"Great care and great staff."
- Ann & Theodore Wodrich
01/11/2021 10:31:41
"Dr Presley is the best veterinarian I've been to in a long time. She came out to our car and went over every thing that she found during her exam. The technicians are so good especially Samantha who has volunteered to come to our house 2x a day to give our dog her eye meds. This is the best animal hospital in Pasco."
- Kathleen Taylor
01/10/2021 06:05:58
"Always the best of care and super COVID cautious."
- Patricia Stallard
01/09/2021 16:49:27
"Vet Staff are always so kind and caring with Boston and Jersey, as well their Mom. Much appreciate the thorough approach to caring for them."
- Elaine Woods
01/08/2021 20:24:47
"I don't care for the curb side visits but understand why and I always have great service when we visit every past visit has been pleasant ."
- Grace Cittadino
01/08/2021 15:07:03
"It’s hard to express because I sit in a car while your staff runs in & out to service our needs."
- Diane Angel
01/07/2021 06:25:09
"good job thanks"
- David & Carol Rice-Mc Nabb
01/06/2021 22:58:10
"Lucy loves you guys!"
- Lisa Coyle
01/06/2021 22:39:04
"Great but curbside is different but as a nurse I understand "
- Pam Duffy
01/05/2021 22:45:20
"I was a little concerned about the curbside pick-up as I had wanted to talk with the vet about my new puppy. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Dr. Curry had taken the time to come to my vehicle to answer my questions personally. She had taken the extra steps to print some helpful articles and ease my worries. I know my puppy is in good hands and am looking forward to our next visit. Thank you to all the staff as you have all made us feel like family."
- Tammi Grigg
01/05/2021 13:19:15
"Awesome as always"
- John Micciche
01/01/2021 17:26:29
"This is the best veterinary office in NPR. I take all of my cats here. "
- Claudia & Lee Nowak-Ratay
12/31/2020 13:12:03
"you did very well considering my 12 lb dog becomes a demon dog when it comes to getting his nails clipped . I'm sure Lisa and the others that help her will agree Thank You Ladies Have a Happy and Healthy New year "
- Lynn Brown
12/31/2020 03:34:58
"You guys are doing great thru these tough times"
- Norman & Karen Goldberg
12/31/2020 00:10:49
"This staff is AMAZING. I have been going to them for a few years now and they are attentive and caring. I recently had to revisit for a last minute, emergency appointment. They took my cat in right before closing time and did not make me feel rushed or unwelcome for bringing him in so late. I really appreciate them staying late and addressing the issue with my cat. "
- Tracy & Michael Krlin
12/30/2020 14:47:07
"You guys are great! I even recommended my friend to you. He brought his fur baby in on Monday 12/28/2020 (Rocky)"
- Laurie& Terry Mc Lane
12/29/2020 18:09:37
"Doing good"
- Jeannie Dutraferea
12/27/2020 23:34:12
"My dogs absolutely love coming to you. Merry Christmas "
- Denvil Dotson
12/27/2020 20:16:41
"The Vet Tech that facilitated the visit did a great job of communicating. Very thorough."
- David &Christine Lyttle
12/27/2020 17:32:03
"We had a bit of a problem and the staff was able to get us a prescription and dry dog food for Callie’s uti"
- Harvey & Leanna Lorincz
12/26/2020 18:24:48
"Even though I had to just stop Brooks off because Doc was busy.. the staff knows Brooks and that he does not cage well so when I called to check on him it made my heart happy that they had him walking free with them in the reception area"
- Becky Maxey
12/24/2020 12:42:44
"Awesome "
- Robert Thompson
12/23/2020 23:31:52
"My dog was just boarded there for two nights and everything went very smoothly. I would leave my dog there again. Staff is very patient, knowledgeable and love working with dogs. "
- Carmello Graziano
12/23/2020 03:41:47
"always attentive to our concerns. "
- Arthur&Genevieve Ginsberg
12/22/2020 23:00:51
"I think you are doing a wonderful job in spite of covid restrictions. I look forward to being able to go in with my fur babies hopefully in the near future. Thanks to Doc and all the staff. Happy Holidays!"
- Tracey Livernois
12/21/2020 15:37:20
"We love the feeling all of the staff give us and our animals "
- Sandra Koerner
12/20/2020 17:23:05
"Very happy with Dr Presley, techs and office staff. I moved to Sprung hill and I still make the trip there. "
- Patricia&William Bizier & Quick
12/19/2020 17:13:41
"All is good. My babies are well and their care at your Animal Hospital is great. I appreciate your brains and assistance by your personnel, especially Lisa. Happy Holidays."
- Jill Podkowa
12/17/2020 01:36:50
"Lisa listens to concerns and helps to communicate needs effectively. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The doctors listen and offer the best services for your pet. "
- Stephane&Michael Barrett
12/16/2020 17:23:02
"Everything went very smooth and in a timely manner. No recommendations of improvements at this time :) "
- Jason & Amanda Murphy
12/10/2020 00:09:48
- Nancy Street
12/08/2020 20:16:45
"Roxie LOVES the place tails a wagging every time she gets out of the car "
- Anthony&Elizabet Bobbie
12/03/2020 15:10:39
"I have never had an issue with the care of my dog or their responce to me and or my questions or concerns they have always handled our dog with TLC & have his utmost care in mind "
- Mary and Russ Chambe
12/03/2020 01:07:30
"Excellent service. "
- Emily & Trenton Bainbridge
12/03/2020 00:37:31
"Just fine. Extra precautions during COVID appreciated."
