"Very happy with my dogs care. "
- Richard Numbers
01/15/2020 18:03:24
"The vet I saw was very knowledgeable and knew what to do for my dog who has allergies and a skin infection and she treated the skin infection and not just the allergies. I also liked the fact the Hospital called the next day to see how my dog was doing and making sure I didn't have any trouble giving him his pills. "
- Denise Thiel
01/14/2020 11:05:47
"First visit went went very well. Everyone was very nice. Fees were reasonable. Got appointment right away and only few minutes waiting time"
- Laura Livio
01/12/2020 01:12:18
"This is the best veterinarian care place I have ever taken my dogs. The care he gets is wonderful and the ladies are so loving to him. My dog does not trust men and there are no men here to make him nervous. And last but not at all least, their prices are reasonable. I don't have to mortgage my house to get him the care he needs."
- Rexanne & Ray Vance
01/11/2020 05:40:47
"Good caring vet! Wait a little too long."
- Mary & Vince Anderson
01/11/2020 02:22:25
"The groomer is always very good with our dog . No problems ever."
- Paul & Patti Harold
01/11/2020 00:57:15
"Everything was great. Wish the cost was cheaper "
- Elaine Rola
01/10/2020 20:45:25
"Always feel that the staff has nothing but our pets’ best welfare in mind. The staff genuinely shows so much love and care for each pet and gives the owner a feeling of confidence in the care provided. I highly recommend the Animal Hospital of New Port Richey."
- Maryann &Richard Knight
01/08/2020 21:56:21
"Love Dr. Presley and her staff! They spend plenty of time with us and our dogs. All of our questions are always answered thoroughly. I will always recommend Animal Hospital of New Port Richey."
- Patti & Kurt Reed & Hencke
01/08/2020 00:11:32
- Jeff & Monica Risley
01/07/2020 20:08:38
"We stopped in for some Revolution for . as always, greeted with a welcome, got my product and made an appt for a couple months from now."
- Maura & David Leason
01/07/2020 16:25:20
"Good customer service "
- Karen & Gary Janikowski
01/07/2020 16:19:31
"Everything is good "
- George Westermann
01/07/2020 05:13:55
"As patients for many years, I can honestly say we have received excellent care every single time we visit. Your staff, technicians and doctors are outstanding in every way. "
- Sharon &Santiago Avila
01/06/2020 21:38:53
"I havent been many times yet, but everyone has always been very friendly and really nice. the tech that we got this time was the same as last time and she is fantastic. very attentive, really good with alex and ive never felt rushed."
- Kristin Gardiner
01/06/2020 20:52:22
"I had a great experience! I felt welcomed, the price point is reasonable and they seem to really care! Thank you for your help worth my babies. "
- Sonia Perez
01/04/2020 16:39:08
"I could not be happier with the service and care my Buddy receives from everyone on the staff. "
- Kathy Millican
01/03/2020 21:28:33
"Loved how your team cares about each animal. And calms them:) We also like the communication and the time you’ve spent explaining and answering questions."
- Mary Hix
01/03/2020 20:34:31
"you guys are awesome and Roxie loves everyone :)"
- Anthony&Elizabet Bobbie
12/27/2019 21:22:39
"Always wonderful!"
- Debby Bourgeois
12/26/2019 11:54:18
"Benny always gets the best care treated with love and care"
- Laura Matthiesen
12/24/2019 15:28:53
"I think you do a fantastic job taking care of my fur babies. Thank you so very much."
- Elizabeth Simmons
12/23/2019 14:46:37
"The best"
- Gregory Dellisanti
12/22/2019 18:23:58
"Everyone was super nice. "
- Tina & Cary White
12/22/2019 16:48:02
"We were so very pleased. Everyone we met was professional, caring and the Vet took so much time with us, it felt like family and that we were clients for years. I will recommend the Animal Hospital of New Port Richey to everyone with a furry baby."
- Dianne & Debra Johnson& Newman
12/22/2019 00:29:06
"I came in to pick up medication for my pet and it was ready and waiting as I was told it would be. Great service, friendly staff, fantastic care!"
- Donna & Carl Paoletti
12/21/2019 15:14:46
"He had a appointment for grooming, he always comes hone looking cute! She does a great job!"
- Dawn Stevens
12/21/2019 04:50:53
"It was great. Greeted with a smile. Louie went right back. Told them I might be a little late picking him up they had no problem with it"
- Patricia Riesle
12/20/2019 19:04:37
"Great Groomer!"
- June Pearson
12/20/2019 12:36:25
"Great "
- Marvin & Marcy Bowling
12/19/2019 16:15:15
"Very satisfied thank you"
- Alexandra & Abel Ramsey& Macneil
12/18/2019 13:58:15
"Fantastic/ I have other pets and would not take them anywhere else!!!!"
- Katie Como
12/17/2019 11:48:46
"I never have an issue when I come there with our 'family'. Everyone is considerate and pleasant."
