"You guys are great. I have come to you for all my pets health needs"
- Crystal Little
06/15/2020 01:20:35
"Dr was very helpful answering all of my questions and even called me back the next day when I had called the office with a few more questions about care for my goat. Dr. Barton was very patient and kind and cared about the interest of my pet. "
- Crista Beaty
06/14/2020 05:25:04
"Doing great. Thank you for always being available when it’s needed. I appreciate all of you :)"
- Liz Snyder
06/13/2020 14:36:49
"Best vet care in town!!!!"
- Lilah Hollingsworth
06/11/2020 19:52:33
"we have been treated with respect and kindness every time we have come in. No matter what time or what day."
- Kim & Don Benson
06/11/2020 18:33:21
"I always have a great experience at Oregon Trail Vet. They treat my dogs with a lot of love and I really appreciate that. I know that if I leave them there at the clinic, they are safe. "
- Zayra Preciado
06/11/2020 16:07:17
"Thanks for getting us in so fast and for helping Allie! Her swelling was gone in a day and she’s back her usual self!"
- Kim Burns
06/11/2020 13:10:29
"We felt he was knowledgeable and provided good service, as well as the tech who assisted. Thanks."
- Gene Smith
06/07/2020 19:31:09
"It was great. I got some info that I didn't know about. The gals were very nice and helpful."
- Trina Severns
06/06/2020 16:18:41
"I learned more about what is going on with little from Dr. Sergeant than his prior Vet. Dr. Sergeant explained things so ppl without vet schooling could understand. I appreciate everything you have done so far. Thank you "
- Shawna Waterman
06/05/2020 03:26:43
"Always great customer service and good care of our animals. "
- Margaret Fitch
06/05/2020 02:26:27
"I was very pleased with my whole experience with your facility. Thank you 😊 "
- Debbie Rettig
06/04/2020 17:19:36
"Everyone is great at OTVC! Will never go anywhere else!"
- Sarah Smith
06/03/2020 18:28:52
"No complaints - everything went good considering the times we live in!!"
- Michael Dewitt
06/02/2020 17:42:22
"Absolutely great experience so happy with the vet and assistant they went above and beyond with our horse Reno..couldn't be happier !!!"
- Megan Lemmon
05/30/2020 22:04:51
"I felt great about how Django was taken care of. I was able to be there the whole time and the vet was very explanatory :)"
- Lauren Oleson
05/28/2020 04:47:06
"We had an after hours emergency and Rob (the on-call veterinarian) met us at 12:30am and helped our dog who had ingested something in mountains and treated her, and kept her overnight for observation. I was able to pick her up in morning. Thanks again Oregon Trail Vet clinic."
- Sara Wiley
05/26/2020 15:24:39
"Dr. Rob was fantastic. He treated my mare with kindness. He gave great advice on how to help my girl loose weight and how much to exercise her while her tendon heals. I would recommend him to all my horsey friends."
- Charlotte Johnson
05/25/2020 19:39:33
"You folks were Frank and to the point and I appreciated that, when I ask a question I appreciate being answered with a direct answer pertaining to her care and financial standpoint, thank you Roman."
- Roman Garza
05/24/2020 23:07:14
"Y’all are amazing! Thank you so very much for getting Peanut in to get her shots updated So we can leave the state on Saturday! 😁 Her regular vet wouldn’t even try to get her in although I called them 3 times and explained the situation to them. 😢 "
- Kathy & Jim Wilson
05/20/2020 19:26:31
"All personnel were friendly and helpful. The car side service Because of the Coronavirus worked very well. The veterinarian was very knowledgeable and helped explain what I needed to know about my pet. Oregon Trail was so good with my dog, I highly recommend!"
- Kristi & Chad Atkins
05/19/2020 11:50:52
"I was treated very nice I love the space it very inviting. "
- Mayra Sandoval
05/19/2020 06:52:20
"I was impressed by the kindness and the caring that your staff showed to an old woman with a chicken. That sounds like an eye rolling joke but to me it was important. My chicken is doing much better now thank you . I was also impressed by the adjustments you made to deal with the social distancing requirements. Great job. You will be seeing more of me I am sure. Thank You again."
