"While I was in the waiting room, a woman was crying for she just had to put her dog to sleep. Your staff was very kind towards her and offered her comfort when she needed it. I am very thankful the staff here is friendly and personable. Also, my cat examination was very informational and calm. "
- Alyssa Weaver
04/22/2019 20:50:49
"Great experience! Everyone was so kind!"
- Maribel Perez
04/22/2019 20:20:22
"I like the fact that you call the day before to confirm . I also like the way Duke looked when I picked him up. He looked like he just had a bath."
- Robert Shell
04/22/2019 14:23:58
"Informative and helpful. And the Vets seem to care "
- Susan Bohrer
04/17/2019 19:49:31
"Everything went well. No complaints "
- Serena Valencia
04/15/2019 19:54:02
"I appreciated the care she got.The staff is knowledgeable and kind. "
- Rosemary Meraz
04/05/2019 20:47:25
"Extremely helpful to me the pet owner and kind and patient with my dog to allow her to feel comfortable during visit."
- Rhonda Cameron
04/02/2019 02:09:16
"This was Ghirardelli's first time being boarded. I was so nervous, but she did awesome!! Thank you to your staff for taking such great care of my baby!! "
- Shelli Saxton
03/28/2019 02:42:47
"Overall great. My fur baby is just super nervous and scared... wish she wasn’t like that but that’s why we keep coming back ... Vet was amazing and very special. "
- Kaeli Nabor-Rios
03/26/2019 10:50:38
" Very efficient and professional "
- Donna McGowan
03/25/2019 20:58:39
"Ella loves you guys. She's very picky, so it's great that she loves all of you."
- Lesley Murane
03/17/2019 03:25:32
"It was a good experience, felt very welcomed and informed about my dogs well being. They answered all my questions and gave me some hope of my furry friends Health. "
- Briana Ulloa
03/16/2019 17:34:48
"This is our 3rd time taking Ares in. He loves it. We love it. The veterinarian is kind and loving. She is always willing to answer our questions and make us feel comfortable. "
- Yadira Muse
03/15/2019 04:48:38
"Very pleasant experience. All our questions were answered to our satisfaction. Dr Lawson and her assistant were both very good with Ivy"
- Joe Cavazos
03/13/2019 23:08:53
"Everything good"
- Kaitlyn Allshouse
03/08/2019 20:16:35
"Everyone is very welcoming and helpful. Dr Lawson is great and she and all the techs love our dogs and that makes us feel good thanks"
- Paulette Kersten
03/08/2019 16:18:59
"You are doing a good job. Thanks"
- Kathy Wyman
03/06/2019 02:01:47
"You are always quick to refill her prescription and everyone is so friendly."
- Darlene Day
03/02/2019 21:04:55
"You have been great."
- Connie Widick
02/24/2019 23:15:31
"I brought in Rosie as an emergency visit and was seen right away even though you were fully booked for the day. I truly appreciate it. Thank you!"
- Andrea Klein
02/24/2019 18:11:24
"As always, your office is great! You always take care of our needs. Thank You❤️"
- Paul DeAyora
02/23/2019 01:27:25
"Lovely folks. Great treatment of The Squisher."
- Meg Withers
02/22/2019 19:46:02
"So glad to have you caring for my pet and know that your dr are very capable"
- Mark Torrence
02/21/2019 17:47:55
"I was very happy about the care our kitty got. Bailey is starting to feel a bit better. It's nice to know that we have your location as a back up if there are no appointments available at the Atwater location."
- John Lovett-ATW
02/14/2019 18:49:14
"I appreciate how sweet the vet was to our young Rottweiler. Our girl was pretty anxious but the vet examined her while rubbing her and loving on her. It really helped. "
- Elisa Pouncey
02/14/2019 04:23:21
"Good! Friendly staff!"
- Mark Chaffin
02/13/2019 23:49:56
"EVERYONE was wonderful. We're having a tough time and the Dr and Assistant were so compassionate and patient. Thrilled to have found you all. Thank you."
- Megan Fox
02/13/2019 22:58:39
"Dr Lawson is always very kind and gentle with Wylie. "
- Bonnie Herbert
02/07/2019 17:51:58
"Foxy had an excellent experience. I loved the sign that welcomes me to my appointment. Great experience! Thank you Dr. Lawson "
- Maria Bressler
02/05/2019 17:46:06
"You are always on top of Brandy’s needs."
- Richard Wise
02/02/2019 08:07:36
"Chip got good care"
- Donald Price
01/31/2019 03:21:26
"Your entire staff is amazing! "
- Harmony Anderson
01/30/2019 18:55:57
"I am so Happy with the staff! So friendly and personal. They really seem caring! I love that! I am happy with your office! Thank you!"
- Melissa Mondragon
01/30/2019 18:35:03
"my dog was well taken care of."
- Mike Dugger
01/28/2019 21:35:20
"Staff was kind and efficient. Explanations and descriptions of my options wee excellent."
