"Excellent first experience at your clinic! Thank you for your compassion and care for Max. We will definitely use your clinic again in the future and recommend you to others."
- Emily Barstow
12/03/2018 23:26:57
"Staff was very respectful and showed a wide range of intelligence. Thank you for being there for us"
- Matthew Ross
11/29/2018 00:52:03
"I was very happy with the overall experience. Stanley and I were put in a room immediately and the process moved through smoothly. I appreciate being told what my expenses would be as I was given options for his treatment. Everyone was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I was relieved to get him looked at so fast and to be given meds to help him recover. He is doing much better. I will recommend you to any friends who may need your services. Thank you so much!"
- Thala Wilson
11/28/2018 15:59:33
"Every doctor was professional, knowledgeable and took the time to explain Jazzy’s condition and care. Every staff member was warm and welcoming. Very clean and modern facility. We could not be happier with her care!"
- Christina Northam
11/28/2018 04:50:26
"I was impressed with the kindness, efficiency and knowledge of the staff. I very much felt comfortable with both Dr. Gustafson and Dr. Bachman. They were both knowledgeable and professional. The techs were very pleasant and personable."
- Valere Hull
11/28/2018 04:02:06
"They were very patient , caring and loving . They made us feel comfortable and hopeful that mittens was going to be ok. And mittens was ok and even better then before too. "
- Markie Harper
11/27/2018 00:11:35
"We had a great experience. All of the staff were friendly and kind. Even despite being busy, we were in and out within a short amount of time, but we also do not feel as if we were rushed. They cared about the situation and gave us the best solution for our dog. She is already doing better. We also do not feel like they were trying to get more money out of us. They let us know the cost of everything they were doing and even made an effort to save us money. Would definitely return if needed!"
- Jordan Nett
09/19/2018 04:00:15
"Pleasant, comfotrting, explained well, gave me options, listened to me as well. And I thank you. "
- Claire Nettleton
09/18/2018 03:18:53
"We brought our fur baby in because he was having issues breathing and as soon as they saw him they new something was wrong. They immediately took him and started caring for him. They explained everything to us and helped us to keep calm. They did everything possible to care for him. We were able to come anytime to see him and they even let us bring him his favorite toy so he would not be lonely at night. "
- Curtis Wallis
09/13/2018 00:46:39
"Everyone was really helpful when our dog, Rallo, had 2 seizures on Sunday 9/9. They took great care of him and helped us feel at ease. Everyone at the facility was super nice and Rallo seemed to feel comfortable there. Thank you guys for helping our baby!"
- Kylee Truoccolo
09/11/2018 23:47:22
"The vet was wonderful. He made a follow-up call the next day and gave us some additional info. Very impressive! Thank you!! Donna Cosper"
- David Cosper
09/11/2018 23:17:43
"The staff was very friendly and warm. The nice lady in the office showed us to a room and got our information down. She was friendly and talkative which made the experience welcoming and comfortable. The doctor was great, too. She informed us of what’s to be expected and was clear about it. The entire visit was comfortable and friendly. "
- Kimberlyn Burns
09/07/2018 22:31:05
"Staff and Vet were very kind, professional, and truly cared about our furbaby. The service was also quick and not incredibly expensive. Would definitely use them again (although, hope we don't have to!)....was overall a very pleasant experience."
- Jessica Meador
09/06/2018 03:49:34
"Excellent very happy with the way Baker was treated. Baker is doing good, thank you for taking care of my baby "
- Beatriz Mitchell
09/06/2018 01:35:34
"The staff was very helpful even when I got upset about having to leave Peggy. Thank you for taking care of Peggy and getting her started on the medication that has helped her. "
- Becky Berry
09/06/2018 00:48:13
"I appreciated that you took your time to evaluate my dogs symptoms and tried to approach treatment with the least evasive way to help make him feel better. "
- Michelle Wren
09/06/2018 00:46:01
"Your staff is always super friendly and helpful to our rescue and the dogs we bring in for care. Thank you for taking such great care of them and treating them as your own. We also greatly appreciate that you give us a rescue discount even though you're an ER. Keep up the great work! We refer to you often!"
