"Gabriella was very kind and made me feel comfortable about being Milo to this vet. Assistant, nurse and the guest doctor was very nice and helpful. Milo normally doesn’t do well with strangers but he was rubbing all over the nurse and that made me feel good that he already felt comfortable. I was hoping to meet the Dr but sadly he wasn’t there. I am very happy this vet is cat friendly and looking into making this place home vet for Milo. I’m extremely satisfied with his bath, he’s so shiny and his coat feels very great! I’m definitely coming back! (Sorry for the long paragraph haha! )"
- Sarah Malvoisin
11/08/2019 18:29:09
"Everyone is so good to our Snoopy! We love that he is so comfortable here and that he is greeted by name!"
- Juliet & Brian Brown
10/25/2019 23:15:40
"Mitchell Hammock has taken wonderful care for my dogs, Gizmo and Winnie. The staff is so kind and funny, that it makes me feel at home. It is especially close to UCF, which is very helpful for me since I am currently a student there. I suggest going here because they provide the best care for any animal and every single one gets out of the clinic feeling better than ever."
- Dominic Castillo
09/14/2019 22:42:21
"This visit was for an emergency visit. Dr Woody & staff stayed a little later to assist Grayson. Follow up visits have been very informative, caring & calming for me. I’ve been using them for normal care for 5 years & this is kitty’s first emergency illness. They’ve been so good with him. "
- Jean & Jim Green
09/11/2019 19:38:25
"Maxxie loves to greet everybody and the staff takes great care of her!"
- Erica&Kerry Brandt
08/14/2019 00:04:42
"Every time I have taken our dog, Hope, for examination or boarding the care and attention provided has always exceeded our expectation."
- Sebrena & Mark Hinson
08/09/2019 22:27:10
"Excellent service as always."
- Brenda Watson
08/01/2019 21:43:23
"Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming! Snoopy really enjoys spending time with the staff members and we love that he is greeted by name each time that we come here!"
- Juliet & Brian Brown
07/21/2019 15:16:50
"Maxxie loves visiting! Happy pet, happy owners! "
- Erica&Kerry Brandt
07/14/2019 22:10:31
"I was annoyed that I provided detailed information on both of my pet's health, including the surgery notes on one, and it was very apparent that no one bothered to read anything in their charts before my pets were seen. Instead the focus of the visit seemed to be on selling me healthcare packages. "
- Rebecca D'Angelo
07/12/2019 09:50:06
"We like all the staff & Dr Woody. Grayson receives great care. We especially the daily “ specials” especially spa days. Really helps the budget"
- Jean & Jim Green
06/01/2019 18:56:08
"Lily’s will always be boarded here anytime it’s needed. It’s her home away from home."
- Brenda Watson
05/21/2019 00:50:57
"Maxxie loves going to her appointments and recently enjoyed her boarding experience. Everybody that works at Mitchell Hammock genuinely appear to be happy when Maxxie greets them. Happy pet = Happy Owners!"
- Erica&Kerry Brandt
05/14/2019 13:28:31
"All were very pleasant and knowledgeable "
- Sherry Summers
05/06/2019 20:38:22
"Very happy about the service, the doctor and the staff. Very professional and caring. My Leo loves them"
- Giuseppina Moriconi
05/06/2019 00:33:37
"We always receive prompt, professional care for our canine! I have recommended this hospital to several friends."
- Kimberly & Michael Brown
04/19/2019 17:17:31
"I continually brag about how loving your staff is to my Bonnie - it makes me feel so much better knowing she is cared for when I am out of town!"
- Susan Rose
03/04/2019 18:49:17
"Toby is doing well thanks to your tender care."
- Martha & Brian Clouse
02/18/2019 16:47:06
"Thank you for taking care of our Snoopy. The staff is so wonderful with him and it eases our minds to know that he's so well cared for in our absence. "
- Juliet & Brian Brown
02/15/2019 21:55:34
"Bonnie is very well taken care of here! The staff loves her and I feel very happy to have her here. Thank you!"
- Susan Rose
02/02/2019 14:09:36
"Everyone at Mitchell Hammock is friendly and loving towards our Snoopy. We are very comfortable leaving him in your care and are so appreciative of your obvious love for animals and their welfare."
- Juliet & Brian Brown
01/16/2019 01:34:02
"01/14/2019 visit: Thank you staff and techs for receiving and welcoming my dog Grace into the exam room. Thank you Dr. Dudley for your caring nature and expertise with my pets. I appreciate that you try to work with each financial situation by not pressuring me to take more extensive care at a hardship time. I really recommend your hospital for other pets."
- Paula Johnson
01/15/2019 23:47:32
"Excellent service, as always!"
- Giuseppina Moriconi
11/29/2018 17:28:14
"I love how you treat my Bonnie! And by the way she acts when I bring her to your office I can tell she loves the way you treat her as well - thank you!"
- Susan Rose
11/02/2018 12:11:43
"I am so thankful for the loving way my pup was treated by your staff. I appreciate the tour of the facility. Thank you again! I feel very comfortable in boarding my Bonnie with you!"
