"Front office staff and vet were very friendly, patient, and explained things fully to me, answering any questions. "
- Catherine Wisniewski
02/07/2021 23:44:00
"Very caring and compassionate staff and doctors. No complaints."
- Dani & Roger Smith
02/06/2021 23:05:37
"Always so grateful for the immediate help from Our Vets at Oregon Trail. Even though our usual Vet was unavailable, she made a call and had our dog all set to be seen the next day and surgery was the same day too! "
- Heatherlin Campbell
02/06/2021 00:10:46
"I love you guys. Always able to accommodate appointments and I love the fact that the ladies up front know my animals which makes the visits there a lot more personable. "
- Jacque Gribskov
02/05/2021 00:53:41
"Everyone seems to really care about my dog and me. I appreciate their thoughtfulness."
- Debbie Freeman
02/04/2021 01:27:18
"Good. You were able to get us in right away for an "emergency" with our dog. "
- Sam Cornelius
02/01/2021 15:34:12
"You guys are great, no complaints !"
- Cindy Thompson
01/29/2021 20:46:21
"Our experience was great. The staff truly cared and were comfortable with meeting our dog for the first time. "
- Jessi Mills
01/29/2021 04:46:07
"Awesome care. "
- Stephanie Lewis
01/28/2021 02:33:14
"I was very pleased walked right in and you was very helpful and I was able to get back on the road truckin in no time.everyone was gentle with my baby girl."
- John Hankel
01/28/2021 01:12:26
"I always receive the best care of all of my animals, dogs, horses and cattle. "
- Lisa & Troy Betz
01/28/2021 00:50:37
"My kittens were sick and they got me in the same day. The vet explained exactly what was wrong. Kittens started feeling better real fast."
- Linda Wilson
01/27/2021 01:11:56
"I am very happy with the care and attention we receive when we bring our animal companions into your clinic. It can be a very busy clinic but I've never been placed on phone hold for a long period or had to wait in the waiting room for an unreasonable amount of time. And when we have called for emergency farm call services the doctors have been very responsive and caring. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. "
- Dan & Kim McNeil
01/25/2021 21:08:59
"I think everyone was great . They listen to my concerns and ran the tests that I asked for everything went great. "
- Steven Demenge
01/25/2021 15:24:32
"I was impressed with the friendliness of staff and guests!"
- Sara Sept
01/23/2021 21:05:28
"You guys are very caring and understanding about pet owner concerns. You take the time to listen and offer different option to a treatment!"
- Bobbie Schultze
01/22/2021 22:31:25
"It is always a very good experience for us and our pets. Thank you"
- Mike & Jacki Heller
01/22/2021 22:20:25
"we have had overall good experiences with Oregon Trail Veterinary "
- Kim & Don Benson
01/22/2021 20:45:01
"All good so far "
- Jayson Elkins
01/21/2021 20:54:57
"Love/ you guys so much "
- Jennifer Hess
01/21/2021 04:02:44
"Our kitty got injured and had to get him into someone that same day. I google searched local vets and thankful Oregon trail was able to get us in. Dr. Barton and his staff were so kind and very helpful. Blue is doing much better although I don’t think he likes his cone on his head lol. Thank you to everyone "
- Stephanie Thongdy
01/17/2021 20:13:49
"The staff was absolutely amazing. They cared for our dog Daisy as if she were their own. "
- Teiko Villegas
01/17/2021 06:15:59
"Good and quick customer service.. always friendly "
- Tamara Bock
01/17/2021 01:29:26
"Great service, awesome vets. "
- Sheron & Shelby Varikatt
01/15/2021 17:19:11
"Great customer service keep up the great work , really friendly with the pets what like most about you guys never change that , Thanks too guys my dog alive when he was sick from Parvo you guys only Vet took him in with out an appointment will always remember that day . Will always be client from that day on thank you "
- Alejandro Montalvo
01/14/2021 07:23:34
"The staff is always friendly, caring, understanding and knowledgeable. Always a good experience when I bring my cat in for his yearly checkups."
- Deborah McNair
01/14/2021 01:14:31
"Very good"
- Lyle Brown
01/13/2021 20:57:29
"I love that my rocky dog is treated like a normal dog. Instead of everyone being afraid of him, Since he is a pitbull..."
