"Love Dr Angela and the whole staff! Take such good care of both our fur babies and in keeping us informed."
- Sarah Romanowski
03/28/2021 15:38:39
"Everyone was great--very helpful and professional. The experience is streamlined and as smooth as possible given current circumstances!"
- Rachel Foshage
03/28/2021 13:29:16
"I am always pleased and impressed with the service I received from Arch Animal Hospital. All of the staff are very caring, and I completely trust them with my two kitty fur babies! "
- Jackie Weber
03/27/2021 21:43:27
"Everyone is so kind and patient with my "fiesty" guy! I always receive immediate help and quick responses to all our needs. Thank you to all of you for being you!"
- Jennifer Mckenna
03/27/2021 18:10:01
"Arch animal hospital has always been a very caring vet office. I will go nowhere else"
- Cheryl Storie
03/25/2021 20:27:32
"The veterinarians are very kind and supportive. All of the staff are helpful and very professional. I feel that my pets are very well cared for. "
- Dorothy Herter
03/20/2021 01:16:01
"Arch Animal hospital always takes wonderful care of Frank. This his cancer scare, the staff has been very helpful with decision making and getting him in quickly. Frank and our family love Dr. Kyle and are very thankful for his support in keeping Frank healthy. "
- Taylor Bromley
03/19/2021 22:22:42
"Very good first experience even with not being able to go in due to covid. Doctor Kyle was so kind and helpful! "
- Christa Sawyer
03/19/2021 20:32:50
"Everyone is friendly and helpful. Dr. Mike is very thorough in his explanations."
- Tracey Kane
03/17/2021 20:23:19
"We have always been happy with the care and attention from the team at Arch Animal Hospital. We would not trust Murphy and Bugsy to anyone else!"
- Cindy Encarnacion
03/17/2021 17:26:22
"Friendly, fast and professional. I like that the doctors explain what is wrong, or what is not wrong with your dog in detail."
- Lawrence Frost
03/16/2021 21:08:44
"Always a great experience here! I feel so comfortable leaving my elderly dachshund there because I know the staff cares about his comfort and will take care of him even though I can’t go inside."
- Antoinette Vitale
03/15/2021 03:34:09
"It was really good. The doctors are always very good about giving specific updates and details. "
- Laura Trakas
03/12/2021 18:15:41
"Excellent communication and the curbside service worked well. Thanks"
- Matt Casserly
03/12/2021 13:44:41
"You are doing a great job. I can’t wait until we have in person visits but you have made the best of the situation at hand. Dr. Mike never rushes and I really appreciate that."
- Debbie Mcenery
03/12/2021 01:04:11
"Extremely happy with Arch Animal Hospital!! Always helpful and kind-our pet is their pet. "
- Frank Venturella
03/08/2021 11:08:33
"You all were great yesterday! Jenny and the rest of the staff were wonderful! Although, we couldn’t meet in person, it was great talking to everybody again! Dr. Mike, as always, is the BEST!"
- Diane Sandza
03/07/2021 20:07:29
"I’m a big fan of Dr. Mike’s “bedside manner” even over the phone. "
- Kristi Schnelten
03/06/2021 20:02:47
"I really enjoyed be part of the Arch Animal Hospital family. Always nice and friendly. Will answer all my questions."
- Diana Wyatt
03/06/2021 00:20:59
"Wonderful, as always!"
- Jennifer Roeder
02/27/2021 22:17:49
"So far we have had one visit and felt everything went very well. We will be scheduling teeth cleaning for our dog in the next month or so per recommendation."
- Mary Eagan
02/25/2021 19:49:16
"I was extremely impressed with Max’s visit. Even though I was unable to see Dr Mike, he explained all Max’s issues over the phone. I felt very confident in his assessment, and we are on the same page for Max’s quality off life at 15 years old"
- Mark Rudloff
02/23/2021 21:55:22
"Extremely satisfied with the outstanding service provided."
- Cathy Fox
02/05/2021 01:47:11
"You guys are the best! There's nothing more to say :)"
- Nicole Thompson
02/04/2021 18:37:59
"Dr. Angela was very thorough and helpful answering questions. "
- Kathleen Karam
01/31/2021 20:52:03
"Made an appointment with Dr. Richards Wednesday, excellent service, answered all my questions about about my dogs back pain and medications. He told me about the once a year heart worm injection (that’s a plus, I never remember to give it on time)! Happy dog, happy life🤗"
- Jean Rajchart
01/28/2021 22:31:36
"We love Dr. Mike! He is always so caring but directly attends to our dog's needs. This visit was no different. "
- Laura Hayes
01/28/2021 17:04:36
"Super friendly & helpful staff!!"
- Ellen Stain
01/26/2021 22:09:41
"I would like to share feedback about the last visit. The staff did an excellent job on much-needed nail trim for Miller. Molly was really nice and caring, even carried Miller in her arms because he didn't want to walk :)"
- Ninel Gladova
01/26/2021 15:27:54
"This is the best vet clinic! Everyone is very friendly, and caring! I recommend this clinic to everyone."