- Tony & Marie Cuomo
12/17/2019 01:11:05
"Always friendly, helpful staff! Obvious animal lovers! Clean, pretty facility! "
- Deborah & Tony Brougham&Goodnou
12/16/2019 22:02:43
"Your staff is always very friendly and well informed. The outside area is well maintained. Your clinic never smells like animals. You wellness/care plans are affordable. Thank you so much for your wonderful team. Your staff goes above and beyond taking critters home for clients and everything."
- Emily Guida
12/16/2019 18:22:02
"You all really care about my pets..."
- Aimee&Scott Ruppert
12/16/2019 18:06:51
"Nothing bad! Staff + Doc were very helpful + informative. Could not ask for better experience!"
- James & Mary Schmidt
12/12/2019 20:44:44
"We have always had a good experience when we come to see you. "
- Walter Bode
12/10/2019 22:31:58
"We so appreciate your care and concern for our furry babies! We come to see you when we need you--and you are always there for us. Thank you"
- Debbie and Ron Whitney
12/09/2019 18:50:45
"Although first time visit, I can tell you I've never been more impressed with an "entire" staff of employees. Friendly, funny, personable and caring. So hard to find that today in any business or facility. And the topping on the cake was finding out that the vet, Ms Presley was just as warm, friendly, kind, professional as the rest of the staff with the best bed side manner I could imagine. "
- David Sommer
12/07/2019 18:07:01
"Great staff"
- Norman & Karen Goldberg
12/07/2019 16:04:55
"Always great service and staff"
- Sharon & George Rolfes
12/05/2019 15:26:55
"Friendly, compassionate complete care. Explained options."
- Gale & Richard Poda
12/02/2019 13:40:43
"Everyone is always very pleasant and listens to your concerns..."
- Grace Cittadino
12/02/2019 13:21:45
"Doing good at this time. Everyone was pleasant and very helpful. The boys are looking better today "
- Lynn & William Wharran
12/02/2019 13:14:54
"Everyone on staff is very nice and they take there time to answer your questions. "
- Cathy Fuller
12/02/2019 00:21:12
"I have nothing bad to say about my pets' visits. Everyone was very nice and helpful in answering the questions I had."
- Janice & Earl Peak
12/01/2019 23:36:04
"Love this office. Everyone cares about the people and their pets. "
- Laurie & David Wyatt
12/01/2019 23:21:46
"The staff & Dr handle & treat my dog with care & concern the Dr takes time to answer all your questions & any concerns you have about your pet do not feel rushed or leave with unanswered questions or concerns "
- Mary and Russ Chambe
12/01/2019 19:35:57
"Great experiences so far"
- Joseph Everard
12/01/2019 19:24:20
"It was nice not having to wait until it was 3PM to see Dr. Curry. I was taken in exam room immediately. Even though Baxter gain 13 lbs. in 3months the staff was merciful for my indiscretion in my feeding habits with him."
- Barbara&Charles Amaral
12/01/2019 19:19:23
"Great friendly receptionist. Doctor was very through. "
- Bonnie Davis
12/01/2019 17:29:12
"Minimal wait time. Experienced, courteous and caring staff."
- Effie Juneau
11/27/2019 01:15:20
- Jennifer Moye
11/26/2019 22:37:59
- JoAnn & Daniel Rodgers
11/25/2019 17:12:30
"The professionalism and knowledge the staff and Dr. Presley continually display with my precious fur babies shows their dedication and love for animals."
- Stephane&Michael Barrett
11/25/2019 15:42:07
"The staff at the Animal Hospital of New Port Richey was amazing. I came in with an emergency with my cat. She wasn't eating, drinking, and had hid away from our family for a few days and I didnt have an appointment. I was in a small panic. The staff put me at ease and brought us in a room to look at her. The doctor and staff listened to my concerns, as well as my uneducated thoughts of what could have been happening. They didnt run unnecessary tests that would have drained my bank account. The obvious symptom turned out to be a fever and they treated with fluids and antibiotics and then we made a game plan for my cat if her symptoms didnt get better over the weekend. It's Monday today and my baby is getting back to her old self. Thank you for everything! And mostly, thank you for giving the best care to my baby and making it affordable for everyday working class families. "
- Kimberly Endonino
11/25/2019 15:22:56
"Most helpful vet office we have ever been a part of. "
- Dianne Sullivan
11/25/2019 00:43:38
"Very thorough exam and rabie shot"
- Don and Mary Kenward
11/24/2019 22:04:45
"Everything is always great, genuine concern, and easy to do business with. There is literally nothing that needs improved. We trust you all so much that when we move yo Spring Hill we will drive to you. Good care is extremely important to us and is hard to find."
- Shanna & John Lanoue & Willey
11/24/2019 21:27:51
"You're doing great, you re so friendly to the babies and to us .. thank you!"
- Gloria & Brian Levola & Poulton
11/24/2019 20:30:27
"Wonderful, caring people who treat our pets very well"
- Sharon & Billie Ranges
11/24/2019 19:42:27
"everyone very helpful. never felt rushed"
- Bonnie & John Moschner
11/24/2019 16:34:06
"Dr. Pressly (sp) is very understanding of my limited financial ability as it relates to a healthcare plan for my senior, formerly feral cat, Marina. She has enabled me to improve the quality of life for Marina who is now enjoying the indoor lifestyle."
