"You give very good care to my dog."
- James Stewart
09/09/2019 11:35:45
"We receive only the best care from Animal Hospital of NPR. I never have a doubt that what is recommended for my dogs is best. If I have any concerns it would be with the increasingly higher costs of care. "
- Cynthia&Louis Modery
09/08/2019 17:34:22
"I love Dr Curry & all the staff!!!"
- Debby Bourgeois
09/08/2019 14:19:53
"Awesome caring & attention to my little Yorkie on his first appt."
- Barbara Pace
09/07/2019 21:41:39
"you guys are great. luv ya."
- Kenneth Allen
09/07/2019 21:18:03
"Even person I speak with on the phone or in the office is nice and. friend . Very enjoyable staff!!"
- Arlen & Teri Tillis
09/07/2019 19:14:06
"So far so good. Friendly staff and knowledgeable Vet. I'm glad I found your practice here in NPR."
- Paul Connell
09/07/2019 18:18:23
"all the staff is awesome they love my dogs as much as I do. They are all so professional and extremely nice. I tell anyone who gets .a new pet to be sure they take them to you."
- Beth & Jeff Bredbenner
09/07/2019 17:36:11
"Doing great!"
- Joyce & John Brown
09/07/2019 01:26:17
"Very knowledgeable, part care and kindness!"
- Kelly & Pete Poulin & Dassler
09/05/2019 19:52:14
"Wait was a little long but understandable due to emergency. Your staff responded to Vada right away in an emergency. Don't change."
- Matthew Wasiak
09/05/2019 15:29:58
"We feel like family when we visit the facility. "
- Sandra Koerner
09/03/2019 19:19:00
"I can’t say enough positive things about the lady’s who work here! I definitely recommend!!! "
- Sierra Lewis
09/01/2019 23:36:27
"We love the staff (Lisa) and Dr Curry. They always are very upbeat and check everything very thoroughly. They really care a lot for our senior fur baby and treat him very well and our Daisy too. We have been coming to this office for 19 years and would not go anywhere else."
- Judy & Robert Ludwig
08/30/2019 01:36:27
"Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Mojo. He's always so happy to come to see you all. We appreciate your listening to our concerns."
- Stan & Jeannie Mills
08/28/2019 15:40:04
"Respond quickly to messages. Thanks"
- Mary & Vince Anderson
08/27/2019 21:19:57
"Kelly is the best dog groomer ever. She greets my dog Jake when I arrive and treats him as if he were her own dog. I was paying and making a new appointment and she even took my dog outside so he could do his duty. This is above and beyond. My dog looks so handsome after he’s groomed. She is GREAT"
- Ron & Darlene Rihel
08/27/2019 20:54:48
"Very thorough and caring staff. "
- Richard Numbers
08/27/2019 18:15:13
"Roxy has a fantastic grooming experience I’m very pleased with everything, from front desk to Kelly Thks "
- Jeanean Gruzlewski
08/27/2019 16:04:59
"I absolutely love the staff, and Vet.. My dog Ruby receives excellent care!! She is a very nervous dog and does not like to associate with people other than my husband and me. The entire staff has been very patient with her for the past year and a half that we have been going there. Ruby is getting much better about entering the building and being examined. Thank you to everyone for taking such wonderful care of our Ms. Ruby."
- Bonnie and Todd Lacy and Lessin
08/26/2019 23:03:02
"I have been bringing my bandito here for 14 years the staff is so amazing loving and caring I would never bring her any place else this is a wonderful group of professionals loving and caring for animals"
- Elizabeth & John Young
08/26/2019 16:53:08
"My little one had an appt. to see Kelley for his monthly 'spa day', which he loves. He always comes out looking much better than he looked going in. Everything went like clock work.....I don't know how she is always able to keep on schedule....but she does!"
- Jane Yaden
08/26/2019 15:16:02
"We are very pleased with your care for roxi and how nice your staff is."
- Robert & Carla Workman
08/26/2019 15:12:07
"They are taking very good care of my senior dog Riley"
- Patricia Riesle
08/23/2019 15:57:57
"Dr. Pressley and her amazing staff takes such good care of my two cats. So good that I recommended to my son that he take his five dogs there. He loves the facility and everyone there. As always, a great experience. "
- Debbie & Pete Decillis
08/22/2019 20:09:47
"Wonderful in every way! "
- Faridah & JP Huller
08/22/2019 19:56:35
"You are the best! You all care so much for the animals and it shows. You go above and beyond when dealing with your patients. I would never ever dream of going anywhere else!"
