massar
01/02/2017 22:31:03
"Been a client for 15 years. We recently had to put down our 15 year old dog. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done but AHSS was very caring/helpful/professional in the whole process. Just adopted another shelter dog and brought him in for his first visit."
- Greg Ford
01/02/2017 09:19:42
"I am very happy with Rocky's care at AHSS! Thanks to all the staff."
- Julie Blauw
01/01/2017 13:00:29
"Dr. Ahearn is very skilled, compassionate and spends time with you and your pet."
- Christie Aylies
01/01/2017 11:34:09
"Outstanding in every area!! Thank you for always taking such good care of my pups!"
- Vicki Lee
12/30/2016 11:06:24
"Ducky loves y'all! "
- Ann Yvonne Snyder- Benator
12/29/2016 14:03:27
"AHSS is wonderful. The doctors and staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. I recommend this Animal hospital to all of my family and friends that have pets. "
- Julia Cameron
12/28/2016 13:03:44
"I have taken my lovely dog here since she was a puppy. She is my first dog and I asked around a lot before I decided where to go. Royce is now 8 years old and fit as a fiddle. Any problems I call the people here. At first I was calling a lot and they always had time to explain to a new dog owner best practices and give advice. I certainly would not take her anywhere else! "
- Gill Hutt
12/23/2016 18:34:04
"Fantastic! I appreciate all of the staff being kind and genuine.....always!"
- Samantha Schmidt
12/23/2016 10:33:07
"Love you guys, always a great experience "
- Phoenix Calandrella
12/23/2016 09:29:11
"We love you!"
- Hayley Storc
12/22/2016 14:36:29
" You take great care of my boys "
- Heather Durie
12/21/2016 14:27:46
"Donna, Gia, and the rest of the team are the best!"
- Sharen and John Williams
12/13/2016 16:09:38
"You're all wonderful. "
- Geoff Charles
12/11/2016 20:58:02
"I drive over 30 minutes to take my 3 boys to you, I could choose a different one but Dr. Wright has been so amazing to my nutty (peanut), Jackie (Jackie chan), Tucker (tuck tuck) I couldn't imagine letting theses little guys in anyone else's hands, thank you for everything you do!"
- Eric McCartney
12/11/2016 14:56:10
"Dr Ahearn is wonderful - she has great personality, very professional and personal. "
- Michael Gutkin
12/11/2016 14:13:24
"Great job Love the friendly and prompt service."
- Tiffany Wray
12/11/2016 13:55:58
"Grooming is awesome! The entire staff is so good to Caesar, not at all like my past vet. He turned 13 yesterday and is a challenge sometimes. Melody Harrison"
- Melody Harrison
12/11/2016 11:20:53
"All the technicians, Dr.s, and Ms. Donna were wonderful. Kind, knowledgeable and personable"
- Emily Rudderow
12/11/2016 10:19:39
"We've been coming to you for years, because you do provide the best care and experience."
- Theresa McManus
12/09/2016 17:47:40
"You are all doing awesome! I so appreciate your compassionate care with Wendy and going above and beyond with all that you do. I can't tell you how much what you do means to me and Wendy (woof). "
- Jeanne Sharbuno
12/09/2016 17:33:51
"I was there for grooming of my pet. Gia is amazing!!"
- Bob Hulsey
12/09/2016 16:32:56
"All good as always."
- Jonathan Jarman
12/05/2016 09:27:09
"From registration to care, yall are the best"
- Janet Rankin
12/02/2016 09:35:20
"Wonderful people...wonderful care for my cats and dog. Couldn't ask for better."
- Gloria Taylor
12/02/2016 06:20:20
"I always feel like everyone who works at AHSS really cares about my pet."
- Jennifer & Leo Rose
11/29/2016 15:35:47
"I feel safe bringing my dogs to the Animal Hospital knowing that they receive the best of care! "
- Isabela Gavrilidis
11/29/2016 12:56:26
"We really appreciate Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs. "
- Bettina Press (Jerris)
11/26/2016 21:29:58
"Everything was great. Knowledgeable vet, friendly staff with good customer service."
- Allison Pellettieri
11/26/2016 16:13:52
"We love Dr. Ahearn and Laura! They take such good care if our dogs! "
- Sandra Bazarian
11/26/2016 14:09:26
"You guys are the best! From Donna to technicians, drs staff etc all, your kind and compassionate care are what every pet mom/dad could want for their fur kids."