- Elizabeth & Bob Catron
12/01/2020 20:10:01
"We are very happy with the service you provide in all our needs for our pet you have been excellent."
- Walter Bode
11/30/2020 18:58:31
"We appreciate the kindness you showed Jasmine. Curbside drop off is hard for us, but we appreciate that you take care of it in these current circumstances."
- Marissa Buresh
11/28/2020 20:21:40
"Awesome service and Thank you"
- Phyllis Carter
11/26/2020 22:17:35
"Great experience! Great, courteous people!"
- Gail & Robert Stamey
11/26/2020 21:47:30
"Doing great"
- Robby McCabe
11/24/2020 18:04:46
"With the covid...your meet the pet is a very good idea..."
- Claudia Richter
11/22/2020 18:15:40
"Excellent care and compassion for my rocco and myself. "
- Glenn Coyle
11/22/2020 04:12:03
"Very friendly compassionate office"
- Maryann Webster
11/22/2020 00:26:25
"Prompt service and thorough care for Dixie"
- Don and Mary Kenward
11/21/2020 23:24:01
"Couldn't be happier with the treatment our Peanut received. "
- Lawrence&Roseann Fett
11/21/2020 21:36:16
"Kelly does an excellent job on grooming Molly. Molly gets so excited to see her and all the other girls at the hospital."
- Jean Jestus
11/21/2020 21:06:37
"Very impressed w/caring staff"
- Rosie Horsch
11/21/2020 15:47:37
"Everyone is so wonderful to my pets, Olivia and Bella. I have experienced such professionalism, such kindness to my fur babies. I would never let them be in any other hands but these great doctors and staff members. "
- Linda Sacco
11/21/2020 02:04:50
"Very quick with coming out to my car with pet meds. "
- Mary & Vince Anderson
11/20/2020 23:14:26
"Best bet services around! Been going there for over 20 years!"
- Judy & Don Crum
11/19/2020 23:34:30
"All went well."
- Carolyn Fesh
11/19/2020 15:56:28
"Always a good experience for both us and our dog"
- Frances & Jack Brandt
11/19/2020 15:30:13
"Very warm and caring "
- Jo Raley
11/19/2020 15:14:04
"You guys are the best. Bubba and cooper love coming to you."
- Wanda & Scott Baxter & Ballard
11/17/2020 17:09:47
"No bad. Always the best!"
- Roberta Cohen
11/15/2020 21:59:03
"i have no complaints. "
- Steve/Annette Duffy
11/15/2020 20:52:39
"Your doing great!"
- Kathy Gage
11/14/2020 18:58:40
"Always caring, kind and professional on the phone and in person. During COVID 19, the staff is doing all they can to keep everyone safe"
- Daniel & Karen Wise
11/12/2020 11:41:47
"All the girls are amazing with our dogs I always feel comfortable with them taking care of our girls."
- Lisa & Bill Plattenburg
11/06/2020 01:13:26
"You guys are the best.you couldn’t pay me enough money to go anywhere else. Just the beeeest"
- Bernadine & Robt Abbey
11/03/2020 21:09:11
"All aspects of my cat's recent annual exam were handled with skill, care, attention to detail, and personal warmth. I really appreciate the curbside service to minimize any risk of getting Covid-19."
- Carmine Bell
11/03/2020 18:21:14
"Very quick to respond when I pulled in parking lot to pick up RX for Mindy"
- Kathe & Mark Abels
11/02/2020 19:22:41
"Kelly, the pet groomer, is excellent! She's very efficient and loves our two babies (Bella and Ginger). The office staff was very helpful and kind. "
- Rita & John Schwier
11/02/2020 14:31:43
"Good job"
- Linda & Michael McCarthy
11/01/2020 21:27:51
"Such an amazing staff they really love their patients"
- Elizabeth & John Young
11/01/2020 16:15:57
"Great service, no problems"
- Cathy Westerman
11/01/2020 16:02:06
"Quick appointment great service."
- Ken & Llyn Tittle
11/01/2020 12:27:38
"Awesome !!!!!"
- Donna Hufford
10/31/2020 11:42:17
- Rollin & Rhonda O'Dell
10/30/2020 20:50:44
"on time grooming was done very nicely dog always comes out HAPPY"
- Randy Smith
10/30/2020 18:00:14
"Keep giving good service at a reasonable price."
- Joyce & John Brown
10/29/2020 23:33:05
"My dog is an elder statesmen now but I always know he will get the best care from Animal Hospital!! "
- Chris Robbins
10/28/2020 00:23:15
"I think you are all doing a great job. Especially with all of the obstacles in the way right now. The techs have been wonderful coming out to us and keeping us informed. I haven’t needed to yet with Thor but I am sure the vet would call me if I felt I needed to speak with her. The only thing I could say needs improvement is the computer system could perhaps be upgraded to speed things up for everyone involved. It seems like only one person can be in any given screen at a time. "
- Alisha & Jason Juanis
10/27/2020 20:22:31
"I really have no complaints at this time. Keep up the good work."
