"All the competent doctors on staff give enough time to talk about our dog's issues at each visit. They keep up with the latest information well."
- Timothy Henderson
03/27/2016 21:29:57
"The quality of service and friendliness of the staff keep me coming back. The compassion exuded from the doctors and staff make me feel confident in allowing my fur babies to be in their care. Have already recommended several family members and friends. Thank you for all that you do!"
- Gina Chinchilla
03/27/2016 17:43:51
"I appreciate that the staff listened to the anxiety that my dog has about a nail trim and let me hold her."
- Bree Seaton
03/26/2016 13:56:01
"Very friendly staff and they knew what they were talking about. Doctor went over everything in detail so I knew what was being done to my animal"
- Amber Wiltz
03/26/2016 12:42:51
"I love the staff at this hospital but it is pricey."
- Judy Sandoval
03/25/2016 20:44:59
"Your vet staff is amazing. My epileptic Australian shepherd who was having breakthrough seizures for three years has not had one for one year two months and seven days Dr Kamsai is our Miracle vet. Thank you"
- Joy Krowicki
03/25/2016 10:28:01
"I'm a huge fan of Dr. Daniels. She's very friendly and calm and answers all of my questions. I know the wait times can be long but I do it because I trust her. All of the staff is very friendly. I will continue to use this office for my pet care needs!"
- Catherine Beardmore
03/25/2016 10:02:24
"As always thanks so much to all the doctors that truly care and dedicated their lives to helps dogs and animals !!!!! These are the BEST VETERINARYS IN VEGAS !!!! thanks so Much you always above and beyond my pets health πŸΆπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’…πŸ»πŸ’…πŸ»πŸ†"
- Ana Barron
03/24/2016 14:17:13
"Dr. Daniels was great with both of my dogs! She made sure that they were comfortable before giving them all the shots they needed. She was patient and gentle, while explaining to me everything she was doing. I am Very happy with my visit!"
- Cassa Dean
03/24/2016 11:56:51
"The doctors and assistants are all very nice and acknowledge how much your pets mean to you. I also really appreciate the hours of operation. I work full time and it is nice to be able to go in the evenings, or if I do have an emergency I do not have to take my pets to an emergency clinic because it is after 7pm."
- Linda Vitale
03/24/2016 11:13:56
"very nice people good service good price"
- Cliff Kobernik
03/24/2016 10:59:07
"I recommend Craig Road Animal Hospital to everyone with pleasure. "
- Connie Alston
03/24/2016 01:36:44
"Salena Richarson was very wonderful and friendly! The doctor was very knowledgeable and he did the best he could with our 3 month old puppy. I would highly recommend this Vet for other people and I will certainly be visiting in the future. "
- Adrian Torres-Contreras
03/23/2016 19:40:46
"Everyone was friendly and it's a very nice facility. "
- James Murphy
03/23/2016 18:38:30
"You the best!"
- Cathy Enos
03/23/2016 16:55:26
"Dr. Daniels is THE best! She really goes the extra mile to be available to us when we come in. She is a first rate vet and cares about her clients. Love her!! "
- Melissa Mahoney
03/23/2016 16:48:57
"We love the care our fur babies receive, but the support staff seem to be overwhelmed every time we have come in There isn't any "personal " acknowledgment. "
- Linda Lewis
03/22/2016 19:08:03
"Dr. Mych is our preferred doctor. He is amazing. We have been with him going on 18 years thus far. We won't use anyone else. "
- Jason Disbrow
03/22/2016 14:26:14
"Everyone was extremely nice and helpful!"
- Kay Abston
03/22/2016 10:21:23
"We have three dogs, 2 seniors and one 4yr old. They always get the best of care when we come there.. no matter if its for toe nails, annals or Shots or examines. It means alot to Us when they get the care to keep them well.. We are looking forward to boarding them while on vacation knowing we do not have to worry about them.. Thank you for being there and having the best C/S of any place we have gone.. I have referred others to Craig Road Animal Hosp. as well. "
- Charlotte and Sondra Glenn
03/21/2016 22:06:54
"pixel is always upset when i take him in but much calmer when i pick him up. good job."