- Earl Seagraves
11/24/2016 11:48:50
"You gals are great. You fit me in right when I needed it and gave my pet the attention she needed."
- Yvonne Jacobs
11/21/2016 09:11:32
"Love coming to this clinic. Dr Ahern is so nice and so great about explaining things. Very compassionate."
- Lynda Stoller
11/20/2016 17:54:07
"Wonderful caring staff Easy to get appointments "
- Susan Weinstein
11/20/2016 15:09:01
"Friendly caring staff, excellent veterinary care provided."
- Joseph M. Poskanzer
11/20/2016 14:15:00
"I love dr ahern. She is so wonderful with our dogs. So kind, ,loving and understanding. Can't praise her enough!! Praises, as well, to the entire staff...wonderful !"
- Babz Fishman
11/15/2016 14:49:30
"Care and access to Vet services is consistently excellent. Staff are courteous and efficient from arrival to departure. I am always impressed by the cleanliness of the environment and the sensitivity and affection staff demonstrate to my pet. Josephine is challenging but the staff is gentle and kind and she is beginning to improve her own trust and behavior. The 2 people who trimmed her nails and applied the soft paws this time did an especially good job! Thank you all for consistently exceeding our expectations."
- Elaine Herda
11/15/2016 14:33:24
"All good! I feel very secure with the level of professionalism and knowledge, and compassion for the animals. "
- Chris and Kemin McCutchen
11/14/2016 13:36:22
"Always a positive experience to bring Millie to you and we have utmost confidence in everyone."
- Susan Hoffman
11/14/2016 06:58:44
"Love it here! Dr. Ahearn and Donna are like family and both went out of their way to provide the best experience for us and our new dog! "
- Regan Cox
11/13/2016 12:11:51
"You are always the best! So many smiling, caring employees. "
- Valerie Ralph
11/11/2016 11:08:14
"I always feel you are so responsive when we need something. You go above and beyond. Thank you so much. I refer people to you all the time!"
- Ellen Harris
11/10/2016 09:55:23
"Always appreciate the kindness show by the team!"
- Julie Blauw
11/04/2016 20:17:09
"Was seen immediately and Dr. Ahern spent plenty of time with us!"
- Christi Walker
11/03/2016 19:59:13
"We love you guys because you love our animals as much or more so than us!"
- Michael Bell
11/03/2016 14:17:56
"Dr. Ahearn is wonderful and gives us plenty of time and concern for my pet on every visit. She is very knowledgeable and caring. I couldn't be more satisfied and happy with my pet's care. "
- Christie Aylies
11/01/2016 21:19:58
"Everyone is very professional and caring."
- Kelly and William Shea-Miller
11/01/2016 12:44:49
"Very professional, loving and fun w Eve. She did not want to leave - I had to pull her out the door. Thank you!"
- Catherine Cooper
11/01/2016 12:37:57
"Very caring staff. "
- Amy Jampol
11/01/2016 12:12:36
"My pups always receive professional care, whether it be for medical services or when they are boarding. "
- Karen Schuermann
10/31/2016 14:38:02
"Everyone there is so caring and attentive. I always receive a thorough explanation of what the issues are and clear instructions for any medication to be given."
- Christy Bowen
10/27/2016 12:02:30
"Kind and supportive care- from the moment we walked in the door. I really appreciated the follow up phone calls and emails. Sam got excellent care at a time when we had barely settled in from our out of state move. "
- Cindy Trask
10/25/2016 21:12:44
"Everything was done right and in the time I was told. (Groomer did a great job)"
- Steve Jones
10/23/2016 19:10:50
"Dr. Ella Ahearn is the best! I feel that my dog is in excellent hands with Dr. Ahearn."
- Carrie Easterling
10/21/2016 22:56:41
"We were in and out for our appointment and that was great! You all do a great job!"
- Monica and Cory Pannell
10/18/2016 12:16:25
"Great service! The ladies at the front desk are always polite and helpful! "
- Dianne Almand
10/18/2016 09:45:22
"Dr. Ahearn is a dream. She gives pets and pet owners her undivided attention, taking her time to thoroughly examine the animals in her care and answer questions in detail. We sincerely appreciate the time and attention she provides, and her thoughtful approach to pet care assures us that our dogs are in great hands."
- Rachel & Wes Cain
10/18/2016 09:45:20
"I know Reece is always happy when she comes home from being with you all. We love Dr Ahearn and Giovonna. ๐Ÿ˜"
- Courtney and David Heino ( Williams)
10/16/2016 10:50:20