"I drive past several vet offices to come to you. I trust that the care they receive is going to be worth it, even in an emergency. Only “bad” I’ve seen is the costs are a bit higher, but you pay for knowledge! "
- Jeri Mikkelsen
10/01/2022 01:42:55
"Great experience! Everyone was very friendly, and the service was wonderful!"
- Sandi Crow
09/29/2022 21:09:39
"Always so personal, feel like family in helping with my critters! Your the Best!!!"
- Jerita Belyea
09/25/2022 03:37:52
"Personal care and interest in my pets."
- Patty Gillespie
09/24/2022 23:36:23
"No complaints. I’ve been very happy here since I started!"
- Janet Mitchell
09/24/2022 20:30:29
"Great staff!!!! Very caring. "
- Ron Calcagno
09/23/2022 20:31:19
"I enjoyed the friendly service as well as the compassion given when I received bad news about my pets health. "
- Heidi Carter
09/20/2022 16:25:33
"Quick check in, friendly smiling faces! "
- Jaimie and Mark Ashcraft
09/16/2022 04:25:23
"Everyone has always been friendly and helpful."
- Jadine Grittnam
09/14/2022 22:24:46
"I was very pleased that a VET examined both dogs and told me in layman terms what needs to be done. He also let me know my old dog isn't as blind as I thought she was. Good to know!! Everyone was so gentle and patient. And Sarah heard I was there so gave me a hug before we left! Dogs and I loved all the good vibes! 😊"
- Sue Green
09/14/2022 19:27:23
"Your front desk staff is friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable, and patient."
- Kathryn Davis
09/12/2022 12:15:45
"I was very happy with the care given to my babies. I look forward to our next visit."
- Evelyn Modrall
09/10/2022 22:42:55
"We really appreciate you guys! Everyone is always so bright and cheerful when we go in there, even though I know not every day is a happy day in a vet clinic depending upon what's going on with the pets. Thank you for what you do!"
- Jeannie Thomas
09/09/2022 22:45:38
"Bella loves you and feels very comfortable with all of you so that's says it all. I would recommend Oregon Trail's vet services to any pet owner. "
- Melinda McKenry
09/08/2022 22:50:51
"Very happy that Dr Tonney was able to do a farm visit. He was thorough in his exam and answered any questions I had. His instructions were clear as to what needs my horse has ongoing. "
- Monique Hanson
09/08/2022 22:08:15
"It was nice to be able to get in before y’all closed and the vet was wonderful to my child i would recommend y’all to anyone. "
- Loren Brashier
09/07/2022 23:00:43
"We have always appreciated the excellent care and personal attention that our fur babies get from everyone at Oregon Trail. They have always been there for us and our pets, in the good times and sad ones too!! THANK YOU ALL!!!"
- Chris Zita
09/04/2022 17:59:26
"Oregon trail is hands down my favorite vet in oregon! They always make the time for their clients & treat all the livestock I’ve had in there with great care. "
- Hannah Rea
08/30/2022 19:59:46
"There isn't anything you could do better. Excellent service and care. Respectful,honest always willing to working me on my medication needs. Couldn't ask for a better facility. Thanks for everything yall do."
- Steven Ely
08/30/2022 18:22:07
"I really appreciate the entire staff and how well the take care of my dogs!"
- Lydia Hovanski
08/26/2022 18:24:47
"You’re doing great. Thanks for all your help with with our cats and the helpful suggestions as they get older."
- Sandi Bunyard
08/26/2022 14:37:12
"We had a great visit today. This was our first time meeting Dr. Rob and we think he is GREAT!! Jakki is always amazing. Thank you for taking care of our fur babies!!"
- Tracy Wart
08/22/2022 04:01:31
"No complaints my pets do really well with everyone here. Thank you for the excellent care of my pets "
- Mariza Sharpe/Altaf
08/21/2022 02:05:02
"My pet was able to be seen same day and was well taken care of! I appreciate all the staff at Oregon Trail vet clinic!"
