"I thought you all did great with treating my pet with respect and kindness. The workers were very patient with my cat and overall very caring, making Silverstream feel as safe as she could be."
- Alicia Payne
07/12/2021 02:25:39
"Perfect! Very informative. So gentle with Penny. Much Apprecated!"
- Diane Hurd
07/09/2021 18:12:30
"Our visit was great. Izzy likes to go see her friends at Fischer. She also makes sure she say hi/bye to everyone she sees there."
- Kelly Floyd
07/02/2021 16:40:42
"Holly looked beautiful when I came to pick her up from her first haircut. Thanks for the care you gave her! Bella and her team did an EXCELLENT job!"
- Darlene Wagner
06/29/2021 16:58:55
"We got in quickly and had excellent service. "
- Donna McDowell
06/28/2021 22:17:52
"New client to Fischer and love Dr Scott!"
- Angela Priest
06/28/2021 22:10:53
"Perfect balance of professionalism and kindness/consideration for the pet and pet parent"
- Sandra Davis
06/28/2021 21:23:09
"Staff is friendly (most importantly to my dogs), knowledgeable, professional and efficient. "
- Jody Blanton
06/28/2021 20:50:26
"I receive notices when services are due, essential grooming service available & vets are always keep me informed of my aged pet conditions!"
- Patricia Ferguson
06/28/2021 20:01:30
"I think the entire staff is wonderful and doing an amazing job given the last year of world chaos. Thank you for all you do."
- Robert Goodson
06/21/2021 17:08:18
"Dr Mike was very helpful and knowledgeable when it came to diagnosing Phoebe. He was accepting of our chiropractic care and showed empathy toward Phoebe. He continued to want updates on her condition which shows me that he truly cares for his patients. "
- Amy Borgschulte
06/19/2021 19:39:38
"All my experiences have been very positive."
- Tom Sierra
06/18/2021 23:05:40
"You are doing very well. Thank you."
- Dan Farrah
06/10/2021 23:10:51
"Excellent, Kate is great with Jax!"
- Denise Lutz
06/10/2021 00:00:40
"Every time I call or visit, it has been a great experience. The staff is very friendly, and I never have a very long wait. I have been taking my pets here for over 20 years and will continue to do so."
- Dana Hettich
06/09/2021 16:39:12
"They were very good. Took time to examine my dog, answer questions and explain."
- Jill Fields
06/05/2021 16:44:26
"The care and concern you all show for both pets and owners is wonderful. "
- Diane McClellan
06/03/2021 20:31:16
"Very good and friendly with the pets! They felt right at home. "
- David McComber
06/02/2021 19:38:12
"Bella looks great after her bath and grooming session with Miss Bella!"
- Janet Korthauer
06/02/2021 16:42:41
"Love you guys and the new lady vet is awesome"
- Jamie Su
06/01/2021 02:46:04
"Thank you for the quality of care and attention towards our pet. We appreciate your expertise."
- Gerald McClellan
05/31/2021 00:00:54
"Everyone is so nice and helpful. I love knowing my pet is always going to be taken care of when we go in. "
- Addie Lovato
05/27/2021 22:47:01
"No bad to report! You guys were great as always, thanks! "
- Jerry Mazzuca
05/26/2021 02:04:13
"Love your practice and how flexible Dawn is. She is ALWAYS ready & willing to help! "
- Brittney Fear
05/24/2021 18:42:01
"Love that even though my dog is super anxious the whole team does great with him!"
- Samantha Zamudio-Smith
05/22/2021 02:27:36
"Great! I love the effective communication from all staff members. Dr. Kyle is always so kind, patient, and flexible with my animals "
- Helena Schweiss-Imperiale
05/21/2021 17:19:39
"We have always had a great experience at Fischer. We have been taking our pets there for about 7+ years. The staff is easy to work with and always follow up. Medication refills are convenient and usually ready same day. Thank you for all your care and attention to our fur babies!"
- Melissa Schnarre
05/21/2021 16:51:16
"I love the office staff, they are always super helpful and caring."
