"Very efficient."
- Carol Capone
07/24/2023 01:20:17
"had a sick kitty and was in within 2 hours after the call. Dr. Kubic is always good."
- William D. Smith
07/23/2023 14:04:35
"always very good care and service"
- Calvin S. Gray
07/22/2023 12:45:18
"excellent care for my pets"
- Tracey Cheever
06/05/2023 19:38:42
"This visit I brought my precious old girl puff. She is being treated for thyroid. She was fit In quickly. She had bloodwork, nails trimmed, weight check and some mats cut away. Dr K called same day with results and suggestions. Couldn’t be more pleased with The service . Been clients over 25 years"
- Cathy West
06/05/2023 13:31:44
"I love coming into the Hospital whether or not it’s a regular check up or one of my dogs are sick. They are caring and friendly "
- Dawn Dvorak
06/04/2023 15:18:55
"You guys are the best. I'm very comfortable with Watertown Animal Hospital. I trust them a lot."
- Kim Dyke
04/07/2023 12:07:24
"My sick cat was well taken care of. She is now doing much better and seems to be on her way to recovery. Everyone was very attentive to her needs as well as to my concerns for her. "
- Denise Betterman
04/05/2023 23:40:00
"Always professional and courteous. "
- Gail M. Sovie
04/04/2023 12:57:37
"After 30+ years of coming to Watertown Animal, and seeing the transition between the staff and the doctors, it's still our favorite place to bring our kids. Thank you Chris for being so understanding! Lin and Pat"
- Linda Fields
03/02/2023 02:58:05
"I got an appointment for my dog very quickly. The staff was very patient with my dog who gets very excited and animated whenever he gets to go out on adventures to the groomer or vet."
- Kathleen Baldwin
03/01/2023 14:39:41
"Staff is always so kind and patient and accommodating to our needs. My fur baby is dog reactive and staff always helps by getting her into a room quickly. She is also very nervous around new people and the staff takes their time letting her warm up to them. "
- Jenna Sixberry
02/26/2023 15:20:55
"Everyone is wonderful and I’m always at ease when Dr. Jank sees our pets. He takes his time and our pets love him."
- Nicole Shultz
02/25/2023 12:56:59
"I was really surprised and happy to get an appointment so quickly."
- Donna L. Gressler
02/03/2023 03:53:03
"Excellent! The staff & vets are wonderful especially Dr. Jank"
- Carla L. Smith
01/17/2023 01:50:26
"All of the staff is super friendly, helpful, and patient. They all say hello to each of my dogs, giving them however much space they need. Vet & techs answer all questions."
- Stephanie Arney
01/16/2023 21:04:14
"I appreciate the familiarity you exhibit with my pets and your compassion for them. They always receive excellent care."
- Donald Hughes
01/15/2023 01:32:03
"Good customer service and technical skills"
- Anthony Marra
10/21/2022 00:25:24
"My cats get the best care at WAH."
- Michele M Bariteau
10/10/2022 17:15:54
"Dr. Kibiuk cleaned Holstein's teeth on 10/6/22. I couldn't believe how well he acted when I got him home. He's terrified of going anywhere and seeing people. I give the staff a lot of credit for the care he received. He's doing great. Thanks to Dr. Kibiuk, Sarah, and Lisa. "
- Paula Bender
10/09/2022 18:58:23
"Everything went well. We had to wait a few minutes, but it takes time to clean between clients. Very impressed with the care and attention that my dog was given, both by the vet and by the office staff. Very relaxing atmosphere."
- Deborah Kish
10/03/2022 17:15:38
"I was able to get an appointment the same day because I was concerned about Finn and his eye. His face was swollen and painful as well. Everyone took such great care of my boy"
- Dawn Dvorak
09/26/2022 14:42:39
"The veterinarian and vet tech were really great with Angel even though she can be difficult. "
- Laura Stevens
09/05/2022 16:49:27
"We had a really great experience as staff was very polite and very helpful to us and was very very good with our dogs.Staff answered all our questions."
- Keith Murphy
08/29/2022 19:00:08
"The staff are all very friendly. I had a great experience. I’ve been a client for 20+ years and I plan to stay. "
- Cristin O'Brien
08/19/2022 18:02:06
"Dr. Kibiuk’s knowledge, experience and patience with our rescue cat was amazing."