- Linda Miller
05/17/2020 02:22:26
"couldnt be more happy. Doc really helped me and Hershey out and everything is well. I have a couple of other pets be seeing you soon. Thanks again Rick"
- Rick Tapia
05/16/2020 04:34:40
"Very friendly, very helpful in answering my questions"
- Mitch & Peggy Hays
05/07/2020 04:35:11
"Always great excellent service. Truly care about my sons horses used as competition horses. "
- Justin Farber
04/16/2020 03:02:33
"I have never had anything but the most incredible service from all of the staff at you clinic. I honestly can't think of any ways you could improve."
- Jeff Ellis
04/15/2020 22:44:56
"I trust Oregon Trail Veterinarians with the health of my pets. They have always been reliable and treat my pets as valued."
- Michael Seefeldt
04/13/2020 12:25:44
"We were so pleased to be able to bring Buck to Hermiston for his treatment. Your staff were welcoming, respective of social distancing, knowledgeable, and they went well beyond normal care. I am so sorry but there was no bad with our experience!! Wishing you all a blessed Easter and Spring! "
- Ted & Pamela Durfey
04/10/2020 18:17:26
"The visit for my 2 dogs were great! I was amazed how well everyone was, so organized and efficient regarding the Coronavirus. No complaints from me! Thank You, Sabrina L TenEyck "
- Sabrina TenEyck
03/29/2020 03:01:52
"The staff is always pleasant, welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful."
- Deborah McNair
03/26/2020 22:51:27
"I appreciate the connection that is still in place between everyone and my animals even with the quarantine issues that exist"
- Marie Johnson
03/26/2020 21:31:34
"I appreciate the dr walking out and letting me know how my pup was doing since I wasn't allowed in the room due to covid. We were just doing some routine shots, but it was still nice that he took the time to include me someway!"
- Sarah Downing
03/26/2020 19:24:46
"We were not sure what to expect with the drive-up type of set-up, but your signs made it clear and helpful. We were seen quickly, and given good information. All of our questions were answered with kindness. Our kitty is in good hands when she is here!"
- Michelle Evanoff
03/26/2020 15:46:07
"Given the current situation everything went just fine.Ty very much for being there for everyones fur babies during these uncertain times.."
- Steve Budiselic
03/26/2020 02:45:42
"I was very pleased with my visit. Jana was very knowledgeable and explained to me everything she was doing and the best course of action to take for breeding my mare. "
- Rachel Sullivan
03/26/2020 00:47:31
"I love you guys! You are all always so helpful and encouraging. :)"
- Amanda Matthiessen
03/25/2020 18:33:50
"The employees were very quick to meet with me, they handled my horses with care and confidence, and were very informative. "
- Keira Mitchell
03/25/2020 16:57:24
"You guys have a STELLAR plan for providing great service during the pandemic. "
- Hailey York
03/24/2020 20:26:42
"Jackie is the best she always take time to hear u out. I feel very comfortable bringing the girls there because I know the staff will do their best"
- Thomas Cave
03/22/2020 18:12:22
"The vet care at Oregon Trail is great "
- Jason & Jessica Corbin
03/22/2020 18:01:18
"I am very satisfied with the care given to my dog, Delilah - The staff is always welcoming and friendly- the Doctors are very trustworthy and nice. Delilah likes her visits."
- June Rosenberg
03/22/2020 01:33:45
"Dr. Sargent and staff did an excellent job, as usual, during Lady’s recent exam. Very thorough and professional."
- Janet Williams
03/21/2020 12:12:54
"After 15 yrs you are all #1 in my book. Contrary to some, your vet clinic has always been so caring and making sure to take awesome care of my dog while trying to keep the price down. Such compassionate people. Especially Dr Sargeant and Jackie, my favorites!!! Thank you Oregon Trail Vets!!!!!"
- Jeanette Essary
03/20/2020 21:34:45
"I am super loyal to Oregon Trail, I only bring my horses and ponies here! I am always treated kindly and warmly by staff I have known for years (some decades!) Everyone is professional while still being friendly, very knowledgeable and the facility is always clean and convenient."
- Naomi Brown
03/19/2020 16:04:27
"We love your friendly staff!"
- Caroline Jared
03/18/2020 02:42:19
"I have always had very good care for my dogs...you have a very busy practice and have not had to wait too long for assistance whenever I've been there...am glad you're there..."
- Marie Cornell
03/17/2020 20:30:36
"We love the staff and vets at Oregon Trail. They treat each and every one of the rescue animals as if they were their own and give them the best care."