- David &Christine Lyttle
11/22/2019 16:30:16
"Just fine"
- Yia & Nate Hoyt
11/20/2019 18:58:08
"Everyone was excellent! Can see that all members of the team care about your animals. "
- Tammy & Matt Clohessy
11/20/2019 16:36:54
"Care here has always been excellent - very caring staff"
- Gary & Barbara Perkins
11/20/2019 15:42:10
"good experience"
- Rob Thalheimer
11/19/2019 19:08:10
"I am so happy to have found a groomer who loves older dogs and understands them Roxy comes out looking , smelling and feeling great. thanks"
- Jeanean Gruzlewski
11/19/2019 04:49:07
"We are new but so far our goals have been treated with kindness. We do not feel rushed when we are there and all of our questions are answered. "
- Cheryl & Tim Street
11/18/2019 01:01:23
- Paul Jolly
11/17/2019 17:32:30
"Fantastic! Kona loves all the girls "
- Kimberly Frist
11/16/2019 15:50:56
"My overall impression is very good. Love the doctor! "
- Lisa Huston
11/16/2019 02:07:03
"Very courteous, knowledgeable, not long wait!"
- Gail & Robert Stamey
11/16/2019 00:44:03
- George Dymnioski
11/15/2019 22:28:40
"We are very comfortable with the services provided .. The staff is supper !!"
- Rollin & Rhonda O'Dell
11/14/2019 21:05:55
"I’m happy with everything there so far. Been going about a year now, very happy!!"
- Patricia&William Bizier & Quick
11/12/2019 10:38:38
"I have been very happy with the care my Cup has received & wouldn't change drs"
- Dawn Clark
11/11/2019 00:33:14
"My Coco gets TLC while in your care."
- Barbara Pace
11/10/2019 17:22:57
"Maggie’s grooming experience this time was great"
- Ben DiGregorio
11/09/2019 19:49:09
"Everyone is doin a great job. Animal hospital of new port richey is the best place around town. "
- Wanda & Scott Baxter & Ballard
11/09/2019 15:39:43
"We are very pleased"
- Gizela & Ricardo Bazzani
11/09/2019 15:28:25
"I’m very pleased with all the help, starting with Sammy getting Corey in right away on Wednesday. Dr. Presley very understanding and took the time with my dog. Barbara she is great! Goes over everything again with you. She really does love all pets! 😊"
- Mary & Vince Anderson
11/08/2019 21:14:14
"Everything is great! Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful employees."
- Jane Yaden
11/08/2019 16:42:02
"Vey good experience. Nothing to change. "
- Debra Cutcliffe
11/07/2019 20:04:32
"Your staff is the most caring, animal loving people ever. Compendent, professional and wonderful."
- Faridah & JP Huller
11/06/2019 17:16:04
"So pleased with how loving and caring the staff is. It's important for us to know that they will be cared for the same way we would care for them. Thank you!"
- Gene Valdes
11/06/2019 17:04:42
"You are doing great !"
- Janet & Sonny Silvey
11/02/2019 13:46:48
"Everyone is great very friendly and makes you feel you are welcomed love everyone "
- Trudi Gray
11/02/2019 10:24:42
"great!!!!!! "
- Phyllis Carter
10/31/2019 01:39:41
"Very enthusiastic dog loves to come to the vet"
- Dianne & Scott Williams
10/29/2019 01:57:32
"Everything was excellent. Caring dog handling staff, clean and pleasant surroundings, helpful office staff. All good."
- Patricia Stallard
10/28/2019 19:39:52
"Dr. Pressley and her staff, Lisa, Barbara (and others who's names I can't remember), are the best. Dr. Pressley worked successfully to treat my cat's diabetes. She walked me through all instructions I needed to be able to treat him at home, and he is back to feeling great again. I recommended my son to them and now he takes all five dogs there for treatment and boarding. He is very happy with the care and attention paid to his pets. I highly recommend this place."
- Debbie & Pete Decillis
10/28/2019 16:31:14
"you guys are so caring, nice & always want the best for my pet!"
- Dylana Lucier
10/28/2019 16:26:39
"Great professional and exceptional staff"
- Laura Matthiesen
10/25/2019 12:33:11
"Great. I feel very secure in your care for our puppy, Sammy”. Looking forward to his next appointment and grooming."
- Catherine &Scott Jackson
10/24/2019 23:36:49
"Everyone working at Animal Hospital of New Port Richey are top notch. I wouldn't ever take my dog to any other vet. She is very comfortable with the entire group. "
- Linda & Richard Haeseler
10/24/2019 21:46:40
"You people handle Nellie perfectly."
- Darryl & Sandra Kwiek
10/21/2019 17:11:55
"No complaints. "
- Sherrie & Otto Manulak
10/20/2019 18:04:50
"You guys are great. Always loving our cats"
- Marvin & Marcy Bowling
10/19/2019 20:18:37