"Pretty great experience. I did have to wait a long length of time until i saw the doctor. It was explained to me that an emergency had come in and they had to stitch her up! That was completely understandable and i appreciated that they explained it to me instead of letting me sit in the waiting room."
- Mary Weaver
02/19/2018 22:00:08
"I appreciate the ability to drop off our pet at 7 AM and then pick her up after work. "
- Cindy Fore
02/17/2018 18:11:09
"All the staff was incredibly inviting and was very helpful and understanding with any, and all, questions I had! They were also very gentle with my feline :)"
- Emily Feliciano
02/17/2018 04:21:32
"Great service by all! Very caring and attentive staff. "
- Claire Kopp
02/17/2018 03:51:08
"Very friendly and patient staff and doctors "
- John Trainor
02/17/2018 01:07:38
"Y’all are amazing!! So glad our pet Biskit comes to visit your facility. "
- Liz Cox
02/16/2018 21:09:46
"I love all the staff from the front desk to the vet. Techs, to the doctor. They welcome you when you walk in the door, they love on my little poodle, they take time with him and us. I would highly recommend you all. Plus I feel confident in the doctor. Thanks so much"
- Pamela Kosyak
02/16/2018 01:25:05
"excellent "
- Tori Mendiola
02/15/2018 21:11:57
"I was touched by the time each of your employees took to explain everything. "
- JoAnn Davey
02/13/2018 23:58:32
"Every time I come in everyone is polite and cheerful. You are always kind and happy to see Pistol Pete and you always take such good care of him and I am so grateful!"
- Kristine Burbridge
02/13/2018 00:18:59
"Everyone was so nice and helpful. Gatsby is family to us and it’s important for him to have a great vet. Thank you for being so kind !"
- Cindy Turner
02/11/2018 01:38:38
"Everyone there is always so nice and take amazing care of my dog. Love them!"
- Joseph Nowak
02/10/2018 23:00:28
"You ladies are nothing short of saints. "
- Joel Boswell
02/10/2018 21:32:23
"Very good"
- Barbara Gay
02/10/2018 17:21:32
"It was a very good experience. I think my dog, Shea, was treated very well, and actually calmed down and relaxed before the whole visit was finished. That says a lot if she picked up on a happy, friendly, relaxed vibe in the office and was able to be comfortable. I would definitely recommend to others in the area."
- Judy Sjogren
02/09/2018 18:24:03
"Excellent! I love tender paws. The staff is kind, efficient, & compassionate"
- Cathrine Corneau
02/09/2018 13:44:07
"I always love coming to Tender Paws! I think the fur babies are pretty cool with it too! I've never met a more friendly, sincere staff. From the moment you walk in to the time you leave, they make you feel that your pet is a VIP. Even when they come in for a routine nail trim. You can tell the staff really enjoy working there. I drive all the way from Spring , which doesn't always make it convenient for me. But just knowing that my fur babies are getting the best care from everyone there keeps me a loyal client. I don't know this personally, but I hear they give pretty good belly rubs..."
- Pam Anderson
02/08/2018 19:28:38
"Excellent service, caring people, and concern for our pets."
- Charles Sheftall
02/08/2018 17:18:03
"I appreciate the time given for all my question and all while smiling and being very friendly. Thanks"
- Liana Medrano
02/08/2018 13:30:27
"Everyone is courteous, caring, and professional...and they’re like family."
- William Ruggles
02/08/2018 00:47:12
"I love your clinic. Everyone is so kind and patient and they really care about my fur babies. "
- Della Holland
01/31/2018 21:51:47
"Called due to injury to pet (Lacey - Welsh Terrier). No problem getting her in to see Dr Morris same day. Very satisfied with quick and professional care Lacey received. Trying hard to think of something negative to say, but glad I can't. Good all the way around."
- Robert Wendrock
01/31/2018 18:47:08
"I always know that Bella is in good hands. The tenderness that I see with her makes me feel good. I can tell that everyone really love the pets we bring in. Thank you for your service. I would recommend you to anyone."
- Mary Glore
01/29/2018 14:01:49
"Everyone was super nice and caring. My dog was very comfortable and enjoyed her visit."
- Becky Babin
01/29/2018 11:57:36
"I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Ree and the entire staff! Love them!"
- Debi Felder
01/28/2018 14:37:08
"You all worked with me to find out what was my pet skin problem and the meds that would clear it up."
- Richard Boyer
01/28/2018 09:08:50
"As always Tender Paws has taken excellent care of Bear. Dr. Reed explains everything in great detail. "
- Leonard Owens
01/27/2018 08:41:00
"Everyone is so friendly and helpful. All is explained thoroughly and I never felt rushed."