- Jaimee Simmons
01/12/2021 21:48:19
"This was our first visit and I'm very impressed with Dr. von Borstel. She was thorough and took the time to answer questions. Also, Your front desk staff is friendly, caring and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to interact with everyone at your clinic. Thank you for a great experience. "
- Susan Janney
01/11/2021 01:00:31
"Wonderful everytime I call, schedule and when walking in. They are so wonderful with my babies. "
- Sabrina TenEyck
01/10/2021 19:34:04
"I am willing to drive the 60+ miles for good vet care which is what I get every time I go to Oregon Trail vets. They always listen, tell me why if there is a delay, and love on my puppy. I can get an appointment within two days and usually in one. Henry has been treated by 3 different vets and several assistants. I think they are all great as is the receptionist. I have to wait a bit for a bill, but the time is reasonable due to how busy they are. I appreciate that I do not feel rushed when I am with the vet which is also great"
- Alix Carlson
01/09/2021 23:40:59
"I have gone to Dr.Barton at Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic for many, many years. He is ALWAYS wonderful with my fur babies, which for the most part have been dogs. I would NEVER go anywhere else for my veterinarian needs. The ENTIRE staff is so great, which makes for a wonderful experience. It makes going to the vet way less stressful for myself, my husband and our fur babies. Thank you all. "
- Dawn Harris
01/07/2021 22:57:50
"No complaints- just praise , keep doing what your doing with the warm customer service"
- June Rosenberg
01/07/2021 05:38:07
"The last experience was good I was a bit shocked at the prices of blood work but I suppose like anything it is costly for the machines to analyse it.Ty to all the staff for their customer service."
- Steve Budiselic
01/06/2021 20:35:22
"Best vet experience! Switched to Oregon trail veterinary clinic because we weren't happy with our past experiences and we couldn't be happier. Everyone is friendly and informative. "
- Brittany Gibson
01/06/2021 20:19:45
"Mark was very willing and able to examine and care for our Cleo. His expertise and knowledge is above and beyond others we've seen in the past and reccomend your clinic to our friends and family. Thank you all for your great service. Happy New Year and stay safe."
- Gordon & Leann Ollendorf
01/06/2021 04:04:06
"The staff is amazingly nice and take great care of Chuggles!"
- Hailey York
01/05/2021 17:55:09
"Our experience was wonderful. You were able to get us in quickly and on a half work day for you to boot. The appointment was quick but we did not feel rushed at all. "
- Heather Nelson
01/01/2021 23:56:09
"I think you ask very professional and still are very loving to our pets like if they were yours"
- Justin Shelton
01/01/2021 00:10:10
"Rose and Gus said you are doing a great job."
- Wes & Carol Locke
12/29/2020 20:44:15
"I brought Rugey in to have his anal glands expressed. Everyone there at Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic treated Rugey well and his procedure was completed in a timely manner."
- Michael Seefeldt
12/25/2020 22:47:03
"We live in Pendleton, have for nearly 20 years now. My wife, Jeri, takes a special interest in her animals. We’ve gone through both vets here in town over the years, and we’ve been with you now for damn near forever. In a time where too many people don’t care about animals in their care, we drive 45 minutes past several other vets to see you. "
- Jeri Mikkelsen
12/25/2020 07:02:45
"The vet was very caring and answered all my questions regarding my dogs condition. "
- Jennie MacLeod
12/24/2020 23:38:44
"You guys are always so kind. I don’t bring my dogs in very often. And it’s usually only when they have a problem. You never make me feel judged or a bad pet mom. You see how important my dog is. Especially Max. I thought my only option would be to put him down. And that was never said. I so appreciate you all seeing what I see in him. And always trying to help me. Your clinic is by far the best I have ever been to. "
- Autumn Fehrenbacker
12/24/2020 20:07:40
"Excellent service "
- Marco & Kimberly Lopez
12/23/2020 23:53:01
"Thought the visit met all of ours, and our dog’s needs. Even got antibiotics just in case they were needed. "
- Ronald Bronson
12/23/2020 21:59:18
"I wouldn't take any of my furbaby family anywhere else. "
- Tammy Wolf
12/23/2020 05:39:49
"We love Dr Jana, Jackie, and all the assistants! We appreciate all their hard work anf care for our Judgy! We wouldnt want anyone else taking care of Judgy!"
