"The staff is compassionate, amiable & knowledgeable. The fact that the Veterinarian came out to my car in the rain to discuss Callie, my service Animal, was extraordinary."
- Marilyn Essert
09/09/2020 01:22:16
"Thank you for helping me with Reggie. Everyone was great. The groomer Kelley did a great job. "
- Donna Bohse
09/04/2020 19:12:00
"The staff has been wonderful since day one! Love this place! "
- Peggy Foley
09/01/2020 23:09:35
"Good experience as always"
- Frances & Jack Brandt
09/01/2020 22:57:28
"Our 15 year-old rescue baby has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. The Veterinarians, Vet Techs, and Clerical Staff have been wonderful to work with for many years...and now provide such support for our family learning how to help our little Gracie dog. I recommend Animal Hospital of New Port Richey with all my heart--based on years of experience with them."
- Debbie and Ron Whitney
08/31/2020 12:26:26
- Trudy & Jack Pruitt
08/30/2020 19:39:40
"Everyone, Vets, Vet Techs & front desk, all wonderful. We couldn’t be happier. Thank You!"
- Diane & Frank Oberlander
08/29/2020 22:14:58
"Very friendly and informative staff. Thank you for taking care of Moe!"
- Maryann Webster
08/28/2020 16:55:16
"You guys are the best! Buddy "
- Kelly & Pete Poulin & Dassler
08/27/2020 21:25:10
"With covid 19 services are a little different, tech came out to get my dog curbside, tech was very good taking my dog in who was nervous going in without us and bringing her out after the exam, we received a full report of the exam and were very satisfied. "
- Peter & Manuela Rando
08/27/2020 15:34:53
"Great! Nothing says it better than that."
- Vivian & Ron Egyed
08/27/2020 01:33:31
"Dr. Presley and everyone on staff is awesome!"
- Jennifer Reid
08/26/2020 22:44:16
"Everything was excellent!! Care, service, punctuality, everything!!!"
- Jim Parnell
08/26/2020 20:45:52
"The staff is always caring and knowledgeable. They always take time to answer an old lady's crazy questions. They always offer solutions whenever they can. The are never too busy to listen to stories about pets."
- Diane Shaw
08/26/2020 19:18:45
"Excellent service, Nala was well taken care of. đź‘Ť"
- Nancy Fitzgerald
08/26/2020 16:12:05
"Awesome "
- Robert Thompson
08/26/2020 15:52:41
"Everybody is very courteous and very knowledgeable. The vet tech are very gentle on how they handle all my baby cats."
- Danielle Bomin
08/25/2020 18:45:10
"Everyone was amazing with kona. He is a pug and often not very cooperative but everyone was very patient with him and he was completely relaxed. "
- Kimberly Frist
08/25/2020 15:11:48
"Never any problems. I feel my pet is getting the best care available."
- Barbara Svehla
08/21/2020 18:07:28
"My experience at the Animal Hospital of NPR was very good. The staff is wonderful, and the Dr is very special. They all take the time to explain everything that went on thru the visit. It was a great experience! "
- Diane Angel
08/21/2020 16:45:50
"I always have the best experience with staff and Dr."
- Denise & Jim Miller
08/20/2020 23:40:44
"Love working with Lisa. She is wonderful"
- Gail Leslie
08/20/2020 21:54:47
"It’s all good from scheduling an appointment the girls are always polite and extremely helpful to all the vet techs that have always treated my dog and now our new addition to our family like one of their own to the Veterinarian that has taken the time to explain and take time with us. "
- Lisa & Bill Plattenburg
08/20/2020 21:54:39
"You guys are doing a great job thru the Covid pandemic "
- Norman & Karen Goldberg
08/20/2020 20:06:11
"We just needed to pick up a couple bags of food. Great curbside service. Thanks!"
- Constandina/Gary Tanner/Ketchum
08/20/2020 20:01:05
"My fur baby is doing much better and all because of the excellent care she received from these wonderful care givers."
- Victoria Bromwell
08/18/2020 16:20:56
"Doing as well as they can reconsidering the pandemic"
- Jake & Carol Ameel
08/17/2020 22:26:41
"We are going through a very difficult time in our personal lives with a move to assist ailing family members. Caring for animals is very important to us and we love them so finding people who understand what’s going on and can help us has been paramount. We couldn’t have found nicer more caring people then the staff at Animal Hospital."