- Yvonne Reff
08/18/2022 18:00:49
"Thru the years my doggie have the best vets "
- Crimilda Rodriquez
08/16/2022 18:09:39
"Would not take our dog anywhere else. Your love of taking care of animals is evident every time we come in"
- Barb Behner
08/01/2022 13:31:05
"Everyone was very professional and answered all of our questions. We are very happy with the care that our dog gets here. "
- Renee Elliott
07/29/2022 21:12:20
"The veterinarians of WAH are the best in the business. Today Murphy saw Dr. Jank, he did a great job calming Murphy and checking him out. I am thankful to have such high quality health care for my kitties."
- Michele M Bariteau
07/25/2022 19:52:35
"Friendly & helpful staff. Clean & welcoming facility. Knowledgeable & kind people. Thank you for taking such good care of our baby, aka Jack."
- Lori Ann Arnott
07/12/2022 00:03:14
"The vet tech and vet took the time to listen to me and my concerns. My visit was basically a wellness check for Angel. She's perfectly healthy!"
- Laura Stevens
07/03/2022 17:20:51
"the most friendly staff. They made sure my puppy and I felt comfortable and heard. "
- Miranda Quintana
06/28/2022 18:22:39
"Your staff is great. They're always friendly on the phone and in person. I feel you all do your best to make me and my dog feel welcome and listened to. "
- Honey Galaydick
06/19/2022 17:12:59
"I've been bringing pets to the Watertown Animal Hospital for over 30 years. I've had nothing but excellent care the entire time."
- Michele Tinsley
06/17/2022 16:08:12
"Dr. Jank figured out my cat Lucy's problems, which is no small feat as Lucy is not good with 'strangers.' She is feeling better and doesn't growl nearly as much. Thank-you!"
- Christine Dear
06/06/2022 15:50:31
"Service was excellent. Staff was informative. After surgery followup was appreciated. "
- Dennis Marshall
03/27/2022 21:23:14
"Everyone at the Watertown Animal Hospital has always gone above and beyond for me and my fur babies. Dr. Jenk is the best, as is all the staff there. I can't say enough good things about them!"
- Alicia Rowsam
03/18/2022 23:58:04
"I am confident that my cats will receive professional care at Watertown Veterinary Hospital. The techs and vets go out of their way to make my pets as comfortable as possible. I had one of my cats put to sleep as he had cancer and it was an emotional time for me. The vet and staff made the experience one that was filled with caring and sympathy. Later the Watertown Animal Hospital sent me a card that had a picture that looked just like my cat and there were prints of his paws inside and all the staff had signed it. I thought it was the most thoughtful act a person could expect. I wouldn't take my cats anywhere else for their health care. "
- Joni Kay Lord
03/14/2022 11:30:34
"It was a very warm,kind and informative visit. They always make every things clear and all options we could have even if it means we would need a specialist. They demonstrate how to use and give medication. They never rush us out "
- Pat Hodge
03/05/2022 23:15:38
"They were absolutely amazing when my dog got impailed by something and quickly got us in and got my dog into surgery and fixed up right away "
- Blythe Peebles
03/01/2022 23:51:17
"You are doing great. Staff is helpful and friendly. No complaints."
- Anne L. Mellon
03/12/2021 00:42:24
"I would never have my babies treated by any other pet hospital! DrJanks is the best and my baby loves him! I trust him to do the best when he treats Doti! The staff techs and front staff are friendly and caring! Thanks for all you do!"
- William Welbourn
03/10/2021 20:34:38
"I like how the waiting rooms have been separated. Staff is friendly and efficient."
- Nanette Pacifici
03/10/2021 16:42:56
"I have every confidence in Dr. Jank"
- Sue Rudes
03/09/2021 18:44:56
"My cat saw Dr. Dixon for the first time and he was very satisfied with the service. I like the fact that they didn’t violate my animal by taking his temp. They addressed what I was there for listened to my concerns and sent me home with a few meds and no dooms day scenario."
- Robert Hartz
03/06/2021 23:49:20
"We just love Dr Janks he is a dog whisperer ! Sampson calms down as soon as he comes into the patient room. "
- Karen Zehr
03/06/2021 17:30:58
"No suggestions at all! Office staff is personable and helpful, our vet tech was attentive and welcoming, and Dr. Kibiuk—-excellent! She is very knowledgeable and always patient when answering questions. "
- Ellen Powers
03/05/2021 18:27:19
"I always have a great experience when I bring in one of my cats. Dr. Kibiuk is such a caring vet and makes my cat feel comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and explains everything so I know what is wrong and how to manage the medicine when I get home. The staff is pleasant and easy to work with. "
- Marcia A. Trick
03/05/2021 18:04:38
"Always top notch service. "
- April Beamer-Breen
03/04/2021 23:43:57
"My cat has received excellent treatment and the vet has kept in touch with test results and answered any questions I have had. The staff is very friendly and helpful!"