- Shelia Curtis
03/21/2016 13:53:20
"I believe that it is rare for someone to understand the love that people have for their pets and all of the veterinarians there understand they are family members. Dr. khamsI is very kind and understanding and always calls about laylah. It makes you know that they treat your pet like you do. I so appreciate that. "
- Paula Darnell
03/21/2016 10:14:47
"I switched veterinarian hospitals and I have been very very pleased with Craig Road. Both my dogs were rescued from the lab rescue"
- Peggy Starr
03/20/2016 21:50:23
"I love your place I always feel good when I leave Bo I love the way Becky and everyone takes care of him"
- Judeth Surowiec
03/20/2016 17:01:53
"Staff was very accommodating and friendly! I highly recommend Craig Road Animal Hospital!"
- Lacey Krovisky
03/20/2016 13:51:54
"Dr. Roberts and the entire team take such great care of Tuff. We can always trust him to do what is right and best for our little guy. "
- Lorie Campbell
03/20/2016 13:18:05
"All the vets we have experienced at this hospital have been very caring and knowledgeable. "
- Elaine Harman
03/20/2016 12:41:54
"I am once again very grateful for the Dr. and staff going "above and beyond" to ensure the best possible care and treatment of my dog. "
- Janet Wagner
03/19/2016 23:13:03
"Dr Tampa is the greatest. She takes excellent care of my bulldog"
- Wesley Primm
03/19/2016 17:00:08
"Craig Road Animal Hospital is a great place for my dog to go. The staff are alway friendly and they always take good care of Nellie. There's always a professional atmosphere, no matter how busy they are when we come in & Nellie enjoys going there."
- Roger Smith
03/19/2016 11:54:24
"I have Craig for the last 3 years, I trust my Dr. Finder and her assistant Stephanie, Dr. Finder lately did the best she can do to keep my dog SHYLA with us , we new she did not have to much time left so she did the best to keep her with us and we did, they treated us with respect always same with the people at the front desk and that is very important for the ones bring there loves to save o cure, thanks!!"
- Gracie Pacheco
03/18/2016 17:16:09
"Do you give senior discounts? Am on a limited budget but still want to be able to take care of my animals."
- Diane Lloyd
03/18/2016 14:03:06
"I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else. I feel comfortable that they always get the best care. I've had some sad moments as well and even those were met with alot of compassion. I have one loud barking Aussie and even he is met with understanding and smiles. Feels like home to me and thank you for all you do for us!"
- Linda Green
03/18/2016 12:22:08
"I've been to a lot of animal hospitals over the years, I was very impressed with how efficient everything ran. Everyone was kind but Dr. Roberts came off as genuinely kind and concerned - usually you get the fake "I have to be friendly to customers" demeanor, but not with him. Kudos to Dr. Roberts! "
- Sarah Pamies
03/18/2016 10:32:13
"Staff and veterinarians are always super friendly. I'm glad that I made this hospital my go-to place over 2 years ago!"
- James Butcher
03/18/2016 09:25:12
"Dr. Daniels and Dr. Khamsi are the reasons I take my animals to Craig Rd. They're wonderful!!"
- Amber Foy
03/18/2016 01:11:02
"I have been taking Siri there for little over 8 years, and I have always had great care for her."
- Tina Betker
03/17/2016 23:47:52
"All the Doctors and staff are great......have a Blessed Day"
- Sherri Rapovy
03/17/2016 16:12:00
"We did wait quite a long time for the vet to come in the room, 35 minutes past our appointment time. But, after seeing how long she spent with me, answering every question, I understood that she takes as long as the client needs in each room. So, that being said, I did not mind waiting. "
- Carol Broeland
03/17/2016 14:40:54
"We have brought every pet we've ever had here and they take such good care of them!!!"