- Donna & Carl Paoletti
08/22/2019 14:18:22
"Every one is great!"
- Janet & Rick Magowan
08/22/2019 14:09:37
"The staff is excellent and always willing to help. The fact that they have been working at the Animal Hospital for a long time, is a real plus."
- Rita & John Schwier
08/21/2019 20:59:40
"no bad..just good with everything"
- Jim Parnell
08/21/2019 19:27:23
"The staff at the Animal Hospital are very, very, kind and caring people. I would never take my wheaten anywhere else. "
- Linda & Richard Haeseler
08/21/2019 18:41:43
"Doing a great job. Good service."
- Yvonne Le Comte
08/21/2019 17:09:55
"Everything is always great the doctors and staff are very considerate and compassionate"
- Tony & Marie Cuomo
08/21/2019 14:11:47
"Never had a negative experience. They've been caring for our pets for over 20 years and have always been caring, considerate and professional. Wouldn't consider going anywhere else."
- Sandi & Andy Kelleher
08/20/2019 22:44:47
"Truly excellent customer service, friendly and helpful! "
- Betty Herz
08/20/2019 19:28:07
"Wonderful , caring staff."
- Bruce & Denise Levitt
08/19/2019 19:39:51
- Barbara Cleaton
08/18/2019 13:49:28
"Great service, the doctor always take her time to answer all questions, technicians are great with our dog and work to make her feel comfortable. "
- Peter & Manuela Rando
08/17/2019 21:47:48
"I feel confident in bringing my pets here for treatment. My questions/concerns are always addressed promptly, the staff are all friendly, handle my cats with care and go above & beyond to make sure my pets are comfortable. I am very happy to have found this facility for my pet's needs. Thank you. "
- Diane Phillips
08/17/2019 15:53:48
- Ken & Llyn Tittle
08/17/2019 15:29:26
"very good"
- Evangelina&Rafae Riera
08/17/2019 15:04:10
"I know that the Vets are knowledgeable. They take appropriate time with my dog, explain issues that are present and how my dog's health will progress if treated and not treated. The vet techs are courteous, kind and knowledgeable as well. I do refer pet owners to this practice. "
- Sandra Hart
08/13/2019 21:56:31
"It was a quick visit, but they always take good care of our Kya."
- Lynn & Richard Andrews
08/12/2019 14:18:50
"We’ve been bringing our cats here for almost 7 years. Great staff. We love Dr Gail. We also love the separate entrances for dogs and cats. "
- Sherrie & Otto Manulak
08/11/2019 20:58:23
"All the staff at the facility are great including Kelly the groomer, Dr Presley, Dr Curry and all the vet tech and office staff"
- Vicky & Michael Tantillo
08/09/2019 20:34:49
"The quality of care that my cats received was wonderful after they were at the kennel this past month. They were happy and healthy when I came to pick them up."
- Jay Smith
08/08/2019 18:32:14
"I chose this vet when I bought a house near by. Everyone is very friendly n sympathetic towards the special needs of my 20 yr old cat. Dr Presley spent over an hour on the phone with me discussing options n treatment. Very satisfied with my experience thus far. "
- Pete & Darla Matich
08/08/2019 16:36:38
"Everyone there does a great job."
- Craig & Kimberly Wick
08/07/2019 14:35:44
"We had Lilly groomed and nails cut yesterday"
- Gail & Robert Stamey
08/07/2019 14:31:00
"Great staff and doctors. No waiting time. Love this place."
- Shelley Smith
08/04/2019 09:48:57
"Calming relief to know you are for Taylor as much as we do."
- Nancy & Charles Kerr
08/04/2019 00:19:26
"First visit and everyone was nice and visit went good."
- Margaret Boretzky
08/02/2019 17:18:18
"Great, staff was pleasent, Dr. Presley was clear and infomative. Stella was calm in her hands. Hopefully i don't need a vet in the future, but if i do thats where I'll go. Thank you much."
- Jessie Seward
08/02/2019 00:56:50
"I always feel a warm welcome to our Sadie and I know that she is somewhere safe because I know those who care for her at the vet appointment clearly love animals."