- Karen Smith
01/28/2019 03:03:00
"You took good care of our puppy "
- Helga Feddersen
01/26/2019 20:33:58
"I had an amazing experience with this clinic. Always great with the kids and our fur babies! The ladies up front make it so easy and inviting. Very friendly and helpful! I’ve seen other dr’s at the clinic but Dr. Olsen by far has made the best impression on us and our animals! She was amazing and our Elsa loved the staff! Thank you MVC!"
- Gina Gutierrez
01/26/2019 20:29:45
"walked right in and taken care of and good experience..mei feeling better"
- Darla Lee
01/25/2019 16:43:29
"Everyone there is really nice and helpful! "
- Tami Whiteley
01/25/2019 14:59:13
"Very good "
- Josiane Garcia
01/24/2019 08:15:52
"You did a good job explaning about puppy care . Everyone was very nice and helpful."
- Elder Lopes
01/19/2019 23:09:39
"Very good with our dog, covered options, and otherwise great care. Having his name ("Sirius") on the whiteboard was a nice touch."
- Gillian Spivey
01/18/2019 03:43:54
"Everyone was very helpfully and respectful."
- Citliali Cortes Soancatl
01/17/2019 08:14:58
"The service that we received was very good. I have no complaints."
- JoAnn Bell
01/15/2019 04:18:38
"I cannot complain. From the time I walk in to the time I leave, from the receptionists to the technicians....everyone is kind and personable. "
- Ardi Palmer
01/14/2019 07:57:23
"You were all very friendly and kind when we brought Duke in for treatment of his wounds. "
- Robert Shell
01/08/2019 20:34:16
"Everyone is so nice and Bella seemed to really like all the people she came in contact with during our visit. Everyone was so willing to work with us and explain things thoroughly. I really appreciate the help! And everything is reasonably priced and affordable for the best care for my dog. It’s great here. "
- Zhane Majino
01/04/2019 18:52:06
"Nice visit. Was asked and told what my pet needed to keep updated on vaccines and healthy."
- Janice Jones
01/03/2019 15:47:44
"The staff and doctors do a great job. I have no complaints from this visit. "
- Kelly Staiger
01/02/2019 20:46:43
"It was good to see veterinarian and staff treating my dog with care - much apprecisted"
- Fernando Aguas
12/18/2018 06:14:10
"we have e\received very good service for our pets and would recommend them to any one"
- Ben Davis
12/17/2018 18:18:32
"Dr. Lawson was very patient and calming with our Finley. The vet tech was also very accomodating. The office staff is very polite and friendly and helped a lot as we were very anxious. Thank you for an easy appointment."
- Mary Lou Parker
12/06/2018 00:24:25
"We like the report card. Jack likes the staff and it makes us pleased that the staff calls him by name and he knows your facility as a second home. Thank you. "
- Ross Simonet
12/06/2018 00:23:43
"Always professional, knowledgeable and friendly"
- Alberto Moreno
12/01/2018 17:44:28
"Very friendly, comfortable and attentive . Much appreciated "
- Amy Clein
11/30/2018 16:36:51
"The friendliness of your staff is a big plus."
- Hector Vega
11/29/2018 20:23:47
"I was very satisfied with the care that was given to Elmer and myself, from start to finish I was very satisfied, thank you very much."
- Mike Rodriguez
11/29/2018 03:10:13
"All of the staff that I have met are wonderful. When I brought my cat, Marty, in for neuter, they answered all my questions and called me when his surgery was complete. The reason I brought my cat in was because I brought my dog, Chorizo, in for a visit a couple of months ago and was so impressed that I would highly recommend this office."
- Janette Weaver
11/27/2018 22:50:42
"The staff (I didn't catch her name) who works in the kennel and watched my dogs all weekend was amazing! GiGi was shy and she spent extra time getting her comfortable. Azore went with her right away who've is something he typically doesn't do. This is a great feeling afyer the experience my dogs had at a previous boarding. I love knowing that they're well taking care of by a loving friendly staff when I have to leave them. Thank you!"
- Candice McFadden
11/26/2018 20:09:21
"The ladies at the front desk are excellent. The wait time to be seen is reasonable. The staff are courteous and supportive. I have nothing but good things to say . "
- Fran Carter
11/25/2018 13:27:02
"Great. You went out of your way to make sure i got Shadow's insulin syringes that day."
- Pam Lowry
11/17/2018 16:26:50
"Service good and friendly"
- Richard Cummings
11/16/2018 17:40:55
"I Love bringing my dog to your office. You are very thorough with your exams. "
- Denise Libby
11/13/2018 00:10:28
"As always, your office is outstanding! We have net had a bad experience with any of our pets. Your office has taken care of four cats and a parrot for us and they were all treated with so much kindness, compassion and expert care! We especially love Dr. Lawson."
- Paul DeAyora
11/02/2018 02:01:09
"Very good we left very satisfied "
- Vannesa Perez
10/31/2018 03:02:16
"You guys are always great with Londo and I love how you care for him. You also put me at ease that he wasn't going into heart or lung failure. Sorry he is old and I jumped to worst case."