- Kevin Moore
12/22/2020 23:13:48
"Nothing bad, very kind and professioal"
- Gene & Karen Snyder
12/22/2020 19:31:02
"I was very pleased with the service. "
- Kathy Calvert
12/21/2020 22:48:11
"Great clinic to take the rescue animals to. Kind, compassionate and so helpful with the rescue. They are always willing to squeeze one in when we call on the spur of the moment. So much appreciated."
- Animal Rescue Fuzzball
12/20/2020 18:52:12
"Have always been great"
- Tammy & Ron Borello
12/19/2020 04:03:17
"Great experience on Frankie "
- Marty Skillman
12/18/2020 17:36:03
- Scott & Micky Madison
12/18/2020 03:20:32
"You guys are awesome!"
- Taylor Miller
12/12/2020 03:08:52
"I am very happy with the way my fur boy and I are treated by all."
- Shawna Waterman
12/11/2020 22:30:39
"everything is great so far."
- Tom Ramsey
12/09/2020 22:44:47
"Excellent care, very friendly! "
- Andrea Hinkley
12/09/2020 14:17:44
"Thankful because you were able to see my dog without having an appointment. Staff is courteous, Dr Sargent was precise and concise explaining the diagnosis . Happy to be at OT Vet"
- Victor Bueno
12/09/2020 01:12:37
- Kim Burns
12/07/2020 17:57:02
"pup was well taken care of(surgery), staff was friendly, answered all questions. "
- Harvey & Bobbi Childers
12/05/2020 17:40:54
"You guys are doing great "
- Lee Rice
12/05/2020 01:55:06
"Your doing Great ! Our doctor was Robert Thonney , Dr. Bob. He and his assistance I believe was Hayley did a great job, and were very patient with my dog Pepper who gets anxienty. Very thorough with the visit & exam, Made our visit with the corona virus rules a pleasant one and gave plenty of room in the building, not crowded at all. So thank you for that as well. "
- Lynnette Veenstra
12/03/2020 20:07:18
"Oregon Trail is always wonderful to their customers and patients! I have always been treated so well and the office has always gotten our animals cared for quickly and given the best health care. Your office staff is always friendly and welcoming and that is so appreciated. No one likes to walk into a clinic and feel like your a burden or they are too busy to help your animal and sadly that is the case with many clinics in our area. "
- Jennifer Ashbeck
12/03/2020 19:26:20
"Always enjoy the staff at OTVC. They are friendly and genuinely care about our four legged family members. And Mark and Brett are great as well. "
- Bruce & Carla McLane
12/02/2020 19:15:56
"I came in on a Saturday and had quick and efficient service for my dog"
- Amber Terry
11/30/2020 18:33:43
"You are all awesome!"
- Bev Miller
11/27/2020 01:32:51
"You are doing the best you can a/Mango’s ears, and I appreciate it. Will be calling to schedule another appt in the near future. Ps. Love your staff and how you care for the Fuzz Ball strays."
- Sally Fitch
11/24/2020 18:43:08
"Visit was excellent as usual. Dr. Seargent was very thorough on examining my fur baby for his skin allergies. He provided the appropriate medicine to help with my dogs condition. Always have a good experience at Oregon Trail Vet. Keep up the good work!"
- Sonia Snow
11/22/2020 22:21:47
"Other than the wait everything is amazing, but with that said, I understand how busy you all are!!!!"
- Ryan & Melissa Mayenschein
11/22/2020 21:28:37
"Dr. Thonney offered multiple options of treatment which allowed me, with his guidance, to determine the best path of treatment."
- David & Katelynn Barnett
11/18/2020 22:13:56
"The staff at Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic has always been friendly, eager to help, and knowledgeable.... This visit was no exception. There was, however, one small mistake made concerning the number of meds I was picking up. That was fixed quickly and I was on my way. "
- Jeff Ellis
11/18/2020 21:28:57
"For my first visit your staff and Dr were great and nice to talk to and were very caring of my 2 dogs. Nova is healing great and Rona is just a pup. Thanks for all your help and medical care for my Lab's."
- Kenneth White
11/15/2020 15:21:42
"Doing great. Always able to get in quickly for appointment. Everyone is so caring and gentle with the animal."
- Marcia Flemmer
11/15/2020 01:20:57
"Great. Glad we found you. We know you'll treat TJ and Cosmo as family."