- Susan Rose
10/01/2018 14:48:56
"You all do a great job taking care of our dog. Thank you"
- Melvin & Melissa Cotton
09/21/2018 14:22:01
"Very happy with tey have fprmy pet they always rember us ansbaby my pet"
- Cindy Mojica
09/10/2018 13:27:15
"Toby was in for boarding overnight and a test. They treat him like a VIP!"
- Martha & Brian Clouse
08/28/2018 20:52:31
"Very satisfied with the service."
- Sebrena & Mark Hinson
08/18/2018 15:53:42
"Very satisfied with Chanel care and a very friendly staff ❣️"
- Juan & Yazmin Santos/Valentin
07/10/2018 16:43:47
"Great care and value for our babies. Staff and doctor were excellent."
- Amy & Joe Tyson
06/12/2018 12:25:02
"We feel very comfortable leaving our dog here when we travel. Staff is awesome!!"
- Vincent & Lindsay Geigel
06/03/2018 03:47:18
"Always thorough"
- Erika Espinet
06/01/2018 13:02:16
"Good service as usual"
- Giuseppina Moriconi
05/10/2018 20:23:18
"We feel confident that our dog is receiving excellent and thorough care at your facility!"
- Kimberly & Michael Brown
05/06/2018 02:43:07
"The entire staff at Mitchell Hammock is outstanding. They really care about the health and comfort of my pet and whatever anxiety the owner may have. Dr. Dudley is very thorough in explaining procedures and diagnoses. I wish my personal physician took as much time with me!!!"
- Susan Folkins
04/17/2018 12:21:00
"I was very satisfied. I did not have an appointment because my dog was injured. I didn't wait long at all and they did not rush with comet. took x-ray and explained options plainly to me while viewing x-ray. thank you"
- Eileen Zaharatos
04/11/2018 16:04:58
"Great staff! "
- Carlos & Aleida Cabrera
03/29/2018 17:16:04
"We cannot thank you enough for taking care of Bitzy. Our plan is to transition from our current vet to you. Thank you again!!!"
- Katie&Tommy Holt&Gillenwater
03/07/2018 12:10:54
"I have always liked the way my Lulu gets treated by staff & Dr. I find him to be compassionate, proffessional & most of all caring. He has called me himself after a procedure & I think that's be very important. "
- Maria Alvarez
02/20/2018 18:35:11
"My dog has had excellent care"
- Erika Espinet
02/08/2018 21:10:49
"Thank you for taking care of my cats and helping me to find a good home for Vinnie!"
- Giuseppina Moriconi
10/05/2017 18:35:00
"Annie was well taken care of and she seems to be calm when she goes. "
- Mariely & Steven Santana
09/11/2017 20:06:57
"Love this place! Professional, friendly, passionate about pet care. Especially liked the breed information provided. "
- Kristal Holmes
09/09/2017 12:30:41
"Pocky and Marley always enjoy their stay there. We really appreciate all that you do for them."
- Jennifer & Efrain Cruz
05/25/2017 15:32:29
"I love boarding my dog here. He's never nervous when he arrives and I know he will be well taken care of and for a reasonable price! "
- Mary & Carlo Watts
05/09/2017 12:12:33
"I value the compassion and patience staff has For my difficult pet!"
- Kimberly & Michael Brown
05/06/2017 12:54:16
"Everyone was super nice and respectful to me and my cat. All my questions were thoughtfully considered and answered in full. Overall I'm extremely pleased with my experience here and very happy I came across them."
- Brooke Schaefer
04/24/2017 12:06:29
"Maverick and Yank really love coming there!!!! "
- Frank & Chris Garr - Martz
04/08/2017 12:44:11
"I love how the staff is so compassionate and caring toward the pets. "
- Jean White
04/07/2017 18:40:09
" The service Major received was excellent. (As usual) It is worth the trip from Altamonte Springs to take him to Mitchell Hammock as I feel he receives the best care."
- Harriet Ford
04/04/2017 14:37:57
"We always are assisted by a very professional staff, and Dr. Woody renders excellent service."
- Bill & Sylvia De Boles
02/22/2017 19:10:02
"Dr. Dudley was so friendly and helpful! Thank you so much to everyone for the great care Geno received and for honoring the weekend special for him on Friday. "
- Emily Guerdan
02/18/2017 15:47:09
"the staff and doctors are always friendly and very helpful in trying to determine the proper care for our pet "
- Ernest & Salliann Phrampus
01/11/2017 09:42:48
"Great staff and office! Our dog loves to come here whether it's a check up or to stay in boarding. He's always happy and we could enjoy this Vet more!"
- Nicole Zeratsky-Mulligan
12/23/2016 14:32:24
"Major received as usual excellent care. I think Major is considered by your staff to be a "star". He has taken to the staff and is friendly, and in turn they really like him. It doesn't hurt that he is a handsome bird. I will continue to bring Major to your hospital as I feel making the trip from Altamonte Springs is worth it! Thanks again for taking good care of Major."
- Harriet Ford
12/14/2016 13:51:25
"Was a great first visit! "
- Tyler Hammer
12/14/2016 13:20:25