- Brenda Follis-Lengyel
01/27/2018 01:28:43
"Everyone has always been terrific. "
- Cynthia Ellis
01/27/2018 00:42:25
"Light and Bright environment, professional care from the front desk to Dr Ree to check out. Thank you! "
- Melissa Hart
01/26/2018 20:06:58
"Great staff. Great Doctors! "
- Janet Baker
01/24/2018 17:10:45
" I could not be more pleased. The people are brigt and sincerely concerned about the health and well being of my mini dachshund. She is like my child so I am very picky about who I trust her to. This community is fortunate to have such a organization, I appreciate all they do and go out of their way to treat my rescue girl. Very blessed."
- Bill Robinson
01/24/2018 16:58:00
"Tender Paws staff is knowledgeable, thorough, attentive, helpful and responsive to my dog's needs, as well as, my needs. Dr. Ree and her staff treat my dog with tender, loving care and they spend a lot of time to address problems and to suggest solutions. It had been 16-17 years prior to Teari choosing to live with me permanently and Tender Paws staff have patiently guided me through the changes in pet care and my dog's needs to sustain wellness and happiness. I've never experienced the joy of a pet that loves to visit the vet office! Many thanks to Dr. Ree and our friends at Tender Paws!"
- Judy Evans
01/24/2018 15:23:32
"My dog gets very excited when she visits Tender Paws. All of the staff go out of their way to insure that she is checked in quickly. I really appreciate that. And all of the staff are extremely friendly as well"
- Roger Smith
01/24/2018 14:19:23
"Gave in depth explanation of diagnosis. Very kind and patient."
- Donna Frazier
01/23/2018 21:42:27
"Always caring and helpful with Cowboy"
- Jennifer Capano
01/22/2018 12:19:18
"Tender Paws Animal Hospital is absolutely one of the best hospitals I’ve ever been to. Such that I travel over 50miles to get here. I love the vets and their staff. I love that they truly care about their clients and patients. I love DocJackie! She’s the best!! She is professional, caring, fun-loving, efficient, knowledgeable, excellent communication skills, bilingual, educates her patients, explains what all has happened, how to make it better, a home plan and when to revisit. If it is beyond a chiropractic situation she immediately refers to the treating veterinarian."
- Jacqueline Doval DC
01/22/2018 03:50:27
" Always helpful, professional, and provide an atmosphere of caring for our pets."
- Pat Nichol
01/21/2018 02:03:54
"always have had a good experience with your staff"
- Linda Schooley
01/20/2018 23:07:07
"I absolutely love them. Everyone there is so nice and really care about you and your pets( family member). I wouldn't go anywhere else."
- Jeanae Jones
01/20/2018 22:17:00
"My wife and I greatly enjoyed every part of your practice yesterday. Our dog Bandit was cared for at every point of our visit. Thank you so much with treating him so kindly and lovingly. This will be our new vet home from now on!"
- Rachel Hooker
01/20/2018 20:21:21
"Always professional in all that you do. No complaint's here"
- Daniel Stanbery
01/19/2018 22:48:29
"Charity and the other lady who trimmed my dogs nails and trimmed the hair around his pads were so sweet! They were so patient and took their time to help my dog Jack to walk with more ease. Dr. Jackie is great as well and everybody at the front! They truly care about the animals. Charity even had some scratched from my dog and I apologized and she so sweetly said it was no problem at all and really defended my scared dog. So selfless!"
- Cheryl Murtha
01/19/2018 21:33:33
"You guys are great! I'm so glad you are taking care of Katie."
- Jan Barron
01/19/2018 21:20:54
"Everyone was extremely friendly and truly cared about my pet receiving the best possible treatment. "
- Valerie Svoboda
01/16/2018 22:10:33
"Doing great, even though you are an hour away it is worth the drive to bring Dakota and Cheyenne to you which are maltese."
- Sue Becknell
01/16/2018 15:58:24
"Tender Paws: Joanie Ree and Deb Morris have been our vets for dogs and cat for over 20 years. The aides and assistants are all pleasant and helpful...wouldn't go anywhere else!! "
- Dell Schooler
01/16/2018 02:17:30
"All staff and doctor's are very helpful and caring for my Lucy Liu."
- Geraldine Lamb
01/15/2018 22:22:34
"Friendly "
- Karen Rogers
01/15/2018 18:57:30
"Tender Paws has the best staff! I never hesitate to leave my pets in their care!"
- Adrienne Quinn
01/13/2018 03:44:49
"The reviews where excellent online. The staff where all really lovely. Hope I have name right Debra the vet was excellent and our best vet experince in the US. Thank you for the extra drugs. Over all a truly great practice. Wish you where our vet all the time."