- Leslie Fiedler
10/31/2018 02:04:38
"Everything was fast & friendly. Great staff. Thanks. "
- Debra Hundley
10/31/2018 00:25:57
"Dr. Lawson and the staff is an excellent choice for pet care. The office and exam rooms are clean with no smell of pet odor. I highly recommend for all your pet care. "
- JoAnn Evans
10/29/2018 15:41:12
"I ordered special dog food, it came in the next day and the young woman at the front desk carried the heavy bag to my car. "
- Anna Elola
10/27/2018 17:32:26
"Brandy has been coming to this place since she small. This is the only place she has been."
- Richard Wise
10/26/2018 23:55:47
"The whole experience was wonderful. I was able to get in the same day with the help of the receptionists. The doctor was wonderful and caring. I left with all the meds I needed and my dog was so much better the next day and continuing to get well."
- Laura Rios
10/26/2018 18:01:34
"Couldn’t have been better!"
- Marilyn Anderson
10/23/2018 00:42:22
"Everyone was very friendly. I was given a lot of time to figure out what I wanted to do for my pet. Everyone was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. "
- Tiffany Vanwinkle
10/22/2018 21:54:31
"I am so very pleased at how personal & caring everyone is! "
- Melissa Mondragon
10/17/2018 03:16:02
"Very professional and caring staff with detailed explanation of treatment and follow-up. Thanks so much. Wynn is doing well."
- Susan Hunter
10/02/2018 04:48:47
"I am extremely happy with the care Oscar gets. I trust Dr Lawson and her staff "
- Danielle Coelho
09/26/2018 03:26:38
"We are thankful for Dr Lawson"
- Joe Foster
09/25/2018 01:47:23
"I was able to be seen the same day that I made to app. Your facility is kid friendly. The Vets were very quick with taking care of my animal which was awesome. I was also able to Express any concerns and questions. Plus you one of the most affordable places, I would not have been able to have my animal treated other wise."
- Pamela Peterson
09/19/2018 22:20:54
"Everyone was so welcoming and caring with Bishop and Ryka."
- Cristin Collison
09/19/2018 04:48:48
"You guys are extremely nice and truly understand what our pets mean to us "
- David Fuentes
09/17/2018 18:32:53
"I think you guys are doing a great job!"
- Angelica Montero
09/10/2018 19:15:43
"You guys have always been great. Dr. Bertram and Dr Lawson are the ones I see the most and they are both just the best."
- Crystal Slayter
08/30/2018 17:58:30
"friendly service. personnel know what they are doing."
- Linda Galindo
08/28/2018 16:00:07
"Prompt. Friendly. Professional. Efficient."
- Renee Hall
08/22/2018 17:20:42
"Very happy with the overall care and attention to our pets needs"
- Donna Krumm-ATW
08/21/2018 17:30:50
"My kitty is doing so much better! You’re all doing a great job. Very nice staff. Definitely coming back to get care for my fur baby! "
- MaryHelen Waggonar
08/19/2018 22:56:58
"Great experience. I boarded 3 dogs and always get calls if something happens or any concerns. Upon return dogs in great shape!!"
- Brooke Offhaus
08/19/2018 14:45:12
"I liked everything about our visit. The lobby TV was nice to watch/learn. Pricing was quite reasonable. I will be returning and probably transferring my other dogs care to this place too."
- Julie Goza
08/18/2018 06:34:53
"The staff are very friendly and helpful. The clinic is always very clean. "
- Sarah Baker
08/18/2018 05:54:06
"Y’all are very helpful with all our dogs and any questions we have. All of the staff are happy and smiling and caring for us as well as our dogs . Vet are great would not want to go anywhere else thanks"
- Paulette Kersten
08/04/2018 16:55:11
"Very very well. Sunny gets great tender care there."
- Gloria Fuentes
07/17/2018 01:55:06
"You guys do a wonderful job with a difficult cat"
- Janet Cathcart
07/05/2018 21:10:43
"Our 4 doggies stayed 4 days. We were told that they did eat much. I appreciate there honesty. I'm sure they were missing us. Over all our doggies were well taken care of. Will definitely bring them back. We appreciate the staff."
- Maria Bressler
06/29/2018 18:56:46
"Fast service Friendly and caring Good ideas to get Molly to be at a better weight Molly walks 4 days a week now!"
- Maureen Johnson
06/22/2018 16:12:57
"I like how helpful staff are with questions and that i’m not stuck at the vet for hours to be seen"
- Cassidy Pacheco-ATW
06/22/2018 15:41:54
"Always a good experience at MVC. No complaints"
- Sandra Savala
06/18/2018 04:15:04
"I am very happy with the care you have given my cat."
- Mary Schmidt
06/15/2018 02:17:57
"The staff was very helpful in getting Theo in of an emergency appointment. DR. Hansen was great and took excellent care in making sure I was advised as to the plan she had decided on going with his broken leg. I appreciate you all being there in our time of need."
- Pattie Hieber
06/06/2018 02:47:31
"Great front and back office service"
- Kevin Gomes
06/02/2018 02:17:55
"Both the vet and the tech really seem to love animals and they are so good to our pets!"
- Particia Liwang
05/28/2018 19:41:07