- JoDee Sharp
08/19/2022 04:30:23
"Excellent service. Got us right in and got our girl looked at. Everyone was friendly. Thank you"
- Kim & Joe Vandecar
08/18/2022 19:57:12
"I am a local K-9 Deputy and wanted to thank the staff during our visit for their professionalism and quick assessment of my K-9 partner. There is a reason I have you listed in my phone as the primary emergency vet for Charley. I was provided immediate results of the condition of Charley, provided medications and an appropriate 2 week plan for recovery. "
- Gilliam County Sheriff Office
08/17/2022 04:20:28
"I have always had great service at Oregon Trail. The staff is also so kind and helpful."
- Lisa Nelson
08/16/2022 22:46:32
"I have never felt more comfortable with trusting my fur baby with any other Vet and everyone that works there. The fur babies truly do come first."
- Shawna Waterman
08/14/2022 04:42:53
"Mr Louie loved meeting Dr Jana and Ms Jakki! They always take great care of our fur babies and we love visiting them! Thank you"
- Kevin Moore
08/13/2022 19:10:15
"Doctor sergeant was amazing change my dog's medication that she's been on for quite sometime and informed me that it was incorrect dosage. This means a lot to me because I love my little doggie today thank you so much for looking at her for me."
- Andrea Sutherland
08/13/2022 18:03:11
"Dr. Sargent is an excellent Veterinarian! He is also very compassionate. We wouldn’t take our pets any where else!!"
- Kari & Michael Keown
08/12/2022 21:03:56
"The receptionist, the assistant, and our vet, Dr. Sargent, were all very friendly and welcoming. Rogue's behavior and mood during visits can be unpredictable. I usually bring or ask for a muzzle to keep everyone safe. Luckily she was pretty well behaved. I appreciate that everyone shows her some grace at each visit despite her being so volatile."
- Sarah Potter
08/11/2022 19:02:54
"Received great and timely help with a walk-in question even when they were fully booked for the morning, and we’re very grateful."
- Claire Mitchell
08/09/2022 16:06:09
"Vet and vet assistant/tech were amazing!! Caring, friendly, and informative. Front desk seemed a bit disorganized and not very inviting."
- Jen Catron
08/07/2022 01:17:03
"It's always a pleasure to call and get such prompt service. Everyone is super nice"
- Tisha Porter
08/05/2022 23:29:02
"Frankie ( that’s what we call him ) was treated kindly and was given all the proper care he needed , we were very happy with the way he was cared for and how the Doctor took the time to explain everything to us to insure us Frankie was in good hands , we have no doubt that we chose the right place to take our fur babies for care 🐾"
- Karla Beaty
08/04/2022 04:42:20
"Dr. BARTON and his team did an awesome job treating my horse. I was given the wrong medicine for my horse by a different doctor in a different town. The other doctor saw my horse for the 2nd time 3 weeks ago and said she is getting better. I had my doubts since the ulcer was surfacing on her eye and it didn't look good to me. But he said she's getting better so I kept giving her that medicine for 3 more weeks every day 2 or 3 times per day. Sadly the eye ulcer got bigger on the surface of her eye, so I took her to Dr. Barton. After treating her for 7 weeks with the wrong medicine prescribed by the wrong doctor. Dr. Barton needed to inject her eye with an antibiotic and another antibiotic in her neck and stitch her eye closed for 7 to 10 days. I have confidence that I finally found the right doctor for Daisy and that her eye will heal now that Dr. Barton is taking care of her."
- Krystal & Kyle Corbaley
08/03/2022 21:59:54
"I have always been pleased with Oregon Trail Vet Clinic. The vet techs are always friendly and positive as well as the veterinarians. Jess helped us yesterday and she was a joy to work with."