- Anna Gerritse
01/13/2018 00:42:45
"Love Tenderpaws! Always have a terrific experience. Very customer oriented. Thank you!"
- Debbie Templet
01/12/2018 19:56:41
"Most excellent, I loved the care Cassie received from Sarah and Dr. Reed yesterday 😊 Also, I hope to further Cassie's and I friendship with y'all!"
- John Kramer
01/12/2018 18:24:50
"Tender paws is exactly the place you want to take your pets. They actually care about the animals and the family behind them. "
- Terri Sallack
01/11/2018 05:04:18
"TLC for my little Benny!!! Love Tender Paws "
- Robin Androlake
01/10/2018 02:35:21
"1st time visit. Dr was excellent, explained in detail, very kind and compassionate. Staff at the front were friendly and professional. Wonderful experience!"
- Debbie Whitmire
01/09/2018 22:23:39
"There is no bad we have only enjoyed our experience with Dr. Re, the office and everyone we have come in contact with. I think there are times Major is not really thrilled but y'll know best! haha"
- Linda Boze
01/08/2018 23:46:45
"I have no bad; it's all good. Trixie loves you folks, so we do, too."
- Jerrie McIlhaney
01/08/2018 22:48:10
"The best care in Willis! You showed such compassion when our dear snoopy passed-thankyou! "
- Robin Rhodes
01/07/2018 20:47:19
"I was greeted promptly, the waiting area was clean, the staff helpful and friendly, and can't think of anything that could be improved."
- Laura McDonald
01/06/2018 20:58:34
"Very helpful and knowable"
- Margaret Hilley
01/05/2018 12:35:38
"Dr. Lewis did a very good job of checking Tiger to determine why he is sick. She took time to explain everything and the options for treatment. Very pleased with her service."
- Janette Fuller
01/04/2018 21:36:16
"Always informative and the staff always goes that extra mile. Ashley has always helped me with my many questions about Barney's care."
- Coy Ivey
01/04/2018 20:24:25
"Everyone went above and beyond to help me"
- Dawn Bryan
01/04/2018 16:19:09
"Thank you so much for all of your help with my problem with my cat. You guys are a lifesaver."
- Terri Norris
01/04/2018 15:02:50
"All staff & Vets are polite & concerning..I was refered to this clinic from a friend Larry Noskrent for this reason. I have been to 3 clinics in the area & have found a home for our Dogs/cats know as our buddies. Thanks Bobby Vincent "
- Bobby Vincent
01/04/2018 03:59:35
"great, I can honestly say that we are very pleased with all of you!"
- Luana Leftwich
01/04/2018 01:57:17
"the overall visit was very pleasant. The entire staff was very nice and helpful. ."
- Nan Deboard
01/03/2018 23:27:12
"Always a good experience. Wonderful Doctors and staff. Wouldn't think of going anywhere else"
- Sheri Griscom
01/02/2018 21:16:54
"We have been friends of Tender Paws for over 10 years and love Dr Ree and Dr Morris - but our pets are getting older and more symptomatic - we still feel like our pets are in the best hands even after all these years"
- Barbara Thornton
01/01/2018 02:32:04
"We always have a great experience with y’all!!"
- Brandy King
12/31/2017 22:57:20
"Always very personable and compassionate no matter what the reason for our visit. We know our dogs are always well taken care of whether we wait or drop-off."
- Roxane Dantonio
12/31/2017 01:15:51
"I loved your office, workers and Doctor! Amazing with my fur baby!"
- Maecala Romero
12/30/2017 05:11:51
"Tender Paws is great! They are very caring and work with clients to provide excellent care."
- Christopher Byrn
12/30/2017 04:09:40
"Tender Paws personal not only treats my fur children medically but also emotionally. They care equally about their health and happiness. This applies to the pet parents as well. It's not easy to see your pet in pain or suffering. Although Tender Paws personal are not counselors they do a fabulous job communicating, consoling, and supporting pet parents through difficult times. Thank you to the beautiful souls at Tender Paws. Love you guys!"
- Denise Farmer
12/29/2017 19:26:48
"Tenderpaws is the absolute best! We can count on them to have Gabriel's best interest everytime we visit!💖💖💖 Gabriel loves everyone at Tenderpaws. Regards, Linda, Ralph and Gabriel "
- Ralph Stoddard
12/28/2017 01:43:34
"Our golden girls have always received excellent care from the vets and the vet techs. The office staff is very professional, friendly, and efficient!! So thankful to have had outstanding care for our fur family!!"