- Lisa Mclain
03/17/2016 13:30:00
"The whole staff and service is always wonderful.. I love craig road animal hospital !"
- Maria Medina
03/17/2016 12:19:11
"As always the service is wonderful. As a dog trainer, I highly recommend Craig Road to all my clients ."
- Paws On The Ground Paws On The Ground
03/17/2016 11:40:29
"Thank you for the fine work and love for our animals."
- Thomas Kelly
03/17/2016 11:38:43
"I was very pleased with the care my pet received and I appreciate all the staff at Craig Rd Animal Hospital "
- Laura Kennedy-Albrecht
03/17/2016 10:16:59
"I know that Guiness will get the best care at Craig Road Animal Hospital. I now live almost in Henderson and I still bring Guiness there. I have confidence that no matter who sees him, he will be attended to with care and love! I will go no where else!"
- Carol Meyer
03/17/2016 10:04:19
"Great personal. The doctor who helped us was extremely helpful and friendly. "
- Paulino Nestor
03/17/2016 09:42:30
"We travel several times a year for one or two weeks each trip and Craig Road gives us back Tucker healthy,clean and happy."
- Paul Danke
03/17/2016 09:32:56
"Everyone there is very helpful and nice each time i come."
- Jackie Johnson
03/17/2016 09:26:01
"The staff and everyone who I spoke to was very friendly,especially the doctor. Took time to explain things very well. Very little wait time and felt like my pet was important, thank you. "
- Jennifer Lianzo
03/17/2016 09:23:35
"Everyone is very friendly and helpful "
- Janine Crosby
03/09/2016 16:55:35
"They are the best vet ever "
- Olga Santiago
03/09/2016 10:51:29
"I love Craig Road Animal Hospital, all my babies are seen here. Prices are not too bad they are reasonable. Staffs are friendly but seemed to be new faces all the time but despite all that everything is good. It would be nicer if staffs know you by name already but not a biggie just a nice personal touch."
- Indee Evangelista
03/09/2016 09:59:18
"I love this place every time I have to bring my babies in it's amazing lovely staff who care so much about my girls I love there vet and they always take good care of making sure I understand what's going on and what steps need to be taken in the care and well being of my babies! "
- MoNay Jackson
03/04/2016 23:21:07
"I'm new to the area and was very pleased to find such a great place to take my dog. From the moment you walk in until you leave, everyone was very friendly and helpful. "
- Nancy Charlesworth
03/04/2016 23:10:18
"First visit with an older dog who didn't seem to mind the strange surroundings. Hopefully we won't have to have extensive surgery again but We are confident if it was required it would be done Right. "
- Deborah Walley
02/24/2016 22:38:32
"The staff at the front desk are very friendly and helpful. The cost for services at this clinic seem reasonable and consistent with the market. The doctors at this clinic are very "pet friendly" and patient with shy or fearful animals. They are also very helpful and responsive to answering my questions and providing explanations. "
- Carol August
02/24/2016 16:55:01
"Started coming to Craig Rd 12 years ago when we moved to North Las Vegas . Scout is my 5th pet here."
- Jan Pautsch
02/23/2016 17:05:51
"technicians SARAH & KRYSTLE were very compassionate people. they were very accommodating & answered all our questions. these kind of individuals you want to work for your hospital as they give you 'hope' & most of all they are sensitive to your feelings & compassionate to what we are going through. "
- Rudy Castano
02/23/2016 15:45:50
"Dr. Major is excellent. We love her!"
- Sonya Petrie
02/23/2016 12:54:16
"It gives me peace of mind just knowing that the hospital is open at such convenient hours and days! Like kids, you never know when the need will be to "just have Boris (dog) looked at."! Keeping me informed as to vaccines and other services is also a great perk! The newsletters are timely and informative. When we go in for vaccinations, a complete checkup of the general health and well-being of the dog automatically goes with it!"
