"All I can say is my experience was the best. Everyone was very kind and helpful."
- Armida Virgen
07/14/2021 17:22:56
"Always great Mark is the best thanks"
- Vernon Smith
07/14/2021 02:50:04
"Keep Jackie forever, she makes you feel welcome and always gets the little as well as the financial stuff taken care of quickly. Vets are great."
- Dawn Germain
07/11/2021 16:32:25
"You guys are the best!! You can clearly see that you all care about the fur babies as much as we do. Thanks for always being there for them even during the hard times."
- Ashlee Myers
07/10/2021 18:05:07
"I love taking Deebo there with you guys "
- Elia Cruz
07/10/2021 17:03:02
"Clean and friendly "
- Rosanne Jobke
07/09/2021 18:19:11
"I thought everything went swell.... "
- Anthony Loveday
07/09/2021 17:04:55
"Very good and helpful always there if we need. Thank you "
- Anna Alyayev
07/09/2021 00:57:13
"Your staff and providers are friendly and caring. I have never had a bad experience."
- Paulette & Barry Ross
07/08/2021 19:10:45
"My experience was great. We bring all our animals here"
- Lisa Nelson
07/05/2021 02:16:03
"You guess did great how helped as much as you guys could:)"
- Matye Virgen
07/02/2021 19:19:20
"Everyone does a great caring job, if they didn't we wouldn't keep coming back and we do happily, our dogs are our family"
- Valerie Hallum
07/02/2021 18:03:52
"Great job helping last minute when I came in for blood work. "
- Justin & Kim Terry
07/02/2021 04:58:28
"I felt the staff genuinely cared about my pet and made sure I understood all directions concerning her care."
- Karen Prouty
07/02/2021 02:21:19
"Had an appointment at 11:30 Unfortunately the cat got stuck in a cabinet. They still saw him at 130. Great service always."
- Robert O'Brion
07/01/2021 02:51:13
"Everyone is very caring of the animals."
- Andrea Hinkley
06/29/2021 23:56:03
"My experience was wonderful My regular vet could not get me in they suggested I call you and I am so glad I did. You were able to fit me in. From the office staff to the vet assistant and of course the Dr. were spectacular. Thanks "
- Storm Webb
06/29/2021 16:18:02
"We haven’t gone to this clinic very long but we don’t have any issues. Everyone has been friendly and seem to really care about the pets that come in."
- Deya Wilmot
06/29/2021 06:53:12
"Fast and friendly!!"
- Mavis Willard
06/28/2021 23:13:24
"You're all the best! Even if the dog is being a dramatic turkey :)"
- Breena & Travis Beck
06/28/2021 21:47:11
"Always happy with how my fur babies are taken care of at Oregon Trail. Everyone is always very knowledgeable and friendly. Very caring towards my dogs. "
- Michelle Davis
06/28/2021 20:19:38
"The best care from a vet my pets have ever received. Compassionate & caring group of veternarians, vet technicians and office staff. "
- Tammy Wolf
06/28/2021 17:48:55
"Prompt, knowledgeable, courteous!"
- John Holt
06/27/2021 01:27:31
"Everyone is always friendly and accommodating to our needs and super efficient. The speed at which we can schedule a health certification for travel of our show stock is very impressive. The best service we've ever received has been at your clinic. Thankyou"
- Tisha Porter
06/23/2021 03:02:29
"I appreciate how you squeezed us in, accommodated Olsen not getting out of the vehicle (or allowing doctor to examine him!), and providing the care that he needed 1/2 hour before you were due to close for the weekend. I couldn't have asked for anything more, and Olsen is feeling better (limp is only evident after he insists on playing with his little brother, which we're limiting). Thank you so much for taking care of us while we were here. Penny, Fred, Olsen & Leo Widman"
- Penny Widman
06/21/2021 14:32:01
"Over all good!"
- Lori White
06/20/2021 04:21:37
"You do everything great! Absolutely no complaints!"