- Kathy Magliolo
12/27/2017 20:37:00
"Love you so much y'all been so good with sassy and rowdy and bear will get them in soon to see all y'all merry Christmas from all the babies. "
- Londa Nichols
12/21/2017 15:44:16
"Still doing a through, complete, and caring job!"
- Bob Allen
12/20/2017 20:35:20
"Y’all do an awesome job!!! Staff is always friendly and the Docs are knowledgeable!!!! "
- Jessica Ferguson
12/20/2017 16:02:09
"I was very ill and came in for shots and an exam. Dr. Lewis offered to take care of my Shepherd until I could get back to get him. I can't say for sure, but his fur looked like it had been brushed out and much of his shedding (from nerves had stopped). I love the doctors and staff at Tender Paws."
- Sherri Williams
12/18/2017 20:47:10
"as always we got the best care and attention we were expecting from everyone at tender paws.will continue to use yall as long as we have a pet.we recomendyou to everyone we know.thanks."
- Gerald Glover
12/16/2017 22:22:48
"Best vet ever!"
- Paula Mathia
12/14/2017 23:22:56
"I just love Tender Paws!!! Everyone is so friendly and the service is great!! I look forward to bringing my puppies to you guys to take care of. Thank you sooooo much!!!!"
- Leigh Walton
12/14/2017 18:56:02
"Everybody is always so pleasant, helpful and genuinely care about my pets. The staff and Drs. are the greatest!"
- Jo Myers
12/13/2017 22:42:01
"Dr. Lewis and all of the staff treated Blackie and us with kindness and joy. I mean going to the vet is never fun, but we were so appreciative of their friendliness as they addressed our concerns and checked our fur baby out completely. It was a great experience and we can't thank you all enough."
- Billie Pomarzynski
12/13/2017 22:08:41
"We love bringing our pets to TP because it means peace of mind to us! We know that our beloved pets are going to get excellent care and we don’ t have to worry about what kind of condition we will find them in when we pick them up. Also they will be ready to go when we arrive to pick them up. They and their belongings will be clean and all together and ready to go."
- Pattie Barko
12/13/2017 00:26:10
"I have been coming here for 5 us. Ranger was only 10 months old. Every one is so sweet. I have brought in other animals and they have cared for them as well. I do tell other people if you need a good vet To bring them to you guys. Happy Holidays"
- Deborah Adcox
12/10/2017 01:10:33
"My dog was very happy and we had to drop him off to get him seen for an ear infection. They also got him bathed and had his nails clipped too! All within a few hours time! The staff are always so sweet and informative! "
- Samantha Mahon
12/10/2017 00:11:30
"Very nurturing to my Cash and myself"
- Lisa Weiler
12/09/2017 19:01:55
"My Abbie has had the best care ever.They have treated her like a queen and saved her life."
- Gayla Bassett
12/09/2017 01:36:53
"Gave excellent care to our CAT. The whole staff from reception to techs and vet were outstanding. The vet took a lot of time with our vet, treated him like it was her own animal. She explained everything awesomely. "
- Kathleen Dundon
12/08/2017 19:04:51
"Everyone was so nice. It was a wonderful experience and the doctor took allot of time explaining everything to me. All the staff was wonderful."
- Trudy Jones
12/08/2017 18:20:48
"Every visit is a pleasant one. Staff is friendly and always smiling. Whether on the phone or in person- everyone is always extremely kind and helpful."
- Cathy Shirley
12/07/2017 01:46:40
"You all are doing absolutely great!! My experience with the staff at Tender Paws through the years has been a pleasure. You all take the time to care and know my pets, and I trust you all with caring for them both medical and boarding. Thank you very much!!"
- Diana Capetillo
12/05/2017 22:00:12
"Gracie had her teeth cleaned and had to have 5 teeth pulled. I know Dr. Rhea cares for her patients as the parents of the fur babies. They were very understanding with me knowing how much I loved my fur baby. There isn't anyone else I would trust to put my babies to sleep."
- Cheryl Thomas
12/05/2017 18:39:38
"A pet visit to Tender Paws has always been a pleasant experience! Even for all my pets over the years! Excellent care & service! "
- Eileen Remley
12/02/2017 01:33:49
"Dr. Ree and staff are super! Very caring and professional. They treat our cat as if she were their own. They always follow up to check on us to see how things are going. "
- Connie Newman
11/30/2017 22:52:03
"The amazing Vets and sweet staff is the primary reason we enjoy recommending TenderPaws every chance we get. Thank you for taking such good care of our Romeo"
- Jeffrey Ward
11/30/2017 18:36:16
"Great communication, great care of my dog! Love coming here!"
- Brian Hanley
11/28/2017 19:49:45