- Sara R. Treadwell
03/04/2021 21:58:25
"We have been bring our pets to wtn vets for over 20 years. For the most part our pets were and healthy needing only yearly check ups. Whenever there was an emergency the staff has responded quickly to get us seen.In the past when we were faced with the need to let them go,the staff was as saddened as we were, The sympathy cards meant so much. We are very gratiful to know when we need there services they do there best to find a time to bring us in to be seen. "
- Karen Wennerstrom
03/04/2021 15:12:17
"I LOVE Dr. Kibiuk for one. The girls out front are always so nice. I'm getting to know the office manager now. Even though they had computer issues, he handled it well and answered my questions about medications."
- Jacqueline O'Neill
03/03/2021 22:10:46
- Karen Frank
03/03/2021 00:49:10
"You guys are all great!!!"
- James Flanders
03/02/2021 23:20:57
"Excellent "
- Christy Atnip
03/02/2021 23:18:34
"This was lunas first actual visit. The girls and the dr. Made her and I feel comfortable. Thank you"
- Nanette Adams
03/02/2021 11:57:51
"All is great!"
- Arden Sharpe
03/02/2021 02:09:48
"Excellent "
- Angela MacDougal
02/28/2021 18:30:18
"Dr Dixon is excellent. She answered all my questions and concerns . "
- Rosemarie Carpenter
02/28/2021 01:25:57
"I have been with them almost 30 yrs and they have taken card of all my animals dogs and cats .they are always considerate and informative. They always give me options on treatments. They tell the reactions of medicine. When the time comes where they need assistance to pass ,they are kind and caring and respectable they speak to me if I call. "
- Pat Hodge
02/27/2021 23:29:42
"All staff are very kind and considerate. Quality of care is superb. "
- Beth Augustus
02/27/2021 20:11:27
"I trust Watertown Animal Hospital with my pets care. I had a cat for 16 years that had to be put to sleep because of an illness. Watertown Animal Hospital made that experience tolerable for me. I have 2 cats now that get their care there, and my youngest is going to be spayed soon. I enjoy going to Watertown Animal Hospital because of the Vets and their techs. Even the receptionist is nice and very understanding and helpful."
- Joni Kay Lord
02/27/2021 13:17:48
"Your care is excellent. It was annoying though to make two separate trips for each of my dogs."
- Debra Henderson
02/27/2021 01:03:31
"Quinn is doing great!"
- Kendra M. Cloe
02/26/2021 20:35:32
"Dr. kibuk is the best with cats. The techs are great ."
- Tracey Cheever
02/26/2021 01:16:44
"Front desk staff & Vicky were pleasant and able to answer any questions I had. Dr. Kibiuk was available even tho I did not have an appointment and helped with my cat's care. Tech's were able to get my meds in a timely fashion. Front of building was neat and salt for snow had been done. Inside was clean, new lighting is great and everything well marked with "social distancing" and mask requirements for this time we are in. A very good experience. Cat loved he did not have to go in for a visit!"
- Karen Williams
02/24/2021 21:15:42
"You took good care of our dog when she had her teeth cleaned."
- Linda McAnulty
02/24/2021 17:41:54
"I have been client for 20 years. I have always been treated with great professionalism."
- Margaret DePerrior
02/23/2021 21:46:52
"I am very happy with every visit between the front desk, the technicians and Doctors I feel relieved when I leave there knowing my Animals have received the best care. "
- Toni Manarina
02/23/2021 21:16:46
"My Boxer dog receives the best care. Everyone at the practice is kind, professional, and wants to genuinely help. My dog has had behavioral and medical problems over the years and we have been treated so well. What stands out to me is the willingness to listen and take concerns about our dog seriously and make a plan of treatment whatever the case may be. "
- Michele Victoria
02/23/2021 19:02:13
"The staff are so hard working and caring. Shout out to Dr Dixon and Lisa for taking care of my stubborn little Bella during her Dental procedure!!!❤️❤️"
- Sarah Davis
02/23/2021 17:31:41
"I have nothing bad to report. Staff is fantastic, Dr's fantastic, overall experience fantastic. Prices very reasonable compared to others, I believe the pet comes 1st with Watertown Animal Hospital, something that seems to be eluding other clinics. Thank you very much for your care of our kids."