- Alicia Saccomano
08/01/2019 17:36:10
"No complaints. Dr was very compassionate and understanding"
- Arnelle Strand
08/01/2019 12:20:38
"All great. "
- Joseph Everard
07/29/2019 19:47:55
"Dr. Presley and staff was very compassionate when it came to the care of our dog. We thought we were going to hear bad news and Dr. Presley assured us that the condition could be treated. She explained everything carefully and in detail and was very reassuring. We are so thankful for Dr. Presley and her staff. "
- Laura & Thomas Bandini&Rebmann
07/28/2019 12:31:20
- Myra Worley
07/25/2019 19:14:18
"The doctors and techs and support staff at the Animal Hospital of New Port Richey have always treated our two dogs like family....they are all very personable, professional and knowledgeable when it comes to the care of our important "furry family"...we would recommend this practice to anyone seeking quality care for their pets."
- Peter&Donnamarie Del Pietro
07/25/2019 18:33:19
"Very caring staff....best by far"
- Aimee&Scott Ruppert
07/24/2019 22:16:59
"Thank you Dr Curry for helping my kitty, I trust your suggestions and you truly care about your patients and their humans!"
- Jennifer & John Lopez
07/24/2019 20:19:57
"I love all you ladies! You always show so much care with the fur babies. I am happy with the replacement pet care plan as well and that you accept Care Credit."
- Emily Guida
07/24/2019 00:43:34
"Dr. Curry and all of the staff as so good to Zoe. They are sincerely kind and gentle. I appreciate their helping me get her out of and back into the car. I would always recommend your office to anyone."
- Arvella Auer
07/23/2019 18:46:01
"You are doing great....My dog gets very crazy and barking when we come but your staff knows how to comfort and make my dog feel so at home. We are kept so informed on our pet and all questions are answered so that we understand. Your grooming department does an excellent job. My dog looked and smelled fantastic. "
- Carmello Graziano
07/23/2019 09:04:27
"Always there to help and take great care of my dog."
- Val Stauder
07/22/2019 14:47:22
" I am very happy with this clinic. The texts are very good with my dog. They really get to know you "
- Kathy Millican
07/21/2019 14:34:26
"Not one bad thing to say. Entire staff is wonderful and caring! Diesel is the only dog I’ve had that loves to go to the vet. I believe it’s the care and attention he gets. Wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else😊"
- Julie&William Buck
07/20/2019 15:25:47
"Excellent! Every visit has been very positive, and my pets are treated kindly, gently and keep comfortable. I feel the doctor is very experienced and knowledgeable, everyone is very compassionate and I can tell have a great love for animals. I can’t say enough about how happy I am to have found such a wonderful veterinarian to take care of my beloved furry family! "
- Jan & Michael Amis
07/20/2019 14:34:43
"Snoopy is doing just fine and looks great after his first grooming Thank you for the wonderful and gentle care you gave him "
- Dolores Kaczmarowski
07/19/2019 20:19:12
"Everybody was great, no complaints."
- Marjorie Anderson
07/14/2019 20:41:49
"Greatest animal hospital anywhere "
- Marvin & Marcy Bowling
07/14/2019 15:05:59
"The clinic always knows my pets when I call and is helpful to refill orders."
- Stephane&Michael Barrett
07/13/2019 13:52:32
"Overall experience was great! Loved that the doctor spent so much time with us. Enjoyed the conversation and learned a lot! "
- Lisa Huston
07/13/2019 02:54:55
"No complaints. Always satisfied with the service from reception to the vets and vet techs. "
- David&Christine Lyttle
07/12/2019 18:52:51
"they took care of our cat as if were there own"
- Cheri Wilson
07/12/2019 17:12:04
"Dr. Presley and staff are amazing. They take such great care of my Baby. "
- Pam Telfer
07/12/2019 15:54:04
"I have been using the vet service for 19 years"
- Debbi Johnson
07/12/2019 00:20:46
"The care respect & help you would want for your pet & yourself is there I have been at vets where i felt pressure to do what they wanted & did not offer options I do not feel that presdure here suggestions & options were offered I feel comfortable bringing my pet there & recommend yiu "
- Mary and Russ Chambe
07/11/2019 23:10:38
"Received very good servicej"
- Joyce Ogden
07/08/2019 17:39:24
"Excellent service! From the time we walk in the door to our departure..everyone is so nice and caring greetings US with pleasant smiles. Thank you everyone for all your love , affection and support.."