- Sandra Smith
08/03/2022 19:55:41
"Tech was friendly and thorough. Vet was prompt, did appropriate exam and provided clear instructions with follow up. "
- Michelle Quiriconi
08/03/2022 18:52:43
"Always good service with a smile! 😊"
- Janet Williams
08/03/2022 16:20:22
"The staff and Md were great!! I feel confident that we chose the right clinic.. I am happy that Gus will be well taken care of!!"
- Clint & Andie Elliott
08/02/2022 19:04:00
"They're great, they really treat your pets well and are very friendly."
- Kurt Haga
07/29/2022 19:56:04
"Great experience. The vet was very sweet and welcoming. She was great with my animal. I will always recommend this place’"
- Samantha Atilano
07/02/2022 22:10:54
"Ace is not the"place" - Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic is the "Place" "
- Ned Olwell
07/02/2022 04:34:23
"Oregon trail is the best and the staff is great helpful and patient with what ever needs I have. Dr Sargent has been our vet since 1983!"
- Bob & Leticia Little
06/30/2022 01:52:27
"Was an awesome and friendly atmosphere. You guys treated Breaker like he was your own pet. "
- Kenny Voldberg
06/26/2022 22:54:48
"The vet and assistant were very patient with Octavius, he’s very anxious when at the vets office and is not on his best behavior. They understood how stressed and anxious he was and didn’t make the visit unpleasant for him even though he was not the most pleasant dog. He really is one of the most affectionate and loving dog and wish his behavior reflected that at the vet! "
- Kate Sandoval
06/25/2022 23:46:54
"Amazing job and thx for getting in so quickly"
- Tim & Nicole Floyd
06/25/2022 23:30:48
"Always a great experience! We take all of our pets here and have never had a bad visit "
- Ethan Faust
06/25/2022 04:00:39
"Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic was able to schedule an appointment for my cat the same day I called with a concern. The technician and doctor gave my pet full attention to what turned out to be a badly bruised leg. I was assured with pain and swelling medication administered in the office with additional oral meds for home use. A professional staff and attention to details for my pet."
- Loren Cole
06/24/2022 23:41:08
"I appreciate everything you guys do! I bring all of my animals here and have no problems. The animals seem to love you guys which is a 10/10 in my books! "
- Marty Skillman
06/23/2022 16:54:01
"You have always been good to my babies. and are able to get me in when needed."
- Jeannie Ellis
06/21/2022 17:17:44
"Professional staff, Time allowed for Q/A. Empathy , Understanding the importance of pet to owner is allows acknowledge. Great Vet services. "
- Steve Brownfield
06/19/2022 03:57:44
"I appreciate you guys having availability so soon. I moved to tri cities and no place up here had any openings sooner than mintgs out and many are not even taking new patients. I had a co worker remind me of you guys and you all were very quick to work with me and my schedule/time frame. The vet and tech were very knowledgeable and caring. I'm very glad I was able to make you guys my Catrina's official vet."
- Crystal Meinke
06/18/2022 22:18:17
"Best vet in town! I like the way how they actually care about your pets and they treat them with care and if you have any concern or question they will take care of that and the staff have a great customer service!"
- Miriam Mendoza
06/17/2022 19:46:09
"Our vet seems to really connect with our pets."
- Scott & Deborah Wryn
06/17/2022 19:18:11
"I am very pleased with the service and the people there."
- Mike & Jacki Heller
06/15/2022 20:00:35
"The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. We appreciate everything that is done for our four legged family members."
- Heather LaBeau
06/11/2022 19:50:46
"Front desk girls are always welcoming and follows up afterwards. The tech who assisted me on my last appointment was very kind, listened and was able to provide insight into both my dogs. Was able to understand one of my dogs complicated history and follow the conversation without a beat skipped. They provided knowledge that they were short vets due to an emergency, but was very attentive when present. Thank you for all that you! Greatly appreciated!"