- Kim & April Rideout-Morrison
08/16/2020 00:38:15
"Everything was fine except that we were not allowed to go in with him."
- Joel Aud
08/14/2020 16:58:33
"We brought our 6 month old puppy to get established as a new patient. The staff was wonderful! They took so much time with us and answered all of our questions. The Dr was informative, caring and very personable. My husband and I couldn't be happier with our decision to choose this clinic to care for our Eli. "
- Darrien Benavides
08/14/2020 16:41:34
"Your staff are very caring and personable. "
- Rob & Teri Glenn
08/12/2020 16:06:42
"Very good"
- Jeff & Monica Risley
08/12/2020 01:30:47
"Doing great job - came out to car and listened to me and asked questions before taking cats in for their exams - came out with questions and explained very clearly results when cats were brought back out"
- Deborah Smith
08/09/2020 23:48:06
"Dr. Presley and staff are very caring and loving to our dog. My first dog was with them for all of her 14 years and they took such good care of her. We have now rescued a dog and we are bringing her to Animal Hospital because I couldn't think of taking her any place else"
- Elizabeth & John Young
08/09/2020 17:55:26
"Thank You for all your help!! Trixie is doing a little better"
- Phyllis Carter
08/09/2020 13:48:22
"The people at this place seem like family. Dr. Pressley is knowledgeable and caring. And her techs and assistants are the best, knowledgeable as well, caring, funny and warm, Lisa, Samantha, Barbara, Kim...I’m sure I am leaving someone out, my apologies. "
- Debbie & Pete Decillis
08/08/2020 19:14:36
"Doc didn’t sleep/we didn’t sleep....must be feeling better🤪. Seems 2 have am & pm mixed up. You always provide A+ service and you didn’t break tradition. Thank you ALL for your great work and continue 2 stay healthy."
- Louise & Craig Levine
08/08/2020 15:15:46
"We have always had a great experience there. The staff is great!"
- Craig & Kimberly Wick
08/07/2020 16:16:10
"Great first time visit we look forward to many more. We are new to the area and you all made us feel like family. Layla was so excited, more than in the past to go to the doctors lol!!! Thanks Lopez Family"
- Tiffany Lopez
08/07/2020 12:18:01
"I think you guys are doing a great job."
- Cathy Westerman
08/06/2020 19:47:08
"I was very happy with our visit. It was our first time there and due to Corona Virus I was not allowed to go in to the office with Jazzie. Jen the vet tech came out and explain how everything would go, too Jazzie in and when she was done the Dr came out and spent a good amount of time explaining things to me because Jazzie is HW positive. I was very appreciative because I have never had a HW positive pet before. I am so glad that we chose Pet Hospital of NPR as our new vet."
- Anne McQuade
08/04/2020 19:27:10
"Doctors and staff are great ! "
- John Dibble
08/04/2020 14:31:14
"great staff to work with and liket the new parking lot proicdedure"
- Jim Bodie
08/02/2020 12:09:55
"The vet tech Lisa is great. She returned my phone call and took tome to answer my questions. She made it possible for us to get the food for Callie’s uti."
- Harvey & Leanna Lorincz
08/01/2020 10:33:40
"Staff is friendly Dr's show care as well as expertice on caring for my dog "
- Mary and Russ Chambe
07/31/2020 13:08:33
"Always a pleasure to have Kelly groom Barney."
- Joyce & John Brown
07/30/2020 17:17:09
"Great service loving and caring staff"
- Joseph Everard
07/29/2020 21:19:20
"I can't wait until we are able to go in with our precious fur babies! "
- JoAnn & Daniel Rodgers
07/29/2020 16:48:23
"Prompt and complete service. "
- Robin Armstrong
07/27/2020 18:15:44
"Great experience each time we have dropped off Molly"
- Jean Jestus
07/26/2020 18:06:04
"You guys always care for our pets as though they were your own. The doctors and the staff, are always very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to the health of our two dogs. We can't recommend AHNPR highly enough."