- Christy Luttkus
02/23/2016 09:34:37
"Dr. Whitcraft is very professional and caring every time we visit with Bella. She will answer all of our concerns and is very understanding with us. We could not ask for better care for Bella. "
- Terry Christian
02/22/2016 19:41:40
"Even though I didn't have an appointment t I was seen fairly quickly. 40 minutes is not bad. "
- Lee Stamper
02/22/2016 16:14:40
"I love the Vets at Craig Road Animal hospital, and I recommend it to people all the time."
- Kelly Hilger
02/22/2016 10:37:24
"I was more nervous then my baby was and the staff was very helpful and very sweet to my baby girl Buffy. Thank you all!"
- Brenda Creswell
02/22/2016 10:02:50
"Dr. Whitcraft and Lindsey are always so helpful and always explain everything completely. We can't imagine taking our fur babies anywhere else! Collette is always so cheerful and helpful every time I call!!"
- Jennifer Reed
02/22/2016 09:50:59
"Our vet of 19 yrs. closed & we were worried about finding another vet as great as the previous. We tried Craig Rd. & cannot tell other customers enough about how HAPPY we are that we did! Having 5 dogs obviously is a challenge when they need boosters & routine exams as far as rounding them up & going on their "outing". All of our pets are calm & relaxed when they go which speaks volumes as they can sense that they are loved & cared for by each & everyone of the staff during their visits. KUDOS to the entire TEAM! We HIGHLY recommend them to all pet lovers!!!!"
- Barbara Slingerland
02/19/2016 11:58:44
"Dr. Major is awesome. She is the reason I am a return customer there and will keep going back there. The whole hospital and all the staff are all unbelievable but she puts my experience there over the top. "
- Kevin Kramer
02/18/2016 21:23:32
"There was only 1 other animal in the waiting room, so I was surprised it took so long. When it comes to animals it's hard for them to be cooped up, so maybe work on being a little faster. The doctor was amazing and so calming for cuddles. Cuddles was a little nervous, but the doc was wonderful and relaxing. Will definitely be back and will bring cuddles and her sister Bella."
- Ann Peck
02/18/2016 19:05:02
"You have the best hours, vets and services- your vets are the best and care and think outside of the box !!!! tHank you"
- BJ Schafer
02/18/2016 17:39:11
"We love taking Aldo and Thomas to see the drs at Craig Road Animal hospital particularly Drs. Tamira, Murphy, Roberts and Daniels."
- Leroy Piparo
02/18/2016 17:15:32
"The service and the care at Craig Road is great but definitely more spendy than most vets here in Vegas. I guess it hasn't mattered because I keep taking my pups there. I trust that my pups will br taken care of when I visit Craig Road."
- Stephanie Willis
02/18/2016 16:32:00
"Your clinic was recommended to my by a neighbor. I have passed your name to others as well."
- Sandra Hawks
02/18/2016 15:23:29
"Everything good "
- Josue Olmedo
02/18/2016 15:11:37
"We have been coming to Craig Rd Animal clinic for years. The doctors are always amazing. I would not go anywhere else!"
- Iman Johnson
02/17/2016 18:11:40
"Always have had great service and Helpful staff, "
- Ron Kline
02/17/2016 16:41:33
"I love that there are so many Doctors with different specialties, it ensures my dogs will get the best care possible. The ENTIRE staff including the Doctors are ALL very nice and accommodating. Everyone there really seems to care about the animals. Great customer service and good prices. I have already recommended this practice to several of my friends and family even though we live in Henderson."
- Kelly Korb
02/17/2016 15:56:39
"The entire staff was friendly and efficient. I brought in a shelter dog that I had just adopted. Altho he was a matted mess and very stinky, he was treated with a kind amd gentle hand by everyone. Thank you Dr Daniels and the rest of the staff."
