"We always appreciate the friendly service we receive from the entire staff. Thank you"
- Heather Tarzia
12/17/2020 00:10:46
"sammeys apt. went very good .i was well informed as to what might be the cats problem and he got a very good exam.it is for these reasons why we keep going back for all our cats. "
- Theresa Getman
12/16/2020 16:17:17
"Professional care. Courteous staff."
- Linda MacQueen
12/16/2020 00:20:43
"Very good service "
- Amanda Horton
12/15/2020 22:30:04
"Was a great visit. Went very smoothly. "
- Janet Gardner
12/15/2020 21:30:30
"You always take the best care of my dog, "
- Jamison Marsala
12/13/2020 03:01:53
"You guys were great considering Sam was super excited!! You were very patient with him."
- Kathleen Baldwin
12/11/2020 23:36:58
"We alway appreciate you thoughtful care for our pets. "
- Gary Robbins
12/11/2020 21:15:29
"I really don't see room for improvement. We've been bringing our animals there for quite awhile and the experience is always excellent."
- Mike Elcsisin
12/11/2020 05:11:31
"Dr. Kibuik is a wonderful doctor and doesn’t rush appointments. She answers all questions. I’ve always happy with treatments for my pets. The techs are very kind and knowledgeable. "
- Diane Connell
12/11/2020 04:42:35
"We came in with Finn at 12:00 when the office was closing at 1:00. They didn’t have any openings but told us to come in with him. They were wonderful with him and took care of him and gave us peace of mind. Finn has mega esophagus so things are different for him. We appreciate everyone who works there and takes care of our dogs. "
- Dawn Dvorak
12/10/2020 23:35:39
"Always competent, compassionate and available "
- Teresa Shipman
12/10/2020 23:29:22
"the veternarins are excelent. They care for my pets with great care and in a very professional manor. my only problem has been in getting appointments in a timeyl manor."
- Tracey Cheever
12/09/2020 23:20:41
"The care is excellent and I would never go anywhere else"
- Lorel Holt
12/09/2020 20:04:36
"I’ll never take my fur babies any place else . Over the many years and many animals with some docs that have retired and some that I’ve trusted for years ( Dr. Jank, Dr. Kibiuk, and a newer one Dr. Dixon are great and have wonderful service and kindness, office staff is always friendly and techs are very knowledgeable "
- Deborah Crescent
12/08/2020 22:09:48
"You're doing great! You're still providing the same welcoming atmosphere I've come to expect and enjoy from you over the years, even during the pandemic. It's nice for that consistency when it feels like everything has changed. The quality of care is consistent as well, which is always appreciated!"
- Brittany Sholett
12/08/2020 21:08:02