- Peter & Donna Del Pietro
07/25/2020 19:19:34
"we just miss going inside with our dog. "
- Pasco & Marie Chancey
07/25/2020 16:39:38
"We only have good things to say. Barbara and the office staff were great and communicating with us when we arrived and called her. she sent Samantha the tech out. Dr. Presley and Lisa the tech and all the other techs were great for our dog. Kelly the groomer did a great job grooming Sasha"
- Vicky & Michael Tantillo
07/24/2020 19:47:38
"Kelly does a great job Jake love her we trust her."
- Ron & Darlene Rihel
07/22/2020 17:33:27
- Dolores Kaczmarowski
07/21/2020 18:07:55
"Kelly does a great job grooming my dog "
- Florise Pfeiffer
07/20/2020 22:44:05
"Everything’s great. Please don’t change it. "
- Evangelina&Rafae Riera
07/20/2020 18:57:30
"We brought our pups there for grooming. They came out beautiful. Thank you so much. "
- Donna & Micheal Auger
07/20/2020 00:24:00
"Everything was 'A Ok'. "
- Jane Yaden
07/19/2020 19:43:08
"I just moved to the area from St Petersburg, FL. I did a search online and found all the wonderful reviews of Dr. Presley. She was so nice and during this Covid time came out to my car to discuss my dogs health. She did not rush, apologized if we had any wait due to Covid they come out and take your pet inside while you wait. The technician was friendly as well and not only trimmed my old girls nails but shaved her butt a little to keep feces from sticking there. That is going above and beyond. I am so GLAD I found you and your team! Thanks for taking such top notch care of my baby!"
- Angela Reeder
07/19/2020 19:21:58
"The clinic has always been stellar. Your compassion and care for our kitties has been more than I could expect."
- Rita & Rick Young
07/19/2020 17:25:26
"First class care as usual."
- Bernie & Marlene Swartz
07/18/2020 13:17:54
"We're both very happy with how you care for Punkin. She can be a bit frisky, as you know, but you still get her taken care of. With COVID and staying in the car, I kind of thought Punkin may have done better without us in there? She probably feels my stress. Thank you all so much!"
- Angie & Gregory Cooper
07/15/2020 14:13:10
"Very well always caring. Polite. Thorough."
- Darryl & Sandra Kwiek
07/15/2020 13:53:17
"Very happy with your service. You keep us up to date on all our pets requirements. Everyone on your staff are very helpful and caring. Thank you."
- Ann & Theodore Wodrich
07/14/2020 17:14:22
"It was our first time there and I really liked that even with curbside service I was able to speak directly to the vet. They addressed every concern that I had. Good experience. We will be back. "
- Kaitlyn Wolodkewitsch
07/12/2020 18:32:12
"Lisa did a great job on Chilly.. Thank you"
- Aimee&Scott Ruppert
07/12/2020 16:45:55
"I am happy to say when ever I call about a problem with my Scarlett the receptionist always listens and then either the Dr. or a Tec will get back to me...."
- Grace Cittadino
07/12/2020 13:52:46
"I feel very confident in the care my senior dog gets. The staff shows concern and empathy towards me and my pet. I miss being able to be with my pet during exams of course, but know everyone there has her best interest at heart. I feel informed about my pet through the excellent assistants who bring my dog to me via parking lot. "
- Jeanean Gruzlewski
07/12/2020 03:43:25
"I found the service to be excellent. Missy was well treated "
- Elizabeth Daley
07/11/2020 21:52:45
"You are doing a great job , considering the difficult time we are now going through. I do think it would be helpful to have a questionnaire available for completion prior to visit. At a time when owners are not allowed direct contact with the Veterinarian and Techs while procedures are being done, some items are not discussed. You might also put a form on the web site to complete prior to dropping off your pet."
- Lorraine & Larry Salzman
07/11/2020 21:43:02
"Excellent care, I am relatively new to the area moving here after retirement from St. Pete. You were mentioned favorably several times in the Nextdoor Neighboorhood app and the clinic is also very convenient for me, so I think I have found my new vet. I will be returning."
- Sam Hill
07/11/2020 19:20:49
"Very happy with the care you have given Chloe and especially Sadie, with her eye surgery. Everyone I have had contact with at NPR animal hospital has been very upbeat and worked with me. I hope you always keep up the support, and show the great concern, and love that my two babies have received so far. I am sure glad I was led to your door!!!! Also don't ever let Dr. Melissa Curry ever get away, very happy the treatment she has provided to my two!!!"