- Christine Vukomanovic
01/16/2021 20:22:48
"Dr Mike and Dr Angela are both terrific, displaying empathy and caring and taking time to answer questions. Whole team of tech and office staff also responsive and caring!"
- Nelda Davis
01/15/2021 00:53:11
"Staff is very helpful. I received reassurances on covid procedures and how to order cat food for home delivery. I have trust and confidence in Arch Animal."
- Rebecca Nedderman
01/14/2021 23:40:10
"The staff is always extremely helpful. I love the ease of communication with the office. Phone calls are answered immediately, text reminders and postcards are great! The paper info that's printed from each visit is very informative. They treat each animal with love as if they were their own!"
- Janet Wallinger
01/12/2021 22:18:01
"Piper has been known to get extreme anxiety at the vet, but I've been very pleased with the patience and care that everyone at arch animal had shown her!"
- Erin Albers
01/10/2021 21:32:55
"I appreciate Dr Mike’s exam and sensible approach for treatment of Bailey’s upset stomach. She’s feeling better already!"
- Barbara Schnelle
01/10/2021 19:27:19
"Arch has always been professional and yet personal in our dealings. Each of our pets have been taken care of in a caring, concerned manner; especially when we had our previous dog euthanized. We have recommended Arch many times and will continue to do so."
- Richard Garner
01/09/2021 00:09:12
"Everyone is always so kind & caring. The Dr. spent time with me to explain our dog’s issues & answered all of my questions. The professionalism & attention given to the pets & caregivers of pets is unrushed & genuine. Their care & concern are greatly appreciated! "
- Kelly Morrow
01/08/2021 03:43:30
"Dr. Angela was very thorough with Bailey and explained everything and answered all of my questions! The techs were very nice and friendly at the door and with checkout!"
- Holly Moore
01/07/2021 17:35:06
"As always, I was totally satisfied with the care my pet and I received. From the beginning of scheduling an appointment to the follow up calls I received checking on the welfare of my pet."
- Beverly Walton
01/06/2021 17:18:58
"Dr. Kyle is great. He is thorough and knows both of my dogs personalities and history. He is very open and encourages questions. We are very happy with Arch Animal and Dr. Kyle! "
- Scott Roberts
12/31/2020 17:20:02
"Everyone is amazing with my babies! Thank you Dr. Mike, Dr. Kyle and surgery assistants for the compassion and care you show for my sweet Bella in all her surgeries "
- Casey Nabors
12/30/2020 22:28:06
"So caring with our dogs! Don’t oversell any treatment. Trust any of the vets! "
- James Farroll
12/30/2020 21:41:26
"We just love your entire staff and couldn't be happier with Dr. Angela. Thank you all!!"
- Sally Sheridan
12/29/2020 16:18:53
"The staff continues to make sure your experience is as personal as possible even when we aren't face to face. I appreciate all that you're doing to continue to safely care for our pets. The care they receive is always top notch and the staff is amazingly helpful when you call the office. Thank you!"
- Sara Stanley
12/29/2020 00:16:48
"My family & I love everything about Arch & the amazing service you always provide. "
- Jennifer Mathieu
12/28/2020 22:27:51
"Gracie was sick but there were no appointments open but Dr. Mike had me bring her in and leave here and he said he would look at her between appointments. She hadn't been there too long when he called me to let me know he had looked at her and gave me some options for her treatment. He was very thorough and I'm grateful that he was so quick about seeing her."
- Sharon Montgomery
12/28/2020 21:11:03
"I was very impressed with your level of care for Tucker and your level of communication. I brought Tucker in for diarrhea but unknown to me, he also had an ear infection. You informed me of the infection and asked me how I wanted to proceed. Of course I wanted it treated, but instead of assuming, you asked. You also didn't run a bunch of tests right off the bat which cost a lot of money, but instead recommended the treatment for what was most common instead of testing for everything. But what really won me over and beyond was the staff walking out with some towels to lay in my car because Tucker had messed on the one that was in there. It seems so little but in those moments where one more bad little thing may break you, a positive little thing can change everything. Thank you for your compassion and care. After 5 years, we have finally found a vet clinic for our pups."
- Jamie Harger
12/28/2020 19:08:10
"You do a great job communicating and helping us figure out the best options for our dog Daphne. She is our fur baby and we always worry when something seems off with her but you are always there to talk us through it and answer questions. That includes not only the doctors but the rest of the staff as well. I know Daphne is cared for and loved on when she comes in!"
- Paige Briggs
10/30/2020 23:26:46
"I love how Dr. Mike genuinely cares and takes his time with our pets. He is thorough, knowledgeable and professional."
- Amy Willcut
10/29/2020 21:41:52
"Very good first impression and first visit. Staff did a great job with safety protocols and Dr. Mike was very helpful. We are moving our veterinary care of our dog to this location since we live a mile a way. :-)"
- Joe Zydlo
10/28/2020 15:38:33