- Lisamarie Johnson
11/13/2020 21:12:49
"I’m always happy with the service and treatments here!"
- Cyndie Planck
11/12/2020 18:51:27
"This experience was very nice and very appreciated as I have had trouble in the past where money seems to be the priority, not the dogs well being. Here the focus is very nicely places towards animal health"
- Colleen Waldron
11/12/2020 09:37:06
"Thank you for fitting us in as this was a bit of an emergency! The staff was very friendly and caring. We had a very good experience and would highly recommend to everyone. Thanks!"
- Susan Cavallo
11/10/2020 16:06:35
"The care my two cats received was excellent. The post surgery instructions for at home care were thorough and helpful for tending to two post surgical pets. The daily dose of pain meds keeps them comfortable and calm. The incisions are clean and very well done."
- Loren Cole
11/10/2020 03:51:22
"Very well. Personable, friendly greetings. Professional, friendly staff and Drs. Great place for both pets and owners. "
- Steve Brownfield
11/10/2020 00:43:46
"Took time to listen to my concerns and evaluate my pet, even though I didn’t have a scheduled appointment. We got worked into the schedule and I am very appreciative. The on call vet took time to listen to my concerns and give me options when I was still worried about my pet this weekend. You guys are amazing and always have great service!"
- Amanda Blake
11/09/2020 17:51:26
"I have no complaints you are always good and caring for my pets thank you"
- Valerie Hallum
11/05/2020 21:44:38
"Very good!"
- Sharon Hoofard
11/04/2020 20:54:21
"Caring people. Thanks for your kind assistance in finding the best flea treatment for Tigger. And we received a card of condolence when we had our Sheba cat put down. Much appreciated. "
- Luretta Rand
11/02/2020 14:12:58
"Change nothing! Love the staff and Doctor's! "
- David Moody
10/31/2020 03:59:15
"Thank you for getting us in within 2 days and getting to the root of a few issues with our dog. Everything was explained and care instructions were typed out for us to take home. Our dog was sent home with 7 medications so the instructions helped immensely. I also appreciated the follow up call regarding an estimate for her upcoming procedure. We weren’t sure what to expect cost wise and it helped us prepare for that financially. THANK YOU! "
- Stephanie Long
10/30/2020 13:18:21
"Did great!"
- Sarah Smith
10/27/2020 22:03:09
"Excellent. Was able to be seen right away, Dr. took good care of my girl, and even called to check on her the following day. "
- Calla Erickson
10/27/2020 15:32:52
"We really like how you take care of Wilbur. You make sure we understand everything that's going on. Wilbur seems to be doing good. Thank you very much."
- Cyndee Boatright
10/27/2020 02:28:54
"A appreciate that they got me in the same day to make sure my dog was okay"
- Bill Owens
10/25/2020 00:41:32
"I appreciate dr Sargent being so complete In his assessments. And that he explains the whole processes and findings in a way that can be understood by the regular person."
- Marie Johnson
10/22/2020 17:46:01
"Dr. Jana goes above and beyond our expectations she is very knowledgable and takes the time to explain treatment options. Her support staff was excellant "
- Becky Clark
10/21/2020 19:46:14
"I couldn't ask for better 💕. Thank you all for saving my horse Rocket from choke. "
- Marianne Omalley
10/18/2020 18:28:19
"I am very pleased with the staffs treatment towards myself as an owner, and towards my animals. So far I have only needed to utilize your services for emergencies. Yes plural, 🤪 and every time we were treated with promptness and genuine compassion. Thank you sincerely for everything you have done, and will do. "
- Kayla Farmer
10/18/2020 15:11:57
"Everyone was so kind and friendly! I had so many questions and you all answered all of them! Thank you!!! "
- Emily Cotterell
10/16/2020 17:04:54
"I have always had a good experience with Oregon Trail! They treat us well and our pets as family! No complaints"
- Donna Ball
10/14/2020 15:12:40
"Thank you for your great help with hoot!!!"
- Ed Ritter
10/13/2020 18:52:42
"Great so far thanks"
- Vernon Smith
10/13/2020 18:39:11
"Kind people"
- Christal Smith
10/13/2020 18:26:56
"I always receive friendly and efficient service. I am made to feel like a friend more than a client as staff shows genuine interest in Shadow and assisting me with his care."
- Deborah McNair
10/11/2020 19:05:26