- Katie Odom
05/20/2021 03:02:10
"Great experience with our pets we can tell that you genuinely care for them and their well being. "
- Sharron Perryman
05/14/2021 16:48:28
"Everyone was so nice to me and my dog. The vet spoke with me for almost 30 minutes about my pup. Everyone truly went above and beyond. This was a wonderful experience. I am so glad that I found Fischer Animal!"
- Kelli Saffa
05/13/2021 19:36:57
"Everything has been wonderful. Your staff is so friendly and the Dr was so nice and so informative. I truly feel Patches will always be in great hands. See you soon for his teeth cleaning."
- Carol Paris
05/05/2021 20:08:08
"I felt like the information about Frank's condition and the options we could consider were explained clearly, and my questions answered. "
- Deena Winkeler
04/29/2021 17:03:34
"Bella did a wonderful job grooming my Aussiedoodle Presley!!! Definitely will be our home for grooming along with all our vet needs! Thank you so much!!!"
- Victoria Johnson
04/27/2021 18:47:56
"I had a great experience! Very easy to check in and hear from the Dr."
- Vanessa Karell
04/24/2021 23:31:29
"I feel like the tech and the veterinarian were both very thorough with Maggie and explaining everything to me. All of my concerns were addressed. "
- Tracy Taylor
04/24/2021 20:15:20
"Everyone I speak to is polite and concerned about my 2 fur kids. I am told before what to expect for the appointment and the cost. Dr Mike is fabulous and visited with me for quite some time. Love this vet practice!"
- Jill Frein
04/24/2021 17:29:06
"You guys are always great!!"
- Marlene Vogele
04/23/2021 23:56:17
"I am extremely overprotective of my 18 year old DSH. Additionally, I am a retired RVT. These things combined make for a very nervous cat mom. The staff at Fischer AH immediately made me feel comfortable handing my pet to the technician. From my first point of contact to my follow up call this afternoon, the staff at Fischer impressed me with their skill and professionalism. I will certainly return. "
- Sherrie Nanney
04/22/2021 01:25:44
"I think your doing great, my question was answered & the Dr. took time to speak with me."
- Dawn O'Keefe
04/20/2021 00:16:44
"Knows my pets history and knows what to look for, they don’t try to talk me into something that is not needed "
- Jason Steinman
04/19/2021 14:14:24
"You got Theo on quickly when he was sick. "
- Jeffrey Wilson
04/17/2021 23:38:12
"Everyone at Fischer is so amazing and friendly!"
- Madelyne Stringer
04/16/2021 19:20:35
"First time having Dr Scott and really like how thorough she is when going over overall exam health and any issues. I’m really hoping she stays on staff. Dawn is also a huge asset. Always super pleasant to talk to and very helpful. You can tell she cares about her job and the people/pets that come through the door. "
- Mark Pallardy
04/14/2021 23:51:01
"I like the interest the staff shows in my doggy, and I like that the vet, Mike, allows me to discuss options - instead of outright dictating a treatment plan. He gives me a voice in my pet's care."
- Sandra Davis
04/14/2021 22:10:25
"We love bringing our dogs to see you! They love you too which is very important to us! Your staff is so very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and all of them are willing to talk with you and answer any questions you have."
- Belinda Little
04/09/2021 01:24:32
"Great customer service. "
- Tim McClenahan
04/08/2021 22:22:54
"Always a good experience, the staff are friendly and the veterinarians always take the time to explain my pets ailments and options for me to choose what will work for us."
- Jeffrey Huey
04/07/2021 00:01:32
"You are always great my puppy leaves happy and doesn’t mind going inside. Would not use another vet"
- Arthur Fitzgerald
04/06/2021 21:27:25
"Although the COVID practices make it necessary to not be with my dogs during their exams, the staff has made it so comfortable and positive! They talk with me and are so pleasant and happy. I do feel like they are 'family' and think of my dogs in the same way! "
- Marsha Caughlan
03/31/2021 22:56:04
"Everyone is very friendly and professional. Really liked that the Dr took the time to discuss all the issues with Loki's checkup and didn't seem rushed."