- Pam Hultgren
02/16/2016 17:46:38
"Everyone is great! The doctors are great with my 3 puppies. Glad i finally found someone i could trust my babies with. Thank you"
- Eva Aguilar
02/16/2016 15:56:56
"Always awesome. But I'm pretty sure you need about twice the size facility and double number of doctors and staff you currently have. You seem to be growing! "
- Brenda Blankinship
02/16/2016 14:07:38
"Your staff is wonderful...they were very helpful with all of Sweetie Girls needs...really...... very gentle...very caring.....thankyou :)"
- Dorrie Zasloff
02/16/2016 11:45:37
"I really think the team of Vet's they have are great. They help in everyway possible."
- Sandra Dravo
02/16/2016 01:31:46
"We love that the vet calls us to check on our pets after the procedures and is willing the answer our follow up questions after we get our babies home."
- Paula Slater
02/15/2016 22:19:40
"Craig Road animal Hospital takes care of my two Manx cats and my Shepard mis. The animals love to take the ride and are comfortable with the staff. Great place. "
- Beffort Wallace
02/15/2016 18:42:04
"When I had my Peke for almost 12 yrs named Tweeter, he was well taken care of by wonderful Vets at Craig Animal Hospital until his demise. After 9 months , we have adopted an 8 yr. old Wirehair mix terrier named ''Baby" I am sure she will get very good care. Diane C"
- Diane Cogliano
02/15/2016 17:56:30
"This was the first time my dog had a dental appt. It was much better than I thought. Dr. Daniels was very good with my dog; as were the techs. I would definitely recommend this office to others. 9actually, I have). "
- Barbara Sheehan
02/15/2016 16:56:23
"I have always been given great care here for my dog. All of the Doctors i have seen are very nice and helpfu."
- Joni Suiter
02/15/2016 15:33:20
"friendly staff"
- Wonda Durnen
02/15/2016 10:34:54
"Selena was due three shots, which Craig Road Animal Hospital reminded me of. I only spent about 30 mins there and the fee was very reasonable. All the staff were very friendly and caring to both Selena and me. So glad I found them.!!"
- Sue Jones
02/14/2016 18:38:10
"Great place!"
- Rogelio Munoz-Nava
02/03/2016 20:30:33
"My name is Marti not Merti. If possible, please make that correction. Thank you for the excellent emergency care my dog Scout received! "
- Marti Kinsey
02/02/2016 16:42:35
"Continue with the awesome work! You guys have great staff and amazing doctors! You keep your place clean and odor free! "
- Paula Fenton
02/02/2016 12:55:42
"From the first visit I was extremely satisfied with prompt service and customer service and it was clean and definitely pet friendly . I would recommend you all . Thank you"
- Saunita Hampton
02/02/2016 09:32:54
"We have brought all our pets here since you have opened and we have always been treated great as well as our fur babies."
- Michelle Yuro
02/01/2016 19:38:39
"Excellent people all the way around "
- Albert Juarez
01/28/2016 09:51:24
"The staff has always been gracious and helpful.Medical care is excellent....no problems."
- Diana Baker
01/27/2016 18:36:07
"Craig Road Animal Hospital is absolutely the best. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. When we have an appointment, I tell Sherri we are going to CRAH and she gets so excited and can't wait to get in the car and go. She loves the doctors and assistants and loves to see other dogs and cats that are there too."
- Barbara Todd
01/27/2016 17:39:56
"We are so happy that we found Dr.Finder. all of our babies love her! She is one of the only doctors that we feel as though we can trust with all of our fur-babies!"
- Brianna Christensen
01/27/2016 16:40:41
"Everyone is always so awesome when we come here, whether it's for boarding or a doctor's visit. Thank you guys a million times for everything!"
- Kenni Vogrich
01/26/2016 11:06:04
"Dr. Finder was very caring and took exceptional care of our cat, Ghepetto. With her medical knowledge and delegance, the proper course of treatment was implemented."
- Linda Waugh
01/26/2016 03:12:37
"Thanks for such wonderful care"
- Chris Berg
01/23/2016 21:48:34