- Steven Fedde
06/18/2021 20:57:19
"I'm glad you are my veterinary clinic couldn't ask for better!"
- Kathy & Mike O'Neill
06/18/2021 18:07:31
"very good "
- Alice Ellis
06/18/2021 15:57:39
"Everybody has always been super passionate. All the girls are well educated to help you."
- Anderson Land & Livestock
06/15/2021 16:05:50
"The entire staff have always been so kind,helpful and thorough---Thsnk you"
- Vickie Soper
06/11/2021 06:00:38
"Jana is AWESOME! All the staff was very kind and so good to Dolly. The tech was very helpful and competent as well. Jana is so good and knowledgeable and was very compassionate and answered all questions :)"
- Tara Mahoney
06/10/2021 16:27:24
"I have never had a bad experience with any of the ppl who work there. Everyone is polite and very helpful. And most importantly they all have the Love for all four or three legged animals. "
- Shawna Waterman
06/10/2021 15:23:59
"Oregon Trail vet is the best! You guys are doing an amazing Job. Everyone from the front counter to the vets and vet assistants always go above my expectations. Animal care is more than just a job and the staff always exudes this. "
- Cody Voorhees
06/04/2021 21:27:25
"Being disabled, the staff has even carried my dog to the car,so she wouldn't get tangled around my cane. That is going above and beyond. "
- Dave Hodges
06/04/2021 16:09:14
"I was very impressed with how Dr Sergeant examined Lucy. No stone was left unturned and a tentative treatment plan was made for her future. She has bounced back within 24 hours. "
- Kathy Calvert
05/29/2021 19:07:02
"Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic takes excellent care of all their patients, No matter large or small. "
- Robert Deputy
05/28/2021 21:30:47
"You all take great care of our pets and us!"
- Hailey York
05/28/2021 16:16:03
"we have had nothing but good experiences working with every one"
- Kim & Don Benson
05/27/2021 03:31:54
"Wonderful care and especially enjoyed Dr Thonney's input and bedside manner. Thank you for everything you do!"
- Kayla Farmer
05/27/2021 00:40:51
"Don’t have a bad thing to say about you guys. The feeling I got from the get go is you really do care about my pet and how she feels. Great service and the Dr. I worked with was very thorough."
- Janet Mitchell
05/26/2021 23:10:26
"Max Feel so much better. He says Thank you!"
- Debbie Davis
05/26/2021 17:24:26
"Thank you for your patience and care with my little yorki. He is doing better. "
- Pat Leach
05/24/2021 16:07:53
"I have always been very pleased with Oregon Trail Vet and the care my pets receive. :)"
- Debbie Burnette
05/24/2021 15:00:34
"I was pleased with the attention you gave to my cat. She was actually, pretty calm during her visit!"
- Robin Mesey
05/21/2021 18:08:48
"Jackie is pleasant and always greet s me with a smile."
- Mike McDonald
05/21/2021 18:08:21
"My visit was wonderful. I couldn't ask for anything else. "
- Hope & Ron Colpitts
05/21/2021 16:48:55
"Very good care. I appreciate how sweet all the employees are with my dog. She is pretty timid, and they handled her very well. "
- Melanie Ham
05/20/2021 19:10:39
"Always professional with warm personality and sincere caring. Answers my questions with layman terms that are easy to understand. "
- Barb Cleveland
05/20/2021 04:39:47
"I had a great experience bringing my dog Kodah Bear in. We got back into the room quickly, they figured out the problem quickly and took care of her well and sent her home with everything we needed to successfully get her healthy again. "
- Brittany Gibson
05/19/2021 19:23:28
"This visit was unscheduled, a walk in with a bleeding cat. The staff were all so kind and helpful and reassuring. Even though there was only one doctor on duty who was in surgery, I only had to wait just a few minutes before a vet tech was caring for my Smokey. I cannot tell the staff how much I appreciate the care they gave him most of the day. I met with a vet who I was unfamiliar with but she was perfect for both Smokey and me. She eased my tension and Smokey's discomfort - a very caring vet. Smokey has been home about 48 hours and he is beginning to be his normal self. The vet explained everything so clearly when we picked Smokey up that it has been quite simple to follow her care instructions. I feel like Smokey received top of the line care and I would definitely recommend Oregon Trail Vet Clinic to others. "
- Melinda McKenry
05/17/2021 02:30:48
"It's always a quick and easy experience to stop by and pick up the prescription food for our senior cat."