- Lynn & Richard Andrews
10/27/2020 15:13:01
"My dog is extremely hyper. You folks seem to have no problem taking care of him. I'm very happy. Thank you. "
- James Kertesz
10/25/2020 16:07:51
"Doing great!"
- Rexanne & Ray Vance
10/24/2020 17:41:13
"Doing great. Loved that the vet cane to the car and didn't treat us like a number. Thanks. "
- Bonnie Hammond
10/24/2020 14:37:38
"With covid I think it is a great idea for us to wait outside. I have every bit of confidence that my pet will be taken care of without being in the room, so I was very happy with my visit. Thanks for taking good care of my Yogi.😉"
- Cindy & Timothy Jewitt
10/22/2020 23:33:30
"Sabrina has always had excellent care here. I really appreciate that the Doc came out to me to discuss what she found during the exam and how to treat her. "
- Cynthia&Louis Modery
10/22/2020 15:32:58
"Always very helpful and professional. Like our family "
- Alex & Martha Grimberg
10/21/2020 19:20:41
"Always good care from entire staff"
- Barbara Svehla
10/20/2020 17:41:23
"True concern and love for my Rocky who came in contact again with a Bufa frog. The staff were expedient to response. This animal clinic is the best. Lisa, Sam, and Doctor Presley are fantastic with our dogs!!"
- Stephane&Michael Barrett
10/20/2020 12:40:44
"You guys are the best"
- Norman & Karen Goldberg
10/19/2020 20:34:38
"First time your employee Ms Lisa met Stumpy at my business I thought that she fell in love with her, this is the reason why I'm your customer now. Stumpy is in my care since she was 10 weeks old and does not have too many weeks left but I want her in good hands and I hope that I found the correct place. The doctor noticed the same symptoms as I did (the previous one saw it opposite) and she had a great way of explaining to me why Stumpy has the issues that plague her. Hopefully Stumpy can enjoy some more loving and playing without having to suffer or hurt much. I have high hopes that Animal Hospital of NPR can help me with that"
- Andreas Schleid
10/18/2020 13:34:23
"The tech that came out to give our girls their chips is always very informative even when I’m asking her back to back questions. She always remembers that I read lips and pulls her mask down when she sees the “ not understanding” look on my face. I SO appreciate her doing that! We are having to move to TX in a week and we will miss all of you. You’ve been a big help to us since we’ve become puppy parents again. I hope you all stay well and pls tell Gail thank you as well. Thanks again! Terri Carroll"
- Roy Carroll
10/17/2020 19:08:45
- Marilee & James Hall
10/17/2020 12:12:15
"I love the staff, The Doctor always spends time with us and give us good information, Lisa has always been fantastic with both my dogs. She is a great part of your crew, Thank you!"
- Dawn Stevens
10/16/2020 23:42:53
"Dr. Presley is fantastic. She is great at explaining everything we need to know to care for our pet. Her staff is the best, Lisa, Samantha, Barbara...and I'm sure I am leaving someone out, but everyone is caring and efficient."
- Debbie & Pete Decillis
10/16/2020 14:36:39
"I don't have anything negative. I love all of you. I just wish something would work on my poor Roscoe........thanks for all of your help with him though."
- Becky Maxey
10/16/2020 13:21:55
"They got us in fast and the veterinarian was so caring and spent the time to explain everything to me. "
- Sheryl De Stefano
10/16/2020 12:46:29
"All been good so far"
- Jeff & Monica Risley
10/15/2020 19:44:58
"Always awesome"
- Aimee&Scott Ruppert
10/15/2020 16:14:32
"Everything was great, considering the covid restrictions. I can't wait to be able to go on with my baby."
- Theresa Kennedy
10/13/2020 22:09:15
"Kelly does an outstanding job of grooming our dog, and she is quick and thorough. We are very pleased."
- Patricia Stallard
10/13/2020 18:31:07
"We are very pleased with the care that Dr. Presley gave to Benjamin. Her advice to take him to Blue Pearl in Tampa was the right decision. I look forward to working with Dr. Presley with Benjamin as we move forward."
- Leona & Harold Peterson
10/12/2020 14:48:17
"I was nervous about a drop off visit. But everything went smoothly and the kittens reacted as expected following the appointment. Dr. Presley and staff were very kind."
- Marissa Buresh
10/12/2020 14:08:51
"Smooth visit. Explained everything in detail. "
- Amy Maccombs
10/12/2020 02:27:23
"Doing great. No complaints. Groomer did a wonderful job."
- Sharon & George Rolfes
10/10/2020 14:16:33
"great service and love the in car experience"
- Jim Bodie
10/10/2020 12:05:01
"Doing great, accessible, caring & understanding. Dr. Presley always takes time to explain everything going on & even more importantly actually listens to my concerns. I recommend you to everyone I know."
- Teresa & Peter Epps
10/10/2020 02:14:18