- Tom Sierra
03/31/2021 18:04:05
"Everyone in office Dr’s, techs and desk are very nice and Informative. We usually see Dr Kyle who has been taking such wonderful care of Bailey as she is a senior dog with chronic ear problems. Thank you all so much for taking care of Bailey & Molly! "
- Sharon Cobb
03/29/2021 14:51:20
"The best, I am very happy with the service and Dr. Kyle!"
- Virginia Tjaden
03/25/2021 18:48:22
"everything is absolutely great"
- Lynette Breher
03/22/2021 15:09:16
"I am extremely pleased to bring my pet here as she always gets great care."
- Jennifer Lambkin
03/18/2021 19:13:35
"Your doing great. Very friendly Staff."
- Donald Amick
03/16/2021 22:44:18
"My dog, Lucy Liu, was happy to go to vet and return to car! Dr Kyle was very informative about her condition and will continue care with this facility! Great job!"
- Patricia Ferguson
03/16/2021 22:42:42
"Great COVID protocols in place, and although I was not able to be with my Natty during her visit the call was very thorough and comprehensive by both staff and Doctor! I feel the pricing is on the high side but I haven’t really comparison shopped in a long while so not sure how the market is now. I feel blessed to be able to give my Natty top notch care that you all seem to give. "
- Beth Smith
03/13/2021 18:03:51
"Always a great experience! "
- Becki Vogt
03/12/2021 18:03:20
"Although sad not to come in with my pet (very understandable), I feel the care and comfort of my animal was always put first. Thanks for being prompt. So far, he is recovering from being "fixed" not an easy road. But so far....so GOOD!"
- Jennifer Counts
03/12/2021 13:14:56
"You all are great!"
- Heather McCallister-Blinn
03/12/2021 12:54:41
"Dr. Mike has been a great doctor to Mya for many years. We appreciate everything he has done."
- Daniel Schreiner
03/11/2021 20:13:27
"We have had a great experience with your clinic. Thank you so much for excellent care, patience and follow up for Zeus with his neutering procedure. "
- Gerald McClellan
03/11/2021 00:25:55
"I have no complaints about the care Maverick received . I was informed of everything before The surgery & afterwards. Not only did I receive call about after care , I also received mail. Staff was kind & friendly . "
- Deborah Hallam
03/10/2021 18:51:00
"Exceptional care and preventative measures to optimize the health and life of our furry family members! \o/"
- Nick Koetting
03/10/2021 17:40:11
"Always helpful and amazing even on the phone."
- Christina Benoodt
03/09/2021 23:41:06
"Dr. Kyle is the best and always takes amazing care of Frank. "
- Taylor Bromley
03/05/2021 23:17:56
"The staff is wonderful with my chewie. He is so afraid of almost everything and everyone but they always talk about how good he is when he is with them which is absolutely awesome!!"
- Samantha Zamudio-Smith
03/05/2021 00:49:03
"I'm a relatively new client only been coming there 2 years but I have always been very satisfied Everyone is always nice, and takes the time to explain everything whether it's the Dr. or the tech "
- Jan Golden
03/03/2021 19:42:57
"Very good. I feel like my pet is really cared for and in good hands when dropping him off."
- John Manahan
03/01/2021 15:40:04
"I have never received anything but good service. "
- Penny Young
03/01/2021 07:21:50
"We love coming with Fisher. Even our dog is super excited to come in"
- Christian Berens
02/27/2021 21:54:06
"The whole staff was awesome to take care of Bella’s needs. Kate was perfect with her attention to detail of Bella’s issue when we called to check in. And Dr. Kyle was so nice to go the extra mile and provide Bella and I the option to remove the lump on her neck and address the sebaceous cyst that had ruptured. The staff was so courteous and willing to help with whatever I needed for my pooch!"
- Jennifer Henderson
02/26/2021 22:29:14
"I have always received great service when I contact Fischer, I contact them regularly for Insulin for my pet and they always are there for me. "
- Bryan Mudd
02/26/2021 17:39:20
"I am very happy with your service."