- Animal Rescue Fuzzball
03/17/2020 05:02:39
"I am very pleased with the care both Flame and Fireball have received. You have been able to get both in to be seen in a timely matter. "
- Tom Ramsey
03/16/2020 23:52:36
"Workers always cheerful and friendly. Genuinely care about my cats."
- Diane Willett
03/16/2020 22:14:01
"The people who know me, treat my dogs and me like family. I trust the vets at Oregon Trail, I know they know how important my dogs are to me."
- Teresa Walchli
03/16/2020 20:25:54
"We appreciate Dr. Brent and Amy fitting us in and coming to the rescue of our cow. They dove right in got the calf out and the cow seems to be recovering and is about ready to go back and join the herd. They were very professional, knew exactly what needed to be done and talked to the cow the entire time! We feel very fortunate to have had such great service. Thank you."
- Mark & Kelli Rosenberg
03/16/2020 18:00:50
"We always get great care of both our personal and rescue animals and if ever we want a second opinion you have no problem providing that."
- Robin & Andrew Barker
03/13/2020 02:54:45
"I liked the time that Dr Sargent spent with us and caring for the animal. I was also impressed by the staff and facilities."
- Donald Lieuallen
02/13/2020 13:24:39
"Dr. Sargent has been so wonderful to work with in Pocket's case. Back in October she was given 30 days to live, and here it is February and her birthday is coming up soon! She will be a year old on 2/24/20. A milestone that we thought we would never reach. THANK YOU Dr. Sargent!"
- Jody Brittain
02/06/2020 02:04:09
"I get the best and most compassionate service at OTVC! I really don't have any complaints, I promise."
- Dani & Roger Smith
02/05/2020 20:14:57
"I had to bring my cat in on a Saturday. He had to stay to get stitches. The office closes at noon on Saturdays and I thought I would have to wait 2 days to get my cat back. But I called the clinic, tracked down his doctor and was able to get my cat home that evening. Dr, Sargent was most gracious to me for going the extra mile so I could get my cat back home with."
- Donna Picthall
02/05/2020 19:34:49
"We have always been treated great here. They care for the animals and us."
- Juls & Jason Carr
02/05/2020 17:52:28
"I really have nothing bad to say. My babies have been coming to your place since they were born. My babies love going to see you all. The staff and Vet are good at making the dogs calm down. It's not very often dogs are happy to go to their vet. Thank you all for putting my mind at ease."
- Amy & Allen Persinger
02/02/2020 22:35:13
"I got excellent care in a timely manner being a walk in on a Saturday at nearly closing....they took good care of my dog in her emergency situation explained her injury and recovery process all at competitive rates"
- Kathleen Pace
01/26/2020 20:15:28
"It was my first visit and it was a very nice experience. "
- Terry Travis
01/24/2020 21:27:35
"Always a great experience"
- Ryan & Melissa Mayenschein
01/18/2020 20:08:55
"Best vet clinic hands down. Always so kind to human and animal and very knowledgeable!! "
- Nike Hulskamp
01/15/2020 22:55:08
"Great staff! Very concerned for the animals they treat"
- Karen Dalton
01/15/2020 20:06:23
"Always are very welcoming and great experience. "
- Debbie Stahl
01/13/2020 19:53:56
"I have gone to OREGON TRAIL for a very long time. When we lost our airdale of 15 years you made our loss important. I continue to bring my new GERMAN SHEPHERD.. I think overall care is great"
- Donna Ball
01/08/2020 17:04:51
"Doing great! Thank you so much for always taking such great care of our dogs. "
- Liz Snyder
01/07/2020 19:41:27
"Thank you for giving daisy the shot she needed to stop itching! So far so good hopefully that and transition to merrick salmon blend for dog food will stop this allergies all together"
- Kim Taylor
01/07/2020 17:20:04
"They gave great care to my Ellie who was sick with pancreatitis."
- Robin & Andrew Barker
01/07/2020 17:13:21
- Robert & Katie Johnson
01/07/2020 15:35:09
"You have always treated my cats with care. I am so thankful you are helping Charley! And on such short notice! I should have been entrusting you with Charley's care all along."
- Steven Fedde
01/04/2020 16:09:56
"Dr. Borstel is excellent with our pets. She takes the time to make sure you understand what she is explaining. "
- Kayte & Colton Kenshol
01/03/2020 22:01:49
"Great Jackie is excellent very helpful and knowledgeable. Staff seems friendly"
- Gloria Connell
01/03/2020 01:50:58
"Very caring and sensitive to Tiggers condition. I am impressed. "
- Luretta Rand
12/25/2019 17:06:29
"Never had a bad experience."