- Friends of the Shelter Foundat Rescue
09/05/2018 22:52:48
"Your staff was very thorough and very kind. They were helpful with my pet and helped get them in and out of the car. "
- Julie Trigloff
08/29/2018 19:11:49
"All your doctors and your staff is so very kind and polite. They treated our Gertie like she was one of our daughters. They were so compassionate to our sick dog. I highly recommend your office to anyone that loves their pets as we do. Thank you so much for taking care of our Gertie. She is doing much better. Thank you so much, Godfrey and Sandi Holasek "
- Godfrey Holasek
08/20/2018 19:03:48
"Good experience for me. Very caring staff. An after hours facility is great when you need help for your pet. "
- Patsy Bowman
08/18/2018 16:55:00
"I didn’t have to wait. Got to my baby right away. Did what needed to be done to be sure of diagnosis. Friendly & very helpful. "
- Jackie Kelso
08/18/2018 13:33:11
"Thank you for saving my cat's life. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I felt my cat was genuinely cared for. "
- Hannah Paysnoe
06/25/2018 02:02:10
"I received good information. The doctor was very cautious in treating my pet. Explained why he chose the treatment plan was to the best for the diagnosis of the eye problem"
- Holly Barlow
06/25/2018 00:10:45
"Thank you for treating Myah , its difficult to leave your fur baby with strangers, but you kept me updated and I appreciated it , thank you"
- Tearsa Tadlock
06/24/2018 19:59:49
"Everything went awesome! "
- Brian Monroe
06/23/2018 02:45:31
"Everyone was great,answered my questions.the dr always took my calls.i felt my concerns we put at ease. Would highly recommend. "
- Anita Jackson
06/22/2018 22:27:22
"Great care for our very sick pup and I appreciated the email correspondence since we were out of the country."
- Matt Schachle
06/22/2018 18:59:25
"I had a very positive experience. Everyone was very nice. "
- Rhonda Marquier
06/22/2018 05:11:39
"Everyone at the hospital was great when we brought our little dog in last Thursday! She was in good hands for the 2 nights she was there. Dr King's knowledge and expertise really helped us know what was going on. Thank you for being there for Coco and us! "
- Debra Jernigan
06/21/2018 19:19:36
"I feel my animal has always been in good hands. Thank you for caring for my dog as if she was yours. "
- Kelli Vaught
06/21/2018 18:12:07
"Excellant care was given to Minnie! Staff very friendly helpful, & compassionate."
- Janet Johnson
06/15/2018 04:24:50
"Everyone was great!! The staff got us in quickly treated us like my fur baby was there own! I will definitely come back. Hope I don’t ever have to but if I do I won’t go anywhere else ❤️"
- Amanda Norris
06/11/2018 04:39:38
"Your compassion is top notch at a time when especially needed. "
- Jackie Kelso
06/11/2018 02:40:51
"The care was wonderful and thorough. "
- Lindsay Cuomo
06/07/2018 19:54:35
"Polite, professional, informative, reasonably priced. Over all very good."
- Tommy Dean
05/14/2018 20:34:45
"We had a great experience, given the circumstances. The doctor and assistant were helpful, professional, compassionate and accurate."
- Barb Carter
05/13/2018 04:22:14
"Everything was great! I was in crisis mode because my dog was bleeding A LOT so the wait time bothered me a little bit, but other than that the staff was nice, and very very helpful in talking about how to lower costs and still get the best care. I will definitely be coming back if we have other emergency’s "
- Katie Lyons
05/07/2018 14:24:11
"Front office staff is amazing and friendly! The vet was very friendly and thorough! Great experience over all! Price is amazing compared to other emergency offices. We also love the fact you give a military discount on office visit! "
- Amber Bauer
05/01/2018 15:48:26
"Our Scottie can be a bit unsocial outside of home but the staff was able to handle her with no issues. Quick service with tons of care for our fur baby. Highly recommend."
- Ray Reece
04/30/2018 18:35:00
"It was all as good as it could be. My cat's diagnosis was not very easy to figure out so all in all everything was good. "
- Johnny Miller
04/30/2018 17:48:14
"The staff was amazing, very accommodating. Jessica really stands out - our whippet was hurt and scared, she got down by him and let him gently come to her. Our dog's procedure went very well and Jessica was an extra comfort to him. "
- Michelle Minton
04/28/2018 20:59:29
"Everyone was so nice and willing to help. I called like twice a day and no one got annoyed with me so thank you so much for taking care of Kody! "
- Brea Richards
04/26/2018 08:28:25
"Gary got excellent care. Thank you."
- Robert Birdsong
04/16/2018 15:07:27
"Staff was very friendly and I received prompt service. What more could I ask for."
- Gary Tarkington
04/16/2018 14:50:47
"We was very pleased with the service and the professionalism of taking care of our dog named puppy. He had eaten some mouse poison and we was very scared. Thank You you saved his life."
- Ron Murray
04/16/2018 02:17:51
"Wonderful care given to Ellie. Nurses very helpful and reception. Everyone was friendly. Doctors explained treatment and was available to explain and re-explain things."
- Laura Evans
04/14/2018 00:41:49
"So glad to have this center available. The entire staff is always helpful, polite and compassionate. "
- Bonnie Hughes
04/05/2018 02:22:11