- Maxine (Max) Hartwick
02/25/2021 17:40:23
"You all are doing great, especially in these strange times. It is nice to know that we can trust our animals in your care, even if we can't be there with them. Thank! We appreciate you!"
- Angela David
02/24/2021 22:48:55
"Dr Scott was great! Explained everything thoroughly. Took the extra time. Not rushed. Offered great medical advice and options. No pressure. Thanks!😃"
- Amy Borgschulte
02/24/2021 07:03:09
"This was my first visit and everything went great. Friendly staff, quick service."
- Jody Blanton
02/24/2021 02:07:11
"We are happy that the team is willing to work with Petey - we realize that he is a little jerk sometimes. "
- Rachael Duffner
02/23/2021 20:28:45
"We don’t have any complaints. We have always felt the care and concern for our pets but appreciate the no pressure approach on elective type items. "
- Sharron Perryman
02/23/2021 20:23:08
"Dr. Scott was very thorough and answered all of my questions. Staff was very professional and nice. "
- Jessica Standiford
02/23/2021 20:03:04
"love everything about the hospital!!"
- Nancy McDonnell
02/23/2021 19:57:32
"My husband and I love your practice. We have two VERY shy dogs and you always take great care of them (even when you are stuck dealing with them on your own due to covid restrictions). Thanks for all you do! "
- Sarah Schreiber
02/23/2021 19:32:05
"Doing awesome 🥰"
- Michele Grubb
02/14/2021 21:18:12
"Everyone was very friendly "
- Jasmine Woodard
02/14/2021 01:06:19
"I love coming to fischer- even though we cannot come in the staff are so friendly, communicative and helpful. I look forward to vet visits!"
- Lindsay Peters
02/13/2021 14:54:04
"You have all been very supportive "
- Marie Guglielmo
02/09/2021 21:40:52
"Your doing great. Everyone is friendly and helpful. "
- Tammy Naes
02/07/2021 07:05:27
"No complaints, you always treat Hogan great."
- Andy Wagner
02/01/2021 22:07:04
"It’s a new experience with dropping “The Boys” off, but it was very well done. It was the very stress free and apparently got what was needed, done VERY efficiently. Thanks Ladies!!!"
- Kris Faulkner
01/28/2021 21:20:37
"Covid precautions are excellent."
- Kathy Ferguson
01/18/2021 22:10:49
"Since starting, I’ve not looked at switching other vets!! "
- Dillon Thies
01/18/2021 18:19:50
"You're doing great. Our 3 fur babies always receive the best of care when we bring them to you. Your staff are patient and always ask after all 3 of them if I call with questions about 1 of them."
- Fiona Thomason
01/15/2021 17:24:36
"I actualy prefer thecurbside service. The exam and service was quick and the vetrenarian was courteous and informative. It was a very positive experience for myself and Bella."
- Dana Polk
01/15/2021 01:44:01
"Dr. Mike was GREAT! Dawn did an excellent job with scheduling and follow up. "
- Michael Harris
01/14/2021 21:30:37
"You guys do great. My dog Bo isn’t always a huge fan of being at the vet but always seems happy when I get him back and the staff works great with him. And most importantly, they fixed his issue! Thanks so much."
- Joe Franzoi
01/14/2021 17:46:20
"During this pandemic they take all the precautions and continue to provide excellent communication and service. Kind, compassionate staff, thorough exam and communication with me in regard to what was impacting my dog's health. Dr. Kyle took the time to answer all my concerns. Upfront with cost of care. Fischer Animal makes your feel like family. "
- Patricia Govero
01/03/2021 20:04:36
"Couldn’t ask for better service!!"
- Elena Luebbering
12/30/2020 18:11:11
"Honestly, I’ve nothing but great things to say about everything. You go above and beyond all expectations in every way. "
- Helen Farley
12/15/2020 21:36:18
"We have been very pleased with the service we receive when Lily needs something the staff is very compassionate ! feels like family "
- Nancy McDonnell
12/13/2020 17:23:19
"Everyone is kind and gentle with my elder little lady."
- Toni Kammermeyer
12/12/2020 22:34:50