- Joseph Vacca
07/09/2020 23:33:30
"You're doing great!"
- Rexanne & Ray Vance
07/09/2020 18:30:32
"I was surprised and delighted that the technicians and even the veterinarian came out to the parking lot to greet me. All of them were very professional extremely courteous and kind. My spirits were raised the entire day because of their kindness. Thank you all of you."
- Patricia Rikelman
07/09/2020 17:43:09
"We really feel confident in your practice and everyone there is so caring and helpful. "
- Kevin Van Nort
07/08/2020 02:43:24
"Absolutely terrific first visit for both myself and my dog. Thank you for you time and patience!"
- Valerie Drake-altman
07/04/2020 13:32:48
"It was pleasant and efficient. "
- Kay Ashton
07/03/2020 22:16:27
"We love you all, Lucy always comes home happy. Thank you for loving animals."
- Dianne & Debra Johnson& Newman
07/03/2020 21:00:19
"All your staff is very helpful and friendly. Dr. Kerry and Lisa are so sweet they know I trust them very much with my pets."
- Bernadine & Robt Abbey
07/02/2020 20:48:39
"You guys are excellent always going to that extra mile for Cuppie & me"
- Dawn Clark
07/02/2020 16:35:16
"I moved from New England where I had the same vet for many years. I am very happy with everyone at Animal Hospital of New Port Richey."
- Michael Keane
07/02/2020 15:32:25
"Best caring and professional staff always excellent my cat and I love them"
- Laura Matthiesen
07/02/2020 13:59:27
"Doing fine "
- Carolyn & John Lynch
07/01/2020 15:53:13
"All good in my opinion. Prices are fair. CORONA VIRUS precautions are sensible. "
- Patricia Stallard
06/30/2020 21:15:00
"The best vets, and vet techs in the area. also the office staff. They give Schatzie and Charlie the best care. We love them there. Highly recommend them."
- Marlene & Ray Carwile
06/30/2020 17:27:52
"Oscar loved the visit "
- Kostas & Gloria Ktistakis
06/30/2020 16:52:37
"I think Dr. Presley and the entire staff are awesome!"
- Jennifer Reid
06/27/2020 20:02:22
"everything is good"
- Rob Thalheimer
06/27/2020 13:04:43
"We continue to be very happy with the care our 2 fur babies receive at the Animal Hospital of New Port Richey. The vets are so compassionate and gentle with our animals, and always follow up with call backs if promised, and the staff is gracious and easy to work with. We recommend the Animal Hospital of New Port Richey whole-heartedly!"
- Debbie and Ron Whitney
06/26/2020 20:06:40
"This was my first visit. Everyone was very friendly and informative."
- Susan Hamilton
06/26/2020 01:09:04
"I was impressed with the help and the Dr in coming out to my car and introduced herself and gave me info on my cat. I found everyone very caring."
- Sue Wolfe
06/24/2020 14:16:46
"Excellent Loving Care For Our Pets and We are So Happy Thank You All so Much"
- Barbara &Malcolm Ferguson
06/23/2020 09:58:54
"No issues at all. Great experience "
- Peter Coulthard
06/22/2020 10:18:34
"Everyone at your practice is friendly, informative and professional. I always feel that my questions and concerns are heard. Dr. Presley recommends treatments and procedures that are necessary unlike some Veterinary practices that oversell products and services. We are very happy wit you all. We will be brinin Madeline in soon. Se is a 16 year old cat that my husband has "forgotten" to take for annual exams for the past 3 years!"
- David &Christine Lyttle
06/21/2020 19:33:25
"Great as always! The only issue is SOMETIMES not getting a call back as soon as we think we should"
- Tony & Marie Cuomo
06/21/2020 15:44:49
"I love this vet and tell everyone I know about how professional and knowledgeable everyone is. Most importantly: you all care. You always take the time to talk to me and explain everything with detail. "
- Seth & Kristen Ford
06/20/2020 18:35:05
"Amazing team/family, that treats every baby as their own! Love them all!"
- Barbara Allen
06/19/2020 23:52:11
"Great! "
- Kim Miller
06/18/2020 14:37:11
"Very good!"
- Pam Duffy
06/17/2020 22:18:05