- Julie Sak
05/15/2021 01:05:13
"Veterenarians are in a health care crisis . And you are doing a great job . "
- Howard Martin
05/15/2021 00:12:06
"Your front desk is wonderful even new faces tbefe seem to live each animsl.vet is very down to earth Nd trusysyhe owner to be smart and he doesn't act superior like other vetswe recommend u always over hermiston veryerinary"
- Margaret Anolfo
05/14/2021 22:56:21
" Wait time was ok. Staff was very friendly and kind to my dog. It was a good experience for us both."
- Debbie Freeman
05/14/2021 16:51:21
"Everyone was so nice, even though it was the end of the day and I am sure they were ready to go home they didn’t rush us out the door. The doctor answered all my questions about my pet’s problems. I have always had a good experience bringing my pets to your clinic for all their needs."
- Don & Peggy Fulcher
05/13/2021 23:57:02
"It was perfect as always!!!"
- Paula & Richard Price
05/12/2021 19:52:45
"Hunter was very well taken care of and the staff is awesome! Thank you"
- Jessi Mills
05/08/2021 17:44:05
- Lou Womack
05/07/2021 21:39:37
"All where super friendly and helpful. "
- Maria Ruiz
05/07/2021 20:02:35
"Our vet, Mark Seargeant has been awesome with both our small dogs. His staff is very caring and professional in all they do."
- Donna Niemeyer
05/06/2021 23:17:49
"All my experiences with all the veterinarians and veterinary technicians have been very positive. Everyone is very caring and thoughtful. I never felt rushed or dismissed in any way. All the care we have received for our cats, dogs and horses has been top notch and I am grateful to have such a great team to rely on so close to home."
- Dan & Kim McNeil
05/06/2021 15:24:49
"You are doing a great job! I came in close to closing and you all acted like it was no big deal. "
- Sam Cornelius
05/05/2021 01:16:11
"Front office staff is very helpful and friendly as will as the vet techs. We see Dr. Barton and believe our pet is in good hands. Dr. Barton is very patient with me. I do a lot of research and always come with lots of questions. I never feel rushed. I like that they provide 24-hour service and their follow up has also been great."
- Sandra Smith
04/27/2021 23:18:03
"Lu came home injured from a bite, swollen leg, not allowing exam of the leg. I called Jackie , Lu was seen within a couple hours. Lu was sedated. X-ray was done and treatment was given. Thank you."
- Viola & Jim Stone
04/25/2021 17:41:05
"Always been good experience!!!"
- Ray /Lisa Sinclair /Strutz
04/24/2021 20:24:13
"Octavius is a very nervous boy but the tech and vet were very understanding of him"
- Kate Sandoval
04/24/2021 20:20:51
"I couldn't be happier with the care Phelps received. Dr Sargent is wonderful and explains everything really well. The whole staff is great!"
- Linda Wilson
04/22/2021 08:00:00
"Dr Sargent Has been our Vet since 1983 he is very compassionate person. The staff is friendly and patient with their customers "
- Bob & Leticia Little
04/18/2021 05:57:19
"I appreciate Jana really listening to my concerns and taking the time to throughly check out my horses to diagnose what was going on. "
- Brittney Beamer
04/17/2021 16:07:00
"Staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable "
- Teiko Villegas
04/17/2021 04:09:38
"Your staff did very well helping Bella to have a good experience. They were calm which helped her to relax as much as she could given the situation. I loved at the end of the appointment that a tech fed her treats through her muzzle and Bella tried to help."