- Bobo McMillan
12/22/2019 18:05:43
"Everything was good. I made an appointment for our cat to be checked in the late morning. The appointment was made for early afternoon of he same day and we were in and out in about 20 minutes. Everyone was friendly and helpful. "
- Gary Lind
12/18/2019 07:40:21
"we had a good experience."
- Glenda Mofford
12/17/2019 17:44:57
"Love your care and service."
- Julie Williams
12/17/2019 15:19:51
"Long time customers, appreciate the care and the thoroughness. Gave us the option not to have expensive tests. "
- Robert O'Brion
12/17/2019 02:30:45
"I like the care we get for our dogs and how quickly the receptionists work to get our dogs in when we have an emergency. Jackie (Jacky?) has been phenomenal and the extra effort she takes to learn our dogs' names and history really shows. One thing I would like to see is a referral or in-house service for dog/pet behavior, but I know this may be difficult to staff or source in our area. Thank you everyone at Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic for your help over the years."
- Sam Cornelius
12/16/2019 21:58:48
"We were very impressed with our overall experience. Dr. Jana was very thorough in her examination and did an incredible job explaining her evaluation process and findings. We appreciated her honesty and clear plan to handle the arthritis. "
- Ted & Pamela Durfey
12/11/2019 19:10:26
"Always great service, very friendly staff!"
- Kerri Potts
12/05/2019 21:40:48
"You guys did an amazing job and would tell everyone how great and friendly this place is."
- William Wells
12/04/2019 22:27:32
"Brody was taken care of and loved by each and every person who help! Thank you!"
- Brittney Beamer
12/02/2019 18:40:54
"I feel very grateful any time I bring my animals to Oregon Trail. Everyone is helpful and compassionate. I’ve been to lots of veterinary office over the years. This one is by far my most favorite! The Saturday Team stayed late to see my dog who got kicked in the jaw. It’s meaningful to have a office open on Saturdays and willing to wait around regardless if they close at 12! "
- Heatherlin Campbell
12/02/2019 03:44:37
"Very pleased of the treatment and care she received "
- Sandra Golladay
11/26/2019 00:04:33
- Lyle Brown
11/24/2019 04:33:48
"Very helpful with my silly cat. "
- Beth Zufelt
11/21/2019 19:24:12
"We brought our friend’s dog in for a nail trim while he was out of town. We were pleased that we were told to just bring him on in any time, that a tech would take care of him. Thanks!"
- Mike & Donna Scott
11/16/2019 23:05:14
"Dr. Mannucci and his assistant were very helpful and considerate in trying to determine the cause of my horse's lameness."
- Michele Daniels
11/15/2019 21:13:14
"You guys are the best... you treat my fur babies amazingly!!!"
- Ryan & Melissa Mayenschein
11/14/2019 19:13:22
"You guys are the best, Maxx had the best and Atticus has the best crew around 👍👌🏻🙏🏻"
- John Ellwanger
11/14/2019 15:50:00
"I am very happy with the pre purchase exam for my horse."
- June Mohrland
11/14/2019 00:33:48
"Dr. Mannuchi was excellent. Explained everything, answered my questions, didnt rush out. Did a good job. Bailey is already showing signs of improvement We brought bails in on a walk in, and we were seen quickly as well, which was great. Another vet wouldnt see her until later that morning and we didnt want to wait. "
- Jessie Miller
11/10/2019 18:24:44
"This visit was just to pickup medicine but the staff was great and had everything ready when I arrived"
- Jon Springstead
11/06/2019 14:02:55
"You guys were great! Thank You for caring about my horse"
- Nancy Cox
11/06/2019 01:40:00
"Great explanations from dr. I knew what was happening at every moment"
- Starla Chambrose
11/05/2019 22:47:53
"We had all our questions answered and everything was great."
- Vicki Koontz
11/04/2019 21:11:16
"Very friendly knowledgeable staff. Make us feel like family."
- Stephan & Erin Wallace
10/31/2019 22:14:07
"I stopped to get Bravecto for my three Boxers. Service was quick. I was there less then five minutes. Keep up the good work."
- Sonia Snow
10/28/2019 18:19:15