- Robbin Heim
02/23/2021 16:41:58
"I have only had good experiences . Everyone is super friendly."
- Lorel Holt
02/23/2021 16:27:02
"Very pleased with visit Front desk service was excellent Appointment on time "
- Jan Hunter
02/16/2021 15:58:33
"Very nice to have a Veterinary listen to what I had to say about my cat."
- Fred Goslin
02/15/2021 00:57:14
"I reallu have no complaints at this time . I have needed advise last week about one of my small dogs , called and was helped by one of the vet tecks rite away and it turned out to be exelent advise ! "
- Timothy Tarzia
02/14/2021 09:08:53
"Got me in quickly. The vet(Dr. Dickson was so wonderful.Gave me options I could afford and was very loving to my cat. The same for the tech. "
- Christine McCargar
02/14/2021 01:10:28
"Was very HAPPY with Roxys checkup, all my questions were answered. See you again next time. Thanks Chris"
- Chris B. Brougham
02/14/2021 00:21:16
"Have only good experience so far. The vets are nice and also the tech. The girls out front are helpful"
- Julie Harra
02/13/2021 21:02:09
"We are very pleased with our service."
- Melinda Radley
02/12/2021 21:52:27
"I absolutely love all the docs and staff there! They always make our dogs comfortable."
- Kristin Mulvaney
02/11/2021 23:37:55
"We have been clients for many, many years and thankful for the kind, compassionate vets, techs and office staff. "
- Victoria Rogers-Coughlin
02/11/2021 23:29:13
"Professional, clean office, friendly staff"
- Barbara Belcher
02/11/2021 13:06:22
"Very Good. Nurse is very friendly and Dr. Jank is always so friendly for our O'l girl and accommodating for her as she sits, lays or stays just about anywhere she likes on the floor. He joins her to her comfort level which is appreciated."
- T.G. Kolb
02/07/2021 13:51:13
"Very good. Dr becky is great with my herd. Even the difficult ones ."
- James L. Copeland
02/06/2021 00:00:29
"Always a pleasure to come for a visit, staff is very professional and no matter which Doctor we see, I know my furry friends will get the best care possible. Thank you to everyone and keep providing excellent service. "
- Robert Beimel
02/02/2021 20:14:33
"Friendly, kind and most importantly thorough. "
- Debra Duflo
01/31/2021 21:57:48
"Everything is great.....friendly and attentive....I have nothing negative to say. "
- Ellen Zapf
01/31/2021 19:34:12
"I feel our dogs get the best attention and loving care from your staff as we give them.We are always asked if we have any questions after care is given to our furbabies"
- Paul Montondo
01/31/2021 12:46:15
"Thank you for serving the North County!"
- Rick Thomson
01/30/2021 21:17:46
"I have no complaints. Efficient, Covid friendly waiting room protocols. I love Dr Dixon who plains everything."
- Julie Laureano
01/30/2021 21:04:43
"I'm always pleased with the staff and Drs at the clinic. I have been affiliated with W.A.H. for many many many years. They are knowledgeable and very helpful. They know me and my pet family."
- Dora P. Bova
01/26/2021 20:34:48
"Efficient, professional, and kind!"
- Kimberly Hall
01/24/2021 18:43:34
"I just lost my cat Faith recently. It was very nice that they resent me up memory card with her paw print. I thought that was sweet and thoughtful. So when I got my new cat Sammy I decided to bring her there which she had a little breathing issues they gave me some medicine and I thank them very much. They're a great group"
- Barbara Sheen
01/23/2021 20:50:51
"Always helpful and very friendly, it's a pleasure to go there."
- Bonita Brown
01/22/2021 23:15:51
"Wait time was good. Very one was very pleasant and courteous "
- Michele Trombley
01/22/2021 20:15:58
"I love it here -I pushed 5 for excellent care and when I pushed next it changed. I do hope that everyone stays safe"
- Kristie R. Murrah
01/21/2021 22:12:45
"Dr. Kibiuk is amazing. She has such a natural way with animals and is so knowledgeable and caring."
- Yvonne Reff
01/21/2021 20:07:31
"The visit was very good. They do a great job of making the pets feel co.fortable."
- Donna L. Gressler
01/21/2021 06:27:49