- Staci Peralta
06/11/2022 08:45:30
"Took us right in for foxtails in Boone’s foot and ear. Dr. Sargent was so nice. Everyone is so nice in the office. Professional and caring for Boone. We definitely found our place for care. Thankyou all so much!!! "
- Diane Crawford
06/10/2022 19:38:42
"I absolutely love dr Jana! She is great and always gives her best advice. I hope someday, that I can be a vet like her! "
- Saleen McEntire
06/02/2022 16:38:07
"Thank you for the warm welcome, We look forward visiting again, "
- Judy Carbajal
05/30/2022 00:32:45
"The care that Bella receives at Oregon Trail is top-notch. Everyone in the office is friendly and so helpful. I really appreciate that when a problem arises suddenly, that Oregon Trail has always been able to see my pets the same day. Bella doesn't get nervous because the whole crew takes excellent care of her. Bella is a rescue and from day one at Oregon Trail, Bella has been comfortable with them. "
- Melinda McKenry
05/29/2022 02:17:48
"So far, everything has been amazing."
- Rebecca Liddell
05/27/2022 16:29:46
"Everything was great! We didn’t wait long and the vet listened to me and answered all questions. "
- Kristen Yungert-Taylor
05/26/2022 18:03:55
"I really appreciate that the clinic was able to take care of my “feral” cat. He’s been hanging around and I wanted to make sure he was neutered and checked out. "
- Janice Aschoff
05/25/2022 19:34:12
"We've been happy with the care we receive from Dr. Barton in regards to our fur babies"
- Jorey & Erin Peterson
05/24/2022 19:16:13
"It was a Saturday morning and the clinic had scheduled appointments, acute emergencies and lesser emergencies such as my dog. The office staff was very honest with me in letting me know it could be a long wait. A two hour wait with all that was going on Saturday morning was more than reasonable. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more caring group of people to be taking care of my best friend, Jock. A huge thanks to Dr Barton and the Oregon Trail staff. "
- Gail Cox
05/23/2022 22:27:15
"I've had the best experience ever..."
- Marsha Valdez
05/20/2022 18:29:07
"I had a great visit, you got me in right away even though the Doctor had an emergency appointment, the other Doctor was able to see me earlier that day! I'm very thankful even though Shadow didn't provide any urine, he was extremely helpful in helping me make the decision to treat him for kidney crystals based on Shadow's history. I'm very thankful that we have such amazing Doctors here in Hermiston! Thank you all so much for your love and care!"
- Michelle Lane
05/19/2022 13:17:59
"Thorough exam, great explaination of diagnosis"
- Pamela Campbell
05/19/2022 01:40:14
"Wonderful and friendly staff. We are very pleased with our experience in your office. Our dog seemed to do very well with the environment and all staff."
- Yvonne Mascarenas
05/18/2022 19:31:42
"I have always had a great experience when bring in any of my animals. Everyone is so nice and professional. Thank you!"
- Kammi Short
05/16/2022 17:17:45
"You guys do a great job! "
- Jeri Mikkelsen
05/16/2022 05:16:53
"Friendly, thorough, professional. Good experience "
- Mike & Debbie Royer
05/15/2022 23:39:27
"I love everyone I have met. The front office personnel and the vet are all very courteous and very helpful no matter what it is. They make you feel like you're part of the family"
- Shawna Waterman
05/15/2022 23:33:11
"Had a wonderful experience with friendly staff!!!"
- Keeva Hoston
05/10/2022 22:04:11
"I was very pleased with our visit, both Dr. and assistant were good."
- Cruz Correa
05/10/2022 20:07:56
"Love it they make you feel like family "
- Monica Magana
05/05/2022 04:07:39
"Your reception staff is fantastic! I was treated kindly and welcomed to bring in my cat for an emergency on the Saturday of Easter weekend. Even though Dr. Parks was very busy, I feel that she did everything she could to try to save my cat."
- Kathryn Davis
05/01/2022 16:54:46
"I only needed something the girls in front got for me. They were very friendly and helpful."