- Carlos & Ivy Sanabria&Acosta
07/05/2019 19:50:45
"Thanks for the great care of Sheba!"
- John Micciche
07/05/2019 15:21:11
"Samantha and Lisa are both AMAZING women. Dr Presley is just as amazing. All three of you know what you are doing and you make our visits enjoyable and you treat our babies like your own. "
- Brittany& Howard Stalker
07/04/2019 23:01:52
"You're always great, no complaints!"
- Melissa &Kenneth Greenfield
07/03/2019 16:25:34
"I have always been pleased with the services and the staff here. Keep up the great work!!!"
- Karen & Bill Simpson
07/02/2019 15:02:30
"Very nice staff, informative doctor, timely service, overall pleasant experience."
- Mylynn Tran
06/28/2019 16:28:21
"Our experience was very good. We compared you to our family member’s Animal Hospital before he sold and retired who we thought very highly of and you passed with flying colors. We found a new loving, caring group for our special little girl Gigi. "
- Walter Bode
06/26/2019 19:16:16
"Everything was great! The staff and Dr were very informative and helpful! "
- Cathy & Bill Rogers
06/25/2019 16:19:03
"Have brought my pets here for many years. Digger and Harry always enjoyed the visit and loved the staff. Always perked up when I pulled into the parking lot. Couldn't ask for better care nor better service from staff."
- Stephen Taylor
06/24/2019 18:59:56
"I appreciate how caring and friendly they are. "
- Ed & Melissa Soltis
06/23/2019 23:09:10
"I just love the staff there, dr Presley and Lisa Vet tech are the best, always there to listen and always wonderful with our dogs."
- Dawn Stevens
06/23/2019 23:07:27
"I love the staff, from the counter, admitting to the nurses and doctors. I love the Saturday hours!"
- Carol & Douglas Jones
06/23/2019 21:50:37
"We Love the Special Care You Give To Bella & Holly💕Special Thanks To April & Shelly & Boarding Staff💕Thank You To Kelly For Grooming💕Thank You To Samantha & Lisa & Barb too💕Dr Pressley & Dr Curry You & All Your Staff is Excellent 💕You Give Love & Special Attention& You Make Us Feel Like Family💕"
- Barbara &Malcolm Ferguson
06/23/2019 16:13:39
"Dr. Pressley and her staff are the best. I wish I knew everyone's names! Lisa is so kind to put up with Joey's grouchy disposition when he's at the vet's office. They are treating him for diabetes right now and everything seems to be going very well. He is getting healthier every day! They took the time to teach me everything I needed to know to care for him at home. AND, their rates for service are so fair. And I must mention Donna who works the front desk. She is so patient when I have the need to call at 8:00 in the morning! I highly recommend the Animal Hospital of New Port Richey. I have several veterinarian offices closer to home that I could use, but the little bit of extra driving is well worth it."
- Debbie & Pete Decillis
06/23/2019 14:11:34
"Truly a place full of people who care. I could only wish that they were available all the time but we all need down time so I understand. The emergency vet in the area has nothing on you though."
- Nicholas & Amina Cliffe
06/22/2019 19:52:10
"Been coming to you for years. Always had the visits. Keep up the great work. Your the best."
- Antonio &Marilee Martinez
06/22/2019 19:15:49
"It doesn't matter how busy you are, I absolutely love that everyone takes the time to love and fuss over our children. My children have been patients since Doc Joe opened. I am so pleased that Joe made sure that his predisesor is as kind, caring and loving toward all animals."
- Anita & Wilbur Douglas
06/22/2019 14:38:33
"Everyone was very helpful & wonderful with Chloe. Thank you "
- Ciaara Vance
06/21/2019 18:24:33
"You guys are great. And you were great with Tigger and Gizmo,our 2 cats that have passed. Thank you."
- Sandra Hoke
06/21/2019 05:07:09
"excellent service and help!! Thank You"
- Phyllis Carter
06/20/2019 21:43:51
"I love bringing Toby here. Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming."
- Laurie& Terry Mc Lane
06/17/2019 13:28:34