"During my cats stay I spoken to respectfully every time I came by to visit or called. The vets and vet techs were all very kind. I was given plenty of time and appreciate that there are three payment plans to choose from. I greatly appreciated how the payment part was handle. The first priority was my cats health not the bill. I’ve been to some vets where I am handed an estimate first and told this is what I need to pay before even talking about my pets health and situation. Emergency vet visits are expensive but I did not feel that the total was excessively high for the treatments my pet received. "
- Deryl Sanders
02/09/2019 14:44:44
"So very happy with the vet care my Sam received as she went diabetic. She was so sick and I was terrified. Your team was awesome! I have my girl back!"
- Robyn Burk
01/30/2019 12:47:00
"Friendly staff. Wasn’t pressured into unnecessary procedures or expenses. "
- Roy Mitchell
01/27/2019 22:38:35
"I thought you all did a very good job. You kept me informed about what was going on with Patrick, let me see him, to know he was okay. The stitches look great. I am amazed with them. You did a very good job of stitching him up. Keeping him in has been a chore, though. lol! But he is doing really good. Is staying close to me. Room to room. "
- Ouida Plumlee
01/25/2019 01:14:51
"They provided my dog with the utmost care. I called to check up on him 2×day, and they relayed information thoroughly. I'm still calling for information after my dog was discharged!!"
- Darcie Blanton
01/06/2019 06:52:53
"I cannot say enough about the professionalism as well as the customer service we received from your establishment. My 10 year old dog was hit by a car and the entire staff was very compassionate, calming and knowledgeable from the minute we arrived till the moment we left. I would definitely recommend Animal Emergency & Surgical Center."
- Kristi Rutledge
01/04/2019 15:44:26
"You guys were great. Tigger didn’t seem to be nervous at all to be there. Animals know when people doesn’t like them. Thank you for being great"
- Curtis Wooldridge
01/02/2019 23:18:55
"We feel the staff did everything they could to help our sweet Sheltie get better and they kept us informed and encouraged us to visit while he was hospitalized. Thank you."
- Roxanne Avery
01/02/2019 18:26:10
"Everyone was very caring and attentive. Didn’t want to run unnecessary tests. I appreciated that very much. Phoebe seems to be doing well thank you"
- Jimmi Hiebsch
01/02/2019 01:29:51
"I was greeted and serviced promptly; the staff were all friendly to me and my pet! The prices were fair; the prescriptions were more than I had anticipated but not unreasonable. I’m very confident in the service my pet received."
- Alyssa Castles
12/18/2018 23:40:24
"Excellent first experience at your clinic! Thank you for your compassion and care for Max. We will definitely use your clinic again in the future and recommend you to others."
- Emily Barstow
12/03/2018 23:26:57
"Staff was very respectful and showed a wide range of intelligence. Thank you for being there for us"
- Matthew Ross
11/29/2018 00:52:03
"I was very happy with the overall experience. Stanley and I were put in a room immediately and the process moved through smoothly. I appreciate being told what my expenses would be as I was given options for his treatment. Everyone was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I was relieved to get him looked at so fast and to be given meds to help him recover. He is doing much better. I will recommend you to any friends who may need your services. Thank you so much!"
- Thala Wilson
11/28/2018 15:59:33
"Every doctor was professional, knowledgeable and took the time to explain Jazzy’s condition and care. Every staff member was warm and welcoming. Very clean and modern facility. We could not be happier with her care!"
- Christina Northam
11/28/2018 04:50:26
"I was impressed with the kindness, efficiency and knowledge of the staff. I very much felt comfortable with both Dr. Gustafson and Dr. Bachman. They were both knowledgeable and professional. The techs were very pleasant and personable."
- Valere Hull
11/28/2018 04:02:06
"They were very patient , caring and loving . They made us feel comfortable and hopeful that mittens was going to be ok. And mittens was ok and even better then before too. "
- Markie Harper
11/27/2018 00:11:35
"Excellant care was given to Minnie! Staff very friendly helpful, & compassionate."
- Janet Johnson
06/15/2018 04:24:50
"Everyone was great!! The staff got us in quickly treated us like my fur baby was there own! I will definitely come back. Hope I don’t ever have to but if I do I won’t go anywhere else ❤️"
- Amanda Norris
06/11/2018 04:39:38
"Your compassion is top notch at a time when especially needed. "
- Jackie Kelso
06/11/2018 02:40:51
"Polite, professional, informative, reasonably priced. Over all very good."
- Tommy Dean
05/14/2018 20:34:45
"We had a great experience, given the circumstances. The doctor and assistant were helpful, professional, compassionate and accurate."
- Barb Carter
05/13/2018 04:22:14
"Everyone was so nice and willing to help. I called like twice a day and no one got annoyed with me so thank you so much for taking care of Kody! "
- Brea Richards
04/26/2018 08:28:25
"So glad to have this center available. The entire staff is always helpful, polite and compassionate. "
- Bonnie Hughes
04/05/2018 02:22:11