- Judith Crosby
04/15/2021 00:49:03
"Great service! "
- Lesly Aguilar
04/14/2021 17:00:39
"Everyone was so caring and understanding about my cat and my feelings."
- Sheryl Tibbets
04/14/2021 04:21:40
"I was very impressed with my first visit. All of the staff & Dr.Sargent were very kind, patient and knowledgeable. Thank you for your help. I can tell that the staff likes and cares for the animals they are treating. Good work!"
- Rosemary Chapman
04/13/2021 22:07:54
- Kaylindi Nevil
04/13/2021 19:01:03
"It was a great experience all the way around. All my questions and concerns were answered and my pup was well taken care of! "
- Ashlee O'Neill
04/12/2021 17:33:01
"Great service, "
- Freddy Ibarra
04/10/2021 17:33:05
"It was great experience with Trigger they gave me options and when we chose one they went with it and did the best they could saving us as much as we could. Letting us know if it didn't work to come back and they would continue to help. The meds are a bit pricey but I don't think that can be helped"
- Marty Skillman
04/08/2021 16:13:01
"So far my experience has been a good one, the whole clinic staff was very personable and great with the animals that came in. It was fun watching them work together as a team. Mitch is a hard animal to deal with and they did a great job with him."
- Michelle Lane
04/07/2021 20:00:07
"One of the best experiences I have had with a veterinarian "
- Kelly Burke
04/07/2021 00:12:19
"Marley was handled very professionally and the vet took a second xray to determine how many puppies since Marley moved in the first one. I was very pleased."
- Steve Thonney
04/02/2021 22:56:58
"We always get the BEST care for our pets. The doctors and the support staff are awesome. "
- Debbie Myers
03/29/2021 23:25:43
"I was happy with the service Dr Barton did for Purrl. I was surprised to hear there could be something to help with Purrl aggressions. I think we needed to have more people around her to help with this. I saw some medicines in waiting room for her problem."
- JoAnn Beagle
03/28/2021 20:13:58
"I love the caring of staff & doctors here at OTV."
- Tammy Wolf
03/25/2021 20:24:02
"Wonderful 🥰"
- Bob Rebman
03/25/2021 17:26:03
"You guys were awesome and very friendly towards myself and Nala. "
- Jennifer Arstein
03/23/2021 19:57:13
"Doing great. Love the compassion you give my pets! Bella got a very nice hair shave!"
- Marcia Flemmer
03/22/2021 15:12:27
"Very attentive to every detail. The best vet office that I've been to in the past 30 yrs. "
- Andrea Hinkley
03/22/2021 01:12:09
"You are perfect!"
- Steven Fedde
03/20/2021 19:20:30
"I think you guys did amazing and he is doing so well and so much better ❤️❤️❤️"
- Kristi James
03/20/2021 19:04:32
"We love coming here and our pets love it too!"
- Frances Barnett
03/18/2021 19:54:47
"Im so sorry! She was such a pill and the staff handled it so well. "
- Katherine Rider
03/18/2021 16:32:31
"I am satisfied w the care that is provided to my animals whenever I bring them into you guys. Thank you for your hard work and the time you take w them! I can tell that you all truly care. "
- Staci Peralta
03/17/2021 22:15:02
"Y'all get a 5 Star rating from us ... with Quincey before, and Kronk now - we've always appreciated the great staff and expertise. "
- Ron Vandehey
03/16/2021 22:37:21
"Very prompt and polite . Very caring for pets. "
- Alice Ellis
03/12/2021 15:41:59
"It was really good , my animals needs were taken care of "
- Corey Hewlett
03/12/2021 00:12:43
"I think that the phone app is super helpful and I appreciate the quick response times. Service is great and Dr. Thonney is super nice and caring. Thank you for all you do "
- Rocio Fitzgerald
03/10/2021 17:06:14
"Have always had good experience coming to you."
- Cheri Rees
03/09/2021 17:16:48
"Superior service as ever!!"
- Jeanette Essary
03/06/2021 21:54:23