- Debbie Freeman
04/29/2022 22:21:22
"Dr. Barton was amazing! He did a through examination of our dog with x-rays. He told us that she would need surgery and referred us to an excellent Animal Hospital. Dr. Barton even told us what the cost be at their clinic he referred us to. Her double TPLO surgery was completed within two days from the time he examined her. We live five hours from Dr. Barton and we were on vacation when we saw him. We will have him re-exam her again in a few weeks. Even though we live 5 hours from his clinic we will most likely make him our personal veterinarian as he feel this good about him and his clinic. "
- Pam Crumpacker
04/28/2022 16:38:52
"your staff was wonderful with my timid German shepherd "
- Tracy Jordan
04/27/2022 18:30:41
"You guys are perfect! We love Dr. Sargent!"
- Steven Fedde
04/27/2022 17:40:53
"Blaze is a hunting hound dog and his manners are less than desirable. He went in and was loved on and treated like a king! Came back home after his operation a happy dog. : )"
- Emily Wellington
04/25/2022 17:25:34
"Very thorough care. Friendly and compassionate staff. "
- Diane Cort- Wagner
04/24/2022 17:00:50
"You diagnostic was very honest "
- Victor Aguirre
04/16/2022 10:28:18
"Best experience! Super nice front desk, friendly vet tech, and the bet took his time and explained a lot, even bright out a “leg” to show me what he was talking about. And great with my mare, even talked to her numerous times and said “good girl” he wasn’t just in and out and was willing to teach me what he was seeing "
- Jena Usher
04/15/2022 00:44:55
"We called in the morning, and we were given an appointment on the same day😺! No one could see our Tigger in tricities till late afternoon at minimum, so we drove down from Finley. The staff is always friendly. The Vet and techs are thorough and extremely helpful. Thank you!"
- Lisa & Evan Daly
04/14/2022 18:11:59
- Mavis Willard
04/14/2022 13:59:44
"My impression of your staff and facility, is that everyone that I dealt with was friendly, professional, and extremely competent. I'm so happy with the treatment and service that I received. Thank you for the excellent care that you provided."
- Gary Clagget
04/13/2022 16:12:42
"Dr. Barton is the best! His assistants help work as a team to get my pets taken care of safely, professionally, and compassionately. We all like coming to the vet clinic! Hooray!"
- Sue Byrd
04/10/2022 16:33:32
"Awesome service, very friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Kelly Holm
04/10/2022 00:05:58
"Y'all do a great job! I have nothing negative to report . . ."
- Ron Vandehey
04/07/2022 03:44:40
"I have no complaints. Everyone has been very kind and helpful."
- Lorrie Hastings
04/07/2022 01:11:25
"Even when the clinic is busy, I never feel rushed in the exam room and the doctors and vet techs both are very attentive and thorough. I would not hesitate to refer pet owners to this clinic. "
- Dan & Kim McNeil
04/06/2022 20:03:00
"great service"
- Robin Jones
04/02/2022 19:13:52
"Dr. Mark Sargant was amazing! He went above and beyond to find out why my dog was coughing, eliminating everything from a heart murmur, to cancer. He took the time to be sure everything was looked at appropriately and answered all of my questions and concerns. The office staff were super friendly and very welcoming. I feel lucky that I found you guys and that you will be taking care of all my dog's needs. Thank you! "
- Jami Carbray
04/01/2022 19:26:07
"I was amazed at how well Purrl did this visit. The Doctor was nice to her and explained to us everything he was doing"
- JoAnn Beagle
04/01/2022 18:25:43
"I am so grateful for Dr Barton that took care of our Judgy! The entire staff was super busy all day, and everyone took the time to love us and make us feel like Judgy was the most important pet there that day! I am very pleased with the trearment and care, our Judgy is feeling 100% better thanks to everyone at Oregon Trail Veterinarian clinic!"
- Kevin Moore
03/30/2022 03:49:17